The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1895
Page 5
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I'lifesteWiy-iu3'!d"irtsi»ijbajj?Wftmtateftt, ' ' le?Bdi6ul8Aii6&hi#I hlm*iMd>16dM Ward J,h|s to tho Ffench gdtteral, and ,tell hffajr^Ull-lnf 1 —-* Hero his speech >W"!'A«t"i tors »i" vc K) j . speech he ft ibak^t and a JW*SKS2L • K, TjfV^^^ i * i *"iiTji "j**o j * w ' last^teridayUfronr Buffalo ftfd r 'i , ttldat whtothg 6lona« trf afiaoke anil i tta'adb* ttttnty Soi and slvo It natfia. • , i fcn sWHtft'ah call, on Allan Some.-' Ajid Sdtae tt hf bravajj-f thrtttjh theli? life* be' h, faithful spirits, Wen tub strife waited Vit thtt SAtafe &odyd foiisit, fretlcnewlt not, B-.V , f v\ta i hdw th?. pnrtjs of flculn a^o o¥Gi>,pa&t i. •VV'i'be tott* wide heaVettihall hold ye Both last" r —Harper's Weekly. , .That WmerNight, , Bt CHAPTER XI—CONTINUED. '" "If you/should miss ono dose, or ''ftult his,sido.for only one short, hour, Twill not answer for'his life. If you' u -Miould fall asleep—" il&'V'I shall not sleep!" Bald the girl ;ji ;ftrinly,as if under inspiration. «'Angels ".'_ of lo^e will bo Watching with me. If //iny woftry eyes should closo f,or a n^o- !t j Jrtent, their holy wings will toublr • tH6m tonderly and brush thorn opon." "f . He looked at her auietly for a ihd- |/. Wont, and then said shortly, - * <• ' i'Gbod-night, Mademoiselle Blan'che, Hatt- you!" -Blanche turned, to, the bod. , ff^toann, who was still unconscious, was '- » .,.„>- r - „ —,- muttering to himself 4n' F'« the German tongue. * The girl's eyes f? <f01ed with tsars. Quickly approaching", |j,- f.he bedsiddj she took his hand which Stf'lay upon tho 'coveiiet and pressed'.it' 1','Cto ter;lips; theii, fearful-lest he should fJbo sinking 1 , measured'ten drops of th&C i Anodyne', and gently, yet almost, by '-lorce, placed tho glass to his lips. He^' | r clrank unconsciously, and af bar a few >' TOimit6s his breathing grow calm, and I*}', ho lay as if in a deep sloop. '•«, - ' CHAPTER XII. n _, i \ i - - •" 'The Medallion. %f''', ^ 'A? the |night advanced, the wounded. -; 5i' qontinued to sleep tranquilly* y and then turning' on his pi! T and j'lii.urinuring' ,to bhnsplf. A L 4,,;«Iqck ( pi^ tho mantol-ptoce'Of' tiiel/lMl^ wk ! jS3itting-r i ooDj ' sounded the half houra, fef»> ^nd,'as each tBtVuck cleax'lv/ ''fiiybs, _I?ollo/vying her sai fancies j -isCene ',to scene, she had falton into a sort'of a waging droam. Siiddonly she , fyas'startled by •& Wild cry,' almos;6 ,' from-the sick-bed. -Bising- yr\< ***>*••* ^*»»^»* L M«^»- V-"* fi*P A*>wi**- ^*tvf^M^v L*;a,nd, «^aSSfcjjr/»po9 '.onei Vj»PJ«?v^«« »& wildly'onnd. ,As '.she bept |rtoward Mwhe spokp -vap-' a1 - J -' "- K'^'aianj fi,ntl gflzed 'upbn'Vf Of one '! golden chain, and thrusting timtn into hiands, fell back, lifeless. sHalilBg' life '^Ib • "I swore to fuUill' his last request. Like a coward Ideltvyed. Host morn- <r"vo|i| tifa <m*t*ciri B lsf U1 1151)1 L With''a tremulous^ effort ho opened i uro\v loviiO. a cmiin <ina locket which had lain concealed upon i & Aie»<B0- ••• . -*i j^^ • *• hxsto a deep groan ho sun round — upon ,..». ttie locket, incho, loOBOned his sok it from him, and hold but with tho tho rm ; er mo ado tit ts the 1 g01d. medafti s& y side' bv,' '"^,'lt alt*' had lie went away. The leas byHhe bpa. felt Hmy long ehw la fcioh, to' tU* bedside oiul^hpd -iSi« uor- -k siqeips^up^n^i|a l g^a0utop)t* 1 cps WffiEy lii^Kl&aiicbkCliSWiSRm, Wi?i»jrand3yp)KBa?IWQ85f' R¥iM3?S W trjtlieniaf,.getB'*iaJof (ilbs8 iBaterd ecr ' • fo tfi'*^lBa^8ianqftife«4h,^ m tubflj oufl^eX'ceptas it isilikely to' spr ** w is. . S^ 1 ^ df'tfbb^\i9 rl fenf ^Bol . a 6han l c45to"^eoure i -'g6odt tipsiePy^at fa'pv itofy^price's. i>y 05HE GKAkoil STORE.' ' '..ut't^u^ »{.;• ly^:^ 1 ;.!,' ri,-'.>i ",v '; , Spf fatmlmaohin'er.y (1 tq, trade i for ' ' '^ 'John fi, Smith. I'aviot i«—t~),~ •~-^^T^f"\f}"-^TTS'7~ /i^'--r^7?'-"f»-T'Tia t 7 t»*fT-— TT--^ 111 r.lwl -» TEVl 1 n)-i * KTl ftt*t ?*<PMtrH F* j fi.J?*> Ti ||,,^;ttf v 4irtotion 4,^ ^'i;Wi|Rrvfv;T M( '" : x,?JTW W/A fi^ffiMS .£*'?,l%™^« si rirefl - ; arrive; . wd.taUa, charge 'g T IP you ftrei thinking of buying a'bug- - ' lt y,-caH . JohnBon'e and' ,. ook Over t^e wo'rkof (the^Henny Buggy is ,the,jbe8l/,-5l « . , u Y-'i > .,' at the i for( tlio Next County tbaJ?VVJH>N'ot PaU to Attract '' new running horses which have names church ihere." Mrs^Eastmrin had been fdi* eeltng;unusually better.>than -she. had' " ••'" •' ie., Ajbout,8iq'clook,Friday ,_j,. ,..