The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 27, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1895
Page 8
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PHMil BE8 jf>«r^jr^i<^ai^ttii'Xi"*y«ySJ'^ MeBank — B «, Atid fold." Colleb" ft and a general banking «*jw» vi«uoi»vw3u. Pa§8&ffd tickets to or i the old coufitrles Sold atlowest fates. Cash!** jAtiSONA, IOWA, ..WmPMiaPAY, gflBBttlgy SIT, Mb SA&tAfjmflASftg, i, JttiWAtlgS i Sf. . 0 8:4<jpm »U3 at ., 4.-248*0 ~ .» eu » that carry pftsaengers— Ntf. 03 a6pftfts &t.*...i..... *.*,,.. No.71 depans at i........ No.S deiiarts at.. *'. 10:2§am No.4 departs at e-OOea rro'gi,!; thftt catty passeng6rs- No. 78 departs at.....:: .,...?. 8:40 torn No.04 departs at l:45pto » *• *+~DttiOK, Agent. the King hill aaa they had & sefidus upset, tfie teaffi Went tfff the grade ftt the foot of the hilt ftfld the wagon 6ft top of them, Kd one was hurt. -., Ji. H. inghain, tfohn (}. Smith, a ones, ft ChrlBChllTes, Lewis H, Binlth, J VadswbrtH, Baffie,t DeVine. First National Bank as* IOW.A,. $50,000 " CHICAGO* ^North- Mixed........ SilSaffl South- Pass ........ a ass ........ spn pass.... ,..,. S:82pin»ii*ed ....... 6i07pia greight ...... 9 !30 a to Freight.... 2f62p» Freight. ..... 7 :46to ffi Freiht ...... 0 ;30 a in -'ass. ftfrltes at OfiJcago at 7 a ins artttres at Des Moines at 8:16 p m. L?, Des M. 2580 a m M«ed connects With flyer and arrives at Ohi- eagb at 8 a. m. F. H. Vusffctt, Agent. jjpF&T,, Special attention given to collections. |?7'litBfcOSE A, CALL President |T ?<J&, tt, HUTCH1NS Vice President b'.^-tfJI. K. FERGUSON Cashier ££ 0. ft. SMITH Asst. Cofehier ^*toS{jg°t? rB ~' 1 ?' H> Hutohins, S. A. Ferguson, ^tjFhllltt Dorweller, W. P. Carter, Ambrose A. jv, 1 -,,OMli B. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. •• ' - Money always on hand to loan at reasonable * ^ .'rates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, *SO,000. ji ifc, 1 . A.LOONA, IOWA. ^' ] 0#fem aftd Director*— ££' *f K;, A. D. Clarke, President, O. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest, Thos. H. Lantry, cashier, Qeo. L. Galbralth, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Sohenck, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking. '^~ , PRIVATE 8AFBTX DEPOSIT VAULTS. '- |M tyinterest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. ^-"^^•^•WSX- X^^XX^-N^^ CLARKE 4 COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT 'LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. THE CITY CIRCUIT. "Faust" tomorrow night. Vote to keep Algona at the head of the procession. Supper at Congregational church tomorrow evening. B. B. Avey's story at the bean supper won him the premium. The lecture by ex-senator Ingalls will be given early in April. LuVerne has two town tickets in the field and a lively row is on. The Third ward will yote at the Beal house, the first north of J. H. McNall's. Bancroft will have 1,025 people by the census If the Register guesses right. Up in Germania they think the Algona atmosphere agrees with Auditor Calkins. Remember Johnson Brigham's address on Midland Literature Friday evening. Mr. Porter of Fort Bodge is abstracting for Haggard & Peek, while the former is sick. E., H. CLARKE, ' ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. „ • ,S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrischilles'store. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. ^Offlce In Gardner Cowles' new building. g.\ SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ||>\ ATTORNEYS AT LAW, •jsf ( i ' ' •- Office In Hoxle-Ferguson bl jck. 1VJV GEO. R. CLOUD, ||.J' ?' '. [Successor to W. B. Quarton.] ^ Attorney and Counsellor at Law, fj',';-- AI.GONA, IOWA. $fg? .1. Office over Kosauth County State Bank. $;/-•' E. V. SWETTINO,, , ATTONEY AT LAW, . Algona, Iowa. ||BJV, L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., ^§V' PHYSICIAN' AND SURGEON. <*. ,>O»oe,Statest., one door east of Cordlngley. </,'} Residence, McGregor St., east of the r ' public school building. .;. H. C p . McCOY, M, D., V'SfJIYSICIAN AND SURGEON, itf 8V& ' 5 ,., ^ • Special attention to city practice. ^ ,^ PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, il|! '*&•> '-AJgona, Iowa. *'iM. PRIDE,. M.D., AND SUR&EON. W»P ovep JBO. Qpeders' store, on State street, ' Algona, Iowa, ma ' ,' , T( A< SCQT^ Mi D>( AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa, S. Stenson, a well known old resident of Bancroft has been in Chicago to be treated for cancer. Work has begun on repairing the Grange store building. It will be fitted for occupancy soon. We are going to put Talmage's sermons back again. They seem to have quite a constituency after all. An adjournd meeting of the Congregational church is to be held Monday to discuss carpeting the church. Goethe's great tragedy of "Faust" teaches a lesson. It is a play every church goer can attend and endorse. The Cedar Rapids orchestra, which Is said to be the best going, is to play for a dance next week Friday evening, A handsome 10 pound girl at G. J. Stebbins will witness the first ladies' voting in Algona but will not participate. . * Supt. Reed had the sheriff's office, his own, and the auditor's full of teachers last Friday asking them all sorts of questions. Harry Wilson, state champion shot, has been challenged to meet A. Sund- fitrora of Bancroft for a purse of $50 or more a side. Thos. Henderson has been nominated for alderman in the Third ward, and Krtite Lamberson in the First. Thev are both first class citizens. On Sunday,March 3, at 6:30 p. m., the Y. P. S. C. E. give a home missionary programme in the lecture room of the Congregational church. We note that Reaver & Cunningham nave leased the Knoxville race track one of the best known in the state. We judge this is our J. O. Reaver. Here is a question in grammar. A lady on the street last week pointed to some friends and said " that's them " How many errors are there in the two words? Charley Laage says he saw ducks and geese up in Fenton Monday, But he don't believe spring is here yet and thinks they stand a good chance of freezing. M. E. Johnson found Frank Nicoulin's big astrachan overcoat near the foundry and returned it. Frank was happy us it was a valuable coat and his size is not easy to get. Jim Stewart was running a circular saw at W. W, Raney's in Irvington Monday, and while cleaning away from beneath it got his hand badly cut. Br. Pride was called. , QLASJEB, P, D, S., DENTIST. l?\; 9ffl<se oyer the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. «, *-"^-- . jg^,A,<*.RW,D,D, St deadening pa|n in W. W. Simms were arrested this week for stealing 80 bushels of oats from a Grant township farmer named Weild. They were before 'Squire Clarke yesterday. * Michael Riebboff was in town Monday looking hale and strong in spite of his 89 years. He and Uncle Heekart show what our climate will do, both being among the real pioneers. No saving in taxes will compensate for the reputation abroad that Algona is getting dead in the shell. The value of property depends entirely on the idea people have that a place is alive. Harry E. Wilktns of 'the regular army reviews the encampments of the Iowa guards and says: "The Fourth regiment is tlje only one whose hospital corps is up to the standard," TWs is Pr. Morse's department, ,. C. W. tfopkifts returned ffoin Iowa City yesterday with a child he took to have tfeated in the hospital there. A successful operation w&6 performed* l*he great tfafedy of " Faust*' will be givea again in the opera, house tomorrow night. It is the best entertainment which has been in Algona ately, and many think the best that has been given here. The mere an- fidUhcetnent of its coming will insure 6, full house, C, L."LUnd has sent sampled of fflilk from his herd of cows to Chicago to have them tested there. He is also corresponding with a Pennsylvania ex< pert with a view of securing him for the post mortem. He will undoubtedly make a public post mortem and have everybody present. The lecture by Johnson Brigham Friday evening will be in the body of the church and all can be accommodated. A solo by Miss Edith Bowyer will open and a duett by Mrs. Call and Chrischilles