The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 22, 1895 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1895
Page 6
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MUftbfcfc li ttfittb nf ihfe c«Kife in ih» has f>tttneVdad ? ' " i ^ ^ attd twe« dsci^ea, ia tliStrici 'tedttft. A niafl iifttfied felled the Chicago & Nbftii- Railroad Coflipaay for- m,ooo tfataaf es tof ejectlfag* him froni a 1?he plalatift bought y: hlfli ffbm ijhe itoiat , ahkher»oa tne! same -fdftd« fciit he was put bff tha train dt Before he reached h^ destinatioti, and '',. *IalaM,.li8]wasfdaiaaped Ihai nmftUat, 1 as the ejeotffieat Wis ualaw^uh . Tlie .- fallfbad dlaiwed 'thht Ureg6fy '•f'or« , felted his right td the tieket by briag- f Vif|ngd'dog oa the tfaia with him, and as I ^they had no right to throw the dog off >*t!bi5 plaiatiff had to be put off ( as the company was ttot obliged to carry dogs Jh coaches with passengers. Thecourt flustafaed the railroad aad a verdict !»a6 reached in favor of the defend' .< ttht, Avhich practically decides that . dogs must be kept off passenger trains. — - 1 - * — -^f — HELM RESENTENCED. Hyfon Clarke's jMiit-dcrcu Again Uuci to the Poll. SioouftNEr, May 17, — Guy Helm, murderer of Byron Clarke, for the second time, received a sentence for eighteen . years — or twenty years . already Avith credit of two years ! served in tho penitentiary at hard labor. The defense made \ a motion for a neAV trial, but the motion •was overruled, and Judge Dewey in a ieAv Avords pronounced the sentence. Just as Sheriff Barlow Avas taking him to jail, unironed, his friends croAvded ''about him and he made a break for liberty, lie got only about forty feet, When Deputy Pinkcrtpn " shouted, "Shoot him/ Barlow;" and'Helin dropped to the ground, probably expecting to be shot by the officers, who , hod their revolvers drawn and Avere about to fire. * ' tttfh. trial- of the hrtrde'f' of llaeflner tffok RH waeXpetstetl While testlfttoay for thd ddfchsc taken there was a hurried , j - l6wed by a 'shdrt fdcess, after" w^ich defendant tvithdrew his plea at Hot' guilty attd ehtei-ed a plea of guilty of murder la the eecoad degree. This is paaishable by hnprisoameat raagiag 1 ftohi'tea yeffrs to life, 0?ho murder grew" otit'of a'-iie'igliboriiood fetid, nad fiacffaer was shot for trespassing on ftiackel's pifoperly. Symptoms Almost tike ItyUrojihotilfl, BuntmoTojf, May is,—A peculiar cattle disease has brdkea out on tt farm six miles north of Burlington. (Six fine steers died ia a short time from the disease, The symptoms are almost like hydrophobia. Tho animal is taken suddenly with foaming at the mouth and loses the power of swalloAv- ing. It charges Avildly around and flaally falls into a fit and lies in n, comatose condition, then suddenly springs up and goes through the performance again. Death ensues after a day of this suffering. « GBTS FIVE YEARS. An /.oflrn Crftftk Hit* A Jjftrfow fismiiR Pnnti INDICTED FOR KIDNAPING!. SfarsIiHl of Unlonvlllc Held for Trial. OTTUMWA, May 18.—Marshal Clark, of Unionville, Mo., was indicted by .the grand jury for kidnaping Al. Todd, Who was taken by Clark without any requisition, and is said to have been 'decoyed to Unionville for the purpose of being killed by Clark. Todd came to Otttimwa with tho daughter of Clark for the purpose of marrying her, 'and Clark followed them. Arriving in Ottuniwa, he promised Todd that if he''would go back with him to Unionville no harm would come to him; but once there, Clark murdered Todd in •cold blood. Clwrlcs 1'hllpot of l/nloii County for Itnpe. CIIKSTOS, May 17.