The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 13, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1895
Page 7
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UPPEB DBS MOINE8! ALSOKAi i3WA, &. Iftfid fiow they don't speak at all. they tfiet the other morning 1 on the street. "I sftw Charlie Iverson about fifteen fftintites ago," said one. "Where?" inquired the othef. , "Down street." , "Did you Speak to him?" - "Only bowed." , "How was he looking?", i "Very well, indeed." , "Is that so?" . ' • * "Of course. J "J shouldn't have thou»ht"sd." , '.'Why not?" "fie asked me to marry him last night and I refused," "Gracious, that's the very reason he should be looking; well, I should think." A Keul Saving. Tlie Lady Shopper—What.? Pay $5 for a lamp like that? It's outrageous and I won't pay it! The Astute 'Salesman—-You forget, madam, that the price has beefl reduced to The Lady Shopper (reaching for her purse)—Oh, very well» then; I'll take it Approximate. They had. quarreled. She was madder than a wet hen, "YoU'ro not everybody," she sneered. "No," he rejoined, softly, "but I am pretty near everybody." 'She darted a quick, searching glance into his mobile face, and offered 110 resistance When he moved nearer still. ' Iilke it Sieve. The chief function of the Iddneys is to sopn-, tale from the blood; In its passage through them, ot certain Impurities and watery particles which make their final exit through the bladder. The retention of these, in consequence of inactivity of the kidneys, Is productive of Dright's disease, dropsy, diabetes, olbuminuria and other maladies with a fatal .tendency. Hostetter's ^Stomach Bitters, a highly sanctioned diuretic and blood depurent, Impels the kidneys when inactive to'renew their sifting function, and strain from tho vital surrent Impurities which infest It and threaten their own existence as organs of the body. Catarrh of the bladder, gravel and retention of the urine are also maladies arrested or averted! by this benign prompter, and restorative of or' ffantc action. Malaria, rheumalisin, constlpa , tlon, biliousness and dyspepsia also yield to the Bitters, which is also speedily beneficial to the weak-and nervous. In this world, it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that mokes us rich. l.OOO BUS. POTATOES PEK ACRE. Wonderful yields in potatoes, oats, corn, farm and vegetable seeds! Cut this out and send 5c postage to the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., for their great seed book and sample of Giant Spurry. > ' wnu Make life a ministry of love, and it will always be worth living. " "Hanson's Magic Corn .Salve." Warranted to euro or money refunded. Ask your drutfgltit 1'ur it. 1'ii'ue li> cants. " The first attempt to regulate the price of gas by municipal enactment was in 13,18. Jdi'g«mn.n'H 'tiiinpnor Iu« willi Glycerine. Cures Chapped H ands and Face, Tender or Sore Feet, Chilblains, files, &c. C. G. C'hu-k Co.. New Ilaven, Ct. • The tithes of England amount to $20,230,000 a year. v : II tlio Baby is uussmg reoth. He sure and use that old and well-tried remedy, lias. WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SYUTO for Children Teething' The world's telegraph lines aggregate 1,009,123 miles. . -' I cannot speak top highly of Pise's Cure for Consumption.—Mus. FUANKMOBBS, 215 W. 22d St., New York, Oct. 29, 18«4. Dost thou love life, then do uot squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. "A Cup of Parks' Ten at nightmove the bowels in the morning." The people .of Europe pay their respective goveinments $oO,OUO,uOO every year taxes on salt. • Tho Chinese legation is the largest in Washington. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used." The many, who Jive better than others and enjoy life more, with lesa expenditure, by inore promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of. the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs., Its excellence is 4ue to its presenting in th'e form mpst acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly bene.q'cial proper J4ef,!