Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 28, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1896
Page 6
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These Two Baskets are several days apart. To shorten'the time and lighten the journey between, is to bless womankind who are all looking for the best bndge over; and this is the mission of Santa Claus Soap. It nas, long been used by thousands of thoughtful women • who believe in saving themselves unnecessary labor. SANTA CLAUS SOAP ' is made to wash with, and it washes just right. It I foams readily, rinses easily, cleans perfectly.. /.Snowy, sweet and uninjured clothes follow m the J train of SANTA CLAUS. We ask for it an introduction next Monday morning. Sold everywhere. MADE OSLY BY THEN. K.FAIRBANK COMPANY, Chicago. IN THE WORL-P keeping «.. System In a Healthy ConcHWon. CURES CUBES Constipation, Act, on tho Liver » nd K. Wood. Dispels Colds and Fevera. Beautlfle. the Complexion r and RofreshlnBto tho Tasto. SOLO BV l«d elirht]M»jre Llocob, 8t«T BcoU cm. to . Prk« 3Sc. A.k j«* <Jn.i «r For Sale by B. F. KEESL1NQ. »A HAND SAW IS THE PROPER TK(N<~ Kvadod. Socia3 Economist— Do you think that zSslL men's sons are better fitted than ' atefr humbler brothers? Touth— Oh, yes; they con aCord to gc Ws-bfettcr tailors, you see. — TOV-TI H>pic.i: Knew Whereof He Spoke. "This/' said Smooth Jam«s, the hab- prmrT criminal, as he sat on the lowest Sf«p of the stairs retnoving 1 his slices be- | - bur^arizinp tho house— "tiij, be^a bootless quest."— Chicago', THE MAKKETB. Oraln, rrovl»lon«, Ktc. ChiCfiRO. AUff. 27. $3.3503.75: s bakers,' $2.1002.25; low Ked Dos. P.ZOfi'l.W; Ry "3£2 | -WHEAT— Fair trading and lower. Scp- •a=Der, 55%@5(il4c; December, EO@(iOi s c. GOBN-Aotlvo and weak. No. 2, 20V=S> .- No. 2 Yellow. 20%@HV4c: September, and 21c; December, ro^^c; May, . OATS— Fair tradinR and lower. No. Z ,£•»«•„ W@lG%c; September. lS%SJ10Kc; May, '^KijJlO'XiC. Samples lower. No Grade, S<3> ^fc- Ko. 3, 12«jUSc; No. 3 White, lC@Wc; Ko. X Tl&nVtc; No. 2 White, 19i4@20V»c. RYE— Was firm but quiet; ofterlnsa mam. No. 2 cash, 32c. Rpjccted, 2S©29c; arotomber delivery, 32c, and Dac-embcr, 35c. 3BARLEY— Old Barley easy and new abdut steady. The latter Is getting better IfcltialHy- Now belns at a discount buy- tica~-jim less disposed to buy old. Old Bar- By Quotable at 20@23c lor thin, to 2s&M •Tx maltlnR light welsht to choice. New 'jtwley easy at lS@23c for poor damaged to :Silr goods. 3IES3 PORK— Market fairly, active and ^s. easier. Quotations ranged at ?5.35rgi for cash: 55.32'/i©5.« for Septcmbor; 1 /i for October, and $6.70(5/0.77^; for . BUTTER— Jliirket firm at Jl@lClic for camcrles and ll@14c for dairies. IJVE POULTRY-Qulet, Turkeys, S© 7 Chlckena, 7'/4@3c; Ducks, S@Sc- per ; Gcose, per dozen, $3,004pC.&0. New York, Aug. 27. " 3T.OUR— Steady, unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 red steady, moderately .Active. 'A®Kc Below yesterday. September, 3 11-lGo-;: November. (i55;c: December, .USE-CLEANING. FAST MAIL WORK. F»«ui'i»tlo Tube» for To»t DellTiry la Larg« Cltlag. It Tvouia no-t be Burprising;, say? Harper's Hound Table, to find Boston, Xew Vork, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington connected by tubes, eii- kbling letters and parcels to be for- wurded in as many hours as it now takes days. The telegraph companies will be seriously, affected by tho nc-sv system. The operation is very simple. Inc Icttcrs are placed in a leather tube or carrier, which 11 ts snugly into tbf: pneumatic tul*v Then a blast of air from behind, or the suctiou of air from the front, or a combination of the two methods, forces the carrier and its contents forward. As the