Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 20, 1946 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 20, 1946
Page 9
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J,! ' 1 1 I ?*' if Page Two HOP! S T A R, HO P l,j? ARKANSAS Destruction of Germany's Moral Fiber Stands Out as Greatest of Hitler's Crimes Hope Star By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP World Traveler Paris. March 20 — One of the most terrible o£ the evils which Hitler inflicted on this continent was his deliberate destruction of moral and spiritual fibres, not only Jn his own country but in con- •quered territories, to facilitate the ! enslavement of Europe. J Many folk 'who abhorred Nazism ^nevertheless unwittingly became contaminated to the extent that their moral stamina was weakened. You see this mark of the % s\vastiKa, in numerous parts of the continent and it provides a great • problem in rehabilitation, because all phases of recovery — economic, political, social — are affected. Germany itself probably has been hurt more deeply than any otjfier country in this respect. He so far succeeded in destroying re- .ligion and substituting his pagan savagery in the minds of German •youth that some Allied authorities count many of those between the :a_j*es .of about 14 and 35 as lost to jcivilization. While Hitler brutalized his : people, he did .try' to create morale amon 'quered countr 'destroy not only and so deprive _ple of their will Star of Hop* 1899; fittt 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Washburn) at the Star buliding 212-214 South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER President ALEX. H. WASHBURN Editor and Publisher Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per week ISc Hempsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere S6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dis- 70 Boxers Entered in State AAU Little Rock. March 20 — (fi*\— With about 70 fighters already entered, the field (or the State Amateur Athletic Union boxing tournament \yas expected to grow today. First-round bouts are carded for tomorrow night. Yesterday was the deadline for entering, but all entries postmarked by yesterday will be accepted and AAU officials were ready lo check the mails today. Contestants will weigh in tomorrow afternoon and drawings will be conducted at 5 p. m. Balling Odklown Entries for Thursday First Race—$1200; clmg; 4 yo? up; G furs. Appeal Agent 115; Foneda xlOo; Bad Cold 115; Hem- seven 113; Olga S. 113: Mia Maria 105; Chicona 101: Topsy Sue 107' Atlantic City x!07. (9). j Second Race—$1100; clmg; 4 yos iup: G furs. Border Scout xll3' iStopover Gal 108: Gay Thorn 110; I Cake Gravy 115; Grace K. xl05; •Private Howie 115: Babv Snuff ,M(I; Grand Gay xllO; Wag 110; So Alone 108; Baylree Bomber ixllO: No Other 113.' j Also eligible: Chance Tea 110; iScenic Charm 110; Floysan xlHV Bay Carse 118: Litle' Minx 110; Jackie B. 115. (12 & G>. Third Race—$1100: alwcs; 3 yos: G furs. Laundry Bov 115; Whiteford Will 115 :Whitchiack 118; Dou- Doolittle Heads Board to Investigate Gripes Against 'Caste 7 System of U.S.Army will get under way at 8 p.'ni. Iui 0 S i. lm ,jn : " rii'irinmn IIH- T^W Both novice and openV.ls will Lsabo li's Es'pirU , xT13° Iowa J ° hn be on the Ihursdny night program, nfj- pi pn uti ff IIH •Vnonr with clashes in the special weights ••-' - - - •• •-- '°">- Hl —105 pounds down — to be run off Friday morning. After a second night of leather tossing Friday, the surviving title aspirants will return home to recondition for the finals here March 29. State champions will be sent to the national tournament at Boston next month . Among entries already in are ten 115 ;Cat Like xtOH; a-Mr. Chair man xll3. Also eligible: Motivate 110; Bubbling Easy 110; Peraptera 118; a- Evelyn W. x!05. (12 4). a-Reynolds Bros, entry. Fourth Race—SHOO: Jilwcs; 4 vos up: G furs. Bill Monahan US- Risky Lad 113: Aridisical 118; Claremont Miss 113; Rosy Brand Rock Boys Club, ten from Subiaco . , ., . Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg.- France was one of the countries in which the Nazi dictator employed the most subtle poison at his disposal, and-he had some Jive years in which to work. He long had planned to destroy France morally. He wanted to create out ol this great country one of the main buttresses of the conquered territories which he proposed to hold in servitude. There were, of course, great numbers of French people who should it be? They took it from the French state treasury with one hand and squandered it with the other in trying to buy the goodwill of the people. Apropos of this, German documents recently discovered here purport to show that some 23,000 Frenchmen applied for German nationality. The Nazis were "especially liber- Negroes to Participate in U.S. AAU San Antonio. Tex.. March 20 — 'resisted the Hitlerite campaign to' farmi "S Population, paying high the utmost. Still, my French prices without question for food- r..: s_ • i -. " _letitffc- T« *v,:« .. .. LI i_ . the utmost. Still, my ' French friends — of whom 1 nave hadj'? manv of these~30 years — tell me i^ -~~« „««.. .»«o witcn.t\.i auu giuv\ that the fuehrer did do much dam-., apace with German support. Simi age wmcn is being reflected these il 1 ?, 1 '. tactlcs ,w fir ? employed in the MW.^.UI.JVJH AWI AUUU- tms wa >' a black market soon was created and grew , - hard days in the frightful black | i markets and in the loss of public ' > soirit in some sections nf tho nnm,_ spirit in some sections of the population. The German assault on morals and morale were cleverly plotted. It began with cultivation of the idea that, after all, the Reich wanted to keep France prosperous By way of proving this the invaders were amazingly free with cash. Money was no object — and why RpYou, Too, Feel TIRED, NERVOUS a'BIT BLUE' iOn "CERTAIN DAYS" Of The Month? If female functional monthly disturbances make you feel nervous, weak, .«ankyr-at siieh times—try famous Lydla E. Plhkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Taken thruout the month—Pinkham's Compound helps build up resistance against such distress. It's also.,a great stomachic tonic. r;iThere are positively no opiates In Plnlcham'f Compound. It's made from Mother Nature's own whole, spine" root* and herbs plus Vitamin aBiaPfokham's Compound HELPS NA- ..TOTEl.Thousands upon thousands of "glrlsJ-and, women report benefit! LYDIA L PIN'KHAM'S -- — c- — -..,- .*j *.ux. i - UL.., • tlllulllw, A t..