Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 19, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1946
Page 4
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, * KW3fe*~* t • * "f iH^MP*fcWM*MV»^^j?3Miatq^ifclgtBEgft<BHyflJBSl%^ftj|t f rt * *" ~ * *"t •«F%K«*flCW(-# f v WN* QWSiWWWOW HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, March 19, 1946 By Chick Young Sice had said to be at the GQiDCUXK t10 and ask for Ikon, Why? What as it all about? 3 was still puzzling over Dice and his $500 when I ran into Libby Lang in the lobby. WHAT <•> WRONG, LIBBY? WHAT'S THE CROWD FOR ? A MAN JUST FELL DOWN THE ELEVATOR SHAFT.' §01 went over for a look. The bi$ hat looked familiar. So did the oversized cigarette. It was Dice, MVTURN NEXT.' r YOU SOT SOMETHING _., MIND AGAIN OKAY I'M SO GRATEFUL TO YOU. CAPTAIN EASY.' FOB te LOUS A«J I CAN REMEW- ] BER..TVE BEEN CURIOUS ABOUT • / HE WORLD OUrglDE fHAT HOUSE.^/ JU5T REMEMBER ,THa YOU'RE NEWS, HOWEY-BICr NESV5, AND THE FACr THAT VOUR DAD 16 QUITE A PROMINENT THEATRICAL PRODUCES WONT HURT THE STORY ANV! \ I KNOW HOW YOU MUST FEEL. EVA, WITH 60 MANY STRANGE NEW THIN55 TO SEE FOR THE FIE6T TIME... BUT YOU'LL CATCH UP ?UICK' ...AND NOW ^UPPENLY IAMOUWE. AND...WELL, IT SORT Or IN THE MORNINS VOU WAV BE A Blf »EwiLoeeet> BY ALL THE REPORTERS AND THAT WILL POUR IN HERE TO SEE YOU- THE N0W YORK POLICE THAT HE HAS JULK/E... iTHEVLI.reu.Y0W: ! PARENTS THW VOU'RE OKAV; Side Glances By Galbraith MODEST >i \IIM:XS Tr«Jera«rk Rejlsttred li. S. Talent Offi« IT'S TOO BOUGH/ I'VE GOT TO PC THING-.. _ L£X>k SCORCH HE'S PROPPING- SOMETHING/ THE>"I?E IN A HECK OF A SPOT/ MR. DRIP FORGOT TO LEAVE US A PIECE OF ICE TODAY-DEAR "I'm tired of people squawking about hoii cold their apartments! I'm flying down o Rio! ICOIHl. 194< BY NEA SERVICS; INC. T. M. dEC. U. s. PAT. OFF "I thought with my birthday only two weeks away it's time to turn out the re.aular_form letter to. my, aunts!" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser ?unny Business By Hershberger AMD LARD WAS THE ONE WHO TAUGHT ME HOW'TO LICK-YOU ' - AND HIT HIM AGAIN!--EITHER ONE OF YOU .' ' WHAT A LOT TALL, THE T MOSTLY VAW, SHUCKS/" NOT A BIT /•NK >• A i-\t~ -T*I i.*-« \ v rAi 111.— * OCTTI ioMc^r"» w -*«i i» ^- / _. . .. _ ... ANP THEY'RE ALL VERV ANX.IOU5 TO MEET YOU.' OF CARS...THIS I VOUM& R fiy?NEP T THAT / THEY KMOW MUST BE A I FOLKS SERVICE A KINPA. W ABOOT PEOPLE/ A LE_AVES. 1 RXRT IMTHE BIG PARTV/ / IM THE "I hope you don't mind—my last patient kicked me when the- drill hit a nerve!" Popeye WH[itlfiiSS si «3 EfflBnsn»-_ I COPB. 1946 BYNEA SERVICE. INC.~_ Thimble Theater HE WILL WIN THAT IS QUITE TRUE, BUT HE NEVER HAS MARRIED EITHER.'/ ANP MARRY ME A AT TEN O'CLOCK^ •»«v^^ -—»- **^ 7 GFS'ROt.Vi VOW <=>\V. STfsV\<S O^ CO^Vi - ft 'SOW " Out Our Way 5O YOU THIMK-, Ml?. I 5URE MERL1W, 4 OF IT/ THAT THIS STORM WAS/AU' IF CAUSED BY THE ATOMIC s£ HE'S EWERGY THAT •»—«TSTILL OUT SIR CWKY THREW jfTHERE, I'M AFRAID ^1 HE ? /<rv? WEU MEVER OCEAN/*/ A"^ I S-5EEHIM Our Boarding House With Major Hoople By J. R. Williams MACROCEPHALUS YOU QUELLED IfSOU l-lA\JeNi x T Y<VW WORD.' SOPHOCLES VOUR PALPlTP\TlNi& ^LP\lD A GOOD ft SlTTlMG TO COMPOSE PUBLIC? HOW A800TJ; ee& sis\ce % ms IMWOKTAL. < COMBlMG CoOME . VOD PRODUCED^ DRAMAS, AMD PAR ^ TH^r M OVER. HIS lAEfttJ A DOT OFVOUR.