The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 20, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1895
Page 8
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. V -., W} ,^- v ,v->-,-,«,-•.-„,- ".HV •l-^M^C^ 4-V^-i' f * ' , '--"*' ' N ' '' ;S*4-i%> jv • ; v' ' ^.^IV . - MB DfiB M01KJM! ALtJONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, gEBBPARY aO, 1896. W ' <"<-, *£ - Sarsapanlla AT THE WORLD'S PAIR. IT LEADS ALL OTHER * BLOOD Purifiers. FINANCIAL, Kossuth County State Bank .CAPITAL .............................. $50,000 Incorporated utader general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec tl&hs made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. H. INGHAJl .................... President J» B. JONES .................... Vlcn President LEWIS H. SMITH ..... . ............ ....Cashier Directors— Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J..B. Jones, T. OhrlBchlues, Lewis H. Smith, J. ,W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. The First National Bank or* .CAPITAL 850,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL. ..... ... ........ President D. H. HUTCH1NS . ........ .....Vice President WM. K. FERGUSON....... ............ Cashier 0. D.SM1TH.. ...... ............. Asst. Cashier Directors— D. H. Hutchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip. Dorweller, W. P: Carter, Ambrose A. Call, B. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. A.LQONA., IOWA.. Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, 0. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Qeo. Li. Galbralth, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VA.VLTS. ISflnterest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. ' Collection agent., Opera House block. S. S, SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Ohrischilles'store. DANSON & BUTLER, , LAW, LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty, Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, OfQce in Hoxie-FerRuson bljck. GEO. R. CLOUD, [Successor to W. B. Quarton.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, ALGONA, IOWA, Office over Kossuth County State Bank, E. V. SWETTING, AVTONEY AT LAW, Algpna, Iowa. ' L. K, GARFIELD, M. P,, , PffYSlOIAN AND SURGEON, QfflQe.Sta.teat.,one door east of Cordlngley. , - Residence, McGregor St., east of the puWo school building. H, 0. JMcQOY, M. 0,, AND 8UR&EON, SpeeJfti attenttpn to city practice. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algeria, Iowa. - 1, M, PRipg, H, J),, AND SUR&SON. k AflfflSS over Jug, Gofers' store, pn state street, ~ ! "' jpwa. - , MfcWAtJfcSil! A Sf . «. , J , .tab At tttAttW tttft. NO. 1 departs at ...................... $'191* Nd. 9 departs at ...................... 4:24pm ,, Freights that cafry passengBrB- N0.08 det*artsat,.......i» .......... U'??*!? NO. 71 departs at .................... 8:40pm 4SA1S9 *A8*. _ ^ . No. 2 departs at ...................... iS^SS No 1 . 4 departs at .......... . .......... BiOOfim Pf eights that cftfry passehgets- ....... No. 7f departs at ................. ... §:40pni No. 94 departs at ..... ................ lJ*B»m , Agent. CHICAGO & NOBf JtWESTEBrT. North— Mixed......''.. 8:18 ate Ea'ss ,. 3:32 p to Freight Freight 7!45pm Sottth- PftSS 3:12 pm MUted., 6:p7pto 9:30 ain Freight.... Freight. 2:63 p to 9:30 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 ft Mi arrives at Des Molnes at 8:16 p ffl. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a M Mixed connects with flyer ahd arrives at Chi cagO at 8 a. w. F; H. VESPER, Agent. t THE CITY CIRCUIT. It begins to seem more like spring. Read C. L. Lund's call to the fartners. Edward Duloit and Mary Rudd are licensed to wed. Fire destroyed a small house near the fair grounds last Wednesday. The young people's masquerade comes tomorrow evening at Clarke's hall, Sterzbach & Cady's orchestra played at Wesley last night for a big blowout. Slagle & Son will start a branch harness shop at Hurt. It is a good point. Rev. McClintock of Britt will preach at the Methodist church Sunday morning. The W. H. M. S. will meet at the Methodist church tomorrow at - 4 o'clock. J. O. Starks' family in Iryington got a valentine they prize—a little eight- pound girl. The republican city convention is to be held tomorrow evening at the court house at 7:30 o'clock. Dr. M. H. Hudson says that he reads Talmage's sermons regularly and hopes to have them continued. Rev. Davidson will devote his next Sunday morning sermon to a memorial address