The Waxahachie Daily Light from Waxahachie, Texas on November 20, 1929 · Page 4
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The Waxahachie Daily Light from Waxahachie, Texas · Page 4

Waxahachie, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1929
Page 4
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Waxahachie Daily Light Pi^Hisbeu Daily Except Sunday by the Enterprise Publi hing Co ALSO PUBLISHERS OK TxlE WEEKLY ENTERPRISE OFFICERS—J. L. Gammon, president; a . M Browning, first vice president; Dr. C. A. Blind, second vice president; Mrs. Hoyle John-j •ton, treasurer; J. Ray, secretary. DIRECTORS—J. L. Gammon, A. M. Browning, Dr. C. A. Blind, j Ralph Getzendaner, 4 . Ray, W. D. Anderson add Ed McElroy. The publishers are not responsible for copy omissions, typographical I errors or an unintentional errors that may occur further than to j correct in next issue after it is brought to their attention All advertising orders arp accented on this basis only lavili, ur,utN^iMV Al IhlLNUO.N, aQVlMpLH 20 , 1929 Visiting Around With Our Friends weathehoiahiic . il . KNOW YOUR COUNTRY GAME prepared by Hie National Americanism Commission of The American Legion How Many Can You Answer?. treat tlie *»aby as if nothing had happened. At the next regular of unknown ability, the Longhorns have sailed through the sea- feeding time choose another food -son in remarkable fgish.on. The considered very important but ¡same has been a revelation to the which he rices not like, and proceed exac , y 1 s he tore. Station noVhto°*a ing time, no matter what the child the season with only a handful of Jo,000 more fans nr v says or does. In all other respects i tried players and a host of men up at College statL, comod&te th* ........... football lovers. " * ' -nflas •‘We'll be ready f0r th , . . . t ... ,, . , and wifi consider a wl* M A2.Sies whole state which figured the Longhorn team woefully weak at It, as he in-; ilnished eating ti'el^1® outset. U\e straight \ictories commented I ottered food he begs for mot- of|over St- Edward’s, Centenary, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Rice and it, make tile second helping even smaller than the first Don’t ^IveIseoreless ties with the powerful a third. This rood must he liard I Flaylor and S. M. U. clubs is the DAILY LIGHT BY MAIL (Ellis County Only) Six Months ........................................................................................— Thiee Months .................................................................................... One Month Ome Year — Six Months ENTERPRISE (Ellis County Only) 6D McELROY .............. «T.OYD CASEBOLT HERBERT HERRING WARD LUSK .......... EDITOR, GENERAL MANAGER .................. MANAGING EDITOR ADVERTISING MANAGER .............. CITY EDITOR 1 he Gi•and view section lias been j having plenty of lain within t. j past week. More than two inch | t-s fell last Frida\ and SattiMia? $4.00 Tht 1 “I) was weloonuvl ir tor? $2.25 lePS* uho always feel sure» «f u«j<»ii crops with a deep sea:.on In tl ground. They say tlmi practi cally no corn would have bet ; made this year, but for abundance ot rain last winter and e ai spring.—Grandview Tribune. GAME NUMBER 18 . $1.2 5 .50 $1.00 .75 t. IVbat is the largest city in weekly"new.simpers? Oregon ? « 1 * li. Is the Great Salt iaike all in land? ' i iVblrh hn « 1 . 1 S' °n ",iat island is the city of •>. M inch has the larger popu- Manila? iation, Louisiana or Oklahoma? ». |„ what state are the hetfll- 4. w Inch tirst Iiecame a state, waters of the Arkansas River? 10. Which is larger, Cincinnati ________________________________■ 0 Offer 1.1 xt at this meal >. ¡very small pcrtion of the food Carol inaor West Virginia? ¡next In importance but be sure 6. What states have ¿e most 4*1** meal ends without his record of the Texans. It is a rec- and will consider a wir n- Tle* »ill bo euuivalont to a hî^Ei *ha“ -- - =1,*y àuç. 'ttlefieid cesafu! season,” Coach LA-yà#t' Snow <u, AM A RILLO. Plains T‘ >-.. Nov. Maine or Alahama? 