The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 1, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1895
Page 8
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*«•»»%*'** ^p-t4i*^ 1,- a* &$;&«#£•> ..>.: >*.*„* /• '-f^ _ 3 ^ " ^iti- f v 5*7 "f'^J 1 - 1 -" 1 L igtfr WEEK PE8 MOtNBSi ALGOfrTA, IOWA, WBDMESDAY, MAY i, 18S5. SAIWif Miffi OABDS, A 6*. fAtfc THE ONLY Sarsapanlla R'. AftMITtED At World's Fair. GET The Best, ' i ----- .........ttitt v, *^v ^ *-M. JCF.'MfetmrcK, "1 do not like the fashion 1 of tout «ar- tnehts.'<-Shakespe<ire, King Lear, Act HI, Scene 8. No Bonder. That was before the time of the "H., S. & M.»» dlothitif?, sold by the NEW EtrotAND (jLOTHifrff House. CHICAGO „, Mixed 8:18 a tn Pass. 9:30 am 7i63t»ln »to ,:16 South— PASS,... ...i 8:07pm Mixed....... 8:20pin Freight.... a:48pto Freight...... 9:30 ato " it 7 a to; arrives at •. DesM. 2:30 a to P. H. VfisPJBft, Agent, FINANCIAL. **-w»»-»»"'-"-^^^rf-W*^fcX%^^fc^ >- * N- ^ fc xXX%^^^^^^P-^^^^li - «sX-^X%rf-. Kossuth County State Bank IO-W^L. CAPITAL., I50,OOC Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, motley loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec turns made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or rrOto the old countries sold at lowest rates. 'WM, H. INGHAM.... President J. B. JONES Vice I'vcHlilcnt LEWIS H. SAIITH Cashier THE Ct&CUiT, WALKER BROS. Grocery Trade, And for that reason- The First National Bank or 1 .AJCjQ-oasr.A., XO-W.A.. CAPITAL ......... ................ $50,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE Ai CALL ....... . ........ .President JD. H. HDTOH1NS .............. Vice President WH. K. FERGUSON ................... Cashier C. D. SMITH ..................... Asst. Cabhler Directors— D. H. Hutchins, S. A. Ferguson, . . , . . , Uijv Dorweiler, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A Call, E. H. Spencer, "Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, «50,000. 'A.LQONA., IOWA.. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, 0. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbralth, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenolc, Thos. F. Cooke. Dl'. Bowen, Whittemore, Towa, W. H. Ingham expects his mounted tarpon some time in May, Tom Kelley and Lizzie Mack were married at Bancroft yesterday, Lilac blossoms that were not out last year oh memorial day are now in full blossom, Henry Mason has taken office room with Bonar & Fellows for his insurance business. The opera house company meets next Tuesday evening to elect officers for the coming year. A, B. Clarke is breaking up the open section of land east of John Gilbride's on the Sexton road from Algona. A roll call meeting will take the place of the usual services at the Baptist church next Sunday morning. Remember the state apron sale this afternoon and evening at Grange hall. Refreshments served in the evening. Town lots went up from $76 to $300 in Ledyard while the state bank was trying to keep the new bank from getting a place to build. Geo. W. Eddy of Wesley goes as a delegate to the Clinton Grand Army meeting as a delegate from the Algona post, the Reporter says. The Episcopal ladies hold their General Banking. PSIYA.TE SAFETY DEPOSIT TA.VLTS. |g"Interest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. •"*-^^*-^^x>^*rf-^^*-^^^^^^^^ CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prpmpt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Ohrischilles' store. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LANS. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-Ferguson bljck. GEO, R. CLOUD, [Successor to W, B. Quarton,] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, AI/OONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, E, V. S WETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Iowa. L. K, GARFJELD, M. p., ySICIAN AND SURGEON. ^State at,, one door east of Oordlngley. Residence, McGregor st., east of the public school building. Jf. q, MeQQY, H, P,, AND SURGEON, Special attention to otty practice. apron sociable this afternoon at the grange hall. Refreshments from 6 o'clock till all are served. C. L. Lund gets no permission to ship his cattle from the state board of health and says that he will kill them and feed them to his hogs. A leading Ledyardite says that if anyone thinks Andy Dunlap is not