The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 22, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1895
Page 1
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£V' *!**|N ' .; *: = $?s.5. S3# - ALQQKA, IOWA, WBBKgil)AY ESTABLISHED Trilby Glassware is A A LAW WITH A HOLE IN IT, And Jftffies Callfthan of Del Mollies Fotittd the Hole and Slipped Ottfc Thftt Wt^i The Telsphons Lines to Be ftatehded tts Points West—Job Let of News of the N6fthw«s6t. handsome thing. Entirely new, At the- Opera House Grocery. S New Goods James Call&nah of Dee Moities has not been in business all his life and become a millionaire to ao purpose. Last year the legislature passed a law the real object of which was to compel him to remove clouds from land titles in this part Of the state without ex* pense to the owner, The old American Emigrant company, when it died, deeded him not only all the swamp lands it then held but also all it had ever held, a great deal of which it had before deeded to actual settlers. The settlers with their titles thus mixed up could go to court at their own expense and have the cloud removed or they were permitted to take a quit claim deed from Mr. Oallanan by paying $1 an acre, which usually amounted to enough less than the costs of a suit to warrant them in submitting to the mulct. The legislature thought it would stop further proceedings and a law was enacted whereby any man refusing to remove a cloud on another's title wben requested should be taxed with all costs and an attorney's fee in case of suit. The law looked all right but it falls to operate. As soon as it was passed Mr. Gallanan sold all tbe lands to George Watterman of Little Falls, N. Y., and there being no way to get a personal judgment against a non-resident those who go into court still have their own costs and attorney's fees to pay, and they are still being mulcted because the mulct is the cheapest way out. Considerable money is being sent out by residents of Kossuth to buy these quitclaims on the American Emigrant company's swamp lands. .-'•'> Ar tived. Silks of all kinds. Laces, Dress Goods, Carpets, Rugs and Draperies. Refrigerators. -.-'•' * Don't Be Deceived in making your selection. ' We have the Refrigerator which received the Highest Award At the World's Fair. Here is one of the facts worth considering, and which caused it to take the premium over ail others. Jt has a double system of circulation within its ice and provision chamber, and with this system of cir* culation it is more economical in its use of ice than any other refrigerator made, Please call and see it, /. W. Robinson. Emmetsburir Wants Telephones. The Democrat comments on the telephone line coming to Algona and says the company is already canvassing west, and that Emmetsburg is in for 'nhones. It says: Arrangements have been made for service with the. several towns from Clear Lake to Algona and contracts have been signed. 'Phones will, be placed in the Algona court house, in most of the business houses, and many of the residences. A line will be run to Burt and Bancroft, and another will connect Britt with Corwith. Mr. Webster will arrange with Whittemore before coming to Emmetsburg. : A Mighty Mean Man. Near the little town of Clare there lives a man who for meanness takes the, cake. He had a well that needed cleaning badly, but fearing the treacherous quicksand at the bottom, was afraid to undertake it. He hung his coat on a post near the well and went into hiding for a few days. His neighbors missing him and finding his coat near the well, surmised that he had sunk beneath the quicksand, so they worked with a will to find his body. After- the well had been thoroughly cleaned out in their efforts to find his dead body the wretch suddenly came back, Armstrong la Breeding a Scab. Journal: Algona and LuVerne played ball last Saturday but the LuVerne team wasn't in it. It is all right for Algona to jump onto LuVerne as a starter, just like Armstrong did with Swea City, but if >Algona really thinks she has got any hall players, challenge someone who trots in your class. Armstrong Is ready and feels confident of being able to make it 'interesting for you. In fact our boys are tired of playing, with scrubs like Estbervllle and Swea City, " "starts tfi with every {tfdie&tiott 6t fl> itig a flourishing business, - His 'OlaHon Belle' is pronounced by seeking dofiboiseurs t6 be an exceptionally fine five cefit bigaf, Mr. & not 6aly has the appearance of a taan wne under * stands his Business, but ttlsd that bf a good citizen, and we hope lie may do well," 1 A Safe Business Institution! The report that the Atgoaa Loaft & Deposit company sold 528 shares of stock Jn April leads the Emmetsburg Reporter to say: This is a pretty geod showibg foi* a company that is less than two years old to make, and It plainly demonstrates that the association is fast coming into prominence as a safe place to invest your earnings. Pound Their Gtatne in KoSuuth, Speaking of the piano agents who did business near Algonu a week ago the Emmetsburg Reporter saysi Last week we spoke of some sharpers being out trying to place pianos in the northeast corner of the county, They got in their work in Kossuth county, and >ten notes for $360 each, passed into the hands of "innocent purchasers" at Algona. , ' , A Steam'Laundry Coming, Sheldon Mall: F. L. McComb writes that he has concluded to put in a steam laundry plant at Algona, . He had his household goods shipped to that place Saturday. Mr. McComb doubtless will succeed in his new venture, as he is a man of sound business ability. Success to him. Don't Have to Carry Dogs. Over at Dennison a man named Gregory sued the Northwestern for $1,900 damages for putting him off the train. He brought a dog with him and the conductor put both off. The court now holds that he had no right to bring the dog, and that the company is not liable. Gets There Just the Same. State Register: The Algona UPPER DBS MOINES says there is to be, a, new town in Iowa. It is to be seven miles west of Ledyard, in northern Kossuth county. It will be called Pangburn, after the man who owns the land. Pangburn Is not melodious. If you want t{'~ ->~M ifl**^* etables ^m v^jar - * *,"•** for your table call on us and see what we keep, * '"'''SB's • .