The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 22, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1895
Page 3
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J"B'« T-f " t ' '• • StV"" " ' - ; ' «')i r ^<*f>"WK5;v , •• v fc* s;£V* r fjf ' r -r , . Ht, Paai was beheaded* at ftome bj Jfefts. St. Simon Zealot was crucified iff St. tfude was shot to death with . St. Matthias was first started and then beheaded. St. James the Groat was beheaded at Jertiaalem. St. Luke was hanged upon an ollvfi tree !n dreeee. St. Barnabas was stoned, td death by Jews at galahia. , St. toaflHolomew was Hayed alive by the command of a barbarous king. St. Philip was hanged life agalhst a tJlltar at Hleroboils, a city 1 of Phfygta. St. Thomas Was rim through, the body with a lance at cafohiandel in the feast indies. St. Mark was dragged through the Streets of Alexandria, in Egypt, till he expired. St. Andrew was bound to a cross, Whence he preached uhto the people till he expired* St. Matthew is supposed to have suffered^ martyrdom or was slain with the > sword at the city of Ethiopia. St. James the Less was thrown from ;a pinnacle or Wing of the < temple ; and then beaten to death with a fuller's club. St John was put into a caldron of boiling oil at Rome and escaped death. lie afterward died a natural death at Kphesus in Asia. ' • Alllcktohtti 011 the lloiul That lends to iituiiii ure inuuiuu in me memory tii UIOBU WjiO, UL regumr suigOs iiuu turbiai' uriU.y, i, live uteli ujuie.veU tuuutu' ny iiuslet- ibr t. htouiuuu uiuei'.s, u poieiu uuxiiiury of imtui'o in utrettom to lavuvr utt tne yo»e of uiaeimu. luuiunui, Kiuuuy, rueumauc uau bn- iou». irouuiu, luutauimuuu uuu uurvouBiiena tufa- uepuriuru tvueu ftus i* ifSurmu 10 lor tuuir urauicuuua. A Remarkable Feat. Joseph Alexander of Nowburg, N. Y., •was 91 years of age last January, but is in full possession of all his faculties. Last month in a heart shaped design on a sheet of paper 2tyx2' inches, he drew a circle the size of a ten cent piece. With a'pen,he wrote the Lord's Prayer within the circle, and the whole of the 103d Psalm in the heart- shaped space. -When in Washington recently he wrote 1 on a 'piece of paper ilie size-of- a 'postal card matter containing 12|400 letters; besides the Lord's prayer in each of the four cor- »srs. Thie remarkable piece of work for such an old man has been placed in the Smithsonian Institution. Camlle-l'ower. The candle-power of a light may be approximately calculated by comparing the shadow cast by a rod in the light of a standard candle, with the shadow cast by the light to be tested By moving the latter toward or away from the rod : , a point will be reached at which the shadow cast by both lights will be of, the, same ..Intensity The intensities,of the.two lights are directly proportional to the 'squares o: their distances from the shadows; for example,, suppose the light to be testec is three times the distance of the candle-its illuminating power is nine times as great. . '•'•'•'' „'.''' A Milwaukee woman v ho is a religious fanatic has been tra\ eling .about : tho country BettlDR Ore to church buildings of her own denomination.' ' " Oberlin college, Ohio, was the first in the United States ,that.., admitted female students.' Albert IJurer gave the world a prophecy of future wood engraving in 1527. Twenty lives lie betveen the emperor o Germany and the British throne. • f . , 01.1 /• * - fa ttmdt HI* tfeal** Wft» too SttiSrfc St th6 greatest snap 1 evefr had," fre* arlcgd lh§ brokenV-o'aw'fi spWl to jftfc MeW tofk Mei-atd man, '''Was whfett 1 desalt the batik- fdr old fayl6f Up fit Suite. tie paid Me $8 & day and I used o kaock down from $i<) up every time. 