The Daily Standard from Sikeston, Missouri on August 26, 1968 · Page 8
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The Daily Standard from Sikeston, Missouri · Page 8

Sikeston, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1968
Page 8
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The Daily Standard, Sikeston, Mo. 0 Monday, August 26,1968 TKLKVISION PROGRAM t KFVS i M Channel 12 E Cape Girardeau WPSD Channel 6 Paducah WSIL Channel 3 Harrisburgh MONDAY EVENING PROGRAMS m *0 THt .CCI ON AL Wtl % «• r«t « •m *® «TOIM TM(* ft awtiMf-eriMMis» 00 Csrtoens 15 Luck, L.rc, Snoa 30 Kv.ning l.v. (C) X " c,i «vtNiee me* Q »• kucMTu ceewomee ss ( « ju fapert IS (Maacr.tlc CaswUsa 00 Cast us tat# 25 Vssthsr (C) 30 C om her !■ Afrloa 7 30 Sat Patrol S 00 Po^^^Squtd 9 00 sic Vallo, M uMMi *l «ween • S TMC t»Tt MAVMCe IR h rut mm mu 111 t. cuati il fMt.rat M «sas Nctar» ft Talpt las 30 Woathor ft Sows 30 Joo, Bishop (C) 11 n *S ^2 w un mw niwiiwri 00 lows 4 Sign Off TUESDAY MORNING PROG HAMS t ee Nniu «lecsTie • cecee a «e ernie. e*eee eeee • cnn W TV Mp Mbsal Ves ces eeeNtee etes • CMee f m tm. it eecAsrssT snee « Taew'PMi g ee CATTAMI »HIS«.ss w H ee caéis camisa ces O SS srvceiv MILLS ILL Its « l*q SfdNrsaa ft tmmm WaHai - 00 Jack Lslann. 30 Dick Shw ■ He. «aet er aweeeev I Rj m Dies **• *»st s«es « hraailih • e ft MipW IpWl ♦f ee iev« er li »« • min IV ts mi seat M«ws . cecee as «sspare, - e p lys Psass - « 00 Boaltchod 10 Traatur. Itlo • ■ 66 me IHI6I66 HO»» • H Maf a km B Ä oe me roots pic turc IH •• 1666647 MtWt Il il vATCMiae Twc torma «• oa me 666L6 roamt . IS nut búa • e ft cat’s Ha a Pert 00 Drssa Sou** 30 Wadding Part, f •• tetre momr ine« mt«r. 1 **Gwsr aoarr . cam c SS Itfi #f aer Ltvas JO lha Saasart • « X HawljM.d Osao 30 Bab, Cam (C) 55 Chlidran. Doctor A M 16 mi me TRHR • # Il M6AA6 I66R66I « m ^ m me CMC m mtmtr • et Aaatkar USrM JO Taa Osa't % 00 O.n.r.l Hospital 30 Dark Shadows (C) A « me teoRCT tram »• monte catTvc * as MW tom • tf neye «afear It lam » U» i » 00 Dating Oaaa (C) 10 Fanil? Thaatra ^66 me Riiie »« am mi Ü ea 00 Tha Hour Looking Back Daughter Born to Summers H.E.L.P. Aids 1-70 Motorists Ann Landers JEFFERSON Every day, 24 CITY, Mo. - hours a day, Questionnaire Strikes Out Prospective Bridegroom 50 yean ago August 26,1916 Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. N Emergency Locating Plan, is a Summers, Saturday, August network Qf citizen's band, Dear Ann Landers: Marvin Dear Ann Landers: I am a age. Why don’t you go straight and take that picture out of the paper and put one in that looks like you? I’ll bet the picture I’m motorists crossing the Show-Me . j been going together 13-year-old girl. My parents were and take that picture out of the State on Intentate 70 have?“" •?* — - ' - - ------------ --------------for over a year. We are both in divomd last year. My mother something new going for them - our 3Q>g and old enough to didn’t want me. Neither did my H.E.L.P. know what we are doing. Marvin dad but he took me because looking at right now was taken H.E.L.P., the Jlighway wa| married briefly five years there just wasn’t any place for 20 years ago. — NOBODY’S ago but it didn’t work out. me to go. FOOL 1 , . . ------------ — Two weeks ago Marvin began My father is an alcoholic. He Dear No: Simmer down, » * daughter. two-way radios along Interstate to marriage. He made it comes home from work at 4:30 Pops. I’ve heard of the covered Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Motorists with two-way c|ear that he was not actually p.m. and starts to hit the bottle, wagon, too, but that doesn’t 0 • mP*0n’ 1“e#d,y* A radios in their cars can call the proposing, just “considering it’’ By 6:00 p.m. he is stoned. He mean I came West in one. My iL* son. , nearest Shell Service Station for t>ecauae there were a few things won’t let me turn on the lights ag« is no secret. I’ve just had a Born to Mr. and Mrs. uaxiana „Stance and information. The he had to find out first. Tonight because it hurts his eyes. I can’t 50 th birthday and I’ve never a ' * ’ o system, developed and hi asked me five questions study without lights. We live in a tried to hide it. daughter, wno nas nee sponsored by the Automobile he had written down on a one-room apartment and I sleep j don’t know which picture AUie Louim. , Manufacturers