will close the programme. It will be one of the best entertain' ments yet given by the Social Union club, and all are invited. There is no charge. Lon. F. Chaptn, editor of the Rock Rapids Review writes that the citizens have raised $4,000 with which to build a library and gymnasium. He adds: "Rock Rapids has a small public library—a separate Institution—recently started, and is levying the annual tax and adding to it. There are some 600 volumes, and they circulate widely." The bean supper was one of the best ever held in Algona and the receipts were as large or larger than ever before. The court room was beautifully decorated, the tables were loaded with eatibles, and the crowd filled them for three hours. The addresses were excellent and the short responses likewise. The Mandolin club furnished exceptionally fine music. It was a great success in every respect. Miss Jessamine Jones has been chosen teacher of the high school department at Britt and goes Saturday to begin her work. The position is a desirable one and one she is eminently qualified to fill. Miss Jones is a lady of very superior education and attainments, arid will prove herself a valuable addition to the corps of teachers at Brltt. She was a very successful teacher in Algona and is besides a cultured lady. THE UPPER DES MOINES hopes at some future time to make ample reparation to the Button families. A few years ago when J. R. Button's daughter was married to Mr. Barasey we put her down as Bavid Button's daughter. And last week when Bavid Button's daughter was married to Mr. Brown we put her down as J. R. Button's daughter. Perhaps as the mistakes are just even both families will pardon us and let us begin a new score. Brs. Kenefick and Pride are victims in the cause of science to the extent of a $2 Murphy button. They have been experimenting on a dog to see how successfully part of the intestine can be removed and the two ends again attached. To do this a button costing $2 was used and now they are out the button. Some one turned the dog loose yesterday morning and it was running about probably unconscious of the valuable invention attached to its inner machinery. ^ We guess that story about Mayor-to- be Haggard's holding a lantern for his hired man to run furroughs by in the morning is what is at the bottom of the honors thrust upon him. Mr. Haggard is an older settler of Kossuth than he is usually credited with, for although he did not locate until 1866, he was here in 1854, and assisted in the government survey c>f all the townships north of the Burt line. He was an active young man in those days and a good surveyor, was a good soldier, after wards then a good farmer, and is now the crack auctioneer of the northwest. Woitieh Wh», Ate ... Who Mit*« Muffled Cittzetu Are Votefs. To the Editof: tfi vietf of the approaching election at which womefa are to be allowed to vote ott the question of the library tax, it is not perhaps out of place to call attention to the law governing the question as to who of such women are citizens within the provisions of the law oh that subject in such a sense as to allow them to legally Vote at the election. My attention has been called especially to this subject by a great many inquiries regarding the matter, so that having examined the United States statutes in reference to the subject, and the decisions of the supreme court of the United States construing these statutes, I have thought it would not be out of place to call attention briefly to the law on the subject. Under section 1994 of the revised statutes of the United States it Is provided, "Any woman who is now, or may hereafter be married to a citizen of the United States, and who might herself be lawfully naturalized, shall be deemed a citizen." It will be noticed that under this statute there are two conditions attached to the citizenship of women of foreign birth. The first is that she shall be married to a citizen of the United States, and the second is that she might be herself lawfully naturalized. Of course it will be understood that this section referred only to foreign born