The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1895 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1895
Page 9
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Business o£ the loading fire insurance companies in Iowa for the years 18i8 and 1894. taken from tho companies' statements as fllod with the state auditor at J)es Moines : rKEMiUUS UECKIVED. 1!>93. Des Moines of Ues Moines .$320,291 Farmers' of Cedar Rapids. .269.940 Hawkeye of Des Moirtesi .. .294,888 Continental of New York.. 139,881 State of Des Moines. . ; . . ;. .200,H49 German of Freport, 111 ..... 156,000 Home of New York ........ 185,U^5 Hartford of Connecticut... 95, SOfl Fhenix of Brooklyn ........ 149,21s 138, lit; Kate Field thinks our divorce laws bii'ghfc to bogin at the other end and mnko tnar- riage more difficult. ,f $.„,. TEXAS COAST COUNTRY,!? The Texas Coast , country yles.,.witii California as a place to profitably'ralse pears, -grapes, and strawberries. : Six 'thousand dollars' .» worth of pears from thirteen acres' has 'been, produced there ,ln one season, and can perhaps 'b'e duplicated by you. G. T. Nicholson, O. P. A. 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It has given sntisi'action to millions and jnet with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts pn the Kidneys, Liver und Bowels without weakening them awl it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all ,drugr gists in 50o and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by'the California Fig Syrup' Co, only, whose naine ia printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will uot accept »ny substitute if offered. DAVIS OMAN SEPARATORS GrlOSf which means, a 'so'u'if oi- spirit, has beert degraded in co'mmon parlance. We talk of ghosts as baleful and frightful, aiid in n frivolous or superstitious way. But mytext speaks of a Ghost Who is omnipotent, and Divine, and everywhere present; and ninety- one times In the New Testament called the HolyjGhost. The only time I ever heard this .text* p.rertphed, from was in the opening days of my ministry, when a glorious old Scotch, minister came up to help my village church. On the day of my o'rdinatlon and installation, he said: "If .you get,Into the.corner of n Saturday night without enough sermons for Sunday, send for me, and I will come and preach for you." The fact ought to bo known that the first three ^ears of a pastor's life are appallingly arduous. No other profession makes the. twentieth part of the demand on a young man. If a secular speaker prepares one of"two speeches for a poitlclal campaign, _it is considered arduous. If •a lecturei r 'prepareB. one lecture for a yeai 1 ,^ he '^s though^ to have done Well. But a you>g pastor has two sermons to dfelivei- every SatSbath, bbfor'e the same .audience, 'besides oil? his , other work; aH'd the m6st of ministers never recover frSW^the awful inervbus strain of the flrst'^hree years. Be ss'mpathetlc with" all. .young ministers, and withhold your criyclsms.,., " : ..,. '!• ' : : A ITaroirell Sermon. My aged Scotch :frlend responded to my first call, and came and preached [from the text I now announce. I remember, nothirig but the text It was the last! sermon he ever .preached. , On *he,;fQUpwingj Saturday,-he was called to his; heavenly reward. But I remem- beriij'ust' how lip- appealed as, leaning over the pulpit, he looked into the face of the audience, and with earnestness, and pathos, and electric 'force, asked them, in: the words of my text, ."Have ye received the'Holy Ghost?" The office of this present discourse is to .open a door, to unveil a, Personage, to, introduce a Force, not sufficiently recognized. He is as great as God. He is God. The second verse of the first chapter of the Bible introduces him. •Genesis i: 2, >'The Spirit of God moved' upon-the face of the waters.".