\ ., l»ltU UI I ^.U ~— al with money among the great I W)— Negro stars will compete in farmimr nnrmlatir,,, ~ ~~ v:_u tne national AA TJ trac ,j. and f j e]d meet here June 28 and 29, Eric Pohl of the organization's executive commitee said today in denying reports there would be a rival meet in the East. Pohlohl, who attended the recent AAU indoor meet in New York, said, "most of the athletes up there scoffed at the idea of a rival meet. There 'just wouldn't be any Negro stars to compete in such a meet.'; Pohl added he expects 800 to 900 athletes to compete in the meet which will be held at the Alamo stadium seating 23,000. It will be the second time the meet has been held south of the Mason-Qixon line. The first time was at 'New Orleans. cities, and blackmarkels were encouraged for all sorts of commodities. Hardheaded French fok, wfto knew the Boche of old and saw through ' fiercely. the „, but thing which scheme, fought it it was an insidious many farmers and tradesmen failed to recognize. People who were wellmeaning enough but thoughtless drifted along with the Hitlerite tide. Things finally reached such a pitch towards the close of the war that many schoolchildren were doing black market transactions and handling thousands of francs. An upright man found it hard to make a living. Well, that's the situation from which la belle France is now try- ng to extricate herself. The morale and spiritual damage which has been done to a seclion of Ihe popu- laliq.n naturally is a brake on rehabilitation. Egypt Is Continued from Page One of four and see her no more. Womenfolk live completely secluded within the walls of their own homes. No men servants are allowed to cross the threshold and these secluded wives have no feminine company except members of their own households. They cannot even see their own male cousins or their husband's brothers. It is an ideal setup for a husband who wants to convince his wife he is the world's most perfect man. In one of these villages some more daring women have taken to leaving their own homes occasionally to visit neighbor women! friends 13,000 Service Men to Disembark From Many Ships By the Associated Press . More than 9,700 men are due to | arrive today at two east coast ports I aboard nine vessels, while 3,228 returning .servicemen are expected at three west coast ports aboard seven transports. Arriving at New York are seven ships with 9,779 men, while Nor- 115: Gomel 110; Sphalerite 112; Bill G. xl!3; Banneran.xlOO; Gran- lag 118: Roytig 116: Winter Song 105; Eliza Jane xlOS. Also eligible: Ariel Actress 108- Final Glory 115; Night Crawler xll3; Teutelo 112; Wise Chance x!07: My Blitzen xlOo. (12 G). Sixlh Race—$1300 :alwcs; "The Stuttgart" 4 yos up: 6 furs .Double Back xlOS: Hearth Broom 110; Corn Dodger xlOS; Stoogie xlOS; Hygro's Beauty 108: Son Forever xllO: Big Mean x!02; Dodo's Girl 110; Captain Ruth 110. 19) Seventh Race—$1300: clmg; 4 yos up; 1 1-16 mi. Slrombus x!07; Peace Fleet 118; Nostalgia 108- Bradwin 112; Jack's Pride 109; Sherlock 115: Kona Wind 110- Latent 107: Valdidia 112. (9). ; Eighth Race—$1100: clmg; 4 yos up: 1 1-16 mi. Owen C. x!04- Wicked 115; Scot's Belle 110- Scouting 115; Talara 115; Tipcat 115; Colors Up 110; Bigandlillle 115: Playground 115; M. Louise 109; Lochlea 115: Gay And Light X J. 1 (J. Also eligible: Smolh Blade 115; Dancing Fire 109; Day Dodger x-Apprentice allowance. from their mother's care at the age ?j?H? S v With 9 ' 7 -! 9 *u 1en ' ^ vhi , le Noi- of four and see her no more. S {?i k '_X a ::.,2. w ?l t ?. t _ h ? ?, mval o£ two vessels with at least three nel. West Coast arrivals include: person- Se- alle, Wash., three ships, 3,094; San Diego, Caiif., one sh'ipi four; Francisco, Ihree vessels, 130. •o Anti-Jew Bills Signed by Goering Nuernberg, March 20 —(yP)—Her- mann Goering lold the international military tribunal today he had signed numerous anti-Jewish decrees as president of the reich- slag and "I assume fully respori'si- bility for them." In the witness box for the sixth day in his own defense, the former Reichsmarhal declared that both Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich San jHimmler were more radical then himself on the Jewish question. . , , - He said defendant Julius Strei- Anglers Prayer jcher was violently anti-Jewish, but Lord, give me grace to catch [dismissed him as "not a member a fish jof Ihe government and although he So big that even I, When talking of it afterwards, Will never have to lie. Best Wishes to J BEN J. OWEN 'ON THE FORMAL OPENING OF OWEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE CITY ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Congratulations to BEN J. OWEN ON THE FORMAL OPENING OF OWEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE 'sigcs to When Hope Builders Supply Co. Phone 422 They are ladies of high rank and their sorties out into the world create quite a stir. They are surrounded by guards and all traffic in and out of the village and in the neighborhod of their visit is suspended. They themselves, course, are heavily veiled. No one is quite sure .iust who is being protected from whom or what but no one is taking any chances— There is no place quite like Egypt for holidays. It is the true home of the "long weekend." Moslems celebrate Friday -as a weekly holy day, Jews take Saturdays and Christians have their traditional Sundays off. Cairo barbers, not content with this wide choice, have their own special holiday. They hand out their shears and close shop on Mondays— Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday arc supposedly meatless days in Cairo restaurants, but chicken, duck, ham and tongue aren't classified as meat. And Neither is steak, if you really want il. The restaurants serve anything you order and nobody thinks anything about it- If you start to a taxi at v> " " uvfc.* v nv tiiuj. ti l«At tlL least three nightrobed natives will begin running madly up and down the street trying to get you a cab. And when one rolls up from the opposite direction they rush to ppen the cab door. For this "serv- |ice" unasked and unwanted, you are expected to give "baksheesh" to each— The only native of this class I mel in Egypl who didn'l ask for more money — and no matter how much you overtip them they ask for more as a matter of princinie —was a dignified old Arab guide at Ihe pyramids. He was extremely religious and had made pilgrim- and was a gauleiter he had no influence on the government." Both Goering and Justice Robert H. Jackson, chief U. S. prosecutor, showed the strain of hours of cross-examination and Iherc were frequent clashes between the two. Lord Justice Geoffrey Lawrence, presiding member of the tribunal overruled Jackson's effort to compel Goering to stop making what ", the prosecutor termed "propagan- U1 ida remarks from the witness Island. Jackson contended Goering was being permitted lo "lake control of proceedings." Jackson's annoyance express itself again when Goering testified that he had ordered security police lo withhold action against the participants in a program in November, 1939, because "I myself wanted to take the necessary action." Kurds Rising in Revolt, Says Iran Tehran, March 20 — (UP)— An Iranian general slaff officers revealed loday lhat three Iranian garrisons in the wild northwest region near Lake Urmia have been under attack "for weeks" by Kurdish rebels and that seven Iran planes have been dispatched