The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1895
Page 5
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Tttl3 UPPER DE8 M01KE8! ALGQKA, IOWA, WSiDNEiDAY. APK1I, 3, 1805. p 1 Aflt ~" , A, A HERE IT IS. flOT TIME I# THE COUNCIL itointftifls Her fieptftttofi fof Itmovatlon With a ftdw Among the City tfathefs. the Mayot'S Committees Knocked Cut and SeVerAl Chattgea Made—f hs Routine Report. , The Best Top Buggy for the Money./ That is on the Market IF YOU WANT something good, and want to get it at a very low price, call at the Wigwam and see this buggy. It is a beauty and no mistake about it. People are in to look at it every day, and the wonder is how so fine a buggy can be sold at such a low price. * PONT FAIL TO SEE IT. Wilfrid P. Jones. Wall Pauer. w E have in stock at present over twenty thousand rolls of wall paper. We have carefully selected this line of paper from all/the best factories in the United States, and in making this selection we have succeeded in getting their Very Best Patterns. We are therefore enabled to show you as fine a line of wall paper as it is possible to produce. There is, as you undoubtedly know, a vast difference in the qualities of paper, and it has always been our aim to buy nothing but the very best in every grade. 'We are better prepared to serve you in this line than any competitor, because we have the largest and best stock, and as for prices we can sell you paper from Six cents Up. t- Just stop and think. Have you ever had an opportunity to buy wall paper <as low as SIX cents for a double roll? With paper at this price you can paper an ordinary size room for less than fifty cents, """'Bewar© Of Fakirs who canvass from house to house selling paper by the single roll and charging you from 20 to 50 per cent, more for inferior goods than legitimate dealers would charge you for good goods. We solicit your trade and are always glad to compare quality, prices, and patterns with any com' petitor, Frank W, Dingley, The Druggist -5 s WATER OR NO PAY, SOOTT ICE! ICE! ICE! White winged peace Ho longer broods over the Algona city council. We hatre joined the ranks of the cities with a mUncipal row on hand. Census of ho census we belong With Chicago, Boohe and the rest. The real cause Is hard to get at, but whatever it is, it' was sufficient to Warrant five members in voting at the meeting Saturday night to rescind Mayor Haggard's Committees and to appoint a hetf lot, This is the first time in our history that the toayor's right to appoint the committees has been questioned. At the last meeting he named the following: Wuterworks-^-liicouHn, Wadawotth and Sa.vers. Finance—Ferguson, Magnusson and Vesper. Streets and Alleys—Wadsworth, Bayers and Henderson. Printing—Pettibone, Ferguson and Magnusson. Health—Sayers, Ferguson and Pettibone. Ordinance—Vesper, Henderson and Nicoulin, Fire—Sayers, Wadsworth and Ferguson. Settling Committee—Vesper, Ferguson and Wadsworth. The council by a vote of Ferguson, Pettibone, Magnusson, Henderson, and Vesper against Nicoulin, Sayers, and Wadsworth voted these out, and changed three of them as follows: Waterworks—Nicoulin, Vesper, Magnusson, Ferguson. Streets and Alleys—Pettibone, Henderson, Sayers and Wud&worth. Health—Sayors, Henderson and Pettibone. Mayor Haggard in speaking of the committees says that he was actuated only by a desire for the town's best interests in making his appointments, and that he consulted as generally as he could before acting. He is especially anxious to have the coming two years prosperous ones, and he feels that his administration has enough difficulties ahead without any quarrel at the outset. The reasons given for voting down the committees are that two from one ward were on one, that the Second ward is not represented fairly, that A. P. Dailey is in some way mixed up in it, etc. The council voted that all back taxes should be expended for street work in the ward where they are collected. They also elected Samson to succeed S. S. Stebbins as street commissioner. They postponed electing a superintendent of waterworks until the April meeting. At that time probably further changes will develop. While THE UPPER DBS MOINES is glad of any change from the dry routine report of city proceedings, it hopes that the council will keep in mind that there are other matters to be attended to before fall, and that Algona has already exhausted considerable energy on that library contest. With the number of caucuses and conventions