- That is, as ; an albatross or eagle spreads :; her wings over her young, and warms thorn Into life, and teaches them to, fly; so the Eternal Spirit spread his''great, broad, radiant wings over this earth in its cal- lovf and -unfledged state, ..and warmed it''Into life', and fluttered over it, and set it winging its .way through Immensity. It is. the • tip-top of 'all: beautiful, and sublime ^suggestiyenesss. Can you not almost see the outspread wings over the nesf'of young worlds? "The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."' • :;.,,-•., • • : '" Another appearance ' of the Holy Ghost was at Jerusalem, during-a great feast. Strangers speaking 'seventeen different languages were present from many parts of the. world. But in one house;they heard what seemed,like ihe eomlngof a cyclone orhurricane. It made the trees bend, and the houses quake. The Cry was, "What is that?" And then a forked flame of flro tipped each forehead; and what with the blast of .wind and the dropping fire,- a panic took place, until Peter explained it was neither cyclone, nor conflagration, but the brilliance, and 'anointing, aiid baptismal power of the Holy'- Ghost. •' That scene was partially repeated in a forest when ReV. John Easton was preaching. There"'.was the sound of a rushing, mighty-wind, and the people? looked to the sky to see if there were any signs of a. etoriri, but it was a clear sky; yet t;he s(mnd Of the wind; was so : great that hprses, frighiehed;''ttrpke loOse from , their -fastenings,'. and •'.'the, whole; assembly, felt that.the.squntl was super-. natural and'Pentecostal. T Oh, whatian Infinite,^gJprlous Personage Is : tlio Holy Ghpst. r; He brooded this planet'' into , life,; an^ now that • through' sin it lias become k '(lead world, he iwiir'brood It - the secopfl time, into life. Perilous attempt "wpuldjbe a comparison >betweeri, the: three: 'Persons ? of the Godhead. They are equal, -but. there, is • 'some: 'consideration which attaches Itself to the Third Person of the Trinity, .the Holy Ghost, that does not attach HstJf ; to either God the Father or'God' the Son, We may grleye' God the Father and grieve God the Son, and be forgiven', 'but we' arc -directly told that there is a sin against the Holy Ghost which shall never be forgiven, either in this world or the world to come. And it is w<3p4^i'f ul that while on the streets and, without gating Holy Ghost illumination oA to its meaning, say,-"Th« feook insttllft my' common sense. I cAn- hot understand It,- • Away with the in- !congrulty*!',V' No" otte tut " th£ Hbly •Ghost, who Inspired tho Scriptures, can explain the Scriptures, tfully realize that, and you will bo ns entlntslastic a lover of the old Book as my venerable friend who told me in Philadelphia last week that he was reading the Bible through the fifty-ninth ttrne, and it became more, attractive and thrilling every tline he went through it. In the saddle-bags that hung across my horsed back as I rode from Jerusalem down to the Dead Sen, and up to Damascus. I had all the books, about Palestine that 1 could carry; butjwaiiy tt matt on his knees in the privacy'of his own room, has had flashed Upon him more VlVld appreciation of the Word of God than many a ijian who has Visited all the scenes of Christ's birth, and Paul's elo- atlehce, and Peter's imprisonment, and Joshua's prowess, and Elijah's ascension. I do hot depreciate any of the helps for Bible study, but 1 do say that they all together come infinitely short without a direct communication from the throne of God in response to prayerful solicitation; We ..•may find many interesting things about the Bible without especial illumination, as how many horses Solomon had in his stables, or how long was Noah's ark, or who was the only woman whose full name Is glveil in the Scriptures, or which is the middle verse of the Bible, and all that will do you no more good than to be able to tell how many bean poles there are in your neighbor's garden. Tho learned Karl of Chatham heard the famous Mr. Cecil preach about the Holy Ghost, and said to a friend on the way home from church, "I could not understand It; and do you suppose anybody undurfltood it?" "oh, yes," said his • Christian fHend, "there were uneducated women and some little children present who Understood It." I Warrant you that the {English soldier had under supernal influence read tho Book, for after the battle of Inkermann was over he was found dead with his hand glued to the page of the open Bible by his own blood, and the words adhered to his hands as they burled him: "I am the Resurrection and the Life, he that belleveth in me, though dead yet shall he live." ., .'