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The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York • Page 8
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The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York • Page 8

The Buffalo Newsi
Buffalo, New York
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Buffalo METROPOLITAN Set March 6 PAGE Thursday ebruary 2 1978 Businessmen Vow PBA Urges to total on the books and Xi the 20th and rVv Black Leaders Eye Arson Blaze Worried Landowners On Lakefront toMeet 3' 2 low the the man of mince gram I udwig of the of the US Engineers is with the Supervisor weather st a was a Woman Robbed Linda Alcssi 29 of ougeron Street was punched in the stom ach by a young man who grab bed a paper bag with some medication and $5 Wednesday afternoon after she left a drug store at Genesee and Kehr Streets houses three businesses Mr Kinzly is also the attorney for the Urban Renewal Agency AT THE CORK of the busi opposition to the mall is the fact that Twin air Inc which has given the developer a letter of commitment to lease space on Main Street has re fused to share the cast for main tenance of a mall The Twin air store will front on Seymour Street and lack access to Main Street a fact displeasing the businessmen as well as the administration "I would pay my pro rated share if Twin air would also" Mr Bedell said Without the assistance of the major department store Mr Bedell termed the mall "eco nomically for the remaining store owners to shoulder Among those affected is rich ard Kinzly who owns a build ing along Main Street which MEANWHILE TRUSTEE Vincent Tower today gave his support to one of the reorganiza tion proposals It would elimi nate four desk lieutenants and replace them with full lieuten ants He disagreed however with the recommendation that the deputy chief job be eliminated The reorganization of the de partment falls under the author ity of the Village Baird because it would require the elimination of positions Police Chief Elmer A Arnet has opposed reorganization and favors the current structure of the department Isle Chamber to Meet The Grand Island Chamber of Commerce will sonsor a lunch eon meeting at noon Wednesday in the Buffalo Launch Club A representative of Blue Cross Blue Shield will explain benefits now available to the member ship orest Smith is lunch eon chairman 4a Public Assistance while waiting for SSI Although he would not get a full grant since shelter expenses would he prorat ed he could get some monies to help the family financially Medical Coverage would be automatic with SSI or PA If however they do not want SSI or PA he can apply for Medicaid at the Ellicott Square Room 852 (816 6402) This would also help alleviate some financial stress We hope these will at least give you a place to start and we wish you well girl and when she resisted ho put his hands on her neck and held her head down and she died Byers gave the oral admission he signed a written confession He also told po lice that he took her purse and put it in a sewer drain some dis tance away and it was recover ed exactly where he said it was" Mr Dilorio said Edward Jasella first as sistant public defender argued that while Byers was being held he requested an attorney at least two occasions and he was not given one NEWSPower prepared under the direction of News staff member Richard Christian designed to help per sons who feel baffled cheated or ignored Because ot the heavy load we cannot tackle every case but select those where we can do the most good tell you if we handle yours Send your problems by mail mail ONLY to NEWSpowcr Buffalo Evening News Buffalo New York 1 1811 Include your phone number but DO NOT send original documents Letters must be signed but use initials High Accident Corner Target of Complaint An increasing frequency of accidents at the corner of Park er Boulevard and Sheridan Drive in the Town of Tonawan da has led State Sen James Mcarland Town of Tona wanda to ask the state to study the problem In a letter to William Hennes sy state transportation commis sioner the senator said the cur rent traffic problem is a hazard to drivers and pedestrians try to smooth things cars dodge potholes Street above Russell Dasaro in light colored pants and Joseph LoTempio throw a patch" into craters on Elmwood Avenue below (fictional dispute among coro ners hospitals and funeral directors When a coroner cannot find a physician to sign a death ertifi cate the procedure is to ar range an autopsy to determine the cause of death In those cases the pathologist perform ing the autopsy becomes the physician's coroner The Kenmore Police Benevo lent Association today urged vil