in the legislative race he will have his eyes opened about convention time. The Grand Army post will meet at the hall on Saturday evening, this week. This change is made by reason of the department meeting coming on the 8th. Rev. Kennedy preached the funeral sermon of Mrs. Whiting, a new comer to Algona, yesterday morning. She was buried in the Lutheran cemetery in Fenton. . A. H. Paine is not worried about currency legislation. He has 600 tons of hay in his barn that he bought while hay was cheap, and the market price is still rising. The coming teachers' institute will begin the first week in August and last three weeks. It will be especially interesting on account of lecturers and instructors. Henry Cook, who lives south of the fair ground and who lost his house by fire a few weeks ago, had his barn burn up Sunday morning. He has hard luck with fires, Ed. Johnson has rented the Fred Waterhouse home and will move to town next week. Mrs. Johnson's health is very poor and it is hoped that rest will benefit her. A newcomer on the Conner farm, Mr, Sever, was kicked on his left breast by a horse he was leading to water yesterday. No bones were broken but he was seriously hurt. A genial thunder shower Sunday night has caused all vegetation to put on its beet look for May. This county never reached that month before in better shape, All we need is more rain, The Bancroft Register says that John Winkel is tracking Kossuth and has reason to bejieve that he will not go lame again. He will have it out with some of the new running horses this fall. Prof. A. J. Lilly is in Hancock coun the school houses, He says that by September there will not be a failure to comply with the law in the county. This Is as it should be. The new river bridge at St. So. is to set on iron tubes filled with concrete after piles have been driveti to make them firm. It will be of iron and is estimated to cost about $10 a running foot. It will be worth ten of the old fashioned wood bridges. Ledyard is to have a new brick block and a bran new bank beginning July 1. All the Dunlap brothers 'and Marsh Stephens are the promoters. A. J. and Dr. Dunlap were in Des MoineS last week and arranged with Barney Dunlap, who will return. C. E. Rlsser & Bro., the Des Motnes firm Frank Nlcoulin is suing for $6,000 damages, have assigned. It is reported that their assets are more than equal to their liabilities. Mr. Nicouiin if he gets judgment will try and break up the assignment and save himself. West. Warburton, who lives a mile east of Germanfa, had a team stolen Saturday night. One was an iron gray and one a bay, both about 000 pounds weight. They were tracked to the creamery at Buffalo Forks. A reward of $60 was offered by the owner for them. The Monday club have completed arrangements for putting their books, heretofore kept in the postofflce, into the reading room. This will make a library of some 1,200 volumes open to the public. The Monday club keep possession of the books but the reading room society will handle and control them. Geo. E. Boyle says that McFarland is in the lead for governor and he will not be'surprised to see him nominated early. His conclusion is the result of talking with the republicans at Des Moines last week. He is still in the field himself, however. Kbssutb's candidate will not drop out till the last ballot is counted. A deer hunting party consisting of H. E. Rist, Geo. E. Boyle, B. W. Haggard and C. C. Samson is organizing for a campaign in the Minnesota woods the coming fall. We judge that Mr. Rist is to do the shooting as he has a fine Winchester rifle and is making the targets for the rest of the rifle shots at squirrels, etc. PHYSICIAN AND _ . l9Wft, M, PR!??!?, M. P,, AND . Gpeaers' store, on state street. ' ty surveying a big drainage ditch. He was there all of last week and will be there all of this. He has been in charge of all the big ditches in Hancook county, Editor Laidley is evidently after a county fair bicycle premium. He rode down to Burt and back one day last week, and came down so fast that he had to circle the entire town site to get turned around, W. H, Henderson, son of Robt, Henderson of Riverdale, and; Isabella Fraser, daughter of Alex. Fraser, are among the new coaplea to set sail on the matrimonial sea, Many congratulations go with them, Marriage licenses are issued to Frank