The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 20, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1895
Page 5
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•fyr^f -K,-> "i • &&>'" ' ' * • '-"r-r,--,; c ?- :v« /- * .* ?v:;^f-v^|js^^F f fff*f^',t^-c^p.??^v- ; 1?lg TH1 CWSK EVERY FARMER Who reads this paper and oWtts a herd of milch cows, afld every man or woman who keeps just one .cow should call at my farm during the next si* or seven days and see 28 - Twenty-three Cows - 28 ^^^^fiUWii^iii ^| ^F'^PjS^r^^ < jjaiii«l»Mi^^ifc CONDEMNE to be killed by our State Veterinarian for being infected with that dread disease, TUBERCULOSIS! Out of a herd of 40 cows examined TWENTY-THREE, or nearly sixty per cent., were condemned, which is practically the same result as was reached in herds examined at Charles City, Waterloo, and other places. Our hogs are dying from cholera by the thousands, our horses are almost worthless, and now our cattle, though apparently healthy, will soon be exterminated by the thousands because of some mysterious, hidden disease that they themselves don't understand. Whither Are We Drifting ? 'Come and see the condemned cattle and suggest some remedy for the protection of our herds. We are all interested. Yours truly, CL. Li. ZE-fCTILTID- Ont of Mis 42 Dairy Cows 23 Show ff&ees of f abwfcttlosts- Made Last Week the 53 Will be Oftsttoyed-^Sofne things that Setm td fie Sfettted About the Eisfcase. he will pav the top price in 1 <5ftsh< Choice grade Of table buttt* willal be kept oft hand for local customers wno want something niee.-44 t hate unlimited money id Idaft OH Of short time. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. ALGONA SHOULD HAYE IT. By This is Meant a Public Library, Upon Which Question We Are Soon to Vote. Some Facts About Public Institutions of This Kind as Conducted in Other Iowa Towns. While at Nevada the editors were 1 specially invited to visit the city library, which is one of the largest and most systematically conducted in Iowa in a town of the size. Nevada is nearly if not quite as large as Algona, and the evident pride the citizens take in the library there is an indication of the value of such an institution in towns like ours. We believe that the tax in Nevada comes to a few dollars more than it would in Algona. In a letter to THE UPPER DES MOINES W. O. Payne, editor of the Nevada Representative, writes about the library and gives some information of interest. He says: The city library was voted in 1876, but tax was allowed to accumulate until about 1879, when the first purchase of books was made. It has been steadily growing ever since, but within the past year or so,under the management of the new board of trustees, has become more of an institution than it was before. It now has something over 2,500 volumes, of which something like 500 are public documents. our congressman having contributed very liberally. A reading room is conducted with the library, and both are open regularly every afternoon and evening. The trustees allow the librarian $100, and the balance of his his salary, as much more, is made up from sources other than the tax levy, viz: entertainments, etc. The library room is furnished by the city and is • part of the city hall. I spent an hour or so in there last evening. There was a crowd of something like twenty there all the time, coming and going, The librarian told me that the books taken during that afternoon and evening were between 75 and 80. The number taken '.during the month of January were 1,226, classified as follows: General works, bound magazines, etc., 72; religion, 12; sociology, 17; natural.scienee, 15; useful arts, 8; miscellany, 14; American fiction, 744; English fiction, 125; foreign fiction, 59; poetry, 27; history, 56; travels, 35; biography, 47. The class of books read is ipfluenced somewhat by the librarian, and under the good counsel of the present incumbent the grade has been constantly coming up, standard works being in good demand. Current magazines are kept on the reading room tables and are read by a great number of young people, The library as a whole }s patronised by old folks, young folks, and " kids," It affords a proper resort for boys find gi'rls in the hpurs when they should be allowed to resort anywhere. Its effect upon the schools is reported by the superintendent to be notable and valu able. It is doing a host of good, in the community. Its usefulness is growing vapidly and the public appreciation oj it |s general and hearty, The limit of taxation in tbe matter is one mill. This produces about $375. At the current rate of assessment it probably amounts to a levy of $1 on every $4,WO or. $5, OOP of actual property, I suppose there are'people.hepe who regard this tax as " burdensome, but I 4o not remember ever to ha ve hear4 any one so express, himself, I am sure that of late years no one has advertised htmeeK that way Sincerely, W, 0, P4VNB. TSK MASON PITY WSRARY. Mary A. Hurlbwrt, librarian