The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 26, 1901 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1901
Page 2
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Sudden Death of Ex-Judge Wilson Startled Inquiry Court. PROCEEDINGS INSTANTLY ENDED Admiral Schley Deeply Affected--Jurist'? Demise, However. Will Not Stop th* investigation--The Dead Attorney Had Enjoyed a Bu«y Life. Washington. Sept. 25.--Judge Jero miah M. Wilson, chief counsel for Rear Admiral Schley, died a few minutes after 11 o'clock yesterday morning in his roflm at the Shoreham Hotel On Monday evening Judge Wilson was taken aeddenly ill and called his family physician. The ailment was thought at that time to be acute indl- OOKBESPONIMSKUB. cause of death was uraemic ppigonig. The court of inquiry promptly adjourned until this morning upon the news of Judge Wilson's death. Admiral Sehley and Attorney Rayner wer« visibly affected Tears sprang to J2HSMIA11 W1LSOS. the eyes of Admiral Schley, although it was plain that ho was trying to suppress his emotion. Mr. Rayner said that the death of Judge Wilson would make no change In tho court's pro- gran? anil the hearing would go right alone The death of Judgp Wilson is n severe blow to the interests of Admiral Schley. He waa one of the most able lawyers at the Washington bar and was oe1elratod for his sldll in cross examination His death will double the labor and responsibility upon Ray ner. Judge Wilson came into the '-a*. · early, and had made probably tue most detailed study of the campaign He nad taken the leading part in formulating Admiral Schley's side of tho case Judge Wilson'* Active Career. Jeremiah M. Wilson served in congress from the Fourth Indiana district two terms (The Forty-second and Forty-thhd congresses). He lived nt Connerville. He was born in Warren county, O , Nov. 25, 1828^ received an academic education, studied and practiced law, and was judge of the court of common pleas from 1860 to 1865. He was a judge of the circuit court in 1863 when elected to congress. At the expiration of his second term Judge Wilson settled in Washington, and opened a la-g- office, his partner being ex-Judgo ·and ex-Congressman Siuuuei Shela- barger of Ohio. The firm attained great prominence, and tho members of it were regarded as among tue foremost lawyers of Washington. The bulk of their practice m the early years of the partnership consisted of contested election cases in congress, in which branch Judge Shelabarger was an expert Both gentlemen were radical Republicans. Judge Shelabarger died several years: ago- Judge Wilson was the leading counsel for Madeline Pollard in her famous suit against W. C. P. Brcck- ·enrit'.ge COURT'S 18-MINUTE SESSION Second Witness Was Being Examined When Startling News Was Received. Washington. Sept 25 --The proceedings of the Scbley court were lendeied very brief by the announcement of .Tudge Wil'son''? death. Commanders Bates and Scbroeder weie recalled to listen to the reading of the official report of their testimony as given lion- day, and First Class Machinist A B C!?xton of this city, who bad charut- of tne port engmr of the Txas on the da of the bart!^ off Santiago, had j'ist taken the stand wh~n the anr.ou"f p*r.ent of .Tvigp Wilson s ucatl' ·w as rt r - , · i It na ' vn e x p ^ c t e . l by tl' n iiv"iv- me T it Tint Mr Cia\ton vvouli. l o n f i i m tbo -t t-Tacnt ot i r n-nrt"'r Bat^s con Ci j 'i' '.c ..ho re'" ; "! t'ie onsnies of th" T' \as Dn ' '!