lage residents to register their disapproval of a department reorganization plan which it contends would weaken the de partment's investigative strength The members went on record during a meeting Wednesday as opposing the plans proposed by Mayor Robert A Malloy They urged the mayor to stay out of an area they say is best left to police professionals "The KPBA believes Mayor Malloy should keep his ideas out of police work and work with the experienced supervisors in the Police Department for bet ter results" the union said MAYOR HERVEY said today acceptance of the plans means that the developer has to submit a financial statement within 30 days "There will have to be some kind of a mall if Mr Burin goes ahead with his plans" Mayor Hervey said will either have to be covered or Mayor Hervey said 'he would require more detailed informa tion on the projected costs for maintenance of an enclosed mall before deciding how the city should proceed according to the proposal costs for maintenance of the mall would be shared by Mr Burin the city and the affected store owners Evening News Whitney Barnum of Wilson who also expec ts to attend said large sections of lakefront properties were washed away in 1952 and again in 1973 Mr Barnum suggests that the Corps of Engineers is more con cerned with Igcke Ontario ship ping interests than with the property owners and this may he partly responsible for this year's high lake levels Some remedial funds spent after the 1973 wash auays may literally float away if the protective ice melts too soon Mi Barnum said Dinner Reset As Breakfast or Newsman March 6 for a Town of Tona wanda physician and an Am herst physical therapist facing trial in the Kevin Brinkworth auto insurance fraud case Dr John Mernan 48 of 1312 Colvin Ave Town of Tona wanda and Louis Pozarny 50 of 112 Livingston Parkway Am herst face trial on one count of conspiracy and 101 counts of mail fraud They are charged with con spiring with Brinkworth a dis barred Buffalo attorney and for mer Erie County legislator be tween lyru and 1974 to defraud insurance companies by submit ting inflated medical bills for auto accidents involving Brink worth's clients Brinkworth 35 pleaded guilty in November to eight of 159 counts of conspiracy and mail fraud and was sentenced last month to five probation and a $10000 fine In setting jury selection for next month Judge Curtin noted that he must first decide if Dr Meman is mentally and nhvsi cally able to stand trial Dr Meman's attorney David Jay has submitted medical reports showing Dr Meman is not mentally or physically able io sumo mat noting that he has been drinking a quart of liquor a day Judge Curtin said he must also decide on a request by attorney Joel Daniels to sever his client if Mr Jay is not ready to go to trial March 6 Mr Jay told the court he ex pects to be involved in a four or five week trial in State Supreme Court this month Mr Daniels said he is ready to go to trial now WILSON Worried by what could he the highest water levels in recent years if not ever owners of property front ing on Like Ontario will meet at 7 pm today in the Wilson Town Hall tn learn what can be done to protect their properties Some people think it's too late but others contend there's stitt time Col Daniel Buffalo District Army Corus of scheduled to meet property nwnm UNDER THE three plans three extra men would be as signed to patrol by eliminating other ranks the mayor turning the Kenmore Police Department into a ticket writing and kid chasing department while major crimes will have only minimal the police union said a referring to plans to eliminate the detective The union also questioned whether the proposal to remove the detective post stems from the fact that it is currently held by Kevin Penke union president A dinner honoring Wolf Blitz er correspondent for the Je rusalem Post and editor of the Near East Report has been re scheduled as a breakfast at 8:30 am eb 10 in the Amherst Jewish Cenier North orest Road Mr Blitzer who has covered Mideast stories for The Buffalo Evening News will discuss his recent trip to Cairo as a mem ber ot the press delegation covering the peace negotiations initiated last December Mr Blitzer is the son of Mr and Mrs David Blitzer of Williamsville The United Jewish Young Men's Division and Young Women und is spon soring the event THE POSSIBILITY of reopen ing Main Street appears to be "futile" according to Mayor Delwin Hervey in light of the acceptance Wednesday night of proposed construction plans submitted by Andrew Burin designated developer of the downtown project According to Mayor Hervey Mr Burin has met a condition set last week by the agency that his plans must