of the our or iving two miles from the city: "Peo)le from out of town find the reading oom a great convenience, for with its warm fire, books and papers, it proves a pleasant place to wait. Many stray >its of information may be gathered in his way by the very women who most iced it "and have the least time to se- ure it. Out of town teachers, also, ai*e glad to know just where to go for in- ormation, which would otherwise be lUt of their reach." Travellers find a home in this cozy 'oom, and many an evening is spent pleasantly with books and magazines. The library belongs to the State library association. The state secre- ary sends quarterly reports to each ibrary in the state of Iowa, and our reports are not behind any, in compari- on to the size of the place. SPENCER'S READING ROOM. In the current number of the Spencer News Editor Richards says of the reading room at his town: Monday night a tfews reporter dropped in at 8:30. ["here were nineteen boys in the room, ranging, perhaps, from fourteen to eighteen years old. The room was in charge of Mrs. White and was in per- ect order. There were no girls present. Nearly all were busily engaged ooking over picture books and illus,rated magazines. A few appeared to be reading. Thepe queries came to the reporter's mind and these answers: 3ow many of these boys have nice lomes provided with books and papers and would be there if not here? How many have not such a home, or having phem do not spend an evening at home >ut, with those who have none, spend their evenings on the street, in the stores, and worse places? To the former the reading room is of questionable jenefit; to the latter it is the best substitute for the home. Maw a, , in her yepprf lor attering showing fop elip In Wl the city council voted a tax rii&e support pi ^ yeg&ing ^Jmt plaeieg the toacfls 9! this tion upon a 9,oli4 foundation and. en tfi make, large? Money. I have unlimited money to loan on ong or short time, B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty Jloud & Haggard. of collections. -LADIES, buy your fancy china now. STew York adVices are that owing to the war between China and Japan these goods will be much higher, but while ihe stock lasts they will be much lower, as we must close out this stock, The jrange Store. CHASE & SANBORN'S famous coffees and seal brand tea, Walker Bros,, ox? elusive agents. GAZE on that 10 cent table of canned goods at Walker Bros.' WATER won't make the colors run in our yarn, (we have tried it and know,) aut it does affect the prices. Come and see, The Grange Store, A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. » Inquire at this office.— 17tf WE are making, special prices on dress goods, G. L. Galbraith & Co. The W, H. M, S, will sell fresh home* made baking 1 $t Brownell's shoe store, Saturday afternoon and evening.-45t4. TRY a box of those London layer raisens at Walker Bros, 1 "Never so cheap." ^ .___ JUST received, a new line of Ducking- dress' goods at Galbraith's, LADPS, we were preparing for our "annual linen sale" before the fire; part of the goods had arrived; they don't look quite eo pret/ty now as they did, (need either a little leps water or a little more,) but you can buy them fop a good deal less money. The Grange At the time of the examinatiOIJ Of the Ingham fartfi dairy to? ttibefcuioeiSj 0. L. Lund decided to have the herd tested from which he furnishes the lowtt milk, Last Thursday Prof. Ntles came from Ames and with Dr. Sayers applied tbe tubeculin test to 42 cows, With the result of finding 23 diseased. Mr. Lund was greatly surprised, as his herd has been carefully selected, and all have been bought within a radius of six miles of Algona. They are a handsome looking lot of cows, have had excellent care, and to all outward appearances are sound and healthy. The cat* tie were quarantined and have been branded, and are now kept by'them- selves and the milk is not used. Mr. Lund will have them killed, but before doing so he intends to make this a full test case of the whole tuberculosis matter. He intends to get a veterinarian not connected with the Iowa department and of national standing to perform the post mortem and to have the results published to the state. Drs. Sayers and NUes conducted a very careful test, and in no case yet found in Iowa has the tuberculin test failed to discover traces of disease. They believe, as does the state board of health, that tuberculosis Is a dangerous disease and that milk is affected by It in enough cases to make tuberculosus cows unfit for dairy purposes. There is some dispute about the matter and the veterinarians are as anxious as anybody to have the question settled. But a few facts seem to be settled: 1. Consumption may appear in various parts of the body besides the lungs. 2. If cows have it in the udder or milk glands the germs are found in the milk. 3. It is a contagious disease and the germs taken in milk will under right conditions cause consumption in people. 