5. ise X Where Is This Speedy Justice? “OPEEDY justice! The law is mighty; let it take its ' course for punishment is sure and certain. Another order is anarchy.” This is the popular acclaim. And yet the court moves slowly, the patience of the people until ¡t reaches the breaking point. Northern writers who hate the South likely will r and give vitriolic denunciation to the lynching of Marsha Ratliff yesterday. They will froth at the mouth and score, censure, excoriate and pound out diatribes against us for taking the law in our own hands. Speedy justice! Where is it? Not in the courts, fo the citizens had to punish Ratliff. Two years had passe:' The murdere v as condemned, but he lay on his cot in Has 1 nd feigning ,iralys:s. Then he leaped into action wi a, e c ' O' .-a jailer. \ 5 i a lou.i v(d e many say: Let the law takes course' e* the wounded jailer says from what may I deathbed: “I arn glad they did it.”. Speedy justice! That took many months to han Hickman, world’s most brutal assaulter and butcherer 0 12 -year-old Marian Parker! Speed justice! That keeps Aldredge and Merriman still in jail a year after one of the most heinous criminal assaultings in Texas history! Speedy justice! It’s all right for the other fellow t< plead for this, but when his own family is concerned he cares not whether a lynching be anarchy or not. When one’s daughter or womanfolks are victims of a fiendish black or licentious white, he is afraid to risk the courts— he wants SPEEDY JUSTICE right now, pronto! Speedy justice in this day and time is a misnomer— and yet we are to blame. Every one of us is indirectly concerned. We can rectify it.- Marshall Ratliff may have got what he deserved but we must work to make speedy justice a reality—the bringing of a murderer to the electric chair in a few weeks’ time instead of years. --------000Q000-------- What Think Ye of Birth Control? TAO YOU believe in birth control? Most folks do—they practice it anyway whether they believe in it or not. The Rev. Mr. McGrath, Catholic priest, brought the matter to the fore last week ai^d seldom has a subject beei so discussed locally as this onie. The priest^&eclared tba folks should literally praetice-$he!,Biblical admonition tv ‘ Be ye iruitful and multiply”—that folks who used ati\ contraceptive measures were “committing a mortal sin.: Strong words from any minister whose church forbic him to marry and to practice what he preaches. While it is necessary for the majority of people win marry to bring forth children to perpetuate the race, we believe it is just as big a “crime” to have too many as tc have none. Not all people should have children. The diseased, the frail, the ill probably come in this class. But for a couple to bring into the world twice as many children as they can care for is a mistake, in our opinion. It can easily be seen that folk reared in squalor, shuntec. into the world on their own hook early in life, living ii the wrong environment might readily become tools of criminals—hating society. The trouble is—poor folks usually have more children than they can properly care for; the rich who are able have less than they should. Complete birth control and unrestrained multiplication of the race are both bad and fallacious doctrines. One means race suicide; the other means a tendency to producing a weak race of serfs 01 ¿eons, cl persons of wrong inclinations- There is an exception to this rule as all others, how ever. Caruso was about the seventeenth child of a family of nineteen. Yet while Caruso gained world fame the otheA eighteen are unknown and unheard-of. The church, say.; Brother McGrath, takes the attitude that the Lord will provide a way for those who love Him and have many children. Probably true; but most folks are unwilling to risk it. 000O000-------- Some Suggestions to Deer Hunters TT has about gotten so in this country that a fellow can’t go deer hunting without getting either fatally shot 01 seriously wounded. Nine fatalities have taken place thus far this year and the season has just begun. Two men were killed yesterday, one of them being Doc Stewart, former Texas University coach. It all results from carelessness. A party goes to the mountainous region to hunt