on Washington. Supt. Reed says the county schools are having a larger attendance this winter than ever before. The man who bet that there would not be 50 women at the polls at the coming election will lose his bet. The dancers had enough dances Saturday night. The German band played 38 numbers before midnight. The Union lyceum discusses this week whether Washington or Lincoln rendered a greater service to the country. Down in the Cresco lyceum it was decided not long ago that bachelors ought to be taxed for the support of old maids. Everyone will be pleased to learn that the "Faust" company will be in Algona again. They are coming the 28th, probably. Judge Quarton, on account of extra work at Emmetsburg, has postponed the coming March term of court until March 12. Father Nicholls had a small piece of mud fly up into his eye while walking in Whittemore, and has a very sore eye in consequence, Ladies of the Congregational church will meet with Mrs. James Patterson, Thursday, Feb. 21, at 3 p, m. for the study of missions. The Courier puts Algona's population at 2,999 as against THE UPPER DES MOINES' 2,777. The apples that we are nearer the mark. Everybody from the north end can come south now and go back the same day. The new train on the Northwestern does the business. A big supper is being planned in Union for Mr. Turnbaugh, who had his crops destroyed by the cyclone, and who is in poor health. The Algona Deposit and Loan association publishes a statement this week which shows the sound financial condition of that institution. Mrs. Bloor has taken her daughter, who was operated on for tumor some weeks ago, to Chicago. She is very low and will probably not recover. Melzar Haggard was out yesterday for the first time after his long siuge with pneumonia. He shows its ravages, having lost about 40 pounds of flesh, Algona has never yet been taxed so high that she couldn't do the right thing at the right time. That is why Algona is up at the head of the row, St. Valentine, in spite of Algona's marriage list for 1894, was in disfavor last Thursday, At least the postofflce didn't have the usual list of love messages, The visitors at Emmetsburg for the Watterson lecture were hospitably received, and a big delegation of Emmets* burgers promises to come to hear Ingalls. One of the twin children in Fred, McCaU's family died yesterday of inflammation of the bowels and the other is very low, They are only a few weeks old, THE UPPER PES MOJNES is sending out statements of subscription accounts to its subscribers, We, ,bope they will occupy a reasonable eb,are j>l attention during the cowing week, A lamp chimney \a Roxsee's store is broken in a ou.rjous way, The heat ba.s oa\j§e,ditto Q,raok all over BQ that it looks like frosted glass, but it is firm »Bd still does good service, Q, N. Brown has opened, a. etore at West B^en.4 §nd begins business proper' Jy by taking a wife, MJ.88 Florilla ftufe ten, djuebteppf J, B» Cation ^foresee, is tfee estimable, ypting la^y,. afrtl wefit to AmeB ifl lb& etenifig with C. ?, ChUbtJ fdf the Sdtiool 6l insfcrUC- tidfi fof officers-of the F"dufth* regiment. Haggard was Bo* able to go on account of sickness. •fhe bean supper Friday evening will ifnteh everybody a chance to eat a squftt-e meal and at the same time help feplenish the county FeHef fuhd. A Splendid programme is arranged. invitations are out for the Mandolin club dahc'e, which is to be given at the coUft house next Tuesday evening. They afe very handsome ahd a sample of the atrangnements the club Will make. Arrangements afe still in progress or a lecture in Algona by Ex'Senator ingalla of Kansas, A chance to get 3eh. Gordon wag not accepted as it was .bought that more would enjoy hearing Ingalls. Ih city elections candidates may be lamed by a party caucus. They must >e reported 10 days ahead of election, andidates may be named for afiy of- ice by a petition of 10 votes, also to be filed 10 days ahead. From the expressions of some of our doctors the C. B. Paul bill for the Vogel family will get sliced if it comes jefore the medical association. It ihould be if Kossuth ever expects to collect from Palo Alto. E. G. Ball, who has been engaged with C. H, Blossom for several years, goes this week to Osage, where he will work in a store. He fs a very competent and obliging gentleman and Osage s lucky in getting him. The Monday club will give their fine Ibrary in the postofflce to the city if a city library is established. The read- ng room will do the same. This