The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 24, 1895 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1895
Page 6
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HOB®*! AMONA. IOWA. 'ipKU/M, . aag^Kg.jjg.y A^-,. .«,_., J .». J m-,«»r J .»M^-^.ii~.... .J ,..-.,.„«-.--», -,.„ «.»»-. «K..«(««««.«B»»i»nJa»^ Jfn .. vit was toward Ihe eltfsd t»f I cold day In Jflntiftfy, the 4302 frofh New tttffc hftd just frftul with a stiort of contehipt At the little town of ttondcntttllie, fttk the cofrimtitera who alighted ffom It turned their troiisrt-s iip nbot* their ' ftiikles and iittttoned tip their overcoats Srttigly rtcross the dreary c.tpnhse of fields and ill-paved streets beyond which shone the cheerful lights of their homes. Alnonp these passengers was ft tall, spore man, with a serious fftce and n long goatee, who wore a i-ather seedy ulster and carried a large • uial-ket basket ott his arni. tte sighed wedHly as he beJit his steps towards Ihe Interesting exnirtple of owu-your- own-lioinc architectttre in which he lived, nnd as lie ascended the steps the wind moaned sadly through the wooden filigree Work that adorned the porch, while the hall windows, bright with colored papers pasted over the panes in Imitation of stained glass, rattled With suburban glee. (Mice Inside Ills snug, Warm study, where a fire was binding on the hearth and the light wns shilling cheerfully from a lamp with red hoopskirts over it, the commuter deposited his basket on the table and wink, with a sigh of relief, Into the big leather easy chntr. The room was filled with implements of his ci-Jift and so great was the vnr- ioly of articles displayed that but. fOW laymen would have been nble to guess what trade It was that claimed this, sad-faced man's labor. A disjointed stove-pipe stood in a cor nor by the fire-place, bits of fresh orange and banana peel rested on the table, the mantel-piece had for its principal ornament a stufl'crt yellow • dog that had evidently seen much hard service, and a dozen wooden maniilkens. bearing such labels as "Mother-tn-Law." "Plumber," "Vassal- Uirl," "Young Husband," and "Office Hoy" sat in a serious row on an old horso-halr sofa. The sad faced' man was William Walnut, tho well-known professional humorist and as he opened his "bosket a.nd took from it a number of packages contafiling jokes, poems, ballads, short stories and other literary wares, lie uttered a sepliulcliral groan of despair, for these were fhe uilsalablo goods which had boon returned to him that day from the various newspapers and publishing otiiccs which lie had visited lu the course of his regular weekly trip to the city. The door opened and a graceful woman with a sad, care-worn face <-unio toward 'him with outstretched arms: "My dear one." she cried, tenderly, "you look disheartened; was your trip to the city a failure?" "Alas, .Tane," responded her husband with something like a sob in his voii-r, "although I tramped the street <>!' thu si-eat town all day with my basket on my arm, I mot nothing but disappointment, on every hand, and I have come back as heavily laded as I wc-ut mid infinitely more depressed in spirits. It. seems-to me that: the demand for jokes, poems, mother-in-law idyls, stove-pipe pastorals and bauana- pwl fantasies has ceased forever and I iviilly do not see how wo are going to get '.-through the winter." "William," said his wife, bravely, '"there was a gentleman here to-day who wishes to buy—I scarcely dare tell you of it, but I feel that there is nothing else to bo done. It will break Hie children's hearts—" '•Surely, Jaue," cried tho husband, "you do not mean that you think of parting with our faithful Shadrach?" "I do," rejoiued his wife, firmly but sadly. "Tins? gentleman was passing the house and saw Shadrach sitting in customary place in the fence corner, eating his noonday shavings. To uiy surprise he came in and offered to buy him for $100 explaining that he was In need of a good family goat with long gray whiskers and that he liaff not seen any one among the many which he had looked at which could •compare iu point of quaint beauty, keen sense of humor and docility with our own dearly beloved beast." "What does he want, him for?" demanded William, suspiciously. "1 suppose he w a rival humorist—" "Xo, William I am sure you arc • mistaken, for he wore a beautiful suit of black broadcloth and a cluster diamond pin. In fact, he told me him- solf that he was the proprietor of that: big factory 'whose tall chimneys can 1m seen from our