Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1921 · Page 16
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 22, 1921
Page 16
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SECTION TWO PAGE EIGHT THJfcj nrrStfUittitt SUNDAY rU5T, JUAI 22, 1921. ML Oliver to Honor War Veterans at Dedication Of Memorial Decoration Day Parade and Addresses1 to Feature Program. i 230 NAMES ON TABLET ML Oliver borough will dedicate Its honor roll Dtxjoratlon Day In honor of , Its 220 sons who took Pal"t In the World war. There will bo a luncheon served to the soldiers, sailors and marines in the school houae at 12 o'clock by the , women of the Mt. Oliver Civic Club and j . the Red Cross. Following which, at 2 j o'clock, th'ere will he a parade through I the principal streets of the borough. At: tho conclusion of the parade there will j be several addresses. i The honor roll is located at Ormsby and Hays avenues, on a site donated by Ihe borough. The tablet Is in the form of a shell. From the base to the top of the bronze design. It stands nearly j nine feet high. The base Is of berry ! ttone granite and la three feet high, i i Between the three outstretched eagles at the base of the bronze design are three shields and upon these are placed tho names of the boys who gave their lives to Uncle Sam. On the upper part of the shaft, in long columns of names on all sides, are the remainder of the 230 who were In the service. Thirteen boys from the borough lost their lives. The honor roll entails a cost of approximately Ji,5"0. The contract was given to the architect, Frank Vittor, a local man, who has made several designs for the Government and private parties, in February, 1019, by the ML Oliver War Service Union, which had charge of the drives to raise funds tn the borough. They were assisted by the Red Cross, who raised over $1,200 at a ba-zaar held over a year ago. The design was accepted from a plaster iparia east which was submitted to the War Service Union by the architect over a year ago. This Is the only honor roll of this Kind in the country. 'Fhe bronze work was all cast In one pitce with Xhe names on It. At the top of the shell is the following: "Erected to perpetuate the names and memory of the men of the borough of ML Oliver, ra., who, during the great "World war served In the military and naval forces of our country or engaged In soldiers' welfare work." The following are the names of the boys who lost their lives In the service: Albert J. Jetzgar. F. S. Tremel-len. Harry Wagner, X. C. Ublnger, Herbert Lechner, William F. Bronder, Carl C. Enderlin, T. J. Kirstein, Anthony rack, Jr., F. J. Kenkin, Clyde Trotter, Ralph W. Uhlman and It. A. SJImmerman." Charles J. Move, burgess, as chairman of the committee of arrangements has been working hard during the last few months arranging the program. The Other members of the committee re: George A. Eauoh, F, William Ru-6cll and Joseph Uhlman. Honor Roll Monument. The organizations which will take part In the parade, of which Colonel Fred A. Hartung will be chief marshal, are as follows: Ilome-Uhlman Tost! of-Foreign Wars, American Legion; Ca- I dets of St. Joseph Church, I. O. O. M. No. 151, Knoxvllle Lodge, B. P. O. E. 1136. ML Oliver Hook and Ladder Company. 