· short time tLat be ·«»« ou the stand Engineer Bates was asKed a i*v. questions On · of these ·RES by Cntitaii' Parkei and was in regard to the steam log of the Texas In reply to the f r s t inquiry. Commander Bates said the log bad been -nritten up the dav aftei Brain-Food Another ridiculous food fad has been branded bv tbe most competent authorities They haTO.B*e*lled the silly nol ion that ono kind oJ ft*ii! it, utteded for brain, another tor mus cies. and still another for bones. A correct diet will not only nourish a particular part ol »he betiyrtert-it-will sustain every other part. Yet, h-jtrerer ffood your food raav be, its au- trimeats are destroyed by indirection or dys p«psia. Yon mast prepare for their appear- anchor vr*\e!it tneir commit oy taking regular doses of Green's Anenst Flower, t he favor ite ollhe.hea]tUy millions. A. few doses a:ds digestftm. -stftmrtate^ the liver to healthy action, purifies the blood, and makes you fee! Douyaat and vigorous. You can eet Dr. G G Green's reliable remedies at Main's Drue Store Get Green's Special Almanac. f Qomervm* of Oni-witt EvonM In Ootuity ltmu» KBW ItAKKET. Dr. George Bpoaseller, of Hedget- Tillo, W. Va., made a short visit home. --Mrs. P. H. Griffith, Sr,, who has broken op housekeeping at Mt. Airy, is now spending fame time with her daughter, Mrs. J. M. Wood. --MissLiada Griffith is visiting her sister, Mrs. Edwin Waters, in Montgomery county. --Mr. John E. Boteler left last week on a visit to several of his former coon- try friends in the neighborhood of Monrovia, where he lived for a long time. --Mr. Isaac S. Russell is attending the Pan Ametlran Exposition at Buffalo. --Rev. A. D. Melvin, president of the Maryland Annual Conference of the 34. P. church, made his usual risltatlon to Frederick Circuit last week. On Wednesday erening he preached at the fbnrob hw* The wwmon win tnnrh n joyed by all of his hearers. --Mrs. MoMaster left on Friday for Jreen Spring Valley, Baltimore oonnty, 0 spend some time with her niece, Mrs. Wm. T. I/argent. -Owing to the sadden change in the ·weather many of our people are suffer- ng from colds and rheumatism. --Mrs. Mary E. Wood !s making her sual fall visit to her sister, near Kemptown. --Dr Jay Stier, of Harford county, made a short visit to his mother aud 191 ers. --'Miss Mary Dorsey, of Hyattsville, eturned on Friday, after a visit to riends and relatives --The improvements on the B. O. 1 R. at Monrovia arc nearly finished, xcept the laying of the tracks, which will begin as soon as the material ur- Ives. Messrs. Douglass Bros, have ae- mred the contract for laying many miles of track. --Mr. B. O FriKzell. of Oatonsville, peat several days oa hi» faim at Mon- OVlft. --Mr. Mervin Lease, of Toledo, Ohio, a the guest of friends at his former borne Leaving here when a lad of ight years of age, and returning after nineteen years, he sees few he could eoognize. Ho is the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas XI. Lease, of Kenas, Ohio, who are enjoying good lealth. --Mr. George E3monston, of Savage, W. Va., spent a few days with his tmcle, Mr. John E Boteler, at TJta Hotel. --Miss Sue Poaroa, who spent some ime here and at Monrovia, returned donday to Baltimore. -Mrs. M. P. Trayer and daughter eft Saturday for Baltimore to spend he winter. Miss SaUio will resume her studies at the Girls' Latin School. -Douglass Rice has become a studen at Frederck College. --The protracted meeting at the M. . church will begin on Thursday even- ng. -Rev. George F. Farcing, of Harper's Ferry, was in town on Monday. --Miss Laura E. Randle, of Taooma 'ark, D 0., arrived on Saturday for a visit to her brother, Mr. R. B. Randle. LIME KILN. --Mr. Stanley Michael and sister, Mist Dannie, of Pearl; Mr. Andrew Smith and sister, Miss Fannie, of Maple Grove, ,nd Mr. Will Mumford, of Braddook; £r. aud Mrs. Joseph Welty, Mr. and drs. George Phebus aud children, of rrederiok, were the guests of Mr. David Main and family on Sunday last. --Mr. Harry Grove and wife, of Frederick, spent Suuday at his parental tome. --Mr. and Mrs, 