room." Tho following morning fhe stranger appeared and, the bargain having been made, Hie faithful Shadrach was dragged, iu spite of his resistance, through tho front jjato while the children clung to him with sobs and cries and 1he mother watched them tearfully from the porch. "Poor Shadrach," exclaimed William ,thut afternoon, '-1 really don't see how " I shall bo able to get along without him. What the compass js to the mariner, the cold deck io tho poker Khai'k, iho dyed mustache to the bunco sU'erei 1 , the goal is to the American joke-maker, Tie is the corner stoue of our national humor. You may traco his influence in tho pages of every comic newspaper in Ihe loud, and Jf h)s whiskered, tribe were to become extinct Js that tho whole profession , of fim<nmklng would disappear from 'the ftu-o of the earth, like tho ropula* • lion of a police captain in the fierce , wjjlte light of Iho J^oxuw investigation," - ( "Pupal" screamed Tummy, from the V,.front window, "here comes »Shadrach 1 • hoine again." -And there, sure enough, ; ' was ihe worthy goat, accompanied by , t ,Jils new owner. ••• "The entire Waluul family rushed ' r Jnto Ihe frpjit yard to #lvo the waiiflor- ,>$r pr.'Jipftrty wejcojue, The stranger blW JvllU q, , — nftd iWUhxlea Iftt6 house with the children at his t-eajifjgarai with half a Sleets of white papef in his Month and tootlf ht them to Ms h6w owner. "Shadrach"' cried Willlfttn sternly "how often have I forfclddett you to touch any of my papers on my desk? G1V6 me those Jokes this mittute!" ".tokesf" cried the stranger, as he took the papers from the goat's mouth and examined them eagerly. "You deal In jokes, sir?" "1 make ihem, sir, AS a means of livelihood," replied William Walnut, "and Shadrach has often evinced & hunger for them that was nothing short of cannibalistic, as many of them were of his own species." "These are very excellent Jokes, indeed," continued the stranger, critically examining the piece of papcr t While the Intelligent goat regarded him with a keen delight portrayed on ids mobile features. "I hold a diploma as a master-joker." replied William, Modestly* "Excuse me," continued the stranger, "may I ask if you are of sober, Industrious habits?" "I am, sir," replied William proudly. "Then," said the other, "how Would you like to take a position as foreman in my factory?" At these words Shadrach began to bound In the air with delight, greatly to the surprise of William, who made answer. "But, I am not a mechanic, sir; I am only a humorist." "My dear sir, that tall building which you see over yonder is a literary factory In which both prose and verse are constructed and wo have lately added a large and well appointed humorist department, for the purpose of supplying all the honor for the :,the place of fore- ma u In that department is yours If you will take it." William Walnut accepted the offer of the kind manufacturer in the broall- ;loth suit, and was placed at once In charge of the humorist department In which nearly two score of horny-handed verse aud joke makers arc kept constantly at work. His wages are large, and his home contains many comforts and luxuries which AVOI-C unknown when he did nothing but piece work and took his wares to the city every week iu a market basket. As for Shadrach, the devoted quacl- •upecl, to whom the humorist owed ils good fortune and the manufacturer ils faithful and exemplary foreman, le sleeps In a carved oak box stall, and has his whiskers trimmed once a nonth by a French barber and frequently lunches off Cheret posters. Best of all, lie is still tenderly loved by Mrs. Walnut and her children, whom he visits at their pretty little loino nearly every fair Sunday.—Tho ropeka Daily Capital. VERY AXC1ENT FOSSILS. Fairly Well I'l-oncrvcd Fonxll ShellM Found in Hoekn Tliiit Muy Antedate Life. A large number of fairly well pre- icrved fossil shells have recently been 'ound In rocks so'ancient that they vero supposed until recently to be de- •oid of all remains, of organisms, and lei-haps to antedate all life on this Mirth. This discovery will assist In he classification of rocks and the nmp- >mg of the earth's surface, but it has •till a greater interest in connection with the 'theory of the development. 