*AilG ^7 PERISCOPE ^^ 'Dlc.TAKST STAR. -~~ EMER THOUGHT /{ 60 WELL- iff EXPLODING —AMD ABOUT A SET- l DIGGERS J% ME HER^ TODAY, COULD MERLIW- 1T'5 GOT HELP - HELP.' THIS CHUNK OF ICE-COLD BUTTER. HAS CHEWED TH -> CEMTER. OUT O 1 FOUR. < SLICES, AN' ALL I GIT IS A HANDFUL O' BUTTER, AM' A CC.UST BEACELET. NO WONDER..' YOU DOM'T SLICE OFF THE BUTTER,--YOU GOUGE (TOFF/ THAT WHALE ?! BCMIMAWARE SWEATINC OUT A DAWGEKOUS , (INTERESTED SPECTATORS ARE OH A NEARBY BEACH... PROPELLED Se&\hJ1HKr E^PLOSIOM 2 SERRS.LAT6B PAM THAT TOVOKJ CLOCK f^OT LUNCH HOW LONG THIS ICE LEDGE WILL BREAK OFF: SHERIFF? CHILLS AND FESJERORA . .. .... ; -..--../ ••••••••'^•f^-f-r-t-ry-J^-f^'. Tuesday, March 19, 1946 CMSSIFIfD HO Pi STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS On. tlm. . . Over the Phone "THE , on * monfh • '•« word, minimum M.TO ORE" Vmr'°Tnr 0nllnUOU8 Ins "tlon 8 Only OR TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" . 2- DOOR DODGE SKDAN" NMH , C p° ndll| Pn- Good tires .307 Noitli J'orjsuson Si. . 10 .;)[ .MODEL A FARMALL TFMCTOR" all equipment. A. O. Bright ]?,,] Jlon^Phonc 1700. ' Kj'Jji U PniGHT~T^PEWnfTER 'pArT ""• r -l fountain uen, Eisenhower DOUBLE RED FOX N~EcT< pic-cc. nargnin. Practically now _PlioncJ7fl. 720 West 3rd St. 13-01 1038 FORDTTFoOR nower Scchm. Soe nt Hickey Bros. Service Station, Emmet 14-Gt Wanted 50,000 RATS TO KILL WITH GILLS rni killer. Harmless to any- r ul i rnls c nlld mlce - Ounrnn- l^^J^Supply Co. 2U-3w OLD RAGS, MUST~¥E~CLEAJ? free of buttons, snaps and pins! No woolens nor overnlls. Be _Pound._Hope Star office. U-i! WELL EDUCATED VETERAN £m n cn i rcto l -'' nvcl and "»e» "du. cutinnal Service with highest endorsement to homps in Hemp. P ,°r! «1n'n odjolnin « counties. Can enrn $100 per week and up when ' Mnnagcr, Box 141 Ark. 1. Real Esrate for Sale 385 ACRES, HIGH CLASS STOCK {arm, four miles from Hope on iighway, new house, bi« bar. urge pond, water and Ifghts in house, about 250 acres open pasture well sodded, nice bunch 1^7'T^ 1 '", 1 E ,'. v ? P oss cssion. See Floyd Porterfield. 14.ct ROBERTSON CAFE LOCATED ON high way BY cns(| by ToI . E . T vinT 11 }'- o 80 , 0 o T - F ' Robertson, 120 East 3rd Street. 15.31 BKDROOwTsufTE. LmoTiuivF cook stoves, heaters, chairs, kill chen cabinets, ice boxes, tables Rollaway bed. Sec Tom Oorref 15-2w REGISTERED~JERSEY IvuTE calves. 1 week lo -I months old. See Lncie Rowo. Hope Rt. !J. 15-Ot .PEACH TREES. 3 FOOT JUNE Buds or -one year olds. George Ann Orchards, Prescolt Ark 15-01 j COTTON PLANTING SEED llrsl year from brooder. Germination 90 per cent. See T. S' Mc- Davilt. . 18 . lf NICE FOUR ROOM HOUSE WITH city conveniences and nine lot? just outside city limits. Call 1052 J _ 15-31 ROOM HOUSE, BATH. 709 So Phone 1044-W. is-3t 4 ROOM HOUSE ON 50 x 142 loot lot. Occupancy in 30 days Near grade school. One block off pavement. $2,500. Terms. 0 ROOM HOUSE, THREE BED- rooms. 75x150 feet corner lot '280 'ACRES UNIMPROVED PAS lure and timbcrland. Near Hone o" eravcl road. Will make fine Terms m> '' CC $15 per ' acrc ' h, T AND blackland, on gravel road near Columbus. Will cut 4000 bales hay annually. Cultivated land will raise three-fourths bale ??lr 0 'V H T ncro - Not ''cnted for J04G. Foster-Ellis, 108 East Sec- _ond Street. Phone 22,1. 