'Old Taylcrf kheW It, , too, but he" dldnH, care, He was cheerful cuss and he Used to say that a mah who didn't have sense ihough to ktiock down didn't have sense enough to deal. Me'd come around once in a while and say: "Leave a lit,le fof me, won't you, Jim 5" "Well," he continued, "the greatest time 1 we h&d was when fduf sharks catae down from Tacoma tb break the towa. They went up to old Pete's )lace first, and broke -the little man Oil a tap the first thing, 1 ' , "What's a tap?" "Why, where they bet as much as the jank can show up and if they win it Breaks the bank. Some banks won't take a tap." "Well, as I started to say, the experto came into our place next and sat down at my table. I mixed the deck and gave them sight of the second card. They thought they had me sure, and one of them said: 'Will you take a tap?' ''Yes,' said I, and I began to pull ironey out of a drawer. Tayloi' saw me and came o'Veri 'What are you doing, Jim,' says he. .'Taking a tap,' says L 'Well, then,' says he,. 'go over to the drawer behind the bar and get what you can find.' So I got all I could find and put It Up. The old sports Were wild. They thought they had me sure, and put up all they had. Old Taylor was worth $50,000 or $60,000 then and would have put up every cent if it had been necessary. "I commenced to turn the cards and when I turned the fourth old Taylor jumped about four feet in the air and gave a 'yell like' a COnaanche Indian. "We've dont It, we've dont It; the pile is ours, Jim!" The four sharks were white' as ghosts. I turned to them and said: 'You fellows don't know a living thing about faro. You'd better go into a cattle camp and 'have the -boys teach you how to play.' They pawned their watches to Taylor for money enough to get home. I knocked' down $12b that night. I would have taken more only . Taylor was watching me." Renewing Their Youth, •t . w • ' ST0ft¥-1»R6tt A 6SASKA • tfl* ihaitk and Oltie* IfthablknU of W t the fe*fc«" EDITOR MEDILL'S COMMENT. Brings comfort and improvement and tends to .personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who Hye bet~ ter than others and enjoy life more, 1 with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Fjgs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleas* ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax* fttivo; effectually cleansing the system, Dispelling colds, Jieadaches and-fevers ftna permanently curing constipation. It ba« given satisfaction tp millions and wet with the approval of the medical prpfession, because it acts on the Kid' weyg, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from everv objectionable substance, gyrup of Figs is for sale by all drvg« gjatu in 400 and; f 1 bottles, but it is m«n- ufap$ured by'tbe OnUforiUft Fig Syrup Cto, only, whose name, is printed on every package, »l»o the name, Syrup of Figs, being well jnfpwed, yon will if $1,000,000 CORE FflR RHtMMATISM, Rheumatic Cure Cure* where *U i)l .^i»IU. Fvee Uvv«ttl s Write ?9'*yhPB«M»<J «ry. . «ttlt«- % te | >- A PB«M»<J A ! »v«ry. " Ely's Crw Balm When Ho Looked Over the Brilliant Array of, His' Newspaper Workers. The venerable Joseph Medlll, publisher of the Chicago Tribune, and than whom no wiser editor ever walked the quarterdeck, of a great dally, • spends most of his time In California, w/here he has' divers and various possessions of a fruit plantation'sort. In his absence the paper Is under the controlling guidance 'of Managing, Editor Van' Ben--, thuysen. Among his other emphatic editorial traits, Mcdill has the one of frugality. He, likes not waste and extravagance. Recently Medill returned to Chicago on a brief visit. The men on the Tribune force, as told to a writer for thej$taiy concluded evidence of the respect and veneration which they felt for their ripe old chief, to give Medill a reception at the Newspaper club. Van Benthuysen had the celebration most in command, and that night beneath the central chandelier he stood'with Medill and Introduced to him the Tribune young men, as one by one they filed by and shook -the old 1 editor's" hand, • "Do all