3 evolution of life, for, strangely enough, the shells Jn question are ailed in the closest manner to species low living iu countless myriads, al- hough the rocks in which they are 'iitombed are probably not. less than score of millions of years old. Even ait that remote'period, long bo- ore the coal measures, aud relatively icar the '-epoch at which the earth be- ame habitable, there were many spe- ies, many allied genera, descended roiii still more remote common ances- ors. Their descendants, on the other land, -have adhered closely to the .ypes established so long ago—no loubt because they were well adapted o an environment which has under- 'oneMUtle change. These fossils arc not large, or they night have boeii found before; in fact, hey can only bo scon clearly with the lighor powers "of the microscope, 'hoy' are globular, slllcious and cov- red with the radiating spines which mve given them their name of radio- aria; Their modern representatives are somoAvhat larger, for they can ometlmes be. seen Avith a good lens, aid they Jive on the surface of tho X'oan, far from land. Whore the aui- nals die their flinty shells fall slowly o the bottom, and, accumulating here, form a chief constituent, of tho iiaterlai brought to the surface by the deepest soundings. The beds in which the shells have IOAV been found by Mr. Barrels and ils pupil, Mr, Cayoux, arc among the nirliest rocks certainly deposited from vater, and the, group IK called the \lgonkian. The discovery will give n IOAV impulse to the use of the micro- icope, ami most of the work on the or- janic remains of tho very old rooks vili probably be done .with that instrument,—Cosmopolitan. m TIiu UJKJiJ(>- l»AY UP. Court 3Iu«t DC "This Bull," sum the rural justice, "Is for breach of tiio premises. It appears to the court that he promised the widder la marry her, an' then run off with the postmistress?" "Yes, sir," said tho weeping widow, "that he aid," "jJaWff, collect $10 out o' the wid* aor for Jnterrjjptiu.' the court. Is the postiuisU'Pss present 1 /" "No, sir," si<e'8 MI k©i' hoReyjwQou," wjjth a' st«rapa out ^' her - ' <&*?»•» THE AfMJWA SHOW, If WILL fcfefffAtNLV §fs SMALL AFFAIR. the frol* Southern CltJ- is Already taking «ft Airs Similar t« those fct- hlbltetl In Chicago i>Hor to the World's fnlr. (Atlanta Correspondence.) &E SITE SE- lected for thfe Atlanta exposition is a natural amphi< theater Inclosing about 189 acres, two miles or so from the center o£ the city and in the di rectlon that the wealthy folk are following in choosing their building sites. Peachtree street is the fashionable thoroughfare, and for a mile or more is lined on either side with fine houses. Some of thefn are set in the midst of handsome grounds, which is no idle thing In this southern country, where the soil does not encourage landscape gardening and the hot summer sun bursts out on the grass roots. The governor's mansion occupies a sightly corner and is a spacious structure of brick; but the hotels and shops and boarding houses are treading closely on its heels and Its most noteworthy neighbors now are the Capitol cl.ub and an old-fashioned frame structure with a portico of long slim pillars, In which 3en. Sherman resided when he visited this city In 1S64. It Is a boarding house no\y. The finest house on the street ivas designed by a young native archi- :ect, Avho Avas elected to make the plans for the exposition art gallery and is regarded as an architectural genius. It s built of a pinkish-gray stone, and la' exceedingly effective In its tasteful sim- waf and fefUnder! B* ftft Act 6f A year of BO Since. The jftoftej* e-i fuilded ft&B in eXcesS o* the dlaiSilf oi those who frald it thirty,, fears a£o, and the balance is to be efcfceftded iti 6e* curing an exhibit to Illustrate the resources of the state. but this meager contribution is hot diie to parsimony alone. The constitution of Geoi-gia specifies the objects tot •which revenues raised by taxation may be exp'ended, afid expositions do hot ajv pear in the list. That Is the reason, they explain, why Georgia was not represented at the Columbian exposition. A bill Was introduced ih the legislature for a state building and exhibit, and a. committee sent to Chicago returned with a favorable report, but the oppsltlofl Invoked the constitution, and the point of order was sUtalhed. There was plenty of time to report a constitutional amendment for the Atlanta exposition, but It would probably have been reject" ed at the polls, for there is considerable Jealousy concerning Atlanta enterprise among the MVal cities of the state, arid the rural population is not very broadminded. The Midway plalsance Is to be repeated here with mahy additions and Improvements, Magenbedk is coming with his animal show; there is to be 6, Cairo village, Chinese