The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1895
Page 8
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TH®t5PPE» DE8 MOINES: AL60NA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAKOH 13, 18BS. . £ A at..... •;<.... ftt ................... 8:40pm iB* departs at 1:45pin : *»4 R. F» HfiBMOR,-Agent. ... ight s. ftfrtVeS ftt Chicago at 7 a in; atrlves at ollies at 8 !16 b ta. Lv, pes M. 2 !30 a tti thl THE CITY CIRCUIT. I 9 '<> *'< * *-, I'i lflg birds in the trees already. 1W 'Algona's city officers draw $321 a year JalArles. ' '• Guesses on Bancroft's population run from 888 to 1,100. LuVerne cast 82 votes last week at the town election. The musical club* moots at Geo. E. Clarke's Monday evening. iSleatlitig room ladies meet with Mrs. J. .W. Kobinson Friday at 3 o'clock, - Bancroft claims a pig one year and Seven months old that weighs T10 pounds. A three-inch snowfell so lightly Monday night that no one know it had Stormed, The Baptist Ladies' Missionary society will meet with Mrs. Chapin, Saturday, March 16, at 3 p. m. Marriage licenses have been issued .to Hubert W. Ogle and Lois Gray, Ev- ert L. Brosder and Blna Tjaden. . „ The new house J.* M. CoWan is biiild- , ing is to be occupied by J. W. Hay. It is to have all the modern conveniences. ' '. > ••" «,-* Norman .Collar, the first settler in Union slough "country, was married ;last Tuesday .to Miss Bartholomew of El more. W. K. Ferguson, .Geo. ,L. Galbraith, Jas. Cowan and others are to put a big sewer in from, their residences running northwest; ' ' * " ' *' ' . It is now Mayor Callanan in Bancroft, Mayor Hatch in Whittemore,and Mayor -jHume'.in Wesley. May they live long •and prosper. $ , Editor McMullen was over from Wesley .Monday and allowed, his genial Countenance to lighten THE UPPER MOINES' sanctum. ' Escar Bailey of Hobart has traded with Geo. Platt for his merry-go-round, tfilf start, oM #ltfe it about Jtitte 1$ iwf tip IB Algem tot th-a epufitj' fair* It is a feed «Sf fy-ga-twahd, has a go-od flrdftfi attadhiaent, and Ih6 ttiff- w*g(J-foTjhd seems to always be in &tyle. He will make & success of it, &ve satflpIfe^Sbples of Lftfe Weekly Gftpltat ' fthich *e send with Tfla UpplBtt.'tfES MdifffiB' ftt for the two pafterf. \ dciiooi.bttard aWlaiktng afetfbt the'hee'd of A ftew school house. jTne depot building is gettin, old and the id Clear Lake. Hock, Garfter, Britt a»d Algona are holding some Methodist missionary te meetinffs together Juris .' ttlvFke'ttnWyspeatfs at fea6h ptade. Oedat 1 Sapide: orchestra plfejred small buuenjoyable datidijig^ party they will play again shortly after Easter, i .••.*« A little 'daughter arrived at Judge Quarlon's home ^unday Averting 1 , and judicial honors are nothing now to the court. Here's wishihglong 1 life to Miss Quarton. The case against Dr. Felling of Whlt- temore, charged with committing an abortion on a daughter of 0. Nellls, is set for tomorrow. S. S. Sesslbns is Dr. Felling's attorney. • . Old friends of Mart. Pierce will, regret to learn that his health is failing. He has been troubled for some months with dizzy spells." He lives with A. W. Montgomery, near Ledyard. Mrsi Dr. Read estimates her loss at $1,000 besides the $400 insurance oh her building. Nearly all of her large library was burned. She feels very thankful to the people who labored to save her goods. The Grand Army post at Its last meeting adapted resolutions thanking the citizen's and the relief-.corps for the .great success attending the bean supper. Dr. Sheetz and D..B. Avey were the committee. Everybody will be interested In the announcement that Rev. Walter M. Walker will lecture in Algona a week from Thursday, March 21. It will be the treat of .the season. He .is to speak in the Baptist church. <4 Myron Sohenck's new house is from plans sent up by his brother in Kansas. It is one of the best homes in the county, furnace heated and up to date in every respect. Myron's enterprise was not affected by the cyclone. The Bancroft Register intimates that during the coming summer Sundstrom's friends will challenge H. J. Wilson to shoot for the championship.. Kossuth ought to have shoot for the badge,.even if Harry is one of the lightning shots; Now it is suggested that the ladies turn out for the fair. ground bee, May 20, and have a basket dinner, and all join and Capes Silk Waists. are arriving at Taylor's. We sold more wraps last season than any house ever before sold in Algona in one season. We hope to again break the record this season. Call and inspect our line. Jas. Taylor. Something Has "Drapt." — Flour. Choice Fancy Patent Flour, per sack, - 90c Choice Full Patent Flour, per sack, - - 80c Choice White Daisy Flour, per sack, - - 75c Choice Baker's (family) Flour, per sack, 65c "Choice Graham, per sack, 12 IDS,, - - 25c ^Choice Graham, per sack, 24 IDS,, - - 40c Choice Bolted Meal, per sack, 12 Ibs,, - 20c Choice Bo}te4 Jdfcal,' per sack, 24 Ibs,, - 35c EVERY sack warranted equal to or BETTER than anv other flour in this market, Every one ought now to use only the flour that is made at '• home, fe is a partial list of the goods ** "^" " " ~ «• • ^^^^. ^K. • during 18951 Oom Planters, ?;v !