The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1895
Page 7
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ffife ME6. said ste attd ih re* „-— - the Recoi-d, Philadelphia, Last tfuiy the fipiscopftl hospital &o> thltted a wofcteh whose pale and eirtaftci* fated face aiid ridklh£ c6vigh pftfclalmea (her the victim of consumption. She gaVe her name as Mrs.' Witt. O. Pd^yeh. residence, 1843 Melghah St., •Philadelphia. The case was dlafcf Horsed and she was told plainly that Bhfe wf s in an advanced state of con* -feumptloft. ?he e*aminiiig tthyslclan fsven showed her the sunken place in her breast where the eaVlty iti her lung wa9 supposed to efcist, She went home to her family, a broken, disheartened worn* fa frith death staring her in the face. That was the beginning of the story, the ehd as told by Mrs, Bowen, who ho iofigef expects to die, to a reporter fol- IctWai '.'The first symptoms of consumption came In the form of terrible, sweats, night and day. From April 1 until [September I was constantly cold and •kept wrapped Up in blankets through the hottest weather. A terrible cough |took possession pf me, my breast was If ore to the slightest touch, and my |llmbs were like cold clay. The hardest rubbing/with the coarsest towel would hot create the slightest flush, and the least exertion would exhaust me. „ "I went to the hospital in July and they diagnosed; hiy case as above stat* ed. It was when the clouds were the darkest that.the first glint of sunshine came. Mr. Bhelmerdlne, a friend, who lives around at 1844 Clementine St., said to me one day, Mrs. Bowen did you ever '•try. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. 1 had never heard..of the'medl-. clhe, but In my condition could not turn a deaf ear to anything that offered a re» lief. It was after considerable thought land investigation that I concluded -to 'discontinue all other * medicine'; ln- ;duding • cod liver oil,-; attd"6 depend .entirely upon Pink Pills. I began to take the pills, at first with butllttle en 1 - .couragement. The first sigtt'Of ItaproVe*' jment was a warmth and tingling sen- Isatlon in my limbs. Finally the cough 'disappeared, my< chest lost-its soreness ana I-began- to- gain 'fiesh 'until I' was L Iflfteen pounds heavier. All this I owe :to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and I cannot, Ipralse them'too highly." """ -•-'"" | Mrs. Bowen is a kindly faced lady of •middle age, a church member, well- known and highly .esteemed. .She looks, Itoday well and strong-and it^seems almost Impossible that she jwas ever given lup by eminent 'ptfyslclr.ns as an 'incurable consumptive. Yet such is the 'case"beyond all diopute. I Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain all ,the elements necessary tb.give ne'W life •and richness to the blood and restore shattered,nerves.' They, arejfor sale by all druggists',^ or, may 1 'obe had by'mall from Dr: Williams" Me'd. C6.; Sch'enec- tady, N. .T.,'-for BOc. per'box, or % six boxes for J2.50, ' PSttifipi tfi^ clillf t#&ft 6t l ls te be !oiiad ifi his ehUn ffdM t&e-UfeCdiifeeivSd tiottons, tlte iftfiiftatiesa of his «ttd, Wsed td stlbfeit tfl accented l-lils teiid"en6y in early age eariied lol hits, 6t the dull pedafatry and eHto Philistines afound him, the eobfiftuet bf "fblle BisMarck"— the mad Bi6- ttlafck; but later on it resulted ih ttte complete demolition of the old systefe of rdiplonlacy. Bof e<Juitocatitftt afid downright falsehood his powerful ltt a telJect /substituted a klad of oUtf ageoflS frankness, which bewildered afld outwitted his adversaries, Kothinft» hbWeVcf, mafks his strong p6rBbhalitV faiofe Vividly than intense hatreds attd blittd devotions with which he bis surrounded himself. Me had the cout^ age, to be himself, the potter to rely iibbh hihiseif and to look at things ih the face, while .his keen sense of humor enabled him to see clearly . the Vast array of sham and pompous pretense of public/and private life. Never had madness, more method than is shown by the originality