and Japanese villages, a Mexican village, a Guatemala village and several other ethnographical exhibits that were not seen at Chicago. The amusement features are to be more extensive, also than they were Avith us, with plenty of music and motion and merriment. Edmund A. Felder, Avho was an assistant in the department of admissions at Chicago, has charge of the concessions, AVhlch are to be'managed upon a somewhat different plan. Those which are not easily regulated and upon which the percentages would be difficult to collect, are to be sold outright at auction, Avith a minimum price and a space rental for the number of square feet occupied, Avhlle the percentage plan is to be applied only to such as charge an admission fee. The soda Avater fountains are charged $1,000 each, and: the /~ SHERMAN HEADQUARTERS. illcity. The house belongs to Mr. S. M. nman, who may be termed the first Itlzen of Atlanta, and buys and sells more cotton, I believe, , than any man n the world. Peachtree street Is decorated by a. trol- ey, which turns off at the right after he fine houses are passed, and heads down a broad highway to Piedmont jark. It Is the only means of reaching he exposition grounds at present, but I am told there will be half a dozen itreet car lines to the gates before Sep- ember, and the Southern railway, vhose tracks pass the grounds, expect o furnish all the transportation needed or a 5-cent fare. Piedmont park was an old fair ground and race track, and .here was an exposition there also In 888, which Mr. Klmball managed, and vhlch President CleA'eland opened with some ceremony. It Is a pit, or a pocket, n the hills, but the steep bluffs are jelng shoveled away and graded down )y a lot of .convicts, Avho wear flannel suits of Avide black and white stripes, and have their legs chained together so that they 'cannot run 'away. With every gang of laborers Is a disslpated- ooklng guard, carrying a rifle as an nducement for them to behave them- The bottom of the 'amphitheater is being excavated for ' a lake of thirty acres, Avindlng around among the build- ngs in serpentine fashion, It will be covered with electric launches and gondolas^the same as in Chicago during he fair. There are to be eleven great buildings to shelter the classified exhib- t, and although none o? them will compare in size, with the Chicago structures, they would have been considered very large four years ago. The manu- 'actures building Is 216 by 370 feet, and the transportation building 126 by 413, and the art gallery 100 by 245. The women have a building to themselves 100 by 220 feet, and the negroes likewise 100 by feet In size. The designs of most of ;hem are artistic, and several are Intended, to be permanent, I believe. It A, COLLIER. Is intended to be a *&W>P,QQO exposition, an<J the money is ajl Jop^j p&pital, the greater part being.contributed by citizen?. The cash capital Je 1600,090, of •which the government ap- propriatefl ffoQPP; the citiaenp sufeswlb" ed |?25,OflQj Sm&W jraa rjajeea by the gg b-onaft, a.n4 lh,e pQVJJity con, IWQ.9W to %e ghjpe o| cony|ct sausage and coffee pavilions the same. The popcorn and peanut venders must pay at least $500 each; the confectioner stands the same;-souvenir spoons, $300 for each stand; hot waffles and griddlo cakes the same; canes and chewing gum, $250 each, and others in proportion. ./. . There Is a-small board of directors, who meet daily, and the authority of Mr. Collier, the director-general, is almost unlimited. The committee on finance control expenditures and audit their own bills. Mr. Collier is a bank president and a young man of great force and executive ability, and is assisted by the leading business men of Atlanta. Authority is more centralized than it was in the Chicago organization, and there is not nearly as much circumlocution or red tape. Each branch is under the control of an individual, who has final power and can 'give prompt decisions to questions as they come to him without reference to committees or arguments or wire-pulling, and each is responsible to the board of directors for the proper conduct gf his department. The department of publicity and promotion is in charge of W. G. Cooper, an experienced newspaper man, who understands his business and is allowed much latitude. There will be few official foreign exhibits. Brazil, Mexico and the Argentine Republic will make fine displays, -and several other American republics have signified their intention to attend; and there will be large commercial exhibits by