women. A, native born woman whose parents are American citizens and whose parents shall have been naturalized under the laws of the United States previous to their children arriving at the age of twenty-one years, are by section 2172 of the revised statutes of the United States declared to be citizens of the United States by virtue of such parentage. As to the question of marriage to a citizen of the United States, if the person to whom the foreign born woman is married is an original citizen of the United States, of course whenever .she enters into the marriage relation with him she becomes by virtue of such marriage under the section above quoted, a citizen of the United States. If she is married to a foreign born person, then under that section, by virtue of the marriage relation, she becomes.a citizen of the United States whenever he becomes a naturalized citizen under the law, whether such naturalization occurs before her marriage or subsequent thereto. In the case of Kelley vs. Owen et al,, in the United States supreme court, reported in 7 Wall, page 496, It was decided that the section of the law above quoted confers the privileges of citizenship upon women married to citizens of the United States irrespective of the time when his naturalization occurs, whenever his citizenship exists. It is also decided that under the previous laws of the United States, and free white woman might be lawfully naturalized. So that under the sections of law above referred to and under the decisions of the supreme court of the United States there exists no doubt but that all women within the city who are over the age of twenty-one years, if born of American parentage, or if they are born of foreign parents and married to an American born citizen or to a foreign born person who is now naturalized, or if their parents are naturalized before they are twenty-one years of age, they are entitled to vote at the coming election upon the question of the library tax. Respectfully yours, GEO. E. CLARKE. ioots and Shoes Cheap for Cash. Great Reduction in Prices fof the tiekt $o days, We haye got to reduce our stock to make room for fiew goods. We handle everything in the shoe line. Gloves and Mittens. Yours for good goods and low prices. STATE STREET, ALGONA. B, H, ANDERSON. Furniture! Picture Frames. WE call especial attention to our new Book T T Racks and Wall Shelves. Just the thing . for cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. -Irvington, Iowa. Granulated Sugar, per hundred, 22 pounds Granulated Sugar for 23 pounds "O" Sugar ior . . .' Soda Crackers by the box, per lb., Butter Crackers by the box, per lb., Oyster Crackers by the box, per lb Buckwheat Flour, per hundred, Best Minnesota Flour, per sack, Yours to come and see us, . $4.35 . 1.00 . 1.00 4 and 5c 4 and 5o 4 and 5c . $3.00 .95 J. R. & C. J. BUTTON. [Successors to 0. L. Lund-Established 1880 ] REAL ESTATE DEALERS Gallagher, who is in jail for selling beer at Germania, ought to make up his mind that fate is against him. Sun- ?u y H? 8on Dan> was °™nk and fell off the Milwaukee night freight at Cylinder and broke a leg. He laid out until morning and may not live. The old man was allowed to leave jail and go and see him. The same night another Em metsburg tough, Mark Murray, was run over by the same train which he PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. F. H. Vesper was a Bes Moines visitor last week. Geo. Simpkins is off east again on a mail letting tour. Grant Ramsey has gone to Chicago for a few days' visit, Howard Robinson is h'ome for a short visit from school. A, N. Shaw is back from his land advertising trip in Illinois, Wm. Paetz is home from a five weeks' visit in Wisconsin. . ^^^ r ha ™ •••««<«*». ^» 0 r as ^ Unfair dealing ^^^S^^^^^^j^^^ NSURANCE. <+ Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, ' Hanover of New York, Also Land, Loan and Collection Buslness, Offlce over Algona State Bank. P ubll ° library will be one mill on tfie dollar, ,, *wwwa valuation is Estimating 'our population lB 3»8t 13 pent^ Who for his share will ypie plan to furnish free bopks to ren of peppie wbo cannot affovd to b,uy? • Prof, Wildes of Fort p 0 .dg e gent us a week tb « l of lie, &&W*8 nm^rmmMll fi'iSSl* * im MV8SR •Wd 99 I^KffTKt *, , \ [%'*.