The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 20, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1895
Page 5
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|s V,4 r~ "v^V t I( v ' ( •" £ i. S-j , -v ' *, IE { „ % ' ' **_ *2\J ' * * ' * A J <THE tJPPEB BBS M01KE8! AMONA, IOWA, WEDK18§DAY, MASOK 20 THE WORK OF ME BUGS Aljrona's Kpldetnic of fires id Belieted to Be frifeetiy ffweable to This as the Cause, Kino Buildings Since Fafe. 2 is thft „ otd—Measufts ht the Protection of the towH. Alfona has been visited by an el derate of fires, It began with the destruction of the Grange store a Coonan building some weeks ago. After a reasonable lapse of time the steam laundry» Mrs. L. B. Read's building and E. S. Salisbury's building were destroyed. Since then it has increased with great rapidity, Last Wednesday night an attempt was made to fire the Kossuth County bank building and also Haggard & Peek's land and abstract office. Friday night the four buildings on State street between the Robinson "hardware and Chrischilles & Herbst store were destroyed. Sunday night an attempt was made in the Heise post- office block. The fires have been apparently without motive. If it were somebody's desire to destroy a lot ol frame buildings, no attempt would have been made on the bank or Heise block. If somebody has a spite to satisfy, there is no way of connecting it with all the sufferers thus far. The fires have been cleverly put out, no suspicion has been attached to any one, the incendiary has avoided night watches, the reward of $500 offered by the town has had no effect. No one has any explanation that is plausible except that the town harbors some one with a mania for fire, or that some dime novel reading boy or boy s,may have got so far advanced in crime as to have taken "up arson for an amusement. There can be no doubt of the incendiary origin of the fires. It was suspected in the first instance so strongly that the suspicion amounted to a conviction. The steam lau'ndry fire could be explained as catching from the engine. But the fires of the poet week are all of them explainable only on the theory that they were care fully planned. Nothing has ever created the uneasiness in town that has been felt since the sound of the fire bell has become so familiar, and short work will be made of the fire bug if his identity is discovered. After Friday night's fire the business men met and took hasty action. Are- ward was offered by Mayor Haggard of $600 for the capture of any incendiary during the time from now till July, and fully $800 was raised by a subscription passed by „ J.SF. Nicoulin and Geo. C. Call, to be used for this purpose. Night watches were hired' by the business men of each block to guard the block, and the town .has since been patrolled by enough men to secure it seemingly. But the fire in the' Heise block in spite of all these precautions is a puzzler, and shows how easily arson can be committed. . . WEDNESDAY NIGHT'S ATTEMPT, Night Watch Hunter has been in the habit of going to his home between 4 and 5 o'clock in the morning, but Thursday morning was a little later on account of going to the pump bouse to fix the fire for Marshal Dailey. Coming back he noticed a fire in the hallway in the J. B. Jones building and pushed open the door. Here some waste saturated with oil was blazing, evidently just lighted,as the stairs were not yet on fire. This blaze was soon stamped out and Mr. Hunter went on south by the" 4 Kossuth County State hank building, where he smelled smoke. Going to the stairway he discovered that the building was burning up stairs. An alarm was given at once and the Water-was soon playing on the fire in the back office of the second story, The window frame was badly burned and the ceiling of the room, but the chief damage was. done by the water in the office below occupied by W, H. Nyoum. FRIDAY NIGHT'S FIRE. The biggest blaze of the series occurred about 1 o'clock Saturday morning. It started in the rear of Harry Podge's meat market. It spread so rapidly that there was no doubt that oil had been used on the adjoining buildings. Night Watch Hunter had passed through the alley not five minutes before. He gave an alarm at once and it was responded to. But some difficulty in adjusting the hose prevented a quick application of water. The fire was