Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 23, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, March 23, 1946
Page 3
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!•"• - m ^ Btondie HOPt STAR, "'" ' ' , n..i By Chick Young MOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, March 23, yoo- woo THERE MUST BE SOMEBODY HOME -THE BATH WATER IS HOT VE SIMPLY GOTTA GET A LOCK FOR THAT , DOOR/J By Galbraith Side Glances I O D E S T M AIIIE Tr.tJenurk R«>j;Uteretl U. ^. r.ttcnt OtTicp P 'J0e8.-194« BV HtA SMWE. INC. T. M. REC. u. S. PAT. PIT. [Qrowl didn't hold me at headquarters, |._J)ut! knew I'd he watched. MI had known what was ahead of I me, I'd have left Libby tang out of this.j S d P< ana rersona Phone 768 Between 9 a. m . and 4 p. m. I Social Calendar NOTICE All Y.W A. members who have not turned MI their Annie ArmslroriK -o/loclni! Please conlnct Alclha Mae Crosby and cln so nl. once. Tuesday, March 26 The Cusmopolitan club will mecl Tuesday. evening ;i( 7:4. r ) a \ n,,, home of Mrs. Lain.-n- Cox with Mrs J-/.VK' Urciwn MS HSKOfia'lu hosloss! 5^' W " P. Harde^ and Family Honorces at Reception Thursday Keverond anil'Mrs. W. I' Hurtle Kree and daughter Sally ;,nd Mrs H, rleureo s molhor. Mrs. Denkeiis,' Il(10l! " " l V ocl '" li011 " l »»C' L '' U " T " T " L "' sd;1 >' ''vr KUCS r lS w ,*i rt i"" lcf ;i1 "if door Mis. Jewell Moore and were - lo the hnnorees bv Mr and Mrs. Frank Rider. About li mem hers of iho church and friends failed dunnR Iho c>eniii!? Mrs. 'Thco Bonds presTded over he nimeli bowl. She was assisted by Mrs. Harry Whit worth, Mrf led Jones. Mrs. Krnest Graham' Ml M ""'•" 1l , 1 , y n » (I Miss Jane Dodds Mrs.. J. K Gorin ;,nd Mrs. Tom charge ° r tlu - man rendered bers. several piano mim- Tn't^i P> ^ itsell> Jr " Hostess To Friday Music Club The Friday Music Club met Fri- t'Vw")"!? '?'• l £° llomi: of Mrs. <-. P. Witsll, Jr. Mrs. W K "vv'liiin presided in the .absence ,,f F he p-cs- the n on . kins and . Chopin. . K1 ', ! ', m , Was . Ilyjill, Mrs Mrs. U. H. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Distance Runners at Oaklawn Dick bv Wat- -os an - h Uik " lil - Coming and Going Mr. and During the social hour Mrs Alva Heyenerson and Mr. Luther Hollo- 3 BIG DAYS SUN.-MON.-TUES. MORE STARTLING THAN "GRAPES of WRATH "Indeed I did get these nylons over the counter—and I've got a sprained wrist to prove it!" ?unny Business By Hershberger - , V<- • ^ ... ••'"•- fti ( jiw c OL////e* place? After all. -that's .what I'm buying the Freckles and His Friends By Blosser <• ; —— Tir y rrr-nrCT. THETROUBLH WITH WOMEN is i YEAH,THEY \]\ TtJPV 1/k.ll-M/ U/fT lAMMT PlATCC J iAAlXC £TAn»~ ' I AND FRECKLES BEGINNING TO WONDER IF THIS ISN'T STRICTLY A WOMAM'S WORLD. TNEV'RE JUST BEGINNING TO REALIZE HOW . THEIR GfEu FRIENDS -LEAD THEM AROUNJD LiKe PUPPIES ON A LEASH »- 3-13 THEY KMOW .WE- wANr DATES MAKE SAPS AMP SO THEY PI-AY HARD ^/ OUT OF US / TO GET .' , and Mrs. Alex Purloll nnd Mrs. Olin Purtell e week end in I .,. Sgt. Hugh Purtell who is there< ' Kennedy Hospital . Miss Rosemary Coop nnd her {ttost. Miss Bubs Johnston of Benlon both students at Henderson State Teachers college. Arkadelphia arrived Friday for a week end visit wilh jVliss Coons' parcnls Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coop here S/Sgt Olin D. Purtell .arrived Ihursdny from Camp Chaffee wne o he was given an honorable discharj-c Irom the armed forces 5/ ,? OI ' V111 « r «r 44 months. S-l in" India"" 0 " 1 ^ m "" lhiS overseas . Miss Beryl Henry has as week end guest her niece, .Mrs. Carl Buck oC Camdcn, Arkansas of three- ISinuha's ,,.;-'"" —---.