specifically show his commitment to construct three small retail stores front ing on Main Street as well as the Twin air Department Store The letter submitted by Mr Burin to the agency was accept ed Wednesday night on the condition that Mr Burin agree to the deletion of a phrase which would have hinged the leasing of the project on wheth er the mall is enclosed or open AS A RESULT of the physi cians' reluctance to act the number of autopsies in the Niagara alls area doubled in January Mr Bell said Mi Bell last year was the subject of complaints and a state Health Department inves tigation for allegedly putting doctor's names on death certificates That investigation surfaced about the same lime as a juris problem as they seek construc tion jobs on the project Work on the transit system according to NTA officials probably will require highly trained tradesmen to operate sophisticated tunneling machin ery and giant hoisting equipment The Buffalo Affirmative Ac tion Program has not conducted training programs in those areas Meanwhile community organ izations such as the Citizens Council on Human Relations want the NTA to train minorities IN the day after 1 read in the paper about a body being found in the park I called Mrs Stromberg testified that evening 1 was taken to the police morgue in Meyer Memorial Hospital where I identified Jennifer" District Attorney Aldo Di lorio told the jury that Byers was taken to the North Tona wanda police station about 5 pm that day and under ques tioning by William Patti a spe cial investigator for the District office "admitted he had had intercourse with the Island to Vote On Bus Purchase Grand Island school voters will ballot Tuesday on three propositions concerning the pur chase and financing of eight school buses Proposition 1 calls for the pur chase of two 15 passcnger buses for a maximum of (19943: Proposition 2 four 59 passengei buses (or $73240 and Proposi tion 3 two 29 passenger buses for $27571 The district has bought a total of 24 buses for $334750 since June 1973 Voting will be held from 10 am to 9 pm in the high school on Ransom Road Aru Staff Rob Mett over for irate drivers While on Main Street near Bryant My 21 year old nephew is retarded bui He cannot make change for more than a dollar nor can he read well He has always been slow and has gone to special schools When he left school a job was found for him through school placement and he did very well but he was laid off about two years ago because the company was moving Is there any agency that can help find him work? Or perhaps new job training? Would he be eligible for Social Security disability? His family is just able to make ends meet but they cannot get Welfare for him unless he moves out But he cannot make it on his own If there is help available can you please tell us where to start? Mrs TD Cheektowaga A As we read your letter there are four problem areas: oh placement call the State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Gen Donovan State Office Bldg (842 4 1 II) and request an appointment for your nephew Social Security Eligibility your nephew may be eligi ble for SSL An application should be filed for lihn at the ederal Building 111 West Huron St Buffalo or at the Cheektowaga office Genesee St (631 inancial Assistance (in general): He can apply for 4 3 AUTOPSIES COST the county $175 each but a certificate of death usually costs the county $60 with $35 going to the coro ner and $25 to the physician Mr Barnum said "The physicians don't seem interested in the $25 fee" Mr Bell said Asked if his problems with the state Health Department may he the cause of the physicians' reluctance to act Mr 'Bell re sponded "I've asked that ques tion Niagara County's other coro ners in Lockport Newfane and North Tonawanda have not re ported any difficulties in getting physicians to act as coroner's physicians in I heir area they KOBTH EDITIPM Jury Selection LOCKPORT A Niagara County coroner has reported to the Niagara County legislature that he had encountered reluc tance by physicians to act as coroner's physicians for the put pose of signing routine death certificates County legislators were to consider the report today said Whitney Barnum the legis lature's clerk Since Jan 1 all death certifi cates must have been signed bv a coroner physician said coro ner Oscar Bell Jr of Niagara alls Normally the physician attending a natural death is ex pected to perform this function it was said STATE has criticized us for having high costs and I'll admit that for the amount spent the numbers are small" says Robert Logan chair me administrative com that nversees the pro fl ut convinced that we've been a service to the community