still awaiting us it will not do for municipal affairs to get too many hot boxes so early in the spring. SUPT. DAILEY RESIGNS. A. F, Dailey resigned his. position as manager of the wator works Monday evening. He has been in charge ever since the water works were begun and like a great many other public servants his merits have been obscured and his demerits magnified. He has been marshal, waterworks manager, city plumber, night watch, all on a salary of $60 a month. When he has been away from the pumps on his other duties his father has been • employed at $1.25 a day, and that but part of the time. His brother Charlie all summer ran lead joints on the .mains for $1.50 a day when Mason City paid $5 a day for the same work. It is a safe statement that not another town in Iowa has had the same service at as little- cost. Mr. Dailey says that he has several positions in view, but will remain in Algona. His resignation is due to an announcement on the 'part of the five members of the council that their constituents want a change. The Official Report, ALGONA, March 80.—The oity council met in regular session at the office of the city clerk, Mayor Haggard in the chair, Mem bers present, Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Ferguson, Magnusson, Nicoulin Sayers, and Henderson, Absent, none. Minutes of regular meeting of February 28, and adjourned meeting of March 3, read and approved. Minutes of meeting of March 18, for the purpose of organisation, read, Moved and seconded that the report as to the appointment of committees by the mayor be not approved. Moved and seconded that the motion be laid on the table. Yeas, Wadsworth, Nicoulin, and Sayers. Noes, Vesper, Ferguson, Pettibone, Henderson, and Magnusson. Vote on previous question, yeas, Vesper, Pettibone, Ferguson "'----'- * ^ to-*. £ofl«s,electionfrowfcfhtfd*a*4.. „„„ Wtt. KtiMi, dell«(Httg matewals 4 100 0. M, 0o*se«,fiafr of ftisn..............;. 1800 JfttnesPAtterson,iftttp chlttne*. 25 Nandalfijetos., coal .and ffeigiit.,,..... 8480 LgagS&OsSipWH, t)l8CksjnlfWft«...... 1036 The Coufier, pHtttlhg ballots andpub- J. W. Robinson, fcatdtfai-e'.!!.'.'.''. '.'.I.'.'.'.'. 615 E. J, Giltnote, oil and supplies. 2l 08 S. S. stebWns, fittest work 16 00 0. J, Bto*fl, police.;. 1800 James Lucas,,labot ...... 820 A.Anderson, labofr 1170 A. F, Dalle*, sftlftfy for March and pipe . tmrehaaed .-...- 5500 Tfios. Dailey, patntJlhg 3160 Jfttnes B. Clow & Son, supplies 210 Mollne Pump company, supplies 2582 A. Finch, labor,. 760 Boe Nebergall et al, police. 7 50 O. Anderson, labor and police... 1876 0. M. Dailey, labor............... 1000 N. S. Swanson, pumping 7 50 S. H. Pettibone, election room Second ward i ,. 2 00 F. S.Norton, lumber 288 Moved and seconded that all the bills reported and approved by the finance committee, except the bill of Wm. Millet" for lighting lamps from Feb. 11, to Feb. 28, be allowed and Warrants drawn for same. Yeas, Vesper, Wadsworth, Petttbone, Feis guson, Magnusson, Henderson. Nicoulin, and Sayers. Noes, none. Gamed, Moved and seconded that the election of a superintendent of waterworks be postponed for another month. Carried. Moved and seconded that we proceed to the election of a street commissioner for the ensuing year. Carried. Moved and seconded that the election be made by call of tho roll. Carried. Upon call of the roll for said election, J. W. Sampson received five votes, S. S. Stebbins received two votes and George Johnson received one vote, and thereupon J. W. Sampson was declared elected. Moved and seconded that Chas. A. Cohenour be elected city clerk for the ensuing year. Carried. Moved and seconded that the bond of G. F. Peek as treasurer, for $6,000, with Lewis H. Smith and Jos. W. Wadsworth as sureties be approved. Carried. Moved and seconded that the council adjourn. Carried. •"£3 Grange Store Fire Money. I have unlimited money to loan o long or short time. B. W, HAGGARD. WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections. Special Dress Goods Sale This Week and Next. W E offer our remaining line of Dress Goods, to close, at prices heretofore impossible. For convenience they have been divided into four lots, viz: Lot 1—A small of wash Dimities, India Mulls, Lawns, etc., goods, for IOC Wanted. It will pay every person in Kossuth county who has eggs to sell to consult me. JAMES PATTERSON. FOR SALE—House and three lots, near the normal school building. Good barn, city water, etc. Inquire of A. J. Jones.