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Brainerd, Minnesota
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he rainerd aily ispatch Volume 23. Number 240 BRAINERD MINNESOTA. THURSDAY. MARCH 13. 1924 Price Three Cents LA ear tuned to mill city tomorrow he will aV(f Liner Santiago Sinks 24 of Crew Missing TRY TO PICK UP THE ST.

CLOUD STATION de ed wa to MES ABA RANGE FINDS FRIENDS FIGURE HE IS ON EVE OF RACE TO THE WHITE HOUSE TO BE THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE IF ALL PLANS MATERIALIZE (hf Minneapolis, March Senator Robert M. Follette, Wisconsin, had his ear tuned to Minneapolis today. Tomorrow he will try to pick up the political station at Cloud. Farmers and workers of Minnesota are holding political caucuses. Friends of the Badger senator have figured it nil out that utterances the Solon indicate his willingness to get into the rice for the White as third party candidate, if plans! materialize.

statement through his personal magazine regarding Teapot Dome and other matter-4 in Washington was a distinct bid for third party action, friends here took it. The movement for a third party convention in the Twin Cities June 17th, call for which was an nounced from St. Paul yesterday, was music to the ear of LaFollette, supporters here declared. While he has frequently declared his health would not permit him he a candidate for president, it is now virtually certain he will he. Cliv United It ninth.

Mardi lit. The funeral of Napoleon It. pioneer of Biilnth, will laid at ll a. rn. Saturday at the Masonic temple.

Merrill died Wcilm day at the aire of HO body nill lie In slate at the Masonic temple for an hoar before and an hour after the fnnernl services, will conducted by llurrj Lee Howe, master of the Masonic lodge. Merrill lead (he way lo rf ery of Iron ore on the range soon after he came here in Ile was prominently lilied with many developments aud was known alt over the country. Messages of condolence poured in to the fa rn fly todny from friend' from conv! to SYDNEY ANDERSON NOT TO RUN AGAIN WIDOW OF SMITH TESTIFIES BEFORE SENATE COMMITTEE HOPE DEFERRED MADE HEART SICK; JAHNKE KILLED SELF CLOSELY GUARDED AT HER REQUEST. TELLS OF HUSBAND ACTIONS LATTI WAS FRIEND AND PARTNER OF ATTORNEY GENERAL DAUGHERTY FIRST DISTRICT CONGRESSMAN TO RETIRE FROM POLITICS ACCOUNT POOR HEALTH (By Potted Press) Washington, March at ive Sydney Anderson, first district congressman from Minne opt, announced today that lie will not he a candidate for On acount of poor health, he Raid he would retire from The nonpartisan league of Minne-! Representative Anderson is one of nota and the working agricultural in the house. partisan political league, together with auxiliaries of both, comniitt-e.

ii were in session in Mina ea pol ie. Winn lo All these meetings are experted to ney in one of the no spectacular agree on a platform that will be ae campaigns ever seen in Minnesota rentable to LaFollette. whether he then he has been re-elected is definitely endorsed for president without serious opposition I The farmer-labor or nor. Tomorrow the farmer-labor pwrty, trict planed to make a hard fight on recognized as a political party in Wm Representative An Minnesota, will hold its annual stale I derson was given an indefinite convention at St. Cloud.

Real fire- He is chairman of the agricultural was elect, first In defeated James Taw Washington, March General Daugherty's op ti with a friend who tiled himself when he feared omelxxly was in upon were to be further des nbed this afternoon by Mrs. lox ie Smith liefore the enate committee investigating the department of justice. Closely guarded at her own re- neat, file widow of Jesse Smith, who mmiited suicide at partition Is last Decoration day, was cpl in seclusion until time for her ume her sensational story of ntrigue, stock deals and self-sacri flee. Tho raven-rf) a trot, soft-spoken woman who told committee with many tears late yesterday at of absence from his congressional du ties last week, because of his poor works are expected there over internal issues, because so-called radicals health in the party are trying to gain con- tr0l St. Paul, Mardi 13.

Friends of The farmer-labor party succeeded J. Holmherg. commissioner of agr! in electing two United States sena- culture, urging him to run for tors in the last two elections. Be- governor, according to reports at the cause of their hard won success, most capital today. conservative members want to pro- Holmberg refused to comment on carefully so as not to lose any the report, or to say that lie would ground gained.

not republican nomination The meetings today and tomorrow He has had a career In politics run are expected to endorse the third ning from 1917, when he was elected party plan and to lean toward La-jto rh house of repro datives. Follette whether any definite es- I 11 TV I'D rAn dorsement is made or not. LAVY I Jill. I Ult LESS WHEAT ON MINNESOTA FARMS EXPERT ESTIMATES SECRETARY NAVY WM. S.