--.... ^..n,v.itu u hin'Sr.! C)f 1«4i> and holder ol the world's record of 1:40 flat lor a mile and 70 yards. TopwoiHhted at !;>;> pounds with Jimmy Ijohson up, ihe roan gelding was regarded as an al- inofit certain favorite. i nAlK " "»dcr 122 pounds was Carl will' Du 1 uy s Aplckiiocker, a recent arrival jroin California Tho n'ive- year-okl son of Heaping Reward performed impressively last year one of his Iriumpns being scored m Ine San Bernardo Handicap al .Santa Anita. J. C. Mishler's Lights Abeam WHiner of two events here 'al«o was regarded as a factor He ca'r- ned 117 pounds with Don Adams up. Others expected to be in the thick of contention were Henrv Forrest's Plover Brand, winner u"f! three out ol four starts here 144 pounds, with Harold Wallace' rid- 1 ing. F. and R. Mavigliano'.s Rock- wod Lou, 110. with Bobbie Bern hard up; Mrs. L. H. Thompson', Jacahtos 113, ridden by Wendell Eacts, ancl.b. L. Boytj , s Aiusu,,,u, Others in the strong field were Porl M' BHrUniJ ' Princc Vil ° Ulld V. Twilight captured the featured fifth race yesterday, paying q\;i 70 to win. Sne was timed over lh , T" ••• ""-uui iy .-, i/u | las •••..e and a sixteenth distance in been given an honorable discharge J, : .!;H' Arr ! f l lk . :1 w; 's second and Communiques James A. McLarty S 1/C has from the Navy Separation Centei in Memphis after servinf ten months, with-five months sea duly '" th " Pacific. His parents. Mr* and Mrs. J A. McLarty and his wife, Muriel, reside in Hope. James Henry Simms Phm 2'C has been discharged from the Navv at Ihe Navy Separation Center at Norman, Okla., after serving 15 months sea duty h, the Pacific theater and holds the Asiatic-Pac- uic Hibbon, Piifpi c Hc'irl -mri Good Conduct Medal. M A T ' ,, 0sl)orn - SM2/C. son of r?h' i^' B - A0sbll '-»- "f a03 Wes fi h Hope. Ark. is relumim? lo the .slates aboard the USS Korshaw a ship ol the "Masic Carpet" Heel.^wh.ch left Okinawa March 2 and is expected to arrive in San Francisco about March 18. The USS Kershaw is one of the many attack transports of the powerful U. S. Navy which maiiv tamed a continuous supply line as ounr forces drove deeped and deeper into enemy territory. Clear-field. Utah—The following enlisted Navy personnel, formerly from this area, recently wasl discharged from -the Navy via the U n> I ?? V £J, Bnr .'' a[ - k *< Naval Supply Depot; Clear-field, Utah- S 1/C Newt Secresl. 517 South Hervcy St.. Hope, Arkansas. o- John Wilson, Hope, on Honor Roll af State University Gal Ann third. to Shrine Bur JUST' WAIT TILL WE GET TO 6EMEN-- --THESJ WE'LL RUT THEM 1(0 .TUBE-. PLACES! WOMPR' HOW UOMG THAT TAKeS? LETS ASK. POP' ^WhenJie^aysltire:cou3" objects' lie"? Popeye DO YOU WAMT TO SEE ME ABOUT j SOMETWIN&. SON ? Thimble theater I DON'T BOTHER Out Our Way B ASAINST popeye rr ^--— c ^i AM?? By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople BA6, Mf>30fe ? i UK.B TO /gftg&Wgj COUNTER. STOOL f ^r^&fcfcr- l-'-T^.i-f^a'?:£.-. &•?& (PEOPLE ARE <3TILU BORM fHIRTV VEAR.S TOO SOOM " ec> \*jft TAKE A LETTER PLEASE, MISS LANG. *MR.VIC FLINT REQUESTS THE PLEASURE OF MISS LANG'S COMPANY IN A LITTIE PUB CRAWLING TONIGHT? 3 had $500 of not very clean money. Either I'd earn it or I'd give it back. J BUT WHOSE J MONEY IS IT ? MAY8E THIS IKON CHARACTER DICE MENTIONED CAN CLEAR THINGS UP. DICE OWNED Y SPEAK SOFTLY, THIS PLACE, [LIBBY.THESE WAILS YOU KNOW. 1 HAVE EARS. MR. FLINT, THIS IS SO SUDDEN/ V'SEE, TON I... AFTER . . .... _ EVA THEY MUSfrt PARKED HER SOME PLACE TIU. THIN<?5 . ETEPKWW, LATER, VALK WENT BACK ANW GOT HER 50 THEV'RE NOT TALKIM6 ABOUT WHERE SHE THAT TWO YEAS-- = I'LL TEU. YOU APT6R I CO A LITTLE^ FUSTHERM03E 1 LIKELV U nricK i uu* /*t ill IUR^V ', BAee>..Pur wowpvou LIKE il TMflT iartn i/ml> funtfS TO STEP INTO THflT $t\&0 KIP'S 5H0K? Y0UNS REMEMBER HE SAID HE'D DROP A SMCX6 BO,V\8,TO (5UIPE 05 TO THE SPOT WHERE HE COUUP UANP. THERE IT IS-.C'A\ON WE'VE FOUND eer AWAy...st*< OUT A ME-XE PAST/ THlf )•',»% FEMALE FISUKE!.' I WANT JUNIOR, AMP LEFT wy RIFLE IN V'V 1 ^ THE PLANE//_<->* - 1 \' - '• CHANCE, SJOKUHY