The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1895
Page 7
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He* fekjtett&h«§ fifad feiis tfae - i:A!J5$fMl] Michigan, 'have long Known Mrs. $&& oi Long Rapids, Alpenfi. She has been a sad eflppte. df her friends know the story of eedverjrj for Ihe benefit of wose* flo riot We publish it id-day. ht Jteai-S afeo &'h<* Was taken With aii8 brcmtration, and 1ft a few With ftnisctiiar and ihfiainftia* fcheiiffiatishi. it affected her ^Hett w hef head, Her feet be 4fgBnUt*more thah half the time, her knee T56Ittt6 terribly swollen and for eighteen .\-fflbHthS, She' had tti be held Up td be ^afemsed. OHe' iihib bedkme etttttely \ Helpless, and the skitt was so dry artd Bracked that it would bleed, tmring -these eight yeard she had been treated a Score of physicians, and has also gpettt taUch time at Ann Arbor under •best medical advice. All Bald her trouble Was brought on by hard Work ,Snd that medicine would not cure, and that feat was the only thing which « ould ease her. After going to live 1th her daughter she became entirely 'helpless and could not even raise her . arms to cover herself at night. The Interesting part of the story follows in her own words: "I Was urged -%p try Dr. Williams' l?lttk Pills for Pale People and at last >,- dirt so." In three days after I commenced taking Pink Pills I could sit up » and dress myself, and after using them • ,,'eiic weeks I went home and commenced working. I continued taking the pills, " until now I begin to forget my crutches '-and can go up and down steps without , aid. I am truly a living wonder. • ''Now, if I can say anything to Itt- i'duce.those Who have suffered as I have , to try Pink Pills, I shall gladly do so. ' If other like sufferers will try Pink -Pills according to directions, ,they will have reasQn to thartk J&6& for creating men Who" are able 'to conquer that terrible disease, rheumatism. I have in, my own neighborhood recommended Pink Pills for the after effects of la " grippe, and weak women with impure . blood, and with good results/' •••Mrs; Todd ia very strong in her faith 1 'In the curative powers of Pink Pills, '' and says they have , brought a poor, helpless cripple, back to do her own milking, churning, washing, tawing, / knitting and in fact about all of her i household duties, s iDr. Williams' Pink Pills contain all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are for sale by > all druggists, or may be had by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady, N: Y., for 50c per box/ or six boxes for $2.60. t «„__—_—_——^———. DOINGS AND SAYINGS. Game Warden Atwood of Maine thinks he has a great disease: the doctor diagnosed it as "daoryocystos- i yringokataklelsis." The claim that Utica is the only city in the United States with a toll gate within its boundaries, is demolished by Allegheny City, Pa.,, -vyhich has two. , In Turkestan if a wedding engagement is broken, the girl's parents must either return the lover's gifts or substitute another daughter, if they have one. Thegyp'sy mo.tli', which is taking ossession of New England, is an im -M migrant from France. It reached . New England in 1870, and has since multiplied in an alarming way. Worshipers at the United Brethren church in Bollgrove, near Lebanofa, Pa., were startled by the -report of a pistol. Two disorderly . young men were examining it in church,' when it was discharged, and one of them was shot in the arm. Miss Morrison, the San Francisco girl who was recently graduated from the medical department of the university of California with the highest honors of the class,' had the pleasure of receiving the ringing applause from the men she had defeated when her success was announced, There ara fifty lobster smacks plying along the coast of M^ine, and. thirty-seven of this, fleet' flnd'a mar-* ,ltet for their lobsters in Portland, It r - is'estimated that they landed in Port'"land during the last twelve months 4, OOP, 000 lobsters, for which the deal- 'prs paid hot less than $320,000. , , . CHARACTERISTICS. An Oxford county, Me., Judge and ' farmer, fond of a joke, sold some land , to a neighbor, (1 No\v," said the judge, *'}f you had my brains VQU QOU!^ do, . gpmething at farming," "How would . 