of this strange being, half Mephistopheles; half dragon, who, before subduing to his iron wfll the whole- of European diplomacy, schocked and horrified the fogies of the old school, with ,the :inuerido(Js atfd insinuations, tlie sarcasms and stories, the ...gibes and jlpkes which ,he flung Jit their^heads tnei'ciles'sly and 'obfatlnii* nlly»"The wigged and powdered pomp which covered diplomatic pretense and to;fa is'io the W8»e1l Ifl about the opening of dif- employments ttt WOffteH," eb* the Shake feditbr, "some of riro emlticruly fitted fot a fcortalri bank tiositibm" "What positlott is tiiatK asked tbfi lite IlOi-se Editor. "Talkfttive WOftififl eottld be fflU'cte tollers." ttttt Sprlflg*, SbntU X)ftfcota. At a meetihg of fifty promineat IfU* tiois physicians, iield duritig Iheir M» cent ttip oi investigation to Hot Springs, South Dakota, it Was resolved that a committee of five te appdinteA to draft suitable resollitiohs, Voicing the sebtiftent of the meeting cofltiefn" iaff the Dakota fibl Springs, as viewed from the physicians' stand point, The following 1 is the report: "The members of tho visiting delegation of Illinois physlclhiis asseiuDloa ih tho town ball ttt HbtSpHttgs, S. D.,' deslMbtt . to eX* f . :• '^^K-jA"^ press thel* heafty atjbtecintioa.o tha op- become portunit* thus afforded th ----- pt-adtidftfiyjidtHifttuted \vlth the A teat ad. vantages of this plUce as & hdalth f owbrt, The sheltered location of the SpHhgs Upon tbe southern slope of tho Black Hills, in a valley thftt Is protected f rbtn the blasts of winter atid from the storms df summer, tho ilrvness and salubrity of the atmosphere and the moderate elevation above'the sea level (8 4 700 feet), combined with easy access from all directions, rt-hder the place pec U« atttactlve to all whoflftu their art* Ih an oscaoo from the extremes of , ithat Pr|nce|B)sriiai i ck;r ? go,t fa gAp«of; 1 They Will Build in the Bottoms. '' " H ' u The Mississippi River .is on •, its annual rampage, and thousands of acres* 'of bottom land ai$lnow^coyeWd by itr ; l poj|lical|rea|ittes, arfce ^among.^the , .dignified exceilencies. of -the German Diet constituted a veritable revolution. {^he!' incidents of- his early relations with these ]emnty-hea.ded "importants sanS; importance" offer perhaps the most' racy of the many anecdotes related — in Prince Bismarck's own words in , many .cases— by his BoswelU his ,falthful' secretary, Dr. Moritz^ ( Busch. ^His first encounter at 'Frankfort was with his liostler, ,who,;like"'all the good burghers of the Free City at that'time, was intensely anti-Prussian. . The old hotel where , he put up, as, Prussian delegate to the Diet, was not provided with a complete system of bells,' and Bismarck asked for a ' hand belli at least, ^herewith to communicate with his valet.* But he'was grufiiy told theffe was none to spare and that he must shift for himself. Earlj| next morning theloud reporf'of a pistol set all ,the heat, cold, damp and atmospheric, pressure. The jiurlty of .thelr^ waters, and their do (Jlded meaicinal quality also Commend the Springs to the medical profession and to all individuals who suffer with cutaneous at'; thrltlc diseases and With such disorders of the digestive' and 'ellmihutlve oi'jgaiis aa need for their .relief a continued 7 gentle stimulation of the liver and kidneys. FOR the relief of the dllterettt forms of cht-onlc rheumatism tho magnificent plunge bath, in which active elimination, together with sufficient exercise of the affected, joints aiid muscles are happily Combined, cannot be too highly praised. •' • ' • , ' "Taking into consideration the case of access, tho ample and comfortable accommodations that arc provided at,moderate cost] and the healing properties: ortho mlnerul waters. It Is evident that the Hot Springs of' Houth Dakota afford .opportunities for rest, recreation and recovery of health that are not surpassed hy any similar resort In the country. ' To the members of v the medical profession who are seeking for. tlielc patients a location that shall combine the advantages of ; northorn 'and southern"climates, eastern and western levels of elevation, attractive scenery and tho comforts of, civilization, associated with, social s mpllc-. Ity of life, this place can be mostconUdouK ly recommended."' • : . ••.