AMD THE 'OTHERS HAVE LEFT THEIR SHELTER TO REACH NO-YOUNG MAN-WE HAVEN YOUR UOST AND FOUND any dozen run-of-the- studio Academy award winners?!" LOS" AN FOLJ/; NOW cVERVSODV TA<£ IT EA-SV 1 COMIN6 HERE /THAT'S THER5 WOULDN' SE so MUCH you COULD USE ANOTH PAIR OP HANDS, WOULD ',7 T, 'Head line Bands" Betty Mutton-Vincent Lopez, MORNIN6 DOCTOR £> \ OU&WTA P5 6ET STARTED •••AND TO WORK, HC/JIT Carol Bruce 'Jimmy Porsey J>titf! J 3 BIG DAYS Sunday • Monday • Tuesday VOhKi\TOlV\9t 1 . RomancinpHis Way thru fro/ice with the Army of 0((upation! HEREAFTER I'M 5IR 04kX KIWtf WALL RIGHT- ••). ARTHUR WAKITS iTHAklKS/ S( YOU AT THE e^b^s^-reSTy ' R1DPAUCE, MAGIC AM' LEAVE ATOMS XILOKJE/ WHEW THET WHALE JUMPED BACK IKITO TH' SEA, HE TOOK ALL TH'ATOM 1C CASTLE RIGHT W->1 ' RED RYDER " tfM THERE J VELLIOUD, SHERIFF/ I'LL WIGGLE fAT SCALP TILL i GET m HAT LOOSE, /w THE r 1VE GOT ANOTHER lOEA.RUBK'/ Hot Srings. March 23 — (/P) — Eleven of the ben! distance per- lorinei s quar|ered Park wen; scheduled I today in the $r.,(l()0 added handicap, mile and a feature. Outslanding in the field year-olds and up was Al DOROTHY DIX Trial Divorce Law I have Ions contended that one 11 of the crying neeus of this country is for a trial divorce law, and ....,.<,in,.- ,„:!•- thai if every disgruntled husband at Oaklawn and wife were issued a matrimonial o fight it out 'ram check, instead of bein^ given Oaklawn | a decree absolute, there would be fewer permanently broken up homes and less, domestic misery. Especially is such a law ncod"d .lust now when the soldiers are returning from the war and thousands ol married couples, who have been parlc-d for no long that they think they have ceased to love each other. ;ire keeping the divorce courts working over time. H IK easy to see why, 'in their iirsl disillusion in meeting after a Ions abscence from each other, a , , vll „, wife may . . Each ha 1 hey have acquired new tastes, new points of. view? that clash. Above all, they had expected to have a second honeymoon and., ala.s, youthful romance docsn I repeat, itself DIVORCE NO SOLUTION So they snap their marriage bonds in the fond belief that thev •will be perfectly happy 1 if (hey are reed Irom their old mates' and that they will find divorce a panacea for all their woes. But this does, not happen. Divorce- works no miracles. And what th'e hu.s- bands and wives need who have gotten on each other's nerves'is not 10 part Joruver, bul. just to separate long .enough- !o got a new perspective on each other . And, above all. soldiers Or civil- inns, lor both suffer from the same delusion that, a divorce decree is a passporl to the islands of the bleated they need to go through a trial divorce and- find out what I J ' S .''° y llke ' For it>iK "o picnic hideous and a cruel experience, filled wilh loneliness and despair and regrets, and probably (he-re is not one person in a hun- clrerl who has gotten a divorce does not wish they had endured Ihe ills they had, instead of flying to those .they knew not of. Especially are women sold on Ihe theory that if they could discard the husbands with whom they are bored they would no longer be mir die-aged women, tied down with children and housework, but miraculously changed into debutantes who live -a gay and exciting life, and iiave scores of wealthy suitors sighing at i'neir feet. Hence when their Toms, Dicks, or Harrys are a little grouchier than usual, or say meaner things up coffee, they pack and go home to ...„ , —v. .. L .