'yo.u us,e them, spread them on op put / 'them in the 1}5U?" queried the . of her, A TbornsonvUle, Q 0 i»n., c>rgymw svt & f we?al some time ago, hegaidr "Oh, kord, we . for having washed over • win these times ,pf hardship," when ' is imminent and, RQ busi* b,»t thftt Of the undertaker's ' ' . -tt tf&ld »ifte* tMt WaS'felid to 1 %S ifl iStgH^ifi the dli&filftboan stivB & wfiMif iti tbd Siata AH pld^iilagef that 1 Met ield fife that ; tfi6 "&iy liad fteVei? bseft Wdrked» fife ffiddllecled ih his childhood* abotit fifty Jreats ago, that a patty with eiephahts visited the plade, biit dbes ndt •feine 4 tabdi» 4Wheth found'the mine or hot. tl*WO Of three* Cambodians Afe tepofted to, have found nilgg-ets In the bed ol the streatti t but no ohe has ever ,be6il ad* ^•entufotts enough to follow the stream to its source. "The greatest possible amount of sttperstltidn ekists, about this mine. Some allege that those who go there nevetf .retUfh, .They either die of sickness", the influence Of the evil one Or fall a prey to wild aaimals. Thtfee fengllshtnen attempt* ed to reach the source of the stream? where the mine is reported to be, hut had to abandon 'the idea for various reasons. At starting they had to take a narrow path that had' been made by the "cardotnom" gatherers. After keeping on this path two days they reached a pool of water. Hero their guide took them aside and whispered to them not to talk of tigers, as the forest in that part was infested with them, and that they Would surely visit the camn if they only mentioned the name. Promising to be discreet, they went down to examine the pool, and found the whole place actually trampled down by wild boars, with a few tiger footprints. Here they rested for the night and next day proceeded on their journey. If the footprints around the pool -led them to believe their guide's reports ol wild animals they were now perfectly convinced, for on either side of the path they saw the destruction worked by wild elephants. A little further on they came to a spot Where the mammoths had 'rested for the night. That evening,they found that one of the carriers who had charge of the provisions had taken to Ma heels. As they had no cooking utensils they were compelled to cook their rice in a tobacco tin, and along with a steak of civet cat (Meo-pa) managed to - make a dinner. At this spot the guide informed thenvit was impossible to go on unless they walked along the stream bare;footed. After walking in this manner for about five hours they came to the falls. Here they had to climb up rocks thirty to forty feet high by means of -the roots of trees growing through the fissures, the guide pointing them out places -where gold 'had been found. After climbing up higher they came to the junction of two streams, and the guide now told them that he did not know the road further -up and that he was afraid. One of the warty got dysentery here, and they then determined to hurry back, especially as they had only rice with them and riofr even a bamb,oo to cook it. in. This excursion can only , be done in the 'months of January, Eeb- ruary and March. It would be a ,^.l^^ J MnM.^.CT.^-J^avfM.~»«» m ». J »nnnll^m^ - - , , • - ----.. ..;- «, . JV *,» 'i^ , .<;- ! * •; '"• '7""-f*:-/:-/:•< V"? '->^, s " r ^M f ^^t'^^S^^'' f ^^m good opportunity for a sportsman who desired to combine business with nleasure. Ponies and pack animals could not possibly go; the only way o' transport would he by carriers, and it would be very hard to obtain more than two or three men, as the people are so superstitious.** ' ,T , •\vorth' .In BuSinos.s .ClrcloiJ. Customer—^What's paper pound?' '-, ' ! s v . •>? Dealer—Whafc kind? "Plain, unruled writing 1 paper." ' '•That depends.""On what?" • •-•The quality." "Well, I want it to print bank ch*cks on." , • . , ,,' 'It varies largely,. I've seen some that wa(3 worth ounce." "Get out. about?" ««Valuable paper." «'I should say it was valuable. What kind was it?" ••Bank check paper, filled out and signed for $1,000,000, and I fancy it would take about sixteen single checks like it to. weigh an ounce," • 'H'jn. I wishij wfljS able to buy a tpn of that'kin'd," 1 aboilt $16,000,000 an, What are you talking <3?he journey was long, wn4 the old }a.|y wiWv a plaid shawl thought tg Beguile the tinie by a conversatjoji; with ttye taUojv'm^de girj wb.9 £»t with:' jjer, "Jviyp W the pity?" -asked the $! Jajjly, ^T?S, , y?ork there," an* "Migb^I.ask what- you' ''JiHg'urssy.' '"This seemed clis» . e ,n,g.,'bu,t %J. pld, lady hey nerve and, asked; A Difference. wisht," said'the street railway ttbatlwas a congregsnjan, I do, really," ' • •Yes, there is a gopd deal of satis-* faotjon'iu seryipg- your country," 't'Nbt only tbat; they manage the pay better. Jn congress they tallj about; docking a roan and never do it; on the street railroad tpey just dock and don't-talk about ii" And lie iQoked about him with thQ whp honestly thought he a gTOttt philosophical discovery, Puffy— Mrs, Q'Eryar*. the deap , it was a great sufferen she was. SS&^mmM 'A-.y-.'V v& fe&m.f <,.'.«*§ KB*PWI"iJW*8*li' '••".' 