0. E. Feaga, of Feagaville, visited Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Baer on Friday last. --Mrs. John 0. White and son, Bernard, of Washington, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Grove. --Mrs. James Kinna, who has been [pending several days with Mrs. Jacob Baer, has returned to her home in Frederick. --Mr. and Mrs. John Keyser and laughter, Bertie, and May and Pearl Hamilton, of Buokeystown, and Mr. and Mrs. Philip Stalling, of near Frederick, ipent Sunday with Mr. Charles MOB- )urg and family. --Mr. William Roberts and Miss Effle tfahoney, of Araby, were the guests of ttr. Henry Baker and family on Sunday .ost. --Mr Albart Leister, of Ellioott City, and Mr. Charles Lsister and wife, of Philadelphia, paid a shore visit to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Baer on Tnesday of last week. --Mr. Ed.vard Plnmmer ana wife spent Sunday with relatives at Barnes- Ville, Montgomery county. Tuat Ely's Liqnid Cream Balm is of benefit to taose snfferers from nass! catarrh who caaoUjrtrtt frceir through the cose but must tre*t themselves by spraying UquiCmSiBanl differs io form. Ixrf- tofil medicinally from the Cream Balm thftt has stood for y orgeat the jwad of reawjles for ca tl'lifti It W His prI Sold iv afrfgrgristg anfl mailed by Ely Broth ers. r-6 W*rr«n Street, New York. **· Stop* the Con*h and Wortsi off rfte Cold. Lust '.re Brorao Qnlulae Tablets care»coli .-lio Cure, no Pay . , Prl«986e$au, la oar to Cure * Cold in One D*j Take Laxative BroftC Quinine Tablets. Al tf rntffUti rtfucd the oner If St falls to curt S. W. Qrov«'i fl«ttn,4*.c «f5h. b«j. Me Sty you MW it in Tax News "tmt *» GOLD OUST twin* rfp your wofltl" GOLD OUST makes the pans and kettles clean and bright It does the work much better than soap and m much less time. You save half your labor when you use GOLD DUST. It is the world's best cleanser. It cleans evecvthmgr and injures nothing. Grocers- have it " Send for our FREE booklet, "Golden Rules for Housswork " N K. FA1RBANK COMPANY, Chicago, bL Louis. New Yoik, Boston MT. PLKASANT. --Dr. R. T. Ramsey and son, Ollie, of Virginia, who have been visiting his old schoolmate, Dr J. H. Leib, have returned home. --Mr. Ulyde B. Thomas, of Baltimore, accompanied by his friend, Mr. Zumstein, visited the home of Mr. O. A. Thomas on Snnclay last. --Miss Oarrye Backey, who has been on the sick list, is well again. --The second quarterly missionary meeting of the il E church will be fcield on next Sunday evening, September 29, commencing promptly at 7.30 o'clock. --Miss Daisy Outsail, of Baltimore, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Fannie Outsail, has returned home. --Misses Hilda Devilbiss and Maude Grabbill, of Walkersville, visited this place on Sunday last --The regular monthly Missionary Society of the Reformed church will be held the first Sunday in October, com mencing at S o'clock. --Miss Laura Albaugh, who has baen ill with typhoid fever, is improving rapidly. --Mrs. Dr. J. H' Leib, who has been on the sick list, is somewhat better al this writing. MOUNTS ILLB. --Mr. and Mrs. Edward Michael and little son, Preston, of Frederick, spent a few days of last week with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ramsburg and family. ·--Master Charles Stup, who has been Aifek, is improving. | i--Mr. Charles Thomas had the mis fdrtnne of losing a very valuable horse --Miss Hester Gelsbert spent Sunday with Mm Thomas Stnp. '--Mr. and Mn, John Thomas and lit tit son, Irvin, and Miss Fannie Kemp spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. W. Y Rfemsbnrg and family. "j--Miss Ethel Myers is on the siok li^t. · , i- V-Mr.. George^ Hawker and sister spent Sunday with relatives in Montgomery county. A Strong Woman Ion» City, Ic».i, Ai-g. 1"), 