--. ^-. ' HENRY M.I/TMAN, Chicago, .;, .,,• A MSl-li6nse is like ft ball-- &B e*cel* I6til thiftg oft ftftbthet mafi's -"^«ft*<jA city TimeSi • To a msin Utt ft If 60 it SeefflS aS i Battle of the- Boyfte had been fottgiit V>tl®i6MKgli,-LPhil(t(tetphitl 'J'hrics. A'n shni-k 1^ • said tb t<J- gobd eating, the full-gi'oWB i§ atttiiib ted to be a good Cftter. -~-McMphis Ava- tunchc. No matt oatt realize how easy it is tb pass the contributioh bo* itrotihu nnd forget to chip in until he trios it.— Louisville toewiocfaL • Ifttlltheneeotintsnrecorrect, there arc no itlikissod kisses in Now Yol'k sinco Gen, Shbrmftti ifloveit ,tiiefd— fiattimofo American. i'hd ybuhg man who can go into ft pawnshop without a .quickening of the pulse and a heightehihg of color • has been there before.—^ J «cAj. "' It wouldn't do for the prohibitionists to preach theii' faforlte doctrine in tho present state of Kansas City's drinking water.'-A'a«*as City Times. Somo of those who bought bi'oncho ponies at auction hei-e recently are now wondering what such, animals are built for.— tit, Albaiis Massengcf, The man who usually goes around at this season tolling about the hot woatli" er that ho' remembers "way back" is badly left this year.— Chicago Times. Queen Kapiolnni will hurry home as rapidly as possible. She evidently wants to know who's;been there since she's been gone.— Washington Critic. TheIntellectual atmbStpliere furiiish- od to Chicago this ,wobk by e}ght thousand school 'teachers Will do mtioh to neutralize the odor Of pork.— -Indian* "^"W, *' ttat)t«sd«»An __ Old Subscfibef Wfitds that hfc is a bookkeeper! but nis eyes tfoubie him BO much that he Would bfefef eoffie other occupatiofl—ofle fiot ad tatlhg to the eyes, He id twdnty*thfee yeaw of age, slftgle, and ainbitloua. AtiBWef: Very much defends UBdtt. yoiif early training add: tastes, if you have any* knowledge of the business, poultry farming pays if properly conducted. Indeed, almost anything that is carefully managed ought td yield a living to a single man, and a prospect of increase in the future, At the age of twenty-three there is plenty of time to start in business with a fair hope of "Uccess. •" ' : ( '.,'-•> '.,',• ' i".~~~ ' .~' J "~ ' You Don't Have to Swear Off, Savs the St.Louls Journal of Agriculture In an editorial about No-To-Bac, the famous tobacco habit cure. "'We know of many cases cufod by No-TO'BUo: one, a prominent, St. Louis architect. Sinottedttna chewed for twenty years', two boxes cured him so that even the smell of to- haoco makes htm sick." No-To-Bac s_qld and Chttft*e* ,»f MftftiftfA ** constructed exhibit This by ttf.' tldailr is dfaWft t rgr &• i cases «il,06fi ffiaftied tl *o1Biefl,t,tatt§tti r ** without Beieetidti,^ Of the I>u00 ,tablK, lated there Wefi AarH§di, S fhlfiy4wtt v ffom 14 tfi IBtflfli'lwm-Hf.tfttj 219' from 18 to 19; 230 frotoW to 21; 1(5 S from 1 22 'to 24; 102 from 24 to 28; 60 from 26' 1621S41 from 28 to 29| 18 from 30 16 91; 16 from 32 to 33; 8 from 34 td 86 j 4 from " 36 to 37J 2 from 88' td 89, , Btafk Mad., ;.. , , • Lawyet for the.defettser^tir, hd«df ,' ! want to enter ft plea'bt iBfftnity.' T Judge— Oti what-ftifotiadsj Lawyer— The prisoner attempted, at the riak of bis life, to argue with tho policetiian who arrested him. •• E. P. Op OK. Mendota, »l * juiurky water. If Uhi3 jland were the only result of these 'grand freshets thny could not bo regarded us unmixod. evils,, for tlie s ,sedi- iment left upon tlio soil by the receding water enriches it and * greatly* increases its productive capacity. The Egyptian tillers ;of the bottom .lands of the Nile ; depend^. upoiT the annual overflow for Jlie very brorid of life; with* out , 'the ..Nile sediment* their /lands 'Would be unproductive and widespread famine would follow. But whenever -the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Ohio, or other larger rivers of the United States rise from; between their f , banks— Jt matters^ not' how of fen i' t|i£y|!ma$ haye previo'usljr, guests i'n a panic, ,»wi,th' the of|Bisniarck's|sjprYapt, jvho &tat?,^'as no Sell- was *forthc< master shot. exception explained 'forthcoming, his had summoned him by pistol ,_ „ if " bell, was reach.' * e, minutes later, the desired placed* ;within Bismarck's i •< 11 , * 'r ? « «/<//. „•< .