of these splendid young men work on <; the Tribune?", asked- Medill in his simple, genuine way, as the sixty»seventh dress suited .gentleman gave his hand a,South Clark street grip and. passed on. "They do, Mr. Medill." replied Van Benthuysen proudly, "they do. And I can assure you sir, that a better or more competent set of newspaper men never took an assignment in Chicago." "No doubt of It," said Medill, in a rousing far-away, tone, ''no doubt of it, whatever. I can see it in their faces, But I'll tell you, Van," and here the old editor's far-away look faded, while a brighter and exceedingly fln- 'de-sieclo expression supplanted it, "tomorrow you and I had better take a look over, the pay roll,' 1 Drosses Made of Aluminum. new fabrics are now being pro- No little eenjatipn, bai been by fl&<JJng Hjlrtyrflye sapltp of. bones in ,» pillar In Clapton Jnqjjjrlea 8fe«w the Uooei by the Jste teftftBt of the other njap, who was an of skejetpjfts, Where the RPt duced, the novel feature of which con-' slsts in weaving or Intertwining threads af aluminum, or ajloys of It, with the material used, in many cases employing that metal. alone, for the purpose of waking the cloth. It is claimed that the cloth made wholly or partly of this material will be free from chemical action, as few substances affect Jt, An attractive lustre Is obtained, which renders the fabric very ornamental, and there is the addition* al advantage ,pf -the metal being equal' ly applicable to the finest fabrics and tp the heaviest. The wire or threads can be 4rawn to any degree of fineness, PO that It may bo employe*} in combina* tion with silk, linen, a,nd the Uke^-it may also be drawn round, flat, or In any Qther form convenient for wear? (ffofh the A Wofld'-liefftld fef)6f t«F was attract* cd by the evidence of renewed activity of some of the older inhabitants of the village of Florence; a suburb of Omaha, Neb., and inquired the cause. Mr, Ah* drew FlnkeHkelef, Who was & wembef of CompafJS- B of the Fifst Iowa Voliln* teefs during the war, made the follow* Itig explahfttlon so far ae he himself IB cdncerHedi "In July, 1866, while my company was on the march thfodgh to AUStlfi, Te*as, I wad attacked with rheumatism of the worst klhd in one leg at' Alexander, La. Being weak, 1 was sunstruek ' and re* malfted unconscious fof several 'hours. Every summer since 1 have been unable to stand the heat of the sun, and have been compelled' to give Up my Work. There .was In my head a bearing down feeling which increased Until It' seemed. my head would burst, and It caused a ringing in my ears, and palpitation of the heart set in, so that the slightest noise Would 'set my heart thumping.' Several times It has rendered me unconscious for from seven to ten hburs at a time. In addition to this the rheumatism extended up my entire side until It drew my head down on my shoulder., I lost my strength and fles.h and Was totally unflt for work. "For twenty^elght years I have consulted physicians and taken their pre* scrlptlons without deriving any material .benefit. My ailments increased in Intensity until I was assured that there was no hope for -me. purlng last year I went into the butcher business, but the dampness from the ice Used in-, creased my rheumatic pains to such an extent that I was not only compelled to quit' the: business," but Was confined to my house and bed for- nearly six: months. ' : .-.,'-.