«f, a perfect., lax- fttjye ; effectually cleansing the system, Spelling colds, he^a^hes and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It; baa given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the, medical • profession, because) it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weak- enmg tUem and it is perfectly free from <)v0ry olpjectiorjatle substance. : Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60o and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co, only, whose name is printed on every package, a.lso the name, Syrup of Figs, ttnjj being well informed, yo« will not a^ept any substitute if offered, loin, nQ tfglsty, on improved pity 04- property. PU ea?£ payment plan, Savings Association, and PICO'S CURE FOR IN OtD MBSWttf CHE SOME ASPfeCfS 6fr LI MUNQ CHAMQ'S STftONOHOLb, the fcffrer front IB the Onlfr PaH bf This TyplctUlfr Chinese *«wn —tolsonses Aru fconstnntly feeing Brett, by bin. ItfiSfc PICTURES show some bf the bette;^ aspects of the "'big City of Tientsin, seventy miles tip the Pei ho, arid abotit eighty hiiles from/ Peldn. One pitittire shows the town hall ill which the! business of tho municipality is transacted \vhich was'erected by European architects. Another view gives a glimpse of Victoria road, on which the town hall is situated. This part of the city is lighted by gas and is near the river front, where the entire foreign population live. This is the only attractive part of the big town, for the Chinese quarter is uncleanly and is decidedly unwholesome. The traveler Who gets his first idea of China ns he enters the mouth of the Pei ho is struck with the extraordinary flatness and monotony of the country. There is nothing pretty or interesting about the flat region between the mouth of the river and the big town where the Grand "<ni!il joins TOWN HAI,r,, TIENTSIN. the river. Here and there is a little village with its adjacent graveyard and little patches of rice irrigated by ditches and troughs. Th • traveler has plenty of opportunity to see all that is to be seen, for the steamers aTe^com- pelled to travel very slowly, and even then they seldom reach Tientsin without grounding on mud banks. A recent writer in. the Fortnightly Review says that Tientsin is a revelation. The big cities of the South have much that is picturesque about them, but in Tienstin there is nothing bright or attractive outside the foreign quarter except the clothes of its inhabitants. The city is the home' of Li Hung Chang, and the splendid hospitality with which he lias time again treated his guests from otheiv lands perhaps accounts in part for the very glittering estimate of his character, patriotism, and ability which has been spread over western lands. This is the headquarters of his European trained soldiers, over 30,000 in number, who, it was,supposed, would prove almost invincible in time of war. They met the Japanese, however, at Ping Yang, and were put to flight as easily as the untrained soldiers of the Chinese emperor. Li Hung Chang has been credited with advanced ideas and a great liking for all things western, and it is surprising that he has not done something to improve the sanitary condition of this city. There is no large Chinese town more filthy than Tientsin. Every foreigner who visits it carries away a vivid impression of dirt, heat, and bad smells. The city, though it has near- a million inhabitants, does not spread over so much territory as many a smaller Chinese city. It is the commercial port of Pekin, and here are stored vast quantities of wheat, rice, millet, textiles, and prepared meats, which come up from the south bv way of the Grand canal to supply the millions of northern China with the ir cans of subsistence. Commercially, Tient- sin is far more important th'ah any other city in the northern part of the empire. Like Pekin, the city, outside of the foreign quarter, consists chiefly of mud, brick, and bamboo houses, only one story high, and huddled together with little semblance, of arrangement. Nobody ever heard of the streets in a north China town being fit for traffic, and those of Tientsin, unpaved, xin- evan, and full of ruts, iiire bad enough ..CO.NS-UM.P-.TrON TIENTSIN. to, bring almost any spring cart to speedy grief. The streets are the re* ceptacles for the refuse of all the houses built along them, and there are no contractors to haul away the noisome garbage, whose smell ascends to heaven. In dry weather the ro^ds are wauy inches deep with 4ust-' The. result of Tientsin's sanitary condition is that it is a yery unhealthful place, where some epidemic or another is pearly