The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1895
Page 8
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, > r-riB^J* > V '.vT-H'-'i TAKE the Only SarsapaHlla AT THE WORLD'S FAIR. IT LEADS ALL OTHER * BLOOD Poriiers, 1:45 em ................... i. 1:45 e __________ B. F.JgftDtticg, Agent. CltfCAGO 4 FINANCIAL. — — — -- — — - -*+tV^*++iS**-w~^~v~v~*f^r^ Kossuth County State Bank CAPITAL .............................. |50,OOC Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec MODS made promptly, and a general banking easiness transacted, Passage tickets to or fttftn'the old countries sold atlowest rates. Wit. H. 1NGHAM .................... President J. B. JONES .................... Vice President JLEWISH. SMITH .......... . ......... ,. Cashier .North— Pass,... •Freight...... Freight .. Mixed ........ 8:18 a to Hard times may excuse a Shabby 66at tthere there Is no opportunity to bay "&. S. & M," titithiftf, but at the price* toade on these fatnous goods by The New England ho fflafa need be Without good clothes. do. 9:30 am Freight. T'SSJ'. in Freight, t 6:20 pin a:48pm _ _ 8i8o am Pais."arrlVes"fttMicagb"at°f a'in" fattrtves at Bes Molnes at 8:15 J) to. LV, t»es M, 2:8o a in Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chicago at 8 a. m. F, H, VBspfift, Agent. TflJB CITY The First National Bank XO-W.A.. CAPITAL ....$80,000 Special attention given to collections. ' AMBROSE A. GALL ..President J>. H. HUTCH1N8 Vice President "WM. K; FERGUSON.........;v.ViV^..Cashier ;0. D. SMITH ,....ABSt..Cai,hier • Directors—D. H. Hutchlns, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. Call, B. H. Spencer, Win. K. Ferguson. . Money always on hand to loan at reasonable •rates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. ALGONA, IOWA.. .Offkert and Director!— - , A* D. Clarke, President, '••-•' • C. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbralth. , Fred. M. Miller. • JHyron Schenck, i Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking, PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS. 'gTTntereat paid on time deposits. ' PROFESSIONAL. f , CLARKE & COHENOUR, •'<•"' ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, fa. ,-E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel .security. Over Ohrischilles 1 store. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. ' • ( SULLIVAN & McMAHON, '.ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Fereuson bljck. GEO. R. CLOUD, ' [Successor to W.B.Quarton.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, ALGOHA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. E, V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, L. K. GARFIELP, M, D., PBYSIGIAN AND SURQEON, Pffloe, Statesi,, one door east of Oordingley. WaeljIAVtStA ILfVin.** A »>•**« nt- nn«X A* XT. _ " * H, c, MCCOY, M, p., AND SURGEON, Speplal attention to city practice. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, lowm DP, Bowetij Whittemore t towa* Attend the Fourth of July meeting Friday night. Supper at the Congregational church tomorrow' evening. Jas. Cowan is doing the stone work on the new block at Burt. The grapes are killed and some other fruits undoubtedly damaged. The Adventlst campmeetlng will be held at Dos Moines, June V-17. L. Stilson of Corwith has let con* tracts for a $14,000 brick block. Williams, the hair restorer man, has a new girl at his place since Sunday. About 30 couples were out for the dance last Wednesday and enjoyed the fine music. New advertisements are in this week for Jas. Taylor, Brownell & Allred.and C. M. Doxsee. . . The hail storm Sunday cooled the air 17 degrees in 15 minutes. This is a lightning change. Pearl Pugh is putting his new jewelry store in Dingley's drug store, having the west window. Memorial day comes two weeks from Thursday. Everybody should plan to assist in a fitting observance. The Methodist W. H. M. S. will meet with Mrs. Parker next Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. All are invited. B. A. Palmer has resigned his position at the Northwestern depot, and Ed. Mantor is taking it temporarily. Tho teachers meet at Bancroft next Saturday to discuss. The teachers are getting to be pretty vigorous debaters. The house of Julius Werner, four miles west of Elmore in Kossuth county, was burned to the ground last Saturday. Irvington rejoices in two late additions to its population, at Agent Clark's and at Mr. Castle's on the Haggard farm. ' ; 'Squire Taylor went over to~ the clerk's office and united in matrimony D. J. Perkins and Mary Chase last Friday. A stone pavement is rumored in front of the Geo. C. Call building. This will be Algona's first on the business streets. Some farmers report oats frost nipped. This is very unusual and it is an open question whether they will be injured or not.' ' The suit of Buss vs. Gray, a Wesley contest, was settled Monday the defendant paying the claim .and the plaintiff paying the costs. Marriage licenses have been issued to J. J. Fox and Ida Young, Wm. Mertz and Katie Wolf, Ernest Ewert and Manda L. Boettscher. W. D. Nugent has bought the A. J. Jones house and will move it and build to it, making another house about the size of the one he lives in, Teachers who go to Bancroft next Saturday can get a round-trip ticket for 65 cents from Algona by 10 going on the 8:18 train and returning on the 6:20 train. • The committee for the memorial day celebration are at work and the full program will be published next week. Several public men of note are in view as orator for the occasion, The new map of Algona which A, N Shaw is drawing will be very complete, showing all the new additions and the river on both