—At Hertford-Judge Towner sentenced Chus. Philpct, : of Union county, ito five years in the penitentiary for Committing rape on the person of Mary WinslOw, a 1.5-year old girl, at a Sunday school picnic near Lenox last fall. Melvin 1'hilpot, a cousin of the convicted, participated in the crime, but had a sepemto trial at a previous term of the court and was acquitted. , l.reat indignation pro,- vails over his acquittal. ! IOWA MINERS. A TREASURER SHOKT. -T>yqu'g City Treasurer Short In Ills Ac- ubuntH. CLINTON, May 18.—Tho expert accountant who has been examining , the „ books of City Clerk, Manville and Treasurer Schneider, of Lyons, found ,- an error of $3,000 [ n the latter's books. Its disbursement was discovered, but > there are no vouchers to show where the money went, they having been destroyed. Aside from this, the report shows a shortage of §200 by the two . books. The doctoring of some of the vouchers'' "was- conclusively' shown" on ifee faces of them. • Trouble in thc«,t;oal Mines nt Orrvlllo. OTTUMAVA, May .'20.—There is trouble at Orr Brothers' mine at'Orrville, two miles above Mystic, and Sheriff Bray has been summoned to the : scene. Fully 'MO .miners congregated at Orrville, determined to get the miners who have been working there at the, 70 cent rate to quit work. It is said they threatened to blow np the property, and .Orr Brothers served notice on Sheriff Bray that they would hold the county responsible for damage done to their property. CONUKNSKD' ITEMS. CiTi% Md., May 1T.— Ih Kansas City ( ICan., Johatjabriel, a religious crank, arotised a crowd of spectators almost to the lyfaching point by declaring himself to be tho second Jesus Christ. Tile assertion was met with outbursts of disapproval, whicli in creased Avhea Oabriel later stated that tie was "the first bora' 1 and that all who wished to be saved must gain salvation. through him. 'At this cries bi "Lynch him," "Strihg up the blasphemer,'* aad other like exclamations Avere hefti'd • ott all sides, while the crowd with one accord moved in upon the would-be Savior, who stood 1 unmoved and continued to speak, A man whose voice had been heard above the others in condemnation of the iel was about to strike him, when the evangelist started to sing a. gospel song, A wed at this remarkable coolness, the Unknown man let his arm j fall to his side, while the crowd re- I mained dumbfounded. At this .lunc- ture three policemen appeared on the scene and quickly started (Jabricl toward tho station house. For a, time the mob proved itself all the police could handle, but by dint of hard work and considerable threatening Oabriel was landed in the station house.. Uabriel is ar> years old and claims, to come from Cedar county. Iowa. WHISKY TRUST LITIGATION. /I Charge* Agnlngt Uie Urctmhut Mutmgo- ment. ' . Cmc!AOo,.Arny .17.— The culmination of the charges against J. B. ( jreonhut, cx-presMent of. the Avhisky trust, 1 and some of his associates, is reached in^a bill filed in the .United States circuit cdurfc by Receiver McNuita. Grecnhut and Nelson Morris .are accused of having used the funds of the trust, for tint-' May SO. thatifi additioartoMiecageof ... Waller, the United States atdbfissado'i to Frfc#ee> MJ-. EtMis, Avill be instructed to direct the attention o£ the Freaeh goV&fament to the claito of P atil Breyj a acphew of Waller, who Avas forcibly deported from Madagascar, Brey Avas interested with Waller in the valuable oo&eeasioas graated the latter by the ttova goverametit. The state department has received an official report of the case. The Breach resideate ia Madagascar insisted that Waller should submit his eoacessioa to him* for ap* pfoval aad.registry, Waller refund, apprehending that tho French official Avotild promptly reject tho eoacessioa. Aceordiag to Brcy's statement, matters Avci-ein this,condition_Avhen Waller projected a trip from Tamatav~to~tfi5 concession, ,AVhere the French Avere making depredations on their valuable rubber estate. As soon as