Association and piece Qf paper. Here are the on the couch -- he has the bed you’re looking at because my , the Shell Oil Company, has quegtk>ns: that pulls out of the wall. TTie column now appears in over 700 family ha ta ... recently been introduced to (1) Do you need any dental bathroom is down the hall. We papers and the pictures vary. We 11 Mlsaouri “ of a nationwide WOrkdone? share it with two other families. ‘ * ------- — recently vacated by Mrs. u u tegt of the program. The stretch (2) Do you need any I can’t study in there. Please of Interstate 70 between St. gur«ery? help me. I’m going nuts. - Louis and Kansas City is one of (3) ^ of ln,Urance MISERABLE GIRL Mi«1i«v (J?uiJ Rrite left the testm* Pounds for H.E.L.P. do you c*,^? Dear Miserable: No girl 1 ♦ tetU of the ProPar? are (4) Are you in line to inherit should have to live like that. !?h»rp the will teach ’in the now underway on tbe Sou*heaat any money? Talk to your clergyman about a where she will teach in the and the West Coast. y(5) public schools. Her parents, the The federaI government, '“¿¿¿J Rev. and Mrs. S. P. Brit«, which has been working on the , ,:i__ u. accompanied her as far as St Is there any insanity in foster home. Tbere are aspects of this setup far worse than the. ¡ive your own life, send for Ann send out new pictures every two m _ _, . years and if your paper is using a mrs FAYE POMEROY OF LUTESVILLE receives 3 “ SPlttS £ UP posthumous awards honoring her husband Me. David K With your editor. Pomeroy, kUled in Vietnam Feb. 18., from Lt. Col. J. J. If you have trouble getting Ree(jy commanding officer of the Fifth U.b. Army you advisor group in Cape Guardeau. which has been working on me j ^ Marvin very much and light problem. T ; h thl, Pfohlejns of aiding motorists on ^ t fair|y wej, but thege Dear Ann Landers: How old KScSr SS.att^ddedhÏÏ bave raised,, some-are you, anyway? In a recent Municipal “Aida Opera and hear ,ong time originally solicited the’ Merrill McCartv the V*t0, ******* for you think?--MISS D. devell°P|ni t more e Dear Miss: I think you don’t anyone mention that car in at envelope. in my mind. What do column you mentioned the Stanley Steamer. I haven’t heard Landers’ booklet, “Bugged By Parents? How to Get More Freedom.” Send 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed Posthumous Awards For David Pomeroy Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this ceremony EfSSL *? theme problems The ^ # ^ uke thu for a lea,t 30 My grandfather ™ Sui? hi hJhtn?ni i fet; Tth°i t??»**'* * husband. One thing is certain, it drove one and I’m no kid. I’ll be was killed by hghtniiw¡a few the H.E.L.P. program was neCe^y to ask HIM 63 my next birthday. initiated include roadside queatjon numb*r five. You Every now and then you say y ?.’_ . Phones, s o | a r powered already know the answer. something that gives away your Jesae Bailey was awarded a emergency signal systems, Methodist Men’s ^“sjast “d100 Housing Units to Short Courses To Be Offered Sunday for having read the most ^ H.E.L.P. program may chapters in the Bible during the a , way in replacing these month of August. According to gygtemg There are more than T~1 'D-u-uil# 1 n UnvtAVl ^ a ^ two miUion CB (Citizens Band) |>0 Dllll t 111 UCXlCF 3,390 chapters during the month mobi,e radioi in use in the orthe of about Uure today ^ their uge DEXTER . Announcement A survey of the ground has Announcement ThTw^er^fo/July"wM R^K. 250 000 wa."made“‘here 'Tbursday that been run and tentatively a,on€> there near,y 2&0’ the Federal Housing Authority de«8n h«* been "“d* After lhe The University of Missouri extension division will offer a series of short courses in Sikeston this fall and winter, Tom B. Stroup, Scott county Bone. 30 years ago August 26, 1938 Morley-Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Matthews are parents of a baby born Friday. He has been named Robert Dean. Sikeston youths placing in the events of the Charleston water carnival Tuesday night were: Art Swacker, first in 35-year back stroke and second in the 35-yard breast stroke;. William Hahs, second in fancy h E L P program. They are the diving, both in Class B; and Billy firgt ¡n the country to be Bob Donnell, second m fancy oroniied into a network for diving. Class A. Ward Hooper, 26, of Hardy Ark., a brother of Jack and Miss Sir”“ cb 1«* ^ .ro,« p..