The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 20, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1895
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, AMONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAKOH 20, TAKE NOTICE of that nice line of Chamber Sets at the » ==> Opera House Carpets, Carpets, Vv -Mpquette, Velvet Ingrain. Call and get prices. They are lower than ever before at G. L. Galbraith & Go.'s. If you want A White Pearl, Gall on , PATTERSON &SON. EMEMBER that we aim to carry a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed, Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, etc. Also that we will not be undersold by any firm in the city, For good and fresh Butter call on Patterson & Son. New Styles in Footwear for Spring. have a large atjd w$U-§§lgel;§4 stqsk of Boots and Shot? from % best fa0ori§§ in th§ cpuntry, For workmanship and quality pf material th@y cannot be excelled, Our stock of Ladies' and Gents' Fins Shoes is the newest and best the pountry produces, The same is also true regard* ing pur lines of Misses' and Children's Shoes, AMD BOYS' &n4 working mad? ef f v«ry bs8l*wsmi«g m*$sri*J JQ b§ pr«dwg$4. Prices always >--.iLv\ j;^.'',,"v-' H • • ' :%**; ^-.T'.^. A QUARREL'S FATAL MB, Bocklioldt, in Northerti kos» sttth, Kills His Btothef in a, Peculiar Manner. Th* Coital Has a Kindly Mtntidft 6? Our Neighbor, Butt— Northwest News. About seven miles from Buffalo Cen tef, In northeastern Kossuth county, a terrible fatality Occurred a week ago, which is reported by the Tribune. We give the details from that paper! A message was sent to summon Dr. Buss to attend the youngest son of Mrs. Bockholt, a German widow living seven or eight miles southwest of town, in the edge of Kossuth county. As near as we can learn, the facts are that this boy, who was about 12 years of age, and his brother, three years older, were returning from school and on the way engaged In a boyish quarrel about something at school or in their play, As they neared their home the elder boy seized a rod'used for holding the end- gate of a wagon box in place and threw it at his brother. His aim was too true and the rod struck the boy in the upper lobe of the right ear entering about four inches. .The heavy end. fell to the ground tearing the brain in the upper part of the head in a frightful manner. The injured boy staggered under the shook, but being near the door was able to enter the house before becoming unconscious. The doctor hastened to. his bedside, but soon saw that all efforts to preserve life would be futile. However, he sent to Bancroft for another surgeon and did what he could to relieve pain and suffering. About 12 o'clock death claimed the little sufferer and all was over. The funeral took place Saturday at German Valley. It is a sad case and should be an awful warning to boys in their play to be careful, for they little know how terrible the result of a seemingly innocent action may be. A Good Word for Burt. The Daily Capital has the following to say about one of our best towns: There are many good points about the little town of Burt, in prosperous Kossuth, the biggest of all Iowa counties. An enterprising set of business men, an excellent community and prosperous results are beginning to crop out. A few facts and figures will not be out of place. A most successful co-operative creamery is the pride of the town and a drawing card for the farmers, from which they realize a big source of profit. The secretary's report for 1894 showed that they took in 3,207,781 pounds of milk, made 137,154 pounds of butter, from which they received the round, snug sum of $27,094.88. The average price paid per 100 for milk was 84 cents. The increase of business over the preceding year was about-40 per cent. In shipments by carloads Burt is away up. THE UPPER DBS MOINES, at the close of the year 1894, contained the shipments from every station in the county except two. Our shipments were 770 cars. In the shipment of grain we shipped more than any other town in the county, and we were, second in stock. This is proof'positive that we iave the best market in the country and nothing but good results in a business way will follow. The building irospect for this season is excellent, Besides new business, houses, several additions, many new residences, and so on. A double store brick, two stories, on one of the main corners, seems probable. A second harness shop, a new _rocery, a third lumber yard, and the organizing of several new lodges are among our late acquisitions, Dea Molnes Aska Help of Ledyard, State Register. The purchasing committee of the city council has written iO Ledyard in the hope of securing hay at $6.60 per ton. Formerly the city mid $11.50. That was before there was my head to the purchasing business for the city, and every one could go out and buy indiscriminately and unUmHedly. The purchasing committee hopes to be able to secure bay for $3 per ton in bulk in northern Iowa this summer and to buy a sufficient quantity of it to last for a year, a saving of some $2,500. West Bend In the SJiy. Mr, J. O. Paxson of Irvington informed a West Bend Journal reporter ;hat last Monday morning About sunrise be saw West Bend In a beautiful mirage which lasted about half an hour, He said the city appeared lifted above the horizon,and looked like $ city of glistening gold, He was in* formed that the probable explanation was that it was an pmen placed in the heavens Indicating that the ladies of West Bend were abput to inaugurate a new era by appearing &t the polls to oast their first vote at a eohQel ejection. ___Fs have . Bow, They