would five Algona 1,250 volumes of good looks to start with at no cost. W. E. G. Saunders of the Bliiir- rowrle farm at Emmetsburg is very nuch interested in the post mortem examination of the Lund cattle and will >e over to witness it. A great many cattlemen will undoubtedly be here. Mrs. Tilden Foster suffered a para- ytio stroke this morning. She is the mother of Mrs. Will Naudain, Mrs. lenry Stebblns, Fred. Foster, and other well known residents. She is alpng in 'ears and the stroke is necessarily dangerous. The revival services at the Method- st church will continue every night this week except Saturday, and prayer meetings will be held every afternoon, ilev. Flannigan was over several days ast week from Clear Lake and assisted :lev. Kennedy. C. P. Dot-land tells a pretty good story on our Algonians over nt the big winery, besides giving our readers a beauti- n ul description of orange land in win- ;er. We must confess it is pretty attractive after our three weeks of February thus far, A firm known as Hyman & Arenberg, who were rumored to be in business in Algona, are now rumored to have moved. We have not been able to find inybody who knew whether they were here a.8 reported, or where they have gone, if they have gone. It is reported that the old man St. John is dead. He passed the closing Jays of his mortal career at Fort Dodge. Ee was a character—a true sample of the southern poor white. He was fairly educated and quite intelligent, but hopelessly wedded to unthrift. Now that spring is coming three things ought to be planned for in the way of reform. The Russian thistle, he prickly lettuce, and the dandelion should be taken in hand by everybody jn his own p_atch and weeded out. They are getting to be unmitigated nuisances. There is a chance that Lotts Creek will haye a reign of peace. Chas. Etoupe, son of one of the indicted school directors, and his wife, daughter of Peter J. Walker, chief prosecutor, have a daughter as a bond of union. She arrived last week. People generally do not know that consumption, or tuberculosis, appears in various parts of the body. Dr. Morse amputated part of the foot of a 20- months' child of Levi P, Good not long ago, which was tuberculous, Hip joint disease is tuberculous. Dr. Kenefick got lost out west of Algona one night last week. He was coming in late and went to sleep in his buggy, trusting to the sagacity of his horse. That animal for some unknown reason took him him up into Fenton, and he woke up as he was passing the store there. One subscriber missed his Talmage sermon last week, and the Bancroft Register says: "Hi, there, Mr. U, D. M. man; we have found a constant reader of Dr, Talmage's sermons in our fail- assistant P. M." If our readers want them they can have them by signifying that they are read. Adjusting the insurance on the Grange store stock was completed last week and the money was paid. The adjustment was as satisfactory as could be arranged, but does not nearly cover the loss. Mr. Blaokford will close out the entire stock and begin with a complete new supply of everything, There seems to be a new sensation in the Arthur Ward family over north of Wesley, According to reports Ward has lately been down to Shellrock and captured his boy, who ran away some time ago and went there to live with his mother, Ward's divorced wife, The boy tried to esoape,b»t Ward kept biro and we judge landed him in Kossuth cpunty. The name of the editor of THE UPPER PES Momis has been mentioned in connection with <^e or more poliiipal ppsitions to be Hlle,4 this year, anfl sey^ral friends have approached him as to a probable candidacy, He desires tq BUY thftt be is not and will BP, t be a oandidftte far apy pwitipn mentioned, H,e is entirely satisfied to serve the public in bis present capacity, The WflJley Repprtsj' has, a, Rote pf flyoHxije ifltergsfc} Jjjrs, Setophblji el l* S MI* spent, Saturday agd guMa ». CeJby,ftM.fl-Mssw riffled by d- Mrs. Hutchison will felldft in about ft month, as stwfi as he has' & hou£e ready. He Will have full charge' of Mr. Call's rice farm this year, ahd is also figuring on some investments of his own. Alj goha loses an estimable family and will hope that they will not leave permanently. The Social Union club has a treat itt store for Friday evening, March 1, in an address oil Midland Literature b; Johnson B>ighatn, editbr of the Mi land Monthly, J. T, ChHschilles heard frdm Mr. Brigham Monday that he would be here. He is one of the best speakers in the state ahd