to 1heir defense. Mecca and Medina. I paid him his fee asked if he were satisfied he replied: "A good name is much better than money. All the lime shine like full moon." He musl be a very lonesome man —in Egypt. Red Cross Continued from Page One McDaniel 1.00 Orie Bvers Mr. & Mrs. Tyler C. B.' Warren S. Barham J. Byron Woods Blanche L. Collins Victor C. Thompson Geo. A. Sauerwein ... Total 3/19/1940 Grand Total 5.00 2.00 5.00 3.00 4.00 1.00 1G.OO 7.00 3.00 13.00 officer said the at- was estimated at . The Iranian lacking force „„., calllllulcu ul about 3,000 men and included both Iran and Iraw Kurds. The region of the fighting is close to the northwest corner of ran where Iraq, Iran and Turkey m f e j- The area is largely populated by Kurds, wild mountaineer tribes which frequently are in revolt against Iran government authority. A Soviet cavalry column has been reported maneuvering in the vicinity of Lake Urmia and there nave been repeated reports that dissident Kurdish tribesmen hope to set up an independent Kurdish regime, including tribes not only in Iran but also in Iraw and Turkey. The Iranian garrisons which were said lo have been attacked were located at Sardashl, Baneh and Saqqcz. Sardasht is 434 miles northwest or Tehran located on the south shores of Lake Urmia in an area in which Soviet troop movements and Kurdish outbreaks previously have been reported. Saqciex. is about 60 miles southeast of Sardasht. Baneh is 32 miles southwest of Saqqez. The Iranian officer said that his agents reported that among those attacking the garrison were natives speaking the Turki dialect ilns js the dialect of northern Jran. He estimated the attacking force at 3.000 men. 3.00 j The Ayrshire cow was im$158.001 ported into the United States in $4,875.97.' 1822 from Ayr. Scotland. Washington, March 1!) — <UIM — Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson has appointed a six-man board to findout .how .manv GI j gripes 'against the army's so-called "caste system" are based on facts The board will be headed by l.t Gen. James H. Doolitle and' will include three former officers who rose from the ranks and two demobilized enlisted veterans of the It wfll look into relations be- European campaigns. Iween officers and men both on and oft' duty, investigate GI housim' , facilities, clothing and recreation i facilities and check tho .armv pro-i motion system. It then will rec-' omrnend changes. Patterson said he appointed the changes should be made in ;\rmv board to find out whether any plans for its peacetime army to achieve "a citizen's army of the best type possible." "In the last few years, millions have served in the army who would nol have done so had it .101 be^n for the war," he said. "Their presence was a stimulant to widespread discussions of the status and privileges of enlisted personnel. "Now. while the experience of the war is still fresh in our minds and we are planning for a future armv, the lime is right to take stock and to determine what changes, if any. should be .made." The board will meet in Washington late this month. II will hoa''- testimony from officers and enlisted men both in and out of the army as well as non-military personnel and various organizations. DoolitUc, who is on lcrrnin:il leave, immediatelv flew lo Washington from Florida to discuss the investigation with Patterson. Other members of the board are- Former Lt. Gen. Trov IT. Middleton, comptroller of Louisiana State in 1910 and commanded the -Ifilh division in North Africa and Sicily itiion University. He enlisted in the armv i cosl Robert Melville of New York" ' former editor of Stars and Stripes i in Italy now on terminal leave -is! a lieutenant colonel, lie is an .,ut- ; spoken critic of special privileges lor officers. Adna H. Underbill, of p'rcev-illo. Court Docket March 18, 1040 City Docket James Hood, reckless driving, forfeited $2.">.C)0 cash bond. Jolly Witherspoon, indecent exposure, plea of guilty, fined $10.00. Lewis Bearden, drunken driving, forteited $25.00 cash bond. James (.,. Swift, drunken driving, forfeited 325.00 cash bond. Jolly Witherspoon, disturbing peace, plea of guilty, fined ?2!i.OO. Johnnie Walker, disturbing peace ; forfeited $10.00 cash bond. | Allie Williamson, disturbing i peace, forfeited $10.00 cash bdncl. I Jaine.s L. Hood, disturbing peace, .forfeited $10.00 cash bond. i Jess Bhickwood, drunkenness. i tried, fined $10.00 suspended dur- I ing good behavior. ! Delbert. George, drunkenness, ! plea of guilty, fined $10.00. ! Bert Chambers, drunkenness. . plea of guilty, fined $10.00. i Ira Williams, drunkenness, plea :of guilty, fined $10.00. I The following forfeited a $10.00 i cash bond on a charge of drunkenness: ! Robert Cobb. Noah Ttay, Don I L. Nichols, Carl E. Campbell, < Jerry T. Willington. Pal McCor: mack, C. K. Cash, Woodrow Downs, ! Harvey Lester, Elgie Johnson, Elgie Walker, Johnnie Straughler, : Johnnie Walker, Clifton E. Nannie. State Docket A. R. Johnson, reckless driving, : forfeited $25.00 cash bond. i Leon Golsten. • gaming, forfeited i $10.00 cash bond. : Floyd Walker, gaming, forfeited 'S10.00 cash bond. James Stuart, disturbing peace, 1 forfeited $10.00 cash bond. i James L. Hood, speeding, for- i fcited $5.00 cash bond. i H. E. Culpepper, Uaffic violation (overload), dismissed on mo- Pros. Ally, upon payment of N. Y., who rose from platoon ;.-er- "oanl to M 'lar-itro'-nc-r c.nptnin He now is,,with the New York'State game , Conservation depart mem Jake^V. Lindsey. of Luceiiale. Miss.,-; the-100th infantryman to win the medal of honor. ' A former technigal sergeant, he works lor the veterans administration in ington,'/Mass. Kurland Is Probably Scorer Meryll M".".Frost, of Hanover, : uarentlv N. H., former sergeant who was'"" seriously wounded in Italy but nevertheless captained " Dartmouth's 1945 football .squad. He- was voted 1945's most courageous alhlete by Philadelphia sports'writ- ers, •o By TED MEIER New York. March 20 — Iff) — Big Bob Kurland, of the NCAA and ..... Missouri Valley champion Oklaho- Lex-ima Aggie, and not Elmore Morgen- 1 thnler. of New Mexico Mines, ap- , March 20, I 5 ! Markei Repori ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK Nntionnl Stockyards, ;11., March 20 —I/I')— Hogs 1,500; barrows and gilts 14.80; sows and most stags 14.05; few heavies 13.78. i Cattle 1,800; calves 1,000: few good and choice stcprs 18.2!i-l(i.(iO; choice mixed yearlings 17.50: good BUconl ceiling: rye IP. lower 1-1 higher. May '$2.1!) 1-4-2.111" barley unchanged, May $1.20 ceiling. NEW YORK STOCK New York, March 20—(/TV-Sl<. , , r , •• • =. motors, rails, tobaccos and utill 1 heifers and mixed yearlings 14.50-lied a laslhour general advancer' Id.00; common and medium beef j fraclions lo around 2 points in?, cows 9.50-12,00; canners and cut- day's slock market, lers 7.00-9.00; beef bulls 13.50-1400; Carriers a n d utilities, ml sausage hulls 1300 down; veulers most of the session, turned upw 17.90; medium and good 13.001(i.50: jnoar the finish and dealings pic' Vn «"}!) nn'' an ? c ."'""ehter steers j up after holding to a slow ptf 10.75-17.90; slaughter heifers 9.50-'during the first four hours. Volt! 17.75; stocker and feeder steers 9.50-15.50. Sheep 1,200; few lots god choice wollecj lambs 10.00-50; short deck mostly god 1550; cull ewes 7.50. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, March 20 —(.I 1 ) — Live oultry, firm: receipts 14 trucks; no curs. FOB prices: Leghorn fowl 27, fryers and broilers 31.0-33.1; old roosters 21 ;others unchanged. Butter firm: receipts 202,1140: market unchanged. Eggs, receipls 24,337; steady; market unchanged. NEW YORK COTTON New York, March 20 —M 1 )—Cotton futures moved higher in slow trading today as mills, New Orleans, and local buying met onlv scale up offerings. Indications that nedging against the recent government sale of cotton had been prae- approximated Bonds were 1,100.000 shares, mixed. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans. March 20 —(, Colon futures advanced here day on trade buying and cover! The market closed steady 25 c a bale higher lo 10 cents lowo: May high 20.75 — low 20.71 — 20. GOB Jly high 20.91 — low 20.70 — 2G.75B Oet high 20.81 — low 20.70 — 20.71 Dec high 20.71! — low 20.08 20.08-70 Men hit-'h 20.77 — low 2G.('i7 — cl 20.0713 SKIN IRRITATIONS EXTERNAL 194G high Food Riots Break Out in Hamburg Hamburg, March 20 —CUP) — British military officials loday announced an outbreak of relatively small scale food riots al Hambur" in which groups of women stormed shops and railroad cars to sei/e provisions. The plundering of food stores began yesterday and scattered incidents from all parts of Hamburg still were being reported late today. British military forces look special recautions in an attempt to no evidence of system in in, ing, the individual incidents widespread in the cily. Last sight aobut 200 women stormed Ihe ticfsack railroad -yards on the outskirts of Hamburg and plundered boxcars containing foodstuffs. .-.. is going lo win the ational collegiate individual scoring basketball title. A week ago Morgenlhaler, who wound up the season with 595 points, seemed assured of finishing on lop, bul the weekly Associ- jatecl Press tabulation today disclosed that Kurland .with two and possibly three more games to play, needs only 25 points to pass Mor- gcnthaler. The dials of Chinese clocks go around and the hands stand still. George Washington was one of the first to wear bifocal glasses. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you fl nr\ffl« *-if Ot<nm-miln!m-i »*t4-l^ Al» ~ .._ halt the disorders. While there was I "Y"?:?' Ac " y<JUl ul 'UBB«*I< io seu you raid'- 5 bottle of Creomulsion with the un- wei e i del-standing you must like the way it * **• : niTlnVltr CllloTfCi +lin ximirvV. «*• «**..* ,. —«. 7 .•••••••O i7»*« ***MUU A**).^ UAH; nttjr 4u i quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis may be depressed by hedge selling against purchases of additional cotton. The bureau of census reported cotton ginnings for 1945 colon al H.781.45.1 bales or about 3.0(1(1,000 under Ihe 1044 crop ginnings which was aboul in line with trade uxpcc- lalions. Lato afternoon prices were 25 lo 70 cenls a bale higher. May 2G.t!2, Jly 2G.f(4, Oct. 20.72 GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, March 20 —-(/Pi— Grain futures traders found litle or no Tncenlive to do business today and prices dragged along most of the lime, lacking either pressure or demand. A few local professionals provided almost the entire volume of business, as most commission houses and other interests said they were awaiting the government report on acreage which farmers intended to plant lo grain this year. i With most deliveries at ceiling bid i and no offerings, the intermittent activity centered on May rye and | deferred oats, bul'flucluations were at only fractions of a cent most of the day. Wheat and corn closed unchanged from Ihe previous finish al ceilings of $1.83 1-2 and $1.21 1-2; oal.s unchanged to 5-H cent down. May . .._ -._.„. 25 years success. .« yll . COc sizes. Purchase prico refunde'd if you're not satisfied. Use. only na dfe reeled. Vilnl in clonnsin« is good soapS fcnjoy Black and Wliito Skin Soim duiljtfS Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J Wanted to Buy USED FURNITURE of all kinds COMMUNITY FURNITURE STORE 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to BEN J. OWEN ON THE FORMAL OPENING OF OWEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Foster's Family Shoe Store Phone 1100 Easter's comin'... Have a Coke ., .friendly refreshment h part of the doings Getting ready for the big parade is plenty exciting, especially when friends gather 'round. That's a time for sparkling Coca'Cola. Have a Col(e just naturally means It's fun to get together. Whenever people meet, you're liable to find Coca'Cola and the friendly pause— the pause that refreshes, the happy moment of hospitality; BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY 8Y Phone HOPE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Second end Louisiana Sts. 1946 Tho C-C Co.. = Coca-Cola "Coca-Cola", and its abbreviation V'Coke" ure the registered trade- I marks which distinguish the prod- Juct of The- Coca-Cglo Company. Wedncjday, March 20,1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Social and P ersona I Soci Phone 768 Between 9 a. m. and 4 p. m . ocial Calendar NOTICE -•.'ill Y.W.A. members who have apt turned in their Annie Armstrong (HlOTing plea.se contact Alelha Mae Crosby and do so at once. 'fluirsday, March 21 t., A , r £? e P tlon wi " bt> lu ' Id "I tho Ursl Christian church Hccrt-nlional room Thursday evening at 7-'M «> meet Reverend and Mrs W 1' ISfrdegrcc and family. All c-hurcli members and friends of the church I arc urged to altcnd. carrots and spring onions artistically arranged in a granite pan. 1 Ifict-d at intervals on the tables wore spring flowers in bottles, jars and tin cans. A spectator might have conclud- eel tiuit "the beggars are coming i" uiwii as the members appeared in somelhmg tacky, having been orewarned by their offspring "not i" el anyone know you're mulhor." In the guessing contests prize winners were Mrs. R Jackson. Mrs. Koy Mammons my the E. ami was voted Hope Chapter No. UHU Order Eastern Star will stilted meeting Thursday 21 at the Masonic Hall p.m. of the hold a . March i ill 7:,'iu| The Junior and Senior His>h school P.T.A. wm meet Thursday at 3:30 p.m. at the high school Ihe Executive Board meeting will Uii'cedc Ihe regular meeting. Friday, March 22 The Friday Music Club will meet Friday night at 7:31) at the home of Mrs. C. P. Witsell, Jr.. Circle No. 3 W.M.S. Met Monday Afternoon Mrs. Harry Shiver and Mrs. H. Brashier were hostess lo members of Circle No. 3 of Womens' Missionary Society the First Baptist church at Mrs. E. A. Mnrsaiii the "tackiest." At the conclusion of the evening, delicious refreshments