19.31 FOUR 'ROOM HOUSE ~W~LOTS~ city water, lifihts and "gas, V 4 mile north of Brick yard. Henry OIL BURNER REFRIGERATOR used only 2 months. Many other thiiiHs. See Harry Worlman, 507 ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR. .sewniR machine, washer. and sweeper. Kerosense stove, maple clinin« room suite, living room furniture. Also I'/, ton Forcl J ruck. M. L. Rogers at Patmo.s Garage. i 0 . 6 ' t 'TAnLE~TOP GAS RANGE AND clay back heater. 704 East Division. ' ln . 3t --_ __ ____ NEW HOME, 5 ROOMS AND ualh, iiuar Paisley . scnool, water, lights and gas. 100 ft. frontage, immediate possession. $3750. 40 ACRES, 2 MILES SOUTHEAST Hope 4 room house and lights "c' lm . mcd| ate possession. Sec Riley Lewallcn. 19-31 Sprinters to Run Mile Event Today Hot Springs, March in — (,/P)— Seven thoroughbreds, several of which have confined their efforts so fur during the current meeting to sprint events, wore scheduled to compete ul Oaklawn Park today in a mile and 70-yard test. I he. race occupied the featured fifth spot and'tyns to bpjan allow- .ince lest for- dj purse oJ'USOO • Fans paid particular attention to Mrs. A. M, Creech's Tawny Lady who has been running w'ell up igainst good ones in the dash of- fairs and finished third in the ' 3 arlc Hotel Handicap Saturday. The five year-nld mare has indicated oy the manner of her finishes that she might prefer a longer distance and today's feature gives her the opportunity. She was to be ridden oy Don Adams and was assigned mpost of 108 pounds. Topweighted at 112 pounds in the race was C .Williamson's Paducah winner of an event at the same distance early in the meeting Each carrying 110 pounds were Mrs. G. M. Emick's Tideovor and F and R. Mavigiliano's Rosemerc Chief, the latter also winner of n spring affair. Others in the small field were Emery and Karl's Veteran Corydon, who has been running close up in distance affairs: Cloud and Thorwald's VesUbula, winner of a mile and a sixteenth race, and Donn Ray Stable's Gold Tint. A supporting feature sent a limit field to the post in the six-furlong fourth race to compete for a $1,300 purse. Oaklawn Entries for Wednesday First Race— $1100; mdns; 3 yos; 6 furs. Overseas 113; Duke Berry 118; Gallant Gal xlOH: Jeanne 113; Excellence xl!3; Master Carl 118: Red Robert 118; Manda's First x!08: Rosadel 113; Dental Chair xl!3; Dental Chair x!13; Chance Dance 118: Leather Bound x!08 Also eligible: Shadwell 113; Iowa Lass 113. (T2 & 2*. Second Race— $1100; alwcs; 4 yos up: 6 furs. Two Score 110; Phara- well xl05; Mental Banker ll.V Ebony Edge 115; Johnnie J. 112- High Master 110; Ever Flvine xllO; Wheat 112; De Sota x'll3; Walloon 115; Top Book 110; Whv- so 116. Also eligible: Bright Bronze 108' Lookout Rascal 115; Say Yes x!05- N«;E BUILDING LOTS. TWO mocks west of courthouse at fifth and Hamilton, Sixth and .Icfferson, and Jcffcvson at 7th All- utilities available. C B Tv- ler, .119' Cotton Row' 'in m Lost FORD DELUXE MAROON TIRE and wheel. Phone 679, 18-31 RATION BOOK~NO. 4. RETURN to Nazaree Hunter, Rt. 2, Hope __ 15-31 ONE PAIR OF SHOES PuFlN wrong Hope car in Tcxarkana Friday. Call 271. 