™ by co^bm.^ Z ot Und .. th. ,nd of A^hit.ct St.niey BrowJ. D.II«. receivers, called transceivers. “0.1 pr^nt-d.y tr^iv.r. jinnini »id.'Th. board hopS . 23cha^.U, of ^.ch th. 10 h... th. bid op.ning w.thm comM„ Seventy of these units will be 60 days, and the Housing Dn>L> have Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has designated Channel 9 as the emergency call channel. Sxteen Shell dealers between St. Louis and Kansas City have agreed to take part in the the Ira V. Holmes property. Texas, bids will be advertised, One hundred low rent allowing 30 days before opening, units will be constructed Jennings sai lg to have the Seventy of these units will be 60 days, and the nou....K Rock Instructor, University of T~ for elderly living, the other Assistance Admimstration has MUaouri. St Loui„i Saturdays at j i- thirty for low-income family estimated construction time it g a m .11:30 a m ^rting Nov. living. The complex will have an one year on a 100-unit facility, office and maintenance building If bids are within architects which will probably be in estimated cost and are approved connection with a community by the Housing Authority space building. It was pointed construction can start out that the community building immediately after bid opening. The site is at the northern Gladys Hooper of this city, died Sunday night in the Jonesboro Hospital from an attack of acute appendicitis suffered the Thursday night preceding. U‘**,UWI 0 . , " , «¡11 h«* iu«t that available for the The site is at tne norinem communication with motorists entire community edge of Dexter iind slopes gently C?“1 d£ v« two-way radios. They have £ "fJ",reofComHoV,‘y to the south. It lie. to the west night Ld own.expenae, equipped retrulation,. accordinJ of Cash and Carry Market and LUTESVILLE - Mrs. Faye in connection with military Pomeroy of Lutesville, in a operation against a h^ * for« ceremony at the Bollinger m the Republic of Vietnam. "TS?” T,0“lg * Itamped’ a^"day n^snthumo°u.1jyhonoring distinguished hinuelf during the .„...»p.. *h:rdb„r5T(ue,liDh.°r,K! ^^0 Pomerov February, 1968, while assigned Making the presentation was to Company B, 4th ^ttalion, Lt Col J J Reedy, 3rd Infantry. Private Pomeroy commanding officer of the fifth was initially assigned as an U.S. army advisor group in Cape ammunition- bearer in one of Girardeau th® mortar eQuads. Due to his The awards included the competence and knowledge, he bronze star and purple heart was soon p aced in a fire medals, good conduct medal, direction control position and, J. „ , combat infantryman badge, after only a few weeks he was director and coordinator of national defen.e rervice medal, able to perform his duties as a short and credit courses, Vietnam campaign ribbon and computer with minimum announced in Benton. th € t badge ^ rifle ,„d supervision. On several Short courses scheduled and pjgtcd bar occasions, Private Pomeroy their dates and times for classes p private First Class Pomeroy performed the duties of are: reading development and willed in Vietnam Feb. 18, radio-telephone operator. He Wayn^ less than two months after his was able to keep abreast of the He entered the army tactical situation at all tunes and igg 7 could supply his platoon leader The citation, accompanying with the locations and missions 2 and continuing for eight weeks the bronze stor medal, reads: of the other elements of the through Jan. 4. "Citation by direction of the company in any situation. Economics of beef cattle p^g^nt, awarded to Pfc. David-Private First Class Pomeroy’s feeding and marketing, Dr. A1 K Pnmerov United States capable performance in many ^jmy ’ diversified fields, his outstanding For meritorious achievement devotion to duty and willingness to work long and arduous hours Hagan and Prof. Glen Grimes, University of Missouri, Columbia, instructors, Tuesday s Nov. 12, 19, 26 and Dec. Autnoritu regulations, according „ to Harry Jennings, executive 3,m Carney, owner and operator director of the local project. of 4h* market, has given easement to the county for a 50-foot wide strip from the If You Were the Judge No Conspiracy in Alien’s Marriage By Jack Strauss, LL.B. Ethel fell madly in love with Alfredo and became redder as be became bolder. Whan Alfredo finally turned on his charm full blast, their