of sandwiches, cookies and cold drinks were served and two new members were welcomed into membership: Mrs. Oscar Greenbcrg and Mrs. .Julian Spillers. Hostesses were: Mrs. J. L. Tocl- c ' nl >, Mrs. L. J. Cagle, Mrs. James mcCullough. Mrs. Jack Fielding Mrs. I-oy Mammons and Mrs. E S. Franklin. Coming and Going W. the the of i IK- MISS Inez Smith and Mrs. Ruth Holscher attended a Beauty Show at the Hotel Grim in Texarkana, 1 iiesday night. home of Mr:;/ Sliiver" Monday i tyjjL-rnoon. ''The meeting prayer by Mrs. P. J. Holt conducted csting Mission Stuch During the social hour, the hostess served delightful reln-shmcnU to 11 members. Misses Neoma and Georgia Ruth Uudney have returned from a two weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Jarvis and family in Colchester, Illinois. was opened with H. A. Fish. Mrs. a very inter- American Legion Auxiliary Enjoys Tncky Party A happy group of members of the American Legion Auxiliary enjoyed a "tacky parly" at' the (WjlKioii Hall. Tuesday evening As l5« members entered tin- hall their interest centered on the lonu tables which, in keeping with the occasion, were laid with mr.vspapei table cloths with a centerpiece of Hospital Notes Edward S. Yates, who underwent a major operation at the Julia Chester Hospital Saturday, is doing nicely, friends will be Vlad to know. ** L. Fade freckles. LSoTeTbladkheads mirinEf?*~ Usp •''* '" -'- 25c ^W>lH*ffm2S£g33I£ai CAUTION: Use only as directed^ Late Mrs. Lena Bowden Sister of Henry Taylor In yesterday's report of the death of Mrs. Lena Bowden. the Star accidentally omitted the name ot a surviving brother. Henry Tav- lur of Hope. -o RIALTO N O W B B K W1LLARO PARKER MARGUERITE CHAPMAN 'Shoot the Works' Junior Play for Hope on April 5 "Shoot The- Works", ;i corneclv in thruc- acts by Don Pierre, has been chosLMi'as the junior pkiy by Mrs. 11 E. McPhurson, director iind will be presented in Hope Hifjh School auditorium the afternoon and niRht of April 5. The scene is laid in the., living room of the Restful Homo for Restless People in a small town. The time is the present. The cast and the parts they play consist of the following'- Kate Ashwortli, owner of the Home --Alice I.He; I,aura A.shworth, her niece—Bonnie Anthony; Lucinda l.Jvei more, a wealthy old maid and a fiia-sl at the Home— Martha Sue Moore-; Lou Undine, another Kuest at the Home—Betty Whitlow: Ruth Bright, a nurse at the Home —Pollyanna Williams; Jud Clarendon, a successful song writer— Glen May; Max Neal, Jud's best Incncl— Johnny Gibson; Homer Boylslon, a prospective buyer of Ihe Home— Henry Green; Guy Priest, a newspaper columnist- Jack Duffie: Jake Moore. Guv's bodyguard—Bill Morion; Sally Hunt, a reporter—Barbara LaGrone; Dcx Newall, also a reporter—Bill Willis; Joshau Perkins, a millionaire "dandy" —Al Williams: Bessie Perkins, his wife — Dorothy O'Neal. The Doctor Says: By Dr. WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN Written for NEA Service Although serious Infections of the larynx also cause breathing difficulty, ordinary croup usually is easy to recognize. The child with croup Is awakened with a bin-king cough and difficulty in breathing early in the night. He sits up in bod, clutches ill his throat, and cries out in terror MS he struggles to breathe. After a variable time the spasm relaxes and the child's breathing improves, but the relief may be only temporary, as several spells can occur in one night. By morning the spusm usually has disappeared, and only slight hoarseness and coughing remains During the day the child appears to be almost as well as ever, but a spell generally occurs the following night. Attacks three or lour nights In a row are not uncommon with some children MILD ATTACKS PERMIT SLEEP Mild cases of croup may not awaken the c h i 1 d from his sleep, although spasm of the larynx is present and difficult breathing is. heard. Croup is most common in children between two and four years of age, and those past .si.x seldom have it. Spells are caused by in- Ilnmmiitlon of the larynx, and the resulting spasm is more severe than the inflammation. An attack of croup is often preceded by a mild upper respiratory inleclion. Less commonly, it is a complication of ordinary acute laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx). Difficulty in breathing clue to inflammation of the larynx may be a complication of diptheria or of slroplococcic throat infection. Unless a child shows only the signs and symptoms of ordinary croup, which are relieved rather promptly, a physician should be called. TETANY SPASM SHORTER Childien with tctany (a form of nervousness) may have attacks ol spasm of the larynx, but these are ot short duration and are not accompanied by signs of in- llammation. During ;m attack, a child with the croup should be kept in a warm room and given steam inhalations. If a child sounds "croupy ' before going to sleep, he-should be given a sedative Children who are subject to croup should not sleep in cold rooms with win" .s open, as this seems to precipitate attacks especially when respiratory infections arc present. Induced vomiting seems to shorten the spells, and the old- tashioned treatment of wriivinu out a towel in cold water and Placing it over the chest and throat has brought relief lo muily Foge Ttiret DOROTHY DIX Petticoat Tyranny Dear Dorothy Dlx: We^ arc two married, men who do not know what it is to be free. We sonal liberty ;il take our pny envelopes away from us and dole out our carfare and a meager lunch and no more. They buy our clothes for us and we have lo dress according to their taste instead of our own. They biiwl us out if we even slep Irj Ihe corner grocery for a package of cigarettes. We support them well, but they make no return in being pleasant lo us. Do you think that we are get- ling ii fair deal? M.J. AND O.P. ANSWER: I confess that my sympathy for hen-pecked husbands is diluted by the knowledge that they don't have lo stand being hen-pecked, unless they like it. li Ihey had Ihe backbone that God promised a fishing worm, they i wouldn't submit to petticoal ty- I runny. They would walk out on their overbearing spouses and leave them flat. MAN HAS ADVANTAGE In the domestic selup Ihe man has Ihe -advantage over the woman because the hand that holds the purse automatically rules the roost. If a wife knew that her comlorlable home, her charge account at the stores and her general well-being depended upon Her treating her husband decently, she would be as polite lo him as she is to a strange man. You never hear of a woman who has a good job in a slorc or office who sasses her boss, or tries to cjliclate to him. On the contrary, she yes-yeses him. My advice lo you Uvo poor, downtrodden creatures is to buck up and show a litlle spirit, if you have any left afler you have crawled on your stomachs so long to your wives. Stage a rebellion. Hold on lo your pay envelopes yourselves and "nand oul the carfare to them. Be men instead