The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1895
Page 5
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T"T mp?t ' .- % lit- 5 &" ' ^ th'A £V >«£ • !W" •»' \ Not only Original in Design, But attractive and decidedly clever in every way, at Prices Considerably Lower ! than our competitors, Come soon and you will come often to gather in the " Up--to-date" Millinery, BIOCL Jas. Taylor. GREAT. i * Remnant Sale, During the Month of May. i 5000 YARDS of the best makes of Print . Remnants. ; 5000 YARDS Dress Gingham and Apron Checks in Remnants. 500 YARDS of Wash Goods in Remnants. 500 YARDS Dress Goods in Remnants. 'Great bargains in Underwear, Hosiery, Ribbons, Laces, Embroideries, Carpets, Curtains, and Shades. Shoes are on the advance, but our prices are as low as ever and our large and varied assortment /will prove to you that we are up to date as to styles and quality. Having just received a IS HE jii Aim mer suits, odd pants, vests, hats, shirts, and underwear, we will sell them away down during this month. .Do not buy before you look at our goods and see our special prices, We make special prices to you this month. Yours to please, • . Jno. Goeders. Our Purpose Is to furnish the latest and best to be had in the line of Fine Millinery, and our sales indi' cate to some extent how well we are succeeding, Up to Date is our motto, and as up*to-d£ite gqods cost no more than old, back-number styles, economy ag well as a desjre to be up with the times suggests' that you ought to. Buy 'Now from us? Our semiannual , visits tp Chicago give us an ad* • vantage rtQ{ ppssessed. by all, and we {bus are enabled, JQ fu>v , to? latest and, wost artistic T^' f If?. f~ &' _ f i a "*"' ?1 "^GW7s?3J Doxsee & Shaw, Abstracts of Title, ALGQNA, IOWA. Office over Algona State Bank. Farm Cream Separators, Farm Separators turn top bar4; we easier. out of p$er j pur tate ea,r§ pf j no r * z ">.}??''..'',<',' /'v j£^.\&\^4 H-fjSi&g'iSfiili of Old Iff, Coiabg bire fofniftf Jfeftr tha Think tie WftS Foully &6ftlt With, bat the Ifi4ufe'st Baes Hot Monday morning SVahk McCftll skw a man lying by one o! the corn cribs at Lund's elevator in the mud atM Went over to see if anything was the matter, fie fottnd Jas. E. dotnbs, fo* five Or six years a junk gatherer hereabouts, dead. Coroner Morse was at oHcie notified and went out to see what was the matter. He found a flask that had contained alcohol in one pocket, and deciding that the old gentleman had drank too much and died either from that or exposure, had him brought to the court house basement by Under* taker McGregor. He was known to be related to M. C. Baker, who lives on the old Woodworth farm near Bancroft, and he was at once notified. He came on the 8:07 train and at once asked for a post mortem, believing that the old gentleman had been foully dealt with. In conversation he stated that Mr. Combs was 72 years of age, had married his sister and had one son about 38 years of age, a railroad man. Ho came from Tama county some- years ago and had made his home with the Bakers except when he was out gathering up old scrap's and junk. After spending all of the winter at the farm he had set out some weeks ago and was at work in Algona. Mr. Baker says that he drank but little and that he does not believe that that was the cause of his death. When found there were only some 60 cents in his pockets and Mr. Baker and others believe that he had more money. A few days ago he was seen to take a roll of bills from his pocket in a restaurant. A.dozen tramps were about the Northwestern depot Sunday morning and it is possible that his death Sunday,night has some connection with them. Mr. Combs was known as a pleasant and honorable old gentleman. THE UPPER DES MOINES is in position to confirm a public impression in his favor. It knew'him as faithful and honorable in his business relations. No post mortem was held as the coroner was satisfied that death had not resulted from any external injuries, and the body was buried at 1 o'clock yesterday, the Baker family attending the remains to the grave. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. . WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. Every Man should carry life insurance'equal to the possible liabilities against his estate. The Royal Union Life Ins. Co. can furnish this with absolute safety, J, L. DONAHOO, Dist. Manager, Algona, la. Girl Wanted. Will pay a good girl $3 a week. , ' MRS. C. L. LUND. A Luxury for the Indies. I am now prepared to give baths, either plain, electric, sitz, salt-glows, spray, or pour, with massage and other treatment. Come-Tuesdays and Thursdays. Can also furnish first-class recommends as nurse. Also agent for folding bath tubs. Come and see. 7fc4 MRS. WM. CLEARY. Wanted. We want your butter and eggs. Farmers' Exchange, south of court house. Jersey Bull Cheap. A young Jersey bull, ready for service, for sale cheap, on the Ingham farm, west of town. DR. WEST will stay in Algona, Residence one block south of the Tennant hotel, the Grove