The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1895
Page 1
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1865, AM0JSTA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APML 8, 1895, 'CP •fl - w ' •"**: •>.~m TAKE NOTICE of that nice line of Chamber Sets at the ,. - Opera House Grocery. S New Goods Have. Art iv ed. Silks of all kinds. Laces, Dress Goods, Carpets, Rugs and Draperies. That the Garland Stoves and Ranges are sold with the absolute guarantee of being the finest and best constructed stoves in the market. In case of any imperfection in material or workmanship the manufacturer agrees to make the same good. THE GARLANDS are the only stoves made with a mixture of the highest grade of iron and aluminum, The COLUMBIAN Garland Steel Range Requires Less Fuel and bakes quicker than any other steel range made. Please call and get prices before buying. I am at the old stand, where I have been for the past 33 years, J. W. Robinson. G Do You Know ' Brownell & Allred ^ARRY the Finest, the largest, and the Best stock of Boots and ^ Shoes m Kossuth county? THIS is A FACT, and we are always pleased to see you and show you our goods, * IB THE TIME for Rubber Boeis, Leather Boots, S&w Show, and for all kinds pf PICTORES AKE ALL RIGHT. A Speiicer Jttry So Decided in a Case e World's fair fletttres Were Oil Exhibition* A Good Deal of Interest Manifest Over the Result of the Trial—Other Northwest Motes. Mrs. ftev. Glass and the ladies Were defeated in their attempt to have the Spencer billiard hall keeper punished for exposing indecent pictures. The trial was the most sensational ever held in Spencer. The pictures were photographs of paintings and sculptures exhibited at the World's fair. The position of the prosecution was that while such works of art might be excusable in a gallery or art exposition they were obscene in a billiard hall. The defendant asserted that pictures allowed at the world's fair and transmitted through the malls could not be obscene anywhere, and the jury so found. About 60 ladles attendee! the trial, which drew a crowded house. Two preachers, two editors, and other respectable witnesses were called by the billiard hall man to defend his works of art, much against their wills. It seems that when the nude works of art were seized there were pictures of women in tights used ,to advertise tobacco, clgarrettes, etc., in the hall, but the women thought the nude pictures the more demoralizing. An Algona Boy Goes Into Business. Albert Patterson, son of Alex. Patterson of Algona, has bought a half interest in the pioneer general merchandising store at Blairsburg of W. P. Hanks, and the style of the new firm is Patterson & Hanks. The Webster City Tribune says: They don't propose to wait till business comes to them, but propose to go after it, as will be seen by their advertising in this week's Tribune. Parties living in that territory will do well to call and get acquainted with the new firm and their prices. When Greek Meets Greek. LuVerne and Livermore are to debate, should the money question or the tariff question be the more prominent in the coming presidential campaign. Each town will have three speakers, LuVerne for the money side and Livermore the tariff. The first debate comes Friday evening at Livermore at the opera hopse, the second debate will be held later at LuVerne. Saloons at Lost Island Lake. Emmetsburg parties are said to have taken out licenses to open a saloon at Ruthven's summer resort during the season. The Free Press objects strongly and says that a saloon on the lake means that rowdyism and lawlessness will run rampant, especially on Sundays, and that decent people will shun the resort. Judge Cook Brings Tears. In his lecture against woman suffrage at Webster City, Judge Cook appealed to the ladies very powerfully, if the Graphic can be believed. It says of one of his flights: There was nothing really pathetic about the way he told it, but mothers in his audience stopped the tears that came unbidden to their eyes. Prof. Dlzson to Read a Paper. The Teachers' association of northwestern Iowa, will be held in Sioux City, April 18, 19 and 20. An excellent program has been prepard, and live school topics will be discussed by the leading educators of Iowa. Among those on the program we noticed Prof. Davidson of Estherville and Prof Dixson of Algona, Ought to Have a Jail. Armstrong Journal: From the report of the grand jury in Kossuth county they need a jail, and need Jt bad, Algona is too good and too progressive a town to tolerate the use of such a filthy hole for a jail, Big Kossuth and "great" Algona can afford to have the best, The Ueggetts Get a Paper. The Sioux City Journal says that the Leeds Sun has been bought by Trav. C. and W. T, Leggett. Both are well known in Algona, Will having learned his printer's trade in THE UPPER DBS MOWES office. A West Bend Breeze, Journal: There was a report in town last Saturday that the old Doc Grove farm had moved over into Kossuth county. It would be an almighty hard matter to get »n abstract of all of it since those windy days'. County Spat Fight JB Hancock, The old court bouse at Concord has been condemned and BHU and Garner are fighting for the county seat. Con* cord is the old town a mile from Garner, of the bankrupt medicine show at Bafl i croft who Was captured at Sheldon by Sheriff Samson for a bill of $60 for boafd coming to E. P, BIrcheP, When brought back it was found that there was no criminal case at all, and he was let go. Aft execution will