north and south, He will make blue print copies. Arrangements are already begun for the normal school commencement exercises. A speaker is being corresponded with and it is expected that one will be secured of reputation, The big Catholic church dedication comes two weeks from Thursday in Prairie township. It will be fully as notable an occasion as the dedication of the Algona church was last year. No one who enjoys music will miss hearing Bemenyi next Wednesday evening, He is one of the world's greatest yiplinists, and a popular artist to boot, which all great violinists are not, Pavtd Godden of Burti was thrown between the wheels and thills of his cart Iftst Friday by his hopse becproipg unmanageable and was dragged bead down until insensible, No bones were broken, 0, 1,, Lund has killed all but; two of the cows condemned by ^e veterinary ans, These two have cftlyea by their 8i4ee and he intend? to tesfc fh,em to. see to what extent the disease is transmitted « at »U, Nest S»n4ay wm b,e awferljr meet' election contest like, that at Ledyard. He says also that it will not affect the Dunlttp legislative cohtest, as in the town fight both republicans and democrats participated, White itt the repub* llcan caucuses of course only republic' ana will be admitted. The Bancroft Beglster anticipates much enjoyment out of the new telephone line: "Right here, before anyone else mentions it, we want to be the first one to spring 'the holloa time we'll have' when the line is put in." The postmasters now receive weather reports from the bureau at Washington which are posted every day at the delivery window. They are put up here in Algona at 4 o'clock and a pretty good guess is made for the day following. The ball game at Lu Verne Saturday was a walk over for the Algona nine, the score being 84 to 10 in their favor. The Lu Verne boys were not in practice and did not put up much of a game. Armstrong is on deck for a like drubbing, Burt leads Algona by having a town grade established on the main street. Algona has been surveyed several times but there is no record of any grade having been adopted. Those building good buildings ought to see to this. J. J. Byan was down for a toast at the banquet to the United Workmen at Fort Dodge last night, but did not go. He is busy fitting up rooms for himself in the Heise block. He will have elegant bachelor quarters — all well enough in their way. B. F. Smith was down- yesterday from the city on the classic Union slough. He repudiates quite strongly some of the recent statements made in the Bancroft Register about Germania as a racing town and about the speed of his thoroughbred. Geo. B. Cloud and J. W. Sullivan are the attorneys for Snyder in the Wesley slander suit. The plaintiff alleges in her petition that Snyder said some very uncomplimentary things about her and the defendant answers that whatever he has said he will stand by. The jury next week will have new chairs to sit in. The board didn't invest in good spring chairs as THE UPPER DBS MOINES has insisted the jurors were entitled to, but Auditor Calkins picked out a very excellent chair for the money, getting 12 for $24. They are now in the court room. A fine farm house is being built just west of the water mill on the Marsh Stephens farm. It is now owned by Jo. Bright, a brother-in-law of Marsh, who bought the west 100 acres and 10 acres of the adjoining piece in March. He is building on the 10 acres and is going to have a first class farm home. On account of the peculiar weather the bee for moving the fair ground fence has been postponed. No date is set definitely but it is likely that a day will be chosen early In June, The great event was to have come off next Monday. Due notice will be given and all the country will be expected to turn out and have a picnic. A promising trotting horse at Bancroft, with a 2:20 gait, tried the experiment an old gentleman in Algona did a few weeks ago of using gunshot for his digestion, and with less satisfactory results. The horse, according to the Register, took two pounds of shot in his oats; and is now no more. He belonged to Willis Tallman. The Remenyi concert next Wednesday evening will be the musical event of the season. He is one of the world's great violinists and has with him a piano player, and a singer, both talented, He has the finest collection of violins in the world and plays on a $5,000 instrument in the concert. No one who enjoys the best music and popular music will miss Remenyi. The opera house company last evening elected 0. H, Blossom manager for the ensuing year, Mr, Haggard, who has filled that position for two years with satisfaction to the public and to the company, declined a re-election and Mr, Blossom was unanimously chosen. Mr, Blossom was the first manager the company had, and everybody will be glad to have him accept the position again, Discussion of fall politics has been precipitated during the past week and out of the ferment it appears that A, A, Brupson is going to have some supporters for the legislative nomination. Aea has been a staunch republican al* ways and would be a worker at Des Moinee. Geo, E, Boyle of Whjttemore \s a}so being favorably mentioned and be also would be a worker. Tfce coun* ty ought to pick out its best wan this fall, Chairman Chubb and Auditor Calkins are agreeing «pon a plan for- the additional vaults, to be a4fled to the gourt bouse, They will be put on the west side of the building and be built outside in sueb a way as to admit of entrancei frow ths pJerts's and a«4* vaults with the lower story of their building to the public library and reading room for three years free 6f rent and it is practi* cally