^ for a divorce on the itiT.unds of cruel and inhuman treatment.. But. alas and alack, they do not fmd the life of the divorcee the paradise they expected it to be. When a girl gets married her family expect hor to slay married anct they put no welcome on the doormat when she returns home with her brood. Nor are eligible men clamoring to marry grass- widows with ready-made families. And while her friends "poor Mary" her for not being able to get along with her husband, they also feel hat it she had had good, hard horse sense she wouldn't have given up a husband who was a good provider because he no lon- "jer thrilled her Page Thr«« Rail Earnings Said Too Low for Skill Chicago, March 22 — (/P)— An economist testifying for two mil ro-ad brotherhoods (old an emergency fact finding board today that average hourly earnings for railroad transportation employes were among the lowest in the country for skilled and semi-skilled workers. Henry P. Melnikow, consulting economist for the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, asserted hourly earnings of railroad workers, which ranked third in 1930, dropped to 20th place in 1945 and now "are almost at the bottom of the heap." Melnikow presented his testimony before a three man board considering the brotherhoods demands for a wage boost of S2.50 a day and revision of some 45 working rules. A second board hearing demands of the Brotherhoods of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, the Or- —. •.••***tvt4iiti. v^^i.\vv:.uiCi A preview of divorce would save I Romans 14:8. -o- — . - „ . >-i. Y «j i v, v, vv u u 1 1.1 o i.1 V U many n marriage from goiiig on the rocks and prevent thousands of little helpless ch.'rdren from being nali-orphancd. ° (Bell Syndicate, Inc.) by Haze! Heidergott Covingion. Tenn., March 2 11 — UP i— Minnie Kose Webb sped toward SI. Louis a board nor ' dream train" today with childish confidence thai the doctors al the Shrine hospital w o u 1 d restore i-lrength t u her withered k>j<V " "Daaoy ill be walking when I come back," the frail. 14-year-old ! Liipple whispered to Her faliiur ;is ' sne was carried into the swankiest drawing room of the Illinois Ccn tral s Chickasaw Limited "I hate lo see her ;;o " her father .lake Webb, said as he kissed her goodbye, "but if .she comes back all nght I guess we can make out. Her mother's eyes were brimming with tears as she carried Min me Rose to the drawinif room uo im inirr her n^nv l 'fr r icn 1 d ei ' S on' Ci *'"" •''°' n "'"* ^' friend. You are always welcome. OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE Rev. John J. Boyce Mass every Sunday—10:30 Week-day Masses—7:30 Stations of the Cross every Wednesday, evening—7:30. Rosary and Litany of th.e B.V.M. every Sunday evening at 8:00, followed by Benediction. ... ,"Jf we live, we live to the Lord, or if wo dje A we die to the Lord." invitation to To all a cordial worship with us. John Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs John L. Wilson. 802 East Tlmd street, made the honor roll for Ihe Kill semester at the College ol Ar s and Sciences, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Mr ' Wilson, a senior in the college and also a student in the School of Lavs' is the first person from Hempstead county to enroll'in the university under the Gf Bill of rights. distress 666 Liquid or Tablets —- as a mild .Laxative and get at C.ola Miseries internally 666 Nose Drops or Salve begins 'to' relieve stuffiness and coughing AT . makes it easier to breathe. y Works Groal and works last KHas solicited millions. K' Purest drugs yel inexpensivo compare results CouliGn Ure only as directed Minnie Rose will be met in SI Louis by the Imperial Potentate of. the Shnners. William Woorifield Ji., ol Snn Francisco, who will take 'her to the hospital •: The little »irl was so excited she could hardly talk but she laughed ^CHOCU.V wueu me train pulled into S,, Uny Cation at Rialto. -the irain stopped especially for Minmo R osc shortly aftor mid . lvv ,, din-in'''' | . "'I S ' le (Jl ' cameci j 1 would I had the froiH 1C poreh'"of h'ei'" n!mi S hom" ' "*"*" and wavwl to the trainmen About 200 neighbors and friends THE STORY: Colin decides he