The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1895
Page 1
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&?*-mm ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 1895, f *\ " Trilby" Glassware - *« A very handsome 'thing. Entirely new. At the- Opera House Grocery. S New Goods Have Silks of all kinds. Laces, Dress Goods, Carpets, Rugs and Draperies. Refrigerators. Don't Be Deceived in making your selection. We have the Refrigerator which received the , Highest Award At the World's Fair. •' , * ' • . • V • Here 'is one of the facts worth considering, and which caused it to take the premium over all others. It has a'double system of circulation within its ice and provision chamber, and with this system of circulation it is more economiealin its use of. ice than any other refrigerator rnade. Please call and see it, J, W.. Robinson, Summer Footwear, O&ford and Walking wear. Lawa Teams largest variety and best goocis ever shown in KQssuth . Mies'- Canvas Oxfords— the latest fad for summer Our gQpds §r§ ogwj up to date in style, and pf the best the, €9«otry prpduses. lowest pri?e§ and always f«li valus for jw money. sl i ,*.xi f'ftPijiw MI THE KEW MEED OF HOGS, EcL Bailey of fcritt Describes the tat- est Thing- in Porkers Over In Hancock County, A Sttiflli Cyclone at Wealey Last Week— The " Faust" Company in Trouble —Northwest News. Ed, Bailey, whose scientific attainments are testified to by his numerous reflections on tuberculosis, adds to the rest of his discoveries a new breed of pigs in Hancock county, which he describes in the Brltt Tribune as follows: Jas. Manuel of Garfield township has a breed of hogs Imported direct from England last year, which he thinks* will revolutionize the pork market of Iowa"in a few years. The peculiarity of these swine is the turn of their noses. They turn up so that they can't see over them a'nd the hog sees the best when it walks backward. This enables you to drive one of them just where you want to, as the ordinary porker always goes the wrong way. They were bred in a very hilly country in England. Their noses were turned up so they could go up hill without getting gravel in them. Jim has to take them in when it rains, their nostrils standing perpendicular the water would run in and drown them. If feed gets short he will fit them out with little umbrellas attached to their head. One peculiarity of the' breed is they have to lie on their backs when they root and in ringing them he puts the ring in their under jaw. They can't eaji grass, their noses turn back so far they bite their own ears off when they attempt to graze. He feeds them from sprouts, letting the grain down from above, and they lie on their backs when they drink swill. Their noses did not turn up as much in England as they do here. The climate being dryer here the sun shone into their mouths and warped their' jaws. They have been gradually turning up more- and more for the past two years. It is supposed that the attitude of Gresharn and Cleveland on the tariff question, and English, French and German legislation on American pork have also added materially to elevating their noses. The square of the base of democratic foolishness added to the square of the N perpendicular of what they never attempted to do, formed a basis for extracting the "root" from almost everything American and even the hogs are affected by it. James will bring his disdainful porkers to the fair this fall. A Miniature Cyclone. The Reporter says a cyclone passed over the west part of Wesley .Friday about 5:30 o'clock. It first struck McPherson's slaughter house, lifting it about six feet and turning it over in the air about five times, when it was then torn to pieces. Coming south it struck R. P. Chapin's windmill and knocked it down, and crossing the road lifted the tops from a couple of hay stacks belonging to John Ward. We learn that it also destroyed the windmill on the Waite farm north of town. Kossuth's Rank In Butter Making. The leading 13 counties of Iowa rank as follows in butter shipments for 1894: _, . • Pounds. Clayton 3,329,660 Delaware 8,809,837 Jones 3,667,024 Chlokasaw 3,401,294 Fayette,..- 3,484,335 Buchanan 2,451,750 Dubuque 2,429,745 Bremer 2,281,953 Linn ;• 2,101,641 Butler 1,965,160 Blackhawk 1 887,610 Mitchell •..., 1,731 846 KOBSUth.. 1,567,699 This is a big gain in Kossuth's relative standing. Next year it should be higher still, ' Mephlatoplielea and the Sheriff. The Roberts-Martin company, which played Faust twice in Algona, was bagged by Sheriff Martin of Blue Earth, one day last week at Wells. He attached their outfit but they replevlned the goods and went on, The attachment was for a note against Mr. Roberts, held by a man in Lincoln, Neb. The company claimed that Roberts didn't own any part of the paraphernalia of the "Faust" outfit. Poetry Is Inadequate, Lafe Young says: The Fort Dodge Chronicle publishes the obituary pf a young mother, the wife of a minister, the young woman having been born in '61 and married May 80, J880. She was the mother pf eight children. The Jong pbituary ends with two verses of poetry, When a young wife passes away at the age pf 3fand leaves eight children, poetry doesn't fill the bill, There is room fop repentance somewhere, 4- Few Elmore Eye: our Elmore oitjzene'is about to be" the father of a new Jpiya town. The farm whereon "Pangburu" is Ipcated, be* Ipngs Jo G, W, Pftngfeupn, Pangbyrn is about seven miles from LedyarS and six miles from $wea, City IB thie great agricultural garden and is on surveys ,of a new railroad Jifle, * Jn So yo« see that one pf ' Telephone Champion! p r , Qarftsid was on P,WF street? iQoWpgrwj' the telephone, prospects, and