the French' became aAvare of this move they arrested both 'men and ti'ied them by tfottrtHuartial on charges of aiding the Hova.1 ahd writing seditious letters to them. They Were convicted. Waller was sent to France under a twenty year's sentence and is HOAV in jaii. Brey Avrites that he was put ashore in ]< ranee without means. Mr. Brey nc-iv seeks to have the state .department secure redress .for himself and Waller. BRKVJTlKSi. . Mfty 3 8. —Private Secfe- tafy fhtirbe? sftid td* ft- reporter:' • "t jtistwantto be interviewed. '1 Want to stop this fibnsensg ,of people who are blessed with twias, triplets and quadruplets AVritiag the president that they have riamed theiryonagste'rs after his family aad asking fof money. I have had forty*-t<vo letters of that kiad in the last twelve hours. I have denied over aad over again the story that SSOO was sent to the father of triplets ia Indiana, but the story seems to be still believed aad the president is be* iag deluged Avith begglag letters ffo* all over the couatry. No attention Will be paid to them." And Thurber vigorously begaa to tear up IAVO score of more epistles ' announcing the population of certain states iacreasiag by leaps ahd bouhdB, "That S500 story," continued the secretary, "has : led one man to announce that he is a father of quadruplets. There are any quantity of tAVins and triplets mentioned in these forty-tAvo letters,, but only one case of fours, The father has selected three names from the president's family, but is a little at a loss to get a fourth, as the quadruplets are girls." EXCITES MUCH CRITICISM. any memor-- DROWNED IN A POND. '_ A Little IJoy Droiviiecl Last Night ut i , Kecikilk. KEOKUK, .Way Id.— A peculiarly sad case of droAvning occurred in this city In which the A'ictim AVUS Geoi'ge, the '',4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs, Frank Vollers, Thp little felloAv strayed aAvay and Avhen search Avas made for > t hjm his hat Avas found floating on tho *, surface of a neighboring pond. Ilelp i summoned and the body recovered. PAILY FOR FARMERS, J'nj)or J'Vom tlio i'apltul. MO;NBS, Town, May 30.—The Jjes ; Jlpines Daily" Kews. has reduced its r '£»bscdption price to one 'cent a day, <8?» year, 91 for six months, 50 cents \i0r throp months, in order to secure - ^ircHlation among farmers Avho Avish a ::^ai}y paper Avith market reports. |j;.*|>le* copies are sent free, KIUED IN A QUARREL, SUou(s Wllinm May 18.—Conrad Kohl, a living south of hero, caught Poekery, a former employe, the Jiouse, An aiter- and bloAvsAA-ere struck, was shot dead, Kohl is in Oov. Jackson has issued his ial day proclamation. At a recent election Clarion county, authorized the building of a now court! house at Knoxville, In 11 recent letter to tho Alton Democrat, ex-Gov. Boies declares himself for the free coinage of silver at 10 to :i, Avithout-Avuiting for an international^ agreement. The assets of the estate of D. T. Hedges Avero sold a feAv days ago at Sioux City. There Avere claims against tho estate aggregating $000,000 and the sale netted $30,000. Francis, the 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs, Jerry Coakley, AV)IO reside near Otter creek, in Clinton county, Avas thrown from the puck of a pony and instantly- killed. ' Jlis neck' Avas broken. , ' The election of officers of the ^rand lodge, A. O. U. W., at the Ft. Rqdge, session, resulted: Urand master Avorlt- man, W. K. Uraham, of Cedar Falls; foreman, II. JSIichaelstetter, Sioux City; grand recorder, Bob Kohkopf, Des Moines; grand oA'crsee.r, J\Ir. Tjlton; Ottumwa; grand receiver, W. M, \Vilson, Jr., "Washington; grand guide. Dr. Clmrchill, Fort Dodge. Captain Thrift has announced his retirement from the Governor's Greys of Dubuque, to ' take effect at tiio expiration of hii^ present terjn'i «lune 1J. This is duo to dissension groAving out of the Mardi (h-as caruiA'til in February, and Avhich proA'ented the company from taking part in the Memphis drill, Captain Thrift re/signed a colonelcy in J880 to organise this company, Avhjeh he has maintained in tho first rank among the military companies of the country, According to a dispatch from ' Hum. boldt, the frosts have Avorked great damage in that section of tho state, Early apples were as large as green peas, and tho trees were loadejl us uevpr before, NQAY every apple m cooked, except now and then an inferior snmpl 3.- Wtt-lo garden orchards that projnihod from, fifty to 100 bushels aro now bhriveled, All small fruit has pone thp hame way, Gardens are a savry &ight, and tho field corn is cut to the ground. Ho also are pat.». toes. The season was so advanced. side speculations of a personal character, in Avhicli'they met Avith a loss of S?iOO,000. Then to make good the lossqs they are ciharged Avith having conspired to secure the assent of the board of directors of the trust to the issuance of bonds in the summer of 1803. That they sold #1,000,000 of the bonds at no cents on the dollar, appropriated the proceeds to make up their losses in speculations, and secured possession of W800,d6o in bondr-'fo issue!}, at the! 'fifty-cent.valuation in ordci' to "milk" the trust for the other fifty cents on thp dollar, thus giving them a profit of $41)0,000, on., the transaction; besides securing the pa-yment-'of^thtfir losses in speculations. ' -SILVER DISCUSSION. .'. The Brooklyn handicap. Avorth (10,000 to the Avinner, Avas Avon by Hornpipe. ; The upper : house of tho Prussian diet has passed the resolution of Count Von Mirbaeh in favor of taking steps for the prompt settlement pf the currency question by .an' international agreement for bimetallism. Shanghai dispatch:, It is ji,niiounced at Pekin that the Japanese renounced their claim to tho"Liao Tung peninsula- Avithottt demanding the payment of an Author of "Coin's Financial School" Talks. CHICAGO, May 18; —A stirrin'g political encounter 'which 'topic place lust night is hardly, paralleled in tho Avest since the famous 'struggle' between \Lincolii and I)oii«ias just on the: eve of th^ civil war. The platform? combatants Avcro tAvo giants on -opposing sides in the raging financial controversy— J. LttAvrenco Tj'aughlin, professor of political economy in the University of Chicago, a f a A'orite authority of President CloA-eland, and Win. II, "Harvey, ; ' author of-'.'Cain's Financial School'." The proposition to be debated Avas read as follows:. "Uesoh'ed, That the United'States''•should" at ouco• 'entei; upon the free coinage of silver at the ratio of 10 to lj independently of the; action of any pt-liar natipn." 'Harvey sppke for un hour, and .a , half in the aflirmatiA'e and Latighlih replied for an hour. 'Then an hour Avas divided into several bouts. Each rcceh'cd tremendous applause. :' DURANT'S CASE. X«w uild Intor.e«M)igr Said to S.VXT.HAXCISCO, May J.8.— Tho polico are said to have found several IICAV Avitnossos who Avill testify against Durant at his trial before tho superior court. One of, 'Miss' Willis, Avilj xuy that, some time before the Blanche l/unpnt murdej- Miss . Willis ; asked Duiujjt in his, cupacity as church librarian for a ; book from tho library, Ho escorted her thither, .loft the room for a few minutes and returned entirely nudo. The young Avomnn made her Cheapo Avith dittlculty. Similar conduct would explain the absence of blood stains on Durant's clothing after Minnie Wjllinms AVUS pun-dored. BILL, by I'onulnr ' 10.