manufacturers and merchants from at least five of tho European nations—England, Germany, France, Austria and Italy. The temperance question has just begun to bother the directors. When the officers of the Woman's Christian Temperance union discovered that a certain brewery had offered $100,000 for the exclusive privilege ot. selling beer upon the grounds from now until everything is packed up and shipped away, and that the management was about to give such a concession, they came in with a tremendous protest, and tire now circulating petitions from house to hpuse through the city asking- that the sale of beer and all wines and liquors be absolutely prohibited by the municipal authorities If not by the directors. The temperance sentiment in Georgia is very strong, and the women threaten to boycott the exposition }f beer is sold. There is to be a theatre, with dally matinees and performances each evening, and a music hall or auditorium, where concerts and lectures are to be given. A lot of " Sherman's bummers" were camped in Piedmont park for several months, and from the bluffs that surround it the city of Atlanta was shelled. There are a Jot of trenches still remaining within the exposition grounds which the Yanks threw up for their protection, and some old soldiers with enterprise and sentiment might ma,ke a lot of money by building a shed over them and charging an admission fee. Most of them are already being plowed up and leveled off by the landscape gardener, and they wJU.a» be effaced by the ne$t fprtnight unless somebody steps in. to pj-eyent them, I do pot know p£ anything that would appea mgre strongly to the pjd s,oftl$rs that are coming here from the south than, the sandy beds they slept in. while they were marching through Georgia, there wjLJ} fee a. great fleal of that 8lik was called tfttdlng. wfei-e 'flrst used in . Shdes with faeels wete nfst made in t>af is, ifi 162t,' Muffles tot the wrists were originally called hand-tuffs. In Chaucer's time 3! woman's gown was called het cote. ^ tengllsh leathet gloves were sold all over iSufofie In 1247s. Chftucef nientlohs the apron, calling it the "bafme cloth." ttMELY Thei-e afe thlihteeri hilies of bookshelves Ih the British museum, Lohdoh. "Raffife fot 1 a dlmoti plh" is the top line on a sign back of the bar attached to a popular-New York cafe. It is said that subcutaheotls injections Sf Sale hav« been fbiind useful in the treatment of Some forms of insanity, Accorditig-'to a city directory just issued Baltimore has a population of 617,* 794, ah Increase during the year of 27*917. in the jjrlsons of Germany a year ago were 33,000 inmates, 14,000 of whom were Incarcerated for crimes committed while under the Influence of liquor* Ammonia Is extracted from the Thames mud, and the residuum after the operation Is mixed with Iron ore and made Into brown paper. Dews are less abundant on Islands and on ships In mldocean. Seamen nearlng land can tell that fact by reason of the deposits of dew on the vessel. Billiard balls of cast steel have been made and used successfully at Stockholm. They are. hollow and weigh about as much as the ordinary Ivory balls. A lathe Is used to turn them to perfect smoothness. Well, toy boy, tfrtat #6«l<i . ott iifci fee "A , "SopV "Nope." "What do you want to foe, thea?" "A syndicate. Pop says they tnftfce fit! the motiey bow d&ys. " tike it. Caller— IS Miss Sweetie at home? New Gitt— Yis, sOf. Caller— la she engaged? New Qirl— Wull, from th' crushed tip look thirn big sleeved had Oi wist in to stii* tip th°foire Ol shudsay she wuz, A Machine, Which kept In ord6v f uhS smoothly asd regularly, so trie bowels keep ut> their actiou if measures ate taken to keep tu&m Ih good Working order. 'JL'ttts Infers, of course, that they are out of order, 'me surest recourse then is to llosietter's Stomach Hitters, a ituta- live tolld hut effective, w'nluh Is also u rcmeay tor dyspepsia, tnalnl-ia, rueuminisiji, nui-vuua- tiess uuu Kidney trouble. "Have you often been in action, Mi 4 . Jones?" "No, never in my life." "Bilt I lie&fd my father speak Of yout charging the batteries." "Yes, you see, I'm an electrician." Notice. JJrs. H. H. Green & Sons, of Atlanta, Ga., are the greatest dropsy specialists in the world. Cure more patients than the entire army of physicians scattered over this beautiful land of ours. A valuable discovery outside any medical book or published opinion. A purely vegetable preparation. Removes all dropsical symptoms rapidly. Ten days' treatment mailed to every sufferer. ji