friction soon wears out the leather carriers, American genius will be called upon to invent a metal carrier on "Ijall bearings." Sith leather tubes about 00 percent, of .6 iiowcr applied islosi in dVetOdmlng 'friction and in ^vaste, only ten per cent, 'of the total force applied being 1 used to propel the carrier, . The charge for sending 1 pneumatic, lettea-s in Paris was 15 cents each. In 1S79 and ,the territory covertd was but a Email part of the city. To-day every part of Paris is reached by tho tubes, and the charge, is tea cents per letter, the same as our. special delivery. Nine varieties of the Paris pneumatic letters two collected. Probably many of the readcirs have one or more of them. Theyi hear a map of the city o» the to.ce of the envelope, showing the different sections served by this post. The Berlin and Vienna pneumatic letters are simpler in design. There are no special designs on the London envelopes. Trmmnoniinental Relay Kace Started San Frnncisco, Aug. 25. — The San -Francisco Examiner-Journal transcontinental bicycle relay started sharp nt noon Tuesday from the Exnminei business office.. An immense crowd witnessed Uie start —The $20 gold piece was outhorized by act of congress Starch 3,1840, and its coinage was begun in 1350. CORN-No. 2 less active, easier: 2G-y 8 «?> ante September, . SC'/jiSSC 9-1 Cc: October. December, 2S-y t @28%c; May, 3E!4c, • • ©ATS— No. 2 dull, steady. Western, 1SQ) ate- September, 20%c a.nked. PORK— Easy. New Mess, $7.25@S.2,>. LARD— Easy, Quiet. Steam Rendered, TO. BUTTER— Fairly active. Western Dalry ( ffl2c' do. Crnam-jry, lU/^lli^c; do, Fac' «ffl2c' ' 7 1 /.@U'Ao: Imitation , ' cH-EBSE-Stcady. Part Skims. 2050. Western. ' Llv« Stooh. Chicago, Aug. 27. -MaTKet steady to lOc higher. 3*lr.ta Boat. P»eve», . S3.J003.00: Stockers md -Sfoeciorsi J2.J003.70: Mixed Cows -and 3UU»- J13WW.-IO: Texas, -$2,50[S>3.40. bs'-Markct B®!0c' lower. Llffht, J3.20 ' Rouich r.- l ckln ff ,-J2.55@2.70; Mixed and M.MiffiS.'lO; Henvy Packing and LADIES Know the Certain Remedy for diseases of the Liver, Kidneys and Urinary Organs is Dr. J. H. MCLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY, BALM It Cores Female Troubles At Druggists, Price, $1.00 Per Bottlo Tut DR. J, H. MCLEAN MEDICINE Ce. •T. LOUI9. MO. MANY SPEECHES. Bryan's Busy Visit to Erie, Pa,—13 Well Receivsd, Plans Nearly Completed for "Sound Money" Democratic Convention to , Be HelU at Indianapolis. Eric, PH., Aug. 27.—Williiim J. U maclu his fourth and luHt speech in Erie Thursdny morning' and shortly after left for Buft'ulo, where his lieadqun.-lera will be for the rest of the week. The hard work of Wednesday did not show to any great extent on the cnndiJute when he appeared on the Reed house bnleony Thursdny forenoon and addressed u large crowd gathered there. His voiee wns somewhat hoarse, but Otherwise he appeared to be in good condition. The three speeches •tieliv- ered by Mr. Bryan in Erie Wednesday nig'ht showed his versatility ns an orator. He talked money la all his audiences, but couched the s;«me id-'as iu different phraseology »*- eacji pla'v. ThcQudieiu-u ticldrusseil b.y~Mr. Hryan from the balcony of tin- Kecd liou.se numbered C.OOO. He made one of his short speeches, and gaineri conskleiuble applause for euloffinic refen.-in.--s to Hon. Joseph Sibley. the dcnioonatic CKii'Udate for cong-ress in ihis. the Twenty-sixth rennsylvaiiia district, lie was pi-eceili-'d by several !?i-al spenk- irsand followed by Jl". R'.V'k-y. After the speech Mr. and Mrs. Drynn held a reception in th- 1 I' 1 ' 1 '' 1 house, M'hiuh was attended by nrsi.riy all those who composed the andl.