The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 24, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1895
Page 5
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THE WPE» VM MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEPKKSPAY, AfttHt SM, 1809. The Tip Top Corn Planter GAME IS GETTING SCARCE, The Uefctafclioti In Iowa Mas fieM Mtidt f oo ttapid Dfifini the Years. John G. Smith Makes an Eatnest JPlea fot its Setter Protection—Some Fig* utes About Fish. STEEL FRAME. The Latest Thing out. A Perfect Machine. Get our Prices before you buy. Wilfrid P. Jones. Our Purpose Is to furnish the latest and best to be had in the line of Fine Millinery, and our sales indicate to some extent how well we are succeeding. Up to Date is our motto, and as up-to-date goods cost no more than old, back-number styles, economy as well as a desire to be up with the times suggests that you ought to Buy Now and from us. Our semi-annual visits to Chicago give us an advantage not possessed by all, and we thus are enabled to furnish the latest and most artistic in millinery novelties. Matson & McCall. WHEAT HIG-HEB-rLOTTB OHEAPEE. The Water Mill Wants Wheat at 50 * to 55 Cents a Bushel. And as long as we can buy wheat under 66 cents we will sell flour at these prices: "SnowQueen" (highestgrade) per saek..00o " Family Favorlte"(stralght) per sack.., ,80o " Rock Bottom" (bakers'pat.) per saok....70c Delivered anywhere in town. It costs 5c a sack to deliver flour. So we will discount above prices 5c a sack at the mill, or at our store next door south of Republican office. 70c—80c—OOc delivered 05c—75o—85o you deliver We warrant our flour to be equal to any flour in town. 1 JONES & STACY. JUST received, car of flour and feed at Farmers' Exchange, north -of court house.-5 To the Editor: It has been a ques' Moh with We for many years how long will the fish and game of Iowa last unless something is done to replenish and protect them. Thirty years ago our lakes add streams were well stocked with fine fish and the whole state was considered otie of the best resorts for game in the whole country. Deer and elk roamed over the prairie. Thousands of geese and ducks were to be found in every stream, lake and slough. Pinated grouse were almost as plenty as blackbirds are today. As soon as the spring opened our woods swarmed with the passenger pigeons. Quails were around every farm, and the warm days in May brought us from the south countless numbers of plover, clocbirds, curlew and all the snipe family. If all that remain of the game and fish of lowu were gathered together in one county there would scarcly be more than were to be found in almost every •county in the state 30 years ago. Unless some work is done the year 1900 will find but little game left and our fish almost wholly destroyed. Dynamite and the fisherman's nets will take what few fish there t are left. The prairie chicken must go. There is no help for them. They cannot thrive iu a country where the land is cultivated as it is in Iowa. We have, no waste land where they can make their nests. I have no doubt but that seven-eights of their nests are destroyed every spring. In a few years a prairie chicken will be a rare thing in Iowa. If our state had a law protecting the Mongolian or Chinese pheasant, the ringnecks and the English pheasant for five or ten years they would take the Maine, ttith 83,040 square mites, appropriates $16,600. MaSsaCfeuSettS, area 8.315 square miles, appropriates $16,700. New Hampshire, area 6,805 square miles, spends $10,000 oh hatch* eries to stock Inland waters. con i Hecticutj area 4,990 square miles, appropriates $9,000 for the propagation of fish, ahd gives hefr cduhties pdWef td appoint and pay game Wardens. New York, area 49<ltO square miles, gives to her commission of fisheries $66,050, of which $44,000 is for the maintenance of the several hatcheries. Minnesota, our sister statej with an area of 83,865 square tnUes, appro* priates $16,000 yearly. Pennsylvania, area 45,212 square miles, appropriated in 1893 $40,000. The appropriation of the state of Iowa for the fish com* mission Is about $2,000 a year. It Will be seen by this that Iowa is fat? behind the other states in the stocking of her waters. From a list compiled by Mr. A. G. Fletcher I find the value of fishery products of the state of Massa* chusetts to be $7,531,194. Maryland 80,400,750 New York 5,041,250 Virginia 3,041,282 New Jersey 3,025,890 California 3,044,731 Maine 2,225,800 Connecticut 1,871,413 Washington 934,010 Michigan °^'9°5 Oregon 80B.400 Ohio 618,083 Pennsylvania 405,153 Wisconsin 292'SS? Delaware 250,805 South Carolina ?22'9S? Georgia 1S3, 0 03 So little is done in Iowa for the fish and game that the state ia not taken Into consideration In the list. I have talked with many of our best men in every part of the state and I never have found one that was not interested In the raising of fish. All ask the question, "Why is not more donei"' I do not believe in too much law In regard to flah. Protection from the use of dynamite, nets, and spears is all that Is needed. Stock the waters and let the people catch all the fish they want with hook and lino. JOHN G. SMITH. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. Entire Stock to be Closed Out The finest assortment of Fancy China in town, to be sold for one-half what it would cost you in any The Opportunity to get this class of ware at these prices May Not Occur Again. You should see them and take your choice. The Grange Store. THE national ta."—52 flour now is " Cereso- Here is a Partial List WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections. Girls Wanted. Two good girls for general housework. Good wages guaranteed. Lehmann's Restaurant, Blue Earth City, Minn.—4t2 BE sure and see the new corn planters at The Wigwam. Oil Cake Meal. Wholesale and retail. 6018 J. J. WILSON. Doxsee & Shaw, Abstracts of Title, ZESeal Estate, aaad. A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf Low prices on corn Wigwam. planters at The I PAY 10 cents a dozen for eggs, Patterson.-5t2 Jas. WE just want to say a few words to the ladies about corsets. We are now selling the Featherbone corset. Worn and recommended by a million well dressed ladies. Dressmakers claim that these are the best fitting corset on the market. G. L. Galbraith & Co. ALGONA, IOWA. Office over Algona State Bank, Tsts- Painter and Paper Hanger. Postal card orders promptly attended to. All work warranted for five years. Carriage Painting a Specialty. A New Harness Shop, S, P, CHRISTENSEN Has opened a harness shop (n the front room of his livery barn, ana keeps on Band Harness, Blankets, Robes, FINEST evaporated apples, IQc per pound at Walker Bros.' MOTH-PROOF "Corrugated CARPET LINING" at Norton's lumber yard.—4tt IT MAY DO AS MUCH FOB YOU. Fred Miller of Irving, 111., writes that he had a severe kidney trouble for many years with severe pains in his back, and also that his bladder was affected. He tried many so-called kidney cures, but without any good result, About a year ago he began the use of Electric Bitters and found relief at once. Electric Bitters is especially adapted to the cure of all kidney and liver troubles, and often gives almost instant relief. One trial will prove our statement, Price only 50ofor large bottle at Dr. Sheetz' drug store, ^ ' 6 KNIGHTS OF THE MACCABEES. The State Commander writes us from Lincoln, Neb., as follows: "After trying other medicines for what seemed to be a very obstinate cough in our two children we tried Dr. King's New Discovery and at the end of two days the cough entirely left them. We will not be without it hereafter, as our experience proves that it cures where all other remedies fail. 11 —Signed F. W. Stevens.State Com,—Why not give this great medicine a trial, as' it is guaranteed and trial bottles are free at L. A, Sheetz' drug store. Regular size 50o, and $1. 6 and everything in the line of horse cloth- inc. C(o and see him lor goods in his Une. WIU exchange harness lor fresh cows and those soon to be fresh. Does repairing of all kinds. ' 200 Bushel* Awarded Highest Honors^WorW's Fair, Potatoes F0r- saje. fey PWDffl MOST PERFiQT MADE, place of the prairie chicken. Both the Chinese and English pheasants are able to protect themselves much better than any of our game birds. In the state of Oregon where they were protected for five years they have increased to such an extent that It is estimated that there are millions of them in that state at the present time. If we lose our game it Is a difficult matter to replenish it, but we can have plenty of fish and with very little trouble. With a very little expense every lake and stream could be stocked with fine fish, and it seems to me that It would be a paying investment for theneopleof our state. We pay out more than one half million of dollars eyery year for fish. Why not raise those fish? We could have better fish than we import. Many a farmer can have a fish pond at a very slight _ expense, where more fish can be raised than five families could possibly use. The farmers would have the ponds if they could get the fish to stock them. Our state ought to have 2,000,000 of fish ready to put into our lakes, ponds, and streams the coming season. I would not use many kinds of fish to stock our waters. Pickerel, pike, large and small mouthed bass, cat fish, and carp are about all the fish that do well in Iowa waters. Of course there are some places where fine trout ponds could be made. I know .of a place in this county where there is a flowing well, and it is so situated that three fine ponds could be made, and all have E uro cold water flowing through them, uch ponds would do for trout, but trout would not do well in many of the Iowa waters. It is somewhat strange that the people of Iowa should take so little interest in their fish and game, owa has always been noted for being at the front in almost everything. In 893 the fish commissioners of New York succeeded in distributing over 80,000,000 of the best varieties of fishes n the waters of that state. Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts and many of the other states were not far behind New York In stocking their waters, The jeople of those states have seen large •eturns from the fish commissioners' work. Thirty years ago there were but few old people in the state of Iowa. Now we have many old people. They are not able to work and they want something to do, They want some amusement. How nice it would be if they could take their hooks and line and go to some lake or stream and catch some Eisb. I believe that there are more people who enjoy fishing than any Dther amusement. Almost everyone likes to catch fish and a good fresh fish is one .of the best articles of food that we have. The display of fishes in the World's Fair in Chicago was one of the greatest attractions of the fair. Twenty years ago few people knew how easy it was to raise fish. Now almost every one has some idea of it. Stock the clear streams where there are sandy or rocky banks with bass, pike and pickerel. The slow running streams, with oat fish, pike and pickerel, and the mud ponds with carp, Many people call them German carp, but they are American carp, and have always been found in certain American waters. The state should have a "fish car," Then it would be an easy matter to distribute the fish to any part of the state. Our railroads are always public spirited about such work and would haul the oar over their roads free pf expense. They would stop the car at any of the lakes and streams where they cross, and that makes it very easy work to distribute the fish. The fish commissioner pf the state of Wisconsin saw the necessity of having a fish oar, and in the year 1893 the state legislature made an appropriation pf $6,000 lor that purpose, Wisconsin has EIQW a splendid car and they are able to distribute tbeiv fish ia the lakes, pondg an4 rivers of the state with but very little trouble. Wisconsin w,}th *W,MO . square _ W».e B » appropriates $lg,QQQ tff the fisheries commUsiofl, wMa fl»so,o Jo? IK5QO to? his - " - ar e & »P! PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. F. H. Vesper returned yesterday from her very pleasant trip in Colorado. J. W. Sullivans' brother is up from Iowa City to visit him and attend the wedding. A. N. Shaw and C. A. Tellier did business in Hurnboldt Saturday and visited Sunday. Rev. Davidson reports a very pleasant meeting at Hampton. He returned Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Sessions came from Sioux City Monday, Mrs. Sessions returning from her two weeks visit. Frank Hepburn came from Des Moines with his sister, Mrs. Harvey Ingham, last Wednesday and remained a day in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Cloud went to Nevada last week, Mr. Cloud reaching Des Moines on business. Mrs. Cloud is still visiting at her old home. —of the goods we shall handle during the season of 1895 : Brown Corn Planters, Brown Corn Plows, Brown Corn Harrows, Owens Fanning Mills, Standard Mowers, Full Steel Frame Disc Harrow, Finest Buggies, Surreys and Phaetons on earth. Bradley & Nicoulin. M. P. HAGGARD. G. F, PEEK Supt. Hughes, Eugene Schaffter, and J, C. Heckart came up from Eagle Grove on the superintendent's car to attend the funeral of Anna C. Ingham. Melzar P. Haggard is back from the south showing the healthy signs of out door life. He was with the Bartletts at Dallas and says they are doing well. He enjoyed his trip, Mrs. B. H. Spencer goes to Eau Claire, Wis., this week to visit her mother, whose health does not improve. She is 87 years of age and is confined to her bed. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Russell and two children and Fred. Ingham came from Omaha Wednesday. Mr. Russell returned last evening, 'but the others are spending a few days at the old home. J. W. Tennant was called by telegram, Friday, to his father's bedside in Wisconsin. The old gentleman is 89 years of age, but on his recent visit to Algona was as lively and active as his son. He has enjoyed the best of good health until this sickness began. Dr. and Mrs, Geo. W. Ingham arrived from Olympia, Wash., Monday. They were married Wednesday at 2 o'clock in the presence of intimate friends and were on their way to San Francisco for a short wedding trip, when a telegram reached them. At Portland they turned and came directly east, They will remain during the week. Geo. E. Clarke is home from Washington, He reports that the season is not much in advance of ours, but that the capital city looks attractive, H-9 says that it is doubtful how the land case be was in will be decided, but a prevalent opinion was that the court would reverse the decision which vacated the original grant to the other road, and thus leave the land where it was originally. A'. D, Clarke returned from California yesterday with his family after a lengthy visit all along the coast. They report a most enjoyable time and come back in the best of health and spirits. We have'not yet had time to interview M*'- Clarke about that story C. P. Dorlftijd wrote back about the picknio party, but hope to get an authentic version from hiwv Miss Jessie Vaupe), who was at one time a fellow teacher of Miss Anna Ingham'8 in Chicago, and who visited Miss Cornie in Algona last summer, came from Chicago with the family last Thursday, returning Saturday evening. Her sister, Mrs. Dr. Clark of Uumboldt, also a fellow teacher in Chicago several years ago, came for the funeral. Mrs. Clark is just home from a year in Europe, where she has beeo studying in the hospitals, Dr, Gftffleld is home from the state medical association meeting at Creston wbere he atteacjed as a delegate from the county association, Re reports that the tuberculosis question d,W not come up. The most important matter of public interest was tne attempt rule out Dr, Pchooler Q! Res. to.v