See advertisement in another col- There is no case on record of God having blessod a man against his Will. The poet's love feast is merely an imagination bee. Spring Cleaning Is such a trial that men say, "Lot the house tuko caro of Itself." But the conscientious wife feels bound to risk health and strength In this annual struggle with dust and dirt. Tho consequence of her feverish anxiety over extra work is depletion of the blood, tho source of all life and strength, manifested in that Aveak, tired, nervous condition' too prevalent at this season and A'ery dangerous If allowed to continue. What every man and woman needs in tho spring Is Hood's Sarsaparllla. • It keeps the blood vitalized and- enriched, and thus sustains tho nerves and all the bodily functions. "I take Hood's Sarsapavilla every spring, and It Is the only medicine I use through the year. It enables mo to do my house cleaning and farm work all through the summer. It helped mo very much for palpitation of the heart. I think Hood's Sarsaparllla Is the medicine for everyone and all who take It will never bo Avithout it. I havo also used Hood's Pills and they nro tho best I over tried." Mus. F. II. ANDREWS, S. Woodstock, Ct. Get Hood's, because Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the Only True Blood Purifier Very Latest Styles, , 35 Cent Patterns for 10 Cents, When tha Coupon Below is Sent Also One • Cent Additional for Postage- • ** 6239 6329. 6356 6316. LADIES' BASQUE. LADIES' I1ASCJUB AYAIST. LADIES' YOKE WAIST. DUCHESS Olf YOKli COAT. •COUPON.. This coupon sent with an order tor ono JT any of our 35 cent patterns Is credited as 35 cents, making the pattern cost only 10 cents, Ono cent extra for postage for each pattern, Give number of inches waist measure for skirts and number of Inches bust measure for waists. Address, COUPON LOCK BOX 744, PATTERN COMPANY, NEW YORK, N. Y. •Of • i • i 'r *(' 1' i i • i • i ^^^*««*^§=^^^j*>^^,^^4..|: Why I'ny Doctors',' A guaranteed euro for Constipation without modlolno or injections, originally sold (or If 1.(Ml; a pornuvuont cure for Diabetes, costing $5.00; u California Salvo lor Pllos—glvos Instant rollof—unil n ijoslttvo euro for Huoiinmtism. To secure those four lioiuo cures, nnd thus save doctors' hills; Bond 14 cents (stamps) to HOME CURE CO,, 1012 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa, nlsh steel tanks with covers, all gal- r vanized after completion,^ r ln nests of ten, 8 to 12 feet^ /high and 3O to 36 inches Ir /diameter, at Vfrc. per ga|lon.\ (Tliey do not mat, shrink, leak, glvel I taste to water, nor allow foreign aub-l stances to set (n. They can be put I 1 in sarret or barn and thus are protected* Ifrom freezing. They take no aettingf \np, are cheaper than woodt Tank/ k aubstructuresof an sizes made tOj . order, Send for price list and h designs for substructure onej .ornamental water supply, W.,_ & fc&lV TpHsa M»*J*** .? — »! W %? if *< you f vet Mop to tlilnlc liow $onij>letely the ......0 Uia modern wiudmill business I {low It lit, ,-,.., r vui.od this entire lluo of mamifiututa Ucciuno «{ iu ideas, mvontioiu, llesigns, qualltict owl lirlces, <?t forced otlicra to bo litoral 0111} sorvllo imit»toru V Wltn<n» llio Btool wheel, tlio Iwclt goi)toJ puuiimr. tho liljl' {W«<) rowci mill, tho etool towen, tuod uud tiltiiiB, (no snlvnoizlng of work after completion, the grluUcr ««utrllunai {««d, toved Irricat pole B»w-pna vt the the twiitoved pole B»w- r the meet in (mil other |>ump >»e»t popuUr tUiniw vee »na * —•' , steel ..--,..„.,,,,-,,,»oM io.uuvouu iiicse touilo B««r tijoso who Want tUoiu. Ihc Aeruiot?r Co. hw lint ono mote (unbltioa, U wants to build «ud (111 wo mere uovv buildlpK. It Usyi 3 aoreg ' luHotpepvoi;"-'" • -* ' •' W, D ATP WTO n h n m v s J !v S , ln l p!>on ' Washtneton, r A1 till 1 n ?•?' ?°,?i tl i-Y " tKe unt « latent ob! * "**"*«* w rained. Write for Inventor'sQulile. Patents, Trade-Marks, Examination and Advice tta Invention. Htnd for " Juveiitora' i."atent.» JATBIOK OTASBBtt, to Patentability ot %'<'?L.?.1[IpwtQQet . E. 0. and all iimihr complaints absolutely cured. Weart's Dvspjpsii Compound Ib truaninteed. Cures 09 cases out of a luo. HOTTI !' SI5NT FREE. O. B. AYEAUT & CO., I'lillHdclphla, J> a '. WELL MACHINERY 1! Woux City Engine « Iron Works, to Pcvb M fit. Co., «W Union A^ VITAL ISSUES in perfection of machines lor fwnjws' «w Working Qualities _. POINT TdBKB ThorouKhnese of Workmanship _^ese will bo founfl united 1n"he new P

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