always breeding. Smallpox js jou,n,d there pearly all .the year round. After a. few hours' inspection of the Chin,e§e quarter, the. stranger invariably tunas with »•?He* to the apt fxjyeijyrn. »ity along the j'iyey the wharves, wbwe §U is find sotaetttoeS the ,'distant by Ih6 foftd is "i miles, but as the Pei tfd te a remarka bly crooked Stream, the distance by river is nearly doubled. It costs about $10 to buy transportation for one front Tientsin to Pekin,.and the passenger has to supply his own provisions. The quicker rotite is l»y way of the road, and a pair of mules sometimes traverses the rough highway in forty-Sight 'hours, though this speed inakes hard work for the animals. • ' SLUM ROSES, Continuous Selection* They Can Be A well'knOWn naturalist recently wrote: "We may have a yellow rose, but it is pretty well agreed that if we ever see a blue one it will be by a process of continuous ..v&riatioh and selection." By this it is meant that if a blue rose is ever produced from a red Variety, for instance, the change will not be a sudden one, a leap from one color to the other, but the result of- a gradual progression through a series of steps leading regularly from red to blue. In fact, it has been found that both plants and animals exhibit a tendency toward a definite succession of colors, uhd certain colors have been regarded as representing higher stages of evolution than others. The change toward these "higher" colors are usually continuous, and require a series of variations, while on the other hand, instances of sudden reversion to "lower" colors are not common. Red is regarded as a higher color, in this sense, than yellow. The yellow primrose sometimes varies to red, but the change is never sudden or discontinuous because it is a change in the direction of progression. Hut from red to yellotf tho change sometimes occurs by a jump, so to speak, because it is going backward. The same thing seems to apply in the case of birds. Red and green species of birds may vary to yellow, but the utmost efforts of breeders to produce red canaries from yellow ones have only resulted in an orange hue. Although there is no relation apparent between the two phenomena, yet it is interesting, in connection with this subject, to recall the fact that among the stars certain, colors appear to, characterize different stages of change or evolution. . Red stars, according to the testimony of the spectroscope, differ widely in their constitution from white or yellow ones, and it has been thought that varying color may give a clew to progressive changes in the heavenly bodies. Sirius, lor instance, is said to have changed from red to white, and some have suspected that Arcturus is fading from red toward yellow. Thus science, as it clears up one mystery, reveals another awaiting its turn to be solved. But if all knowledge' could ever be' attained would it continue to be sought as eagerly as before? SATOLLI'S NEW SECRETARY. Something: About tho Life and Character of tlie Young Mtmsifiior. Rev. Dr. Booker, vice rector of the American college at Rome, has recent- BEV. r>n. ly been appointed secretary to Mgr. Satolli, the papal delegate, in place of Rev. Dr. Hector Papi, who at present fills that .office, but is about to surrender it in order to enter the "Society of Jesus." Rev. Dr. Hooker was born in Albany 3-T years ago, where his father, Myron H. Rookerj still Jives and is editor of the Press apd Knickerbocker. His uncle is Thomas N Booker of the New York Tribune. Father Rooker was graduated from Union colleje,an'd went, afterward to the American college in Rome, wliere he distinguished himself, Mgr, Satolli, who' is also archbishop of Lopanto, was then teaching in the college, and the bright young American priest became one of the favorites of the future papal delegate. Soon afterward he was appointed to the chair of dogma in the propaganda, and still later was made vice rector of the college by Mgr. O'Connell. Jt is believed that Dr. Rppker may be the bearer qf'some interesting instruction^ from Rome regarding the government of the Cathp', lie church in America. Miss Virginia Fulr. Miss Virginia Fair, the only unroar» ried daughter of the late ex-Senator Fair, who died the other day in Call* fornia, aud whose millions are being contested, is one of th$ roost attractive girls i» the swell sot. She 19 little, plump, with & harmoniously proportioned figure, lovely peck and arms, and a piquant round face, with a tiny month, perfect teeth, a fascinating tip- tilted po&e^pd big brown eyes,dancin£ with merr-injen,^ Her^, which isi ijcippUng,t bljjck, ebo wo»r« brushed a-la Ja.p,pp;ai&'e.' gjys daneeg very well, leading; cptillons pot in* frequently! feag ft vypnderfully rioft 'contralto x-oice,' pad • jg ftp extremely bright uqnversfttionjaijsti. She ivea.ra very haadspme go>vps—jtn fact, s^o aa4 lipr^ftBdsonjegjst^r, Mrs,. #erjmja, Qei rieh.6, aye women IB $P$*' \ V ', ^;,',,' ifl .