The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1895
Page 4
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T--I ttfttfttt...; k 11.11 ll* 8t&fe>8mfcfifce r§{fistat€fiietit of iil^f on ft basis which mi absolutely ibsure ft parity tfce ofdftfceictiresi order, . lot MteftlMngeenton application. A t)iH£A3*J$tt DOLLAtt. |C|t !§ Mr-prising how wide spread the Mef Is that everybody in "the west" Buld be benefltted by a cheaper SoUar, It is a constant assumption in i arguments for free coinage of at the present ratio by the pdtoited States alone. If gold goes to a the free coinage advocates , *' the west" can pay its debts ^Jihat much cheaper. Even those who .'the equity of scaling down debts ul)'J»y cheapening the dollar concede that ' W, O. f*ayne of thfe ff§vadd ftepfe- tentative waft spilled out of his buggy by it flbying horse last week and hftd bdtfe bones above his Mght aiikle broken. He bear* his confinement philosophically, the more *0 as be had accident insurance. nr Corwith will school house. KEIQHBOBaOOD. build a $12,000 brick fcf l a 1YLA.1. oj e words With - fegftb** of that :e fully sustained trig P. Joyce, one of Emmetsburg's old i i Would prove profitable. There is no tmbtthat many in "the west," in like Iowa and counties like . perhaps a majority, would for { ihe time gain financially by a cheaper jf dollar, hut it requires only a moment's ' consideration to discover that the benefits would not be universal, and that a very considerable part of a ' "Western community have as little to expect from a cheap dollar as an . eastern bond holder, or English specu- ( lator. Several classes of these anti- cheap dollar people eyen here on the frontier are easily enumerated. ' 1. All creditors, and they are a considerable class, would lose by it. All land owners who have sold on time, \ all farmers who have sold their farms, all farmers who have sold stock at ' auction and taken notes, all who have loaned money in small or large amounts, all merchants or others who .^Jhave accounts due them, in fact all who have fixed amounts of money coming to them would lose if the dollar should be cheapened, 2. All persons working for fixed salaries would lose. Their salaries f would not be raised in amount and each dollar would buy less. This , xwould include all school teachers, preachers, clerks, county officials, postmasters, bank officials, court * officers, etc. It would also include all ' hired help whose wages are fixed by , custom, such as hired girls, farm ' hands, day laborers, carpenters, 1>rick masons, etc. They would get no .higher wages by day, week, or month, -and their wages would represent less. 3. The list of losers would include all business institutions rendering service at a fixed compensation. Barbershops, drays, ten-cent deliveries, bus lines, etc., and last but not "least, newspapers. The newspaper could not raise its subscription price "and its 81.50, already too little, would represent less in the paper, ink, and type it goes to buy. The person who enumerates all of the people in the classes which would '"be injured by a cheaper dollar will discover that they form a very considerable part of the population in "the'west,"a sufficiently considerable part to warrant the " the west" in going very cautiously about changing the present standard of values. . But admitting that a cheaper ^dollar would prove as advantageous to timers, has retired from active ness. Milton Starr's brother at fiurt loses one finger by the bursting of his emory wheel. T, P. McGoVern has sold his Whltte- more store building to P. Minger of West Bend for $1,800. H. J. Wilson has been chosen to lead the Etntnetsburg kid band since Prof, Floyd has gone to Spencer, West Bend Journal: James Taylor of' Algona understands and appreciates the use of printer's ink in advertising. Henry Goetz bought In the old school building at Whlttemore for $600. It will be made into a German Baptist church. Port Dodge Messenger: Miss Dora M. Thomas was an over Sunday visitor with her friend and former classmate, Mrs. Judge Quarton, at Algona. One J. Buckley was arrasted at Led* yard last week by Sheriff Hansen of Palo Alto county, and he is now in the Eraraetsburg bastile awaiting trial. Emmetsburg Democrat: Attorney J. W. Sullivan and Miss Essie Cordingley were married at Algona last Wednesday morning. Mr. Sullivan, is one of the leading