romance began to sizzle and they got married. What Ethel didn’t know, however, was that Alfredo was an alien and had concocted a scheme to marry her in order to avoid deportation. She found out the truth when Alfredo was arrested and charged with “conspiracy” to defraud the U.S. by marrying a U.S. citizen to obtain legal residence in the United States. As it turned out, Alfredo’s motive for marrying Ethel didn’t bother Ethel at all. She had been snared by a romantic Latin lover and didn’t mind it at all. “If I’m not complaining,” she argued in court. “I don’t see why it should bother anyone else? ‘ Because he didn’t seriously intend to be married,” answered the prosecuting attorney. “He only intended not to be deported. He tricked everyone by entering into an invalid marriage themselves with transceivers and antennas and many have mobile CB equipment in their tow or service trucks. Calls on H.E.L.P. Total cost of the project will ____ ... are answered by the Shell station be within limits of 31,476,000, boug;nff authoritv facility to his Edwd°Ge RobinaoiT’ in *The nWe,t °r by °f tl".priva‘? witJ ihe commui“ty bu^d*n« ^ market. Carney will construct an SSe Dr ^itterhouse” whh CB °Peratora1 heann« the ^ ^ »pprox.rruitely $41,*00. aU-weather road which will then Amazing Ur. Uitternouae with Qnly Shell opeartors are Facilities for preparing and Claire Trevor, Humphrey Bogart permjttcd the H.E.L.P. serving light refreshments will be and Allen Jenkins. Tomorrow, proiram but in emergencies included in the community ' to Burn w*tb Michael 0|ber radi0 opeartors can answer building. Whalen and Lynn Ban. # and it to a Shell 20 years ago station. August 26, 1948 Many local radio clubs . Z haw completed the th hout the riate assist in the Junior Red Crore hfesavuig H E Ijp program. One of these f 1 - J is called REACT (Radio II1(1UCI6CI Emergency Associated Citizens Team), a radio dub existence for some time. Its goal is to provide 24-hour-a-day NEW MADRID - Six from n ni i monitoring service covering aU New Madrid county leaving for r TOlCCtS UfeHyeCI rtf miri-Miunuri with its own infn fku armn A fnrnas ** The Prayer from The Upper Room Six to Be course taught at the Municipal pool August 16 by A1 Bach and Chas. Berthe. They are: Sue Sikes, Jimmy Jones, Joe Berthe, Jerry Aufdenberg, Doyne Sizemore, Janice Morse, Tommy Dunaway, Geo. Rice, Jeff Smith, Donna Howard, Jerry Allen, Pat Nickens, Sammy Tanner, Billy be maintained by the county. Howard Chrisman is board chairman of the local housing authority. Dr. F. C. Northington, vice chairman, Jennings, executive director, and Howard Hill, Bill Edwards and Marsh Watkins, members. The authority maintains an office at One N. Walnut in the Chrisman building. Central Missouri CB Cpn| A b, and has been in \/Il ijCUl« * PflvilllV or some Urne. Iu goal 1 1WU 1 aviI1g Three of mid-Missouri with its own induction into the armed forces R^hhv iaciliti«* and providing links to Sept. 4 at Memphis are Harvey DEXTER similar services provided by David Scott and Cleo M. Beeson, ordinances were the main items other CB organizations m other hoth of East Prairie; Clarence Qf business at the regular areas of the state and the nation. Alfred McClain, Canalou; Terry meetinc of the city council The H.E.L.P. system will add Allen Baker, Gideon; Thomas Monday night, more radios to this network. Ray Haven, Portageville, and An Ordinance authorized Stearns Formal opening of the Charcoal House, popular eating place on Highway 61 two miles north of Sikeston, under the management of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Swanagon will take place this weekend. One reason the system is so Delbert Quinton Cotton, Risco. Davina on Fannetta Street from Manager of the division. i area as f naf fnp r I .1 . hflC n: _ a. __ 1 —_ I _ _ sL _ J_., • • """""""" A series of other short courses will be offered staring Jan. 23, 1969, and continuing each Thursday night for six weeks. These include: agricultural law * Don Levi, Instructor, UMC; investments • Dr. Mel Peterson, Instructor, UMC; soils and softl*"**’ interpretations- John Garrett, aghes Portageville area soils agent, PRAYER: Dear God, help us instructor; weed indentification to show forth our praise and and herbicides • Joe Scott, thankfulness to Thee by helping Portageville, area agrronomy others to see good and beauty in specialist, Instructor. the commonplace things of life. These will be held By so doing, help us to increase simultaneously 7:30 p.m.