^yEteitv.&ff^ i iHtt^ m i»wv Powder I.ClIO Of Half a dozen churches iri Now Yofk bear upon their spires oi? weather, vattes the figure 6f "a cock ( though doubtless without, any intent oft the part x of the builders to preserve ail ancient superstition < As an inn sign the cock goes back to days before the Christian era, but the bird became invested with a sort of sacredness among Christians after he had announced the apostacy of Petef. One leg-end has it that'Christ was born at cock-crow, and the bird was invested in the middle ages with a superstitious halo of" sacrednoss.—New York Sun. ^ . 810O Howard, 81OO. The readers of this paper will bo pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting directly upon tho blood and mucous, surfaces of tho system^ thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving -4he patient strength by building up tho constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith In its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls to cure. Bend for list of Testimonials. Address, P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo.O. tt2F"Sold by Druggists, 7Sc. Hall's Family Fills, SSc. I|A greater number-of secret societies exist iu China than any other part of the world. ITOW I MADE S1.20O W By not sowing Salzer's seeds! .That is what a jolly farmer said as he entered our sanctum, llow is that? ' Why, says he, Salzer's seeds not only grow but they produce enormously. Had I planted a few acres more of his oats, wheat, corn, potatoes, grass and clover seeds, I would have had "to double the capacity of my barns; that would have cost me $1,200. It is a fact that if you •want big,rousing farm, grass and vege- 'table crops, you must sow Salzer's seeds. If You. Will Cut Thle Out luul Send It with 7c postage to the John A. Salzer Seed company, La Crosse, Wis., yon will get free a sample of Grass and Clover Mixture and their plant and seed book, wnu Orchids are becoming cheaper in Paris. The cut flowers can be had now for one or two francs apiece. Cold Kucts About Hot Sprliigtl, Arkansas. '• This is the most famous health and pleasure resort on the ooutlnent, and at the present time the season Is at its height. For the entertainment of guests, -a running meet has been arranged for at the race track, as well as base ball games and foot ball games between professional clubs at the park. There is also good shooting iu the mountains and splendid fishing in the streams. In addition to the wonderful hot water, there are beautiful drives laid out to the numerous other springs and resorts in the adjoining hills. This great sanitarium can be reached direct from St. Louis by .daily through Pullman Buffet Sleeping Cars via the Iron Mountain Route, which connects with all lines from the east, north and west at the magnificent new union station. Descriptive and illustrated pamphlets containing nil information (mal ed free) on application to company's agents, or H. C. TOW.NSKND, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. been in era. The Wiibush Lino Will, on February 13th, sell excursion tickets to the following named points at one first-class fare, plus two dollars, for the round trip: To points in Southern Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas. Oklahoma Territory, Indian Territory, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utaji' and Colorado. Everybody should avail themselves of this excellent opportunity and take a short trip into the southern part of our beautiful country. HOBAOB SEELY, Commercial Agent, 320 Fourth street, Des Monies, la. ; Many pairs of sandals have been recovered at Pompeii. The soles are fastened with nails. ' ' Home-Seekers' Excursion. The Chicago Great Western Railway will sell excursion tickets to