1900 My wife vfaf sick for three j irn \Vo tried OVcrjUius mthout relief and hpent much moncv My wife tried \\inoof Carauinnd four bottlus cured her. S ho took two more bottles, Icnon InR she wouM h.u e to work hinl Curing the hay han ent. Sho attended to nil hrr household diities and loaded and uulojiHd jll tho hnv. This medicine gavo her strength I c r - ruerK sho \\ns weak and tired and could bu-dly get iibout. but Bince nho has heei 1 tating \\ 'ne of Cardul she better aad stronger than wheu 20 3 ears of age JOS A ng^NHAFElt Mrs. Eiscnhafcr had tried everything durinc, her three years sickness and had spent considerable money. She was weak and could hardly get about for three years before si'c lock Now, after taking the Wine of Cardui, sh? can work with tier husband In the hay field. That is hard work, but it is not as Injurious to a woman's health as labor in stores, factories and offices where thousands of girls are closely confined year after year. With the aid of Wine of Cardui a womun can do any reasonable work and enjoy good health. The health thai Wine of Cardui brings makes a woman vigorous in body and mind. Freed from those terrible devastating pains a woman grows well and strong naturally. Wine of Cardui regulates the disordered menstruation and cures leucorrhoea, falling of the womb and periodical pains In the head and back caused by standing or sitting a long time in the same position. Thedford's Black-Draught puts the bowels, stomach, liver, kidneys and blood in proper shape. Greatly increased strength and endurance is the natural result Most cases art cured quickly. All druggists sell $1.00 bottles of Wine of Cardui and 25 cent packages of Thedford's Black-Draught For ndTkti and literature. atldreM giving lymptomi. "The Lmdlei' Advlrorr Department.' The ChaUnooga MmlteiDa Company, Chattanooga. Tfinn. Roosevelt Spent Quiet Evening. Washington, Sept 23 --President Roosevelt spent a very quiet evening at the White House last nlsht. Richard Watson Gilder, of New York, and another friend dined with tho. President and remained at the White House during the greater part of the evening. Pennsylvania Building at Charleston. Harrisbuig. Sept '25--The Pennsvl lomtnlssioii to the Charleston Exposition, at a meeting held j ostei tlay aftei noon at the executive tlepau- ment, determined to erect a building on Ihe exposition giomuls at a cost not to exceed $25.000. leth Low Named For Gotham's Mayor. New York. Sept 25 --Seth Low, pres- Jdent of Columbia College, was last night nominated for mayor by the Republican city convention and the convention of the Citizens' Union. The platform adopted arraigns Tammany Hall as "a band of conspirators against the public welfare," and as an "organization devoted to public plunder." Baseball Games Yesterday. \MICRICAN i.n \r,rK At PhiUul" Ipl.lf. 1'hil icltlphi.1 "i M.l- v u l v i c -4 At B i l t l m o r p - H iltlmore, 11; CK \ o l i - u l 6 At Boston--Boston, S Chl- ^o T \ t \V.i5hlnjrton--^ ashlnnton 4. tVdcnl 1 t" trmh KH d.irknessi N A T I O N A L L U \ G l 13 M 1'itt 1 i 4- rhUuHir,,' 11 Nou Yo:K 9 At ·"'Itu li'imtt--Uioolclyn 1C Oiruumatl. 2 At Cluuvric)--riiil-uHlphn. 1. Chicago. 0. At St. L.oula--Hoslon « St uuuu. J The postmcstei general has eld rled that the proposition to issue s'a ps for general use in eommemoiat.on of the late President McKinlej is im practicable. Say you saw it in The News Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a Great Favorite. The soothme and healing: properties of this remedy, Us plemut tvste aud prompt and permanent cures have made it a great f avor- ito with people e\ erywhere. It is espeMally prized by motheri ot small children for colds aronp and \\hoonlnircouffh, as it always aE- forda quick relief, and as it contains no opium