KENYON, OF IOWA. MAY FILL POST (By United Press) Washington. March William S. Kenyon, of Iowa, is believed have accepted the post of secret ar of the navy in President Coolidg, cabinet. After ti tv minute conferenc with the president today, Kenyon on the White House, said he would Issue a statement afternoon.

The pre he said, also Congress Today By United Press Senate! Daugherty committee healing at 2 p. rn. Oil committee continues hearings. House; Bonus subcommittee to finish work. (By United Press) St.

loud, Manti IR. or cr the continued postponement ai wedding dill Rudolph Jahn- Le. Al, killed himself with gas In bls home here. Ile was a widower was to lune been married last Sn til rd a I to Mrs. gal Im Christen, a widow.

The Fred Milder, became III the dill before and went to the bos. the wedding was post po lied. The prospect he bridegroom, broken-hearted, built ii tire In a coal stole, pulled tip a comfortable rocking clin lr. piled letters and pictures of the widow about him, lighted a long cheroot and turned oil four gas jets full blast. About mu inch of bls cigar had burned when neighbors broke In and found him dead.

The room tilled wit Ii gas, and police said I ii half an lionr more the gas would base become heavy enough to lime been Ignited by the coal lire, with the possibility of blowing up the place. NORTHERN PACIFIC SAVES LABORERS' AGENCY FEE COST WORKS DIRECTLY WITH INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION OF STATE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO BE SAVED RAILWAY LABORERS Tho St. Paul Daily Nows printed a picture showing a of railway laborers at the Union station -in that city, about to take the train for Pasco, Wash. And with it was this I story. of will lie Raved railway In (lie north went by a revolutionary change In employ (lieut practiced just taking effect.

The Northern Pacific la the firm to adopt tho plan, hut other operating through the I Tit lea are expected to follow. FRANCE PUTS BRAKES ON FRANC SLUMP (By Pelted March 13. France has overcome, at temporarily the threatened of lier national currency. Tile franc opened atrong today with the dollar quoted 23 HO centimes and the pound Merlins at HS HO The followed nnnouncement that important hnie been I ii foreign hanking to defend the franc from Intermit Iona! COAST GUARD CUTTER HUNTS FOR SURVIVORSv SHIP CATASTROPHE HAPPENED OFF CAPE HATTERAS YES- TERDAY AIM TO REGAIN TEAPOT DOME LEGAL BATTLE ON TO RESTORE RESERVE TO NAVY DEPARTMENT (ny Preaa) Cheyenne. Wyoming.

March Twin legal battle to Teapot Dome oil renerve to Hie embody of I Baltimore around noon. NORWEGIAN STEAMER CISSY AIDED IN RESCUE WORK, SAVING ll (Bv United Breda) Norfolk, March coast guard cutter Manning plowed through the waters of Cape Hatteras today searching for survivors of the Ward liner, Santiago, which sank yesterday. The Manning reported no and It believed the Norwegian steamer flawy which picked up ll members of the Santiago crew all of tit owe who were saved. Twenty- four of the crew are still missing. The Cissy is expected to put into 2 SEER MANTLE OF GOVERNOR! Under, tho new plan, the railway nnv3r department, and cancel the lease contract now held with will hire ail its through the CISSY TO DOCK froe employment of the stately Sinclair, scheduled to at ail TOMORROW todny In federal court here.

Atlee Bomeretie and Owen I Baltimore, March 13. The Nor- ProRident I weglan steamer Cissy, carrying ll Coolidge to attempt to recover Tea- Survivors of the Ward liner, Santiago, which Hank off Cape Hatteras, la Industrial commission The first shipment of workers un I attorneys, appointed by der this new agreement was Sunday morning, when 60 pot Dome and naval oil leases lo were Mot over lh. delayed end I. now be- of the com.nle.lon of from who obtained tho cu-opcrut ion of I the Petition for receivership against Teapot Dome property. 3, Petition to have the contract CHAS A.

LINDBERGH AND TOM I for omployinent at Basco, Wash. DAVIS AFTER FARMER-LABOR I Tho plan was worked out by J. D. ENDORSEMENT (By St. Cloud, March A.

I William J. chief special Lind berg. Little Falls, and Torn agent of the Northern Pacific, Minneapolis, will fight it out I Uhder the former employment plan tart of the open hearings, of the Ifor farmer-labor endorsement of the railroad, employment agencies I whlch Ioart6 granted ricndship and partnership of Kovernor tomorrow. which charged for obtaining Sinclair was personally on the ground to direct the battle to protect bls contract nm! lease. was ac cum pun led by a corpn of brilliant attorneys, including Martin W.

Littleton of New York and L. W. Zevely, counsel. lex.l Inrln.I.: I I. Petition for an Injunction to tomorrow.