'H f MMAl«n*K>fn«*irmlmo «««£ , MoGuipe— ' wid? , p,—- It was what did she. pong^oiperatio» __ v ._ . is familiar "itfrhiriVandas, i i Coftsthlctiofl,- Which consist of ft SSrifes of boxflS; ofae Itt&ido* the othef> Ufitii aftef Opening bdx after tidx, each' siflaltef than its p'i«edoc'essor j the kfefnel Of Vdod, liqtiftlty famillai? is the April fool postage cohstt'u'c'ted 6h the same principle, whefe the vlctihi feceives> ft large extoress gat-eel, and after paying the charges u^wittds wrapping aftef wfappingr and opens box aftef box, ottty to find nothing but a wad of paper* in tho center from South Africa domes a tale of a living series df edntainet and con» taihed somewhat in this same line. One ABhUr 1 & Viney, in a letter to,the London Times, vouches for'the story., $ear whet*e Mr. Viney lives at Ceres, Cape Colony, there is an 09* ttich farm run by a Mr. Mallerby. One day Mf. Mallerby, While o,Ut walking, chanced upon a large black snake i Usually these snakes ar*e very swift and difficult to catch, but this particular reptile moved sluggishly away when the ostrich farmei* approached. It was an easy matter for Mr, Malle'r- by to kill tho reptile with a stick which he carried. Then he noticed that the shake was very fat; quite swollen, in fact, and heavy beyond what was to be expected from its size. He took it home and then cut it open. Inside was a yellow snake almost as large as the black snake. The yellow shake faced the black snake's tail. This was a surprise, but more was to follow. Tho yellow snake al&o looked bloated. So Mr. Mallerby cut open the yollow snake Inside.he'found another.blacksnako, almost as big as tho yellow snake. Having gone so far in the "dissection business, the experimenter proceeded to lay open the third layer of serpent, hoping to turn out a blue or crimson reptile by way of variety.' Instead, lie found a hunch of eggs. Egg after egg he took Out and laid beside the remains of the two blacksnakos and the yellow snake. But his scientific thirst for exploration was not yet slaked, and he proceeded to puncture an egg. Out popped a small blacksnake. He tried another egg, and another just like it. Then he went to work with a will, and when ho had finished the job he found himself responsible for the production of thirty minute crawlers, whereas ho could credit himself with the destruction of only one. At last accounts tho thirty 'were,still under his care. , From these data he has figured out the story of the thirty-three snakes. Evidently the eggs belonged to tho smaller blacksnake and perhaps she wasn't very lively, for when a 'largo yellow snake' came creeping along behind her she couldn't hustle fast enough to escape, and she underwent the presumably unpleasant sensation of being swallowed tail first. Now the yellow-snake was rather sleepy after its square meal and drowsed off. It hadn'fc been sleeping very long when a bigger blacksuake came along. This Mr. Mallerby knows, because the acids in a snake's stomach are very powerful, and had the smaller blacksnake been long in the yellow-snake's interior it would have been eaten by the acids, whereas it was hardly affected at all when taken out, although it was dead- The blacksnake then seeing a yellow-snake of just the right size asleep in the sun, seized it by the head and swallowed it. This was undoubtedly cannibalism, but then the blacksnake didn't know that in taking the yellow- snake it was also eating one of its own family. It was poetic justice,too, and the avenger was peacefully enjoying the rest of 'the well fed when Mr. Mallerby came along and killed it. The death must have followed close on the meal, for the internal acids of, the outside blacksnake had not acted on 1 the yellow-snake any, more than the internal acids of the yellow-snake had acted on tho insido- blacksnake. As for the eggs, they weren't harmed at all. Afterward Mr. Mall&rby was sorry he didn't know all this before ho killed the outside serpent. Certain interesting questions that will never be answered now suggest themselves to him. Supposing the eggs had hatched inside the three layers of snake (thoy were evidently just ready to hatch out serpents), what would have become of them? Supposing •their mother, the bl'aoksnake, and their fogter father, the yejlowsnake, who had provided'a home for them, had both been digested by 'their-,. outside parent, the big bla.ok-sriak§, and they hjE$ remained still in ^he, egg, what wquid have become, of t them, then? The outside blaoksnake w#s- a jnajo, Wouldn't it be va^hev too much, even in these days of feinale'preponderance, to expect'a. male {blacksnake to Jay thirty eggs tha,t fhaj^.poine into its possession purely by a,QC$eirf? Also, if }t did go far forget its rights as a mansnake, what relation would it be to the offspring? Father-' OP mother op both? 5 And where would the yellow snake and the original blaoksnake be. in tlue inixed-up relationship? Mr, Mallei'by would like eoroe' sn»ka ex» jierj, who. also knows something about genealogy, to C0t»e forward aM en* " li -- t -- him on these points, ifeSS kte,y»ii |' ; v?P |w^'^ l iW mt i v^mi '•-> n'-m \ ;:?