1G-31 PAIR PRESCRIPTION GLASSES, lost, in Courthouse vicinity, Friday. Reward for return to 905 West 5th Street. ig.ct Wanted to Rent FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED house or apartment. Notify H T. Helton. Fulton, Ark., ' or phone White & Co. Collect 19-61 Lost or Strayed '"" BROWN MARE~MULE; GRAY o?m e ' and smo °th mouth. Weight 900 pounds. Notify P. F . Camp. bell, Hop.o.jU.jjo r reward. 14-31 Services Offered ONE BLACK SADDLE STALLION one Missouri Jack, black with white nose. For service, E D Downs. Bodcaw, Ark. b-2w Wanted to Buy Nodsboy 110: Alpine Light Conscript 118. (12 6>. 112- WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- lure, one piece or more Anv amount. What have you? Phone l-lm ^emole Help Wanted FURNISHED APART MENT~ Phone Paul Hooten at 78 between the hours, 9:30 p m and 5:30 a.m. ] 8 . Gt THREE ROOM FURNISHED Apartment for light housekeeping Apply Schooloy's Store. Phone 38-F-ll, Mrs. J.E. Schooley. 2-if For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E, Third St. Hope, Ark WAITRESSES, APPLY ?° s Tourist Cafe-Court. Hleh- way 07 west, ig.(j t Notice SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for better furniture and better - j^ 0 '" 5 - Phone 476. H-im DO YOUR OWN LAUNDRY. RENT 11 by - the hour - Phone Third Race—$1100; alwcs; 3 yos- u furs. Memories Best :<107: Judge Davey 112; Make It Easy 115: Twilight Bay 110; Skyshuan 110; Leida x!02; Dick Stickney 118. (7) Fourth Race—$l'lOO; Iwcs; 2 yos; 1-2 mi. Cnnvasback 112; a- One Blue 115: Bracket 113; a-Coliat 115; bDe Brand 115; Red Tape 115; Tree Tot 115; Kenwood Blitz 112; cBlank Dismay 115; Westy M. 115; Buck Weaver 118; Tony's Town 115. Also eligible: b-Merry Mary 115- c-Miss Neal 112. (12 & 21. ;i-W. F. Mannagh entry. b-Spring Lake and Forrest cnlrv c-J. C. Ellis entry. Fifth Race—$1500; hdcp; "The Do Solo Hotel"; 3 yos; C furs. Cid Play 110; Over Night 115; Ariel Ace 110; Buzzaround 11G; Wagon Boss 102; Token Reward 113. (6) Sixth Race—$1200: alwcs; 4 yo ip: 1 mi, 70 yds, War Wise 110 iob's Dream 118: Tough Taree 116; Goldbart 118; Peace Fleet 112 Swift Legion x!07 ;aFrisky (Spiri xllO; Kona Wind 113; Head Set 110; So Proudly xlOO; Bel Rever xl05; Rosenile 106. Also eligible: Baby Gold Ask Reform of Boxing Conditions Washington, March 10 — (/P)—A recent "succession of incidents" involving professional fights has so alarmed the National Boxing Association that President Abe J. Greene wants slates to pass now boxing laws. There are "soothing sub-surface conditions," Gre'eno said today in a statement which listed these "in cidents as sign's of "major evils" in the sport;,. : • • 1. The "regrettable necessity of the Chicago stadium closing its doors to pro boxing because of "unsatisfactory fights." (The stadium management made an announcement to'this effect after "no contest" affair between Arturo Godoy, South American, and Leo Savold). 2. A near riot among Detroit f.ans because of a manager's "abilrary assumption" of the referee's duties. 3. Gamblers operating among officials (no specific instances sited). 4. Champions picking soft spots instead of meeting logical -contenders. 5. Repeat bouts between "favorite cliques," squelching' the development of new fight talent. 