The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 20, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1895
Page 8
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THE UPPER DM M01NE& ALQONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAROH 20, 1895. , mWAtfl» A fit. PAUL " CREAM Sfc ff MOST PERFECT MADE A puts drape dream of tartar rWderV from Ammonia, Alum or any othcf adulterant • 40 YBAftS THE STANDARD. . ....... . 4 departs at. ...;-,. ......... ...... 6:00 pm ilB&teatrJ'pMsftigefs- * departs At.,,,.. ..... .. ....... &:40pin departs at..... ................ 1:45 pin , AgBttt. . No. 94 departs , - South- Mixed ........ 8:18 a in £a&8 ........ 3:07 pin Pass,.,,,.,,. 3:27pffiMiied..,. ... 6:20 pin Freight ..... , 9:30 am Freight.... 2:48ptn tffiiight. -. . . . . 7 :63 fi in Freight. , , . . , 9 !30 a m , Pass, arrives ftt Chicago at 7 a tnj arrives at Des Moines at 8 :15 p m. Lv. Des M, 2 :30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi 6ago at 8 a. in. F, H, VBSPBB, Agent, ^-^•-«g--M M M •^-^•^^^"^*S^S^'»^''V^>>'W'S>'W-V^>»^^"^^^^^'' Kossuth County State Bank XOTXT.A. CAPITAL ...................... ........ I60.00C Incorporated tinder general laws of Iowa, Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and dAnestie exchange bought and sold. Collec tfl»s made promptly, and a general banking Wffllness transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. ,. H. INGHAM ........... ......... ProsWent J, B. JONES .................... Vice resident U5WISH. SMITH Mreotors-Wm. H. ingham, John Q. Smith, X. P-Jones, T. OhrlschilTes, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. ' The First National Bank oar ZOW.A.. CAPITAL ................. . . . ..... |BO,OOd Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL ..... '. ........... President ». H. HUTOHINS .............. VicO President WM. K. FERGUSON ................... Cashier & D. SMITH. .. ............... ... Asst. Cahhier ' Directors— D. H. Hutohlns, S. A. Ferguson, PhUip'Dorweller, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A CaB, B. H. Spencer, Win. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing flrBt-olass security. THJE CITY CIRCUIT. The Hutchison family Saturday evening at the opera house, The new Seneca creamery will soon be in shape for business. Walter Walker's lecture tomorrow evening will be worth hearing by everybody, Ned, Dodge of Sherman has moved to Algona and will make his home in town hereafter. M, B. Dalton attended B. F. Smith's sale at Germanla. Hogs were the stock chiefly disposed of. B. H, Anderson's shoe store Is now located in the Bronson building next to Doxsee's hardware. The new trains put on by the Northwestern are so well patronized that a coach is to be added. oi Bancroft at j& P, Keith's In. Fiflm Creek, afid turned «v*6f to gheHft Sairi- eon. Hd was wanted fof stealing a horse, and if his etoty fa Correct, as the Constable says it Is, ho should tie ItiFfied loose and bis Uncle should fea landed Ifi jail In his stead. Se lived with his uBcle faeaf; Waterloo afid had a pony. Hie Uficle kicked him wit, held a sale and sold the pony with the rest Of Ihe stddk, getting $40 foi* it. The boy came hack and took one of his uncle's horses and sold it in Waterloo fof the $40, and Came to kossuth. The uncle has him arrested. _ Motley, t have unlimited money to loan oil long or short time, _____& W, SAQGARO. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard, fill Sttt-^fififM ttf ftJB8SA8KA, A Letter fb Mf*. ,t«Hi. U«HW*odl« of stales the Prcae&t eofc« CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. ALQOlfA, IOWA. Officer* and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, 0. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest!, Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Qeo. L. Galbralth, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenok, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking. PRIYATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS. •VTnterest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL, •~~* — *^*^^^^^^^**-^~*s*~ — CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrischllles 1 store. DANSON dk BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles' new building. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Ogee In Hoxle-Ferjruson bl Jok. GEO, R, CLOUp, [Successor to W. B. Quarton.