The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1895
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1895, OF THE JESSE JAMES KIND Buys a pound of Good Coffee at the Opera House Grocery.--^ Call and see it and be convinced. We also handle THE BEST coffees in the market. A Second Edition of the Missouri Ban dit Said to Be Jnst Over the Minnesota Line. Tubetculosis Should fc<s Settled—Miss Multlh in Washington—General Northwest Mews, The Blue Earth City Post tells a peculiar story of the Jesse James variety, which involves northern Kossuth county to the extent that the vllltan was captured there. It says: Alexander Owthoudt, who occupies a part of Walt. Nutter's residence in the northwestern part of Jo Daviess, came to town last Friday afternoon in search of Sheriff Carpets, Carpets, Moquette, Velvet, Ingrain. Call and get prices. They are lower than ever before at G. L Galbraith & Co.'s. If you want A White Pearl, Oall on .. PATTERSON & SON. McDonald. He said that his step-son Amos Waterhouse, who recently came from Missouri, was running things with a high hand out at his home. He said that the boy, with revolver in hand, had slipped into the room where were seated himself, wife and step-daughter. The son then coolly notified them that they must prepare for death—that he was going to kill them all, there and then. They all begged 4 for nSercy, and, for some unaccountable reason, he desisted for the time being. The old gentleman then harnessed up and started for an officer. He told the sheriff that he hoped the neighbors would have him tied, for Amos had said that he would kill any officer who attempted to take him. Sheriff McDonald started at once for the field of battle. Upon his arrival the boy's mother said he had gone toward Iowa. She was asked if she was afraid of her life, and with tears in her eyes, said " No, and I told him to go. for father would have him arrested." The sheriff took up the trail and late at night found him in bed at a farm house about six miles over the line. He was brought back and a hearing set for Saturday. When the sheriff went to subpoena the witnesses he found that the prosecuting witness had skipped; at least was not to be found. The boy was therefore released at the proper time, for nobody appeared against him. .He is about 17 years of age, nor does he look like a bad boy. He says that he purchased an old revolver from a neighbor and while cleaning it thought to have some fun. Without a charge in it, he had playfully told them that they must prepare for death. He says that the old man wants to get him out of the way for he knows too much of the past history of his step-father. What the truth is, we know not, but the failure of the old gentleman to prosecute this young fellow, whom he described to the sheriff as a revised and corrected edition of Jesse James, gives color to the boy's story. . Wants Tuberculosis Settled. The Carroll Herald discusses tuberculosis and says: The latest tuberculosis scare of any magnitude is that at Algona where two valuable herds have been quarantined. Hon. C. L. Lund has a large stock farm just north of town, and has on it a herd of forty-two head of cows from which he furnishes milk for the people of the city. Having read so much about tubercular cows he decided to have a test made to satisfy himself that the animals were all right and the milk perfectly healthful. To his amazement he learned that no less than twenty-three of the forty- two were affected with the dreaded disease. Tests .were repeated, but the first results were only verified. The destruction of so large a part of his herd will entail a heavy loss, But he is a conscientious man, and if after a thorough verification results obtained pEMEMBER that we aim to carry JX a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed, Crockery, Giassware, Lamps, etc, Also that WQ will not be undersold by any firm in the city, For good and fresn Butter call on Patterson & Son, New Styles in Footwear for Spring. ; have a large and'wel^selected stock of Boots and Shoes from the best factories in the country. For workmanship and quality of material they cannot be excelled, Our stock of Ladies' and dents' Fine Shoes is the newest and best the gountry produces, The same is also true regarding our Unes of Misses' and Children's Shoes, MEN'S AND BOYS' everyday and working shoes, made of the very best-wearing material to be produced, Prices always the lowest, and full value for your money. BROWNELL & ALLEED, W J "•"»•• "'"'O • **• •••«»« v*>f *» » w M A VO Ul/VCfcMlOU by repeated tests the disease is actually proven to be present, he will of course have the cows killed. In the meantime they are carefully quarantiend. It may be simply a scare. Possibly the presence of disease in cows does not necessarily imply the innoculation of the same in the systems of those who use the milk, Still there is a demand for the most thorough tests and the most scrupulous scientific research and study in this connection. The board of health ought to stay right by this matter till tuberculosis in cattle is stamped out of the state, or the scare so widespread is proven to 'be nothing but a scare, „___ Mtse W» Hum ii at Washington. The Washington, D, C,, Post gives a full report of the appearance of Algona's old-time pastor at the woman's meeting in that city: Religious services at Metzerott's hall in the afternoon constituted the proceedings of the National Council of Women yesterday, A large audience listened to a profound and forcible discourse by Rev, Ida 0, Uultin of Moline, m. Among those occupying seats on the stage were Mrs, May Wright Sewall, Mrs, Francis B. Bagley, Mrs. I* M. N, Stevens, Mrs, Hannah J, Bailey, Isabella Charles Davis, Susan B. Anthony, Rev, Anna H, Shaw, Mrs.ItouiseBarnumRqbbins, Mrs ' the way to make a commott daily divitje. When Miss flultin had „„ ished, Susan fi, Attthtthy stepped to