The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 24, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1895
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, ALTONA, IOWA, W1DHESDAY, APBIL <M> 189& TOLD BY J Awi The prettiest pattern in decorated crockery in Algona. Call at the . Opera House Grocery and see s New Goods Silks of all kinds. Laces, Dress Goods, Carpets, Rugs and Draperies. Knoi all Presents: That the Garland Stoves and Range: are sold with the absolute guarantee of being the finest anc best constructed stoves in the market, In case of any imperfection in material or workmanship the manufacturer agrees to make the same good, THE GARLANDS are the only stoves made with a mixture of the highest grade of iron anc aluminum. The COLUMBIAN Garland Steel Range Requires Less Fuel and bakes quicker than any other steel range made. Please call and get prices before buying, I am at the old stand where I have been for the past 22 years, J. W. Robinson, THAT Do You Know .- , f Brownell & Allred ^ARRY the Finest, the Largest, and the Best stock of Spots and j Shoes in Kossuth county? THIS is A FACT, and we are always pi §ased to see you and show you our goods, NOW IB THE TIME gr R«bfc« Pools, Leather •mini ii .Biiiiiiiipi^iiiHMiiroiiiLiiiHLiii.iJiuiui.iii. Plow Shoes, and for all kinds Q working shoes, WE HAVE THEM- Also a superb line o Ladies,' Misses' and Children's Fine Shoes for spring and §«tn roer wear. T51T*?r^"m7"M"15'T T J8p AT T>T3"Kf* 1") A Coffespondent Notes that ty Can fie Determined by One's Chirogffaphy, tte Believes, Too, that One's Characteristics Are Generally Shown by the Method. A majority of persons ridicule the dea that one may tell a great deal ,bout one's personality, habits, likes and dislikes by a careful study of his handwriting; but I believe it is as true a key as has been found in phrenology or kindred sciences. Style in writing, though in a measure acquired, is nevertheless hereditary also, the same orm and characteristics descending rom father to son, from mother to daughter, or even from generation to generation. Any observant person can eadily notice a similarity in family ihirography, which no doubt indicates k common family character and disposition. Even the handwriting of a nation is characteristic of. its people. It shows their temperament, tastes and temper. For example nine-tenths of all letters from Germany, coming to America, look as though they had been addressed by one and the same person. The same may be said of Norway, Sweden, England or France, although here is a vast difference between the wo former and the two last named. German writing as I interpret it indicates a people who believe in doing thing right, if not in the most artistic manner; a people used to discipline, fond of pleasure, music and riendship. The sameness in their writing would indicate a sameness in n temperament; hence clannishness. There is nothing to show much of a desire for the artistic or aesthetic, but more of a disposition for the plain, substantial comforts of life. There is no deceit in German penmanship, but free, open, jolly disposition. Germans depend upon, accuracy of address ;hat their letters may reach their destination, while 'Americans depend upon the intelligence of our government employes. In comparison with German writing et us take the French. It indicates an almost opposite disposition and temperament from the former; the char- icters like the language and manners ' the people being almost faultless. Here we can readily discern the smooth fluent conversationalist and polished etiquette of a society loving nation; especially among its sterner sex. Their writing also indicates a neat, stylish appearance and more of a desire for the showy than for the substantial and enduring. It also shows an artistic taste in a high degree, though somewhat tinctured by egotism and desire for show. We also see in it fiery temper well controlled, valor, chivalry and love of approbation combined with a love for art, beauty, and refinement. The English and more especially the American hand writing shows more diversity of form and style than that of any other nation. Why not? This is a problem easy of solution owing to the fact that the population comprises people from nearly all parts of the world. This fact alone is one of the best possible arguments in favor of the theory that chirograpby enables one to not only read the character of individuals but of nations. One's handwriting will invariably show whether he is nervous or sanguine in temperament; mild or stormy in disposition; neat or disorderly in personal appearance and habits; educated or ignorant. If ho is nervous his characters will not be smooth, but uneven and shaky in appearance. If he is mild in disposition his writing will be smooth, round and even; if ? uick tempered, angular and compact, nead not tell you how to tell an ignorant persons handwriting, but suffice it to say there will be an absence of capitals, especially the pronoun I, and a general unevenesa and poor construction of all the letters, In studying the subject one naturally turns to the chirograpby of people of note as they are considered in part to be public property. Facsimiles of their writing are more accessible to the general public than any other and are more generally known. For example take signatures of U. S. Grant with which ail are familiar, It is a plain blunt signature, and who can deny that Gen. Grant was a plain blunt man, It shows courage, determina^ tion, bravery, honesty and tenacity of purpose, with no desire fpr personal adornment or show; in fact it is Grant himself, a thprougbly common sense man. Jn contrast with Gen, Grant's autograph let us look at Gen Gep, B- MoClellan'e. Their signatures are strikingly different. Were two men ever more unlike, The latter ends hi» name with ft