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, ALOONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank, E, V, SWBTTINQ, ATTONEY AT LAW, Jpwa. GARFIELD, M, P,, AND SURGWON, ,, one door east of Cordingley, Wenpe, McGregor st, east of the pubUc school building. ff, C. WeqOY, M. P., ^Vi gppdM attention to otty practice, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, lowtu Tuberculosis and public library are both side-tracked and the fire bugs have the public attention. E. T. Burbank carries a badly blacked eye, tho result of catching a base ball in the face while umpiring a game. F. S. Norton has bought the lot between M. Stephens and E. N. Weaver's and will build a handsome house this season, costing him about $2,000. The grangers will have a closing dinner for the season Saturday and -all old grangers and new grangers are invited to come and have a big time. The Congregational ists decided last night to carpet the church. Those who get in late can reach their seats now without attracting so much attention. We want to give the Burt amateur actors a word of advice, and that is to be careful about speeches before the curtain. A promising Algona company came to grief by that means. The West Bend Journal says: "Algona capitalists are talking of a three- story, three-front, brick hotel. It will be a fine addition to the many good business blocks Algona already has." The Register says that Ed. Bircher will soon quit the Phoenix botel at Bancroft and go on the road with a show made up of the performers who lately deserted a medicine troop there. Escar Bailey decided that fire was altogether too frequent in Algona for his merry-go-round outfit and so came in Monday and loaded it up and hauled it out of the Grand Army building, where it was stored. Auditor Calkins now enjoys the luxury of one of the best three-year-old mares which ever entered the county. His father shipped her to him. She is of high bred trotting stock and will be a speeder this summer. The Burt band are to give a home talent drama Friday evening at the hall in Burt. The play is entitled " Tony the Convict," and it is said that the entertainment will be first class. It should have a liberal patronage. J. R. Williams, or"Vo." as he is commonly called, was granted a pension of $6 a month last week under the new law. It dates from 1892 so that he gets several hundred dollars back pension. It is not a big pension but it comefe in bandy- and his friends are glad to see him get it. / The Northwestern road has a new time card this week, Slight changes are made for all trains. The passenger trains south go at 8:07 and 6:20 p. m., the freights at 9:30 a, m. and 2:48 p. m. The passenger trains north go at 8:18 a. m, and 8:27 p. m,, the freights at 9;30 a, m, and 7:53 p. m, . Judge Quarton caught a good crowd of talesmen to fill out the jury in the Dr. Felling case, The regular panel was soon used up and the clerk began to call from the visitors, The room was full and they all began to 4eave to escape, But 'the judge,, ordered the bailiff to close the door and let no one out till th,? jury was completed. The grand jurors were all from distant parts of the cpuqty and their report on the jail ought to influence public sentiment, Judge Quarton will send it to the board of supervisors with a recommendation that something be done. It is a question whether a prisoner in our present jail could not sue for damages in view of this report. Years ago the Hutohlnspn family came to Algona and gave a concert. One of the original family was still aljve and with them, The same company with new singers will give a con- pert at the opera bouse Saturday night, The original HirtoWwoB family hf<J ft great p«n before the war and also after, They were all gjfted musicians. This company of the young people gets high praiee from all quarters and will give an enjoys entertainment. • Mr, R, li. Farr of tlje Family wa_s in th9 City ever We Still Some of those 16-cent wool hose, it is a chafloe to secure good hosiery at fac* tory prices, THE GRANGE STORE. SAVE you seen that line of jarnlheers at Walker Bros.?—62 THE national ta.»-52 flour now ii " Cereso- ECONOMY at the Opera House Grocery. TAYLOR'S Is head quarters for black dress goods.-61 FOR SALE—200 bushels Jno. Goeders.-6H2 of potatoes. EOOMS to rent. J. J. Wilson.-43 PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. F, S. Norton is enjoying a visit from a brother. Assessor .Lamson has not yet completed the city census. Miss Mabel Dayton of Cedar Falls is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W. Robinson. Miss Fannie Moffatt Is at home. She has been away several months taking a course of musical study. W. H. Nycum returned Monday from his winter's visit in Pennsylvania, He says times are very dull there. This country is booming in comparison. F. S. Stough goes to Minneapolis to visit his brother V. H. and make plans for entering business together. They have not fully decided on a location. G. H. Lamson and Alex. Patterson went to Des Moines Monday to attend a Masonic meeting. Geo. E. Clarke was to have gone but was held by court. James Taylor returned from Chicago Monday morning, leaving Mrs. Taylor, who is in the Presbyterian hospital,recovering from the effects of a surgical operation. She is recovering rapidly and wijl soon be back in Algona in much improved health. Mr. Taylor bought a big spring stock. Mrs. Ingham and Cornle are in St. Augustine at last accounts, while Mr. Ingham has gone to Naples, a point below Tampa on the east side, where he joins Mr. Harris and a fishing party who are after a tarpon. They report the orange trees all dead, and all tropical plants injured by the frost. ECONOMY. , The statements made by Rev. Eighmyf who is located in Nebraska, are borne out by the following letter: Loffd PflMS, Neb., March 1.