6. Big commercial concerns "bidding for radio rights and making boxing fit into their plans instead of the reverse." 7. "Rampant commercialism" making boxing "a toy" for big- time operators. „. All this calls for much' stronger, national, supervision ' "with complete overall power to clamp down on offensive influences," Greene said. ,' -;!i To bring this abbul, he intends to urge;'passage by the .various states'(of new boxing legislation with sharp:'teeth in it.",.. , —r— '-*-. o— '— r —• Kentucky to MeetRhode Island Team New York, March 19 —(/P)—Kentucky's smooth five, first team to be picked for the National Invila- uon basketball tournament, and I Rhode Island's wildprunning rams, | last to be invited to the annual i Madison Square Garden affair, will meet for the title Wednesday night u &M < L° ded teom of the tourney the Wildcats from the Bluegras country were given a stiff baltl by West Virginia's Mountaineer last night before they were able t pull out a 59-51 victory and ad vance to the final round. The ams, once .again paced by slim, tireless Ernie Calverley ii their helter-skelter rushes up anc down the floor, laughed off thei underdog role and polished off th Mules of Muhlenberg, 59-49. This Curious World By William Ferguson TIDAL, WAVES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE THESE DESTRUCTIVE WAVES ARE CAUSED BY EARTHQUAKES, UNDERSEA VOLCANOES, AND STRONG- WINDS... AND IN THE FUTURE* THEVMAY RESULT -FRO/A ATOM BOMBS. EARLIEST KNOWN . WERE MADE FROM THE LE& BONES OF ANIMALS, SMOOTHED . DOWN ON ONE SIDE, WITH HOLES FOR FASTENING THON65., 3-19 ANSWER: Hannibal, Missouri.. Bv Diclc Turner IF\OU NEED GRAVEL SANT or dirt, call 712-J, Quick delivery * 15-lmo ESTIMATES ON AWNINGS ?#_™ ne !!?n Q b»nds. write Rile, 18 West 17th Street j^xas. l5-2in m ;-.- ,O LD MATTRESS RE i??,l^ e 1 *f tnnnew ' 4 8 uailnn1 t e o t° "S' tton. All work guaran , n • V p and deliver any. £• ^i', lt!ht Bros ' Mattress Co 2. Phone 34-.I-2, jg.g •**• . v,, & ,w,u. JJ(ltJ.y \JUIU AIJO Miclngander x!07; Sun Ga.llahad 105; Wise Paisano xl!3; a-Plaid loch x]07. f!2 & 5). 1 Seventh Race—$1200; alwcs- <, yos up; 1 1-10. mi, , Icanc \-l03; Doodle Bug 151; Kamp's Reward xlOl; Zo Zo 118; Spring Dun 115- Fighting Mac 115; foment 113- King Victory 115. f8). Eighth Race—$100: alwcs; 4 yos up; 1 1-1G mi. Columbus Day xl'lO- Dark Ship 113; Tangower Le'e xl!3; Air Borne 110; Glorious Sec 110- Speedy Josie 110; Difficult xlO(i ; Tensleep x!08; Valdina Fop 115- Jack's Pride 115; Twink Shot 110; Leanord G. xl!3. Also eligible: Peggy's Boy 115. x-Apprentice allowance. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Baltimore — Buddy Walker, Columbus, Ohio, knocked out Earl Lohman, New York, (2). Weights mavnilable. Newark, N. J. — Joe LaMota, '5G, New York outpointed Tony Riccio, 150, Bayonne, (8). New Orleans —Freddie Archer 145 1-2, Newark, N. J. was award- id a victory over Patsy Spataro 4G 1-2, New York when Spataro -vas disqualified in thc third round )f their ten-rounder for swinging at he referee. s for repairs, parts and supplies. We do hemstitching and make button .holes. D r y> S? 11 «mi !xchan S 0 Machines C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dist. Phone 578R By United Press New York—(St. Nicholas Arena) :osby Linson, 153, New Orleans nitpointed Vinnie Rossano. 