or other may b3 eiven as confldentUU to a baby as to nn adult. For sale by A L SHIPWRECKED I IN HEALTH! \Vlio trust to Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It cures mncty- eielit per cent, of all who use it. Old forms of disease, obstinate cough, ·weak hinc;:, spitting of blood, ·nealcnc'^s and emaciation are perfectly and permanently cured by tln=; powerful remedy. · Mr wife had hemorrhage of the IUHETP,' wntes W A. Sanders E"5q , of Kem. Mason Co, \V Va. "She had ten hemorrhages, and the people all around here said *hc would never be wTi ntjair But «1ie bcgq^ t" t«ke Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Pisco\ cry and she soon began to gain strength and flesh. After taking ten bottles she was entirety well If any one doubts this they may enclose self-addressed envelope with stamp, and I will answer." Sick persons are invited to consult Dr. Pierce by letter free oj charge. All correspondence strictly private. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y. T.»se vo'ir^eU In h ,nJ. if 1* foolish to suner with Imlicp'tlo" Osipopsii ind Constipation m this i.\y of .irti .i,-emont OOLBMATS'S GUARANTEE PurlScs the Mood Renew* \Hality. Cures heartburn Gi» e« Jono to the stomich Prc- dnc-M n healths .irpetite Eatirb 1 YOU want ·\nd be hnppv Life is *ou shon to ««ff«r ce luttle fo e a nts only *vt WILLIAMSON'S. Tcocoooooocxxxxxjooooooooea WINEBERG'S Apents for the tried and trne Clement and Ball insulated ' Shoes in stylish toes, with high heels or vrftbDot and in common sense plain toe or tip,^rom $2 00 and upwards DAVID W1NEBERG je3d*wly Tf JEULL. ~ FALL and WINTER SHOES Now ta the time to bur TOUT Fall and Winter Shoes. We carry the FINEST LINK OF MEN AND WOMEN'S SHOES IX THE CITV. THE CEL,EBKATEI "BION" Shoes for Men cannot be surpassed fur style, quality and price. We have them in Vici Kid, Enamel, Patent Calf, Cyrano and Box Calf in all the latest styles. Our price, $3 and f 3,£0. We invite yonr inepaction. Geo. A. GILBERT, 16 18 N. Market St., FREDERICK. BID. N. B.--We are Sole Agents for D. D. Institute Boots and Shoes for Men. Boots, $3 50. Shoes, $1.73. Every Housekeeper Who] is dependant on the old-fashioned coal range, has her moments when she wisheo she were not housekeeping at all. It does seem as if the very "Old Harry" got in the coal sometimes, and no amount of coaxing would bring it up. If a woman has a gas range there is no difficulty, no struggling to get the fire lighted. Just turn on the gas, strike the match, aud she has a fire that is ready and remains so as long as it] IP wanted. STOVES AT COST. No charge for setting up. The net rate for fuel and illuminating gas, when both are used, is $1,25 PER THOUSAND, ISABELLA GAS WORKS 26 WEST PATRICK 8TKEET. apSdtf KILLS BED BUGS, ROACHES, ANTS, SPIDERS, FLIES, V E R M I N , AND ALL INSECT LIFE. Harmless to People! Death to Insects I I O and 25 Cents. Vou cnn clear jour house of rv ,, r* · all vermin by iibesallj using UCtiUi UUSt* You can keep your animals and fouls rid of insect pests ft/i4U byjudiciously using . . . «-*edin You can enjoy j-our rest at night by killing mosquitoes, burning small quautities of Duct L»UM. The Best Insect Powder In the Trade Is DEATH DUST. AT ALL DEALERS. $3ET*The 25 cent package (Inrgre tin cans) sent by mail on -receipt of njQjiej to anv address. The io cent size is immovable. The Carrollton Chemical Co. BALTIMORE, MD., U. S. A. THE OfcD GUARD DIES, IH T NEVER SURRENDERS Whit i m^nninc in these few words Thi ii the response to our Noble Government from every state by the old soldiers The excitement !s very ersat but not as eroit as the demand for our Pure Old lire A\ aiskies. When 1 say Old I have It Old and Pure as the purest Our I. W. 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