attorneys of this section of Iowa and the bride is pronounced a charming lady. Gov. Jackson has appointed Capt. E. B. Soper of Emmetsburg to be one of the six commissioners to locate the position held by Iowa regiments in the memorable battle of Shiloh. • It is proposed to erect a marble slab at each end of the position held by an Iowa regiment. ' • , • Estherville Democrat: J. W. Sullivan, a brilliant young lawyer of Algona and brother of Pat Sullivan of this place, was married last week to Miss Essie Cordingley, also of Algona. The wedding was a brilliant affair and considered the most notable social event that has ever occurred in Algona. The Burt Monitor says of the rumor of a second bank by the Stough brothers: There is nothing in it. Forrest was in Burt one day last winter trying to sell the tail end of his stock of goods to a Jew who was then here, but he hasn't been here since, and V. H. has never been here that we know of, and nobody credits the rumor at all. Eagle Grove Times: Mr. A. L. Hyde, formerly of Algona, has moved rblled bftt words that, bad tits neck hot been long, he Certainly vfould hare had to* chop fct the latef end of ahem." * * 4 The Christian Endeavor societies of five counties comprising this district are to meet ift Algeria Jtme ig-ao, and fofeparatiots are already under way fof their entertain- feent It is eipected that 800 delegates will be present Delegates will theft be chosen to the national meeting to be held In Boston la July. <* » # » Notice is hereby given that the next regular teachers* convention is hereby called to Beet at the Bancroft school house at 10 o'clock a. in., Saturday, May 18, for the discussion of live educational topics connected With School work, teachers afe earnestly requested to attend and be tre- pared to advocate or resist any measure coming before the meeting. Following the plan adopted by the state superintendent, no personal assignments of topics will an- pear on the programme. This meeting wfll enable the teachers to keep before them for consideration any point for discussion afl long as they desire without being compelled to close the debate for Want of time. Bach teacher should have something to say on the following subjects: The art of questioning: the importance of keeping pupils together who are in the same class, and how It can be Hone ; what a child is expected to know at the end of his first school year; what a child should be taught before being allowed to study a higher reader; perplexities in teaching both grammar and arithmetic. » * * The Social Union club meets Friday following & predfdent established by the Fourth w&M ifi Alfdtft. Then tb.6 minority Went Chit find decided to establish & Ledyafd ffta&iOH. The vote tomorrow will be watched with interest on account of Andy Dualap's candidacy for thlelelattife. It Tttffaetl Out the Most Met! tof Inspection of Any Company In the evening with programme: the following interesting u " Llzzle Wallnce .. Misses Bessie Rlat and Maiid Cowan Paper, Consumption ............... Dr. Keneflck Vocal Solo .................... Miss Llllle Banks * » # Miss Zoa Wartman's music class gave a private recital at her home last Friday evening, 15 taking part. It was a very enjoyable musical evening. We understand that sometime in June the Misses Wartman will give a public recital. » * * Next Monday evening a very fine musical entertainment will be given at the Baptist church. The famous Norwegian violinist, Aug. Aamold will be assisted by our best local talent in the following programme: ; /everybody as is assumed, what equit- i able claim can be made lor it? In the i nation at large this is a vexed question. • The present dollar has undoubtedly "-appreciated* somewhat in purchasing power in late years, The debtor class •" ^>he country over are paying back more i r v"than they received. But bringing the •?,.