147 Brooklyn, (10). ' Bergenfield, N. J. — Chester Xico, 140, New York, outpointed Jon Amoroso, 135, Jersey City, N. .J, (10). Stamford, Conn. — Pat Kill, 128, New York, outpointed Rocky Pa- grano, 128, Stamford, Conn. (8) Lewiston Me. — Eddie Letour- ncau. 147, Sanford, Me., stonped Armand Michaud 145, Lisbon, Me., Five Pushed to Win Denver, March 19 —(/P)— Narrow escapes by two big name teams- Phillips Gfi and Hollywood 20th Century Fox — heightened interested in the National AAU basketball tournament today as the big hoop meeting moved well into th6 second round.' The going began to get rough earlier than usual as a couple of Colorado A. and M. College almost dark horses, Camp Hood, Tex, and knocked the national champion Oil- ers and the Moviemen out of the tournament. , which has kept the coveted AAU crown in Bartlesville, Okla., lor three years, were "hot" and had lo squeeze out a CO-SC de- " Imofien c >s getting to the age where she notices men!" SPORTS ROUNDUP -8? Hnoh & FiOwlo, Jr. New York, March 19 —(/P) — A i from the navy ... But it seems lontli ago it looked as if Tulane|like too much when the Yanks also Diversity would come up with an signed Dick Woodring (for $15 000) "'"''""' "-- ' ' " and Pitcher Red Enns and the Tigers grabbed Outfielder Eddie Palmer . . . Simons will have a _ _ _-_ _^ . , ~ v,,,_ t V.WII1V. \\\J \Vllll fc.111 utstandmg college baseball team . . . Now Coach Monk Simons is ondenng whether he'll have a "am at all . . . Three of the lads "" ivj i>Huut.-£t: oui a ou-au cie- ""' «i "" • • . inree 01 me lads over the soldiers, and Holly-l Monk nacl expected to play for Ihe ••""~ had to come from behind in (Green Wave- now are wearing Yan- tne last minute to survive, 47-45 l kee (or farm) uniforms and Tgainst the collegians. forth, overlooker! hv iiir. v Tgainsl, the collegians. TOUGH CUSTOMER San Jose, Calif., March 19 — yp)— A rat trap, complete with an elcc- rocution chamber and an electric door, was demonstrated at a sec- lohal meeting of the National Asso- »ia4lr\n rtf Cp.vii4.. ..!.. .- ,1 . . _ ._..».. niv-^biiif., w*. l,JJ\J ilUkJUIlt cialion of Sanitariums, Inc. A rat entered Ihe tunnel, the door banged shut and there was an audible electric buzzing? Seconds later the door opened nnd li \\fnllror1 i\in ,.n4 ;/ oul walked thc rat. • . . Providence R. I. ,'-* Charles Cabby) Lewis, 131, N«'w York, utpointed Patsy Brandjno, 135, Providence, (10). New Britain. Conn. ~i- .Timm« ynn, 147, New York, knocked out /ic Costa, 14U, New VOI-K, ui. Holyoke Mass. — Kid Chicken, 5G Pittsburgh, outpointed Joe Reddick, 1G3, Paterson, -N.J., (10), Chicago — Johnny R'q'zina, 149, Milwaukee outpoinled Art Brown 50 1-2 Chicago, (8). • Boston — Jack (Spider) Armtrong, 129 1-4, Toronto, sloped ackie Harris, 128 1-4, Maiden ilass., (4). Troy N. Y. — Norman Rubio, 49 1-2, Albany, outpointed Oscar uggs, 152 1-2, New Bedford, tfass., (10). Buffalo, N. Y. — Pat Byers, 148, -nnapolis N. C., stopped Johnny aylor, 149, Oakland, Calif. (5). heck of a lime with what's left trying lo attract a litlle attention in a city that has a double-A learn. forth, overlooked by the Yank scouts, was signed up by the Detroit Tigers . . .Tulane isn't beefing to much about the loss of Bob r»n^' i si i«n n n y , the Yanks for a 5 """"« uKianoma's mtra- «rn nnn d H 5 ,' 000 bonus (or was il squfld f °°<-ball game lasl Saturday $1)0,000 as they hoar in New Or- ' leans?) . . . Bobby has been listening to bids since he was a 15-year- old in Maplewood, N. J., and Tulane only, had him on Jend-lease Difficult Decision Assistant Coach Charles "Bud" Wilkinson was credited with some of the day's besl broken field run- during Oklahoma's intra- Wonted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK, SERVICED QUALITY *- VARIETY Now Is the time to get ready for your Spring planting. We have a most complete line of Field and Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Wiljhite Melon Seed Dodge Onion Plants Funks G Hybrid Corn Sinkers Deiinted Cotton Seeds, Hybrid 9 r°own "WE APPRECIAT6 VOUR BUSINESS" MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store SEE US FOR-... Wallpaper Paint Glass Roofing Lumber Cement Sand Gravel Screens ALL BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 178 Harlan-West Lumber Co, Hazel and Division FRED'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE We specialize in REPAIRS ON Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, all General Motors Cars Phone 202 4th and Washington BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Futures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing « Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Gas Phone 370 Hope, Ark. MONEY TO LEND Eusy Terms Home Institution See E. S. GREENING SECRETARY Hope Federal Sayings & Loan Association Fags Fivs . . COPR. 1946 BY NBA SERVICS INC. t. M."HEO."u. 8. PAT, OFF Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to (ho action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H. PILKINTON Hcmpstead County For Sheriff & Collector T1LMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE H. BUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SWELL A. BURKE For County Judge FRED A. LUCK Tax Assessor C. COOK For Representative Post 1 GLEN WALKER For Representative Post 2 TALEOT FEILD, JR. ... A steer broke lose from he nearby junior livestock show arnc bucking onto the field and leaded for Wilkinson . Bud aesitated for a while and th«n icatly dodged out -of the steer's _>ath . . . The spectators figured Bud s delay was to make up his nmd whether to run or to sign up he steer as fullback for the Son- H'S. The four-man team the Concho, Okla., Indian School is sending to he stale AAU boxing tournament s headed by Lightweight Ruther- ord Loneman. Sounds slightly con- Oma Gosh When Heavyweight Lee Oma was illmg out an application for a New ersey boxing license, he got down o the previous occupation line and vrote 'bootlegger" Commis- .nnp.