• Ag a Human ltecon»trnctor. . Next consider tho Holy Ghost as a human reconstructor. We must be made over again. Christ and Nlco- demus talked about it: Theologians call It Regeneration. I do not care what you call it, but we have to be 'reconstructed by the Holy Ghost. We become new creatures, hating what we onco loved, and loving what we once hated. If sin were a luxury, it must .become new creatures, hating what we associations, we must'prefer good asr sociations. In most coses it is such a complete change that the world notices the difference, and begins to ask, !"What. has come over that man ?". Whom has he been with? What has so affected him? What has ransacked'his entire nature? What has turned Mini square about?" Take two pictures of Paul: one on the road to Damascus to kill the disciples of Christ; the other on the. road to Ostla to die for Christ. Come nearer home, and lobk at the man who found his chief delight in a low class of club-rooms, hiccoughing around the card-table, and then stumbling down the front steps after midnight and staggering homeward;.and that same man, one week afterward, with his-family ;pn the way to a praiyer-meeting. What hap It must be something tremendous. It "must" be God. It must bt> the Holy Ghost.' • The Holy Ghost comfort, I think, generally comes in the shape of a soliloquy. You find yourself saying to yourself, "Well, I,.pug-ht..not'.to go on this way about my mother's .death. She had suffered enough. She had borne other people's burdens long'enough. I am glad that father and mother'are together''in heaven, and they .will be,, waiting to greet us,'and it will be qniy a'little while, anyhow, and God makes no mistakes;" or you soliloquize, saying-; "It is hard to lose my prorfertj-. I am sure shook the Atlantic ocean, ffi&fc power sffook th6 earth. Jfnat pdwer e&fald take this ewtlrfe lufliende intdjthe pefttfe of the Go*p"fef Quicker .th*K £ou cottld lift your* fe^el tieav^rfwar*. Come, Holy Ghost! Come, Holy Ghost! He Is cdme! He is here! i feel him in my heart. There are thousands who feel him in their hearts, convicting some, savitig sonie, sanctifying" Some. . ' The difference In evangelical useful* hess is not Bo much a difference hi brain, in Scholarship, or elddUtionasy 'glfts^ as in Holy ; Ghost power. ¥ou will not have miich surprise at the efcthaor- dinary career of Charle's G^Mnhey as a soul winner, if you know that soon after his conversion he had this experience of the Paraclete. He says: "As I turned* and was about to take a seat by the fire, 1 received a baptism of the Holy Ghost. Without any expectation of it; -sVlthbut ever having the thought it) my mind that there was any such a thing for hie; Without any fecb'l- lectloil that 1 had ever heard the thing mentioned by any person in the world, the Holy Ghost descended upon me in a manner that seemed to go through me, body and soul. Indeed, it seemed to come in waves and waves of liquid love, for I could 1 "hot express it in any other, way. It seemed like the very breath of God. I can recollect distinctly that It Seemed to fan me like immense wings. No words can express tho wonderful love that was shed abroad In my heart. I wept aloud with joy and love. These waves came over me, and over mo, and over me, one after the other, until I recall I cried out, '1 shall die if these waves continue to pass over me.' I said, 'Lord, 1 can not bear any more.' " NOW, my hearers, let five hundred of us, whether clerlcill or lay workers, get such "a 1 divine visitation as that, arid we could take this world for God before the clock of the next century strikes one. . Instances of rower. How many marked instances of Holy- Ghost power! When a black trumpeter took his place in Whltetteld's audlenco proposing to blow the trumpet at, a certain point In the service, and put everything into derision, somehow he could not get the trumpet to his lips and at the close of the meeting ho sought out the,preacher and asked for his prayers. It was the Holy Ghost. What was tho matter with Hedley Vicars, the memorable soldier, when he sat with his Bible before him in a tent, and.his deriding comrades came in and jeered, saying: "Turned Methodist,.-eh?" Anti another said, "You hypocrite! Ba;l ns you were I never thought you would come to this, old fellow." And then he became tho soldier evangelist, and when a soldier in another,regiment hundreds of miles away telegraphed his spiritual anxieties to Hedley Vicars, saying,'"What shall I do? Vicars telegraphed as thrjlllng a message as ever went over the : wires, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved." What power was being>felt? It the Holy Ghost. And what more appropriate? for the Holy Ghost is a "tongue of fire," and the electricity that flies along- the wires is a tongue of fire. And ithat reminds me of what I might do now. From the place where I stand oii ; this'platform there are invisible wires or lines of influence stretching to every heart in all N all receipts for :; cooking requiring a leavening agent:' the ROYAL BAKING, POWDER, because it is an absolutely pure cream of .tartar, 5 powder and of 33 per cent 'greater leavening strength than, other powders, will give the best results, It will make the food lighter, sweeter, of fitter flavor and more wholesome. 