The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 20, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1895
Page 1
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''""'''"' ' '' ' "' ' TDL, AMONA, IOWA, 20, 189S, Opera - ouse Buy Your Groceries There. New Goods Have begun to com in. Big line of White Goods and Ducking Dress Goods, at Galbraith & Co.'s. If you want A White Pearl, Call on PATTERSON & SON. T) EMBMBER that we aim to carry J\ a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed, Qroc^ery, Grlassware, Lamps, etc,' Also that we will not be undersold by any firm in the city, For good and fresh Butter call on * Patterson & Son. s WliTT doesBROWNELL VY fly get all the Shoe Trade? 4« '. t \ * 4lV.- »' -<! ' "^/r ti ' Because they have the Largest Stock. Their Goods are Always First Clasi, Their Prices Always the Lowest The Democrat tells tls that Emtttets- btitg is All JUght DTI the Ques* tion of Morals. NO MISSIONARY IS NEEDED Senator Furtk Bftlleves the Talffi&ge Literature is Good Reading—Notes of the Northwest. Emmetsburg is pricking up, and no mistake. When it begins to lecture the most godly communities in Iowa on comparative morals, an awakened conscience is evidently pricking hard. Here is a most astonishing editorial 'rom the Democrat, which we give without comment, for who would paint thelilly? The people o! Spencer, Algona, Hum- bbldt, Estherville, Spirit Lake, and Sheldon have no reason to stick their noses so high in the air when speaking about the people of Emmetsburg, Let ihem look after their own house clean- ng before they offer any advice to our citizens. If they do this, they will do 'ar more than their own newspapers give them credit for doing. They are lOt a whit better than the people of Smmetsburg and it is very questionable if they are as good in the matter of morals. They have their own annoying, immoral, impious, ungodly, and lawless. The community that has none of these has little to do for moral- sts, humanitarians, or reformers. It s no satisfaction and certainly no pleasure to enumerate the deeds of vice and mpurity that may have taken place at your neighbors' doors, but it is the )art of self respect and self defense to lo so, especially when the wrong-doers jut on the unbecoming garb of of sanctity and deliberately seek to discredit ,he good names of their superiors. Scarcely a week passes that there is not a case of robbery or. swindling re- jorted from Humboldt. Who has not ieard of Algona's awful cutting affair, ts depot robbers, its numerous and sensational divorce cases, its notorious "blue sky gang" that has operated in all parts of the state, and its burning and robbery of but a few nights ago? * > * Why, when it comes to the matter of personal purity and genuine decency, Emmetsburg towers high above the places that have been mentioned. The crimes of high life are the ones that are the most injurious to the moral health of a community. Let ihose of surrounding towns look to the morals of those who are educated and Influential and who are leaders in so- sial, religious, and educational lines jefore they venture away from home in ;he performance of missionary'labor. Let them look zealously after this and hey will recognize the importance of aecoming better, purer, higher, and lobler. In the meantime Emmets- 3urg will look after its lawless and endeavor in every way to prevent the recurrence of the misdeeds that have stained the good name of our community. In short it will seek to correct the short-comings of its less exemplary citizens and resolve to maintain the dignity of the law at all hazards. In addition to this, if there is any energy to spare, any funds to carry on the work, any unoccupied time to devote to the task, it will, if the offer be acceptable, send some of its eloquent, humble, and persuasive patriarchs, its virtuous women, and its exemplary, zealous, business and professional men to the neighboring places'mentioned, to inculcate nigh ideas on social and religious questions, personal purity, and domestic honor and integrity. TJiey Have Been Dropped. Spirit Lake Beacon: THE UPPER DES MOINES desires to know how many read the Talmage sermons which ap pear on its pages. It has the impres sion that they are seldom read and if this is the fact the enterprising publishers want to fill this space with other matter, A week after this statement was published only one man bad been beard from, and be had no personal use for the sermons. It is the opinion of the Beacon that THE UPPER DES OINES folks will know a good deal more about the regard of the public for the sermons in question after the same have been eliminated, Local readers seldom commend in terms any special feature of a newspaper. They are not at all backward in coming forward with an adverse criticism, but when the paper suits them fairly well they keep mum, There are doubtless hundreds of readers of the paper mentioned who read with much interest the sermonio productions of the eminent Brooklyn divine. They may not have thought the subject worthy of mention, to the editors, but they will be heard from when that space is filled witb" "more interesting matter." Among the men who have appeared upon our Chautau qua platform none are greeted by crowds such a,e appear on, Talrnage day. Some people declare they do not like him, but these »re apt to come early and get gpod seats. It is hardly prob' abte that, as a rule, readers of THE UPPEB DES MOINES are indifferent to the productions of this map. If you. conclude to drop ijhe sermons, bretfr ren, please