soon beyond control and the crowd devoted their entire attention to removing the goods from E, G. Bowyer's jewelry store, W. J. Studley's pharmacy, L, L. Valentine's, restaurant. H, C, Dodge's meat market, P, L, Slagle <& Son's harness store, and B, H, Anderson's shoe store. From all but the meat market and restaurant enough was saved so that the loss in goods is 'slight 4 and fully covered by insurance. -The loss in the two buildings burned first was gveater, but the insurance will cover it. ^SUNDAY NIGHT'S FJRE, ' About 7;80 o'clock Sunday evening Da Scott, who offices in the rear of the Heise barber shop, was sitting in bis office reading. He heard a roaring noise and after a few moments was attracted enough by it to go to the door. Here he noticed that it came from the bacls ball, and opening the door to that discovered it on fire, Jle went tp the hydrant and with a few pails of water extinguished the flames. But for bis being in his office the block wonld have inevitably burned, as the fire wowld have gained great headway before it couM have been discovered. Row it was set or how it caught is a mystery. Jt w»s burning up a step-ladder aad some pjd frames, and Jwd not burned the floor below, but was catching in the ceiling aboyg, The hall was looked a.n4b9Hedftn<J the o,nly possible en* trance to it wfts by Dr« Scott's ball way. He is confident that no one could > through that while be, was ia jj}e NO damage was dpne. . Stogie, 4 Son bftye eld pbgp IB tie Go$ ggne bask J Q escape Saturday mornibg. ¥h6 ffltiitaff. boys of Cdmpafif iiiffted out Friday night with their giins and guarded the goods ifi the street till mornlflg. The fife boys have turned out man fully and done hard work. They should be fully compensated for spoiled cloth ing and honest effort. At tide time J. W, Robinson's hard ware store seemed doomed. The flames went through a window in the addition and but for the steady stream of water would have had it on fire, fheo. Chrischilles, A, A, Gall, Lewis H. Smith, and Peter Purvis owned the burned buildings on State street, Mr. Chrischtlles had $800 insurance, Mr, Call $900, Mr, Smith $400, and Mr. Purvis $300, Mr, Purvis is the chief loser. The least damage was done to Bow* yer's and Studley T s goods, Everything was piled up carefully in boxes and drawers before the crowd was let into the building, There was scarcely any breakage in getting them out. The city may as well come to it one time as another and put in a fire engine so that direct pressure can be put on the hose. Then all the water in the tank would be available. The water comes too dumpishly at present to do anything with a big fire. The Chrtschillis & Herbst store had a close call for all it is of solid brick with iron roof. A fire cinder got caught in the skylight and in some way set fire to the wood under the iron. A hole was cut through the roof and a few pails of water stopped the flames. It was lucky that they were discovered, A* little joke is told on C. E. Heise which relieves the solemnity of the oc- msion. When the Kossuth County bank was on fire he thought that W. El. Ingham ought to be called, and forgetting in the hurry that he was out of town, he rang the door bell at the house some time. After a while he thought of that tarpon trip, and went on and rang for Mr. Smith. A curious thing occurred at J. M. lowan's new house Friday night. He lad been keeping up hot fires nights to dry the plastering, but had quit. That night he saw a light and went over and 'ound one of his workmen guarding a red-hot stove. He asked what it meant md the man said he knew nothing of it, ie had seen the fire and supposed Dowan had built it. The stove was full of fuel and was burning at a great rate. Two days before the fire in the laundry building a fire was set under the VlcNall blacksmith shop. It smouldered under the sill and did not amount to much, and was noticed by a passer by about 10 o'clock in the morning and was )ut out with a bucket of water. At irst Mr. McNall thought that some one iad thrown a'jcigar stub away. But examination showed that chips had been gathered., There is no ;:doubt that it was set deliberately. MATOE HAGGABD IN OPPIOE, Se Appoints Committees and the City Council Re-organize the Night Police Force. The city council met Monday evening and the new members and Mayor Haggard took their seats. Among other ,hingB the night police force was, reorganized and all put under one management. This insures an efficient cooperation among the night watches of ihe town. • THE OFFICIAL REPORT. ALGONA, March 18.