• "I had given up all faith of being a well man again, When In November last I read In the' World-Herald' a -case of a : man who had been entirely 'cured from the ailments if torn .which . I 'was suffering, by the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. Qn .November, 28, I purchased a box. In a ' week I was astonished to know 1 that' I felf'better than I had for six months past, and before I had used half a box,,I was sure that I bad-found a cure for, my ailments.:: The, •ringlhg In my ears began to" lessen in volume, ahd'flnally lef t me. ' That:was the first effect I experienced aside from an increased appetite. The pain from the rheumatism gradually left me,' so that: within one week from the time I took my first pill I was able to sit up In .bed. On January 1st, I, was able to go out and walk around a little. , The palpitations of my heart entirely ceased. On February 9, I was so thoroughly cured that I accepted a position as night watchman In the Forest Lawn Cemetery, remaining out of doors from 6 p. m. until 6 a. m. I have gained, In weight from 144 pounds, which I weighed In November last, to 172 pounds, which I weigh now." ' • •''"'•• ] Mr. R. W. Cowan, keeper* of a general store at Florence, 1 was also seen by 'the 1 reporter.' Mr. Cow'an is also an old soldier, having been a member of the 144th Infantry, Company C, and later of Company M' of the First Minnesota Cavalry. Mr. Cowan stated that he contracted chronic diarrhoea while he was inithe-army and has never until within the ., past few months, received any re-^ lief. He stated that he had taken the wonderful Pink Pills and was now almost thoroughly cured, so much so In fact that he has discontinued: their use. He was also paralyzed In the left side- of his face, the mouth being drawn up at the left .corner, and ,.he. was .entirely unable to move the 'of his f ore- • 'hea!d:or to close his left' eye'.' He state's that he believes it Is owing to the use of the Plrjk Pills that he has recovered the use of his left eyelid, 1 which, prior to his taking the pills,' -'had. been 1 fastened down by a physician so, that the, sight would not be destroyed from the eye filling with dust, and ascribes th,e recovery tb the Pink Pills.' 1 He has gained fifteen pounds In weight since: last October, -and feels .-healthier and stronger than at apy tlmq since the .war. He Intends to 1 recommence using the pills with 'the expectation of a complete recovery from the paralysis. , ; • Dr. •Williams'., Pink Pills are a specific for troubles peculiar to females, such as suppressions, all forms of weakness, chronic constipation, bearing ddwn : pains, etc., and i in the case of men will give speedy relief and effect a perma-i-, nent cure in all cases arising from mental worry, overwork, or excesses of whatever nature, Pink Pills are sold ; by all dealers, or will be sent post paid on receipt of price, (50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2,50—they 'are never pold in bulk or by the 100) by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y. Trrmg VsoQ on 'Change, Accommodation Paper. — Notes or, bills. not representing an actual sale or trade transaction, but merely drawn to be discounted for the benefit of drawer, acceptor or indorsers, or all combined. •Balance of Trade — Difference in value between total imports and exports of a country, Ballooning,'— 1*0 'work up a stock far beyond its intrinsic worth BfiltfiSlS tt&tt'l bat Me tf#6r«ii fw thefe is a teetatifaht lii 'Nassau street that is maintained sdiil? toy' a "ljalck*iunch" trade, find 6V*ff • afte¥» noafl at 4 6'ciockiWhett the hbttf of ing appfoftchesa gfOiib of ilttle and gifts With small basket! gather at' the dfaof and wait "paliefltl^, \ihtll the manager allows them td enter and fe- 6elte thelt- shore of the* Bafidwiche9 t c&kes atid foils that afe Mt Over, says the New Yofk Mei-ald, dtie attefttffofi last week a Well-dressed busihese man, ^rho efld§tttly had bedtt tbo busy to luhch eafllei 1 , dropped int6 the tJia«Se fof A clip dtcoflee about fiVe mliiUWs befofe'the business closed. The pangs of his own .appetite pi-obably strengthened his sympathy tnd deepened his compassion fof the thin, eager faces of the thfee little boys who stood at tho doorway and he asked them to join him, in a lunch. The invitation was accepted with alacrity and the pleasure they displayed in devouring the fli-st -sandwiches he-placed before them made him feel that he was purchasing his delight very cheaply, so he asked one of the boys if he did not'know of any of hla, friends in the neighborhood who might be hungry. The urchin thus addressed gulped a reply in the afflrma 4BAOLUTELV PURE «• ,- -1 «....