The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 10, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1895
Page 7
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THE UPPEK BUS MOIN1& IOWA WIBKISBAT APBffl 10, "I'd riiddtf be ' ti&fi tftf be et wlii' nifcn, foottgh de whi' man constddah H» *6'1 biggah ; , Bat ef to 1 rnus' b6 white, «'y' be hones' ef yo 1 cafa, Ah' ac' es inucli es poss'ble lite er nlggah t "De eolttb ob yo' skin Bit don't constef-toot no sir . An' yo' fatnbly ain't fer- Cuttin 1 any flggfth ; . f < Min' Wat yo'S er-doiti', an' do dfe bes* yo' kin, v >, ''. An' ac' es much es poss'ble lite er nlggah !" Matt Alt dv«f. * tfttson Tenthly— Your deaf ttite was a great worker on eartb, but how she is at rest in heaven, SKeffcogg (tthosB Wife w*8 a suffragist) — Do you really think she is at rest? PftfSon Tentnly-^-Yes. Why do you ask such a question?. . , ; s, Kerzogg— 0, I thought she . inight be taring to give tbemretorm. A Smart Husband. Daughter —Did you find out what it wa that papa cut out of tho.papeH Mother-^ Yes, I bought another copy. I've read it all through, but I can't see anything wrong about it. it's an article on the healthfulnesi of housework, The Ward politician's- support of a candidate Is usually a "touching story." Opposition inflames the enthusiast, Merer converts him. • . i — i MOWLEDGE; Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and-'enjoy lif e-more, with lesa expenditure,-7 by more promptly adapting the world's best" products to the needs of physical being; will attest the value to health of the pure_ liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due. to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, ; the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. 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Ille Cetifer of th6 Chinese salt disti'tcti \has boon -Well (failed the (liic(?rt-st of qtieot towns. It is, as aii American •wrltcf jatcly expressed it, about the skcivost of askew towiiS In till creatloft." The main street is n series of shoft t-and-dowfl cttttcsj many ot the hotises appeal 1 as If they had just got into their places ill a hopeless intoxicated condition, and the face ot the land presents such a. succession of small and large lakes that a stranger begins to Wonder if he has not wai> dei-ed into A lalteiarid on a liliputian ScaleV-ali of which peculiarities are oiviiig tb the pttniping of brine from Underground for the manufacture of salt. These subsidences are constantly taking place. A pedestrian, not very long, since, was walking along the Davenham road wlien the ground suddenly disappeared a few feet in front of him, leaving a yawning chasm twenty feet wide and of very uncertain depth. Some hundreds of cart loads of i-ubbish were required for Its tilling up. A stable, with the horses it ton- tnined, also disappeared one night. Two ponies were grazing in a Held; tile earth opened, and one of them was engulfed. By an order ot the local authorities a large hotel, which had become so dangerous from the subsidence. of its foundi\tipn that it threatened to topple over oil to a haberdasher's shop opposite, was 'taken down. On my last visit but one to North- Avlch I called at a house and on my entrance I went up two or three steps, I cannot now remember which. 1 called 'at the same house the other day, but on this, occasion I went down three • steps, , the house having "settled" In the meanwhile. In fact, buildings In this district have a trick of "settling," a well built police station and chapel among tlie number* In Q. room in -which I dined the floor Was sb uneven 1 that several inches had been sawn off the legs at one end of the dining table in order to keep the top level. As already mentioned, large tracts of country are Under water, and meadows are exchanged for meres. In .some cases the subsidences have taken place near the banks of the 'Rivers Weaver and Dane. Then the streams have instantly supplied the place of tlie>-niiss- ing land by widening themselves, thus making what were only comparatively narrow watciv courses swell out here and there Into 'goodly lakes. • ': ,.. •Another cause of the • subsidences is to be found in the 1 ' salt. 