'Hill Top Independent Fire Company. German Beneficial Union, Friendship Club, ML Oliver War Service Union, children of ML Oliver school and Mothers of Democracy. The service flag of the. borough bearing a star for each soldier and a gold star for those who have lost their lives in overseas duty and a silver star while In camp in this country, will be carried by member3 of the Red Cross. The Boy Scouts will unveil the monument. The speakers for the occasion will be Congressman Guy E. Campbell, John H. Wagner. Chaplain William J. Mun-ster. Three Hundred and Tenth United ritates Field Artillery. The parade will start at 2 o'clock, forming on Quincy avenue, near Brownsville road, moving from there to Amanda avenue, to Arlington avenue, to Brownsville road, to Penn avenue, to Otlllia streeL to Ormsby avenue, to Hays avenue. At the conclusion of the parade, services will commence at the ML Oliver school house. The following is a list of those who served their country in the war: Corporal Theodore Ackerman, F. W. Ackerman, Raymond Augustine, William F. Aul, Walter J. Amman, Pleriene Antenacci. Otto F. Boltzhauser. George Boltzhauser, Stephen J. Bentz. Albert E. Beckman, George Brunder, Ralph A. IVitz. Fred Brehl, Robert A. Beatty, Milton II. Batz, William Bronder, Karl ill f My (sa I Stop Any Corn any minute, in this simple way You can end any corn when you will. You can stop it any minute by a touch. Apply Blue-jay the liquid or the plaster. The pain will cease. In a few days the whole corn will loosen and come out. This happens to at least 20 million corns a year. 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Joseph Bauer, Harry Crist. George E. Crist, lieutenant H. M. Desh-baeh. Jack Iewald, George EMppel, 1'ietro 1'Ariano, Anthony Dri-n;er, Elmer Evans, Christ J. Evans, Jr., Carl Enderlin, J.l. End. Otto Ebbert. Alfred W. Fein, Ferdinand C. 'Fein, William F. Fitz, Frank MtC Fisher, Kenneth Franz, Raymond J. Freund, Sylvester Freund. A f red Frey, Harry Fleianer. John Felix. Adam H. Fucha, Captain Austin C. Frank, John A, Goodwin, Henry S. Goedert, Nicholas T. Goedert. Arnold C. Gutberlet, Norman C. Gut-berlet, William Henn, James A- Hawthorne, Sylvester A. Henger, E. T. Henger, iSylvoster Hagerling, Michael C H;ftz, Major P'rederick Hartung-, Corporal Charles J. Haas, Elroy Hubbard. V. J. Herrman, Joserh F. Herrman. H. J. Holzwarth, John G. Hess, Raymond Horner, Fred Hessler, George Htssier. I. K. Huebncr, Albert Hagcc, Howard Holzer, Ectward Ho.zur, Hem.. Klinzing. John Kratz, Nicholas J. Kelly. Elmer Kirstein, Alexander P. Kirstein, Florence Kirstein, Leander Kirstein, Theodore J. Kirstein, Adolph Klein, August F. Klein, Jr.. Edward C. Klein, A. Klein, Joseph V. Kohier, Thomas B. Kenny, A. L. Kessler, Aloysius J. Kessler, Fred J. Kessler, Hay Krakow, Walter Kiinker, Joseph V. Kohier, George Lostetter,. Joseph A. I-osletter, G. A. Longerrnan, fctephen LonKerman, John Longerman, Edward Eink, Thomas Little. Captain William F. Lonn. 1. J. Eauterbach, E. F. Ley. John Tymdale Loeber, Herman A. Locke. Benjamm Lewis, Fred L Lewis, Gust Lye, George J. Lintner. Howard F. Lechner. Herbert F. Lechner, Harry Moore. Albert Metzger, A. C Mehring, H. J. Mueller. Howard Miller. William G. MKler, John Miller, John Makary. William raul Mahoney, John J. Ma-honey. William Carl Mantz, Edward A. Mutschler. Frederick Moore, Leo Meyers, Norbect Mewes, Francis McCarthy, Vincent McCarthy. Edward L, Mc Groder, B. J. MeGroder. A. W. Xleder-barger, William J. Nies. Henry J. Nies, Charles F. Notter, J. J. B. Nilles, Jr., l. J. O'Brien, James A. O'Brien, W. Edward O'BrieTj. Albert Tack, Cornelius Tack. F. J. Fack, Anthony J. Fack. Herman J. Pack. Andrew S. Fack. Harry I Pack. Andrew E. Ffeifer, John Pfeil, Harry Pfister, John J. Rim-linjrer, J. H Roeper, Jr., Frederick J. Renkin. E. C. Rauft, J. A. Rectenwald. John Rizzo, W. J. Rau. Raymond J. Schneider, Harry C. Stone, Vincent C. Schaaf. J. E. Schweikart, Raymond C. Schweikart, Anthony F. Schweikart, Herman J. Schoos, Thomas T. Schoos, Frederick Schuler, Holiis O. Smith, Edgar W. henkle, Raymond P. Shenkle, Ingnazio Sclalabba, Frank P. Smythe, James J. Smythe, Howard Sunshine, Clarence C. Sunshine, Harry J. Sisley, Frederick B. Stewart, Jack W. Sippey, Fred E. Stuckey, Otto C. Strausburger, Jr., Albert Strausburger, Clarence