Woodcock and Katie Breen, Frank Hammer and Frances Mayer, Bernard Brink and Mary Puls, Joho P, Banker 'Murtagh was down from Burt Monday. He reports the excavating for the new bank block nearly done. The building will be 50x70 feet, two stories, pressed brick front and side, with hall over head. Fred Koepka has bought the corner opposite for $800 and will build at once, the store t& be occupied by D. R. Crowell of Bancroft. Frank Jenkinson showed us a cowhide tanned for a robe, which he had Saturday, good enough for anybody. It was from a black cow and makes a very handsome robe. And Dan Fraser has had the hide of one of his big mules tanned, and that, too, makes a good robe. Shadle & Son sent them to Sioux City, where the work was done. Geo. W. Skinner of Bancroft wanted to help Geo. Holloway hold the hose while the water works were tested up in the northern metropolis, but while fooling slipped and feU in such a way as to present the broadest part of his pants to the nozzle. It is said that he considers the Bancroft system perfect and thinks that there is ample pressure in the standpipe. A. L. Seeley has a cane with a history. It is very handsomely carved and was made by a Dakota man for President Cleveland. But just about the time he was ready to send it the president rescinded President Arthur's order opening the reservation and the man got mad and kept his cane, Mr. Seeley's brother came into possession of it and gave it to him. bank; Hawkins & Jones, lawyers; J.H, Warren, UPPER DBS MoittES. This is the full list and of it only Ingham & Smith today live in Aigoaa. With the paper was also a slip written by James Mclntyre, who made the ball, giving the date of his work, June 1, 1873. He was Algona's pioneer hardware merchant, and died a few years later, Farmer Joslyn looked at his pasture on the river bottom back of E. P. Keith's, E. McWhorter's and others not long ago, and sagely concluded from his former experience that the grass crop would be greatly stimulated by a fire. Accordingly one day last week he armed himself with matches and having decided that fire could not run over the short stubble of the adjacent farms, spent some time in firing one whole side of the forty without looking back. At length, however, he straightened up to congratulate himself on the good work he was doing and gazed about. At one place the flames were moving over Keith's land like a race horse, and at another were assailing McWhorter's pasture and pasture fence. From outside sources we learn that Mr. Joslyn's activity in putting out his fire so far surpassed his activity in setting it that the former is hardly worth mentioning. He admits himself that he spent 16 minutes very uncomfortably wieldtsrg hazel brush, his mind conjuring up pictures of buildings and stacks in fliauies up over the hill. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. Ice. Leave your orders at E. J.. Gilmore's, W. A. Ladendorff's, or Wal'ker Bros.' forice.-5t8 ;• PETER WINKEL. VEGETABLES, fresh every morning-, at Langdon & Hudson's.—612 THE union of capital and labor is happily effected by those who invest in such goods as Walker Bros. sell. Invite you to join them in Looking at their stock, There arc nhvays a great many articles f& a grocery store that commend (S) themselves upon examination. You have yotur especial tastes. • We try to comply with the demand The better plan is to come in, on your way to business, and see what the tfo) latest goods are. You are always welcome. The ladies are especially invited. Ladies will find it to their advantage to make frequent calls, whether they ©) have an order in mind or not. ^"^ Walker Bros. f Desire- to be in direct communication with all housekeepers, FURNITURE! W E call especial attention to^ our new Boo»k Racks and Wall Shelves Just the thing for cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. A. M. & G. M. JOHNSON have just received a fine lot of farmers' carriages and surrfys. Can give you a fine bar- gain.-3tf NONE surpass "White Swan" as a bread-maker. Langdoo & Hudson.-6t2 FOK SALE—Full blood Holstein bull. J. J. Wilson.