and the industry" he adds Card carrying unionists from the program will face another During the Blizzard of I was forced to abandon my truck on a suburban road about 6 pm It was not in a ditch but out on the road and I made my way to a nearby farmhouse to call for help The police authorized the tow ing of my truck at 1 am The bill for this towing was $3750 The distance towed was 12 miles straight country driving I realize that the tow truck operator was probably working overtime yet I feel this bill is outrageous The next evening The News had a story about people being by towing bills ot $25 to $30 Can anything be SD Colden A The stories published on storm profiteering Involv ed towing situations In Buffalo not In the suburbs Many suburban towing services charge $35 after mid night and $25 before midnight Mileage has nothing to do with II the charge we understand Just for taking the tow truck out of the garage true that In the City the charge Is less Given the circumstances that your truck was block ing one of the roads in your area during a bliz zard In the early morning hours and understanding that the truck operator had to shovel you out la "Minding and as he put It risked his own life a hill does not sound quite as "BIT EVEN I you do ac cept the confession" Mr Jasel la continued "the elements of rape sodomy and intentional murder will not be proven be yond a reasonable doubt There was consent and the best you can find him guilty of is a manslaughter Two other witnesses Mr Di lorio questioned Wednesday Mark Caulk and John Wagner testified they saw Jennifer in an apartment in which they were staying About 2 a they testified she said she wanted to make a phone call from a near by booth and Byers went with her "for a Mr Wagner testified that the next afternoon when he was a couple of drinks with Mike (Byers) I asked him what he and Jennifer did and he denied being with Mr Dilorio said he hopes to complete his case by tomorrow afternoon Salary Plan Considered In Clarence or the second week in a row the Clarence Town Board dealt with a routine agenda Wednes day without the bickering that marked meetings earlier this year The most discussed item for 20 minutes was a proposal to pay a wage differential to town employees who work brief ly in other job classifications The board agreed to a two week moratorium on payment of differential applications to aUow further study of the word ing of the item Six differential applications have been received thus (ar In other action the board delayed approval of a 1978 con tract with the teen center until the board is specified as the major funding agent The board however did advance $5000 to the center pending contract approval The board set a public hear ing eb 22 to consider a re quest to rezone property at 8035 Roll Road near Transit Road from agricultural to major ar terial The request was submit ted by Jerry Hass who told the board he plans to construct a two family residence After his councilmanic report Councilman Roger Chaffee announced that County Execu tive Regan has appointed him director of the Office of Disaster Preparedness Mr Chaffee said he was told there was Incompatibility with holding both positions" and that he would terminate his em ployment at American Standard eb 14 if he was approved by the County Legislature Mr Chaffee said he could not yet measure the demands the new position would make on his time if I find I cannot ful fill my duties as councilman my resignation will be submit I ted" he added 1 About 35 persons attended the meeting Grand Island A fire that destroyed a frame house at 1106 Stony Point Road on Grand Island at 3 am today was the work of an arso nist Detective Thomas Stabcll of the Sheriff's Arson Unit reported Chief James Klocke of the Grand Island ire Company set damage at $33000 to the dwell ing owned by Mr and Mrs Harry Roberts who are vacationing in lorida An apparent previous attempt to torch the house was uncover ed at 5 pm Wednesday when a relative found a railroad flare that was tossed through a win dow Deputy Ixuis Tufillaro re ported The flare had burned it self out causing minor damage This moi ning's fire started in a rear bedroom officials report ed By the time firefighters ar rived the entire story struc ture was in flames the chief said Chief Klocke suffered a cut hand for which he was given first aid at the scene Dean Golde 20 of 2135 38 Be dell Road Grand Island a volunteer fireman was treated at Kenmore Mercy Hospital (or a sever finger cu He was later released NTA and the federal government have a resonsibii ity to train Mr Mesiah maintains "They have systematically excluded minor ities "It's unreasonable to expert that qualified people will be there just because you drop the bars throw open the doors and say 'come on Mr Moore takes a different view "The Buffalo Affirmative Ac tion Program and the unions are the parties who should be most concerned about the percentage of minorities in trades needed construct line" he says They rould have started training people in these special ized areas in 1974 Now they want us to do it Nonetheless Mr Moore says he will "review the federal guidelines to determine what role the NTA can play in as sisting in training programs run by the appropriate NEAT A'Xl feels responsibility Rejection of Kenmore Plan January 78 2nd Snowies! 