*< matter to local test and asking the ; / /guestion as it affects the readers of ^ <THE UPPER DBS MOINES it is easily ^answered. There is not, we venture, J A debt, private or public, in Kossuth '$ Bounty of more than 10 years standing, 'f> "Whether ° u r staple products will pay ,',',-ae much now as they would 10 years >'ago }g a mere matter of comparison in B ^market reports. We have taken a few B of prices from our files for i years from 1882 to 1887, giving '.the last of November or first jber of each year and in each 'the highest price paid in his elegant stock of jewelry to Eagle Grove and is temporarily domiciled in Hanson's merchant tailoring establishment. He carries a nice line of watches, rings, 'diamonds, silverware, etc. Mr. Hyde is a gentleman of affable manners, and we believe the public will find him a pleasant man to transact business with. Emmetsburg Tribune: Capt. Haggard of Algona came over Friday evening for the purpose of seeing Company K drill, The captivating captain failed to show up—he is excusable, however, as the bewitching smiles of the Emmetsburg belles were too much for the gallant soldier—he spent a pleasant evening however, Algona papers will please not copy." The following yarn on Algona is told by the Reporter: Not long since two acquaintances met on the streets of Emmetsburg, and when within a safe Vleuxtemps • Herr Aamold. 2. Vocal Solo...... .................... A. L. Hist 3. Zlegeunenvelsen ...... ; ............ Sarasate . _, Herr Aamold. 4. Piano Duett ................... ^ Mrs. Geo. C. Call and Mrs. J. T. Chrlschllles. 6. Elegle. ....... .. ......................... Ernst _ . , Herr Aamold. 6. Male Quartette. 7. Grand Concerto (G Minor) ...... Vleuxtemps Herr Aamold— Miss O. Thompson, ac- companlst. r # * # Tisso's Living Pictures at the opera house May 23. WOBK POE THE OOUBTS. A Few Cases In tlie Coming Term Promise to Be of Interest. Some interesting matters are to be discussed at the coming term of court which meets a week from Monday. In one or two cases new questions to this section are raised and both .sides will be contested with vigor. A RAILWAY FENCE CASE. The suit of Gotlieb Bohn against t,he Northwestern road for cattle killed because a snow fence blew down last fall and let them out, has a curious phase. It is asserted in addition to the rotten condition of the fence that in law it was not such a fence against stock as the statute contemplates on account of its speaking distance the following colloquy took place: A said to B, "Halloo! how are you?" Coming close up to him, he continued: "Say, do you know that there is beer in town 9 " "No, is that so?" said B. "You bet it v is," says A, "for I have just had some." "Won't you take some more?" asked B, and off they went arm in arm in quest of the cooling and soothing beverage. Those who were standing by and heard the colloquy looked after them in wonder and astonishment, and immediately the query went around as to where they were from, Just then a man came up and the query was put to him, and looking up be saw the two men as they disappeared around the '? WfciJrf,..- C&ts S*P £8 1 , , . , , Hogs 1883 » 75 35 35 540 1883 * 76 SO '350 1884 $ 55 17 20 320 1885 * OH 20 35 300 1880 $ 60 SO 30 340 1887 » 50 20 36 500 unnecessary to produce further to prove that it is as easy to 5fy a «M>t flow as it was during these corner, and remarked, "O, from Alg-ona," This'solved tery to the satisfaction of all, they are the mya- Jt |s within the memory of |f|ry,)B»n. that while there have been * " ||iflvotoWtAons in the price of all on, the average they are ae w as they were now" 1 outstanding was The plea that it* takes Je^ts than it did when the yppjejTOwed ig" locally , DBAMATIO AND MTEBABY. About 12 years ago Algona enjoyed her first high priced entertainment, Edward Remenyi, playing on the violin to an audience at 75 cents a ticket, It was in the court house and the great violinist stood on an improvised platform of planks with some oil lamp foot lights to cast a dim occasional gleam. That was be/ore the famous woman-on-the-wagon drop curtain and scenes had been put in. The entertainment was as memorable in its way as GJoriana, Remenyi, on the whole, getting a mpre enthusiastic reception. After leaving the west he went to New York and met with great ovations, and then sailed around the world. At one time he was reported drowned. Now he is back again, a greater player than ever, his famous old violin with him, and will be b Algona May 83, a week from next Wednesday. yhpae wno enjoy music by ft master, music that is * , this genius and his will all e out po to ula * AJJ <HCQe}Jen.