Staudinger, Alois C. Schmieer, Frank G. Sommer, George Sutter, Jr.", Joseph Tyler, Jr., Henry Troetschel, William T. Troetschel, Burton Tremellen, Frank lin S. Tremellen, Captain William Truter, Joseph Taylor, Lieutenant Clyde Trotter, Siegfred R. Uhlman, Florence Chlman, Corporal Ralph W. Uhlman Norman Ubingec, Albert Vogel, Walter J. AY agner, Harry agner, Joseph H Wagner, Herbert Wetzel, Corporal Carl Welsh, Theodore Welsh, Arthur Weiss, Conrad Weiss, William Weyman, John S. Walters, Elmer Yund, Alexander V. Young, Henry A. Zimmerman, J. Wr. Zimmerman, Roy Zeigler, Clyde R. Zimmer. Scout Activities memi s Sale Eteliieini Calbkeb I 1 r At Pre-war' Prices yuj uLjgiiP Here's another fine bit of eviflenee concerning Friend's low prices. Brand new attractive, labor saving kitchni cabinets at average savings of 33S per cent from today's regular price. There are several good makes in the assortment not just one and this is an advantage few other stores can offer. Wc have a largo stock, but they won't last long with such prices. Large assortment, lowfst prices and easy terms! There can't be a better offer. Why be without this wonderful help any longer! Excellent Cabinets Lowest PricesEasiest Terms! 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The troop comn?ittee consists of Captain John D. Meyer, W. J. Patterson and R. C. McElfish. Tioop 1 of Unity tenderfeet are: Arthur Stoehr. iliiton McLauehlln. John Shollev. Hmrv r"t- lin, Francis Sharkey, Clarence Maxwe'L ile.vin Stotler, Kenneth Lewis', Ralph Enninirer. Walter Rovii. Mplvin 1?ti. pinker, Verne Wheeler and Howard Ep-piner. The troop committee consists of N, M. Enoinirer. F. 1. Anderson an F" W McLaughlin. Troop 1 of Braddock has these tenderfeet to start with: William Brohm. Edward Crajner. Clarenci. (-n. cain. Thomas Dixon, Paul and Howard liarunan, lra fiarkins, John Hugo. Joseph Hamilton. Howard Les.."e. Ado:ph llapidson, William McAdams, William t eiugrew, uwen itoaerus, Harold and Julius Steinetz. Ernest Shuntm. riviti Taylor, Theodore Wilczek, Charles 11c-C;ear'. ltoss Shaughnessy, James Mad- uen ana uona.a uramer. The troop committee consists of P. C. Bridge, A. D. Montgomery and Rev Adams. The assistant scoutmasters are Joseph Zorn and Albert Peiwarte. Xew scoutmasters include Wallas Whit ney for Troop 1 of Ertsewoo.1- llev w L. Wishart for the new Unity t'roo nna isavia .Mcnois tor me new brad- dock troop. New veteran scouts are J. IT. Knutr scoutmaster of Troop 22 of Wliftinsburg, ana Aiirea iienaerson. assistant scout master of Forest Hills No. l. J. M. Hart of Wilkinsburg; No. S becomes a deputy scout commissioner. H. D. Vil-helm succeeds to the scoutmastership made vacant by Hart. Scouts advanced to first class are: Harry McK. McCormick. Rohprf .fmht and Michael Gross; second class, Charles Edge. Ray Robert, Stanton Frank. Wal ter oenius. John Kobinson, Lafayette Ray. Samuel Crago, Robert Mattman, DonaJd Cearhart, Robert McKnight. T. Ward Hazlett. Jack Bradbury. Alex Ross. William Allman VVI 'urH n,mi,u George Bollinger, Frank Lowry, Howard j,moncK, K AiKlnson, Reynolds Mc- oaugney ana tonendan Bell. Henry J Youn was awarded a merit in ! mu.ic. R, S. Henderson la the 'scout 1 executive. A new scoutmasters' association of the Pittsburgh council has been formed to aid in the work of the various committees. It aims to bring the scoutmasters closer together in practical matters. Officers are: Chairman. H. W. Brubach; vice chairman, Harry Hel-mig; secretary, C. L. Rebenack,' and treasurer, Frank Gerwig. Jr. McKeesport Scouts will hold t. boree June II at Olympic Park. E. Roy McGrath Is chairman of the een-eral committee. At the court of honor In the Crafton High School 89 scouts were advanced in rank frpm 11 different troops This is .T. B. Fairman's