are jammed full of views and ifitefviewu of pforaifieht cow doc* tbrs conce'fhiflg the tuberculosis tflat' tec, and if the disease is contagious at all it is a wonder that some of the cbm< positors don't get a dose, Point nnd Anapolts Another effort will be made to get s,oi»e IJOVB iotp the military schools from the Tepth d.Utrio|. Fred, Gallup, spn Of the editor of the Boone Republican, goes tq West Point, ana James kowrey of Fort Dodge goes fa AaapoUp, This bw enly fo u »4 «»e boy ?p. r ce iluae the time when B«PK Bapr- w&aiexamine^ anf h§ quit after § few months as Tfce latest fr»*e nt The OBipj) saeiaJ }B, the feature at wetf tog. The. girts etaed up \n a row aa4sB8«| them Mtei'wj .QRion. The mug me& then haye tfl gwew who Wd the Iwkv oaf wkag privilege of to i A Bit Shadtltte needed, Einmetsburg tieinodfat: H, J, Wli* son received his new Smith pigeon gun a few days ago and is now prepafed tq shoot With the best marksmett of ouf time, During the past six months he has taken part in twenty-three matches and has won In every one of them. An Unlucky Car, A sleeping car formerly used by the Andrews opera company was recently bid in at a sheriff's sale at Mankato, Minn,,for $100. One gentleman, who Was present at the sale said: "The car is a hoodo and I wouldn't ride in it if It was built of solid gold." New Taxes Are Unpopular. Carroll Herald: Algona voted on a library tax last week, and like Carroll a year ago defeated it. About 400 women voted on the question, but they were by no means unanimous. People will hot vote to increase any item of expense these times. " " Killed By the Cars. ^ A son of Banker Thompson of Forest City was killed last week at Mtl Vernon, where he was attending college, by lumping from the North western fast train. The boys were In the habit of boarding trains and jumping off. He did it once too often. ROT. 8. H. Taft Attacked by a Hog. S. H. Taft, the Humboldt pioneer, was set upon by a sow last week. She got the better of him andihe has a badly lacerated hand, and is considerably hurt about the body. No Sympathy for Hefltn. The Hampton Recorder says of Dr. Hefltn, who is now in jail at Eldora: "He is a slick scoundrel and ought to serve a term in the penitentiary, and not too short a one '-either; - A Handsome Church. The new Methodist church lately dedicated at Mason City by Algona r s old-time pastor, Will. F. Barclay, costs $36,200. Over $4',000 more than needed was subscribed. A Good Combination. B. F. Smith tells the Germanla Standard that Algona "is growing like arose blossom in spring and is also putting in some fine trotting stock." Dr. Gay lord IB Dead. Chaunoey M. Gaylord of Mason City, a well-known dentist in Algona years ago, died last week Tuesday, aged 66 years. He came to Mason City In 1869. Col. Chas. A. Clarke for Governor. A Dubuque paper says: Col. Charles A.Clarke of Cedar Rapids is mentioned as a candidate for governor on the democratic ticket. _____ Dolllyer to Speak at Des Molnes. Congressman Dolllver has been engaged to deliver the memorial day address at Des Moines, May SO. OOL, OOQKE'B MAEEIAGE, It Will Occur at Whitewater, Wls., Next Wednesday—At Home After April 10; ••;••.•-•,; A social event towards which Algona young people have looked forward with interest is the approaching marriage of Thos. F. Cooke and Miss Nellie Ford. The date is Wednesday next, March 27, at W'hltewater, Wis., at2:30o'clock. The happy couple will return directly to Algona and be at home to friends after April 10. The wedding will be very quiet, Miss Bertha Hancock coming from the east to, No cards will be sent in Algona. THE UPPER DES MOINES joins with all Algona people In extending a hearty welcome to Mrs, Cooke, that is to be, and in congratulating both bride and groom upon their happy and prosperous start m life. WATER OR NO PAY. SOOTT & DAILEY, Artesian well contractors. We pave the only cable steam drilling machine owned In the county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities, and railroads. Special attention to farm well work, Estimates made, We employ only expert drillers, Address Scott & pafley, Algona, Iowa. : Water or No Pay, We hare a new well-digging outfit, the best that Is made, and one well adapted to this section. Our long experience in making wells warrants us In guaranteeing satisfaction in all cases, . Bradley & Nicoulin »re now prepared to do a.ll kinds of * Repairing Wagons, Buggies, ?*p, -JSjeltw Farm When you are in need of a good article in sithef Tea or Coffee,, call and get a package of our' Diamond Brand OF COFFEE AND- May Bud Tea. They will do you good and you will come again—that is just what we <••'•* want,* and that is the reason we keep the best that! rtioney can buy. : .,-••••, Langdon The Best Hog Fence '•••'.••••.••••'••••• • Yet produced. Farmers who are contemplating making a hog pasture cannot afford to use any other fence. CABLED FIELD & HOG FENCE, 24 to 58 in.HIGH. MANUFACTURED BY co., ZD:E K:A.X,S, 11,1,. t •• .. An investigation of the fence will convince you of its merits. Our Gabled Poultry Fence is the strongest and best on the market. Our Barbed Wire is guaranteed to run no rods to the hundred pounds, and its breaking strength is as great as any wire on the market. CM DOISF.F. Hardware. Winkie's old stand. YOUR PATRONAGE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED, 'W.J. Druggist. Cowles Block/ Advantages gained by trading here,,, I mention a few of them. A Large Stock, Choice Assortment, Reliable Goods, Reasonable Prices. Prompt Delivery of Goods, and be cpnvinced, Haggard & Peek, Abstracts, if

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