$ prof TOfflme hjp been ftp. ranged fpp^hecoujBty editorial meeting to, liability to blow down, and that a wire fence would have stood. Geo. E. Clarke is bringing the suit. THE FRINK FAILURE. A new question is raised in this case. Carson Pirie & Go. of Chicago had a claim of $2,100 and did not hear of the failure until othercreditors had covered the stock with attachments. Now they ask that their goods may be given back to them as they were bought under false pretense, Sullivan & McMahon are for the plaintiffs, Cloud for the other creditors and Clarke & Cohenour and Sessions for Frink, A DIVORCE CASE, Hager vs. Hager, charge adultery, both parties at Ledyard, will be a sensational case if a defense is made. Ge"o, R. Cloud for the plaintiff, THE WESLEY SLANDER SUIT, Geo, Snyder is alleged to have made very uncomplimentary remarks about the character of one of Mrs. Lichteig's daughters. He js sued for $6,000 by Clarke & Cohenour and Bonar & Fellows, and is defended by J, C, Raymond, and the case is on for trial, A WESLEY WHISKEY CASE. Mrs, MoDermot's husband attended a picnic .where illegal drinks were being dispensed and as he became troublesome she begged and ordered Honig and Zurnack not to sell him any more. He abused her afterwards and she wants $1,000 of the defendants for disregarding her request. Swetting for Mrs. McDermot and Raymond for the defendants. TWO TRESPASS OASES. A. B. Flack is a'fter Boetoher for taking a team by force, fraud, etc., Boetcber says he had a chattel mort- age. Miljer of Buffalo Center and .aymond, attorneys, Marsh Stephens Col. Wilkins found Company F out in forde Saturday evehihg for inspection. tts ranks were fuller thatt ever before la its history, and it presented a martial appearance, There Were so many in line that it was difficult to maneuver in the court room, and that and the lack of drill on the part of a few of the boys made some of the marching a< little ragged, but otherwise the inspection was satisfactory. The arms and accoutrements Were found bright and clean and the uniforms as good as the Wear they have had would permit. The Colonel went through the latter and marked all that were not up to grade, and the state will furnish new uniforms. This will include practically all the pantaloons and fatigue coats of the company, and the boys will be out soon in bran new togs. Aside from Col. Cooke, Surgeon Morse, Sergeant Major Peek, ,and Hospital Steward Mathews, the present enrollment of the company is as follows: Captain, M. P. Haggard, first lieutenant, C. T. Chubb, second lieutenant, A. E. Dougherty; sergeants, W. E. Ward, G. L. Taylor, M. J. Walsh, C. E. Witham, corporals, M. P. Weaver, Jas. Randalh A. D. Hubbard, G. M. Bailey, Alf. Chaptn; privates, A. F. Dailey, E. W, Tennant, D. A. Archibald, A. W. Burbank, Chas. Barnhart, M. V. Chapin, Henry Carpenter, Roy Carpenter, Fred Cronan, E. L. Dalton, S. M. Ferris, W. J. Flanders, W. H. Gilbride, W. L. Hall, L. F. Hudson,' W. J. Harvey, H. D. Hedrick, L. C. Hackman, J. G. Johnson, M. J. Jones, Walt. Jones, W. E. Lamson, L. D. McCall, D. J. Miller, B. McMurnay, W. E. McMurray, Will Parsons, E. C. Raymond, C. S. Reed, Will Richardson, L. K. Shadle, J. O. Stephenson, L. T. Stacy, E. C. Tuttle, Chas. Taylor, W. H. Riley, E. S. Robison, E. T. Burbank, Fred Jones. The impression is that this summer's encampment will be by, brigages, and that all the companies in the north half of the state will meet together at some central point. It is not thought likely that there will be an inter-state rifle contest this season. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. >. Dr. Morse is in Des Moines attending a medical meeting. C. B. Matson spent Sunday at Iowa City with S. U. 1 friends. Sheriff Samson went to Des Moines last week on a business trip. Mrs. Lizzie B. Read is at 'home after a visit in Des Moines .of some days. Aug. Sterzbach went to Mason City last Friday to assist the local orchestra at a big reception given that evening. Mrs. L. K. Shadle has been spending the past four weeks visiting relatives in Boone. Her husband joined her. a day last week. Mrs. E. L. Cooke is visiting her sister in South Dakota. She stopped at Spencer on the way out for a short visit with friends. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Spear are back and he is now in the ranks of the high grade anglers. He pulled in a sea bass weighing 142 pounds, off the coast. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McCormack of Emmetsburg_were over to spend Sun ALtTAKS TOME WHEEL frot tiltefailft ly Algona People Kow Work Their About Fifty " Bikes" Are dwaed ift Al- gofta'-NumberofL'ady Midfers is Vet Large. The bicycle is taking the coufatry. Algona has about 60 now and repre* senfatiyes of all classes are numbered among the devotees to this machine of amusement or exercise or hard work, whichever you call it. Dr. Garfield is the Nestor of the party and his hale and hearty old age is perhaps what is encouraging the movement. Rev, SteVetts is becoming proficient as a wheelman, and is gaining a .good healthy color in consequence, 0. M, Doxsee has mastered it with a baby seat attachment, Guy Scott, without his hands, has become an expert rider, Guy L. Taylor has covered over 200 miles of country roads with his in business this spring, F. H. Vesper, R. A. Palmer, and dozens of others use them' regularly in their daily travel. The ladies have not. taken to the wheel so much in Algona as in many towns, but a few have them. Misses Myrtle Nicoulin, Orma Vesper, Irma D. Clarke, Edmonds, Henderson and Hamilton have wheels, but none of them have yet appeared in the new styled bicycle costume,) which is BO much discussed elsewhere. A hastily prepared list shows the following owners of machines: O. B. Durdall, Earl Tennant, A If. Chapin, Jo. Steil, Dave Miller, M. P. Weaver, Jas. Randall, Guy Scott, 0. E. Cohenour, Will 'Hinchon, Chas. Taylor, Gary Garfield, John Spongberg, Claud Nicoulin, Walter Tellier, A. Hanson, Prank Parish, C. M. Doxsee, Jess Stephenson, J. L. Donahoo, Geo. Hamilton, Jim Murray, David Pouhy, Ed. McMurray, R. A. Palmer, P. H. Vesper, Rev. Stevens, C. C. Samson, municipal control, and a8 contrary to long a.*L£t.12* > L,*,J *.k»'* ^^U.J juii_is£ JE» It ^ ,JA«C? day with A. J. Jones and family before They is after Johq Myers and John Laraon for trespass on hay land. Swetting and Raymond attorneys, KBPYABP H) ETOY. Je Jp Be Elected ^ j$e4 HP! yigftt the latter leave for Missouri, start in about a week. Col. Wilkins was the guest of Col. Cooke while in Algona. He went to Emmetsburg Monday. He is first lieutenant in the regular army and a genial and thorough soldier. Col. and Mrs. Thos.- F. Cooke will take an eastern trip some time next month, and are considering a short trip across the ocean. The latter feature is not fully decided on. Mrs. Annie Randall and baby are over from Mason City visiting at Frank Nicoulin's. The baby when it can talk will call Frank "grandpa," and. is the first grandchild for him and Mrs, Nicoulin. Dr.-and Mrs. Geo. W. Ingham started for the 'coast Thursday last, They visited in St, Paul and spent a day in Spokane Falls, They begin housekeeping- at once- on their arrival in Olympia, A, E, Dougherty came up to pass inspection with Company F, of which he is still second lieutenant, He is no win the drug business at his old' home in Colo, Story county, and is doing well, , • • ' ., Mrs. Ambrose A. Call started Saturday for Louisiana to stay with her daughter, Mrs. Hutchison, the loss of, whose little child has proved a great strain on her. The sympathy of many Algona friends goes to her and to Mr, Hutchison, Dr. McCoy, A, M. Johnson, and G. W, Eddy went to Clinton Monday for the Grand Army encampment, Mrs, J, E, Stacy and Mrs. Vincent had intended to go as delegates from the relief corps, hut .Mrs. Vincent was taken Cheever Hudson, A. H. Paine, Guy Taylor, Dr. Garfield, Will Palmer. A club has been organized and met Monday evening. Earl • Tennant is captain, Jas. Randall first lieutenant, Alf. Chapin second lieutenant, and Guy L. Taylor manager. They will meet with other clubs in various towns for picnics, etc. Guy Taylor and G. F. Peek were in Mason City ten days ago and while there talked up a meeting at Clear Lake. A lot of Britt boys were here Sunday and are anxious for the meeting. We are informed that there are some sprinters among the Algona riders and that some fast riding is likely to be exhibited this fall. A BEAffOH BOARD OF TRADE Algona Speculators TV1J1 Now Have a Chance to Guess on the Chicago Markets. ( A new business office was opened today over Gilmore's store to afford the guessers on Chicago prices a chance to invest. Will Lacy is manager and will receive six market reports a day, the opening and closing pnd four between. Aside from the matter of' allowing those who desire to speculate a chance at the latest quotations, he will send the reports by postal card to all the neighboring towns on each train out, thereby giving the very latest quotations to all our neighbors. As