-2t8. B. Wright's SuJe. Mr. E. Wright, having disposed of his farm, 4J miles southwest of Algona, will sell several horses, cows, and a lot of farming tools at auction on Thursday, April 11. Here is a chance to get some good stock, and buyers should note the date. HOUSE to rent. F. W. Waterhouse, WHEN looking for new millinery goods you should not forget that Misses Matson & McCall are now home from Chicago, and their stock is selected with special reference to the wants of Algona buyers. It is complete and they give you the latest styles. A KINDERGARTEN will be opened for the little ones of Algona on April 15, 1895. For terms and other particulars, call on or address Mrs. A. J. Lilly. a yard. These are mostly extra fine qualities usually sold from 15 to aoc a yard—now offered at the uniform price of loc to close. Lot 2—Mixed and half-wool goods. Former prices 25 to 40 cts.,now 19 cts. Lot 3—All - wool Henriettas, Cashmeres, Diagonals, Suitings, etc., former price 65 to 85 cts., now 50 cts. Lot 4—Extra fine qualities Henriettas, Serge, etc., black only, for 75 cts.j former price fi.oo and $1.25. The assortment is not full, but the goods are all new, in good condition, and are worth today from 25 to 33 per cent, more than the prices at which they are offered—TO CLOSE. TRY oil meal Hudson. for stock. Langdon & A. M. & G. M. JOHNSON sell the Birdsell wagon, the best wagon on earth. The Birdsell received the gold medal at the world's fair.-51 IP you want to know what Economy is, go to the Opera House Grocery. WHY have poor bread when you can get " Ceresbta?" Ask for it at Walker Bros.'—52 ALL the latest patterns of glassware at Langdon & Hudson's. WASH silks at Galbraith's. FIRE SALE. TV „ • Ferguson, Magnusson, and Henderson. Noes, Wadswortb, Nicoulin, and Sayers. Moved and seconded that the following committees be appointed by the pity council to serve one year. 1 Waterworks—Nicoulin, Vesper, Magnusson, and Ferguson. Finances-Ferguson, Magnusson, Vesper. Streets and Alleys—Pettibone, Henderson, Sayera, Wadsworth. Printing—Pettibone, Ferguson, and Mag- erguson, Health— Sayere, Henderson, and Pettibone. Ordinance— Vesper, Hendeyson-Nicoulin. Settling committee— Vesper, F and WadsvYortb.. Purchasing committee— Vesper, son, and Nicoulin. • Fire-rSayers, Wadsworth, -r, , use Yeas, Vesper, Pettibone, Ferguson, Magnusson, a,nd Henderson. Noes, Nicoulin and Sayers. Moved and seconded that the poll tax 'of each, ward be worked out under the direction and supervision of the comtnt for the respective wards,. Carried. Moved au4 seconded that the following yesotvsMos be Adopted s Resolved that the oity dis.eoft.'tinue the practice, pf laying wfttey pipe teSyo'nd the Streets ana alleys foy ft ny peyewi'pr PrtYftte corporation. Carried. f Tae , fcUowiug Mils were 'reported a* audited aj4 appypygd by tfcb finance co«i- I4&Q HAVE you seen that line of iarnineers at Walker Bros.?—52 BOOMS to rent. J, J. Wllson.-43 THE new millinery stock of Misses Matson & MoCall supasses anything of the kind ever before brought to Algona, The late styles are very attractive, and they give you the latest and most fashionable in trimmings, RUGS, rugs, and braith's. draperies at Gal- WE have a nice assortment of vegetables. Langdon & Hudson. THERE is a carload of new furniture at McGregor's—just in. Some handsome things in the latest patterns, LADIES' waists at Galbraith's. DR, MUBPHY of Mason, City has been in New York for several weeks taking a post-graduate opurse on the eye, and will remain until April 22.— 52t4 OU <p<U$e Meal, Wholesale aqd retail. 6018 J, J, WILSON, WE carry a nice assortment of can. dies, also a full line ol fruits, Lang' don & Hudson. Awarded Fair, I am going to close out my entire stock of Boots and Shoes regardless of what they cost. I have settled with the insurance companies and shall let the goods go At Your Own Price. The goods are but slightly damaged, and the bargains you will get will make your hair stand. This sale for THIRTY DAYS ONLY. At Bronson's jewelry store. B ? H. Anderson, Here is a Par Hal List -of the goods we shall handle during the season of 1895 : Brown Corn Planters, Brown Corn Plows, Brown Corn Harrows, Owens Fanning Mills, Standard Mowers, Full Steel Frame Disc Harrow, Finest Buggies, Surreys and, Phaetons on earth, Bradley & Nicoulin, .$ 'Q 11 \3 H, ?. HACIGAKP, 0. F. Haggatd & Peek, '[Successors to Jones $ -tioi Doxsee & Shaw,. Abstracts of Title, '•Aty i&L

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