-iicc in front, cf the biik-ony. The Lai;,- Shore (rain, in which Mi-, and Mrs. 1'rynn tnm-Jod to Buffalo, left Erie ai I-':::" 1'- m. JJpyuii'H Itlnorui-.v 1'or Otilo. Columbus. 0., AtiR'.'-'T.—Hon. Panicl McConville, chainiuni of the: Ohio c.'ino- cratic fxecutive ccnir.iiUee, si-.vr. that Bryan's itinerary .I'm- Ohio i:n -in' next week's visit is: Clc-voUu'.cl, Monday "!f.V.. Ai'-.ist Jfl: Columbus. Snptoml.>er 1, and then •••::. oa\ risks Springfield. Urba"..".. B,l,. lontalne and Flndlay. em-or.tc 10 1 olccu, -.»!.L-IL> m speaks at night, U« further .-ays JIi- Bf-yan is to return late In October, and put in a whole week spcsiklng at Cincinnati and all over the state. "SOUND MONEY" WK.11OCKATS. Flaim for TliwlT fonritiilloa at I ii!liun:ii>o- lln-State Conventions Uriel. In'dUnuipolls, lud., Aug. •'•'•— H can now be positively stated that Senator Cuffrev, of Louisiana, will be the per nianoiit chairman of the corning 1 national democratic conveniion. Ex-Gov. Flower, of New York, is the latest for temporary chairman-, and he has bucn put down as the man. Senator Yilas' boom for the head of the ticket has been broken by the announcement that'Wis- consin, h'is own state, has declared for Bragg; while Watterson's chances have gone up considerubly by reason of,the news from New York- that that state is taking- a great interest in the Kentiick- ian's boom. Carlisle is now entirely out of the race, by his.own decree. He has written declaring- that he can't afford to accept the nomination, for "it would not appear well, us he is the man who has had control of the issuance and sale of government bonds—a vital question in the campnign." Indiana will go into the convention without a candidate, for the first time in 30 years, and it now looks like Bragg or W.ttterson. The demand for tickets to the coriven- tio'n is enormous and cannot be filled by one-third. The stage of Tomlinson hall has been prepared for the convention. It has been built in the ; form ot an amphitheater and will seat about •100, Capt, Frank Miller, of Indianapolis, was Thursday appointed assistant sergcact-at-arms by Sergeant-at-Arma Kcssler, who will make the remainder of hisappointmentsknownby the end of this week. The tickets arc now in the hands of Secretary Wilson and arc beautiful works of art. All of the hotels have been taxed to their utmost io supply the demand, and the convention.promises to surpass all expectations. Mich'ignn, North Carolina, Iowa and Arkansas applied, for quarters, their combined delegation numbering 114. , ' Not one word has yet been heard from Senator Hill and his presence is now hardly expected. In IMlMourl, St. Louis, Ang. 27.—At the second day's session of'the "sound money democratic state convention the first business of the convent! on was the election of four alternates to the Indianapolis convention as follows: John Cosgrove, of Cooper; IJ. E. Anderson, of Marion; W. Shelton, of Dunklin, and C. C.Williams, of Vernon. Pope Yeaman, of Boone, and Benjamin M. Masscy, of Spring-field, were elected presidential electors at large. The following nominations weremade by acclamation, after which the •convention adjourned sine die:. Governor, J. McD. Trimble, of KansaJ City lieutenant governor, Albert F. Osterman of St. Louis; Secretary of .state, Gen D M. Mclntyre, of Mexico. Albert A Leseuer. the present secretary of state and nominee of the regular democratic convention 'was placed in nomination, but his name met with such vigorous protests that his nomination was withdrawn. • Treasurer, William F. Mcllrath, of Liv- infrston; state auditor, D, D. Porter, of Jasper; attorney general, N. D. Thurmond of Callaway; railroad and warehouse com' ml33ioner, Harry A. Coster of Matte; supreme juds* Theodore Brace, of Monroe. lii Alabama. Montgomery. Ala., Aug. 27.