consulting others;,, The doctor i The tiost iseeting will b. e feelfl gt Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Collections, Slagle's Harness Shop. Manufacturers and dealers in Harness, Saddles, Whips, ALGONA, IOWA. WATER OR NO PAY. SCOTT & DAILEY, Artesian well contractors. We have the only cable steam drilling machine owned in the county: sink wells for water supply for towns, cities, and railroads. Special attention to farm well work. Estimates made. We em- B loy only expert drillers. Address Scott & alley, Algona, Iowa. ICE! ICE! ICE! During the past winter I have enlarged my ice house and now have on hand 400 tons of ice in fine condition. Do not contract for your summer's supply of ice without first getting my prices, ft will be delivered to all parts of the city every day. Orders may bo left with J. A. Hamilton & Co, Ice house and residence near the cemetery. CHARLES MAGNUSSON, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done. All work first- class. Give us a call and we guarantee satisfaction. SLAGLE & SON. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines, Full assortment always on hand of drugs, mod- clnes, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only, Bootes DB. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat LEGAL. •X-'^fcX'UhXN^^^S^ ORIGINAL NOTICE. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE of Iowa, in and for Kossuth County, May Term, 1895. To Sarah Hagar, defendant; You are hereby notified that there is now on file the petition of Julius Hagar in the office of the clerk of the district court of the state of Iowa in and for Kossuth county, claiming of you a divorce from the bonds of matrimony, alleging as cause therefor certain acts of adultery, allot which will at large appear from an inspection of said petition. Also asking that he be awarded the absolute title to the northwest quarter of Sec. No, 33, Twp. No, 100, north of Range 37, west of the 5th P. M,, in Kossuth county, Iowa, as will also appear from an inspection of said petition; and that unless you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second day of the next term, being the May term of the said court, which will commence at Algona on the 20th day of May, 1895, default will be entered against you and judgment and decree rendered thereon as provided bylaw. Pated this Oth day of April, A. D, 1895. QEO. R. CLOUD, 3t4 Atty. for Plaintiff. First-class accommodations at reasonable rates. Operations for cataract, strabismus, nasal deformities, etc, Catarrh rationally treated and cause removed. Spectacles scientifically fitted ; finest quality lenses ground to order. Office hours, 10 to 18, 1 to 5, except Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Oppo site Park hotel, Mason City. Dr. Preston visits Algona regularly, AtDr, Stull'B oSlceon Tuesday, May 81, ORIGINAL NOTICE. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE of Iowa, in and for Kossuth County, May Term, 1805, y To Mrs. D. B. Strong and D. B, Strong, defendants: You are hereby notified that ^here is now on file the petition of plaintiff, E. W. Fuller, in the office of the clerk of the district court of the state of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county, claiming of you the partition of the following described retvl estate, situated In Kossuth county, Iowa, to-wit: Lot No. 14 in Block Three in Ingham's addition to Algona, Iowa; also asking for attorney's lees and costs, all of which will at large appear from, an inspection of said petition: ana that unless you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second day of the nesfb term, being the May term of the saifl court, which will commence at Algona, on the 20th • day ol May. 1805, default will be entered againbt you ang, judgment and decree rendered thereon as provided by law. Dated this Oth day of April, A. B. 1805, 3t£ QEO. R, CLOUD, A^ty. for Plaintiff. ICE I IQ33 T I have been in the ice business in Algona, for 17 years and J am here to stay. I will furnish ice the coming season as usual. Get my prices before you contract, PETER WINKEL, OCULIST. All diseases of the eye treated. ......... Glasses adjusted for errors of refraction and accommodation. NQ charge for examination. For several weeks pr, Murphy has been in New York taking a poet-graduate course on the eye, and will rejnajn there until April 33. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE OF FINAL RiPORT, IN TRJ3 MATTER OF THE ESTATE Q$ Henry Hausennan, deceased. To all the heirs or creditors of the above« named estate: You are hereby notifleft that on or before the 15th flay of May, J805, saW administrator will file with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Jawa, his final report, and ask to ho discharged; and you are further notified that all objections thereto must be filed with said clerk on or before 'the first flay of said term of said court, which yrm convene and be holden M Algona. in Kpssuttt county, on the 80th day of May, 1805, or sajd, report will be approved an.4 saia a.dmialstrai, tor discharged and his bonds released. 3t3 Q. B. BUTGHJN ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE RiPORT, WEH IN Lo TaWt&e heirs $* named estate: eianowo, Hta but ship from our factory at

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