- John Hail didn't refuse the Jiccnse, so apparently he was sat- Jsiiea -10 know that Lee can read Cleaning The Cuff The Colonial Club at Fort Worth lexas, is expecting to .take care of the mil for its $15,000 invitation golf tournament, which opens the nnn pnng C V: C V U in M:l >'' solli!1 g L- 000 season tickets at 15 bucks each — o- The sweet potato is an edible ' of thc morning ™ JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE FoAp ,, p , r °mpt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES Phone 209 304 East 2nd ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize In all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD TRY Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too— We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service in town— Bargains in Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 41 IS. Hazel A Complete Line of , , . CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS TIRES, TUBES, BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES SEAT COVERS PUT ON Washing & Greasing An Expert Mechanic OPEN ON SUNDAY ANTHONY SERVICE STATION Phone 1106 DR. H. T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Tcxarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 8. Main Oklahoma A. M. Beats KansasU. Kansas City, March 10 — ( Coach Henry (Hank) Iba's Okla- 1 horna A. and M. basketball circus]' leaiuring seven-foot scoring wizard Bob Kurland. lasl. night won thd right to represent district five in the ! western regional N.C.A.A. basket^ ball tournament here Friday and ' .Saturday. • , ,\ TJ 10 Aggies, current Missouri! Valley conference champions and « national tilhsts in 1945, walloped'! the University of Kansas'vTayhawks.H 49 to 38. before a packed house of, more than 9,000 fans hero to ' themselves the c.ass of , xni Oklahoma A. and M. will meetf! Baylor university, Southwest Co*i-»i ference champion, in the opening I western regional tournament game i Friday night. The University of! California and Colorado'University i are paired for the second tilt. i I he big six champion Jayhawks -1 couldn't cope with Mr. Kurland i who scored 28 points. «„ UIldna j| — O !-!. 3,500 Troops to-> Land Today From 7 U. S. Transport's By the Associated Press, Three transports, carrying 2,826 troops, are scheduled to arrive today ; at New York while 1,691 m ore service personnel are due to de' al m f ° Ur Ships at Sa Loe 7 s Tour 1st Cafe-Court -——- Featuring-* £^ B, ks u -•'" Fried Chicken • Barbecue ;, .•Fish • Sandwiches "Soft Drinks NOW OPEN 24 HOURS Phone 222 for Private Dining Room • Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe City Limits & Highway 67. West 1 Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting a'n'd-'tiepairs Phone 382-J Expert Repair Work On all makes of-ears: Phone t118 jl : } BARLEY GAINE 213,South Elm St. > • I- Hats Cleaned .and Rebuilt the factory--wa^; 1 , * • HALL'S HA1* SHOP? Hope, Ark. ~" Phone ?6 Alteration* i< j Pressed While You Walt Personal Stationery Pastel Colors A Complete line Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply - - fj »>« '&.»,-,;-, SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing, Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling, Doug pif"V Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO, Phone 784 Hope • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farmland or City Property, call or see Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark, Arkansas Bank Building See Us fgi BABY CHJCKI You'll lik^ our qu$l- KJT ity chicks, hatched * fight from select.^ (locks. Hardy,- fast growers. Low pi FEEDERS SUPPLY:^. 4th end LSI. "

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