—At the democratic "sound money" convention which met here Thursday, fully two- thirds of the counties were represented Coug-ressman George P. Harrison was cli'osen temporary chairman. Delegates will be selected to attend the Indianapolis coiivention. In Ohio. Columbus, 0., Aug. 27.—Twohundrct delegates were in attendance . ot the state convention of the "sound money': democrats here Thursday. :It - was nearly noon when Congressman Outh- wnitc rapped for order. Among.the prominent democrats in the convcn PURELY VEGETABLE. The Cheapest, Purest and Best ttimily Medicine in the \Vorldt : AN EFFECTUAL.SPECIFIC for nil discuses o£ the Liver, Stomnch nncl Spleen, ulato the I-ivcr «nd "prcvunt CHILLS AND FEVER, llALAHl- OU3 FEVEK3, BClWKI. COMI'LAISTS, KES'l- LESSNESS, JAUNDICK JJD NAUSEA. BAD BREATH I No'clilnp; is so un:-iens;int, nothing so common Bsbndbreixtli,and in nearly every casa it comef from the stomnch, ivrdcan bo so easily corrected If vou will take .SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOH. Do'not neirluct :<j secure a remedy for this repulsive disorder. It will also Improve your ippetite, complexion and gcncr*' liuaHn. PILES J How many ™Cer torture clay after day, mak- fiK life a btirdi-n ,ind robbing existence of all pleasure, owing 1.0 tlio secret suffering from Piles. Yet relief is ready to the Imnd o£ almost any ore wbn will use systomaticallyilic remedy that li.ia pu-K-.nr.cmly cured thousands. »'M- MONS Livt;i< RECULATOK is no drastic, violent purge, but a nuntlo assistant to natur«. CONSTIPATION SHOULD not be recorded »» a triflmx oilmcnt—In met, nature don:iir,ds tho utmost re*"Virity of Ihi; bowels, nnd any deviation frnui this demand paves the way often io serious danger. It is ciui'.o as iiccessary to remove impure accumulations from the l.oweis aa it is to cut. or sleep, and no lie.'iltli cap be expected when) u costivo habit of bo'dy prevaiic. SICK HEADACHE I This distressing afniction occurs roost Ire- ouentlv. The disturbance of the stomach, ans- fnir from tho imperfectly digested contents, causes a severe- pnin in the head, accompanied wi;h disagreeable nauscii, and this constitutes w'ut -'s noDularly known as Sick Headache; tor C/i relief o£ which TAKE SIMMON* 14VEK XilGUL-ATOR. MANUFACTURED OSLV BY J. H. ZEILIN 4 CO., Phii»delphi», Pa. tion are V. P. Kline, of Cleveland; W. W. Mcclary, of this city; Col. S. K. Donavin, Henry Apthorp, Julius Dexter, of Cincinnati, and E. L. Hinman, of Columbus. At 12:IS the convention took a recess to 2:15, after the usual committees had been appointed. The platform adopted declares that the Chicago convention platform is unwise and unpatriotic. It condemns the proposition to Issue paper currency by the government In place of the national bank currency without limit, and refers to the free silver coinage proposition as the crowning folly of the document, and the principles of coinage proclaimed by Jefferson, .Jackson, Tilden und Cleveland are Indorsed. In Virginia. llichmoiul, Vn.. Aug.,ST.—The democratic "sound money" convention, which met in this city Thursday, \vns cnlied to orcU'i- by Mr. Joseph Bryan, one cf the leading 1 spirits in the movement. .Mr. 'Alexander Hamilton, of Petersburg 1 , was made temporary chairman, and Capt. P.umg-iirdner, of Staunton, rjermaii^nr chairman. The morning RMMOII was devoted entirely to speech- mailing. UoleiratriK to Hie Indianapolis convention will,be selectod, a slate or- ganisation effected and presidential electors named. liooniln- WittterMoir* Cnnillilncy. New York, Autf. 27. — The Herald Tlnirsday jnorniug: heads a subscription list, which it proposes to start in order to.pay the expenses of Mr. Henry \Vat- terson in the event of his nomination by the "sound money" democrats at the com'i'ng convention. The Herald heads the list with $5,000, and states .that in the event of Mr. Watterson failing 1 to receive the nomination, every contribution will be refunded. HIS FRAYKR CAUSES A SENSATION. Bepnbllcuna of Noiv Jersey In State Convention Applaud Kcv. Maddoek. Convention Hall, Trenton, N. J., -\ug. 27.