* J ' ' FIGHT WITH A MORPHINE.FIEND. •acted in the j f same| u Is report i -of •'•great' property v 'loss' {through • the, moving, or wrecking «of [buildings and carrying away of buoyant material; uiid families are reported to bo homeless^, refugees j on; the Ihiglilands while [otli^rjj a're t imprisoned in homes surrounded "by ' water of threatening depth and "'rapidity."* The lessons of the annual flow seem to be .without result, apd when the waters 'rise they e'vict r people't*.w'ho3lmve'" be'eh' •driven from their homes time and time again.' " H <••>' <• J.- Hj ' Whop trust is repqsed ijj tlje stve'ggtjbi of leyeea that suddenly break 'there is jeome excuse .for the ^ habitation of low 'land subject "to overflow; but whore there i are no levees, the -wan who .builds a house or establishes a place of business below high-water piark,hj •walking into danger with ' his eyes' .open. Land once in inundated' should ialways be considered f - dangerous ground, as the work' of, the rutjjje,ss timber cutters on the srntill tributaries of these mighty streams' is making the latter more eryfttio x a^jl fhere- fore losss worthy of trust, The harsh lesson of one -overflow ought te be sufucjent t° w «vn wen to build whore they will not be in danger of getting wet— Milwaukee Wisconsin, , Puckered! A Bail jPranrlseo Fhyslulan lias a ^ row^Kscai^e from JJolnff Murdered. i":v. Dr. wl 6. Wilcox/ the demonstrator of ..anatomy in y the California. Medical college,' --had, ;a' narrow • escape• from deaCh yesterday'at the'hands'6t a maddened ..morphine, eater, says a;San Francisco dispatch. Dr. Wilcox re- tu^ed (from the college of the faculty W. 1'owELi,, Peorltt, wibUAM A. ELDEH, Blooiuini?toti, K. STILLMAN BAII.KY, Chicago, , Committee. t For a beautifully illustrated' folder descriptive" of this' famous''hoalth'arid pleasure resort and also, for information' about the Burlington-Route's ; rates and train .service to Hot: Springs*' write to J. Francis, G. R & T.,A., Omaha, Neb. The weight of the earth is calculated' by Prof. Boys a~t 5,883,004,000,000,000,000,000 tons. ' ''' 1 ' ' New Ulnlngr Car Serv ce. It is a pleasure to note the . addition of •. another important feature to the already 'competent tram service,of thn Nickel Plate' Koad. The Dininjj' Car Kervloe of this popular,.low rate line hos recently, been augmented, by which dinner w,ill be served, on train No. 0, leaving Chica^a'at 2 p. in. •ddilv, and'breakfast and dinner on train No.''2, leaving Chicago'daily'at 9:20 p. m.,' 5 with direct connections for New York and Boston. Breakfast and dinner will' bo served on train'No: G,' arriving iu Chicago at 0:85 p. m. from New-York and Boston. For full, information regarding routes, rates, maps, folders, etc., address your, nearest ticket agent or, fr, Y, Calahan, General ^gent, Chicago, HI. ' t England imports $8,000,000 worth -of potatoes every year. f , t l'2i o'clock, in the v patients' sit- v ptqpd, ^.voting, >t of .aboul^, 20 years of age, with that sallowness of. complexion which, indicates the ex- cessiye^ use of ! some Deadly drug.' "I deteqted\tha( he was a morphine fiend," salcTth\ aoetapjjlana,! told him h * " , he woud ha vgo elsewhere. He begged I would give him only one 'shot' of wpep, J\ifc man-. reatening, " He cbm- " • Almo»t> Uliuuper -Than Walklrtc , , , Are the low rates offered by the Buriing- ton Eoute (t!.,'B. & Q/R, R.) Tuesday, May, Sl', •vrheji'i'ound 1 trip tiekets. to" points in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, 