— Mrs. Jos. Dun Woodie : Your address Was sent to tne. The people that received it could not raise the money to gtt stainp and paper to Write to you. I find a great many people that have hot & cent and have not had fof three months. 1 was appointed by the county commissioners to clothe the drought stricken people and the naked) for such was the condition of some. The people are clothed pretty well now, but they have nothing to eat. t have found brothers that tell ine they have given their children mush once a day for a week to lengthen out their food through that cold Weather, and then listened to the music of their crying themselves to sleep for something to eat. 1 found one woman In bed with a little baby three days old) the fire out, the house cold, her husband out hunting a rabbit for her to eat, and the rabbits are so poor that they would not make a dog a meal. She told me that they had had nothing but meal to eat for a Week before she was sick. Their nearest neighbor Is five miles away and the father Could not leave her alone. I found other families that had lived on rabbits and fish or anything they could find. In one family of five children, two have died in the last three days, and the doctor says the others Cannot live from starvation.' There are more that will starve unless they get help soon. This county cannot take care of half of the drouth sufferers, nor have they any money to pay freight with. It is not the fault of the people. There has been three years that the hot winds have burned up the crops here. If your people could send these people something to eat I wili see that it .ia given where most needed. Some ask what to send. Corn.beans, flour, meat, and seeds of any kind. There are no seeds here. If you need references write to Kev. Totman, Rev. Bighmy, J. M. Mead; Mrs. J. Ingalls. I have been at this work for two months with the things, the kind people of the east have sent me. Yours truly, Just Arrived Another Car have sent me. Yours I. N. MILLS. CHASE & SANBORN'S famous coffees and seal brand tea, Walker Bros., exclusive agents. SwmL silks, Scotch ginghams, silk stripe zephyrs, just received at Galbralth & Go's. • SEE the Dutch Boy riding cultivator at A. M. & G. M. Johnson's, also the U. S. new style corn planter.-51 ANOTHER lot of 7,000 yards at 5c at Taylor'8.-51 Change of Location. The W. H. M. S. will :sell all kinds of home-made baking at B. H. Anderson's (the shoe man) on Saturday, Orders solicited.-49t4 GAZE on that 10 cent table of canned goods at Walker Bros.' NEW dress goods just received at Galbraitb & Go's. WESLEY WANTS A NIGHT WATOH. Algona'8 Experience Stirs Up the Citizens ana They Will Proceed to Guard Their Property, WESLEY, March 18.—A petition is being circulated among the business men here to raise funds to employ a night watch, which is being readily signed by all, and which is a step in the right direction. The experience that Algona and other surrounding towns are having with fire bugs stands us in band to be on the lookout, The missionary rally at the church here last week was a grand success, The Methodist pastors of Lake Mills, Forest City, and Bey, Kernan of Cpr- with were here and each gave a short talk. There was a large congregation out to hear the different discourses and everybody speaks well of the meeting. Success lodge No, J34, I/O. O, F, has secured P, G, M, P. W, Evans of Des Moines to deliver three lectures here on Odd Fellowship, April 3, 4 and 5. Two of the lectures will be public, to which everybody is cordially invited, •>l"ri£l -11* ft **•»»* ul«*n Anil. 1 _ _ r 111 _. * a MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a letter written "by Rev. J. Guhder- man, Dimondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: "I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery, as the results were almost marvelous in the case of my wife. While 1 was pastor of the Baptist church at River Junction she was brought down with pneumonia succeeding La Grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hours with little interruption and it seemed us If she could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery; it was quick in its work and highly satisfactory in its results." Trial bottles free at Dr. Sheetz' drug store. Regular size 50c. and $1.00. • 1 FOUR BIti SUCCESSES. Having the needed merit to more than make good all the advertising claimed for them, the following four remedies have reached a phenomenal sale: Dr. King's New Discovery, for consumption, coughs, and colds, each bottle guaranteed; Electric Bitters, the great remedy for liver, stomach, and kidneys; Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the best in the world, and Dr. King's New Life Pills, which are a perfect pill. All these remedies are guaranteed to do lust what is claimed for them, and the dealer whose name is attached herewith will be glad to tell you more of them. Sold at Dr. L. A. Sheetz' drug store. 