of mice and you will be surprised at the result. You will have your wives eating out of your hands, for a bully is always a coward and knocks under when confronted with authority. Barbs By HAL COCHRAN .You can depend on quitters winning just about as often as winner c|int. . It is estimated a cow moves its J^ ws , ;iL)0 '-il, 41,000 times a clay- to hurt Social Situations THE SITUATION: A man meets a girl ho knows un the street. WRONG WAY: He stops her and stands talking to her. RIGHT WAY: If he wants to talk to her, lie falls into step and walks along with her. Questions and Answers Q—How long will the nation's visible oil supply last'.' A —14 years. But more will be Quickly Relieves Distress of , Head Co Ms A little Va-tro-nol up each nostril promptly relieves sniflly, stuffy distress of head colds- makes breathing easier. Also helps prevent many colds from developing if used in time. Try it! You'll like it! Follow directions in package. VICKS TO-THO NOW Available Place Your Order For Early Delivery WANDA BUTANE GAS Phone— —370 or 1114-W In just a few weeks the fan's swell ball club will be winning one clay and his rotten team losing tlie next. Heading and studying are the only ways for a man lo acquire a vocabulary, says a professor. Unless he marries one. So They Say By what we think and say and do now, we determine whether today is a breathing spell between wars or the beginning of lasting prosperity and peace. — Treasury Secretary Fred M Vinson. One cannot reform the hearts of me Gorman people unless one keeps their stomachs reasonably lull. —Gen. Sir Brian Robertson, Deputy British Military Governor of Germany. America has come face lo face with the need to assure higher education for its ablest youth It will be fatal to avoid the challenge. —Dr. M. H. Trytten, National Research Council. I don't subscribe t the- rights of laboi lo those of the public. ment, both capital and labor"should be required lo subject themselves lo I ho rigors of law and order and to the preservation of the public well a re. —Federal Judge John C. Knox of Now York. The only hope of salvaging peace and tin- freedom of hundreds of millions now catiuhl in Ihe cross- tiro of billcr conflict of power'po- litics is for America to compete- with Russia for the allegiance of mankind on the basis of a respect for (ho liberty, dignity and the rights of others. —Son. Kenneth S. Wherry iRi Nebraska . the idea thai are superior In my judg- Encore 1 oat my poase with honey, 1 vo done it all my life. It makes the pens' taste- funny. But it keeps thorn on my knife. found, no doubt. Q—Mas Soviet population boon lowered by tho war? A—Apparently not. for recently tho Soviet announced a population of 193.000.000. same as in 1SWO. Q—How many people are covered by social security'' A—84.000.0011. But clue to employment shifting, only aboul 40 000.000 have- built up credits steadily. Q—-What is Winston Churchill's full name? A—Winston Spencer Churchill. Q—What is Army's newest defense plan against jet propelled rocket atl.-iek.sV A—Counter-attack roekels. Radar would plot course of 3000 mph rockets and counter-attack rockets would be .sent against them before they reached their goal, exploding them harmlessly in mid-air. TEN FINGERS ARE NOT ENOUGH I o relit'vu dry itchy .scalp, but yiu can get ic.'il relief with Mulcilim; Hair Tonic. Helps remove li.Mj.scJaniJiuff flakes. MOHOLINE HAIR TONIC child ;ind niiirricd her. Shurlly -.- _- tor we were married she have no per- that she did not love me Our wives sorry she had married the nine years we have been married we have parted five times, and I have always gone bad; because we had two children of our own. A year ago her atUiudc became unbearable and 1 Hut a divorce from her. t had been a Hood husband to her and a good provider. Her own family say thai I was too good lo her. Now I have found a woman whom 1 like very much and have been thinking of marrying her, but when my ex-wife found out aboul this she insisted on my coming back to her. Do you think 1 should return to her for the children's sake and give up this other woman who. 1 know, would make me happy? I want lo do Ihe righl Ihiny without hurling anyone. II.M. ANSWER: If you have tried goin back lo • your wife five you may be very certain that sixth alleinpt to live with her would be jusl as unsuccessful as the others. She doesn't, love you. She never has and never will 'and Return of Is Unlikely Daylnnn Beach. Fla.. March 20 — (UPi-.- Branch Rickey. Brooklyn i ln()tl Dodger presideni. declared personal warfare on all Mexican- ivory hunters today aflir an attempt made lo sign Jackie Negro shortstop: .Rickey, already angered by Ihe scorched By GRANT DILLMAN i Washington. March 20 —(UP)—i Government officials .said loday it] seemed very unlikely that Amor: ican.s would be forced to return to I rationing de.'.pilu mounting i world-wide hunger and misery. " i „ t , OPA officials said they hud "no'• ,,;,',; I idea a! all" of resuming rationing Did "Diamond Jim" Have Stomach or Ulcer Pains?-'' i! i<. hardly Itkcly fhat Diamond Jim Brody could hove cu'f.'n 50 voractously'^if ho suffered after-paling pains. Sufferers who hove lo pay the (jsnally of stomach or ukor pains, indtgesfion, gas pains, heartburn, burning 'onsation, bloat and other condition:, caur.od by excess acid should try Urlrja. Get a 25c box of Udaa Tablets ftom your druqgist. First dose must con- vi-~,re or return box lo us and got DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK. John p. Cox Drug company and drug slores cA-crv/hcre —Adv, lempl wa's ! ''''-•' ••'' "I'" of resuming rationing Robinson, ° r scarce foods in this country uj make .sure lhat the peoples of war- ..iin.ni.-v. aiieauy jinpered by Ihe scorched EuroDe and Asia lo.s.s of Outfielders Luis Olm'o and enough! to eat." i Roland Gladu to the New Mexican ! They said il would be alrri'is league, announced that all south- i Possible to restore rationing in limes, high this spring, Yankees'. camp the only reason she wants you back day is lor Ihe money you bring in. Nor do I think that il would be of any special advantage to the children for you to go back to your wife, for il would be impos- in sible lo establish a peaceful, happy j " home, which is Ihe only kind of a D home in which children should be Bl ' ead °n reared. Your wife would quarrel with you and make scenes and'I conduct herself just as she has always done previously, for the leopard doesn't change its spols, especially Ihe female species. : l Jm- 1o do any good, since"tho"'peaK of the world food crisis should be over by .summer. It would lake almost that long to muster a new staff to handle rationing, 1hey said \ At the lime of the 'meat' pack- ! inshou.se s-lrikc President Truman i that he did not think it would be' .said meat rationing would be re-i stored if il were necessary to pre- ' vent mass starvation .abroad but' necessary. The present shortage ' centers on grain and .rats. I The issue of whether this coun ' I try should replace its x bombers lost both their | food conservation p!;.ns with sueuk and Gordon yeslcr-er compulsory rationin" vis pmch-hiler Wall Sessi's |brought up by Herberl If Lehnian of-lhe-bordcr scouts will be banned from the Dodgers' park here and he hoped thai he could talk city • officials into running them out of town. Injury Jinx Hits Yanks St. Petersburg. Fla., March 20 — i UP)— The injury jinx, which has been workim' al an all-lirne hit the todav. • Now York sidelining niiilh-innina "home run gave the j retiring director gr-reral of Ihe SI Loins Cardinals a 3 lo 2 vie- United Nations Relief and Behabil- °'; • 'ilalion AdmJiistnuion Uordon suffered a spil.