the elusive deer. As soon a. someone sees a figure moving he blazes away. Sometimes it happens to be a man who is killed. Folks must become unusually nervous at the prospects, and the itching trigger finger gets out of control. State officials say that folks who go deer hunting Should wear a red coat and red hat to complete the disguise. Added to this a feather should be stuck in the cap and then carrying an alpenstock, said nimrod would be a perfect replica of a Swiss Alps climber getting ready to ascend the dizzy heights of the Matterhorn. Things have come to a pretty pass, though, in Texas or anywhere else when a man has to disguise himself to keep from being shot for a deer. Each year several are killed duck hunting but most time fatalities are avoided because the hunter fires into the air- It’s a good thing. Most nimrods go to Kerrville district to bag the deer. They are armed with high-powered rifles that are extremely deadly. \Ve would not be facetious about so serious a matter but we have been studying the problem of preservation 0? human life. Since every time a man separates himself from •the hunting group he is danger of being shot some other means must be used. Many go after the deer but few are brought back. Tliis means the average feljow gets so excited when a deer jumps * out of the brush tjiat the ¿iRimal is practically impossible to hit. Thus if every man would get himself some antlers And gambol through the brush saying, “I’m a deer, I’m a deer,” the hunters could pump away to their hearts’ content without fear of danger to the one disguised. We often wonder how mn rain the community v.-onM • it' man had charge of this affair Say he could iu t Which has more area! South'or Kansas City, Mo.? Answers to the questions will be found on page These and innumerable other questions about our country ord far brighter than that of their I Snow which melted aim« - " ~~ Thanksgiving foes-the Texas As; J as it fell was reported I? ^ zies. who have been butfeted! v-of the p n’° having quico ac much of any food What is tile capita! of Marj. us be wants. As you succeed you will be ttmpted by jnut victory to do wrong. Y ou nu>v become over- fident; you may offer the child 100 much o: the same food. of far it too often, 01 proceed to co-in; him to eat more of any food than' he wants. A clean plate and an empty glass should be your goals. To this end otfei only one food are an- at a time. Give very small heln- gies, w-bo have been buffeted about with little respect all season. A sellout of 28,000 tickets is assured for the classic Thanksgiving. Temporary bleachers to seat North Plains of the Panha«Hie today. Rock Island officials sS that from Gruver on north Liberal there was a good si but that it was melting fast I few flakes fell here late Monday Just Among Us Girls evenly distributed would be the chanae in receiving rainfall, for, usually it happens that when wet need rain most—that is when the! needs seems to be greatest—> there is little and when we don’t! want It, it comes down like Niagara Fa’Is. Take last May, for instance, when I? inches was received in this section. These followed a three-months drouth. Rain falls 011 the just and unjust—so likely things an far better off with Nature handling the water supply as usual. There ic a fine season In the ground now and everyone should feel better at the prospects for the spring, oon to be here. and be sure to give your address plainly. KNOW YOUR COUNTRY hy 6A f\r\Y C. MYERS , Ph.D. MAKE FOOD DESIRABLE FOR '’HILI). plays with eats or not. At succeeding mea*s don’t increase the si :o or helpings much, lie satisfied i‘.‘ the prescribed amount of any particular food is reached at the end of two or three- weeks. Keep your eyes on the future. Be nathnl. Work for permanent success. Victory Over Aggies Hope of Longhorns AUSTIN, Nov. 20 .—With the presence, remove the food at once ¡first bitter sting of defeat on their rurppnyi’ +1 ’ ■ an(‘ cons*der the meal ended. Lei ¡record this season, the Texas v ‘ - 1 the baby has develop- there be no ceremony, no remarks,, Longhorn football team has set . : ;f or- dishkes. What no expres■ 011 of emotion by youjabout preparing for the big game J Ellis Cow Completes Its Production Test snould you .’o if he refuses to eat. or by any other adult. Be as near jcy.’