his ad* dress will be well worth hearing by everybody. As usual at the social union programmes no admission win be charged, and everybody will be invited to attend. Senator tfunk may be right, ahd we may hear frota lots of Talttiaga readers now that the seftaohs don't appear. Here is a note from C. J. Dutton of Irvington! " A word in regard to Rev, Dewttt Talmage's sermons. I think it would be bad policy to stop having these sermons on the testimony which you have published. I would like to hear from those who have read them and know of What they speak. I find them very interesting and instructive and would like to see them continued," The Mason City librarian notes especially that the farmers, having an odd hour or half hour in town, go to the public reading room and .spend it looking over the periodicals. This recalls that J. H. Jones of Cresco and T. J. Julian of Union have both called within a few days at this office to leave books or inquire about the time of opening of the present room. Algona could well afford to keep such a room open merely as an accommodation to the farmers who trade here and whose children would be benefitted by a library. The library tax will amount to just $370. If Algona has 2,777 people, as THE UPPER DES MOINES guesses, this will be just 13 cents apiece. If Algona has 2,999, as the Courier guesses, it will be 12 cents apiece. Anyone who takes out one book and reads it will have his money back. And if he loafs and reads the.papers one hour in the year it will be cheaper than he can go to the theatre. Even at this the tax is not on all alike, but falls mainly on the heavier tax payers, so that probably a majority would not pay the sum named. There were 34 Algonians and Burtites over at Emmetsburg for the Watterson lecture, and they enjoyed hearing the man who, in Sam. Clark's opinion, is the only editor of prominence on the metropolitan press. His lecture was wise Und witty, with many brilliant passages and many homely truths, and was delivered in a manner to entertain. Watterson succeeded Geo. D. Prentice on the Louisville Courier-Journal and at once stepped into public notice. He has. proved his right to Prentice's shoes and his writings are quoted every where. His success on the lecture platform is second only to his success as an editor. A travelling medical man named 'N. A. Baker sued Jacob Goedertz before Judge Hager at Sexton Saturday for $30. He agreed to cure Jacob of chronic diseases at $15 a month, the patient to stop on any month he pleased. Jacob stopped on one month, but th'e doctor wanted to treat him three months and so sued him for this money, and garnished his bank account in Algona. Jacob set up a counter claim on the wrongful garnish ment,and was awarded $10 and costs against the doctor, who threatens to appeal. Lawyers Cohenour and McMahon argued the facts and the law eloquently to a big audience. All the country round about was represented. Mardl Gras Hates. On account of the Mardi Gras 1 celebrations the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Mobile, Ala., and New Orleans, La., at exceedingly low rates for the round trip; tickets on sale February 18 and 24, inclusive, good for return passage until March 20,1895, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Railway.' Money, Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers, loots and Shoes Cheap for Cash. Great Reduction in Prices tot the nekt 30 days. We hay'e got to reduce our stock t6 make room for new goods. We handle everything in the shoe line, Gloves and Mittens. Yours for good goods and low prices. STATE STREET, ALGONA. B, H. ANDERSON, Furniture! Window Shades. Picture Frames. W > E call especial attention to our new Book Racks and Wall Shelves. Just the thing for cheap book case. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. ID. Irvington, Iowa. Granulated Sugar, per Imndred, . 22 pounds Granulated Sugar for . 23 pounds "O" Sugar ior . Soda Oraokers by the box, per lb., Butter Crackers by the box, per lb., Oyster Crackers by the box, per lb., Buckwheat Flour, per hundred, . Best Minnesota Flour, per sack, . . $4.35 . 1.00 . 