1 ' ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO,, 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK, A Convincing J'rrtttf. • An-old man went into a life Insurance office and asked to be insured. The company asked bis age. His reply was 04."Why, my good man we can't insure you," snld the company. "Why not?" he demanded. "Why. you are 04 years old." ' "What of that*" "the' old man: cried.' "Look at statistics, nud they will tell you, that fewer men die at 9i than at any other ' " ' "' ' ' Homo-Seekers' JQrcurBloii, Tbo Chicago Great Western Hallway will sell excursion tickets to western and southwestern points February ;12, March G and April 3,3895, at one regular first-class faro plus $2.00 .for tho round trip. Tickets good returning twenty (20) days from date of sale. • ri'urthor information regarding stopovers, etc:, will bo given on .application to auy ticket'agront of fchls company, or F. H. LORD, G. V. & T. A., ' . ' Chicago, 111. The sin that is big .enough to have a name is'big enough to kill the soul. CHIEFLY CHAFP: ~" .. , ; : ' - . - i 'Reporter— -What beoanio of that' fasting- girl you used to have? Mus^ eum Managrer— She's dolrtfr six months * iu. jail; for not paying her board; Baron — I am going to get married." • \Vlvat\do you, think ''of . that,! Job" n&i .Tohh-^Delighted! 'I always ''bblfoved'if would got' back tho money I'lentyon. Schoolmate—Why ' do you Hover touch your pianoV Mlsa Thumper--' We're buying it on installments. i'What difforenca doo.s that make?" "I'm afraid if paw should liear rn* play,, he'd stop payinp." t . , ., Bettor stand still than walk where God does not lead I worked hard enough for it. But God will take care of: us,,and as to the chij-, dren, the money might have 'spoiled them, and we find tha,t;,those who have turn put -best, 'a.'hdi'it.Twl.U ajl ibp welt it this upsetting of our^wprldjy.'i'esourc'es leads us to lay up treasures in heaven," ,Qr; you soliloquize, saying, "It was hard to give yp'thatbpy; when the Lord took hirn.H I , ; expepted; great 'things of him, andj tiji; how w,(j miss him 'put of the house, and there are so many things I'come across that make one think of hfm, and he was such a splendid fellow; .but then what an escape, he has made from the temptations arid' sorrows which como to all who grow up, and it •is a grand thing to have him safe from ,0.11 possible harm, and there are all those: Bible promises for parents who have lost children, 'mid we shall feel a drawing heavenward that we could not- have'otherwise experienced." And after you ha>;e.said that you get that, relief Which comes from an outburst of tears. I do not say to you, as,, some ,say, do not cry. ,Qod pity ^popple; in i trouble who have the parched eyeball, and the dry eye-lid, and can not shed a tear. ., That makes maniacs. To God's people you hear the name of God and Jesus | tears are the dews, of the night dashed Cream Balm the Nasal \> P»J t Jon, PjbO'S CURE FOR C O N S U (v'i P T ION ^ Christ used in profanity, you never hear the words, Holy Ghost. This hour I gpea,k of the HolyQ^ost as Biblcal interpreter, as a human reconstructor, as a solace for the broken-hearted, as a preacher's- reinforcement, Holy tiliost »u4 the Wide, , The Bible Is a mass of contradictions, an affirmation of impossibilities, unless the Holy Ghost helps us to understand U, 'The Bible says of Itself, that the Scripture IB not for "private interr pretatlon," but "holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost;" that Is, not private Interpretation .but Holy Ghost interpretation, Pile on your study table all the commentaries of the Blbte^MaUhew Henry, and Scott, and Adam Clarke, and Albert Barnes, and Bush, and Alexander; and all the arch- aeologl^s, and all the, Blb,le dictionaries, and all the maps'of Palestine, 'and all the International 'Series pf Sunday School Lessons; and if that Is all, you will not" understand the deeper and grander meanings of the Bible so well that; jChy|sttftn mountaineer, who, 'Sunday morning, -after having shaken do,wn4be. fodder, fox thP.cattJe, Into hla pablw, «p with sunrise. 