-,.-.• ' '-> i Si* *<t '•!» f ' ''•< ;, requires, that in , every "feceipfc sailing )?| for baking powder the Royal'shall bC'tosed;,; ,If ' : will go further and make the food lighter^sweeteV,' of finer flavor,". riiorc digestible < and wholesome. POWDEft CO., 106 WALL isf., VfiP.K. DOMESTIC HINTS* BROILED IPOIIK CHOPS. Cut not qutle so thick 'tis mutton ohops und brotl over n brisk lire; Itiru them frequently utid cook a durk brown, When ready to servo sprinkle upon tive and" with ;a half-eaten sandwich'' them n little powdered sage, in. his ,handf disappeared .through the i riE oiiUST. door. In less-than two minutes he returned. . He .had only gone as far as Theater alley, just'around the corner, and exactly fourteen ragged and hungry boys were,the result of his mission. As; they struggled through the his. wake the eyes of the host almost start- cd from his head in amazement, but he wasn't'going to disappoint a single boy, especially as he had prompted the invitation which had been so ruthlessly abused! As soon as ho caught hla breath he ordered sahdwlcheS and cof- fe^ all-around'and then completed the. 'happiness Vof h'is unexpected, and" S'ur-.: prised but delighted gubsts by ordering pie. When the,last crusts disappeared and, the cups had been drained to the last drop,the .boys began to express; their appreciation verbally. '., .,"Much.,obliged, mister," sung out half *-a dozen in unison. " ' , "Boss, yer er bird," chirped a dirty- faced gamin with two'evening newspapers under his arm. "Any time yer want a paiper off'n me it won't cost yer a red."' T So the comments ran; With a very large smile the business man pulled out a roll '' of 'bills and paid ( $2:75 to the cashier. For the first time in the history ot the restaurant there was nothing left over .that afternoon., ; WAS A WOMAN'S IDEA. •5'ewol Studded. Klectrlo Globes Supply u ' LOUR 1'elt VWiint., ' 'i '!ln" f the incandescent ielectric light there.has always been something lacking.. It has always been desired to se-i cureia shield or shade which would protect «the eyes, and yet rob the light of but little of its power. This has been at last obtained; it is said, In the beaded globes, a few of ^whlch are now be- :ing used;;in'thiB city. .The' manner of their diBcbyery. inaakes an, Interesting Story. One of the best known society ladies in Paris, attracted by the effect produced by,the sun's ; rays playing on, n Japanese cloth made of glass beads which, hiing at one of her windows, Bolved the difficulty at once by taking the beaded cloth and wrapping • it around an Incandescent lamp \~, the effect was most pleasing. She called her electrician and ordered him to make a shade of glass beads in the shape of Rub well together one-half cup of lard and one pint of flour and water enough to make it tlon<rh not too stiff: roll out :inii spread witli butter, fold in the opposite direction; roll out again, being cai'eful not to squeeze the butler out. , COIIN KniTtEns. Tnko two cups of canned corn, nnd three eggs well benton, n tablespoon- fill of milk, enough Hour' to runko tho batter just drop from'a spoon, then fry ii) boiling lurd; ' SOFT CANDV. One pound good brown sugar, three tablespoonfuls of .wiitur; while boiling mid one quurter of a pound of b'utter.' Boil it unlil thick nnd ropv, then tako It from the tire and stir it until it grains, Wlulu stlrr ng add some nuts; then pour it upon ImUerotl plutcs und lot. it cool. , DOUGHKDTS. -One cup •, ,of fliignr. three - cups of flour, n piece of butler the size of nn ogg. one cup of milk, two eggs, ono half toiispoonful of soiln, ono tonspoon- ful