-p wound Dear with a Miss Dix: I girl who had fell in love a (i-year-old Dear Dorothy Dix: On what finger does a woman wear her wed- c ' ll - v on '. v lo ding ring is she is divorced, but!!' 0 .", dollars 1 LII11U . . ^ _ • --- i^ • w i i no w* u t. J_ilJLll ^i JERRY u-. n ? tna .l- Mari ?. n . would be in a Reda divorcee has no a close play at second base. Spurns 500,000 Forl Lauderdale. Fl;;.. March 20 1 resident Louis Pcrini of the Bos- Ion Braves returned to camp empty handed today aware that money won t buy everything. n, Pc i rin l, atcm Pted to purchase Marty Marion from Ownnr Sam Brcadon of the Cardinals .vostcr- learn that half a inil- ..,,"• ••-• .isn't enough. Breadon told him he Lehman, f.n-ced by ill health to resign in UK- midst of the world food crisis he had tried to prevent, said ratiuning should be resumed on a wuHd-wisc- basis because hero would barely be half onough food lo go around next year. Congressional 'reaction lo Lehman's warning was mixed. Most congressmen willing to discuss the situation believed that we should move slowly. A few, however, either openly opposed or strongly favored a return io food controls ANSWER: It- children, she doesn't wear a wedding ring at all. Bui if she has a child, she continues to wear it on her third finger on her left hand. Of course, if she re-marries she discards the old ring for Ihe new. (Bell Syndicate, Inc.) The by Hazel Heiderflott had promised St. Louis Lehman s word? were couched in global terms but Ihey obviouslv were directed ;il Ihis counlrv and its comparatively large reserves of grains, meats and fats. Although we discontinued all .food rationin" except sugar last. September. Canada and Britain both arc still con^ - , . ,^,u, c Un " in S mo , st regulations. deal-water. Fla.. March 20—Vit-p , ° cuuntl '.v has taken some steps '—"' " ~ •• '"''-'to relieve the food shortage however. In addition to the present bird uniform this season and that even $500 000 wouldn't change his mind. Porini also failed in attempts to get holdout Third Baseman George Kurowski. Tribe May Trade Keltne CnpyriKlil Msii-riic-Sinilli-Co. i Di.strilnili-l In- XHA SERVICE, INC> THE STORY: Ann has with Jock in Seattle. Afterwards they go for a drive in Jock's car and he tries to make love to her. Ann asks him to take her back to town. On her way home, she reflects that it was unfair to Colin even to see Jock. Colin has dinner ready when she arrives. lunch just that our floors are being done over, and .it seemed the simplest thing to take them out to lunch." "They're darlings." Ann sa'c't warmly. "Are Ihey all yours'.'" "Hey— no emphasis on that 'all'!" she retorted. "Yes they are. and don't look at their coloring so His understanding companionship eases her tension. XV One day Ann met her besf friend and her severest critic in Port Drake. But, legend, to the contrary they were Iwo different people. • She was browsing around in Miss Sallic Porter's circulating 'library and had just lit a cigaret, when Mrs. Bedelle came in. But how was Ann to know that she was someone important? She naturally assumed that anyone of importance in Port Drake already particularly impressed at that Miss Sallie looked fussed, and seemed at a loss as to who should bo introduced to whom. She finally murmured both names so rapidly il was difficult to 'tell which came first. Ann put down her cigaret, and moved some books she was holding onto a table before she extended her hand. "How do you do'.'" she said Mrs. Bedelle sniffed once, murmured vaguely, and proffered a limp hand. Then she dismissed Ann from notice, and began talking to Miss Sallic. Ann watched her, picked up her cigaret, and went back to the books "1 suspiciously. Their father is con" . spicuously blond." like blond babies best— mv niece is about Ihe same col- President Roger Peckinpaugh , made one more ;,Uempt today to - - - - .-bring holdout Third Baseman Ken i ?ral " •'? a \' ln « program, it h ns in Kellncr to terms, indicating that if I cl '? ased he was unsuccessful the Cleveland ''" Indians' star infielder may be traded. The Indians won their third Straight game from the Detroit Ugers yesterday on Sherman Lollar s ninth inning single, G lo 5. Reds Meet Yankee "E's" Bradcnton, Fla.. March 20 — Ihe Cincinnati Reds, surprise team oi the citrus circuit, met the New ^ork Yankees '"B" squad today, each fresh from a convincing vic- The supposedly weak biting Reds bangea out 22 hits yesterday to whip the Boston Rod Sox 9 to' 1 In the second game .the Red Sox scrubs nosod out Cincinnati's "B" team, 4 to 3. tney called. and "From, you to me— Alan Barbara and Colin and Dot. "Dot?" Ann repeated. II seemed sort of prosai.s, after the other names. "Dot, 1 'she repealed firmly. "Dc/ meaning period—full slop—fi "My brother's name is Alan." "They aren't named after anyone— just names 1 liked beginning with A, B, etc. Of, course, people maliciously informed us that it wouldn't do any good naming Colin after the big boss, because he'd nevi:-r even notice. I'm Joan Warren, incidentally." "May I call you Joan?" Ann asked impulsively, "in spite of your impressive family, you seem the first person of my own generation I've met in Port Drake. And how 1 appreciate you after being put firmly in my place in the lending library just now!" "Oh—Beulah," Joan said, shrug- ing. "We saw her as we came by. — Man- pleased which j has re- a base- Ott Pleased With Mize Miami. Fla.. March 20 agcr Mel Oil was highly loday with the manner in First Baseman Johnny Mi?i eon veiled from a sailor to ;. -ball player. 'The .'200-pound veteran has been the ruling .star in practically all ol the New York Giants' victories including yesterday when he tripled home two runs in the first and singled lo help :i run across in the seventh as Ihe Giants whipped the Philadelphia athletics, 5 to 2 set- and and io ... its meat and lard asides for overseas shipment said that excess hogs, cattle poultry would be slaughtered save grain. Despite these steps, the president has been forced 1o notify the Polish government that because of the world shortage no grain-importing country can hope io receive "more than a portion" "of its actual needs. Lehman also hinted that rationing many have been lifted so soon in this country because of political expediency. He said "liuie will be achieved" unless United Nations leaders are willing to take "polili- v'Julll^ IVJ IrllvU cally unpleasant measures " ^ is a congressional election year. league. 