'rock mine's. -When a inine is worked out hud -abandoned, water gets in and floods the old workings. In this water the supporting find dividing pillars of rock .sail: are gradually dissolved, and the 'superincumbent earth, deprived of sup"port,' naturally' falls in. 1 By the brine pumping (compensation for subsidence) act; the owners of the "brine pits, who are now known as the Salt union, are henceforward responsible .for damage done to laud and buildings alike. The/, builders 'of the Salt. Countries have a! plan: of their o\vn. AVhen they are instructed to put up a, house or shop; they first make a frame or skeleton In massive beams of wood, screwed and clamped together in the strong' est manner possible. Then, in the Interstices, bricks, pr other . material .are built, thus forming a substantial and compact box : lifce' all'air, which, to a great extent; is j independent of any foundation//:, ' ' -.- .; Should 'the building show any signs of going .. under, or taking to croolied ways, ".lucks" are Inserted under tho bottom -beams, and' the wanderer is put right again. Thus is. comes about that,'- every building, being a law irntp itself, .the streets 'Of ; .Northwich' present somaiof ; the. '.most incongruous perspectives ' imaginable., — i'earsoii's WCCk-ly^ . ••-• : ."•- •'. ':'•••': .' :•''.'. V''' ' : : ; ' >.' '. ' •' J • , •-;.••' the" National Capital: ,"It 'is -,npt ^ejienniyj'knQwji," says the Philadelphia. Record, "but it is a fact of history, nevertheless; that Bristol township, lying on . the' east side of Germnntown, iwd a very.. narrow escape. froiii being selected ns 1 the site of tho capital of the United States. It was., a. very small matter. that turned tho -choice toward Maryland nnd Virginia, So positive woi'o -some members bfocongress that the capital was going to be located near Germaniow that they purchased real estate Chore, not, of course, as a matter of speculation, ^ but simply to bo near at hand when tlie removal from Phijadalpfoia to .Bristol, took place, . When the vote of tho commissioners was taken there was a tie, four being for Brist>l i MIJ four ^or the 'Ptstj-lct ol', 'lolynjlia ' ''> : and Bristol towusUSp 'w'ifs Joft ''uijt ii: the cold." *••-.-••• '.'' ^ i" •' us to CooUin£, Do Americans, as a rule, possess more voluniluoiu intestinal tiects thai thoJr FrenpJi couguuers) «pd,-rij! so how far is cookery .responsible for tho difference? It is, of course, notorious that French cooking is the best in the <v>orhl; has this £ict any y-nirijig upon "tlio'presumably small oallbar of th French bowel? Digestion being mado easy, so to speak, is- it the case that a rtu'Ui'il Jivrrst of tl'3V( lopment lias bpen ik,(j. consefjmuK'e? Is thiM'o also d!a- crepancy at.' regards length between the primu vlao of the two lies? Savages ure e^ulowed with inag- nlticent mouth funilture, and dentnl , fleca y is somotiuies wild to be a ^steni upQu'jktyiyos ,nucj fprfei- human rjncp'jiijy I'easpa to (Jr gous dot^omtioij Ms'q, coronary to elabuva'ie cookery? l^lnttUy, and by • 6f. clojure to tUeee obiter'dictft, dainty dtehw a pl)yp}9l9|KllJ fciitoljjf fcogUittftfi tied *ofea«e» Sl«66 Bftbthoort, and ttu tithe* and fche*«d fs* tte fciwt fears—Both Set F*ce ft* Aahevllle, N. c. "|9 thit true?" asked the ftetoS at t»elh&nYs Pharmacy, as he laid down a letter in the presence of a dozen interested customers. "Yes, It is. It was written here oft one of 6tif letter heads and signed by J. C. Fofclernan," promptly answered the proprietor. "You know him, don't yoii?" "Certainly. Me lives at No. 6 Button street.. We all know Fogleman Is a man of his wofd." "I am glad to heat It. *here afe so ftiany misleading statements pub* llshed nowadays that wheti this came in this morning's mall I came right oVer to ask you about It. 1 read the letter three times, but you read it atid you will agree with me that It Is almost too good to be Wile." This is what the letter said: "Office of : i>elham'a Pharmacy, 24 Patton avehue, Asheville, N. C., Sept. 12, 1894. Gentlemen—My little boy, now 8 years, began chewing tobacco wheh 3 years old by the advice of our family physician In the place of stronger stimulants. Four or five weeks ago I began giving him No-To-> Bac, which I bought at Pelham's Pharmacy, and to' my great surprise, and, H Is needless to say, my delight, No- To-Bac completely cured him. He does not seem to care for tobacco and Is very much Improved in health, eats heartily, and has a much better color. "Finding such remarkable results from the use Of; No-To-Bac I began myself