—The republican state convention to elect ten presidential electors was held Thursday, being- called to order at noon by Franklin P. Murphy, chairman of the state committee. The organization •vvas effected by the election of Gov. Grigg-s as chairman. His appearance was hailed with great enthusiasm. Hev. George C, Haddock, of Trenton, delivered a prayer which created a mild Ecnsation. It was substantially a republican stump speech, nnd upon its conclusion he was applauded and cheered. His concluding sentence was especially noted. It was as follows: "And may we all at lost reach thnt'City whose walls are made of jasper ^nd whose streets are paved with gold." Two electors at large and eight district electors were chosen. The platform adopted is confined to en indorsement of the principles of the republican party as enunciated by the St. Louis convention and the candidates named by that boily. . POPULISTS OF OHIO. Nominate » Stnte~TU*et In Accordance with Fusion Terms. Columbus, 0., Aug. £7. — The state populists in convention at Spring-held proceeded Thursday morning with tho nomination of a state ticket in accordance with the fusion terms accepted Wednesday night. The nomination by the democrats of C. A. White, of Clermont county, for'secretary of state, and William. Beaumont, of Licking, for member of the state board of publia works'was indorsed. The resolutioni indorse the St. Louis convention, and declare iu favor of state control of the liquor traffic. A committee was 'appointed to confer with the democratic state committee in regard to the details of the fusion. This must be done within 15 days, E. D. Stark, of Cleveland, was nominated for supreme judge on the third 'ballot, Thomas J. Creager, o£ Springfield, was nominated on the sixth ballot for state food nnd dairy commissioner. PLACED ON RETIRED LIST. tint of O fflcers of the Army Bemove'l from Active Duty. Washington, Aug. 27.—As a result of the findings of the special retiring- board now in session at Chicago, tho following officers were placed on there• tired list of the army: •Lieut, Col. J. H. Bradford, Seventeenth infantry, MaJ. A. S. B. Kcyes, Third: cav- airy;• Ma]. J. Q. TurnbuU. Firstartillery; Capt. H. B. Sarson, Second Infantry: Capt. T. G: Towhsend, Sixth Infantry; Capt. J. J. Haden, Eighth infantry, and 1-irst Lieut. R. B. Walking, Ninth cavalry. Col. Crofton, Fifteenth infantry, ana Lieut. H. J. Goldman, of the Fifth cavulry, were found capable of rjcTfoniinff thel* duties and will remain on the active list. AN EDIT OR ROBBED. Thlevim Stole Bin Ola»»«ii Off Hl« Noi« on a H»Uw»7 Platform. He is a well-known figure in Chicago, particularly among the old settlers. It Was four o'clock, and the daily afternoon stream, of home-goers had set in. He had made his uneventful way from the editorial sanctum, as he does, with few exceptions, every day in the year, to the stairs on Congress street which lead to the trains on the Alley L road. AB is his wont, he was pursuing a wholly subjective train of thought aa he jostled along with the tide of humanity which was moving up the stairs to board a; train. Suddenly, just as he was reaching the landing, his gold-bowed spectacles were THE UNFORTUNATE EDITOR, swept off his nose and he found himself dozed and blinking, too much astonished