I BURY COAL MINE EXPLOSION VICTIMS Smith and the attorney hadj When the Minnesota state con-J for the men. contained contracts to inch more to reveal according toj of the farmer-labor party Jsupply the railroad labor. enator IL K. Wheeler, Montana, Investigator. She was to take the again it 2 p.

ut. and it was doubtful, ae cording to Wheeler, if anyone else would he lizard today. FALL SENT MARINES IO EVICT SQUATTERS Washington, Mar, 13. -Albert It Ball, as secretary of the interior, is Through I nilled, forces of each candidate each man obtaining Job ppld be marshalled in the hope of getting la few for his work, the total I something definite out of the con- Jreachlng large during the sum vention. I mer working season.

There will be many other candl- Mr. Williams predicts that other I dates it in believed, hut In the pre-1 roads will follow the plan of talk, Irfndberg and Davis Northern Pacific. most prominently mentioned. At I the railroads of the north-1 ASKS TO CANCEL least seven others are In the circle west haVe announced their intention NAVAL RESERVE CONTRACT pohh bl lilies. millions of dollars this year A.

B. Gilbert, state manager construction work sud in the Cheyenne, Wyoming, March 13 i that Harry F. lair and the non-partisan league and repairing of rolling of tho Interior Albert IL I the order whereby the navy Uindquist.J, diversity far rn. employment of thousands I "conspired to defraud the I Jill t- hm ,1 I of workers will naturally follow, states" by execution of the Teacart rn, ut sent iiiarines to Teapot Dome in 1922 to eject squatters, Theodore Roosevelt, acting navy secretary, and Major General John A. Lei.

une told the senate oil committee today. They revealed how Fall overrode objections by President Harding and have been referred to In the campaign, hut are out Wt, to bt, to supply this de pot Dome lease, the gowynment to- Hock. March of the victims of the explosion of Mine No. 2 of the Utah Fuel company started today. Many were hurled in the little cemetery on a hill Just above the workings where the men lost their lives.

Forty- otio bodies wore sent to Price and six to Helper. Bodlos of 131 had been recovered today. couraged bidding. 8. That Fall, although question was raised aa to the legality' of the lease, refused to take the opinion of tho solicitor of the interior department or Ute attorney general.

It. That Full secretly communicated with Bim UMr Die effect he would not make the lease unless and In full regalia looking for a chance Inand Jf an the railroads will co-op- pi.f thl, ifDjted States dis- 1,11 Produced a quit claim to ay I crate with the commission in ellmln- lHct CMUrt hera lo rance, tho naval tw al1 W. W. RoyHter, Glenwood, a rail- ating the possibility of then being he oil lands. Fall knew these ating the possibility road labor leader and great friend of to pay an employment fee Magnus Johnson, I also In the the privilege of Mr.

Williams said. reserve contract. The petition fairly bristled with claims were worthless and himself had previously done something like St. Paul, March rn Minnesota farms March 1st was estimated as 2,181,000 bushel loss than on the same date last year, in the Minnesota crop report of Paul IL Kirk today. Farmers are holding 10,109,000 bushel more of corn than last ye r.

and 3.994.000 more bushel of oaM than on March 1923, It was es-i- xnated. There is still about 4.365.OO') leaviRK bushel of wheat on the farms, or 21 per cent of the 1923 crop. Storks of corn are estimated at 32 per cent, os would have a stat' 49,501.000 bushel. About 38 Senator Borah, Idaho, ii doss cent of the oats crop, or 58,237,00" frjend of Kenyon. called to the bushel is still on the farms.

White House jo as nyon left. The average price of good plow The purpose Of this sum mons was not Sands is estimated at $89 per re known. this year compared with $96 a year Kenyon insisted that under the ago and $102 in 1922. The average circumstance-, he could give no value per acre of all farm lands witn ration of the natur of forthcom- improvements is placed at $96 per ments. acre, compared with $105 for 1923 the statement be Issued and $110 for 1922.

The average about the time nominations are sent value of all farm lands without im- to the he was asked, pavements is estimated at $68 just about that acre compared with $75 for 1923 and he replied. $81 for 1922. I Borah was with the president only The average cash rent per acrQ a few minutes. He also rein ed to this year is estimated at $4.16 for says anything about it. farms of a value per acre estimated more about a law at $92.

This is compared with book than a mates last year of $4.17 per acre on marked. He the protests of a friend of the pres! I that. lent against the use of armed force. the at flrat oU LeJeune revealed also that thejjected to sending marines, because governor of yoming had protested I he had a friend who want It to the pre Ident, and Senator Walsh done, hut later the prenident immediately started a search tor thin "The marines were Hen! by Qener- national of Irr.xulHltlw hut by conn cd fraudulent and ne- Jo' coptud uh a nn.r of criminal promotion of Inrolycd ob I in tho linac onlrncti lf lh? court Mild Wnclnlr nctod under* coDHtructlon, and In fnror of th. government.

od vice when ho it. ne deeds. Mr. Williams forecasts a brisk de maud for labor this spring and the year, especially bridge work In this vicinity. protest which had heretofore been suppressed.