1-earful that lo many foreigners especially from Cuban' and United fatates diamonds, may be attracted to the league, President Jorge Pasquel revealed Hint each of the eight clubs may have eight .foreign players under contract but only seven on the field at the same time U. S. Loops VVcn't Object Mexico City. March 20 — The Mexican Baseball League in a move to save the game for Mexican citizens, announced today a rule limiting Ha- number of foreign players who can compete in • the Better Than Mash! Belter Than Pellets! Speeds Early Growth! Watch how your chicks take to this nev/ improved chick feed, Nutrcna Chick Mash Granules! Chicks prefer this natural-size, chick-size form of the chick mash voted "Best 2 to 1" in impartial survey in 11 mid- •wtstern states. And the fast, eager-eating start gets chick* growing right now. With Nutrena Chick Mash Granules, chicks get the full, scientific formula of balanced vitamins, proteins and minerals.' Nothing else needed but water,' oyster shell and grit. No more pick and choose. Nutrcna Chick Mash Granules don't blow around, are not easily billed out of the feeder.' HURRY IN TO •*JEL. SEE THIS NEW. FORM OF FEED that chicks eat so eagerly. GROCER GO. Wholesale Distributors 210 S. Elm Phone 177 _ ...... w thought "yoil didn't Mr; in here," sharply. "Excuse me! 1 and carefully allow smoking i Bedelle said i Pay no attention —she - sions of grandeur and occasionally confuses herself with God. But vhu arcyou ' U il s any ol ni - v Ann exlins delu- i ' hope I'll be .seeing a lot of ing n baby-sii!er TIME IS MONEY So if the woman's time is worth anything at all, of journeying five goods which" could at one time if ihev the necessity times after be purchased were in the her i frank horroi me. : --My in Joan's face. you-c tl h^ip. " don't mind-but some of customers-" Her voice trailed off uncerlainly. Apparently Ann's name hadn't penetrated Mrs. Bcdelle's consciousness before. She turned sharply and said, "Mrs. Drake' 1 " "Mrs. Colin Drake," Ann acknowledged. She regarded Mrs. Bedellc gravely, and wondered why Miss Sallie seemed so concerned about her. She was a rather sharp- ieatured w o m a n — disagreeable looking, she decided promptly. Her motitli turned down at the corners. She had red-brown hair, and no Hair for clothes. Further she was hippy. Ann fell slim and young and happily superior. "Perhaps you know my husband." she said. A stupid remark, in Port Drake. But not so stupid, perhaps. as Mrs. Bedelle hadn't called. "Yes," said Mrs. Bedelle. and her thin lips drew together. "Millicent is my most intimate friend." she added. "Oh." said Ann. It wasn't an adequate answer, but none she had handy al the moment seemed any more so. She waited apprehensively for the next remark, but she needn't have feared, because she was dismissed. Mrs. Bedelle turned to Miss Sallie then and Ann made her escape. She saw it was lunch-time, and! 1 ? 1 ' 11 ! 0 as Colin had gone lo Seattle. she thought she'd lunch in lown. A drug-store looked sufficiently inviting, and she went inside and sat at the counter. "Combination salad and black coffee." she ordered and watched a prelU young . ^L. 1 woman and four small 'children j VflCCKS who were coming in the door. The woman was tall and slim, with a 1 i' e s h complexion and long. straight black hair, parted in the middle and drawn into a bun at the nape of her neck. She was Ann decided, not merely pretty — she was slartingly beautiful. She arranged 'the children on stools between herself and Ann, from the eldest next Ann io the youngest next hersell. Then she smiled across the row of golden heads at Ann. "Don't think I'm losing my mind,' she begged. "I'm nut in the habit oi doiua this— it's she'd be so young—and human." (To Be Continued) stores becomes expensive indeed e the | If OPA. therefore. can gel ,.scarce ai tides back on tho shelve--; boss s , the consumer, who usually is Mrs. America, .shouldn't kick about having lo pay a liule more. For a long time she has been spending plenty, not only in money bul in lime and effort as well oil futile trips to the store We, the Women By RUTH MILLETT NEA Staff Writer If OPA's latest plan to boost the clothing output by authorizing higher prices for cotton textiles brings results, there aren't likely to be many kicks from housewives over the fact lluil shirts and house dresses will advance in price 10 to 15 cents, shorts about eight cents, etc. The housewife is practical enough | in matters of economy 10 ^ee that •. if OPA gels low-cost cotton clothe:! i back on the market in adequate ] numbers, she is going to be bet-! ter off. What docs il mailer if: a cotton house dress does co.-l l:j cents more than the ceiling juice i ha.s been in the past, if sh:-'is able ! In get the cotton house dress in- j .stead of having lo buy an unsal- | isfactory rayon substitule al a a much higher price? Then. loo. these numerous .shopping trips the housewife has had lo make in order lo find what she needs haven't been cheap.- Bus fare for one fruitless shopping I excursion alone would pay ' the 1 price boost on a colion garment. And often a trip "downtown" for busy housewife noiv.ssities pay- Lemon Juice Recipe ecks Rheymcific Pain Quickly If you tiiiffcr from rlic ui)!:it lu-urltl.s pain, try tliM Klmp!' 1 in riTlpc lll:it Ihi.MIH ..... Is :,ro iirtli'. J^r of ]{u-K\ ( •(iinptiuli Inilnj-. Mix It \\illi :i ii Juirr of -1 li'Mintij*. lf,H ;ill :inil pli<:imiui. Ynti M fills two (iim::i :i ,t.,y. riuinrtinii .4 overnight - i-l-liillii'tl. II llu- IMIII.., :iiici If y.m ( | u nnt f.. .\ iirthr "\pn,sl\ i- ll' h'li within iilnuiut no( i|m, -iti. r . i imi-kiiKi- iitul Jlu-i:\ will cost I" try HIS It In s:>itl l,y j-,,,, r dnia 1,1'SuluU' in;. m y-h.ifk ;,-u:. rui.ti -| l,i -. , CuuipuviliU ia M •.•ul!: uu'j reruliiuicuiltil liy JullU If. C'L'i 1U»J dl'Ui ituUa utlljHlllll!, DRUG STORE Can Supply You With the Following and supplies for FARM ANIMALS • C.ipbulcs lor BOTS • Anodyne Colic Mixture (BLOATS' « Sulfacjuanidien Be/lets « Vcticellin • Duotak Powder » K i-in vile Oi?, lets • 'Calcium Boro-Hibatc « Hemorrhagiz-Septicsmia Enctcrin o Blr,ckl°(j EOcttrin • Mixed Bactcrin i Equine) • Hcg Cholera Virus • Ant; Hog Cholera Scrum A Complete Line of SYRINGES Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, N. Y.. Bottler: Pepsi-Colo Bottling Co, of ( Texarkana GOOD FOOD IS ESSENTIAL TO GOOD HEALTH We Specialize in ... • Choice Steaks • Chicken e Veal Cutlets e Fancy Salads GOOD COFFEE AND SOFT DRINKS AT ALL TIMES DIAMOND CAFE HERMAN SMITH, Owner Phono 822 Hope, Ark. Until March 30th OAKLAWN PARK — HOT SPRINGS SATURDAY, MAR. 23 OAKLAWN HANDICAP SATURDAY, MAR. 30 ARKANSAS DERBY Admission $1.00 - includes al! Taxes

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