for the moment to cry out and quite unable to sec anything distinctly. As soon, as he fairly realized what had happened he cried out: "I've been robbed! Officer! Where is an officer?" While the usual stampede which invariably attends excitement of nny sort in a crowd was going on, the train moved oil and the officer put in an appearance. By this time the editor, full of years and experience, who had of a truth had his property stolen before his very eyes, had reflected that probably his spectacles were already in a, pawn shop and also tha-thc did not care to see his name in print in connection with the incident. He therefore cooily stated to the officer that he had been fje victim of a practical joke, and made his way home as best iic coukl, not "being oiote to eee anything distinctly. • THOUGHT IT WAS ALIVE. A Cine Race* In Deceived by a Fancy Tobacco Boi. Dr. Bider Powell, who has lived on the side of Mount Hamilton for 30 years, has a paper tobacco box which ia it perfect image of a. frog. A few evenings since he. told the following story to a crowd that was sitting in front of Charley Khitics'- store at Clayton, Cal.: "One day," said the doctor, "when I wns working on the side of the mountain' I had filled my pipe and laid the box down on a rock while I struck a light and forgot to pick the box up. • "I went on with my work until my .'ittention was drawn to a commotion in the grass, and I. saw a, snake—a big blue racer, with head up and eyes blaz- j r ,g._<;a-utious]y crawling toward tho bo's, with the evident, intention of either getting a chew of tobacco or swallowing what it supposed to be a live frog, Finally, after much circumlocution, the snake got within what it considered ' the proper distance for business, and suddenly darting OUT; its head made a MADE A GP.AB AT THE FROQ. gra-b at the frog. lie struck something much harder than he; expected. "The sniilie drew its head up and watched the box for several minutes nnd finally concluded to try it again. It crawled within three or four feet nnd then around it several times, as though inspcceting. Satisfied that there was a good meal for it there, it slowly-got into position and let drive again. The force of the blow opened the box and the tobacco flew in every direction ns the box went sailing 1 throug-h the air. The snaJce must have got its mouth or its eyes full, for it seemed perfectly satisfied. With a hiss it crawled rapidly oft through the grass." Babbit That Took to ITftter. From Seneca, S. C., comes a story t< the American Field about a rabbit hunt in a rainstorm. It rained hard, but the clogs put up IS rabbits, and oil were killed, mostly by the dogs, but there was one rabbit that knew a thirg or two, though not enough to rescue it from.tho combined wits of several dogs. TJie little creek there had been rilled to overflowing by th,; rains, and the bottom or flat lands were sloshy—hum- mocks were sticking out here and there —and to this bottom the bright rabbit fled. Most rabbits do not like water, and they do not ordinarily take to il when hounded. Butthisrabbitseemed to have'learned,a trick from. the. deer, which seek the water when the dogs are, on the trail. The rabbit took to the hummocks, leaped from one to another, but finding th-ht tliis did not, mislead th9 Jogs, it swum the creek back tmd forth three times, -then, being well tired out, the dons srf.bbwl il. • ATo'oV ,„. many people - look healthy and arc not. There are many forms of sickness which leave an outward s e m b 1 a n .c c of I health. This fictitious health is like a bubble that bursts at a touch. It is like an empty egg shell that the slightest pressure will crush. The outside of the body may look all