settled that the offer will be accepted. The walls will be Jpapered, a partition will be put in to divide the reading rpOM attd library, and ae entrance will be made from thefront hallway. The room is large and is much more conveniently located than such buildings are in many towns. The post's liberality has been highly commended by all. D, A. Haggard has received a paper from Hartsvllle, Mo., which he finds Very interesting. One day back in 1868 he and Mike O'Bourke found themselves in pretty hot climate at Hartsvllle, some 900 yankees trying to interest some 6,000 rebs. Neither one got hurt but both have a lively remembrance of that particular llth of January. This paper has a history of the battle written by a confederate officer who was in it, and it is the first time the boys have seen or heard the other side of the story. Supt. Reed has set the hearing of the McNutt case from Cresco for Friday at 10 o'clock at his office. If presents a curious question. Mr. MoNutt is a director and is secretary of the board and was elected to teach the school. At the close of his term part of the patrons petitioned to not have him chosen for the ensuing term, but a majority requested the board to secure him. The directors did not act with the latter and N. R. Robinson appeals to the county superintendent, the issue being whether the authority rests with the patrons or with the directors. Mr. McNutt's friends take the position that a majority of the school patrons should decide. Capt. Haggard and Sergeant Major Peek have sent in their resignations to Gen. Prime and will sever their relations with Company P. They find that the demands of their business are such that they cannot spare the time required to attend to company duties, and especially cannot plan to attend encampments, and' being young men just entering business they feel that they should give that first place. They leave the company in first class condition with the largest enrollment it has ever had. They have been popular and efficient and the boys will regret their resignation. No speculation as to successors has been yet indulged in. All farmers will watch the result of listing in corn on Ambrose A. Call's land south of town. He is putting most of it in with a Norwegian lister, the best patent out, and is planting an adjoining field the old way. The listing costs about $2 an acre less to begin with, and 60 acres of listed corn can be cultivated as easily as 40 acres of planted, Mr. Call has sent for a cultivator made expressly for fields of this kind. He says in speaking of it that he thinks land is ploughed too much for its own good, and that if corn can be grown without it is better in every way. Listing is generally adopted in the corn belts of Kansas and Nebraska where the land is dry. Link Singleton, Kossuth county's well known darkey, was tangled up generally Saturday nfgbt. His brain was tangled with "tanglefoot," and that caused him to get tangled up with the furniture of the 6. K. lunch room, and that caused him to get tangled up with the marshal, and that caused him to be put where he broke out all the window lights in the jiail, and finally he was tangled up with the city at an expense of $12.50. Link was not alone and those who were present during the performance say that If a half dozen had gone to, the cooler the ends of justice would not have been stretched. After Nightwatch Hunter first got after Link he went home and got a rifle and fired it off on the street several times, looking for Hunter as be claimed. Link is very sorry now for the whole affair and says that whiskey will pass his lips never again, Wanted. We want your butter and eggs, Farmers' Exchange, south of court house. A Luxury for the Ladles, I am now prepared to give baths, either plain, electric, sit?, salt-glows, spray, or pour, with massage and other treatment. Come Tuesdays and Thurs* days. Can also furnish firs^class recommends as nurse. Also agent for folding bath tubs, Come and see, 7t4 MR8, WM, CfcBARY, WALKER BROS. Desire \^f\i i *» Grocery Trade, Attd for that reasoii- Invite you to join them in Looking at their stock. There are always a^reat many articles „ In a grocery stoi'e that commend Kg) themselves upon examination, You have your especial tastes. We try to comply with the demand The better plan is to come In, on your ' way to business, and see what the Ko) latest goods are. You are always welcome. The ladies are especially invited. Ladles will find It to their advantage to make frequent calls, whether they (5) have an order in mind or not. \A/ 3 ll/Pr T f dl JVU1 Desire to be in direct communication with all housekeepers* FURNITURE! SIb.sid.eB. W E call especial attention to our new Book .Racks and Wall Shelves. for cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. Just the thing BO, ; Fragrant, Bouquet, Golden Rod Coffee. Best in the market. At J. R. & C. J. Whoa !=F!our Choice Fancy Patent Flour, per sack, - 80c Choice Full Patent Flour, per sack, - - 75c. Choice White Daisy Flour, per sack, - - 70c Choice Baker's (family) Flour, per sack, 60c Choice Graham, per sack, 12 Ibs,, - - 25c Choice Graham, per sack, 24 Ibs., - - 40c Choice Bolted Meal, per sack, 12 Ibs,, - 20c Choice Bolted Meal, per sack, 24 Ibs., - 35c • ' ' EVERY sack warranted equal to or BETTER than any other flour in this market. Every one ought now to use only the flour that is made at home. NSURANOE. Fanners' of Cedar Rapids. Phoenix of Hartford^ ' Hanover of New York Also Land, J^oan and Collection Business, Office over Algonn State Bank, A New Harness Shop, CHBI8TENSM Painter and Blaokets Grease

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