a means of giving the county the best market reports his office will be a valuable institution. Whether speculating on them will be of profit is a matter the speculator will doubtless settle for himself. , THE OFFICIAL EEOOKD, Work Done by the City Council-One Regular and One Special. Readers who go through the official proceedings of the city as published below will discover that the minutes of the preceding special meeting, after being corrected, were not approved! Exactly what condition affairs are left in by such a vote is a good problem for parliamentarians. It would look as though the business done at that meeting lacked something • to make it official. ^ THE ADJOTONED MEETING, The city council met in adjourned regular session, Tuesday evening, April 80 pursuant to adjournment, Mayor Haggard in the chair. Members present. Vesper WadswortR, Pettibone Ferguson,' Magnus son, Henderson, Nicoulin and Sayers Moved and seconded that the minutes of the regular meeting of March 80, 1895 be approved, Carried. ' Moved and seconded .that there be added to the minutes of the special meetinir nf April IS, 1805, as read, the following! " That ttfe city solicitor was called, and gave it as his opinion that the mayor of a city of the sepond class, of the population of -. Algona > ba8 no veto power." Carried Moved and seconded that the minutes of the special meeting of April :s amended, be not approved. Carried. ' mayor then announced that city established custom and wage* 6f the city ccHiodl bf Algom • The further fconftideratfoa of the faififtteS and the mayor's acttdn Id postponed until after the othef fegttlar business flfttS Meeting is disposed of. Moved and seconded that the following bills audited and approved by the finance committee be alldwed and warrants drawn for the same : ti. Starr, publishing; election notice afad .proceedings.. >. ......................... | 6 W Win. Miller, lighting cltj- lamps ........ is 00 W, Telchen, work of sidewalks.... ..... 126 W. L. Barton, cleaning city Jail ......... i 00 Naudain Bros., coal. ....... ,. ....... ..... 2906 Standard Oil company, oil ............... 23 71 D. W. Hohn, dfayage ............... ...... 30 Ohtts. A, cohenour, postage and station-, afy ....... ............... .. ......... j.... i^fl G. F. Peeks Interest paid of outstanding Warrants ........ .... ......... . ........ . . fo O'O J. W. Sampson, street work ........... . . 44 86 A, Finch, digging trench. ... ..... , ....... 1"60 A. Anderson, digging trench ... .......... 12 00 Thosi Dailey, pumping ......... .... ..... , 6 90 Miller & Ohnstelt, blacksmlthlng....... 226 A. F. Dailey. salary for April and amount paid for pipe...... ........... .. 8225 James Lucas ( Work of service pipe ...... 316 E. Bergh, work oh service pipe ....',..... 160 O. Anderson, work on service pipe ...... 3 00 N. S. S vansou, frork on service pipe .... 680 Walnut Block Coal association, coal. . . . 16 76 E. F. Hedrlck, freight .......... . ..... .... 2601 Ayes, Vesper, Wadsworth, fettibone, Ferguson, Magnusson, Henderson, Nicoulin and Sayers. Noes, none. Moved and seconded that the clerk be authorized to draw warrants for the clerks and judges of election as shown by the election returns from the various wards as follows : t F. H. Vesper, judge of election First ward ................................... $275 J. W. Wadsworth, judge of election First ward . . ...... ....... ........ ...... . 2 76 S. P. Chrlstensen, judge election First ward ...................... . ............ ... )2 75 T. H. Wadsworth, clerk of election First ward ............................ ... .. 276 C. T. 0. Lnage, clerk of election First ward ................................. ;.... 276 L. K. Garfleld, judge Of election Second ward ................................. 250 S. H. Pettibone, judge, of election Second Ward .................... • ........... ...... 2 50> J. 0. Starks, judge ol election Second ward. .................................... 2 60j C. D. Pettibone, clerk of election Second' ward ....... .................. . . 2 60 1 G. H. Lamson, clerk of election Second ward ...................................... 25o J 9iffi D , 1 Magnusson, judge of election / Third ward , ............. T ........... • 2 75 Wm. Cordingley, judge of election Third ward .................... , ......... , ....... 375 J. D. Shadle, Judge ol election Third ward ......................... 