White LeJeune and Roosevelt were being questioned. Senator Walsh an-! nounced that new information had reached him concerning charges that the secretaryship of the interior to he bartered for votes in the 1920 republican national convention. Walsh immediately Issued a series of for persons supposed a1 Roosevelt continued, 'and that Is all I know about Denby was away at tho time, Roosevelt answered, I ii an answer to a quention by Kendricks. told the president about sending them at the cabinet meeting following Roosevelt testified. think he just said and din auk me any-j TO BE thing more about the Walsh then read a letter from 2 CONGRESSMEN TO BE INVESTIGATED nee that Sinclair should set apart cer- 11 and That Fall and Sinclair conspired to defraud the United States.

of the Denver Post, use of the marines. Tammern tine declined to state farina of $96 per acre value. purpose of his call on the all right, and that Secretary Daniels to know something of the story told by Leonard Wood, Jr. One was for Christian, to Secretary IL-rry MacKenzie, who haH charge of inclosing a protest from H. the campaign headquarters of Presi nt Coolidge in Chicago.

After LeJeune had briefly related bribed the Teapot Dome affair as a how he took instructions from Fall a nieHS. concerning what the were Tammern was associated with F. to do at Teapot Dome, and how he G. Bonflls of the Denver Post in a Major George K. Schuler with a deal with Sinclair, whereby of marines, Roosevelt took the OOO was obtained from Harry F.

Sin- srand. clair for certain to Teapot you add any further light to Dome. im -tory of sending the marines to spot Walsh aHked. "On July 29th I found a message from Secretary Fall, asking me to orifer with him. He told me there were squatter- on Teapot Dome preparing to take out oil.

He said he and President Harding wanted them removed. He said that he had looked up the legal phases, and that it was WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE Washington, March reported House conference attended by Attorney General Daugherty, IL L. Dobeny, Harry Sinclair and the late President Harding was being Investigated today by the senate com(Continued on Page 4) Attorney Atlee Pomertna and Ow on J. Robert, before Judge 10 Fa" Uh.he Kennedy at IO a. rn.

and Bhafe, publUhtr of the preaentod th. petition whl. made Hoeky Mountain Denver following Iaai1 othar that ho I. The order of President Harding transferring Teapot Dome naval for Schafer, reserves was invalid and illegal and was known to ire SO by Albert B. Fall, secretary of the interior, and Hln- clalr at the time the lease was made.

2 The order was obtained from GOVERNMENT WINS the president by Fall on fnlHo repro-1 ITS FIRST VICTORY se (Rations he could deal Cheyenne, Wyoming, March 13 lands not to the public benefit. The government today won the first 3. That Fall and Sinclair connplr- victory in the battle to cancel the cd to defraud the United States by lease held by Harry F. Sinclair on execution of the lease. the Teapot Dome naval oil reserve.

4. That negotiations and conclu- Following a preliminary hearing, sion of til" lease was a private scen t. Judge T. IL Kennedy, of the federal 5. That in Intervention of the district court here, indicated he law the lease of April 7, 1922, wan would Issue a temporary injunction awarded without advertisement or providing: competitive bidding and as a result, I.

For a temporary the contract was illegal. restraining the Mammoth Oil com- 6. That Secretary of the Navy pany, a Sinclair subsidiary, Denby took no part In the negotla- (drilling any further wells in the Tenons, and affixed his signature mere- serve, ly as an attempt to evidence his com- 2. For the appointment of Rear pliance and exercised no discretion Admiral Joseph Straus and A. EL in its making.

Watts as receivers for the 7. Thatt other persons and cor- pending a final decision on tho suit poratlons, somo of which were the to break the lease. STAR CHAMBER AF SAYS REP. BURTON (By Uni wed Washington, March 13. A nperial Jury was convened here today, to hear evidence about alleged irnprop receipt of money by which the Chicago grand jury that indicted Colonel Charles It.

Forbes, former director of the vcter bureau, mentioned In its final re port. H. Mortimer, principal accuser of Forbes before the senate investigating committee, and one of the main witnesses before the Chicago grand Jury, was present to testify to the special grand Jury when it met. won't be a star chamber af said Representative Burton, Texas Company, Pioneer Company, Straus would represent the govern- chalrman. will have everything K.

L. Doheny and Leo Stack, were ment and Watts the Sinclair CoMpH out in the open before we are desirous to obtain the lease which (dated Corporation of which through." I Fall denied the opportunity and dis-J vice-president. injunction he la.

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