1.00 4 and 5c 4 and 5c 4 and 5c . $3.00 .95 Yours to come and see us, J. B. & C. J. BUTTON. C. L. LUND. X-TJILTID [Successors to C. L. Lund—Established 1880.] J. J. RYAN REAL ESTATE DEALERS IO-W.A... We wish to announce to the readers of THE UPPER DBS MOINES that we have extraordinary facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands In northern Iowa, and we Invite all who wish to dispose of their property to call on us at our office In Algona, or to correspond with us. 83F~As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern states who are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates. We believe in fair dealing, and if you want to sell your property don't waste any time in listing it with us. Yours respectfully, LUND & RYAN. NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Buslness.- Offlce over Algona State Bank, Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life of New York. GKHO. Deposit Coap ^ssoeiatiop, LE&AL, p*-S^V--Nrf~»^-V>^-^. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— District Court, March Term, 1805.—J, H, G rover, plaintiff, against Mary Fairbanks et al., defendants. To Cash S, Westgate, Mrs, Marcus Ooughnet, Lucy Westgate, Joie Barnes, Henry Barnes, Clement C. Westgate, Mrs. A. H. Crawford, Randolph Fairbanks, and Wallace Fairbanks, defendants: You are hereby notified that a petition of the plaintiff in the above-entitled action is now tiled in the office of the clerk of said court, claiming of you the sum of One Hundred and Seventy-five dollars, with interest thereon at the rate of ten per cent, per annum from the first day of October, A. D, 1804, as money justly due on the promissory note of Luther pair- banks, and the sum of Twenty-five dollars as attorney's fees herein, and that the mortgage Riven to secure the same on the south half of the southeast quarter of Section Twenty-seven in Township Wnety-seven, Range Twenty- eight, west of the 6th P, M., Iowa, be foreclosed: also the answer and cross-petition in equity of Mary Fairbanks, widow of Luther Fairbanks, asking that one-third of the southeast quarter of said section be admeasured, partitioned, and set off to her as dower, and that she have a lieu on the other two-thirds pf said real estate for taxes paid thereon and interest on the mortgage above referred to, paid by her; also the answer and cross-petition in equity of Grant Fairbanks, Luther Fairbanks, Nellie Cooper, and Amellii Fairbanks, as heirs at law of said Luthor Fairbanks, asking that their interest in stvld real estate be fixed,'established, and confirmed in severally, and that their said shares lie partitioned and set oft to them; and unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next March tunn of said district court, to STATEMENT 45t4 COHKNQUH, ttorfteyg. ORIGINAL NOTICE. "' For the six months ending December 31,1804. ASSETS. Mortgage loans $17,180 00 Stock loans ., ., 5000 Interest and premium delinquent (secured) 08 56 Cash , 54460 Books and supplies on hand 226 60 Furniture ana fixtures. 106 04 Expenses advanced 51577 Total assets W8.731 57 LIABItlTIBS. Net dues Class "A" stock * 7,63589 Class "B" stock. 3,71700 Class "O" stock. 3,12800 Class "D" stock.... 3,10000 Loss and gain.,.. 1,14 Profits 1,04034 Bills payable..,.. ., 17930 Sundry stock-holders'credit 930 00 Total liabilities ,,,. $18,731 57 J have, this 14th day of February, 1895, made an examination of the Algona Deposit & Loan association to Jan. 1, 1895, and find their assets and liabilities as shown by the above statement, Their loans are all small, averaging $410 each, and in splendid condition. The books are a very complete system, wd I find that none of the officers or directors are indebted to the association. HOMEU A. MlLLEH, State Bank Examiner, To secure the mortgage'loans (?17,180.00) tbeassoGiauozi holds property, thaswprn appraised value pf which is .„, «51,3S800 Prepaid insurance assigned with loans in addition to mortgages.. 88,37500 ADMINISTRATION NOTICE, Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned Wafci or NQ Pay, Slagle's Harness Shop. Manufacturers and dealers in Har ness, Saddles,Whips, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes, Repairing neatly and promptly done. All work flrsF class. Give us a call and we guarantee satisfaction. • SLAGLE & SON, WATER OR NO PAY, SCOTT & DAILEY, Artesian well contractors. We have the only cable steam drilling machine owned In the county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities, and railroads. gpeqiar attention to farm well work. Estimates made, We employ only expert drillers. Address Scott & Dalley, Algona, Iowa. MEATS THAT ARE FRESH AND CLEAN, . Q At the former stand of Thos. Hennett, will be pleased to see you af his market, ajjd promises'to use you right. M ONEY ON RMfc ESTATE. HOXIi & BRUN80N. V*

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