--A for *1B,«00, «u|s()<l t to Nicaragua, May' phepk fQj 1 *13,qoo Jia^ p^yablo to the order of (ho Nicsiraguan minister in Ivondon, Sapop Crestano Medina, to settle the British claim of STii.Oa for the expulsion of Consular Hatch. The money 1ms ipi ac. e money 1ms lieen raised by prir&tp subscriptions from Kicaragu^ns arid foreign residents, apd potatoes six to eight; inches, c,onspcviUvo year, dispatch; increased amount of indemnity for s,o doipg. It is added that the conduct of Japan in this matter , is. warmly'' praised. It is feared that the disbanding of the Chinese troops • Avill cause disturbances. :.',A Chicago dispatch dated the 14th -fay*? of- the., weather: Almost all tho fruit crop 'in Illinois is ruined by the heavy- frost and A'cgetablcs are frozen to the ground. In Wisconsin Avater froze an inch thick. In NCAV- York and Pennsylvania fruit is seriously injured -and''in.-New Jersey the mercury.dropped to I.'O degrees; the ground is frozen ham and fruits are blasted. In Ohibiit is suoAving, fruits are killed and if is the coldest May weather'since 1800. At Clinton,. IOAVII, • ic'p formed a quarter of an inch thick. A Tokio special says the last battle of tho Avar betAveou Japan and China at TcnchAvang Tai, March 10, resulted in a butchery equaling the atrocities at Port Arthur "Forty thousand Japanese infantry and five thousand cavalry and artillery ...attacked "the. place March' '.I from three sides. Tho Chinese were quickly routed and the Japanese army entered the town "and began a slaughter. Thpughfotirteen hundred Chinese Avero killed, only one Avounded Chinaman was taken prisoner. The letters are from .oye-Avitnosses, Avho Describe the butchery as horrible. . Jack Smith, the famous lender of the Hull Hill miners, .in the Cripple Creek, Col., strike, Avas shot and mortally Avounded by Marshal Jack Kelly, of Altman. The'marshal also shot George Popst, a miner Avho AA'as Avith Smith', The shooting caused .a reign of terror in the great gold camp. Jack Smith shot out .all of the lights in Dan Folcy's saloon in Victor. Later he Avas arrested and placed under bonds, As soon as ho .AA'as released be Avent to Altman, .the miners' camp, and proceeded to terrorize the inhabitants, Marshal Kelly ordered him d.ut of town, Smith opened firo and "Popst stood by him. Kelly returned tho fire and shot down both men, .escaping injury himself. The Avildest excited mcnt prevails, Ev;ery Aveapon to be •found is . being- confiscated by the authorities, -,.•',.• A special from, Cuba says the Avhole situation in Cuba has changed. There is a continual exodus of Avhite Cubana from .Santiago IIOAV, Avherows a Avcck ago reports of numerous departures for tho field Avoro incorrect, Nearly 100 members of tho Fialnrmonica and ,San Carlos clubs huve gone -'into the' country." The government on the island is alarmed, but divided in its councils as to the expediency of scad- ding to Spain for more troops.' General Salcedo thinks it Avould be useless to bring- over any more raAv and unac- climated levies until the season changes. It is proposed to call out those Spanish ex-soldiers Aylio have sQi-ved then' time in the apniy and been given discl»rgp papej-s] who are Jivujg in Cftba. Several thousand, men will bp Obtained jn tflif$. General Maceo has neavly 8,000 on Rava-baoQa nlantatian," tAyo leagues from Spjigo. WpveJaB4 dgpies the |W,otQ».fatSlw Judge Scott of Oinnlui. Makes nn Kxtra- ordlnury llnlinjf. OMAHA, May 10.—Judge Scott, in the criminal section of the district court, .made a ruling on a, case .which is exciting much criticism among lawyers. . It is to the effect that. tho confession of a prisoner to police officers after his arrest Avill not be admitted as evidence in his court. The effect of this ruling Avill be to practically set free about" thirty prisoners Avho have made confessions after their arrest. The reasejn for tho judge's decision is that many of the speech confessions are obtained under dufesA and under: the excited condition of the prisoner .his state-* mente are not competent. 