-9:30 beauty in the lives of all p.m. in the high school. mankind. Amen. Contacts for short courses ______ may be made through a University Extension center. “Flying Shuttle” Contrary to widespread be- John R. Neill has been jief> jt was not the invention appointed General Manager of 0f the steam engine which led the Hampshire Division of t0 the industrial revolution, International Shoe Company. but the “flying shuttle,” a Mr. Neill has been associated mechanical • d evice for the with the division since 1966, weaving and spinning of cot- first as a Sales Representative ton g0ods, according to the and, more recently as Sales Encyclopaedia Britannica. were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflected great credit upon himself, the American Division and the United States Army.” Others present for the presentation were Pfc. Pomeroy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Pomeroy of Lutesville, and his sister and family, Mr. and The Lord ..„_h»th rent me to ----------- — ------„, 1 give'unfOKeni beauty for Mrs. David Stewart and children; hes. (Isaiah; 61:1',3) Jonathan and Lora Lee of Rolla. ------------ _ pomer0y is a former resident of New Madrid and the daughter of Mrs. B. C. Horton of New Madrid. DELTA MONDAY TUESDAY frank sinatra '*tonu roane 2a effective is that the FCC has Sixteen leaving the same day Qne ~ Mile Road west to Woodland Drive. Another approved the name given the Shell stations ;or physical examinations at «„J. w Mr permission to use higher to were Memphis are Larry Lynn Hurley, Clyde Matthews, son of Mr. tf* regulation 25 feet high Morehouse; Arvil Van Adams, ST to UW»^™^E^^^ reu. Alfredo? -nd Mr. John Matthews, ^B iSie ‘A8"** • °f Th» u knar th* iiiHo# niM! NO! TV* iiutw held that while observed his fourth birthday i tu . ___s_ . i r,.. t , ___..’ Subdivision Number Two to This is how the judge ruled: NO! The judge held that while observed his Alfredo may not have taken his marriage seriously, Ethel did. In Monday with fact, the judge noted, she was not only satisfied, she was real tickled with it. Consequently, since it takas two to conspire and Ethel was not a conspirator, there was no conspiracy. (Baaed upon a 1963 U.8. Court of Appeals Decision) Cairo May Be Served by Sun Airlines fourth birthday a party on the lawn at his home, 414 Harris street. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ingersol of Austin, Tex., announce the arrival of a daughter born operators. The re™« Nations Cana]ou; Estel Dee Barrett. Kentwood Hills Subdivision, may go to 200 feet towers, PortageviUe; Robert Earl other action included giving them much greater and Whitfield, Catron. approval of a purchase of an clearer reception. Robert Dewitt Spradling, incinerator for the City In addition to providing Kewanee, Gary Spurgeon Smith, Cemetery, emergency service for motorists, Malden; James Larry Warren, r wag voted that the Castle for Sale? Millionaire McKee Is Buying in He pointed out numerous , Cairo people regularly travel to Cape Girardeau and Paducah for air connections. Sun Airlines is in process of merging with Ong Airlines to provide expanded service in 11 CAIRO - Scheduled air states with connections with all service at Cairo Airport can be major airlines. The company obtained if the area can show a uses the Lear Jetliners, plus need exists for the service. turbojets. Calvin Watson, president of “We are now flying over the Chamber of Commerce, said Cairo enroute to Carbon dale and that Sun Airlines has indicated Memphis,” said C. L. Dinison, they will establish an air service vice president of Sun Airlines, to Cairo if the traffic pattern "We would be very much shows they can afford to stop interested in talking to Cairo here. about service to and from your Wetaon said that industries in city in the near future,” the area such as Burkart and West In addition topaaaenger «mal or a daughter Dorn the H.E.L.P. system also gives parmaï’NoeiDean Reí 1, Gideon; Council‘would melt the' firet rADTAlU E A C Y th?