needs a vacation from writing and takes Ann on a trip of exploration throuah the great Drake enterprises. Then they go on to Seattle for a few days XVIII Jt was fun living in a hotel—Ann never had. before. It was fun looking up old school friends -and inviting them to lunch with her —and more fun to be grand and impressive as Mrs. Colin Drake Ann was very careful to choose the more literary of hor friends so her casual references to Colin i and his books would not be lost ! It was fun dropping into bookstores where she had spent countless hours as an intelligent but undistinguished buyer, -and have Colin introduce her lo the attend- fell on him with loud ---. "I'd find herself treated wilh a new kind of respect Their last night j n town —although Ann had no idea it would be their last night, "when thev started out— they met, Connie and Davey at -a dine and dfmoe spot north of the city. Ann, with more new clothes than she knew whai to do wilh, had changed her min. 7 three limes about what dress she would wear, and ended up by wearing the dusty-pink dress she Jock's wedding—be- Cn|iyri K li| Macnic-Smilli-Co. t, DLslribuM by_NEA SERVICE. IN' a little chichi, isn't the orchestra divine, how's your love life, and don t you think I look elegant in the old sackcloth I was wearing °"..w ,*'>',. vou broke my heart? Want to dance- 1 " Jock.asked She weighed the two'possibili- ties both undesirable. Still it would probably be easier lo retain what little sanity she had left if she wasn't in his arms. "No, thank >ou. Do you ever think'about me when I rn not there, how do you like being married to a wealthy gir , aren't you ever nice and silly and to hell with the consequences any more? "I suppose," Jock began, a little your forgiveness for the other day* Ann. I did act like an awful ass I guess —but Nina and I had been having a row for a couple days on end,, and I guess I'd been drink- than was good for me—" FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Minister The South Wide Presbyterian Hour, over 38 radio stations at T.M to 3 a.m., message this Sunday by Dr. Patrick D. Miller of San Antonio, Texas. Sunday School —9:45 a.m., classes for all age groups. Morning Worship—10:55, message by the Pastor. All who have not as yet made pledges to the Church for the new Church Year are asked to do so this coming Sunday. Place your pledge- card in the offering this Sunday. Vesper Service—5 p m Young Peoples' Meeting— 0:15 We cordially invite you to worship with us. FIRST CHRISTIAN William P. Hardegree, Pastor Church School—9:45 a.m. Lloyd Coop, Supt Classes for all ages. Morning Service—10:50 a.m. The Morning worship, The Holy Communion and sermon by the pastor Young People Fellowship —6-00 p.m. Evening Service—7:30 p.m. Sermon by the pastor. You are cordially invited to worship with us. was wearing lier. So they wish her luck. her new yellow coat and proudlv pointed to her new blue silk dress shpcrs and blue socks as pholo- graphers snapped her picture Her brown hair was tied up in blue and white ribbons. She was almost as excited about the prospects of the train ride, her "Why, it rides when were he first met rather late in like a car e lmin * whl, \\'; 1S ,' nl j noia Central trainmen \Mio made her trip to Si Louis possible. They had noticed 'that she always waved to them from the porch of her home insload of ruii [ demar day John McNamara a again reight train conductor, stopped his lesslv, the Webb farm u, se t. ac- Ann and just getting up to dance." Thev paused to greet them, and Davey informed them that dinner had had joined them, wasn't that nice" Ann smiled at N.na, who had bobbed her hair and was wearing U rather long, nnd curled at the ends. She decided she was just another pretty gh-J. instead of'be- ing the distinguished bc-auty she had been with Jong hair. Nina looked ii )? ut