western and southwestern points February 12, March 5 and April 'A, 1805, at one regular first-class fare plus 13,00 for tho round trip. Tickets good returning twenty (20) days from data of •ale. , Fur they information regarding stopovers, etc., will be given on application to'any picket agent of this company, or' F. H, LOUD, Q, P. &T.A,i •••'••<•-:<••<•'. "• Chicago, 111, Four-tenths of tne working expenses of an electric light plant are tor coal. ; SPECIMENS FOX ,.The ruling dynasty of Japan has bee power since long before the Christian Mf. Nunnatlyv B* old citizen of Clarke county, Georgia, has a pair of suspenders btlc kles he has worn for flf tysi* years. probably the ,most extraordinary journal in the world ia -published weekly at Athens, It is written' em tirely in verse, e Ven to the advertisements. Miss Ellen Ti dkle of Heno, Butler county, Ohio, is said to be the smallest full- developed woman. now living. She is thirty- one years old and weighs but twenty- eight pounds. In excavating the Roman, villa at D.irenth, Kent, a pane of window glass has been discovered, the first found in England. It is broken, but the pieces show that its size was nine inches by twelve. The Milwaukee museum has recently been the recipient of a collection of Corean musical instruments, They were given by Miss Elizabeth Plankinton, who collected these interesting and valuable instruments during u recent trip through Corca. The collection consists of twenty-one musical instruments, one quiver of bamboo and five very fine mats. Henry G. Uryant, leader of the Peary auxiliary relief expedition, has deposited in the Pennsylvania university library a valuable collection from the northernmost inhabitants of the world, the North Greenland Esquimaux. This collection includes a skin canoe, or kyak, a sledge with wo/lms tusks for runners, komtnatlic, and a skin tent, tank. These will be- put "in the new museum. In the tent will be placed a figure group of the natives, surrounded . bv their implements of household and chase. The Greater Mystery. f Hicks — So Sinderburn has solved the great mystery 1 Wicks— I didn't hear of his death. Hicks — Who said he was dead? I referred to the fact that he has discovered that a man cannot live on $3,000 a year and spend $5,000, end keep out of debt. Dr.PIERCE'S PLEASANT - — -k- PELLETS SICK HEADACHE, BILIOUSNESS, CONSTIPATION, INDIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA, POOR APPETITE, and all derangeweuts of the Stomach, Liver and Bowels. Of all druggists, ONCE USED - •• ALWAYS IN FAVOR. YOUNG SPIRITS, a vigorous body and robust strength follow good health. But all fail when the vital powers are weakened. Nervous, debility and loss ..of. manly power result from IKK! lmbits,con- tracted by the young through ignorance of their ruinous consequences, I<ow spirits, melancholia, impaired memory, morose or irritable temper, fear of impending calamity and a thousand and one derangements of body and mind, result from such pernicious practices. All these are permanently cured by improved methods of treatment without the patient leaving home. A medical treatise written in plain but chaste language, treating of .the nature, symptoms and curability of sucU diseases, sent securely sealed in a ! plain envelope, on receipt of this notice, with'10 cents in.stamps, for postage. Address, Woi«.n!s DJSPKN- SARV MlSPCCAL ASSOCIATION, Buffalo; N,Y, Patents, Trade-Marks, Exuniluatlou and- Advice o» to Patentability ol Invention. Scud for "luventorn'Guide, or How tnQet r "ateiit." PATBI9B QTAR88I*," ffA6HIH9TCft j), p. !CURES PAINSor of Ood»liver Oil, with EfypophospWtes of Lime and J9 S, constructive food that nourishes, enriches the Wood, creates solid flesh, stops wasting and gives strength, Jt is for all Wastin Diseases like Qopumptioa/Sorofuk, AuMi^Mwanwai or for Qougte OolOs, 80*9 Thwt, fiwdutiii Weife fcungs, fcoji of Fiesfc l pebOty, pott's 3S»ulsio» ha,s no equal as Nourishment for BaW§§ and growing Buy mly the genu^e put up in, ^ 35 Ger iOf tte^e pattern's ftst&li«fft&ioft . stores for t-wefttSr-flve to f6«t celrts 8ftcft?