notify ws privately pp ofa, erwise pf the cotntaente pf yoHp readerg Upon t^is chanje. The MJW^ry SpUoeJ »t Col. CopUe has been a,t Awes, goes tomorrow for the closing weel? 9f tfee. kainlRg eehesa pen. Thit to the, A* the tart ; will * 4V i. m report p.; jrt ,o be held wiH be artapfea by t|»e $b> rejull of flXWJna|ipjft,» f&? Jfetteafti Su toFflaTsayf! "£be tfMfr 8* 1 fflSBK 7 s fy a ^v*^"S^ c T^ Jr»Wjr"rr •«~»*TF i ™\'y^ i iv •=^S-T EW *W^» C ^ ( ,fW| questtoh butHbat the fecliodl *lil liftve by that time established itself ad a teg* mar annual gathering of the officers of ihe guard tot Ittstrufition ifi the various ranches of the sefvlcei" Col. Cooke netructs on small aftts practice. one Man With Fftitit lh Dr. Kenefick has a brother at Sel- mortd who" bets that horses are going to mve their day again. He has been ping lately, and at Chicago he got two fast colts. One of these he bought of the Axtell syndicate, who paid over 9100,000 for that celebrated horse, and he other he got from the celebrated J. . Case stud. The first is Axineer, a two-year-old colt by Aktell 2:12, and ,he second is a two-year-old by Phallo, by Phallas 2:131, Dr. Kenefick has shown that he knows a good horse when he sees it here in Algona, and iis brother may be right about the coming horse boom. How He Knew About It. The story is told that an Eagle Grove druggist lately complained to the county attorney that a certain hole-ln-the- wall was selling liquor. When asked low he knew he replied that his beer sales had fallen off $10 a day and he was sure some one was supplying the trade. Should Sign the Pledge. Albert Romsa, a citizen of Esther- dlle, went to a drug store there and mured out a drink of whiskey for him- lelf behind the case. The whiskey >roved to be aconite, and they pumped Mr. Romsa's stomach with great vigor, barely saving his life. The Russian Thistle Must Go. Iowa was represented at the Inter- State thistle meeting at St. Paul last week. Six states had delegates who resolved that the difficulty Is one which ihreatens the whole country. They expect to ask every state and congress ;o take steps towards eradicating it. Col. Thompson for Commander. Col. J. K. P. Thompson of Rock Rap- ds has the inside track for the com- mandershlp of the grand army of Iowa. ELe is getting a big endorsement from this section. THE Des Moines Twice-a-week News ias out its price in two and is sent t|o my address for 60 cents a year. The tfews is a first-class Iowa journal, pub- ished every Monday and Thursday evening, and gives much fresher news and markets than the weeklies. The Daily News is $4 a year or $1 for three months. This paper will receive subscriptions for either edition, or they can be sent at the above rate directly to the Des Moines News Co., Publishers, Des Moines, Iowa. BY special arrangement we are able to offer the Council Bluffs Weekly Nonpareil and THE UPPER DES MOINES >ne year for $1,85. The Nonpareil is ,he oldest daily and weekly in Iowa, ind is metropolitan in every respect, sample copies may be seen at this office, and no paper in the state gives such a large volume of interesting Iowa news as the Nonpareil does. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. .The best salve iu the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, letter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25o a box. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. Two HUNDRED and fifty carpet samples for sale cheap at the Grange Store. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Pair, MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Ppwder. .Free from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant, 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, The Best Made. Coon & CQ/S Collars, Monarch Shirts, Wilson Bros* Ties. & , They will do you good '^V*?' < 4..'? • • -Vl When you are in need of a good article in either /f ; Tea or Coffee, call and get a package of our l;^ Diamond Brand OF, COFFEE AND = • ' ; May Bud Tea. and you will come again—that is just what we want, and that is the reason we keep the best that money can buy. • -A^ffl r . * "<> '*• $•' ^te. ^* ^.^f **y Langdon & Hudson. We Aim to Buy= The best of everything in our line in the market, hence you will make no mistake in trading at our store if you want the best goods. Axes, Axe Handles, Asbestos Mats, Jutcher Knives, Jath Tubs, Brooms, offee Mills, Churns, oal Hods, Doal Oil Cans, Carvers, Dhristy Bread Knives, Dust Pans, Dinner Pails, ,gg Beaters, imery Sharpeners, ry Pans, Granite Ware, riddles, Jewel Stoves, Kettles, Knives and Forks, Kraut Cutters, •Lard Presses, Lanterns, MeatChoppers, Meat Pounders, Mrs. Potts' Sad Irons, Meat Roasters, , Oil Heaters, Oat Meal Cookers, Potato Mashers, Riverside Ranges, Stove Mitts, Stove Polish, C. Scissors, Seives, Scotch Bowls, Swedish Razors, ' <* Saws, Steel Ranges, Tinware, Tubes, Washing Machines, Wringers, Wash Basins, Waffle Irons, Wash Boards, Wood Spoons, And everything else kept in a first-class Hardware Store, I *V1?< 1 i "& '.fcli t\ Winkie's old stand.. ,'•*. Hustle to. s Ask for Snowatilla. Only 25c,- Cowles Block/ Advantages gained by trading here,.. I mention a few of them, A Large Stock, Choice Assortment, Reliable Goods, Reasonable Prices, Prompt Delivery of Goods, and be convinced, . A New Harness Shop, Bw flfiW^AlywKHi «RP, .ft Jte ftwrt WBW Harness, Blankels, Bobes, 1^34' ffl^^^^^^fcr^^'^^Sf^' 1 : AJ Poxsee & Shaw, '.;"<* Hbstracls of Title . w ^~^ < * **•**•,' ^TUm , ,''.';• ^w\*&KjStfM&

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