district. The adult supporters of scouting in the Allegheny valley council organized a boosters' club last week. Plans were made for promoting Boy Scout work in that section. Rev. W. G. Felmeth spoke for the Scout game. The roll showed more than 50 citizens ready to stand bacW of the boys. The big rally of District 1 of the Pitt urgh council will take plaxe on Flagstaff Hillf Schenley park. June 4 Tho practice event was In charge f A. R Gray, deputy commisslcr- F W. Fogarty. Amos Shields. F. W Warren and Carl Hyslip. The timing was done by C. Lawrence "Wateh. athletic director of the Pittsburgh public tchoola. SUITE No. 1 Here to the durabil T-oo m s 3 Pieces shown in golden oak finish for. EASY THIU1S Is a suite that Is irolng to malce an instant appeal Q farv ESXt Tierson looking for attract tveness. convenirnrr, m iiy and economy in a thoroughly modern bed- M Tl uite. A better value has never been offered. Tho B mU NEW BRIDES and Those About to Be Here IS a good piece of luck for you a chance to get a most beautiful right up-to-the-minute style bedroom suite at a great deal less than you intended to pay. Bring "him" along and pick your suite now! We'll hold it, free of charge, till you want it and arrange easy terms. But come tomorrow, so as to be sure of "getting in on" this sale. 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We furnish them with tastefulness and our charge is very moderate. Kitchen and bedroom complete, at $195. Kitchen, bed room and dining room in this sale g295 as low aa I 1 Special Bedding Sale Irwi Mattress All Cotton A good comfortable Jiattress: 50 pounds of clean, sanitary cotton; strong art tick. Special $11.95 National Springs These are good strong rustproo springs, s a price n s4.95 jii XT?."! Metal Beds Handsome white finished iron beds, of oou, strong, auraDie construction. Special at 9.75 F.1Y TEH Ml. (Birl Scout Activities The lay session of the Allegheny County Court of Honor will be the last until fall and headquarters is planning to make it an informal Girl Scout ra.'.y for as many of the troops as can get there. In addition to the awarding o. the badses. there will be a short program of Scout activities and a windup of inter-troop games and stunts. It will be held in the first United Presbyterian House, 801 Union avenue. North-side at 1:30 o'clock next Saturday. The following is th6 projrram: Demonstration of opening meeting. Troop 51. Ems-worth; court of honor awards, signaling. Troop 33, North United Presbyterian Church, Xorthside; play. Troop 16, First United Presbyterian Community House. iScout "spelldown," open to all second class Scouts; drill. Troop 9. Dor-mont ' The first rally of the Washington County Girl Scouts was held yesterday on the grounds of the Nemacolin Country Club, near Bealsville with the following events: Review, promise and laws, fla raising, pledge of allegiance addresses, announcements, first aid demonstration, lunch, fire building; is- naling, troop stunts, races In fire building, knot tying, four legged race, sack race, flag relay, retreat and taps. The rally was primarily to interest Washington county in scouting through an exhibition of scouts and scout activities. Secondly, the rally rrovided competition between' troops in order to awaken interest among the Scouts to prepare for future bigger and better rallies. Through the courtesy of he University of Pittsburgh. Girl Scouts are to be allowed the privilege of the university swimming pool Monday moraines from June 15 to cieptember L The only provision made is that a leader be with the Scouts. This wi'.l be a good chance for Schenley Pant picnics with a swim as an added attraction. The office will gladly give further i directions on application. Troop 63, Homewood Presbyterian Church, will go for a nature