o( nince. Mix together, roll out, cut in shu])e to fry in hot lard, VINEQAU PUDDING. Three pints of hot water, one cup of vinegar (unless very strong); ono cup of sugar,season with nutmeg or cinnamon. Lot it boil, tlion' ncld slices of hop yenst bread. .Sol in tho ovi-n and let; it bake about tun minutes. To be served as soon us taken from the oven,with either sauce or cream. BARBECUED POWK. Hont a pun hot. put. In the pork without water, sprinkle with flniii'.salt and pepper, set on a very hot oven. • Turn on the pnn until crusted 'over, then baste frequently with batter. Cook three hours," when done pour over a half-teacup of walnut catchup and Htime of< cider. Serve with fried apples. WHIPPED'CIIEAM HIE. Line a deep tin with u moderately rich crust. Buko in a quick oven, then spread it with any soft jam or jellv, ami on r this pour a ttnicupfiil of cream buuten or whipped'to u stiff fonnv then sweeten and flavor to tiiste. Tho cream will' beat more oas ly if verv cold at ilrst More jell y can be sprend on tho top of the cream, or servo it with out, as preferred. OATMEAL GKMS. Soak a cup of oatmeal over night iu one cup of water. In the morulng take one cup of Hour and mix dry with two tenspoonfuls of baking powder and a little salt. Mix in oatmeal .and wet .MISSINQ LINKS, Spectacles' were first Used In the tat** ter part bf the thirteenth century. The rare operation of amputation atl the hip was recently performed at cinnati. The first erop of tea grown In was in the year 1881. To-day tea is common. , , . At the age of t3 DarWin declared thatt n -oigaret rested 'him more after hard labor than all else. Sixteen pints of the juice or sap which' makes India rubber are frequently; taken from one tree. At the Bon March-; (cheatr market). Paris, last year, 662 persons were arrested for kleptomanlai , u . |i,The climatic limit to the cultivation of wheat 1 Is-'hot ; so'-tnut*h • the « cold *o£> Winter as the heat of summer. , ',, ,-v . In the Bank., of England sixty, folio volumes or ledgers are filled daily with writing in keeping the accounts. The' deepest well on • our.. Atlantic ; coast Is , that ' the, silk ^works ncac * , , . , ^ Northamptop,', Mass.;* depth, 3,700 feet." GIVE Absolutely free'of cost,> for a LJniTED TinE.ONLy,., The Pcoplc'tt Coiunioii Sense Medical Ad* viber. By R.V. Pierce, M. D., Cliief Coiisultlnfe Physician to the Inviilids' Hotel nutl Surgical Institute, Buffalo, n book of pvcr 1,000 large pages' mid 300 colored'and other, illustrations, in stroug 1 paper covers to. any pnp sending, 8t,,ceiits in one - cent 6t amps for packing and poslnge 'only. Over 680,000 copies of this complete Family Doctor Book already sold in cloth binding at regular price of $1.50, Address: (with stamps and thi/i Coupon) WORLD'S DISPENSARY .MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, No. 663 Main 'Street, Buffalo, N. Y. - , • , ' •8 * HIGHEST AWARD* WORLD'S FAIR. * THE BEST * PREPARED the lamp bulb, and fasten it as best he with sweet milk to a stiff , batter. by favorable stories or fictitious sales. Bear;—One who strives to depress ,the price of ptocks, etc,, and. for this reason '"goej short." Buying ^pn,p;—• Buying in expectation; of a rise. Breadstuffs.—Any kin4 Qf grain, corn or m e al. L_ PBS MOINES, Iowa. May 10th, 18^5.—On May 4tb, ^5, just six days ago, I Jost my farm barn and all of the contents thereof by fire, same being situated in Madison poupty. I WAS fortunate enough to hold a, policy in the Bawkeye Insurance Company of Des Moires, Iowa, apd they have settled said loss to my entire satisfaction, and I am to-day In receipt of payment thereof, pnd fujly repowmend ^be s,ajd company " my neigbMors »nd friends pr anyone be desirous of procuring their property. li- B, |could. i The electrician, B. Vedovelll, succeeded in making the desired shade and completed' it'by the introduction of a clasp made of a circular