£ in order to IncVease the doffinha affioUg StfS era we offef ihem (o the lady readers bnlxSf I6t the-ttlBBfltablSr loW p«c6 6t C*nt*Bft6n. PasttiKCoMfcentUXtfn. ; , The patterns are all of the te«r latest York stvles, aftd are une<itmled fo* J rftoy of nt, Bftn&liolt* and econonW. "i four sears these patterns, have. foeu . touniry over. Full descriptions find. dlfgdtlofiS —as the iiuinbgf of yards of material requited, the hutabef nud names of the different ptecesln the pattern. h6* to cut and fit and pilt thd (?ar^ ttifint tbRether-hrd sent With each pfttteffi, with a incture ol the trnttnetit td K6 w. These patterns are complete In every porticulaf, there oeluft a separate pattern fat every slngld plefie of the dress. Your order will be filled the some day It is received. . , j" Order patterns toy number and give size ffl> inches. •, Every patterhjiiafanteed ta bejpeitfeet * t THEY ABB oiova PHTIITO. s To get get BUST and BREAST measure, pur the tape measure ALL of the way around the body, over the dross close under the amis. Price of each pattern, 10 cents, when ordered on coupon printed below. , Postage one cent extra on EACH pattern. , LADIES' OBOAN-PIPB SKIM WITH THREW CODKTS. Pattern No. 6299 Is cut In five sizes, vlx.: 22, 24,20, 28 and 80 Inches waist measure. The fasliiounble skirt- Is no longer made to match the waist, but often In direct contrast'to It, These independent skirts are in many varieties and are made of various materials. Wo here give one of the most stylish skirts now worn, which has the additional merit of being very generally becoming. The gored front ana sides flare modishly. at.the foot, being faced deeply with hair cloth. The three godets In back nre lined throughout with the hair cloth and tacked at the seams to a band of elastic" underneath which holds them In position. The center godet Is cut straight in the mlddlo and falls on each Bide something like a box plaitwith rounded edges. The lop tits smoothly 1 In front and over the hips, while the back Is arranged In small plaits. The placket is formed underneath tho center plait. Rock or other varieties of crepon. vplvot, gro- de-Londrcs, peau-de-soie. moire and satin antique, besides silk and wool mixtures of every fashionable kind are used for these handsoma skirts. \ The retail price of pattern is 30 cents. ' WAIST WITH Box PLAITS LAID Osr, Pattern No. 0298 is cut in five sizes, via: 32; 34, SO, 28 and 40 inches bust measure. Nile green hroadcloth Is here charmingly combined with emerald velvet. The waist ia- one of the latest modes and will frequently appear on the street after heavy wraps are laftl aside. The adjustment Is glove nttlng and closes in center fiont under the V shaped vest of velvet. Tho box plaits avo formed separately mid sewed on with Invisible stitches, tho velvet V in center back being laid on between the- plaits. The vest is sewed to tho right front under the plait and Is finished on the left side' to close under the left plait. Pointed revers, stand out stylishly from under the box plait la front. Pull gigot sleeves droop fushioiiitbly to the eltow, tho lower portion fitting tho arm. closely. Stock collar and belt to uiutQh of velvet with Irredescent buckles. 'Many stylish, combinations will be suggested by tho mode, which can be carried out in any oinhe fashionable silk, woolen or mixed fabrics. It can be all of one material and any preferred mode o( decoration can be appropriately used, The retail price of pattern is 25 cents. -»-»»- CO UPO N-*» In ordering, give No ....... of patterns wanted Bust. . ,. . . and Waist. ..... moas- t ure. Either of fhese patterns will bo sent to any address upon receipt of 10 cents in silver or stamps when this coupon ia enclosed with order and one centfo* 1 postage, with your address, ' j*? f \ > Address COUPON PATTBBN CO.', xx" Lock Box V47, Now Yorfc. WELL MACHINERY Illustrated catalogue showing WELL AUGERS, ROOK DIULLS.EyDRATJLia AND JKTTJNG MACHINERY, etc, SENT FREE. Have been tested and all warranted., Blonx City Engine It Iron Works, Successors to- Tech M ft:, Op. BOOKS \'* • . -,.- :..-.,.In order to introduce our line of Standard Nqvels to the public we will, \ for a short time, send one or all of th^ following books FREE on receipt of I?Q (stamps accepted) for book to cover postage, packing, Good Print Good Paper, Handsome Cows, Csntury Cook Book. Uncle Tom's Qabin , Reveries of a Bachelor U$t dayi «f Pompeii the City , , • * Poems awl Yip? , TheWUe'iSwit , Webster Ve$t* Packet QlcUQwftl'y TheSim" , , H t B,§tsm-' *'M -Ml

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