The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 27, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1895
Page 5
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"f"s - Twenty-fifth Annual Openini Far the Spring trade of The Is stocked from top to bottom with bright, new goods, All the latest improvements in of FARM MACHINERY. Don't buy old, out-of-date, carried-over goods. G-et the best; it is always the cheapest. Our goods are THE BEST. Our prices are right. Call and see the new goods. • • . Wilfrid P. Jones, The Wigwam, Algona, la. Talk on Shoes. Our men's shoes are O. K. We have some good things. Our Bull's Eye, all solid, fitted with seek calf backstay, hub gore, welt, c r 1 m p vamp, satin calf—sold by all at $1.50 and $2—our price, $1.25. Our Alliance Plow Shoes — congress or buckle—all SOLID— no shoddy. Every pair warranted, at $1.25. Our Ladies' and Children's shoes are the best goods for the money you can buy. > Jas. Taylor. LIKES THE TALMAGE SERMONS, V, S, Ellis Wants Variety of Rellg- loua Reading and. Talmage 3?ur- nlslies It. SWEA. CITY, Feb. 88.—Since you are having so much discussion pf tbe "Talmage sermon " question, I beg to inform you that I was an almost constant reader of these sermons during the past year. Not because of my great admiration of Mr, Talmage, but because bis style of preaching is considerably different from that of nearly all our local preaobew, and a man wants some assortment even in bis religious life. Respectfully yours, VEBNB S. Ems, , Feb. 38—1 like Talmage's ser jnons very muoU and have not failed tp read every one since I commenced t9 take the paper, which bore the date of August J, 1894. I am sorry to have them taj?en put. MRS. C, E, AI* FEES- Those who have used Or, King's New Discovery know its value, and tfcpse who have not have now the opportunity to. try it free, Call on tbe advertised, druggist and get a trial bottle, free. Send your name fn4 address to H. E, Buoklen &' Op., Chicago, and get a sample bo$ of Pr. King's New • lU, free, as well as a copy of Guide tp JJealtb and Household Instructor, free, All pf which, is guaranteed tp do you gopd and. cost you nothing, Spld at L. A. Sheeta' Send your aftdrew tp H, E, Buoklen & C0.,OWpago,ajiagetafree&ftmnle bo* of New Wfe PjUa. /trig win u ?,l ttoeig BJe.J'its. These pills n flotlen and .are particularly efr the cure of opngtinat'.pn and/etcfc For malaria ftD d Uye? %ou,bie have pwe4 f hey are tef fl to, be perfggHy free from every ous su.betan.oe aM fe to purely .. They do npt waaJkea by Jhejr f by mips to»e 19 $wpe tjy jpytgopste the Byetei; HERE'S YOUR CITY TICKET The Nominees of the Republican City Convention—All are Acceptable Men. The Coming School Election—Financial Statement—Proceedings of the City Council. For Mayor D. A. HAX3GARD For Treasurer Q. F. PEEH For Assessor ..Q. H. LA.MSOK For Alderman- First Ward J. W. WADSWORTH Second Ward W. K. FERGUSOK Third Ward WARREN BATES Fourth Ward E. E. BAYERS The caucuses and city convention last week were conducted quietly and resulted in securing an exceptionably good ticket. D. A. Haggard has been mayor once, and is known so well thai he needs no commendation. J. W. Wadsworth as member from the First ward has been one of the best councilmen the town has ever had. The Second ward in choosing Wm. K. Ferguson did the very best thing possible, and the Fourth also in choosing Dr. Sayers.. In the Third Mr. Bates has just moved in and is not so well known, His friends, however, recommend him, G. F. Peek, who is to be tbe treasurer, is one of Algona's very best young business men, and G. H. Lamson, who has so long acted as assessor, is to continue to keen the run of city property. The ticket is a good one and has no opposition except in the First and Third wards. The Coming School Election. A week from Monday an election will be held in the sheriff's office to secure school directors to succeed W. H. Ingb am and J. W. Hobinson, whose terms expire. The following financial state ment is made for the year endine March 1,1895: Cash on hand.... Received from Treasurer Semi-annual