'There- are' many lawyers' Avho : recognize the justice of the ruling, but fear that it AA ill be overruled by the higher courts; if it is not already opposed to the laws of evidence. Action. a., May J8.— The board of managers of the Carnegie Steel Company has decided to advance its 98,000 niea 10, per-ceat, the raise to- take effect u da June'l. tfhe hotices t which are sighe'd by fl. C. Frick, and are posted ih all the mills, read as. follOAvs: "Notwithstanding the existing contracts between the Carnegie Hteel Company and its employes flxihjr jthe ' fate of, Avagps for 1896, thi.s association has decided that the present business outlook Avill justify highlit' rates, and accordingly takes pleasure- ia notifying its employes at the fidpttt- Thomson furnace's, Edgar Thomson steel AVorks, t)uqtlesne steel wot-ks^ Homestead steel works. Lucy furnaces. Keystone bridge' works, tipper tJniou mills, Lowei 1 Ua'ion mills, and Beaver •Falla»niills, that from June 1, 1805, and tiatil'-further notice,;the scale rate*, paid to all tonnage, day and turn men Avill be increased 10 per cent, this •Without prejudice to the'1893 Avage.s ;contracts still in force/' This is Urn first-advance since the reductions of ADMIRAL ALMr DEAD. KANSAS MINERS. Unable to Get Work, They Arc Sufferlne for Ncccs«ilii!5. TOI-EKA, Kansas, May •38.'—Governor Morrill is greatly worried about the distressing state of the coal minors and their families at ; Seranton, twenty miles south of Topeka. These people are suffering for the necessities of life 'because they cannotvget \vprk. -"It lias, 'been claimed "that the railroads discriminate against Osage county in rates, but the railroad commissioners deny this and the Santa Fc company says it cannot reduce the rate nov use any more coal than at-.present is supplied them. The governor has done all he appears able to do in sending $41 in money, the balance remaining in the fund left over from the : appropriation for western Kansas sufferers. On pay day for the first two Aveeks in May forty-one men received $58. : . FOREST FIRES."" Career of n Itainouft Officer of tlio- 1 Nary. WASHINGTON, May 17.—AdmiralJohu J. Almy, United States natty, retired, died at his residence in this city \at :t a. in.y after a long illness. As midshipman and lieutenant, the officer cruised all over the Avorld in the old sailing* navy, Avas at the surrender of Walker and his filibustercrs, commanded the Fulton in the expedition to Paraguay, Avas at the siege of Ver;t 4 Crtu! and the capture of Tuxpan dtir- sing-the Mexican- war and was commander .at the Brooklyn navy yard its 18C1 and 1883. 'During his 'service as.' commander, he had charge SUCCOR sively of the gunboats South Carolina. ,Connecticut jand Juniata. While iiv .command of ^.the.... Connecticut) he- captured four noted blockade 4 ranncrs.-- with valuable cargoes and four others .Avere chased to the shore and destroyed. As captain, he commanded the J tin iata until 1807, Avhen he was assigned to the Brooklyn navy yard T thep tp tlve sipnal corps and after a cruise .to'the Pa'ciiic Avas retired. .Aluch Uaiung-o llolng: JJono In iv TACOJIA, Wash.v Slay 19.—For ^a radius of fifteen miles in the neighborhood of Buckley the forests are afire, and here at Tacoma, thirty-fiA'e miles away, tlio atmosphere is filled "Avith smoke, A special train is ..held,, at. Buckley to carry away the inhabitants in case thp fire closes abput the toAvn. Abotit !)00 persons''reside ' there.' In Ij'e'ster soveral buildings have been burned and the fire is spreading in all directions. Ranches to the number of nine Imyo been burned and the inhabitants compelled to Jleo for life. Passengers report seeing flames .leaping upon trees to the height of 150 to 200 feet. _'_•• . ' ''' ' ' ' FAILS HglR TO A FQRTUNK. ATE HUMAN SAUSAGE. JSnt tlio Faculty Kxpellert the Corrospond- ,^nt IVho Told of It. ANN Annpr., Mich., May 18.