(.«®H Lettuce, Radishes, Onions, Asparagus, Pie Plant. Strawberries- Tuesday and Friday All kinds of Fruits. Langdon &* Hudson. Brownell & Allred, sffly but • Boots and Shoes. "Kids" Are All Right. Clarion Monitor; An Algona preacher is trying the plan of giving a dime to each member of his Sunday school, to be returned September 1 with whatever it has earned, If Algona has pot an uncommonly large number of extra good " Hlds" that preacher will find himself In the bole, financially, when he calls for an accounting. The average small boy had rather have a dime's worth of peanuts or candy than aid in furnishing ft room to be used for religious purposes, The ««Talented YOWHK Actor," The Blue Earth City Post has an item which recalls pleasant memories of' dramatiq glories at Garner; ' L. Bufus Hill has been }n town slnee our last issue as advance agent for Will' iame & Murphy'8 olrpus, which is billed for this town the 23d inst. Mr, Sill will be remembered as tbe, clever actor that assisted our igcal talent in bringing out a few theatrical pieces last fall and winter, and has Mends here. Better than Cheap Dollars. State Register: In Kossuth county they have a steam engine which has been pulling ten plows across the farms of that region. Think of turning ten furrows at once, That would set the Mexican free silver farmer, who still plows with a stick, perfectly wild. Nothing the Matter With Hanna. Emmetsburg Democrat: A new town has been started in Kossuth. Hanna is the name of it. The young men'to the east of us will now have a good excuse for going to see Hanna. Beats'Cyclone Caves. Britt Tribune: Quite a number here have constructed cyclone caves for protection. A. D. Clarke of Algona has planted 100 acres to beans. A State Normal School. Emmetsburg Democrat: Algona has massage parlors. What next? Algona Is Five Ahead. Spencer's population is 2,465, not 2,565, as first reported. WEATHER AND OBOPS, The Continued Cold Holds All Kinds of Crops Bock. , Reports from various parts of the county indicate that no great damage has been done by frost. . Some flax has been killed and a few tell of oat fields which are damaged. But generally the farmers say that small gaaln will be benefitted by the check to its too rapid growth, Corn was not hurt any, Grapes will not yield, and probably other fruits are injured. THE STATE REPORT,... The past week was unseasonably cold and generally dry, The daily mean temperature was about eight degrees below normal. The rainfall was very light, except in some of the northeastern counties, Tbe rapid growth of vegetation has received a most decided check, and little progress hag been noted during the past ten days. -Reports indicate that . the heaviest damage by the recent frosts wae suffered In the east central and northeast districts. The damage to small grain hft? been relatively light, and it seems probable that the incidental benefit resulting from checking the too rank growth of spring grain will fully compensate for the Injury by the freezing temperature, With fayr orable conditipns lp the future there Is ample time for the corn crop to fuly recover its lost ground. The only ^reparable Injury nas been suffered by grapes, berries and some other kinds of fruit, Tbe bulk of damage to all other crops pan be repaired, if there is ample warmth and moisture in the near future, A Boy's Composition on Flies. are a great many kinds of flies, which I will pro- 1 peed to mention. There are horse flies, bottle flies, house flies, and a great many others which 'I will not mention, including mosquitos. We will see all of them before the snow flies. There are no flies on Doxsee's screens. He has screen doors—and windows and wire screen cloth. Pa says many Christian homes have been, shattered by not having screens at the doors and ^windows, and they are so cheap this year that no one can afford to have flies in his soup for dinner and hash for supper, unless he likes flies. His spring hinges and door springs will shut a door quicker than a fly "cart think. This is all I have to say about flies. If you want to know any more about them go to Doxsees ' 'Hardware Store. •<% ,,*«s Boots and Shoes HAVE ADVANCED. ... But we are selling them cheaper than ever before. Look at our #4 Men's Shoe. We have the best $3 Ladies' Shoe in the city. High. Shoes, Low Shoes, :•; Tan Shoes, and Black Shoes, at prices that will meet all competition. Yours .fpr ; ; . business. . •,•••! B. H. ANDERSON. ^ Look for It, Don't Miss to Try It,. Everyone Speaks Well of It What is It ?• >y& :V. | ; i< - ifeiM- &" You will buy And npt .half &&;> ** ^.\.f Quartern «» the pencil, The Ewmeteburg TrJtoBe wr jtie§ up Biwwy Kejiy attorney fee DMe at th WA POaQiudjp by gayingS Tfeg jujge iB,|tP»9t§A tbew aj to. fy$ law/Si by Ihj Farm Cream Separators, A. choice assortment of the finest , , , , Ever brought to Algona, WHO SELLS IT? JAMBS FATTBE8QN, ^y^i It will be to youi; interest to get aU kinds, Leather? ' HOSR §.nd

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