Colin, and said. wilh •Might I point out that you have thrco years the result of enough They had' never had money lo send her lo a f£,. SCO if a " ".I 1 " 1 '" 1 ' 011 would make hei walk again, they explained A lew days later McNamara again stopped his train in front'of I the U'ebb home. This lime he brought a wheel chair for Minnie Rose, Ihe gift of 1C trainmen I won't doing his tonight," her hand sal down dance with Jock animal imitations Nina .said care- on Colin's arm. rather hastily, .t all you utter idiot, oh my heavens, Jock, damn your beauii- A , c ?,' what ls wro »g with us? And then the others were re- luining to the table, and the awful nightmarish quality left and she was laughing and talking nv,vL V; W0re P ert ' ectl y normal maybe that was what life was like, going along all nice and smooth and perfect and suddenly exploding a bombshell in your face. Between the cocktail and C ^ ^ oup ,. sho da "ced with Colin and he didn't talk at all and she was deeply grateful. Between the soup and the salad she danced vt h Davey, and he said, "Sorry .as hell, Ann. ft wasn't our idea But they came in and Nina saw us ^" ' U ;JUSt devcl °Ped into a - your t him ' Colin. The or- play, .and Ann aVO a c'S^'l- -smiled at cheslra started lo said, "Do you 1 Jock?" "Forgive me," Jock said, prof- "-nng his case—a slender gold ,- •.•*>;> ° ne > Ann noted, and remembered hospnantht^ crumpled packs he used lo '.'.u'W $l d Nin;l lrlcan - Jock?" -rllln; (Jh . . . njp; niifJ ho'i >• chiefly, I imagi!,e-al S o ganc e,- ai.d mule, probably." Ann didn't say anything She Milled a little in her chair rcsi- litss y. What did one talk '-about lo lie man one had been in love \\iin lor years? Your wife should have left her hair long, she" looks nn - it>s not fnlly Smll ° d ' When she danced with Jock later, she felt like a too U«hUy strung violin. "Relax, darlin' " he mirmured.into hor ear, and 'then w h seeming diabolic intent the were dimmed, and Jock «» lll « 1 and pressed his cheek hers, and she shut her T^ llsTtel ? ed lo hor hca "- bLats Then Jock said, "Let's ao outside Ann," and Ann, so S en- Mbly she could scarcely believe it svered ^ 7'° was talking, an- table"' g ° back to tlle in .all the evening was not unqnahlied success. Drivin" to the hotel, through the that was crisp and cold and , dark, Ann huddled low in the scat, the collar of her coat around her cars. Sho sat close ul Si "wh^i- 1 ' 0 k °? 1 b ° !h h ands C on f flv -^w -/" 1UI Ann s:lid hand, Colin?'' J '° U cvcn hold He looked at her swiftly, lo cry*"' 1 ' " ln hiS ' Alln The next morning they packed up and returned to Port Drake (To Be Continued) CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grady Streets Waymon D. Miller, Minister Bible Classes—9:45 a m Morning Worship—10:45 a.m Brother John Cannon, a recent graduate of Harding College, will preach at the morning service Young People's Meeting — 6-45 p.m. Evenihg Service —7 p.m. Sermon by Brother Miller on "Future He- cognition." This sermon involves such questions as will we know one another in heaven? Mid-Week Service, Wednesday — 7 p.m. On Thursday and Friday nights of -next week (March 28-29) . a religious discussion will be held in our Church building beginning .at 7:30 o'clock. Bro. Miller will affirm that there will be a future judgment for every man at. the Lord's return. Marshall Conner, Leachville, Arkansas, will -deny this, and affirm that there will be no future judgment, bul that all pt man s judgment occurs during his lifetime. The public is cordially invited to these discussions No collections will be taken All an bad: night, very FIRST METHODIST Pine at Second Robert B. Moore, Pastor Church School— 9:45 a m Morning Worship — 10:50 am Special music: "I Walk Today Where Jesus Walked." Sermon by pastor. J Youth Fellowship — 6'30 p m Evening Worship — 7:30 