—Norman Cameron, a student in the laAv class of '00 in thej university, and the correspondent for the Detroit .News, .has. been expelled from .the :university by tlie' IUAV s faculty for sending- to his. paper a report about a medical student eating a human sausage. The faculty admitted the truth of.the story, but by a vote of !J to'l expelled the correspondent, on the ground that the publication of it Aval? indecent and damaging to, the university. WARSHIPS READY Tc7 START. New York and Colunibla to Represe'iif America at Kiel. ^p\y. Yonic.i May 20.f-The cruiser KCAV ^ilork has left on her trip to Kiel* Germany, to represent the navy of bhi.v country at the maneuvers to take place- there. The New York is commanded by Captain R. D. Evans. She is thor- oughljj• provisioned.and coaled and has- been painted and;A'arnished inside and out. The Columbia has also gone to- tlie same place. "'''*'•' lingBagfoma.h to <5«t a Shiiro of an Kstato Worth $75,000,000. QUINCY. 111.. May 17.-—Frank E. Antrim, a baggageman in the employ, of the Chicago,. Burlington & Quincy railroad at the union depot here, has received word from Dublin, Ireland, that his claim as an heir to the Avoalthy Antrim estate in Ireland, Avhjch has been in the Dublin courts for four years, has been proved and that he is entitled to a share of it, tho estate being estimated at $75,000,000. -Antrim's bhare'in the estate. Avill bo betAveen and $500,000, He is wo years of age, married and has two children, lie Avill not go to Dublin to press his claim, as a relative in Missouri Avill bt intrusted Avjth that matter, BANK ROBBEP. D. C. , May 17.-~The Japanese legation has received an official cable stating in substance that a final and satisfactory agreement has been reached by Japan and European, powers on the eastern question. It is v regarded as closing the eutii-e subject. In Crop . Outlook. Neb., May 17.— A detailocl report of crop conditions in every county in 'Nebraska has been received. only a few instances were thei-o- 41)««t Five TJiotuiinil »Pll»VS Seqnrod. CiJAflLUSTos, VY, V., May 18. -Burg, lavs entered the bank at Anderson, Monroe county, b|[e\vopen thp safe and carried Off $5,OPQ— practically all it contained, as most of tbp funds Avere deppsited at Rpnpeyppte, thirty mijes distapt, thp bank having ro vault. The robbpr^ escaped, ^ftying «p «row»'s before she AV«s l^ar ^ esj ana jt xvas a vpr-y ' indications of damage from frost, that to small, fields-of corniinthe.low"!an,ds. Only in one or tAA-o counties is moisture needed and tho prospects were never better, : IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT, DKR MOINKS, May 13, 1895.-r-P8tenls- hH,ve been allowed to Iowa inventor* asfollovys: To John W. Ifaughawftut, ot J< ort Dodge, for an improvement of *o- rin f " l : wce > Panted Feb, ?,o, 5t{9,), Ihe improved .form allows, a large amount of coal placed in tho tuvnace at one time and graduallr burned. Other valuable features are included. To, C, A, BaUreioh, of K Moines, fpr an autoinatio car coupling, of tho Jenney type, adapted to faejlir Uite tlie locking and,vjnlp0kjng, O f ,ti m jaws Avhilo the cars are advancimr it ciu-vo as Avel} as Avhen they aro alignment with' each other on straight track, Sis United patents Avere issued to loAva invent last week, printed copies, of thp )}'gs and speoiticfttipns of any • patent sent to any address fpr r Valuablo jnfornfation iroe. G, i« tm of MINISTER THURSTQN, SAN F«AJTOjsqo, M fty 18, linmfli riwrt J rlar»ol vi«o-,.jl*;\™ *SBJ21. J^Tiia-^T^™ *; M14IUciLur 4 tnn In.f-f f\-n*a ««,. , i v . ;

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