* V, •fi'i. • -- ~v ., ""—* w *i.w*w WIUVJU UO .attempted to climb on. He was out in two. It is rumored that Gallagher was a witness in some case in court and that Murray got him drunk and was running him out of the county, HORACE &BEELEY NOT IF IT, The Upper Des Moines' Penmanship Preferred to the Spencertan System-Wesley Notes, WESLEY, Fob, 26.—Our postmaster here at Wesley complains that the editor of THE UPPER BES MOWES can't write, as he has trouble lots of times to make out the names on the papers that come to this office, Our postmaster is a democrat and probably is a poor reader, for we are sure that both edi- tore of the U, p. M, write as plain as The pleasant spring weather we are now enjoying has a tendency to make many of our citizens think of getting ready toi build, G. S. McPbepson has the lumber on the ground for a addh »!?£ f ! 6fe $ to WHUnery store room which he will occupy a? a residence, Anoie Ash baa his new house in Call addition to Wesley enclosed and soon be occupying it with hU family Willie O'Brien has been on the sick list for the past two weeks, but is re* ported some better today. F. M. Butts arrived here from Chi- oago one day last week and is enjoying a Visit wlt.ll hlo arm Qyy ^^Q\a '•-'---^ to C, L, Lund has been in Grundy county closing a sale of his farm there. .Mrs.- J, S. Taylor of Charles City visited at B. S. Ford's yesterday, Melzar Haggard is confined to his bed again.' He was up a little too soon. Archie Hutohinson has gone south again and Jennings, La., is his present address, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. R. Cloud are back from Nevada and are now stopping at the Tennant, W. L. Joslyn is back from his Sycamore visit. He says his mother is improving in health, ,.¥/ 8 ' H°s tet ? r from Omaha visited at Mrs, S, S. Wartman's last week, returning from Charles City. P, T. Tanner goes to Missouri to look about and expects to locate. He will be in R. Fry's neighborhood. Mrs, Oscar Lofqulst came from Des Moines last Thursday with Mrs, Harvey Ingham and made a two days' visit. Col. Cooke and Lieut, Chubb are home from the military school at Ames. The school {s to be a permanent thing. Mrs. Guy Grove's father and mother, Mr. and Mrs, Wheeler of Albion, v& ited her last week, returning yesterday, Earl Tennant came from Rot Springs Monday, Bfe 8 ay 8 they bad a big SrJ there lately which cleaned out the town, Pr, Harris, the only doctor in the moonsin legislature, Wfts out last week YWUog Ob^b brother*, H e - their sister, OF OF AUDITOR OF STATE •AnuttalOertWMtefor Publication, D=s MOINES, Iowa, Feb. 13,1895. ; " lh » n. s. Branch Caledonian in ', located at New York, . A. D. , and amendmen Therefore, In pursuance of law, I, o G Me Carthy, auditor of state, do hereby certify'tha P an y ^ ftuthorlzed to Una fire Insurance In the state —^- W-.MM.HMWW «u VUO Dl>t*lw appointed and authorized £"v?"i*i*"l""?J* iDO ' It ' v * ceof process for and or SSSft"*? 18 &? 5°. m P»»y. as required by law 1898 tWrty-flrst day pf January,^A. p i i f « I J he »'certify that the statement shows^^KW «H5"»»t °* P»W 4. . , . to be Nnrin In TT a 2d, The aggregate 'amount pi fts- * U U> S i «fei 0 iS a l* oom P»nyi Pe°, 31, ffikF&m^W 8 ^ «» ' ,1*1? "m^ 0 ' *"•' 1 8 »», to be 1,690,924 71 4th. The aggregate Income of >•»««* said company Jop the year 1894 10 D6t» M »»••«»«•(•»• ft «•».,, , tf ,, 2175808""" 6th. fffce &gg?9g$t0 expenditures ' * ' of said company toy tne year 1094 to 1)6. ••• <t...,,.,.,. 1 027 7O7 19 a I?JesMwony whereof I hVv'bemmlo subscribed my name and affixed the seal of my office the gay and (Jaft above written* y MAYOR'S EfcOTOfl HQXIQB, fc:A Itei'l^i: i8$!9«&!fflS*X*m8»t. %? Mwnwl m* _ Slagle s Harness Shop. Manufacturers and dealers In Harness, Sad dies,Whips, ,, — line of i; Repairing first SLAGLE & SON. WATER OR NO PAY. : promi^o usey^ht *<34i M ONEY ••bVS "^ .i$

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