it le reported that we are to telephone ba, with ee IB tbf a great ie,e. it strong atod this place. A man by th name of Hovland is running the engin and has 1,000 acres to break. injured Itt Chicago. Marsh Stephens* Humboldt count; brothel* was hurt recently in Chicagi by the carlessness of a stfeet car tnoto. man. He has sued for damages, as h< is permanently disabled, A Pointer tot spencer ntid Aittona Des Molnes Capital! The Fort Dodg jail is to be improved at an expense o $3,348. The jail is being prepared to hold its own during the coming season Don't Waste 'frees at Esthervilio. Estherville Republican: Down In Algona the school board set out trees In this locality trees are too precious to be so wantonly destroyed. MISOELUNEOUS MENTION. Prank Bicknell No Longer a Benedict-Other Matters. A quiet but happy wedding at Humboldt Saturday evening united two young people who have many friends in Algona, Frank W. Bicknell, city editor'of the State Register, and Miss Jessie VaUpel. Mr. Bicknell is the oldest son of A. D. Bicknell, at one time representative in the legislature from the district Kossuth was in, and a nephew of tho first proprietor of the Milwaukee depot hotel, now the Thorington. Ho has gone to the front rapidly in newspaper work, is an officer of the national young men's republican league, and has a bright future before him. Miss Vaupel was in Algona a week ago, coming from Chicago with Miss Cornie Ingham. She is a charming woman of talent and education, a fit helpmeet for a young man of ambitifin in the journalistic field. THE UPPER DES MOINES joins with all who know both in hearty well wishes. A long, happy and useful life is their abundant promise. Rev. Kennedy's Plan. Rev. Kennedy has adopted a novel scheme which promises results. He has given a dime to each member of the Sunday school to be returned Sept. 1, with whatever it has earned. One little fellow by investing his in pie plant has already secured a capital of 36 cents. When the money is all turned in it is to go towards furnishing a Sunday school room in thenewchurch the Metnodists are to build in the near future. Over at Sheldon he tried the plan and W. D. Boies', little boy earned $10 with his dime. He will give out in all 100 dimes. Church Dedication. The big Catholic church in Prairie is to be dedicated May 30. It is expected now that Bishop Hosraer of Green Bay, Wis,, will be present, and from 20 to 50 priests and other dignitaries. The church is the largest in the county and is all completed. It is a handsome structure and speaks for the liberal support of the neighboring people. Mr. Helfrig alone, we learn, has given $1,300 to it, the largest contribution eve* made for a church by one person in tho the county. New Bank Cashier. It is reported that Thos. Sherman was chosen cashier, of the Bancroft bank yesterday at a meeting of the dl rectors and that Cbas. Morehouse steps out. We have no explanation of the change, and it is not known whether Mr. Morehouse contemplates leaving Bancroft. Mr. Sherman will make a number one cashier, and is a genial and careful business man, THE UPPER DES MOINES congratulates him on his promotion. Ice. Leave your orders at E, J, Gilmore's, W. A. Ladendorff's, or Walker .Bros.' for ice,-5t8 • PETER WINKEL. JUST received a car of potatoes; can supply the whole country. Come quick. James Patterson.—6t2 NONE surpass "White Swan" as a bread-maker, Langdon & Hudson.-Gt2 just as pleasant as you wish, especially if you buy your supplies of Walker Bros, BUOKLEN'S ABNIOA SAiYE. The best salve iu the world for bruises outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores or no pay , erfect satisfaction p P or money refunded. rice S5o a box. Sold by L, A. Sheetz. I PAY 13 cents a dozen for eggs. Jas, wall paper best In Alg the _-,_. ._ ... D 'onaT Most anybody will tell you is the ipaa. He does good parting, too. WEHAVE NO AGENTS HflHfffllll baj ship frowow jtootcry »t 4BMTOTB4TJQB TOQ& If you want nice, ftesh Vegetables for your table call on us and see what we keep. Lettuce, * Radishes, Onions, Asparagus, Pie Plant Strawberries- *"$ -BVBRY Tuesday and Friday! - i .. 41 All kinds of Fruits. Langdon & Hudson .'N *ff CABLED FIELD AND HOG FENCE, Manufactured by DEKALB FENCE co., DEKALB, ILL. -.a: ^ T^ARMERS are oftentimes induced to buy* •A- an inferior stock fence because they do not know- \ where to get the best. \ Ours is. the Best Not because vsre say so, but' the fence speaks for i in comparison with every other hog, and stock fence on > J the market. Before you buy a'hog fence see the De-? Kalb, and you will buy no other. We have the tools $ and put up the fence without extra charge. G. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. £1 FIRE SALE. I,am going to close out my entire stock ; & of Boots and Shoes regardless of what they cost. I jjf have settled with the insurance companies and shall %f let the goods go At Your Own Price. The goods are but slightly damaged, and the bargainer you will get will make your hair stand. This sale for ^3 THIRTY DAYS ONLY. ' rf At Bronsoft's jewelry store. fi. H, Anderson, -* ; : wv: v Look for It, .Don't Miss to Try It, , Everyone Speaks Well of It, What is It?- A choice assortment of the finest . . , ^ iver brought to Algona, WHO SELLS IT? ; JAMIDB PATTEE^ON, Sole Agfc, :*» interest & get WATER TANKS aid GAS JWR and MTTOO all kinds, Leather, Eubber and stag!? of HQSE and Hose , aiobe Valves sad all kinds 'tf£te#l$fQtt*i CyltafcrQito, Lin §s s$J Q% iffjrosgng and §|SQj,ja§, '•***_., *A' \ j "' , „ . ,<- ,3 J , "<vn '' i i , j tf *^»^j*j|ttWv 1/ia. ^ if.. « iwa t-:. U**SfflL*«i

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