flourish of the pen; a sure sign of pride and deflre to he nptleed. And yet the signature as a whole shows education, refinement, and order. It shows a man of discipline and desire to •do ft thing right, b«t it lacks the plain, blunt, fearlessness QJ the hero 9f Vioksbwrg. • Among literary men let us compare Thomas Bally Aldriob and Geo. W. Cables' autographs with those of Wro. Pean HQ wells and Mark Twain, T^e. two first are both neat in. their worfe, painstaking, polished, and in appearance and attire almost why? Because both signatures ar§ plain and true, Cable is the raore fasHdlQue in dregs aj shown by the fenoy o«rv§ he, has given feo the, Q jjj '" \14ri9h Sfeewt m.prg a man who looks at the world through the eyes, Hot of a romancist, or idealist but of a realist. Mr. Howells is not a crank, but he can get mad and when in such a state of mind would say plainly What he thought. A literary aspirant need never be afraid to come to him for advice of help. Now Mark Twain's signature has some of the Same characteristics as Howells, 1 but -it has others also. It shows a plain man and writer. It also Shows a careless man both in personal appearance and hab* Its. He Is a jolly good fellow if he likes you, a bad enemy if he dislikes you. The angular heavy pen strokes indicate quick temper, impulsiveness, and revenge. Josh Billings although a humorist was, as shown by his sigha' lure, a very different man by nature and work from Mr. Clemens, or Arte- tnus Ward, whose signature bears a close resemblance to that of the author of "Innocents Abroad." Humorists as a rule are not fashion plates In personal appearance. Bill Nye writes a neater hand than any of his contemporaries, perhaps owing to the fact that he has not been in the fun making business very long, In the signatures of women we can find the same characteristics as in those of men. Mary A. Livermore and Julia Ward Howe, or Harriet Beecher Stowe, all show kind dispositions, love of home, children and friends, poetry and art. While those of Susan B. Anthony, Belva A. Lockwood, or Mrs. Lease bear strikingly masculine traits and desire for preeminence. They may be good matured women, but if I were a naughty boy I would feel safer by trusting myself into the hands of the three first than the three last. These are but a few points In a persons character one may discover by studying hanhwritlng. The following rules, however, may be safely relied on. If a persons writing is uniformly even and neat, it indicates a neat person, both at home, in personal appearance, and in work done. If writing is uneven, careless, and disorderly looking, you may depend upon it that the writer is not troubled if things about the house or office are not where they should be, or a button be off her shoe. If the writing is angular you may look for considerable temper, and a vast amount of nervous energy. If the characters are oval with few sharp angles you have a kind disposition, though you will not accomplish as much in the world as your more angular sister unless you do it by kindness and love If you are fond of flourishes you display pride and desire for approbation. If you writeaplain, readable hand you display good sense. If you write a rapid hand you show business ability. If you punctuate properly you show education. If you misuse both punctuation marks and capitals you show ignorance. If you mispell you show carelessness. If you write with red ink you show bad taste. Black ink is always preferable to any other color. We may learn any system of penmanship we please, but as the years go by we gradually assume a style of our own, in accord with our character and environments, a fact which can not be denied. Be careful how you write. Yours truly, E. H. SLAGLE. Nice Dishes? If you are, we have something that will please you, A nice line of— Call and look them over. Langdon &> Hudson. Also new patterns of Glassware. OF- Special Sale p—:—. . : • • Gasoline Stoves. For 10 days only we will place on sale a full line of our two- and three-burner Gasoline' Stoves at the following unprecedented low prides: Clothin! A $3.50 STOVE FOB $3.50 A $5.00 STOVE FOB $3.50 A $6.00 STOVE FOB $4.25 A $7.00 STOVE FOB $4.?& $8.00 STOVE FOB $5.50 These stoves will do more work with less fuel than any other stove with same number of burners. If you are going to buy a gasoline stove it will pay you to attend this special sale. Come in and see our Oil Cook, the finest thing on the market. C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. Our Spring Stock • • of men's and boys' suits, pants, hats, and caps are all in, and in order to make them go we will give a discount of Ten per ct. for cash on the entire stock until May first, Jno. Goeders. STATEMENT. YOUR PATRONAGE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. W.J. Druggist. Look for It, Don't Miss to Try It, Everyone Speaks Well of It '" *! ',-5 What is It? OP THE Kossuth County State Bank, at close of business, April 3, 01 Algo»a, 1805, ASSETS, Loans and discounts ............... Ji03,i78.63 Gopa.... ........ ... ..... 1103,678.63 Dtmbtful ............... 500.00 In Judgment; ......... • • 066.00 Palfrfw.v:, ............ 7,351,09 Oa?h on bfm<} and ca,sj» items. ..... 15,05.0.83 Due fi'ojn banks iind bankers...... 80,540.30 Overdrafts .......... ., .... ....... .,. l, 583.00 Real estate .......................... J0,ese.63 Personal estate..... ................ 3.789,83 A choice assortment of the finest . , , , CANDIES ? 19,000.00 '.»'»_ Ever brought to Algona, WHO SELLS IT? JAMEB FATTEEiON, Sol© Agt It will be to yowrlnterest to get owr pries on WATER TANKS wri CISTERN GAS PIPE and FITTINGS, PUMPS all kinds, Leather, Rubber and Gandy , ' 1. *! Complete steel? of KQSE and Fittings* Globe Valves and aii Steam Fittings, OILS Qf ail kinds, *

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