4. If a cow shows traces of consumption at the test, the disease may be in the milk glands or in the lungs, but there is no certainty where it is. Therefore all cows having it may be dangerous. . 5. While the tuberculin test brings out the presence of the germs in a cow, it also stimulates their growth and hastens the disease after it has been injected. There is no doubt that health authorities generally and veterinarians agree that tuberculosis should be stamped out wherever it appears. They credit the wide spread of consumption, the most dread of all diseases, to it, and if they are right there should be no question about thoroughly testing every dairy herd in use. THE UPPER DES MOINES has already published articles sustaining the prevailing views of the medical authorities. A few late notes from the other side will be of interest, but they should be read with a full remembrance of the fact that the national authorities at Washington and the experts in the various states do not minimize the dangers from this disease: ONLY A SCARE. The Orange Judd Farmer: The tuberculosis scare is rapidly passing away. You can not fool all the people all the while,'as Mr. Lincoln once sagely remarked, and the dairymen are coming to their senses. THE SCARE IN IOWA. i State Register: The tuberculosis scare seems to have "died a-bornin'" in Iowa. All the eastern states have had the scare and have expended many thousands of dollars to exterminate tuberculosis, but some of their cattle still have it and will have it as long as blood flows, The Iowa board of health and some of our experts ought to have been better posted on the results of the tuberculin tests in the eastern states, which would have made the same disclosures at any time during the past 200 years and will for all coming time, MILK DOES NOT OFTEN CARRY CONSUMPTION, Dr. S. G. Dixon of the academy of natural sciences at Philadelphia: In talking with the lay people I find that they have learned the truth to the extent that consumption is very prevalent in the cow, but they dp not realize the fact that a large majority of the bacteriologists of the world have searched most diligently for the tubercle bacillus in the milk of cows suffering from consumption, and as yet have only found the germs in that taken from animals affected with tuberculosis of the milk glands and ducts, which result is coupled with the fact that comparatively few tuberculous animals, particularly those suffering from incipient consumption, are thus affected, The milk, therefore, as taken from the cow cannot be as important a factor in causing consumption as is generally be- 'of good houses tor sale cheap, by 'Doxsee & Shftw.— 4812 FotiNi)— A pair Of gold-bowed spec* tacles. D. T. Smith* J. B, Jones is up from bes Moines, He reports business quiet there. * Miss Cora Htbbard will aot continue her course at Ames and does not go back the coming' term. Mrs. C. L. Lund is back from Chicago, wher,e she has been with her wld-> owed sister the past few weeks. Prof, Rutledge was up from Livermore last Monday visiting some of his old-time state university chums. Chas. McCall, who is a veterinary at Audubon, is home on a visit. ' He was a spectator at the Lund cattle inspection last week. Rev. Davidson participates in, the dedicatory exercises of the new Congregational church at Clear Lake tonight. Clear Lake has built a very handsotrie church. The father and sister of C. M. and C. J. Doxsee visited them over Sunday, driving over from Rolfe. Miss Gwen- nte and Miss Margaret Rutherford will be room-mates at Ames the coming term, which opens next week. S. Benjamin came back Thursday from his New York visit. He found his-sister quite low and expects now any day to hear of her death. Between Rochester and Syracuse he was snowed in eight hours, and up in Jefferson county the snow was six feet deep on the level. He says that was too much snow to suit him, and he likes it here better where he can tell whether he is walking over the house-tops or not. A WOMAN'S MASS MEETING. The Algona Ladles Will Meet and Arrange for a Full Vote on the Library Question. At a meeting of the reading room ladies held last week it was decided to hold a mass meeting next week Friday and arrange to make the ballot as wielded by them a power in the coming city election. A committee consisting of Mrs. Lewis H. Smith, Mrs. J. R. Jones, -and Mrs. J, W. Hay were appointed to make the arrangements. The meeting will probably be held in the Rutherford sample rooms, but may! be in the court house. A Poem Prom Kansas. G. H. Davis of Leaven worth encloses with his draft for THE UPPER DES MOINES the following lines: More kindly comes your late request Than Ozone laden east win'd, And In response I'll send the cash The sub and editor to bind. I hope you'll thrive, gain fame and wealth, For labor you are so willingly bestowing, To make us wise in great events, And how our country's growing. Iowa Is a grand old state, Sure footed, safe and steady. Your senators are