1 am so glad you can weep. But you thlnjc these things you say to yourself are only soliloquies. No, no. They are the Comforter, who Is the. Holy Ghost. THe J4ff)it of Weaven. ! In 1857 the electric telegraph bore strange messages. One of them read, "My. dear parents will rejoice to hear tl)a,t I have . found peace with God." Another read: "Pear mother, the work continues, and I, too, have been converted." Another read: "At last, faith and peace." |n Ve.rmont a religious meeting was singing the hymn, "Walt- Ing and Watching for Me." ' The song rolled out on the night air, and a man halted and said, "I wpnder if there wllj be any one waiting apd watphlng for me?" Jt started him heavenward. What was4t? The Holy Ghost. In that 1857. Jaynes 1 hall, Philadelphia, ana Fulton street prayer-meeting-; New York, telegraphed each other the number, of souls saved, and the v|slng of the devotional tfdes, JSfoon,-day prayer-r meetings were held in "all the cities. Ships came )nto p harbor, c,aptaln and all sallprs sajec}. pn/that voyage. PO lice, and' flre departments met In their oma for divine worship. At Albany, e legislature of the state of New York serobled; }p $h> roioms of the Court of r religious services. Con- union pyay0r*rn, a et}n8r was the seats on the main fl'dbr, and up into the. boxes and galleries, and there are other innumerable wires-or lines of influence reaching out rfrom this place into the vast beyond,; and across continents, and. under the seas, for in my recent Journey around the world I did notflnd a country where I hac£not been preaching this Gospel ifor many yeara through the printing press. So as a" telegraph operator sits or stands at a given point, and sends messages in all directions, and you only hear the click, click, click of the electric apparatus, but the telegriims, go on their errand, God help me now to'touch,the right key, and send the right message along the right wires to the right places! .Who Shall I first call up? To whom shall I send the message? I guess I will send the first to; all the tired, wherever, they are,' for there are so many tired souls. Here goes the Chrlstly message, "Come unto' me all ye who are weary and I will give' ydu rest." " Ropojyiup tjio Spirit of i'J'rutli. , r Wlio,iiext shall I,pall up., I guess the ; next .message will, be to the fatherless, and wldcwB; and.' h£re: ,goes .God's mes- Bttge, "Leave thy fatherless children, I will preserve them alive, and let thy widows trust In me." ! Who next shall I call up? I guess my next message will be, to those who ha've buried members of their own families, and hero it goes, "The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall rise." Who next shall I call up? ,1 guess the next message will be to those who think themselves too bad to bo saved. . Here it goes, "I^et the wicked forsake his way and the,.unr!gjiteous man his thb.ughts and let hini; return unto the Lord who will have mercy and unto our God who will abundantly pardon." Who next shall I; call up? 1 guess It will be those who'may think- I have not yo't touched their , case. Here it goes, "Whosoever, whosoever, whosoever will, let him come." And now may God turn on >ajl the electric power Into this gospel battery for the last tremendous message, so that it may thrill through this assemblage, and through all the earth. Just six words will compose the message, and I touch the key of this gospel battery Just six tunes and the message lias gqne! Away! Away U files! And the message is "Have ye received th,e Holy Ghost?" That is, do you feel his power? Has he enabled you to sorrow over a wasted life, and take full pardon from tho crucified Christ, and turned your face toward the wide open gates of a wel- coming'heaven? We -appeal- to thee, nuni °} y G , h ? st ' who didst turn the Phllippian Jailer, and 3aul of Tarsus, and Lydla of Thyatlra,,and helped John Bunyan out of darkness when, as he describes it. "Down fell I as a bird shot from the top of the tree, into fearful despair, but wag relieved by the com* fortable words. "The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth. from all sin," " and helped John Newton When standing at the helm of a ship in the midnight hurricane, and mightier than the waves that swept the decks came over him the memory of his blasphemous "and licentious life, and he cried out, "My mothT er'e God have mercy on me!" and helped one nearer home, even me, pe Witt Talmage, at about 18 yeara of age, that Sunday night »n the lovely village of BJawenbyrgh, JjN J., r "'— " not sleep because the eternal • destiny seized ' hold of me has helped me eyer since to use as • expressive, gf my qwn feeing: ' i. iing grace!. how-sweej-^jje^omjrt.. it saved $ wrench like me! ' ' Heud For It. It's Free. Everyone who is dissatisUed witb his surroundings, wbo wants to better his condition in life, who knows that he can do so if given half a cbnnce, should-write to J. Francis, Omaha, Neb., for a. copy of a little book recently issued by the passenger department of the Burlington -Route. It is entitled-"A New Empire" and con tains i.