house. Wanted-$500. Want to borrow $500, two or three years' time, Chattel security. Look box 280, Burt, Iowa, ROOMS to rent, J, J. Wilson,-43 A NEW line of ladies' fine shoes of the latest styles arrived, yesterday at Galbraith's. Money, Plenty of money now for all applicants at the KosButh County State bank, fpr real estate loans ftt lowest rates, Money paid at pnce on completion of the papers, THBOUaHKOSSTJTH. A. 14verniore Party Bide Over the Handsomest Country in the Mississippi Valley, W, E, Miller of the Livermore Gazette and some Livermore friends came up to Algoua last week Sunday on bicycles. On their return he writes up the trip and says: A few pf our local bicyclists thought last Sunday was a good day to test the running capacity of their wheels and good qualities of the roads, so they started out for a little trip, Asa Fullerton, Ed, Conner Ernest Underwood, Clate Phillips, Carl Hunt, Miss Flora McCauley, and the editor composed the gang, and the first point was Algona, which occupied an hour and twenty-five minutes. A short stop here was made, and a flying trip to Burt next occupied their attention, Mies MoOauley and Carl Hunt continued on to Bancroft, while Ed. Conner found, vepy uveent reasons for remaining in Bart. The remaining four, Aea FuJler* to,n, date Phillips, Ernest Underwood and. $>e editor remained in. J3uyfc $}l about J.SO aR4 tb§» fl§oi(Jefl pa a trip, 86 wilei jwflU jfoe opvurfry ej&ft 5&0., making itoiLnerainr MissM .._ At Baft6KSft >18!«frff mm i Ef& a fcUffib&l* of little fflttilt 18 IDS If Ip wfaioh we hatfe aot |!v§ttj but BftvS Stffljily outlined. Au^ tf.the t>ftfty cab give touch ifitefestifif ifafof * matfofl if appfoached Ifl the fight iflafiner. ^_1.^_ „ '•'fftitftv" glassware. The pfettiest thiflg but. A hew design, Opefa Hotlse Groceryi , Hay laiid to Rettt. Cash bids will he received till Jufte 1 for the grass oh Sec. 18, Twp< 94, H. 2? for hay purposes during- the present year. Bids to be sealed find sent to the undersigned* the same to be opened June 1, when on settlement the highest bidder will be efititled to a lease. No bids less than $400 will he considered, WM. fit. INGHAM, Agent, Algona, May i v 1895.—1t4 RooMS to rent, over Goeders 1 store. STRAWBERRIES and all kiods of fruit at Langdon & Hudson's.—Gt2 ONE THOUSAND live pigeons wanted —lOceach. JOHN G. SMITH. A 4-ROOM house to -rent, one block east of the Northwestern depot. Apply to Jno, Goeders. • Boy Kun Over toJ. A. Hamilton & Co.'s and order some of their dry oak wood and a cord of their pine slabs. Their wood is the boat in the market.—6t2. Pasture Notice. I have rented the Dr. McCoy pasture north of town and will take cows at $1 a month. I will assume no liability for damage to stock. ' Gt2 JOHN OSTRUM. ENGLISH AS SHE IS WKOTE, A. A. Bruusou Gets a X/otter From a Chinaman Ho Mot on the Coast— A Curious ISplstle. While visiting with his brother at Winters, Cal., A. A, Brunson struck up quite an acquaintance with the Chinaman cook, a young fellow who has been with the family many years and who has been taught English by his mistress and who talks; and reads quite readily. He was not well one day and Asa gave him some pills he had and told him they would straighten him out. He visited with him a great deal learning about Chinese customs, etc., and since coming home has had a letter which we give verbatim. It is well written, the legibility of it fully compensating for the occasional misses in grammatical construction: WINTEBS, Yolo county, Oal. April 29— Dear Sir—Mr. A. A, Brunson: It seems a long time since I have seen you I hope t^at you are very well I do not forget all you kindness to me-You were very kind to give me about that pills I very like take that for try But China doctor cannot let me have them pills I am very very' sorry for that But he tell me take his medicines he getting better day or two We take it we be well about four day I been to country working now I hope see you again sooner If we do not meet you again on world may we meet in heaven Here be raining on last Friday evening above six-clock to Saturday all day and night Sunshine on Sunday morning is rained above 1J£ inch From Your Truly E. H. TOM A Cook Boolt IPree. " Table and Kitchen" is the title of a new cook book published by the Price Baking Powder company, Chicago. Just at this time it will be sent free if you write a postal card mentioning THE UPPER DES MOINES. This book has been tried by ourselves and is one of the very best of its kind. Besides containing..over 100 recipes for all kinds of pastry and home cookery, there are many hints for the table and kitchen, showing how to set a table, how to enter the dining room, etc.; a hundred and one hints in every branch of the culinary art. Cookery of the very finest and richest as well as of the most economical and home-like is provided for. Remember '•' Table and Kitchen" will be sent, postage prepaid, to any lady sending her address (name, town and state) plainly given, A copy in German or Scandinavian will be sent if desired. Postal