-t; n solid foods, or if he flies U' like a machine as possible. In into a rage when they are placed ejttreme cases it may be best fo; before him? i- au* In the first place consult your physician and follow his advice. _ II his advice does not pure- wKli what I say proceed bred Jersey cow owned and tested ¡ows: by A. F. Hughes of Venus, Texas. 1 Assume that the child will eat I ( VENUS, Texas, Nov. 20 . vic’s Venus Daisy 008618 , í the mother or nurse (never both) to dea] with the child apart from tne family. Let the child get down conflict w!lcneV(? be wishes to do so. us fol- H the child can walk don’t put him in a chair. Put the one food of the season—with Texas A & M. College at College Station Thanksgiving. “We’re forgetting the T. C. V. game and preparing for the Ag­ gies,” Coach Littlef’eld of Texas said. “We have no '\libis to offer. T. C. U. had a great team and one that looks like a conference championship winner.” Monday was an off day at the has completed another official when he aid“tat“,«}U™V^ae. 11 .Sl?n ot i*’.Wh,Ch ............... .. .... production test in which she task is to cultivate in him in ati-iinu- tain? . if important on a Longhorn camp. No practice for yielded 507.65 pounds of butter- petite and to avoid creating 0 di- I n? w ,e/° ?e °L1 nnp nf the fpw timps this war f« and 9,020 pounds of milk in like for food Do not thfrefme'! y 860 lt Cail hl8 attent,on to 50 o days. coax the child to eat. Do not put Daisy was started on this test food into his mouth when when she was just three years of show's signs of disliking it. jit in a matter-of-fact way, but lo i iot coax him to eat it. Say noth he ng. Go away, preferably out of Let j the room. After about five ge and with this record again him feed ‘himself with a sooon or 1,r ,.a .7 tlveT«V,n' qualified for the Register of Merit hD bare hands at the earliest nn« 1 • clock, leturn. If the of the American Jersey Cattle sible date earliest pos-j child is not eating the food or hag 1 , • i tint Aofon U 1 !!*« « . Mub Her T„ . , ■ j J’11*; only one food before th sire is iauvics Combina* child at a time and only a 1011 and her dam is Billy’s Pretty; small portion of it - I than a lima bean. very -not biggo” If the child not eaten it, go like a machine, carry the food to the kitchen and empty it into the - garbage. Say nothing about food and do nothing about it until the next feed- MU SISTER one of the few times this year, gave the tired Orange players a chance to recoup from three hard conefrence games in a row—S. M. U., Baylor and T. C. U. “It wras great spirit which the Texas students and supporters showed after the T. C. U. game," Coach Littlefield commented. “It’s things like that that gives a team the will to win. We were beaten but we’re not discouraged.” Starting along at the first of \c new bills Sm a let smaller-than ^ 'the old one^öiunb "they dear,'^ I cant sec arw/ difference, m your dress that BETHS MANEUVER— HAD PLACED a W orthless DEED 1 N) 5 torbk'*s HAM 05 ,AND That he had traded T he R eal deed to BE 1 El FOR T he check , 5P EOC COMES GLOAT( M6LY TO H (5 moTHer^ -20 DERE VUH are , mauj ! JES/ 5l I DE y ER EYES ALONG DAT CHECK ! By Les Forgrave check ! WHY, DO YOO mean to 5 ay YOOVE ALREADY BUT speck ! i SPECIE! Th 16 check 16 MADE OUT TO you , a * jo (oar CEBTAiMLV IT US i OotO'T I DESERVE, it? UUHOSE BQAiWS § TURMEO 015 -j TRiac amycuay? ï KTJOuù KIHERE'O YOU A'BEEW IF IT HADN'T A' BE EM PER ME? You coulol’T a' SOLD DIS PLACE! DIDN'T I T'lNKlT all out a \)' put oe deal over ? am' OIDJA T lMK I CUA-5 PUTTiM’ ME BRAINS.INTO DlS PER NOT'OK)/ N ixie ! brains is looívt ' money . OAT '5 GRATfrUOE FEIL YUM ; HERE V I P ull S om . p M' big AM' DAT'S QE T'AtOFS I GIT. 5AV 1F YÜH. c jnì't Shut up i t! tVCM'T GIVE Y UP !j A'n.i- a . i . f the re , there , AuiVT.' crav'T I cav. EVERYTHING ISGOIM’ To BE ALL &[<3HT! “To THINK MY SOM u XX jlû OO

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