<2 pages of information about Sheridan county , and the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming, a veritable land of promise, towards which the eyes' of thousands'* are now hopefully turned. •••-•.•,•.- > As long as there is dross in the gold it will want to keep away from the flre. The WiUiaBhXlno. ; ... April the 2nd the Wabash Lme will soil excursion tickets to southern points at one faro for the round trip. Liberal stop-overs allowed. Fqr, information call on or address Hpraco Seeiy, Commercial Agent, 820 Fourth street,:,Des Moin,os, Iowa. : The j'oke of Christ is the only yoke God ever-mada-for men. ' \ , .Piso's Cure for Consumption is an ANo. 1 Asthma medicine.—W. R. WILLIAMS, Antioqh, Ills., April.11,1604. An honest trial of the Bible will convince' anyone that it comes from Qod.; • Ilegeniun'B Camphor :c«wUli Ulycnrlne, Cui-cn Chapped IlandH and Fane. Tender or Sore FHPI. Cbllblalns. Mles.&u. C.a.Clu.rk Co.. Jfcw Havln, 8Z Every treo in God's vineyard is not only expected to bear fruit, but good fruit. " . "• ' <• "Hanson's Mag-ic Corn Salve." Warranted <o oura or money ret unclod. /uk your dr«£riflijt for It. l'rlco'15 ccnta, . .- •• ^ . , Wbon God prunes us He does it with a sharp knife. ' • •••>••. It tn« llu.l>}- Is Cutting 'fvctli. Be euro and USD tliat old anil well-tried' remedy, KKS. AV'i.vsr.ow'11 SooTliiNa'SYHUp'fBr (JliiWreii Teethlntf, In heaven's arithmetic nothing counts but love. •.-'••_ "A. Oup of Parks' Tea at nightmov? tho bowels in the morning." We ought to stretch, our legs and our hopes only to what is possible, Call It i AN ALARMING STATEMENT CONCERNING WOMEN. flOW BAD HABITS ARE FORMED. The tfeio York Tribune eays: "The habit of Inkiiiff ' licadnche powders' is increugiiiff to nn ' alarinmg exteut amougr a great number of women throughout the country. These powders ns their name indicates, are claimed by the manufacturers to be ,T positive aud speedyciircifor.anv form of headache, in many cases! theirtchlef ium-caieut is niorpliitie, opium, tocnirfe or some other equally injurious drug having a tendency to deaden pain. The habit of'taking theiu ft easily lornied, but almost impossible to slmkc pfl. Women usually begin tak(ug them to relieve a raginc- lieadnche and soon resort to the powder to alleviate nny little pain or ache they may be subjected to, and finally like the 11101- phiuc or opium fieiKUget Into the liabltoftaklnsf. them regularly, imagining that they are 1» pdii* if they happew to miss their regular dose." In nine cases out of ten, the trouble is in the stomach and liver, ' Take a simple laxative and liver tonic, and remove the offending .matter which" deranges the stomach and causes the headache. Dr Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are composed entirely of the purest, concentrated," vegetable extracts. One Pellet is u. dose; sugar-coated, easily swallowed ; once used, (ilways in favor. They positively cure sick headache and remove the disposition to it, Mr. ]?. VAUOASON, of Olter take, Lopetr"Co " Mich., writes: "I uof infrequently have an at- taok of the headache. It usually comes on in j the forenoon. At my i I dinner I eat my regular meal, and take one or | two of Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets iniinc* diately after, and in the course of an ( hqur my headache is cured ,mirl better:.- rfwery wav foi- not worse, as is nsnak after taking other kind* of pills, 'Pleasant Pet- Jets' me worth more than their weight in » i, • ,-, B 0 'd, if for nothing elso K. VARGASOH. V,SQ, than to cure headache.^ ONLY A RUB TO MAKE YOU HAVE YOU FIVE.QR MnRF nnwa If so a ^ Baby " Cream Separator win earnltaooatfor you every year, Why continue i an Properly con must pay you. You tho BEST,—tho *75, Bena for new 1805 I^ungs, Oeworal Pebttitya»a Thin Ol4i i <$&&*$£ Vpb^FiyltoQtt's %mMw *$'$& l\ Tf\f\rf OAA*V^t J A." *1 A it* -. _. _ •« 'l I ' ." » ^ ^-,{'1 ,..«.. •* *f I V -f-> ««•> !'?' '#«:>,

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