'Wyoming, South' Dakota and Utah will be on sale at halt the regular tariff. i /Ibink of it,! palf the regular tariff. ,, , , Travelers to whom economy; is an object —and that means everybody — will take dd- with . On th t e pperatipg., table lay, a -edgeo" 'surgeon's iknif e with' fa /six-' Wade. He himself of Tbat oue eomeUinos will make slips, We were Bitting close together, ' ' AVligu Plio puckered vip hvt lips, y«— slie puckered, up her It fieumeil tlJa( Cypi J tool; up' tbo InvjtftUo? ' And UiBseU her la ft second, She Wiwlied, ehe turned sway r • Caina witiiin *u.Hse Q{ prying-.- »Tww noli ro«?»pt aj gll Jljftt WRJ, • p«Ut tlie West's Start. Congressman Geoyge West, the pev manufacturer of ^8ivUs(on the Fifth, Avenye Hotel veoently wliopi \w assisted to eroot 9> ty v ( o^v^ ago, When Mr- W e $$ ewe to tl|e United TOQVfl than forty years ago, Ijp Jpr f7 ft Wfiefe and said. HO and his wife saved money, inch it. ^ "Give .me .morphine or;I'^.cut your heart out,' he hissed. . j "I thought pf cajljng for h,elp " said< the 'doctor, "but 'I felt that it' would precipitate jfiatters. .Lstoqd.near- my drug case arid the first object; upois which, wy eye rented .was 8'3ixroupc9 bottle of chloroform. I quickly grabbed it and bad hardly done so when the fiend made a lunge at me with the .knife, I removed the cork and dashed pome , of ttye ^ liquid into bis face. It stopped him for a moment^ and in the Interval I soaked -my handkerchief with the fluid. He sprang at me again and the next instant I grabbed bis right'"arjn with my left band and witb the' otber held tbe- saturated handkerchief ,' bMHiglit! a nd postrilf ./. Hji Btrug|le;d| jjuHopgly, but ', a§ h|8, , ; waB pbysipajly, w^ak.I^UPQeQded, IQ' bpl^ing bim long enough to give tbe cblorofom a ch'ance to act, when he sank to tbe flpor, I then gftve bim a shot pf mor- pbine and when be regained consciousness be disclaimed ajl knowledge of bis attach upon roe and left tbe office I saw Ijim bpfpre-and bope never see bim again." of this money-saving opportunity. For a time table of the-Burlingtpn Route as woll'as for full information about rates and' trains, ftpply to the nearest ticket agent, or -write to J. Francis, Geu'i Foss'r Agent, Omaha, Neb. ' . . , , Hen -Wanted. . Bright, .intelligent, Industrlousi , wide- dV'ake.nieu, with progressive -ideas, -rand blessed with clever' wives, to go west and grow up with the country, make homes, raise -live stock and grain, .fruits and vegetables, dig coal, and gold and silver, saw lumber and shingles, catch and can fish, engage in manufacturing and business enterprises, apcumuf^te mopey, and enjoy good health. For publications about the northwest and Pacific coast, or personal information of interest to homeseekers, address 1 Mosns POMOM, St. Paul, Minn. Bilk is so cheap }n Madagascar that the poorest people wear clothes mode of it. A new dining oar servjpe between Chicago and Buffalo via tbe Nickel Plato Road has recently been placed at the disposal of tbe traveling public, which will en able patrons of this favorite low ra'te liue to obtain all meals on trains when traveling ou through trains between Chicago, New York and Boston, n or reservations of sleeping ear space and further information see your local ticket agent pr address J . Y. Calah an General AgeaE. Chicago. • ' It is estimated tbVt tho annual sales of German toys in England' amount $o £3,090,000. _ _ r _ If ypu wish tb',knbw just 'how little patience you huVe left try to raise' a refractory . .odrrwlhdojy to. /please , n, iidgety womtm on a— Martha's Vineyard llerald. '*.,!•:;•• Gov. Martin, of Kansas, is right. Any town can do without saloons. Ho who thinks othevwise,;should, ii'ead the history of the jug in Georgia.— Louisville Courier-Journal. Now that a '-Chinaman, has been arrested as a tramp, thure is no possible surprise for the public except to hear that an Apache Indian has started'a laundry.