be got out against Birchef for the costs. *ME RECORDER'S PEES. The flfst report of Recorder Randall of fees under the new law is made for the months of January, February, and March. It shows that the county is going to gain by paying a salary, For these three months the fees are $1,176,76, and if the year holds up to that average it will make a total of $4,600, the recorder's salary and clerk hire being but $1,800. DOCTOR FOR THE NORTH END. The only bid for doctoring the north three tiers of townships of the county was H. A. Saunders of Swea City. It was accepted and he is county physician. v A CHANCE FOR A SUIT. The county seems to be in the way of a $1,600 'aw suit. Some months ago we noted that a Charles City man had put in a claim for $20 because his horse and buggy and himself went through a bridge at J. A. Kennedy's where the county ditchers had out out the underpinning. It now turns out that the young man was seriously injured and has been unable to attend to business since that time. A bill for $1,600 is before the board and S. S. Sessions represents a firm of Charles City lawyers in ^pressing it. -A peculiar feature is that the bridge in question was a private one on Mr. Kennedy's private rond, but it seems the county had done some work on it. POOR EARM REPORT. Ex-supervisor Rawson has filed a detail 3d report of the poor farm for the year 1894. The total receipts for the year and the remainder on hand Jan. 1 were $3,174.16, and the total paid out was $2,001.38, leaving on hand $1,172.78. Of grain raised there were 677 bushels of oats, 107 of barley, 800 of corn, 2 of beans, 30 of potatoes, 80 tons of hay, 4 bushels of seed corn, besides 32 acres of corn stalks and 21 acres of straw. Two calves and 85 pigs were raised. There are seven inmates on the farm. THE NEW ONE MILL ROAD TAX. With this season the county board have the one mill township road tax to use. They have decided to expend the tax in the townships where it is raised, and will accept the advise of the township officers. FAIR GROUND ROAD, Two rods on the south side of the highway running from Minnesota street to the grounds of the county agricultural society are vacated. . DR. PAUL'S BIG BILL. The Paul bill of $280 was cut to $170 on advice from members of the county medical association and allowed. If you are, we have something that will please you, A nice line of— Call and look them over, * ' v Langdon & Hudson,^ . ' '" '" • ••'"".' . " " . -''V •- ^ s i, Also new patterns of Glassware. ' inAMILIARITY ofttiraes breeds contempt, but not for THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CD'S PURE COLORED PAINT. Painters swear by it because it goes farther and is cheaper than any other Paste Paint in die market. Fine line of tints that are sure to please. THE DB. FELLING CASE. costs to the county in The costs to the county in the Felling prosecution were us follows: Witness fees .......................... 850000 Geo. E. Clarke, attorney ............... 10000 ... Justice court .......................... .. 7900 ROUTINE. Tax on lot 16, block 8, town of Bancroft abated for 1894, church property. Claim of H. Burgenstein not allowed. Claim of Mr. Sinn for $3.90 laid on table. County clerk's report accepted, The auditor's school fund loans were approved. The personal property of F. H. Muzzy was transferred from the Wesley independent district to the district township. Marshall Go's, bill for supplies to Mrs. Wilson referred to soldiers relief corps, Tax of 1894 on northeast 30-96, 80 refunded on valuation of $325 tree exemption. Tax of Mrs. Jessie Davison on all but $400, and all personal tax for 1894 abated. Full line of house, barn, floor, and buggy just received. £ ^ DOXSEE, Winkie's old stand. YOUR PATRONAGE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. W. ~ "" ~' rT ~~ TT T> •* «$%W#V^ ^f*$f I 4?f The best salve ii» the world for bruisee, outs, sores, ulcerSi sftlt rheum, fever sores tetter, chopped bands, chilblains, po^,, an 4 all sWij eruptions, and positively cures pile* OF no pay requireo, Jt Js gu»r»nteed toVi v | —iweot satisfaction or money refunded, Pice 860 a box, °-' J 1 — v " * _«*» WI»BU, I have been in the ice business in Al- gpna ror 17 Je&rs and X am here to stay. I wiinurnlBb, ice the coining season as usual. Get my rore you contract. PETER WINKEL. wall paper the best in Algonaf Most anybody will tell you Is the man. OQUW5T, All diBeases of the eye treatea. QiasseB aajuste4 tor errors Qt re- A .„„ J » i .._ NO charge (or course on the eye, April 83 ' ' Druggist. Cowles Block/ r^.'V: „ WE HAYB TffM/Aiso a Sp»TB 3 8 and Children's Fine-Shoes for spring and §um< ALLRE3?, '4%s'iiiM^ia'i4-«.sXs. 4pr« - A fl»efl Turned p«v TbeoouBty tetUera are in eesiion. TJ»f>y begraa^oaaay by m^jng a eew departure aj to costs io cases wbere men &re ohwed over the country §>g$ brought ba°H sn4 RP Oftuae of aotioa fQUBii AgftiMt them. They, have Pr««re3 tae ejuniy ftl/jwuey 19 get out exepyUOBf agftiBSt the o^mp|ainipg wlt&eis in ewJb, oajej aod collect the since 1^4 fall for PR, PEESTQN, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Advantages gained by trading here,, I mention a few of them, A Large Stock, Choice Assortment, Reliable Goods, Reasonable Prices, Prompt Delivery of Goods. and be convinced, PUMPS will be to your interest to ge,t on A WATER TANKS ' S ~ QAS PIPE and FITI^^w, *'««!#» all kinds,, Leather, Rubbtt 3£0S!p gpmplets .rtpck of HOSE and Fitting* fite Valves and all « ww » " f

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