‘ ¿L the "lotorirt. travel information John Maxwell Timmons, Monday niiht in September CAPTAIN t Ai T Storting Tuesday, Aug. 27 former Miss Mary Ruth Watkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N.C. Watkins. James Frederick Beal, long a meat cutter in Sikeston, died yesterday afternoon at the Sikeston General Hospital. Parochial School To Open Sept. 3 about road repairs, traffic, LUbourn; John Jordan Jr., New which is Labor Day. weather and even food and Madrid; John Holmes Edwards lodging available along their Jr^ New Madrid, route. Randall Keith Thomas, To the service stations in the rj^o; Dennis L. Orman, Parma; program, H.E.L.P. means lots of d a n¡e| Arthur Kimes, extra work but Shell station Portageville, and Jerry Wayne owners along 1-70 say it u Peck, Marston. paying off in satisfied customers One Alderman, James Gunn, was not present at the Monday night session. “Flyingest State” Alaska ranks as the “Fly________________________ ingest State” in the Union on and quick emergency service, could eventually evolve into part ® P®1- capita basis. The state Although designed to help those of a national civil defense a rat,° 0* one aircraft per motorists who have two-way program and help in routing persons, compared with radios in their cars, it also traffic in and out of major cities 8*e . runner-up state—Nevada NEW MADRID - Immaculate funetions well for those without and along major roadways in —with one for every 62a Conception parochial school will two-way radios. A large case of disaster. persons, open Sept. 3 at 9 a.m. proportion of the calls received Regular school hours will be Minn| for emergency help are from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. called in by someone with a Teaching grades one, two and radio who has seen a fellow three will be Sister Agnes Helen, motorist without such Virginia Pulp and Paper Co., service, the airline would provide Mrs. Mary Alice Higgerson will equipment in difficulty, have expressed a desire for such air freight and air express teach grades four, five and six. Promotion of the system is Rex Week Nights 7:30 - Open to 9 Sat. Sun. Continuous From 2 service in Cairo. servicaa. Several years ago Ozark Linas The Chamber of Commerce had service into Cairo, but this is conducting a survey to was discontinued because of its determine how many limited use. corporations, businesses, “We now believe that we individuals and others would use have sufficient amount of air a scheduled airline into Cairo, travel and would use the service Information supplied will be an and that it would pay an airline important factor the airlines to institute scheduled stops decision on whether to place here,” Watson said. Cairo Airport on their schedules. Sister M. Angela will teach by billboards along the 210-mile grades seven and eight. route informing motorists of the Mrs. Betty Belle Sides will be presence of H.E.L.P. and giving the teacher’s aide. them directions on how to use An enrollment of 81 pupils it. is expected. Parents will receive In addition to helping letters about the tuition fee. motorists, the H.E.L.P. system HAY-FEVER SINUS SUFFERERS Here's food news for you! Exclusive new "hard core" SYNA-CLEAR Decongestant tablets act instantly and continuously to drain and clear ail nasal - sinus cavities. One "hard core" tablet fives up to S hours relief from pain and pressure of cone eat Ion. Allows you to breathe oasMy - stops watery eyes and runny noaa. You can buy SYNA-CLEAR at your favorita dms counter, without need for a prescription. Satisfaction guaranteed by maker. Try It today. INTRODUCTORY OFFER WORTH $1.60. Cut out this ad • taka to a drug «tore. Purchase one pack gVNA-CLEAR 12's and receive one more SYNA-CLEAR 12 Pack Free. WHITE’S IEXALI DRII6 STORE «71-4174 104 N. New Madrid MALONE OPEN TO • P.M. DAILY STARTS * P.M. SUN.-FRL STARTS 1 P.M. SATURDAY MONDAY TUESDAY NATIONAL GENERAL «CTUNCS retSENTS JAMES GARNER DEBBIE REYNOLDS MAURICE RONET PAUL LYNOf«« LTÉRftYTHÒMK Rutti Gordon / Sdney Blackme* Maunce Evans and Ralph BeHamy AoduCMDyWearrtCM* Wnnsnlor tv Sown *X) tVecieö O) Roman Pouns*r fiomntnowDyraLCvn »iiwii«» V»W AAir»w»P»x. WnnnVMMMnn ADM; $1.25 TO ALL Millionaire industrialist J. P. McKee wants to buy a modest castle, complete with a moat, and he sends Captain Easy to Dribbly-on-the-Tye, in England, to negotiate the deal. What follows is another uproariously funny adventure in the daily standard

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