2 76 J. B. Wlnkel, clerk of "election Third ward . . ................. ........ . ........ 2 75 M. J. Jones, c.erlc of election Third ward ......................... 275. J. F. Nicoulin, judge of election 'Fourth ward ..... ....... ;. ..................... .. 375, D. H. Hutchlns, judge of election Fourth ward ............................ 2 7& E. S. Salisbury, judge of election Fourth ward ....................... 275- F. M. Taylor, clerk of election" Fourth ward ...................... . ............ g 75 Geo. E. Hamilton, clerk of election Fourth ward ..................................... 275 Ayes, Vesper, Wadsworth, Petticone,, i erguson, Magnusson, Henderson. Nicoul- m and Sayers. Noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that the report of / the settling committee on the report of the < treasurer be accepted and the • same filed. Carried. • , Moved and seconded thai the report of the superintendent of water works for the. past year be received and placed on file. Carried • Moved and seconded that the fire committee be authorized to select fifteen members for the fire company and complete the organization of the same at once. Carried. Moved and seconded that the printing- committee see the different papers and. make the same arrangements for publishing proceedings of the council as last vear ' Carried. , • The council then ordered the call of the roll for the election of a superintendent of water works for the ensuing 5'ear. W H Horan received the votes of Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Ferguson, Magnusson, Henderson, Nicoulin and Sayers, and was- declared to be unanimously elected superintendent of waterworks for the ensuins- year. 6 Moved and seconded that the following resolution be adopted : Eesplved, That it shall be the duty- of the superintendent of water works to 'present all claims on account of the running and operating of said system of water works. and submit the same to the city council with such explanations as to enable the- members to act advisedly thereon ; to have^ charge of all material used in construction and repairs; to have charge of the plant and see that the tank is kept as nearly full as possible at all times: to keep such accounts and make such reports as the council may prescribe. Carried. Moved and seconded that the following resolution be adopted: Resolved, That it shall be the duty of the city marshall to flush each and every mam at least once a month, at such days and times as the superintendent may designate; to tap mains and superintend the- ' laying of all pipes and mains, digging and filling ditches, and to report to the s,uper- intendent all violations of water ordinances coming to his notice,. and to assist in the- enforcement of p,ll ordinances, rules and,' regulations pertaining to the same; to kee» the fire apparatus in good repair; to see that all ratings and assessments are duly ' • made and in the hands of the-city clerk on the first days of May and November of each year; he shall at all times assist the superintendent in making repairs and at all times when extra help is necessary, Carried U as ™ and secot »ded that the petition of W, K.Ferguson and J. M. Co ,vau asking- permission to lay private sower be granted upon their furnishing bond to the 11 J ° 88 morrow OB-A Bjg Tomorrow fleet i|e suddenly JH Secretary of State MoFarland was in Algpna last Thursday visittpg Me political frjenfle, Re eeem? to h,ave a number hereabouts vvfoo are anxious to see him Bo»ijjate<J for governor ap d. bifle fair tp have hie ?bftr§ pj support at Peg and. seconded that the finance committee be instructed in regulating their bills to be allowed by this pounoil, to recognize the report of the committees elected by the co Wl, and th*™'"^ tendon* of the water works, city u*n street commissioner be instructed to their vepppt to the chairman of these mittees. Should the 'Chairman of cpmmittee faJJ to serve, then the • * pntheepmmJtteeshaU ' a wapants number 655; 808, 809 and 874 and that therdtjr 'clerk be authorized to draw warrants in renewal pf said warrants in such sums as the parties holdwg" the same may desire, and at the same rate Carried ' t0 ° ancel 8ald warrants, Moved and Carried. seconded that the council evening April 80, CUBE FOB HEADACHE. A8 aremedy fr all forms of headache ^*J*J?, wd ?<* fl8 yw$

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