„„,—'.' Eastjman.fouild her breathing i very sheavy, and tried to arouse her ihutcould'not, and in..a- few. moments dead. : As iSoon >a8t the • news ireaohed'here Mrs. ."S. E. >Grovej' Mrs.' ^Gallagher,- and'Mrs.- -McCutchin drove oveft4:to^Buffalo-Center,, .where;*they learned that it was then wish" of Rev., Eastman'and his daughter, Mrs^ Settle .that' theiremalns be buried at • Wesley. •They, returned and' made arrangements for the funeral which took place here Monday.,'-A large-number of friends and, fprmer «parishoners met them at the r depqt and-accompanied the remains td the cemetery. *Mr. and ,Mrs. Eastman made mnny warm\ friends during the/two'years he was pastor here, i and •our'people sbowed.appreoiation of.their labors 'among us by "so ' tenderly laying her remains to rest,. .. ! T iMrs t .;O.''Bobinson has-been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Donaldson, at Britt for the past few 'days, returning Monda: . . . lay. ^ • Mr.' . jllaprajiigedf''^' 'npyr, .Distribution of '""•- •"" l - '- "te^'io inoreasing the \t,pli, the .increase in clvibe'new grounds '<$!•}'< Spme running and Mrs. Demsay and Mrs. DaVid'Price came over from Buffalo Center Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs.'Eastman. - • • . 'H/C."Hollenbeok-is selling farm machinery for W. T. Presnell. . J, S. Gallagher has the stone and 'sand on the ground for, his new house. ,0. E. Jones has been taking in the sights at Des Moines 1 for the past few days', t During his absence 1 Billie McCutchin has been tending the warehouse. * Sheriff Samson came over from Alona last Saturday and closed up Geo. k:, Frink's store on an attachment sworn out by some of his creditors. This was a surprise, to a good many as we supposed this was one of our solid .firms. But it is reported that it is only a little _ misunderstanding and that everything will be ad justed satisfactorily and he will be running along as usual in a few days. ' Our schools will close next Friday for a week's vacation. , Don't forget to qome out the evening of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of April and hear Frank W, Evans lecture. His reputation throughout the state as a . lecturer is one of the best. Everybody ; fair..-,;, The_ com-1 cordially invited. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. beaten in >wil" <; ~ i" M w:.; '.'' T*':* «. "V "i ,V"~ m. *ya are certain, to/, result, The pro: - ~.m;e ,is as f ollp^a:v,'-,;,' <' /eltyrEftcefOpen iS'all'horseB owned ihR'POVjityA ^trasoei free, Distance --" i-ne walk second h»lf " n.' Purse «35, make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. This Week and Next, r * W E offer our remaining line of Dress Goods, to , h .close, at prices heretofore impossible* For convenience they have been divided into four lots, 1 viz j ( ;Lot 1—A small line of wash goods, , Dimities, India Mulls, Lawns, etc.,, for 10o ' 1 , a yard.« These are mostly extra fine qualities usually sold from 15 to 200 a yarcl—now offered at the uniform price of IOG to close. ; Lot 2:—Mixed and half- wool goods; f L i I ^3 ' • i, i 14 * Former prices 25 to 40 cts.,now 19 cts. Lot 3—All - wool Henriettas, Cashmeres, Diagonals, Suitings, etc., former price 65 to 85 cts., now 50 cts. •' i l * Lot 4—Extra fine qualities Henriettas, Serge, etc., black only, for 75 cts., former price #1.00 and $1.25. ' i i The assortment is not full, but the goods are 1 all 'new, in good condition, and are worth today from 25 to, 33 per cent, more than the prices at which they are offered—TO CLOSE. T FIRE SALE. I am going to close out 1 my entire stock of Boots and Shoes regardless of what they cost. . I have settled with the insurance companies and shall let the goods go At Your Own Price. The goods are but slightly damaged, and the bargains you will get will make your hair stand. This sale for THIRTY DAYS ONLY. Foji SALE—Full blood Holstein bull. J. J. Wilson.-51t8 ECONOMY at the Opera House Grocery, ECONOMY.' CHASE & SANBOBN'S famous coffees and seal brapd tea, Walker T 'ESros., ejf elusive age.atfr ^ ; ° SsB-the Dv.toh .Boy" riding puHiva.tbr at A. M; & G.-»Mt s-JbhBBonW'^leo t^ 6 U, s, new style, corn on Suitable fpp thl fop them, ' ' ' th'e year. A?k MONEY tp loan pn hme 1 or shppt time. Qeo, Q, Call.-tf Building suitable for hotel or board' inghpuge; ceatpftlly Ipoftted; beet bus- At Branson's jewelry store. H, Anderson. He is a partial list of the goods we* shall handle during 1895 : , . Brown Corn Planters, Prown GOTO J Plows, ^ Br o wii -' Corn : Harrows, Owens Fanning Mills, Standard Mowers, Full Steel Frame Disc Harrow, Finest Buggies, Surreys and Phaetons on earth, Bradley & Nicoulin,

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