— Baltimore American. An iuuocdnt"Cheyenne nian wrote to a Denver sport the other day and asked the question: "How can a man get rich at pokerP" Tlie sport promptly replied: "Don't poke."— Denver News. A criink in Savannah, Mo., shot at the wonmu • who refused him, but the ball was stopped by her bustle, mado of old newspapers, and she was uninjured. Now is the time to subscribe. Minden Gazette. Bismarck's'rule'of .force has no rest. At no time has.'his i diplomacy boon in dqeper water than' ,'now.. ; ,To .'.turn and shake f-he, life out of Franco as a terrjer does a,rat', is no'longer possible.— Cincinnati Commercial. , , , . ,, Why a young -man will leave his homo'on the farm, where he has plenty and is his-own master, and come'lio the city to slave in a dry-goods, store at $30 n month, is one of the unsolved pi-ob- loms.— Savannah Neuis. 4 Mrs. Frank Leslie is too pretty and smart an gain any thine; by having her- name sandwiched .between the defunct .titles of a saw-horse marquis from France ( and 'a rakisl prmWfrom Russia.'— BostwGlofye. It is said the custom! of kissing ou the forehead is .losing in .popularity, even in the old countries; AhaMt begins to 'dawn 'upon our struggling intellect that the bang was created for a purpose.— Binghamlon Republican. Jake Sharp, like Boss Tweed, wanted to know what "they were going to do about it." He has, it is believed, been fully enlightened on that point. Four years in the penitentiary is what they are going to do about it.— Chicago 'Times, t The 1 heaviness pf home-made bread has often been animadverted on; but, tho Philadelphia baker who puts ch'ro- 'mate of lead in his buns seems to'have the advantage of the home baker iu the 'matter bf heaviness.— Detroit Free Press. Building operations always have n delighted audience. It pleases the, av- onvge person to see'tho mortar slip inj.o the clunks of tho ropk like butter into a cat's ear, especially when somepne else fondles the ta;o\rol.--MiimeapbU» Journal. • > HOMOEOPATHIC BROTH, Take a rbbih'i"ieg» Hind, the drtinistick merely^ Put it in a tub--. Filled with water nearly; ^ Set It out of doors In a place that's shady; Let It stand a week;. Three days', if lor a lady; Drop a spoonful of it ."In a five-pall kettle," . Which may bo made of tta Or any baser metal; Fill the.kettle.up,. Set it on a-boiilng, Skim the liquor well To prevent it oiling; One atom add of salt, For the thick'ning one rice. kernel, And use to light the fire The "Homoaopathie Journal." . '. lict the liquor boll • Ilalf an hour, no longer; If'tis for a man, Of course you'll wake It stronger. Should you how desire' That the soup bo flavory, . Stir It once around '%| "With a stock of savory. When the broth is made Nothing can excel it; Then, three times a day, Let the patients smell It. i If he chance to die, Say .'twas nature did It; , If he chance to live, Give the soup the credit. in a mail's stomach which • makes him irritable and misefa* Me.aud unfit for business or pleasure is caused by iiidiges- tioii. liidigestioh, like charity, covers a multitude of sills. The trouble limy be in stomach, liver, bowels. Wherever, k is, it is caused'b^tlie presence of poisonous, refuse matter which'-Nature has been unable to ,rid herself of, unaided. In such cases, wise 'people send down si little health officer, personified " by one of Dr.'Pie'rce's PleoH- ant Pellets,' to search out the trouble and remove, its cause. , ASK YOUR DRUGGIST FOR ,, IT IS . THE BEST M. L. THOMPSON & CO.,' Druggists. Coudersport, Pa., say Hall's Catarrh Cure is the best and o^ly sure cure for catarrh they ever Druggists sell it; 76c: • English, clerg church use in IE adopted silk gowns for I am- entirely.. curea..of, hpmorrho«e k of hings by Piso's Cure for Consumption.