-^The city council met n pursuance of law, for the purpose of organization, Mayor Haggard in the chair, ^embers present: Vesper, Wadsworth, fettibone, Ferguson, Henderson, Nicoulin and Say era. Absent: Magnusson, The mayor then announced the various committees for the ensuing year as follows: Waterworks—Nicoulin, Wadsworth and Bayers. Finance—Ferguson, Magnusson and Ves per. Streets and Alleys—Wadsworth, Sayers and Henderson. Printing—Pettibone, Ferguson and Magnusson. Health—Sayers, Ferguson and Pettibone. Ordinance—Vesper, Henderson and Nicou- in. Fire—Sayers, Wadsworth and Ferguson, Settling Committee — Vesper, Ferguson ind Wadsworth. It was moved and seconded that a committee be appointed to make purchases of ill materials and supplies for the city, to >e known as the " Purchasing Committee." Carried. The mayor appointed upon the mrchasing committee—Wads worth, Vesper and Nicoulin. Moved and seconded that the council ad- ourn, Carried. D. A. HAGGABD, Mayor. CHAS. A. COHENOUR, City Clerk. City Council Doings. ALGONA, March 2.—^The city council met n adjourned session pursuant to adjournment, Mayor Call in the chair. Members resent,. Vesper, Wadswprth, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson, Hutchins, and sTlcoulin. Absent, Garfleld. Moved and seconded that the city clerk iraw a warrant for $140 in favor of W, B. Quarton in full settlement and compromise if the Wheeler claim, in pursuance of his lifer of settlement and compromise, Yeas, Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Cordiugley, agnusson, Hutchins, Nicoulin, Noes, ione. Carried, Moved and seconded that the pity clerk '6 authorized to procure a statement of the ourt costs in the Wheeler case and draw a warrant fqr the same, Yeas, Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson, Hutchins, and Nicoulin. Noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that the report of he committee to settle with officers on the eports of the mayor, city clerk, and super- ntendent of water works, be accepted and he reports placed on file, Carried, Moved and seconded that the salaries of he city offlcevs be allowed in the following amounts and warrants drawn for the same: mbroaeA. Call, mayor ,,..,, $5000 W. L. Joslyn, city solicitor 5000 0. M, DQisee, treasurer , 40 00 Ohas. A. Cohenour, city cleric 3333 *"•. H. Vesper, councilman.,., 30 00 os. W. Wftdsworth, councilman 18 00 j, K, Qarfleia, councilman , , 1800 }. H. Fettlbone, councilman..., 18 00 ,Cordingley, councilman..., 8100 p. Mftg»u.Bj3on, councilman, • if oo 2. Hj. Hvrtcmnj, councilman .,-••••• 15 00 ". F, NicouiiB, co.uncllnjftn 1$ 0Q Yeas, YftSftep, Wadsworth, Joydingtey, 'Magnwssga, Hufatyin.8, iTOUUn, NjiwraQue, parried, Moved and seep, »4ad thai tfee. council a.d. is mmm WITH STENCH, This, the Gfand Jury Hays in ltd fta id the Present Condition; of the Cotlnty Bastlle. Add they Org« the tiourt te fake f flattie* diate Measures tat its --Othet Court Matters. The grand jury Saturday made a re* port on the county jail. The members visited it and made inquiries . besides and their opinion is expressed as follows: We, the undersigned, members of the grand jury, desire to submit to the honorable court the following report on the condition of the Kossuth county Jail, in the basement of the court house : First. We find the room in Which the cage is located to be damp, illy ventilated, Without sewerage, and the air reeking with stench, and in such a condition as to impair the health of its occupants and of the officers whose duty it is to care for them, and also those iu the recorder's office, who are in the room immediately above them. Second. We find that it is an absolute necessity to let the prisoners out of the cage into the corridor part of the time, and that the officer in charge of them has to be among them in the corridor while performing his duties, thereby exposing himself to great risk of personal violence from vicious and refractory inmates of the jail. Third. We find that the Jail in its present condition is insecure and that it is only by constant watchfulness and care of the officers in charge that