the edge of the stage afcd said: " And yet we have been taught for the last thousand years of more that the like of this should keeb silent itt the churches. Now St. Paul gave another injunction which 1 hope you Will Obey, at, Paul said, /Womea, keep silence in the churches,' but he also sfttd 'help those women.'" A collection was then taken up, and Miss Ahthony's appeal met with a liberal response, fid. Bailey on tuberculosis. The Britt Tribune, which has shown itself an authority oil "impaction Of the omasum," has the followiug on the last disease: The state veterinary department has let up on glanders and "impaction of the omasum" now and are harvesting their tuberculosis crop. These are the same fellows who swore by all the horn spoons that Wm. Oxley's cattle had "impaction of the omasum," caused by eating corn smut, when half of them had never been in the corn stalks and everybody knew they were bitten by a mad dog. They traveled around here for several week's with defunct stomachs in their grips, spitting und looking wise. The cattle are probably all right but veterinarians must live. If Iowa would have some veterinarians appointed that are deaf and dumb and blind and then take a corn cutter and cut their feet and heads off we Would go right on selling the best beef and butter that the world produces. Those fellows are great on big words. They will have the cattle affected with rhododendron of the hypotenuse next. Emmetsburji Investment Company. A. L. Ormsby is not "downed," according to theEmmetsburg Tribune, by the failure of his company. The Tribune says: A large percentage of the old customers have placed their interests in his hands, enabling him to run a well-equipped office with five clerks- three typewriters that make his small office somewhat noisy, but is so conveniently located adjoining the receiver's that he can afford to be a little crowded for the sake of this advantage. Mr. Ormby's energy and push are almost phenomenal—no idle moments and constantly on the drive. If he does not succeed it will be a travesty on the early bird. He has the best wishes of the entire community, who admire pluck, perseverence, and energy. ' A Good Advertisement. Clarion Monitor: Algona will vote upon the question, at its municipal election next Monday, of levying a one mill tax for the purpose of establishing a public library in that thriving little city. If it were not for the fact that taxes in Clarion are "up in the pictures" we would favor giving the scheme a trial, for aside from the benefits afforded the inhabitants a good public library is one of the best advertisements a town can have. . Henry Wallace's New Paper. The break-up in the Iowa Homestead has put its old editor, who practically made its success for it, at the head of the Farm and Dairy, already well established by his sons. The new paper will soon distance the Homestead. Mr. Wallace will be glad to send free sample copies of his new paper to his old Homestead friends, or any others who will drop him a postal card at Ames. When you are in need of a good article in either Tea or Coffee, call and get a package of our Diamond Brand OF COFFEE AND- May Bud Tea. They will do you good and you will come again—that is just what we want, and that is the reason we keep the best that money can buy. Langdon & Hudson. Did You Ever Stop- to consider that there is as much difference between cook stoves as between horses ? To look at, one horse may appear, to be just as good as another, but when put to the test you find he is lacking in those points that are most desirable. It is the same with cook stoves. You buy a cheap stove and then "kick" because it .is not v as* good as a TWO LIVES SAVED. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas of Junction City, 111,, was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery completely cured her and she says It saved her life, Thos, Eggers, 189 Florida street, San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, approaching "Toonsumptlon; tried without result everything else, then bought one bottle Dr, King's New Discov ery and in two weeks was cured. Natural- You take no chances when you buy They have been made for over fifty years by the largest stove plant in the world — 2,500,000 in use — pretty good" evidence that they please the housewife. We have on* our floor a large line of both JEWEL and RIVERSIDE to select from. Come and look them over. o. :LJ: Winkie's old stand — hardware. ly he is thankful. It is such results, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine in colds and coughs. Free trial bottles at Sheetz'. Regular size 60c and $1. 5 GAZE on that 10 cent table of canned goods at Walker Bros,' NEW drees goods just received at Galbraith & Go's. The Best Made. YOUR PATRONAGE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. W. J. Studley, Druggist. Cowles Block.- , wtiiw «»-HUK, »nw Messrs, , Gerry and Hoover. Mies tie is tbe paster of a Pniterjaa ob. at Moline, 111, Her congregation ii» large one, ana include^ almost as many oies a? women, Hep father is a Danish scholar, an4 her grandfather wwpro«T ig the naligsal &g a iF8 of th a t y, She ie cQaaiflemi p«e of the torojweand elopenfc women, preachers Ja .tbe United" states, Sh,e «MH m^v <(S m *w»i tfomajj, wa&t wa.4l.-T™, •\s$ ft mm «pto Hltti , ^,.,., '9t Pifasiog vcioe, 8b§ eMeftvarea ijl^ftiirsii ygfli§rdj^y IQ RfiiBi ftl ^ '<r."s UJ.'")i,'V, i ''tvA''j^^; > ]f'^i'-.-A v'-AJ^'C Coon & Co/s Collars, Monarch Shirts, Wilson Bros, 1 ,np« lies, Advantages gained by trading here,. I mention a few of them, A Large Stock. Choice Assortment Reliable Goods, Reasonable Prices, Prompt Delivery of Goods, *CaU and be convinced, FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency Q| the New England Lorn'and Trust I m aQw prepared to make Caroj Joans an to to ten' ' t^^ It vii'&i.

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