— LQPiaA.LiNDA.MAK, Bethany, Mo., Jan. 8, '04. ;Mechanics head the. list of inventors. , Clergy men come next. -, , Health onoe impaired is not easily regained, yet 1'arker'a Ginger Tonic has attained Uiofce results In many oases. Good for every weakness ana distress, Two'carriages were wade in Italy and brought to Paris in 1559. , t the BaUy 1» CuttJnR T«ct|» B« sore and use that old and well-tried remedy, MBS. WWSLOW'B SoOTJ»i»a SVIIUP for Children teething. ' Herodotus pays that Croesus was the flret ruler to order gold coins made. "Hanson's MaerJo OOTO Brtve." Warranted to cuie or money refundeU, Ask your druggUt for it 1'rloe 10 cents. Nanking is tbe largest walled city in the world. It is at least 8,500 years old, It is more wonderful how patiently iieoplo sufler wltli corns. Get peace tvnd comfort by reuiovipu tbeiu wltU Hinderoorns Americans used 06,090,058 pounds of oleomargarine last year, Coe'8 CongH Balaam Is the oldest and best. It will breolt up a Co)dsulck. • ' - 1 • It Is always reliable. ertlian any tblng else. Try It. j. G, 1,'wan^ tp l^ppw the names of tbe ten largest cities' In tlie world according to popuJfttkm, The following is tbe IJst a,ecprdjn.g to the best author You Cjo Take the Burlington Route's "Blapk Hills, Montana »pd Puget Sound Express," Leaves Owahft ftt 4 $5 p, m. daily. '* Fastest and best trfti«'1i 0 the BlaoK fflU», northern Wyoming,- 'tte*Y.ei*9' w stone Kft tionftl P&rltfBeleija, B»WmH» ne « SeB *' " ejteR4ea|r9ni.tJia OJih y« '. - " Tlie city paymaster who pays laborers small biljs for their work pays them in a saloon, and the boys got "a good start," before they, get'oitf; and those that go out without: "standing treat" are 1 looked -upon as mean, fellows.— Ncu> York Mail. Editor Cutting is definitely jn tUe lecture field charging 50 cents for telling Americans how jUtlo Mexicans respect them, -May our ears be bored, with. ft hot uwl before wo squander f°«i' bits to hear how somebody dislikes u* -r-jlta t'alifonm, , The giinnner exonrsion yaclit with a drunken skipper now staiids on an evon footing witu tbe rajlrt^d bridge, the car stove, and the kovoseno can, Jt promises to do what it can to counter act j,l\e influences, of excessive t on,— -Buffalo Courier, The trolley has invaaed the land of the Pharaohs. Cairo is to have ft system, The. first steamer crossed tbe Atlantic FOR Dyspeptic,Delicate,Infit:m.and AGES PERSONS * JOHN CARLE & SONS, New York. * I Jtoas afflicted with ca- tarrhlastautumn. Durz ing tJie month of Oclober t I could neither taste nor smell and could Jiear but littk. Ely's GreamBalm cured it. — Marcus Geo, 8hautz, Rahway, N*,J. CATARRH ELY'S CREAM'BAUM'open8"an'a'c)»- Sisal FnSageB;" lay»Paln'Bnd Inflammation. Heate the Sores/protectstUe Membrana from Oolds. R«- swres the Senses ot Taste and Smell. Tbe Balm to Wehly abtorbed and gives relief at once. A particle Is appUed Into each nostrilJind Is agree, able, rrlce 60 cents at Druggists mall. , EL7 BEOTHBKS, 66 Warren St., KewTTork. AEV FOR FLEASANT WORK easily uonred thronah rA I an eurly sppllcatipn'or Local Agency, to aeUfua DAVIS CREAM SEPARATORS to farmers and Dairymen. One style was shown Iu last number of tbls journal. Another will soon bo pictured out, Meanwhile, write for Handsome Illustrated, Book Free. DAVIS A BANKiM.Bi^d, ANII MFQ. CO., Sole Manufacturers, HO W, Lake Bt , ChlcaRix Iwiitl* W»fll«H'' Onuncover< ' d ? round - ' Hg0niS HanlBQ free, One o? ours earned 54300, many over V1000, In M. P, O. Box 1971, Mew York B i ATTTTTVir 1 8° n(185 cont « for sample copy AJNJiJLlNVT. "Guide for .DolnB Busipess Witb a. Bank,'* financial standing and national deht. of all nations, amount of gold and silver ,in oaoU, wealtU, population and financial history of the world, finely printed and illustrated. Agents want- • n Publishing Co., Chicago. Ill, When answering advertisements kindly mention this paper, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatiea, Backaclie, Very Latest Styles, Elegant Patterns for 10 Cents E?ch, When the Coupon 8plPW is' Sf nt» T he Retail Price pf these patterns Is 25, 30, an:) 35 Cents M »» M Stiggins was pivsslng fl watoUmalvor'a establishment, and looking into the win,do\y hp poti(?od a y^ry pretty girl at some pwiosi or Q$h?r," Jla upterw4 ft^a WM p H iphote om J8, .-s mola,86e8 p^re ember pplpr,

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