prisoners of a hardened character and skilled iu the art of burglary are prevented from making their escape. • ' Fourth. In conclusion we desire to say that upon thorough investigation given the subject we feel compelled to state to the ment for the care and custody of the prisoners entirely inadequate and that common humanity and. prudence and a decent regard for the reputation of our county require and urgently demand that prisoners under the care of the county be placed under better conditions than at present surround them, and we respectfully recommend and advise that the court proceed to condemn the present jail as being entirely unfit for the purposes for which it is used, and to take such measures as may be necessary for the security and proper care of those unfortunate ones whom the safety of the public requires should be placed under restraint. We submit herewith statements under oath of the recorder and sheriff of Kossuth county in corroboration of the facts above set forth by us. G. S. WRIGHT, West Bend. C. A. EKIOKSON, Swea City. E. W. VAN DOKSTAN, Seneca. CALK WILSON, Ledyard. J. O. PAXSON, Irvington. DH. FELLING'S TRIAL. The people of Whittemore have been over in a body since last Thursday attending the. trial of Dr. Felling for an abortion which it is charged he performed on Mrs. Ollie Randall, daughter of Chas. Nellis. Geo. E. Clarke was secured to assist the county attorney and Col. Sessions has Geo. W. Argo of Sioux City here for the doctor. Mrs. Randall, Mr. and Mrs, Nellis, the Mil- lerkes, Dr. Paul, John Smith, and Prof. Floyd Davis were the chief witnesses for the prosecution. The details of the testimony are not such as call for publication. Defendant's witnesses began yesterday morning. The case will go to the jury today. LOTTS CRKEK SCHOOL DIRECTORS. The oases against the five school directors of Lotts Creek township, who were indicted for drawing pay for their services, were dismissed, the money having been refunded. Everybody approves of this action, as there was never any time any suspicion that they bad taken the money with any intent of wrong doing. BRAVENDER VS. WATSON. C. J. Bravender owns a farm in Swea which he rented last year to C. A. Watson. He became alarmed about his rent and attached Watson's effects under a landlord's lien and sued for $325. Watson defended claiming an offset of $180, agent's commission on a machine, and damages for a wrongful attachment. Sullivan & McMahon represented Bravender and Geo. E. "arke, Watson. The testimony was very conflicting and the jury brought m a verdict for $84.40 for Bravender, who will move for a new trial, ALGONA'S BURGLAR SENTENCED. Chas. Arnt, the burglar caught in Walker Bros.' store, pleaded guilty in court and was sentenced to two years at Anamosa by Judge Quarton yesterday morning. Deputy Brunson takes him ioday. Arnt has been all over the world and is a young man of intelligence. NO JURY CHAIRS YET, The jury is still located in the corner ,n the old time hard chairs. The supervisors will be asked at the coming meeting to enlarge their appropriation "or new chairs and get good ones, The w ury ought to be put up on a platform irjd. have easy chairs, As it is they are jelow the witnesses and have to . look up, The court room, while improvements are being made, ought also to lave a bar. ; NEW CITIZENS, ..;"-" The following received final papers: , E. Mallory, Canada; Andrews Pearson, E, Eriokson, C, J, JohngOn, John Olson, Sweden; Chas, Schoepke, Jos, Kringle, Peter Bash, Nick: Simon, ?red Haager, Edward Weise, Ernest Hertzke, L,, Spleth, H, Ditner, Germany; Alfred Wellfare, England; Michael Gengler, Luxembourg. MARRIAGE LICENSES. Licenses have been granted to W. E, 31eich and Martha Bobn, Chas. E. Martin and Lela Davison, Frank Burt and Wbbie Mellville, Ole Torsjgren and Annie 0, Borzman, COURT OFFJOERS. Prof, M, E, Sohleichep is assisting Jerk Grose on the reoprds, and S. 3enj»min, E. C, Tuttle, and Henry ^owe are bailiffs, FRANK NICOULIN has a 500 acre farm to rent. A good chance lor the right The,, ^^jsp ^^ I^^P JL JL ^^^i^ fy^m j^ m?