%m ',' '••>*%$& ^•v:-CT Bard to Keep Straight. She (on her voyage)— What is that place ftown there? He— Why, that is the steerage. She— And does it take all those people to mako the boat go straight? THE GRKAT GEKMANCOFFJSE BEKKY. Coffee at one cent a pound, that is what it coSts to grow it,good coffee, too. Some say that it is better than Rio. This we know, while in Europe last summer in search of seed novelties we often drank this in hotels in France, Holland and Germany. ' Thirty-five packagps earliest vegetable seeds, $1. 00, not 3 cents per package. Largest growers of farm seeds as oats, grass and clover, corn and potatoes, etc., in the world, Early heavy yielding vegetables our specialty. • if ' You Will Cut This Out und Send 'It •with 15c postage to the John A, Salzer Seed company, IvaCrosso, Wis., you will get free a package of their German Coffee Berry seed and their catalogue. wnu Goblets with stein ,nnd stand like those we use to-day were employed in Troy, 000 B.C. J_ _ ___ BlopatliJo Physicians Cure any acute disease in ^ne treatment (cure or no pay), chronic in a few, Write for free advice. . ' DB. JOHN SIIKURT, Sheeley Block, Omaha, Nob. This advertisement will be changed. monthly, ^ _ A man may run into debt, but he seldom comes out at anything faster thau a wujk. The I'roof of tho Pudding. Q The Norwegian bark Lorenzo, which recently arrived at Ponsacola, had a sample of the strength of the swordfish. Through the metal saeathing of her hull, thon through six inches of planking and penetrating the inner coiling about three, inches, the fish had driven its snout or "sword," the result being a , leak which kept tho crew at the pumps for six hours a day. The sword was about two and a half inches in circumference at tho point and five inches at. the end where it had broken off, the piece being about twenty inches long. MIntalceii Identity. Big Injun (admiringly)—Mo like pictur'- College Man (proudly)—I thought you would. Big Injun—Heap pretty squaw! College Man (wrathfully)—Yon old heathen, that's a portrait of me when I belonged to the football team, Some men have more elbow room than hoad room. The Modern Commends itself to tho well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest manner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system and break up colds, headaches and fevers without uflpleas&nt after effeots, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. • Distance seldom lends enchantment to a job of woric tlmt is coming. I believe Pisa's Cure tor Consumption saved my boy's life lagt summer.-rMBs, AW» PQTOI.ABS, keBoy, MJOP., Opt. PA '0*. If we thought of ourselves as others k of us, we would s>t up nights wp?i4oi> what ye were porn for. W»r«iot(iil to cmo pr iiiouey >»(Mnaoa, A* vwjsgM f w rt. JWee V> centjj- Cunid is » brave Jittte fpotoad who nevey attempts to "flol4 up" only pno vJoUmi two cent; stawpp'to the Ppo ever , us it Uu Prominent fbey absolutely SICK HEADACHE, Constipation, Coated Tongue, 4red detaiigeraeaits qf the iAvsr sud W wtetftoto Pen't wttpt tQ fe ('fast (I? wfatftuto Bftby ts vus?ing 'jl' The worjd would Pe a mgst djgagyeeab}e vp in il it wye absolutely v tell us bow y t,ur ^ft |§11 l,, J offend, e, w flt aji4 I ^-i?srii?ss^^ij^ i si T '^'SK^?5 f!$ WE- GIVE AWAY A Sample Package (4 to 7 doses) of V i * ' Dr, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets To any one sending wwe rt«f? qddress to us on a postal (fard, QNCB U^BPTHBY ARB AIUWAYS IN FAVOR, flence, ovr object in ^Successfully Prosecute fEiSe.Prinoipal Bkaminer D.B. Pension I 3 y in in last wnr. 15 odjudlcdliufi claims, IH.E SCALPED 2t pages. Uc. All about niftldng money In QraIn, and Stocks by "scalping the market" on mavglnu ot ^' 120 to tl.OOO. Bout method yet. All scalpers mak«;V|5 money. XJNBINO & Co., 118 Quincy Si/., Olilcaeo.i j-r/ us W. L. I IS THE BEST. FIT FOB A KING. ig. 'FRENCH&CNAMCLLeOCALP 1 / ,. -, $3.5?POUCE.3SOLES, -fl .^&m^^m ._ , ,BROpKTP«|WAi3r^l>r* 4 Over o»« iWiiHonPpopie we!" 1 the-, ;>X" \ W, L. Douglas $3 & $.4 SJIoepli All our shoes are equally satisfactory^ They give the bwt value for tho money. "• '*« They equn! custom «ho«8 ln.sty le pnd fit: £ ; | Their wwlng qualities »re «n»urp«85e<J. ,5 . '*A, The prices «r» Bnlforro,"»8^|mp- J -- '"'' '^ ii-'—.T-fjI?.-!_!?•»,»«•»«* »««n1«* vrm «i TO CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR^!! Tho Passenger Department of Wie, Four RQUte has issued fttvery and nt^'dcnve PQC^et Ouide *9 EpstQn.wWch will be all members of t»o

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