>>• •' ', f \ * i-s""^ j f TT ," •> T^ 1 %» V» *m fo^y ; /*'3Sw^P^ Oo3?3i _„,,_>, ..^ ^^^^ft^m^^^X^, ?«i'" in ft gofl of eelefcMloft, If »6 ftfe to lift ftfly oft the fence fcfe ftfe certainty ifi fatof of the dinner alta6htneftt to the programme, Sunday ev&ning tfad people hatched a total eclipse of the tneron. The sky was clear fthd the evening pleadaut. Sotne scientific discoveries were expected ffotn the eclipse, but at nearly nil the chief points of observation the sky was clouded. There are 8t students In .the normal school, more than ever before at this season. The attendance is largely frotn neighboring counties and from southern Minnesota, & large number coining frotfl the ftofth. The spring term of school opens Aprtl 16, If liothihg is done about equalizing assessments of property in town we shall have to lose fallh in, some of our talkers about town taxes. All .sorts of charges have been made as to gross in* equality. Will anybody appear before the equalizing board to enter com T plaint? R: M. Richmond is curious to know where his voting residence is.. He lives at Swea City and has -his business there while Mrs. Richmond lives at Bancroft and conducts the bank. Swea Gity is incorporating and it is important to him to know whether he can vote in the new city or not. A threshing machine company sued J; W. Bngley on some notes last winter and attached 60 bushels of onions. The first thing the judge did yesterday Was to order the sheriff to sell the onions and hold the' proceeds. The onions were getting too strong to be held by ah ordinary attachment. It turns out that Swea City has to vote over again on incorporation. The managers of the election printed tickets " for incorporation," but left off " against" and the law says both must go. A new election will be called and a lot of territory taken In' will be left off. They will incorporate one mile square. The success of the water wprlts in Wesley's election led to a big jollification in which the winners crowed a little over the losers. Prof. Wen. Colby took offense at the celebration at his place and had five citizens arrested and brought before 'Squire Clarke. Geo. R. Cloud appeared for them and they were dismissed. It seems that the school board overestimated the amount needed to pay off the school house bonds, and called for the usual $2,500 for next year. As there is $1,351 on hand and $2,500 corning in now, and as, only ,$4,000, is still due on the debt, the balance, is less than $500. The board promptly corrected its estimate. The grange is to have a big feast at its next meeting, which > comes Saturday of next week, .March 23. All. ancient patrons of Algona grange and all who have formerly been members ate invited to take their baskets, don their brightest smiles,; and come out to enjoy an old-fashioned harvest home 1 feast. This is the last of the season, preparatory to spring work. Nothing can be announced definitely as to the probability of a new hotel this spring, but J. W. Tennant is seriously considering putting up such a building as the town should have. A hotel is one of the chief things now, fitted up with the modern conveniences, and Mr. Tennant has the enthusiasm to carry it through if he undertakes it. At the school election Monday $2,000 less was levied than last year, as provision has already been made for paying the last of the school house bonds. This is a reduction in taxes of about six mills, and cuts Algona's levy very low, as THE UPPER DBS MOINES stated two weeks ago. The former levy for school purposes was $10,500. For next year the expense will be but $8,500. Rev. Davidson discussed the question of amusements, etc., in a very able sermon Sunday evening. His position was an elaboration of Moody's statement that the first thing to do is to become a Christian after which all such matters adjust themselves. In other words, in dinging in any amusement is a matter for the