~S The best Steel Lever Harrow on earth, Hundreds of Them Now in use. Everybody wants them, Don't fail to see the fine display of Farm Machinery at GRAND OPENING Of New Spring and Summer G-oods, Commencing THURSDAY, March 14, AT.. . GOEDERS' STORE. Dress Goods, Dress Silks, Velvets, Colored Silks, Black Silks, Col'd Dress Goods, Black Dress Goods Wash Fabrics, Linens, Handkerchief^, Laces, Embroideries, Corsets, Underwear, Hosiery, Neckwear, Collars, Cuffs, White Goods, Linings, Draperies, Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Chenille Table Covers, Gloves, 5,ooo yards of the latest styles and best qualities, at 5c. 5,000 yards Dress Ginghams, 5,ooo yards Apron Checks, all colors, at 5c. 1,000 yards Extra Super, all wool, choice patterns; 500yds Cotton Chain; carpet warps, all colors. The latest novelties in Ladies' and Misses' Capes and Waists. Dress Trimmings. Outing Flannels ; 1,000 yards, extra good value, at 5c. CCLOTEEQTQ-- Men's Suits, Boys' and Child Suits ; Boys' Suits, 75c to $i; Boys' Combination Suits, extra Pants and Cap to match ; Odd Pants, Odd Vests, Shirts, Neckwear, Suspenders, Socks, Trunks, Valises. , Carps. In this department we are leaders, as every hat and cap in our store is entirely new— and prices are away down. Our Shoe Department is full of new shoes up to the ceiling. SHOES for Men. SHOES for Ladies. SHEES for Misses. SHOES for Boys. SHOES for Girls. SHOES for Babies. J86P" Prices are within reach of everybody. Having just received a very large stock of goods in all the foregoing departments, with prices from 15 to 20 per cent. lower than ever before, we invite the public to come in and look over our large and well- selected stock. Yours truly. Jno Goeders. ing less than $6 per month will receive that amount in the future. Chas. Robinson, pension agent for the district of Iowa and Nebraska, will receive $110,000 additional for distribution each year, as a result of the act of congress authorizing the increase. There are 8,600 pensioners in his district who receive less than $8 per month— 2,600 receiving $4 per month and 6,000'only $2. The pensioners affected will be re-rated and vouchers under the new rating will be sent out for the April payment. • • . •- Money.' v,-.., ••;•,.-..•;•.; J have unlimited mone^-tp-.lQftn QP long or short time, •••^j£&^^^'. We make a specialty of collections, Cloud & Haggard, BUY those 2'lb cans of coffee at the Opera House Grocery if you want a good drink, _ ECONOMY, NEW milk cow for sale, A. L. Rist. A. M. & G, M. JOHNSON sell the BirdseJl wagon, the best wagon on earth, The BirdseU received the gold medal at the world's fair.-5l JF you want to know what Economy ie, gp to the Opera Hpuge Grocery, WHY ha,ve poor bre^d when you can, i>t *» Cereeota?" Ask. for it at 0. L. LUND. J. J. RYAN [Successors to 0, L, Lund—Established 1880,} REAL ESTATE DEALERS We wish to announce to the readers of THE UPPER DBS MOINES that we have extraor&ter ary facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands in northern Iowa, and we mvlte an who wish to dispose of their property to cafl on us at our office in Alcana, or to correspond with us. J»"AB soon as spring opens we have a large number of custpmers from the eastern states who are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates. We be." lieye In fair dealing, and if you want to sell your property don't waste any time in listing it with us. Yours respectfully, LUNO & «YAN. Orr, Painter and Paper Hanger, Postal card orders promptly attended to, All work warranted foy five years, Carriage Painting a Specialty, PBESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose aofl Throat First-class accommodations at reasonable rates. Operations lor cataract, etrabisnius, m£Jws t yw&L -«**_ -J*&*& -»*gg^[ your iabw and by usjag tbe Rwk , The we ol tbem will gbt you, tout n,Qt A, * SAWS— Full Weo4 Boieteiu At the former $tan,d, ol Thus. ple.a.S.ea to, see you. at MS OpULIST, All diseases of the eye treated. .._,...,„-, Glasses adjusted for errors of refraction and accommodation, NO charge for examination. For several weeks Dr. 14011)117 has tees in New York taWng a post-gTO<w»ta ° iou 'i? e0 S n tlie eye » w $ **» Jwato thwe wtti IOEMOE! IGEJ During the past wintey J have enlarges n»jr ice bouse and now nave on band 400 lona of ice in flue condition, Ro not owtrlet fw summer's supply of ice without first "° my prices. It will be delivered to all the city every day. Orders may be l w u „.»»» J, A, Hamilton tfco, VhoW aal W&ewf neavtbe cemetery. * ******

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