right long dftcr disease has begun its dreadful work nside If a man looks well and docsn t feel well, he had better be governed by the feeling not bv the looks. A great many ap- paremly stron K and vigorous men collapse suddenly. They have what is knowni as nervous prostration. They go along persistently, day after day. working hard and tb.nk- "g hard, apparently healthy, and some_day they go home and go to bed and don't gel up again. The trouble didn't aU come at , the place of contentment, when a man •hJl sick but doesn't feel quite well"- Uien is the time he shonld begin to take Dr Pierce's Golden Medical D'sco*"^ I' s the best tonic medicine an* nerve fisod, or invirorator in the world. It assists ai- °est"tn increases the appetite, promotes Ihoroi Si. assimilation of the food, punfies lie blood ai;d adds to it the lifc-giviuK principles th a? are needed to feed the staged nervt. It puts the whole body into perfect Tune, a«d stimulates each organ to do the work for which it was intended. Thou- fi^ds of people have been brouglit back to happint-ss and vigorous health. Thousands of people have been cured of most Ffrimis° s£kness by this wonderful med- isw sell «. ^^ ^ p9 {Q pay for mailing only, and receive free a copy of Doctor Pierce's great thousand page book, "Common Sense Medical Adviser," in paper covers or send 40 cents for post- ace and extra cost of bind-.n;; and fret it in cloth. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. V. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC -—I«-t-TAKE TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOmtert Perfection ytt attained In Bog ^onitruction—• Luxurious Equipment, ArtiKic Furnlimnt, Decoration and Efficient Servlw, Insuring the highest degree of COMFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. I-OUR TRIPS FEU WEEK BCTWCEH ToIedo.Detroit^Mackinac tOW RATES to PlcturctaiM Jlaekiiue M« Deturn including Heals and Berthi. From Cleveland. J^irom Tokxto. VSitrom Detroit. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit aad Cleveland Connecting »t Cleveland with Exrliest Train* IbT.?! £inlf East, South »nd Southwest and .t Detroit forell points North and J*orthwe»t. Sundiy Trips June, hi\f, August and SiiUnbn Att^ - EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay jf Toledo Send for UlurtTnted Pamphlet. Address A. A. 8OHANTZ. •. r. «.. DBTBOIT, MlOH. . to. ONE-HALF'Size'OT BOiC PozzoNi'S [COMPLEXION POWDER; I h»* been tho ntnndan! for forty yours and* is mo)X) popular to-da? than over before. I . . PGZZOM-S • • 11> ibo lilcsl complexion powder—beauttf jlnu, I -rcfreBUtnp, clunnly, hdnlthfnl and harmles*. j | A dcllcata, Invisible protection to Ibo toe*. • Wllta every »«>xolJPOZZO.NrS innng- nillccnt NcovtlT* GOLD PUFF BOX Is Riven free of cttmrgf. ' AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES.' Manhood Restored written t*fto cure ail NerT- ou» DIKOM"*". fc ')cli " ,L05»o , Head » cnnn INVESTMENT. CERTIFICATES. I»sncillndCDOmln»tlonBOf 50.; «100., *2oO., •••MO., $1,000. Tbe interest in gnarantesd for 6 years. They net the purchaser gperet. per annum. The interest )S from earniDR*. Tho coupons are payable scmJ-annnaiiy. They are simila> to Collateral Trust Bonds. Tho principal is rapidly enhancing in valne, They arc a. safe investment. STSTEJf , Manhattan Building, Chicafro, HIST CHICAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE Cenlr.1 Mu.ic.Hall, Chlc.jp, Dr. F. ZiejteW, Pret- 31» bctln. MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART " «»uhb ...i«i T.«,. r.™,«-. r pMcu.oB «»uhb, ...i« .«, Anplleations for tuofree ana partial scholarship wnf £e received to August lOtd.

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