and it cured me, after using tobacco in all Its various forms for a period of twenty years. "I take pleasure In making this plain statement of facts for the benefit of others. (Signed) J. C. FOGLBMAN." "Yes, I know it's a fact, and it's one of the strongest, truthful .testimonials I ever read—and it's true, for I sold him the No-To-Bac." "What's that?" asked Chief of Police Hawkins, whose manly form, attired in the new' police uniform, like Solomon in-all his glory, came to the door. "Why, No-To-Bac cures!" "Cures? Why, I should say so. I have used it myself. It cured me." "Would you object to making a statement of the fact for publication?" "Certainly not," and the Chief wrote as follows: ."Asheville, N. C., Sept. 25, 1894. Pelham • Pharmacy—I bought one box of No-To-Bac from you some time since. After using 1 No-To-Bac • I found I had lost- the. desire for tobacco. I was cured. "I have used tobacco—chiefly chewing—for eight (8) or ten (10) years. "H. S. HAWKINS." Everybody looked astonished and wondered what would next turn up. "Suppose it don't cure?" some one asked. "Then they do the right thing when No-To-Bac won't cure."/'What's that?" asked the News man. "Every 'druggist in America is authorized to sell No-To-Bac under an absolute guarantee to cure or money refunded. No- To-Bac is made by the Sterling Remedy Co., general offices in Chicago, Montreal, and New York, and their laboratory is at > Indiana Mineral Springs, Indiana, a- big health resort 'they own; its the place where they give Mud Baths for rheumatism and skin "diseases. You ought to know the president, Mr. A. L. Thomas, of Lord & Thomas, of Chicago." "Yes, of course I do. We -get business from them right along, and they are as good as gold. Well, give me tlieir advertising books and I will make a statement •in the paper about what you have told me, for I know there are thousands of good North Carolina people who are tobacco - spitting and smoking their lives away, and No-To-Bac is an easy guaranteed cure, and they ought to know it." WHISTLING WOMEN. San Francisco Has a Score or More of Fair Siffleusea. The young women of San Francisco have thrown aside their mandolins, have hung up their tennis racquets, have ceased to wave their hands in Del- sartean style, haye given up singing "A-a-ah" in all keys, 'and have thrown themselves,, heart and soul and lungs, into whistling. No less than twenty of the city's daughters have formed a class to .master.the gentle art and are wprk- .Ing with a sublime defiance of the' old tradition' concerning whistling women. Their teacher is Miss Gertrude Judd, Wlio took a course of training under the . world-renowned elffleuse, Mrs. Shaw. When a young woman applies to Miss Judd for admission to her classes she has to undergo examination and criticism scarcely less severe than that which ,Mme, Marchesi's' pupils experience. The would-be whistler has her musical ear and register tested and has to satisfy Miss! Judd of her-ability before .she is received. "Clever whistlers," says Miss Judd, "must be born, not made, They must have east-iron 'lungs, sound health; a favorable mouth cavity formation—sounds gruesome, doesn't it?—and perseverance. The strain on the orbicular muscle alone is considerable, And they .must even have good teeth. You can see Iri my face already the whistle lines. They run in the form of an Inverted V from the nose to the chin. Mrs, Shaw has them. The points I have mentioned, with a lack of nervous affections, a good ear, and the ability to strike the notes you want on the piano are all that, are wanted, except, of 'course, application—it is an ari that must be taken seriously. "Whistling re- .serables singing a good deal. Indirectly .the vocal chords make the sound, but 'there is a different position of the mouth :that A whistle has timbre, quality and soprano arjfl mez?o'range, but the whistle of the two sexes is BO mvich alike that it is impossible to detect the fine grades of difference between them." it Scene: A Sunday school. Johnnie—I say, Miss Jones, I Unow now why you didn't want me to rob bird nests last spring. Miss dones (witli ap oriole in her hat)— was it, Johnnie? Johnnie teasing with admiring eyes at the hat)—'Cai\se you waptod the bir4s grow'big enough to wew 'ein. SONG, ttt« Jfuyazinc, "I'd rudder be er nlggah Pan tei % be er wbi' wan, Dough cle whi' man considdab |ie se'f bjggah ; Hut ef yo' wus' be white, w'y be bones' ef yo' can, An' ao' es much es poss'We like er uiggau! (> Pe pU yo' skin 't cox»8tertwo An 1 yp' fftmWy «!»'