'p.ni Sermon by pastor. Choir Practice, Wednesday — 7:30 p.m. J then EMMET METHODIST C. D, Meux, Pastor The pastor will preach at Hollv Grove at 9:30 a.m. and at 7 p.m Sunday, and at DeAnn at 11 a.m' Plans are being made lo organize a , Sunday School at the DcAnn Methodist Church and all who are interested are urged to be present at 11 a.m. Sunday. tier of Railway Conductors and (he switchmen's Union of North Amcr: ca (AFI.,) heard its last witness oday. The latter hearing, concerned ivifh the demands for a wage increase of $2.50 a dn.v, but not involving rules revisions, adjourned Jntil Monday when final arguments will be made. o 5 Schools Threaten Oklahoma A. M'"s Grappling Crov/n Stillwater, Okla., March 23 —(/P) — Five schools threatened Okla- •ioma A. and .M.'s hold on the MCAA wrestling crown today as semifinals opened at the associa- ion's first mat tournament since 1942. Semifinals were scheduled this afternoon in all eight weights nd finals and consolations were uiHI an won convm Michigan Stale had I in the semifinals, c set for tonight. ' The Aggies, who have won 13 of the 15 NCAA (ournamentsr sent six contestant into the semifinals but three advanced by virtue of. byes and had not been tried on the mat. Iowa Slate Teachers, however, moved four men to the semifinals and all won convincing' victories. ~ '"" J four wrestlers — „, one bv a bycj Indiana had four, and Illinois and Michigan each had three. BANK GETS CHARTER Litlo Rock, March 21 — Op)— The Merchants and Planters Bank of Newport was granted .a charter by the Stale Banking Commission yesterday. The bank will 'start business with $75,000 capital and $25,000 surplus. The commission rejected .the application of the Citizens National Bank of. Ashdown for a license, contending that addition-" al banking facilities there were unnecessary. I DINE AT THE CHECKERED Bring the Family CHEF LEON LADD MENU FOR SUNDAY CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS CREAMED PEAS STEWED CORN SNOWFLAKE POTATOES DESSERT . . . PEACH COBBLER \ DRINK —COFFEE or MILK CHECKERED CAFE "It Pleases Us to Please You" Hope Phone 250 Ark PARTS LARGEST STOCK IN'ARKANSAS New and Factory Rebuilt MOTORS installed in One Day • Gallon Dump Bodies ''• ® Nabor's Trailers ^ ^ ® Ford Ferguson Tractors ® Tulsa Winches • Wayne School Bus Bodies • Superior School Bus Bodies « Eaton 2 Speed Axles / TRUCKS WE HAVE IT — CAN GET IT — / OR IT ISN'T MADE ! ! ' ~fT Phone 77 JACK COOPER Parts Manager Prescott, Ark. —««••»»••••••• News of the Churches M^o|^fe-plLl WILLS FIRST PENTECOSTAL West 4th and Ferguson Streets T. J. Ford, Pastor Sunday School—0:45 a.m. C Howe, Supt. Mornim; Services—11:00. Pentecostal Gleaners—G-3o" Night Service—7:00 Friday, Bible Study—7:30 You are only a stranger nl. the First Penleci Lome Sunday and bring p.m. p.m. your for pen and pencil 1'lus Fed. TJX Don't miss this chance to "pick up" one of these handsome, modern sets. Magic Feed prevents . flooding or leaking . . . Magic I'oini is so smooth you can't even hear it ; write. Matching Featherweight Repeater K-ncil feeds new leads automatically. Stewart's Jewelry Store First National Bank Bldg. National Bank Hope, Ark. PHU BAKER CBS SUNDAY NIGHTS > IN"TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT", GOOD FOOD IS ESSENTIAL TO GOOD HEALTH We Specialize in ... • Choice Steaks • Chicken • Veal Cutlets • Fancy Salads GOOD COFFEE AND SOFT DRINKS AT ALL TIMES DIAMOND CAFE HERMAN SMITH, Owner Phone 82 2 Hope, Ark. To The STARTING-MONDAY, 25,1946 We will Grind all feeds, except Sorghum Cane and Corn Stalks. ' *• We will have plenty • Fresh Ground CORN MEAL (Both White and Yellow) We have a complete stock of • PURINA FEEDS and Plenty of • BABY CHICKS (Most all the heavy breeds) SUPPLY(0 Phone 25 Lester Huckabee Hope, Ark,

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