ring of. the lazy tong'type,, T^gJshMos/thus finished were placed on the lamps, and the effect produced was ; recognized to bc ; all jthat C9ul|J Jje desired, Several 4ays after tb.Q lady,conquered Paris by the surprise sho gave her guests with the new illumination of her salons, and the result was that orders came from all over to ^the electrician, who, to fill those orders, hod to give up his .professional engagements to become the niarnifacturer of the glass-beaded shade for incandescent lamps, ' THE FRINTINQ BUSINESS, Be (eamesay)~And now that we ere engaged, Ethel, nyill you, prey fpy we? Bhe^Oh, no, George. I've ^een praying for you ftp the l«t eight years. But, jhi? l'v§ got you, I'll thaak the t*pr4 you". I mUy ffiipjc j : 9«ght to. J f the Jupe IJth, tho Missouri, KaHe.a g & Twaj Railway Qp-.-wUl geU tickets atcae. fi Bt? 1 la * Wy £^g^^c&a?^yv; jftMSHSHs^Bm^mm In Kojflanitl the Nunjbqr of I^Hrners Js - , Still A!»e4il of Other Tnjiles, So many people appear tQ believe that there^ is no money in the printing business, and; that, owing to the }ntroduc : tion 'of type-setting machines, compositors must turn their attention to something else, it is quite refreshing to learn from an English contemporary that, "notwithstanding th« intermittent and desultory nature of a «om- positor's occupation, it Still seems to he a favorite'one' iyitb a great^many parents, who no doubt consider it all CQuieur fle rose. According to a return just issued by the London school board out of a number of scholars passing through the schools it was ascertained that the Jads were Destined ftr patjbns as follQWs; Printers, grocers, ?J57< greengrocer?, 80?; engigeeji, 179; l?3; hairdressers, l '! butchers, 81. Printers Drop into gem*pans and bake immediately. PUFF yiUT'FEUS. To ono pint of milk put eight spoonfuls of flour, nv.xng well together. Grease a pnn well, mid in it scald tho butter, stirring nil the time that it is upon the lire. When removed and cold, add fourteen eggs wall beaten. Mix all together until perfect^ smooth, beat until light,and drop from a spoon, into boiling Junl, like oilier fritters. Population of Cities. J. G. I. wants to know the names of the ten largest cities in the world according to population. The following is the list according to tho best authority: 'London,'-4,231,431; Paris, 2,447,957; Chicago, 1,850,420; New York, 1,801)739; Canton, 1,600,000; Berlin, 1,579,244; Tokio (Japan), 1,389,684; Vienna, 1,364,548; Philadelphia, 1,142,- C53; Brooklyn, 957,103. SOLD EVERYWHERE. JOHN CARLE & SONS, New York, t tuiil — notes jt luxuriant grpwthT Illevpp .I-oils to BjBtore Gray • failing: A CHANGE TO MAKE MONEY, Salary and expenses paid, or commission if preferred. Salesmen wanted every where,. No experience needed. Address, stating age, V/i L. MCKAY & po,, BOX 10, Geneva, N. v. piso's ;GURE FOR ' In tlme7' Sola by druggists Use I GMD N s,u.ryi P T ION WANTED-LADY46ENTS " In every town 10 tell our Suloty llodtulnej «60j ten 5corjlu vliyslcJanB'fprlvato prucHco. 4 Aduiess, stut-' ' ' CO., «9* Kunvivi, 4, When answering advertisements this paper, For Sprains and Bruises and all Painful Accidents, ACM on in flLL KINDS OF SPORTS Is the professional's first choice of a remedy always, f{ >r'i & * !: Keep the Baby Fat. " 04»VS SP^iW; GA ( | May2J» 18SV % " My baby was a Jiving skeleton. Tho doctors gojd, ho was dying of Mftrp*^ mtis, indigeatjon, etp, The.'variQtte fOQde I trje4 seemed to keen him alive, hut* ' My paby was a living skeleton. Tho doctors, gaj'4 i-j Indigeatjon, etp, The.'variQtte foojs i trje4 seemed t« . did not strengthfn or fatten him. & thirteen mirths gld. be what ho aid at pirtb^seven pounds, J be^p ming 1 »' g^ppf"g K times putting fk few drops jnliis bottle, then again feedjp^ it w{, ve)o«s t B^b^begjan to stouten aad fatt*ni «H}4 bepgniej, bpftvjtWw JAf^/- ~""t

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