ap- appropriation Tuition Use of school house Sale of lawn mower Sale of type. writer Refund on orders Return premium Total Paid teachers... Goal Insurance ....,., Janitor Janitor depot.., Secretary Treasurer 1893-4 All other expenses .,,... Bonds Interest ,. Cash on hand. Teach. Fund. $ 193.06$ 187.578 5,384.11 1,113.42 500,00 $6,443,50 9 853.00 Oont. Fund. 3,153.81 20,00 3.00 50.00 1.25 43.50 $6.095.59 $2,399.13 798.88 45,00 470.00 80.00 50.00 100,00 454,42 466.83 S. Hi Fund. 611.52 3,015.10 $3,686.63 2,000.00 875.00 1,351.03 City Council Proceedings, ALGONA, Feb. 23,— The city council met in regular session at 'the office of city clerk, Mayor Call in tbe chair, Members present, Vesper, Wadsworth, Garfield, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson, and Hutchins, Absent, Nlcou? 1 in. Minutes of last regular and intervening special meetings read and approved. The following bills audited anfl approved by the finance committee were allowed and warrants ordered drawn for the same: Weitgenant Bros., hardware , ............ ?13 40 Thos, Bailey, pumping .................. 250 UPPJSR Dps M OINES, publishing proceedings six months .............. ,. ........ 750 A. Anderson, labor ...................... 350 James tmcus, labor ................ , . . . , 4 50 A, F. Daiiey, salary and leather toy pump 50 80 3, S. Stebbins, street work ........ ..... ,T 4 00 0. M, Daiiey, repairing pump, . . , ....... 5 00 J, F, Gilinore, coal ..... ....... ........... 775 A. Hutchison, collecting water rent ..... 10 oo Wm. Miller, yghttng lamps ............. 15 oo 0, M. Doxsee, hardware. . . ............... is 87 J. A, Hamilton & Co,, lumber ............ 530 Yeas, Vesper, Waclswortb, Garfield, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson, and Hutchins, Noes, pone, Carried. Moved and seconded that the foljowr ing resolution be adopted: Resolved, That the holding oi public outdoor auo- >ipn pales be forbidden pn or within one 3lo0k pf state street, except adjoining ae court bouse square, Carried. Moved Bad seconded that the follQw- £g resolution h§ adopted: Resolved, That the suvorjatendent pf the, water works ajjd, Q! tfee flpe departwe&t be re* quired to make the fQjipwijjg montwy reports; Qae shewing jn detail alj m.a ial OB banflaMbe pegging of jjtb, all wterM bought »oj3th, all kind of work done by each individual in the employ of the city under his di rection, and including himself during each day of tbe month. These reports to be returned to the chairman of the water works committee at least 24 hours before tbe regular monthly meeting of the council, and it shall be his duty to check the material report with that of the proceeding month, and also with all bills presented for payment for material referred to, and he shall certify to their correctness by his ap proval. The above reports shall be filed in the office of the city cleric. Carried. It was moved and seconded that the following resolution be adopted: Resolved, That the street commissioner shall make the following monthly reports: One showing in detail all material on hand at the beginning of the month, all material bought during the month, an'd all material used during the month, the last to show in detail how much was used at each public crossing or on highway or alleys, and also how much and what was used that is charged to private property and what property has been so charged. Another showing in detail where work has been done, and where it is work that should be charged to private property, report shall show how much was so charged and that it has been reported to the proper county officer. These reports shall be retured to the chairman of the street and alley cotn- .mittee at least two days before the regular monthly meeting, and it shall be his duty to check said reports with that of the proceeding month and with all bills presented for payment for material referred to and he shall certify to their correctness by bis approval. The above reports shall be filed in the office of the city clerk. Carried. Moved and seconded that the water works committee be authorized to purchase seven suits of waterproof clothing and seven pairs of boots for the use of the fire depurtment. Carried. Moved and seconded that the council adjourn until Saturday evening, March 2,1895. Carried. AMBROSE A. CALL, Mayor. CHAS. A. COHENOUR, City Clerk. Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty Cloud & Haggard. of collections. FOUR good houses for sale, cheap, 1 Doxsee & Shaw,—48t2 Ernest Bacon's Big Sale, A free 'bus next Tuesday will take everybody from Burt to the E, Bacon farm, where 33 head of cattle, horses, machinery, and a big stock of all kinds of farm goods will he sold absolutely without reserve. Free lunch at noon. Sale begins at ]0 o'clock. The cattle are young, and everything is in first- class condition. No one can afford to miss this big sale who wants to add to his farm outfit at a low price. COFFEE from 18o a pound up, at the Opera House Grocery. SPEOIAI. linen sale at .Goeders' next week, commencing Monday morning at 9 o'clock, . CHANGE your roosters. D, S. Ford has some very choice Light Brahma roosters for sale. .quantity pf choice seed wheat a.nd barley for sale by Peter J, Walker. -49t2 Sale, Building suitable for hotel or boarding bouse; qentrally located; best business opening in Algona; a great bar- gain,-49t8 J, J, IF you want the best coffee go to the Opera House Grocery. Likewise if you want a good, cheap coffee, the champion baker, is again located at the Opera House Qro- eery. ^ DON'T forget that while we are sell' ing seaspnable goods at greatly reduced prices, wears offering i special induce* menta on flannels and underwear. YOU make no mistake in buying now, eygn for next winter-, The Grange Store, the new line go's,. Of ginghams, silk, at of the Qfi§ ihftwjng IB deiail Mf*. Tiidtti s, t-ostet- film at fbc fte* salts*Her Paraiftte stfskiM ffcath @* AI st. itonfl* . Last Wednesday nWffiiffg wtitle a>es6iBg MM. Betsy Fostef eaffefed paralytid stroke. Sh6 beSame §<§ii unconscious at once and 80 remained Until Saturday at 11 o'clock wbefi ehe died. The funeral was held at the Free Methodist chufefa Mottdfty at 1 o'clock, Kev. 'Kennedy officiating, afld 4 long procession followed thd reteaiti to the grave. Mrs. Poster, was A pio neer In Kdsstlth, coming in 1869, Sh ftas bdra IB Battle, Suffolk coti&ty, fin land,'July 13,1828. Her maiden name was Betsy Etherdih, and she was map Hed td Tit den Spencer Fdste? Sept, 1 1840. T>ey emigrated to New York in 1844 and remained until 1865, Whet) they came to Illinois, again moving to Kossuth in 1889. The 54 years of happy married life resulted in the birth o 15 children, 18 of whom are married and survive her, Among them are Mrs. Will. Naudatn, Mrs. Henry Stebbins, Mrs. Andrew Shipmaw, Mrs. Robt. Pinkerton, Mrs. Jos. Phillips, and Fred, all well known in Algona and most of them residents. Mrs. Pinkerton lives in- Adair, Mrs. Shipman in Columbus Junction, and Mrs. Phillips in Polk City. Mrs. Carney and Spen* cer Foster were here from Nebraska and Mrs. Ward from Adair for the funeral. Will, at Council Bluffs and John at Sioux City, Mrs. Dixson In Illinois and Mrs. Frank Dutro In Adair were not able to come. Mrs. Foster was a member of the United Brethren denomination and lived a consistent Christian life. She was respected by all who .knew her in Algona, and had a wide circle of friends. Her children all mourn the loss of a good mother, and no higher commendation than that can be paid. DEATH OP A. ST. JOHN, Fort Dodge Messenger: Abraham 3t. John, aged 76 years, died in the old brick known as the Schaffner building n the south part of the city last night. Dropsy was the immediate cause of his death, but dirt, filth and poor care, may more indirectly be attributed as the cause. The old shack of a build- ng has for several years been the lome of two or three families at a time who paid no attention to the accretion of filth. Mr. St. John has for some .ime been receiving aid from the coun- .y and about a week ago was taken to us bed. Saturday, he was discovered n a pitiable condition with hardly clothes enough to keep him warm, ilean clothes were