$ o' kin, ' ' ftftito* *alk*it?6 Mftiden. loud talking in public places, such aS festaurants and public conveyances, 18 Ir.bre of a European than an Arrierlcaft custom, but occasionally you ftieet Americana of persons borft in this court* try of foreign parents who have that Eflropean habit strongly developed. Sometimes this habit occasions embar* rassment to those who Indulge In It A woman dfessed gaudily and in a way that did not comport with hef years-* for she was In Ihe neighborhood of two score, while her attire would have been more appropriate fot a girt of it—en* tered a Broadway car at Herald square a few days ago. It was evident from her attire that she had ah object in concealing hef age. Her escort was about 36 years old. Their actions denoted that she Was either his sweetheart of trying to be. The woman talked very loudly j her escort answered quietly. Everybody In the ear could hear every wofd She said. When the car reached Forty-flrst street she an* nounced: . "My birthday will be to-morrow." "Indeed?" replied hef escort; "I am glad you have imparted the Informa* tion. It will give me the op—'" "Now, see ifiyou are a good guesser, Guess how many," she interrupted. "Oh, I wouldn't try." "Go on. Guess how many." "Forty-second!" cried the conductor. The passengers' struggled to suppress laughter. The woman's escort smiled! sut the woman looked very angry. "Left get out!" she said sqftly—the only thing she had not said loudly.— New York Herald. Aslt Aid, [f you nro troubled with malurin, constipation, jlllousness, Itldney trouble or dyspepsia, of iostetter'B Stornuch Bitters, uud It will bo speedily forthcoming. 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Will clean silks, woolen Kooitu, ribbons, curtains'- nnd carpots. Unequalled for uleiuilng; house, killing niotliB and roncmitinit grouso spots. 1'i-ico ISc, S cukes for !!6c.. Addrcus H, and II., DOS Molncs. Until Christians have' learned to give right, they haven't learned to pray right. lean recommend Pisb's Cure for Consumption to sufferers from Asthma.—E. D.'' TOWNSKND, Ft. Howard, Wis,, May 4, '04. It is better to ba a burning coal than a painted sunset: ' '; "Hanson's JBaglq Corn Salve." Warranted to cure or money refunded, Aslt your drugutut for It. Trice 15 cents. . The history of human life, is the history, of disappointed hopes, Hngttman'B Camphor fen witti Glycerine, Cures Chapped Handsuml Face, Tender or Soro Foul, Chilblains, 1'iles, &c, C. U. Clark Co., New liaven, Ct. To be without faults is to be without friends. ( . 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No less thttn twenty of the city's daughters have formed a class to master the gentle art and are working with a sublime defiance of the old tradition concerning whistling.: women. Their teacher is Miss. Gertrude Jti'dd; who took a course of training under the world-renowned sXfleuse, Mrs. Shaw. When a young woman applies to Miss Judd for admission to her classes she has to undergo examination and criticism scarcely less severe than that which Mme. Marchesi's pupils experience.- The would-be whistler has her musical ear and register tested and has to satisfy. Miss Judd of her ability before she is received. VClever whistlers," says Miss Judd, "must be born, not made. They must . have cast-Iron lungs, sound health, a favorable mouth cavity formation— sounds gruesome, doesn't it?— and perseverance. The strain 'on the orbicular muscle alone is considerable. And they must even have' good teeth. You can see in my face already the whistle lines. They run in the, form of an in vert- ed V from the nose to the chin. Mrs. Shaw has them. The points I have mentioned, with a lack of nervous affec- . tlons; .a good; ear, and the ability to strike the notes you wai)t on the piano are all that .are wanted, except, of course, application— it is an . art that must be taken seriously. "Whistling resembles singing a good deal. Indirectly the vocal chords make' the sound, but there is a different. position of the mouth that modifies it. A whistle has timbre, quality and soprano and mezzo range, but the whistle of the" two sexes 'is so much alike that it is Impossible to detect the <Jne grades df difference between them." '•"''.' THE