individual to settle for himself, having in- view his own highest interests. The Athenian society gave a public programme Friday evening at the normal school; the main room being crowded by the audience. A stage was erected and a farce was given by Jewel Hunt, Olive Salisbury, Geo. Hamilton, Will. Galbraith and Will, Salisbury, which was highly enjoyed. Solos by Misses Zoa Wartman and Ethel Burlingame,a recitation by Miss Zellhoefei and a selection by Prof, Johnson made up the programme, Over 900 voters turned outandfoughl all day over a one-mill library tax, and then not more than ten were present at the school election to vote a 23 mill tax for school purposes. But for some one happening to notice it the board! would have through mistake levied six mills more than there was any use for, The warmth of an election contest is not always proportionate to the importance of the issue involved, and the gentleman was right who thought that rebating a dog tax might cause as much contention as anything, Sheriff Samson went over to Em< metsburg Monday to see when our Ger- raania beer seller, Gallagher, who was allowed to go over and stay with his son, who fell from the train at Cylinder, was expecting to return, Mr. Gal lagher decided to come back with the sheriff and is again the guest of the county. His gon is getting along and is able to be about. He refuses to talk about his accident or to tell whether Murray, wpo was run over and killed by the same train, was trying to get bias out of the county or not, Auditor Calkins and his bride are already looked ir» their new home— Vhe house lately occupied by Div A. l>< Bisf. They were married at Blue Earth City lapt week MppJay, Mrs Calkins was Miss Sadie fj. Bonwoll She is a graduate, of the B vjniyersity, and has of the Blua Ear^ schools many #14 |rfeaa§ }» * ottinouSj but If fcnywfie has a few thm* 8 sand dollars lo put out fti eoffipwund interest for a like period of time, they can be accommodated at this office, and we won't be particular about the rate of interest, just so it's cbmpoubded right along," The old criminal list in a court docket tells afa interesting story. At this term the 13th continuance is noted in the Chas. Stewart case. Charles is the all- around rascal who took leg bail into Minnesota four years ago. J. L. Dixon, the gentleman Judge Quarton travelled over Washington for, has his llth coti- tinuance. J. R. Brown, Algona's late pugilist, is in the list. H. B. Gary, ,he lawyer who appeared to eeafdh for Jee Homing's pot of buried gold* is also wanted. These abd a half dozen more will probably continue to be wante.d. But if they stay away "they never will be missed." , The grange Saturday adopted reso- utions in memory of Mrs. L. Witham drawn up by Helen E. Jones, J. E. Blackford and Lizzie BamseV. The grange highly esteemed Mrs. Witham, who was always an enthusiastic mem* >er. The resolutions express the sen- .iments of all in saying: "Sister Witham was a woman of more than usual energy and faithfulness, and &\- ,hough in great bodily weakness for u he past few months, she has -been among us, always striving to exemplify .he precepts of our order and also ever •eady to lend a helping hand in the >erformance of the labors of the same." The Courier pretends that the library tax would have carried if the work or it had not been overdone. And the Courier knows that in this year of Jrover a tax could not be carried to _ecure the kingdom of heaven without leroic effort. The tax would have been >eaten two to one but for the energetic work for it, and while some did not see this before election day no one was mis- aken after the polls opened. The work against the tax was aggressive rom the start/ No one questioned that a majority of the men were 'against it. The theory that the women were solidly o'r it was soon exploded, hence the outcome. Chanee of Location. The W. H. M; S. will sell all kinds of home-made baking at B. H. Anderson's (the shoe man) on Saturday. Orders solicited. -49t4 ,,. he ie begrUly welcomed by th>ja y all who. feaaw w b«sb»fl4« |to% taru GAZE on that 10 cent table of canned goods at Walker Bros.' NEW dress goods just received at Galbraith & Go's. Jjlght-welelJt Underwear, Suitable for this time of the year. Ask "or,them. THE GRANGE STORE. CARPETS — moquit, velvet and ingrains, just received at Galbraith & ~ WE make a specialty of collections. /loud &' Haggard. TAKE Yankee Pancake for breakfast. Walker Bros, have it. MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf Money. Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf WE are making special prices on dress goods. G. L. Galbraith & Co. FARM for rent. Inquire of R. W. McGetchie.-50tf. Oil Cake Meal. Wholesale and retail. 60t8 J. J. WILSON. SEE the new line of wash goods at Galbraith & Go's. COFFEE from 18o a pound up, at the Opera House Grocery. DR. PRESTON will be in Algona on Tuesday, March 19. See card. For Sale. Building suitable for hotel or boarding house; centrally located; best business opening in Algona; a great bar- gain,-49t8 J. J. WILSON, PEBBONAIi MOVEMENTS. Dr, Morse was a Des Moines visitor last week, Mrs, F, H. Vesper started Monday for a visit in Kansas and Colorado, Samuel Mayne is down from Bancroft attending to some business in court. Prof- M. 13. Sohleicher was up from Webster City to spend Sunday with Algona friends. Banker Steward was down from Armstrong yesterday, He reports that new city as thriving and ready for a good year, A. L, Hyde returned last week from a trip into Arkansas, where he was looking over the prospect for a business opening. Jjeon Hack was up from Humboldt visiting at B, W. Haggard's, He appears as happy as though he had won the postoffloe instead of the other man. Rod, Jain is home from a trip to southern Indiana, where he went to see his aged mother, $e continues to prefer Iowa \o any of the states he crossed, Boots and Shoes Cheap for Cash. Great Reduction in Prices - K for the next 36 da^s. We haye got to reduce our stock" td make room for ne\v,goods. We handle everything in r .the shoe line. Gloves and Mittens. Yours ,fbr good goods ,and low B, H,' AHBEESON, STATE STEEET, ALGONA. Furniture! Window Shades. Picture Frames. W E call especial attention to our new ,Book Racks and Wall Shelves. Jusc the thing for cheap book case. . ' "3! Complete slock of Undertaking .Goods. Irvington, Granulated Sugar, per hundred, . 22 pounds G-ranulated Sugar for . 23 pounds "O" Sugar lor ... Soda Crackers by the box, per lb., Butter Crackers by the box, per lb M Oyster Crackers by the box, per lb., Buckwheat Flour, per hundred, . Best Minnesota Flour, per sack, . Yours to come and see us, . $4.35 . l.OQ . 1.00 4 and 5c 4 and 5c 4 and 5c . $3.00 .95 J. R. & O. J. BUTTON, 0. L. LUND. J. J. RYAN [Successors to 0. L. Lund—Established 1880.] REAL ESTATE DEALERS We wish to announce to the readers of THE UPPBE DES MOINES that we have extraordinary facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands In northern Iowa, and we Invite all who wlshto dispose of their property to call on us at our office In Algona, or to correspond with us. jg^As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern states who are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates. We believe in fair dealing, and if you want to sell your property don't waste any time in listing It with us. Yours respectfully. LUND & RYAN NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Buelness.- Offlce over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Eaplds, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Kockford of Bockford, ocor, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, ited States Life of New York. Unit Q-5BO. PRODUCER JA HAMILTON CONSUMER Not is the Time To buy your Fence Posts and Drain Tile, While the roads are good and before S e ? p ^ TnT f rush be S ins - We handle the LEHIGH TILE, the best drain tile made. We will make special prices on car lots, Do not wait until you are ready to lay them, but secure them at c TT j j r 111 • j r., on £ e * We have our us "al large stock of Hardwood of all kinds, Slat Fencing, Felt Roofing, Sewer Pipe, prick, Stone, etc., etc, " ' Wholesale and Eetail. J, A. Hamilton & Co. A New Harness Shop. S. P. CHRISTENSEN Has opened ft harness shop in the front room of bis livery barn, and keeps on hand Harness, Blankets, Robes, ICE! ICE! ICE! . piwjntey J haveLfinlargea 8>y }qe house ftndTnow haye OB tand 400 tap,? of tee in, fine BQndttJgn. po not PWtra.o summer's jBubpJy of ipe wJttWUt fira my prices. W \ftil be 4eUY$ the cjty every day. A- Hamilton & WATf R_M_NO and everything In the IJne of horse cloth- Ina. Go ana see bin* for gooda in his line. Will exchange harness for fresh cows and those soon to be fresh, ppes repairing O f - f * MEATS THAT ABB 1 FRESH ANP 'M fee former 8t9Rfl Of Tbos. Bennett, wijl be i»« Slagle's Harness Shop, Manufacturers and dealers in Harness, Saddles, Whips, and all Harness goods. Also a full line ' ' *fle"44. 1<><^-^^N<->^N^ AOMIMISTBATRIX^ NOTICE OF F1NAI -I

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