card is as good as letter, Address Price Baking Powder Co., Chicago, 111. . ARE you just cleaning house and finding out how many new dishes you need? See what they have at the Op* era House Grocery. ARE all your potatoes planted? If not, they have a few bushels of nice seed potatoes left at the Opera House Grocery. • A GOOD Beatty organ, for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf .WHEN good times come again everybody will be smiling, but everybody will have to pay more for groceries than Walker Bros, now charge. FINEST evaporated apples, lOo per pound at Walker Bros.' MOTH-PROOF ''Corrugated CARPET LINING" at Nortpn's lumber yard,—4H NEW maple sugar at Langdon & Hudson's,—6t2 Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, v. - E -- '- 'I' Jtist reeeiimd, and will be on until WEDNESDAY, MAT 16, i i I * Twenty Sample Pair Qjgl^r - r .,,1. i...i.. -.-* --- -_.U,.I_.-T --iA - ' ' Lace Curtains, ' * f Ranging in price from $2 to $15 and $20 per pair. We would like every lady to see them. V The Grange Store. Here is a Par Hal List —of the goods we shall handle during the season of Brown Corn Planters, Brown Corn Plows, Brown Corn Harrows, Owens Fanning Mills, Standard Mowers, Full Steel Frame Disc Harrow, Finest Buggies, Surreys and Phaetons on earth. Bradley & Nicoulin. OYOLONE IN SIOUX OOTJNTY, First Reports "Were Exaggerated, but Several Persons Wore Killed and the Loss of Property Is Largo. The official report shows the cyclone In Sioux county last Friday to have been less serious than at first reported: Sioux CITY, Iowa, May 5.—Order is coming out of chaos in the narrow district of Sioux county, which was swept by the tornado on Friday afternoon. Prompt aid has made the survivors of the devastated country as comfortable as possible; nearly all the dead are now buried, and none of the injured now living are thought to be fatally hurt, The Journal's staff representative, who went all over' the ground swept by the storm, says $10,000 will cover the property damage, including houses, barns, out-buildings and fences, In few places are the crops seriously damaged, for grain cannot be up far enough to be killed or lodged by the wind, and the principal injury in the fields was by the plastering of mud which they received, This "mud shower" was a prominent part of the, phenomena of the storm, but it seems that the power of the wind simply scooped up the black, wet earth from the surface in several places and distributed it over other fields. The correct list of dead numbers ten, as has already been stated. None have died since Saturday. About twenty persons were injured in Sioux, county. A SUNDAY BLOW AT BENWIOK. The following dispatch' in the Capital shows a bad wind in Humboldt county: BENWIOK, Iowa, May 6.—At 6:15 a heavy wind, hail and rain storm passed over this place,' blowing down signs, unroofing a freight car and terribly frightening the people. There was no great damage except the moving 'of a new building from Its foundation. VEGETABLES, fresh every morning, at Langdon & Hudson's.—6t2 THE union of capital and labor is happily effected by those who invest in such goods as Walker Bros, sell, lagle's- Harness Shop. Manufacturers and dealers In Harness, Saddles, Whips, E, G, BOWYER, - now at the new stand in the Oowles block, has a complete stock of AND FINE JEWELRY, GBAPUATED OPTICIAN, es tested free of charge. Large line of < Weal goofls always on hand, Repairing of J\he witches a specially. OR NQ PAY, BCOTT & DAILEY, Artesian well contactors, We have the only st e »m flriUmg jB.a$yn.e pvnjed, in the ri eifife wells tor water supply tpr tow ftxxcl rfiJlliftftQi^t SDfioi&i ftttontloii Jam'well wprfe.v Bswwiaw mafte. We / ™im^^i± mm * 8 ° 9 - wTC, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing- neatly and promptly done. All work flrst- class. Give us a call and we guarantee satisfaction. SLAGLE & SON. . P, HAGGARD. G. F.PBEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith,! Abstracts, . Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. . Your Painting Will be well done if you get TTTT T? XT to do it,— . . JL Jwivj,^ House and sign painting and paper hang, ing as good sis the best, Carriage painting a specialty, 5^"I want your work, A, D, PERN, JOB! ICE! T I have beenintheicebusiness in Algona for 17 years and I am here to stay. I will furnish ice the coming season as usual. Get my prices before you contract. PETER WINKEL, SFPositively I mill not te undersold. Water or No Pay, We have a new wen-digging outfit, the best, that is made, and one well adapted to this section. Ourloiig experience In making; wells warrants us }n guaranteeing gatisfao. tion iu all cases, '•'•., PRASERBROS, QQULIST, All diseases of the eye treated. Glasses adjusted tor errors of re., raction and accommodation. No charge foj» xaminattpn. For several weeks pr> }if Wpby as been }u New York taking a post-grftftijate ouraei on/the eye, and will remain, there, wftji , 'st .Wv%l PR, ER, Ear, Nose and

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