bright and great, In advancement of good are ever ready. Your Dolllver strikes out straight At some of our eastern brothers, He lets them know that they are late, And can't make good laws for others. A fair law for one and all ? Our loyal people are now crying, And will not yield to one that's small, To the west or others' rights denying, Notice. This is to give notice that my son, David S. Hegarty, has left my home, and I will pay no debts contracted by him after this date. PETER HEGARTY. David Button's Sale. On Wednesday, Feb. 27, the undersigned will sell, at auction, as his farm in Sherman township, two miles south of Irvington station,the following property: Twenty milk cows, ten steers 2 years old, nine heifers 2 years old, all with calf, 18 fall calves, 11 spring calves, one Durham bull 1 year old, span Norman work horses, we'igh 1,400, span of Clyde work horses, weigh 1,200, span of mares 4 years old, about 1,200, three horses 2 years old, five yearling colts, four last-spring colts, span matched ponies, a good single driver, a lot of farm machinery^ milk cans, etc. Terms: One year's time at 8 per cent. with approved security; sums under $5, cash; Sale begins at 10 a, m, Free lunch. DAVID DUTTON. D. A. HAGGARD, Auctioneer. l<»>»fl company, Plains, Mo, Lands bought so, er exobweei, Qorreswndgnoe so.- lioited, Reference: The West Plates Kleantl, sap at at 190 per Jieved by the average consumer, and. regret to add, as is taught by many the veterinary profession, TUBERCULIN; AS A TEST. Swiss minister of agriculture: As to the value of this agent (tuberculin) to detect tuberculosis, I asked the opinion Of Professor Guillefaean, professor of the veterinary school of Berne, where experiments have been made, as also in other parts of Switzerland, and I must aay his opinion is not favorable at all to the use of this medicament. It permits) it Js true, to detect latent tuberculosis, hut it has the inconvenience of general' izing it rapidly in two or three weeks, in cas,e8 in which tbe tuberculosis would perhaps have remained 'latent for years* jt causes, therefore, groat; loss in cattle, and brings, too, flange* 1 to those who drink tbe wttk when tbe latent tuberculosis becowes g feed, As to the danger raised by ouloue cattle tQ public heaUft» M« lebe§B dpes not wnk it great, as the l pwetow is to bave the meat well , ana tap drink naUfc, at least i« tpwn, a#ej- jt Jias bsea boiled- A HOUSEBOM) P. W, Fuller of Canajbharie, N. Y., says that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in the IK/UBO and his family has always found the very best results follow its use; that he would not be without it, If procurable, G, A. Pykeman, druggist, CatefeW, N. F,, says that Dr, King's New Discovery is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that he has used it in nis 'awty for eight years, and it has never failed to do aH that Js claimed for it. Why not try a remedy so long tried ajjd tested, Trial bottles free at I* A, Sheet?' drug store, Regular size 6Qo., and 1100. . A DIME buys lots at the Opera House Grocery this week. -_, rire Having made a settlement with the insurance companies we now offer bntire Stock^ OF Dry Goods, Crockery, Fine Chinas, Notions, etc,, at a great sacrifice to Close Out the Entire Stock at Once. Damaged goods will be sold Regardless of Cost. Come and see us, on North Dodge-st, opposite Republican office. The Grange Store. PRODUCER JAHAM1LTQN CONSUMER lot is the Time To buy your Fence Posts and Drain Tile, While the roads are good and before the spring rush begins. We handle the LEHIGH TILE, the best, drain tile made. We will make special prices on car lots. Do not wait until you are ready to lay them, but secure them at. once. We have our usual large stock of Hardwood of all kinds, Slat Fencing, Felt Roofing, Sewer Pipe, Brick, Stone, etc., etc. Wholesale and Retail, J, A. Hamilton & Co. M, p, TIAGGABD. O, V, PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smitli,] * Abstracts, Real Estate,-^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. WE have a lot of shirting flannels to close out cheap at Galbraith & Co.'s. that line of canned goods at the Opera House Grocery this week. TAKE Yankee Pancake for breakfast, Walker Bros, have it, syrup, syrup— g§oa gallon .at HudBon'8,-47t8 DR, L, A, STOETZ, Drugs and Medicines, Full assortment always onnanflot arugs, we^ ojnes, anfl pn?e liquors for medicinal purposes only. Bradley & Nicoulln are nov> prepared to do all kinds of Repairing Wagons, Buggies,- Farm Machinery, Also do Painting and operate a. general repair shop, AT THE OLD STAWP, All diseases of the eye treated. ,,._.. Glasses afljuatea tqr T errors p| refraction and tvecoiuitto.aa.tlpn, • No charge for A NBW line ol White gojQds, just re- .W Q A a t Galbraith & Co. s. „„ „ „ B you tried Caranael coffee? only. J6g a po^^tl.iW'gg^^jfa^ePft'^ MpNpVto loaa on, Ippg OF ste^fi 1 Notice is njolpftl eli few Oft Mo e»t yards

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