1 BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve iu the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25o a box. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. OF- Alden Flour. Don't fail to try our White Foam. Also our " Ceresota," warranted to be the best in 1 the market. Walker Bros. FURNITURE! Money. Plenty of money now for all appli- W E call especial attention to our new Book Racks and Wall Shelves. Just the thing for cheap book case. Complete stock of vv/i-i-tjjfcGuo ouuun. ui . . Undertaking Goods. A. D. Irvington, Iowa. cants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire .at this office.—17tf WE are making special prices dress goods. G. L. Galbraith & Co. on LEGAL. i^N^N^^^Nrf^fc-^—•>_*• SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice Js hereby given that ,by virtue of a special execution to me directed by the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements etOMiof jr.,P. Johnson, Ohas. O. Scott, and s! X. way, defendants, In favor of E. S. Ellsworth and L. E. Jones, plaintiffs, I will offer at public sale, to the highest and best bidder for cash, at the door of the court house in the town of Algona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 30th day of April, 1895, between the hours of 0 o'clock a, m. and 4 o'clock p. m, on said day, all of said J. P. Johnson, Chas. O, Scott and S.X. Way's right, title, and interest in and to the following described real estate, situated in Kossuth county, to wit; The east one-half of the northeast quarter, and the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Sec. 30, Twp. 90, north of Range 30 west of the 5th P. M,, Iowa. Sale to commence at the hour of 3 o'clock p. m. ot said day, • , Witness my hand this 16th day of March, 1895. 0. 0. SAMSON, 53t3 Sheriff Kossuth County, Iowa. Granulated Sugar, per hundred, . . $4.35 22 pounds Granulated Sugar for . .1 00 23 pounds " C " Sugar lor . . . . l.QO Soda Crackers by the box, per lb., 4 and 5o Butter Crackers by the box, per lb., 4 and 5c Oyster Crackers by the box, per lb., 4 and 5c Buckwheat Flour, per hundred, . . $3.00 Best Minnesota Flour, per sack, . . .95 Yours to come and see us, J. R. & C. J. BUTTON. y nve, The junior Epworth league will give ninb- f^o arts-tnl n+ *U« •fc*!;*.!--js._j. „ Is company at the opera <iv«<m, -.*/ evening ae*t, fbie pompany W-WgpULUB of l*§ ppigWl f -Wte|fiB Fftm^y who taw MV Ml M P*feUo4lMJ& }§$, ajfl tfcey to ol TV at tbe Methodist par,^Wednesday evening, Maroh 27, B. fall was to Algona last week grot Judge Quarton to excise asoneof thegrapd jurors, sAnaa^ongUottomis now West B.end, wbere sbe is eBjoyiog a twp weeds' va9stion with her SHERIFF'S SALE, Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a ipeolal execution to me directed oy the clerk >f the distrtct court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, -tenements etc., of Peter Q. Klster, Sarah B, Klster, State Bank of Bancroft, Samuel Kister. William M. Bitome and j, B, Johnson, defendants, in favor of The Dubuque Building & fcoan Associa Ron, plaintiff^ I will offer at public sale to the Something Has " Dr apt r— Flour. Choice Fancy Patent Flour, per sack, - 90c Choice Full Patent Flour, per sack, - - 80c Choice White Daisy Flour, per sack, - - 75c Choice Baker's (family) Flour, per sack, 65c Choice Graham, per sack, 12 Ibs., - - 25c Choice Graham, per sack, 24 Ibs. - - 40c ' per sack ' n£^I T3 liS'lE ? "^ ei * U *» 4-J3 IDS,, - BUC Choice Bolted Meal, per sack, 24 Ibs,, - 35c EVERY sack warranted equal to or BETTER than any other flour in this market. Everyone home "° W t0 USC ° nly the fl ° ur that is mad<J at highest and best bidder fof oa*sh7ftftbe doorof the court house, in the town of Xlgona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the SOtb flly of Aprjt 1895, between tne hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. on said day, all of said Peter Q. Kister, Sarah B. Klster, State Bank of Ban- f B;'JP»ITO: tmeissa IMSSSRS ssa to tne following described real estate, situated '-> Kossuth county, to-wits The west half of eo. No. ?», jn Twp. No. 90, north of Ranee o. 29 west of the 6ft P. M. Iow»7 **«*•»" Bale to commence at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said day. ' * Sherjfl KoBsutb County, ?owa, SHERIFF'S SALE, _»£%»MJteJ!*^J*T« .ttoji |>? yYit ^: DEATH AND A Mi • tb. olne* IB «»« totfe occurs, tbe mooay ft i atl SaUS : 5wX the wmUMtiQQ Is defend, T h} 8 ttTpfi J' ftnWmpf The roan W h,q , cares about b s

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