QUESTION ANSWERED. It Was Kather Embarrassing to tkai Talkative Maiden. j Loud talking in public places, such as restaurants and public conveyances, ia more of a European than an American custom, but occasionally you meet Americans or persons, born in this country of foreign parents who have thai European habit strongly developed; Sometimes this habit occasions embarrassment to those who Indulge in it.j A woman dressed gaudily and In a wnyj that did not comport with her years—4 for;she.waB in the neighborhood of two 1 siJol'e/^While her attire would have beeti more appropriate for- a girl of 17—entered a Broadway car at Herald square a few days ago. It was 'evident from her attire that she had an object In concealing her age, Her escort waa about 35 yearn old. Their actions denoted that she was either .hia sweetheart or trying to be. The woman talked very loudly; her escort answered quietly. Everybody In the car could hear every word she said. When the; car reached Forty-flrst street she art,- nounced:' . "My birthday will be to-morrow." "Indeed?" replied her escort; "I am. glad you have imparted the information. It will give me the op—" "I'low, see If you are a good guesser. Guess how many," she Interrupted. "Oh, I wouldn't try."'' - ; ' "Go on. Guess how many." "Forty-second!" cried the conductor. The passengers struggled to suppress laughter. The woman's escort' smlledt' but the woman looked very angry. "Left get out!" she said softly—the only thing she had not said loudly.— New York Herald. , ; There are men who pay rent . on pews near the front, who make more fuss over a meal not cooked to suit them than Daniel did over going into the lion's den. ' " It is better to bo in .the liOn'p den with God than out of it without Him. Like an open book, our faces tell the dale of health or disease. 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EYDBlTJLH AND JETTING' MACHINERY, etc. BENT FBF.B.' Jlavo boon tested and all warmnte'l, Blow City Engine A Iron Works, fiuccesuora to 1'ecli Mfg.Co.. Sioux City,Iowa 1217 Union Ave,. Kuhsiis City.Mo. ' - ~~' " t ~ i i A C alifnr tila ls scarce 'y '«* attract- B.aiHUIHia ive than the Winter - U Slimm6r season there.. .You ^=^ ^-^—may doubt this. It is explained and verified in our illustrated book—"To California and Back." For' free copy, address «. T. K1CJIOL8ON, «. V. A., ''_ Momulnock Combined Separator, Feed Cooker, And Churn Power. practical, Effective, Purable, Cheap and Good, Complete Dairy in Itself. Saves Time, Lftbor ppd Money. Book Mailed Free, write for u. gp-AOENTS WANTEP, DAVIS &. RAN KIN PLPQ, A MFC. CO. Chicago, III* : :;FJ;S;6:<-s:;::L&IJtt;&*F<D R~ Best] cure JSrwises, «w? ff PER SQUARE Iron Roofing We are rolling Galvanized! Corrugated Iron Hoofing from World's Fair Buildings at above price, n e nave on hand only 10,000 squares; also all kinds of Lumber and ofner Bulldinc Material. CHICAGO HOUSE WRECKING CO. 3005 8. EiUTSD 3T, (Sii blooki north Onion Stock Turds), i W SCALP E R ".i pnges, So. All about maklin; money In Grain and Stocks by "scalpiiiK tlie jnarkPt" unmafellis pf (SO to (1,000, Ilest method yet. All tculpers iuak» money. IUXBIXQ & CO., 118 Gulncy St., Clilcaso. IS THE BEST. riTroi? AKIN*. . CORDOVAN; , r-RKNCHAENAMKLLEDCALrV ' * 3 BP POLICE,3 SOUS, W™. EXTRA I Over Qo» Minion people wear the W, I, Douglas $3'& $4 SUoes All our shoos (ire equally satisfactory They give th« be»t val«e tpr the money. They equal custom 8hoe« In style and fit. Their wearing; quslltlen MO unsurpassed. The prices er« unlforsv^stamp^ on 8Qle» From $! to $3 »«ved over other i— — « When answering (idvertisements meutiou this paper. USUAL PRICE, AEBMOTOR ib^l AERMOTOR ANTI-FRi-USING THI Ipfeak, has a very largo air chamber,, has a very large sp gn4 pan be torched by qny dealer thl? §i<Je of the Jl9«; AermPtor agent fpr (hew. ft is elftW \WWey t<? 89 ta j .-_,^ A? a rule bo is a Crst-qJiJSSj live, reliable, «14§-§vftk« fellow i tUaJj IQ pvr entire list of tt»<?y$a.n<}? p|, you s^i fea^ 9C9 ?lo\v. ?ti AT.t*«S,_ i Agm«& r w; WsiMMn bas Jsver at tM ahoye, prfge, -^jr^ PI C0«r«e, Jt Isbe^er (a 8§,Wt J«r a$y» _^r tMng y« y my ^p( y,-hA9^ •.•><?.-,...^ ^^t.. i s an /Vernio.tpr ageoU Jt i W@ jCui^lli^ B^%R ft H VSVAUY SOUP AT $9 9% «ttlt mm |hja A?w«l»J K^pi fc? J«s ?P iM^tlhii -'>* ^ SJlfs \^^s?i 4," ''&($]&*< •Qv 1

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