procured and steps taken to make the unfortunate man comfortable. Two. sons living at Boone, 'n no better circumstances than their Bther, left. Tbe body will be bur- ed by the county tomorrow. A family by the name of Hill live in the house and should receive the attention of some of our charitably inclined people. JOHN GOEDERS is receiving new spring and summer' goods daily. Call and see them. THE City Bakery is the place to buy •our cigars. An excellent variety. , CURTAIN poles and window draperies lave always been a specialty with us. We have now a nice assortment, practically as good as ever, going at half price. The Grange Store.' CARPETS—moquit, velvet and ingrains, just received at Galbraith & ID'S. A TEACHERS' CONVENTION. L'lie County Teachers will Meet In Algona MarcU 0. A teachers' convention has been called to assemble at the Algona high school building at 9:30 a. m., Saturday, March 9. The following is the programme: History—Methods for making the study most effectual, Prof. G. F. Barslou, Wesley. Reading—How best taught to secure expression? Prof. E. W. Richards, LuVevne. The Recitation—How can better results be secured? Prof, J. R. Byers, Bancroft. Penmanship—Quality and Method, Prof. D. E. Johnson, Algona. English Grammar—Method, obstacles and •emedy, Prof, F. C. Bowers, Whittemore, The Professional Teacher, Prin. Florence Claypole, Ledyard. General Exercise, Prof, Hugh Conner, Burt. Arithmetic—Quantity and quality. Prof. V. H, Dixon, Algona. Mensuration — Illustrations with apparatus. Prof. A. J, Lilly, Algona. The exercises will be enlivened with focal music by pupils from' the Algona chools, conducted by Miss Agnes Randall, Money. I have unlimited money to loan on ong or short time. B. W, HAGGARD, WE make a specialty lloud & Haggard. of collections. TAKE Yankee Pancake for breakfast. Walker Bros, have it. MONEY to loan on long or short time, Geo, C, Call.-tf NEW dress falbraith & Co T s. goods just received at I'B THE City Bakery has just received a ,ne lot of oranges, lemons, figs, 'dates, anned goods of all kinds, and the ohoio- 8t line of candies eyer seen in Algona. IF you, want an oyster stew, lunch, or vavm meal, call at the. City Bakevy, kinds of baker's goods wade to rder for parties, banquets, etc,, on hort notice and in the best of style, at he City Bakery. Try us. CALL at the City Bakery when you rant bread, pafces, pies, buns, dough* wts, op anything io tbe baker's line, buy. row Ja»oy York advices are that gwing t,a be war between, China and Ja^ PJ$& Will he much, higher hut bj> sto-efe lasts tfeey will be mwfa 8 we roust close put tbis stgols, :: ' J/'V. i ' ^ I V* i" ' J«* < ' j * w'* 1 ' j^. - ,,.., - jAi,' . j -',^. _it. ** __-2«5 ; t&itC; - j • -I i ill Having made a 'settlement with the in»*,: surance companies we now offer ;•, "Mire Stock^ OF Dry Goods, Crockery, Fine Chinas, Notions, etc,, at a great sacrifice to Close Out the Entire Stock at Once. Damaged goods will be sold Regardless of Cost. Come and see us, on North Dodge-st, opposite Republican office. The Grange Store. JJLHAMILTON MODUOER ' fjfc CONSUMER Not is the Time To buy your Fence Posts and Drain Tile, While the roads are good and before the spring rush begins. We handle the LEHIGH TILE, the best drain tile made. We will make special prices on car lots, Do not wait until you are ready to lay them, but secure them at once. We have our usual large stock of Hardwood of all kinds, Slat Fencing, Felt Roofing, Sewer Pipe, Brick, Stone, etc., etc. Wholesale and Retail. J. A. Hamilton & Co, , j i New Spring Goods. ,.<! .it .,,,. ,. ; Jmportecl black, blue, and light cplor Cheviot at $35 to $3^'' ''?1 Finer grades from $27 to $30. ',.£$ Both in domestic and of foreign fabric. Prices from $s8 up, Vi ,'v A fin? and stvlish Spring and Summer Overcoat for $33, '^ (English gwdsC) • .& In^this line I have the best assortment that I sv?r had t prww we very low-from $5 to $9-§o» Yow won't b» Ye take my word for Jt« Come and see for yowrsejf. , Eye, Ear, Nose w *.''' S" , Snaotaoleasnlantiflaalta

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