7 On Record Today's forecast of icriods of snow snoutn come as no sur prise to anyone who's been keeping an eye on Buffalo weather ebruary's snows are follow ing trends set during a month without a single totally clear day and a total of 565 inches of snowfall the second highest January topped only by last year's record According to National Weath er Service statistics there were 24 days last month when the thermometer couldn't climb above the freezing mark There were 29 cloudy days and the other two were partly cloudy We had half the normal Janu ary allotment of sunshine and averaged a chilly 204 degrees That's 33 degrees below nor mal and includes readings rang ing from 3 degrees on the 15th to 43 degrees on the 8th Total precipitation hit 629 inches 339 inches above nor mal The 565 inch snowfall the third snowiest month in weather records included 9 4 inches of snow on 21st The bright snot tisticians pointed out brief thaw toward the end of the month a thaw that packed down snowcover just before Buffalo caught the fringes of one of the worst storms ever to move up the Ohio River valley That fringe brought winds gusting up to 66 mph just below last year's blizzard gusts but the lake's snowcover stayed put and Buffalo was spared the worst of blizzard conditions Today there are no major storm systems clouding the horizon just the endless conti nental march of high and low pressure cells expected to bring cold air and occasional flurries Doctors Termed Reluctant To Sign Death Notices Transit Line Windfall Hits Home on Continued rom Page 1 firmative Action Program an 8 year old state funded plan Run by the unions contrac tors and BUILD the program has received about $55 million according to the state Depart ment of Libor In the middle of its fourth cycle the program has pro duced 142 card carrying jour neymen according to John Mose executive director of the program Even with optimistic projec tions on the remainder of the fourth cycle costs will run more than $35000 for each journeyman produced Moody Slaying Jury Hears Testimony by Mother of Victim By AGNES PALAZZETT1 LOCKPORT A sobbing mother told a Niagara County jury Wednesday that two days after her daughter celebrated her 21st birthday the mother went to the Erie County morgue and identified her as a murder victim Naomi Stromberg of North Tonawanda was one of the key prosecution witnesses for the trial of Michael Byers 2X charged with two counts of second degree murder and one count each of first degree rape and sodomy in the death ot Jen nifer Moody Her almost nude and bruised body was discovered about 8 a June 22 in North Tonawan da's Pine oods Mrs Stromberg who had Jen nifer and two sons by a first marriage told the jury that Jennifer had come home about 1 am that day but when she awoke about 8 am Jennifer was gone Not to Support Tonawanda Mall If Tonawanda constructs an enclosed mall on Main Street the project will lack the finan cial and moral support of affect ed businessmen a spokesman for the store owners said today Ossian Bedell owner of a building at 13 Main St which houses a coffeeshop and jewelry store proposed to be included in the mall said he plans to tooth and nail" a proposal cur rently before the Urban renewal Agency to enclose Main Street between Niagara and Adam streets to include a proposed Twin air Store a high rise apartment building for the elderly and existing businesses Mr Bedell a long time Tona wanda businessman Wednesday night presented the agency with a petition signed by 18 Main Street businessmen opposing the mall and urging that Main Street be reopened across the Barge Canal to North Tonawan da THE DEEP Buffalo's weather beaten thorough fares are once again posing as obstacle courses ready to trap the inattentive motorist Some streets crews however are on the job and taking advantage or me oreak in tnts winter round of snowstorms In AA nr TA' A i 111 Will 1 I nr an tiMWiWrrmifllWiilWWM T7I ti'WIMTn jiWl Case 1 Will wwlS! Ox xi 7 5 I.

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