-5H8 At Irvington, Iowa. Strawberries, per cart ioc Blackberries, per can ioc Gooseberries, per can ioc Raspberries, per can ioc SQQTT, W, P., SURQEQN, _^__ T and Marie Nelson, „„, county teachers' association will meet at Bancroft Saturday, May 18. A full programme will be published next week, This should be ae big a gathering as the last one at Algona was. It will be. profitable to all who attend, Eugene Tellies-and Pliae Clark. —getting a patent on a fence e ' have devised ana will take the they get it f BJOQtb wires a, e d /ease. • J4P. Joe Murry oj to. ft goofl As Jas. Warburton and Fred. Friis were comin-? from Germania to AJgona Monday, they caught a young jack rabbit about six inches iong, They didn't pick it up as they would a lost pocketbook, but only after performing the greyhound act with vigor, Friis ran till he had enough and then Warburton took the trail and captured the little racer on a piece of ploughing. Even a little jack rabbit can run, Ex-Senator Ingalls showed his good nature and genial qualities when he learned that the return train on the Milwaukee road had been abondoned and that the people expecting to come for his lecture from the west were left at home, He told the managers to pay all expenses out of the receipts of the house and give him what was left if there was not enough to pay the $200, He got somewhat less than that sum, but left many friends in Algona. Last fall the cyclone took the iron pump out of a 65 foot well on the Du» rantfai'Wi This curious phenomenon has occupied some t,j me Jn Henry Darant's thought, and as he is a careful etudes* of meteorology, hie conclusion is interesting, His theory is that the cyclone, fprmed a vacuum over the well and that the air i« the well shot the pump and tubing out as a cork ie shot out of »n air gun, He gays that corks have been drawn frpqj empty bottles in pyoloaei, aefl that often brick buildings fly. out as though blown up by powder. All this js the reeujt of a Yaouvro be' jog fprme4. In the tin bajj p tt • the .court house ag staff wag fpuad § copy of the of tbe Ajgoaa C na college Baper, Issued, tBCeptewbej-fg^ M<J a recital business $ vm advertising in occur LOOK for strawberries today at the Opera House Grocery. ON account of the G. A. R. encampment at Clinton, Iowa, May 7, 3, and 9, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will run a through sleeping car, leaving Algona at 6 o'olocls p. m., May 6, arriving in Clinton early on morning of the 7th. One fare for ttoe round trip — $2 for sleeping berth. SOMETHING new, "Bramble" pattern crockery at the Opera House Grocery. _ MONEY to loan on long ov short time. Geo. G. Call.-tf Wanted, It will pay every person in Kossuth county who has eggs to sell to consult me. JAMES PATTERSON. LIFE can be just as pleasant as you wish, especially if you buy your supplies of Walker Bros. OPERA House Grocery is the place to find "Economy." HOUSE to rent. F, W. Waterhouse. BUCKLKN'S ABNfCA SALVE, jesuBa'^e >u W>e ".o •<•. "o • b-'ufses. outs, to es i. 1 ••p H M 'fli"n *$?« sores, tetter, o^aopea J9"!,'8 cj> vp •. corns ana all skT e^upt'ons P.PO pos • ' ye wes piles or Pp TO" -requireo . „ -8 g k T,Vp.o teei to give perj eoo satisf aoi/'oo o • money refunded Price 85o a, box, Sold t>y L. A, Sneetz, For Solo, The choicest resident lots in the old college grounds for sale cheap, 3t8 J. J, WILSON, Granulated Sugar, per hundred, 21 pounds G- Sugar for . 23 pounds O Sugar for . 25 pounds Brown Sugar for Eggs, lie. J, B, IL C, J Peaches, per can ........ ____ Tomatoes, per can ......... . ioc Corn, per can Peas, per can $4.50 1.00 1.00 1.00 .Work I the time for poorly greased wagon, - it'? hard on the wng PS, top, Whoa !=Flour Choice Fancy Patent Flonr, per sack, - 80c Choice Full Patent Flour, per sack, - - 75 C Choice White Daisy Flour, per sack, - - 70c Choice Baker's (family) Flour, per sack, 60o Choice Graham, per sack, 12 Ibs,, - - 25 C Choice G-raham, per sack, 24 Ibs., - - 40c Choice Bolted Meal, per sack, 12 Ibs., - 20c Choice Bolted Meal, per sack, 24 Ibs., - 35c EVERY sack warranted equal to or BETTER than any other flour in this market. Every one ought now to use only the flour that is made at home. v FIRE SALE. fe fe$?lp/«l JQ bo.!®? with tbs sM I am going to close out my entire stock of Boots and Shoes regardless of what they cost I r*Q T7A O^r^-l^srl vvvJ^lt 4.1. * J** x 'WVt«m nave sewed with the insurance companii * * let the goods go r At Your Own Price. The goods are bnt slightly damaged, and At Branson's jswslry.stoe. NSURANCE. •if

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