study hfke with Mrs. A. B. Lord next Wednesday. About 49 Scout3 are planning to go. Miss Edith Landis is the "captain. Troop 45. Oakland Community House, visited the Neville street engine house last Thursday afternoon for work In Are prevention and fire rescue. Miss Nan Jenkins is the leader. Troop 53, Robinson street mission, hiked to Glenshaw last Saturday. The Girl eout troop at Bethany Lutheran Church, Miss Adeline Seltz, captain, held a bake sal last Saturday and cleared over $13. , .Last Monday evening Troop 61 of Emsworth, assisted by Troop 74 of Emsworth, had a surprise entertainment for- Miss Grace Courtney, captain of Troop 51. The Scouts prepared the program and invited their mothers end fathers to enjoy it in Jkfiss Courtney's honor. TJje following took part In the program: Eleanor Cummings, Julia -Harrigan, Gertrude Thomas. Robert Netting.' Thelma Gray. Mildred Metz, J, Lee Pickens. Russell Griffith, Jean Lowry. Henrietta MilW, Mary Toomey, Gladys Vanillin?. Olive Lodry .-imin .iner. rrancis irpp lir v,,. ; garet Baldw in, Russei Griffith, ' Marion j Zir.n, Catherine Foresburg. Catherine rciiOCK anl MatiMn Mofanaman. Smuggler Loses $60,000 Necklace NEW YORK. Ms.y 21.-A pearl necklace with platinum clasp, valued at $j0,7, was picked up today by a customs guard at the pier where the Aouitania docked last night The necklace did not appear in the ship's manifest and the theorv was advanced that it had been lost or, thrown away by some one attempting to smuggle it into the country. "Ready to Wear" is the subject portrayed in Amone Us Mortals- page in next Sunday Pittsburgh. Post. Advertisement. JUNIOR ADVERTISING CLUB IS ORGANIZED; " TO MEET TUESDAY In Pittsburgh there nas been organized a Junior advertising club, which is affiaated with the Pittsburgh Advertising Club. The object of this c!ub is to supplement the activities of the Pittsburgh Advertising Cl-.i-o by promoting the study of advertising and to establish In acquaintance and Fpirit of co-opei'ation among the advertising men and students of advertising in the Pittsburgh district; all to the end that the members of the Junior organization may progress in the business of advertising. Plans hare been arranged so that, in most cases, where a speaker Is to speak at the noonday luncheon of the Pitts burgh Advertising Club be will give an address to the members of the Junior Adertising Club that same evening, as it is the purpose of the Junior club to hold their meeting in the evening. This wi'l permit a number of students and advertising men who are working a short distance out of Pittsburgh, and who cannot attend the noon luncheons, to 'receive the benefit of the lectures bat are carried on by th two advertising- clubs. Tue;"ay evening will be the first official meeting of the Junior Advertismg Club since it ias been fully organized. F. 1). Darmon, president of the Kemper Thomas Company of Cincinnati, repre-it .ting one of the leading novelty advertising houses of that city, will address the Junior members Tuesday at I o'clock. The meeting is to be held on the eleventh floor of the Century building. After the address the officers, who have Just been elected, will be Installed. These officers are as follows: President, Benjamin Soby, of the Wfc. ingfyouse Electric International Company publicity department Kut Pittsburgh; vice-president. Charles Arnold, professor f adverti-Ung and Journali?B of uhe University of PlttsburKh; secretary U N. Billings, student of the Vi-i-versfty of Pittsburgh; treasurer, G Dar Fleck, head of the house organ section of the "Westlnghouse ElectrMI and Manufacturing Company, East Pittsburgh; directors. Zareh Yardum,.JL A. Brown, H. A. Gaibraith. J. M. SpeMfl land P. A, Boyd. , li lt - ;

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