The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 13, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1895
Page 5
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TO ESTABLISH to the People. estioti f fa* f 6w& Statute Which Says rtew W« May Prd&esd to Sstaw this uablt Adjunct. 'The city council by a tote of hit the Members present decided last Saturday evening to submit the question of estab- a public library to vote, at the eomibg eleetlon in March. A petition Wai presented, sighed by a large nuta* bet 1 of taxpayers to that effect. The law allowing public libraries to be established has been published, and also last winter's statute providing for yoking by the ladles. But the statute of most interest, now that the taxpayers will have to consider the matter, is that adopted at the last session providing for the management of public libra* ries after they are voted for. We publish it at length, as it outlines a scheme which will meet with public approval. So long as the mahagemeht is vested !n nine trustees appointed by the council there is no possibility that it will not be an institution of public benefit. THE LAW FOR IT. There shall be established and created in any city or incorporate town that has heretofore accepted or may hereafter accept the benefits of the provisions of section 461 of the code of Iowa, a board of library trustees, consisting of nine members, to be appointed by the mayor and with the approval of the council. Said trustees first appointed .shall hold Office, viz: one-third for two years, one-third for four years and one-third ' for six years, from the first day of July following their appointment; and at their first meeting shall cast lots for the respective terms, reporting the result of such lot to the council; and biennially thereafter, before the first day of July, the mayor shall appoint, by and with the approval of the council, three trustees to succeed the trustees retiring on the following first day of July, and who shall hold office for six years from such first day of July. Trustees shall hold until their successors are appointed and qualified. Vacancies occurring in the board shall be filled by appointment by the mayor in like ma'hner, such appointee to nil out the unexpired term for which the appointment is made. Bonn, fide citizens and residents of the city and incorporated town (male or female), over the age of twenty-one years, are alone eligible to membership. The removal of any trustee permanently from the city shall render his office as trustee vacant. Members of 'said board shall receive no compensation for their services. 'Said board of- library trustees shall have and exercise the following powers: To meet and organize by the election of one of their number as president of the board, and by the election of a secretary and such other officers as the board may deem necessary; to have •'charge, control and supervision of the public library', its appurtenances and fixtures and rooms containing the same, directing and controlling all the affairs of such library; to employ a librarian and such assistants and employes as may be necessary for the proper management of said library, and fix their compensation, but prior to such em- S kymen); the compensation of such brarian and assistants shall be fixed for the term of employment by a majority of the members of said board voting in favor thereof; to remove such librarian, assistants or employes by a vote of two-thirds of such board, for misdemeanor, in'compet'ency, or 'inattention to the duties of such employment; to he ml jfcf ufisttttea prTeferTe-d, tot , .. — f fade o! taw a butter- will always be kept on hand for local customers who want Something 1 ttice.-44 1 have unlimited tuoaey ta ieati ofl long of shorWime. B. W. WE make ft specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. x who ta the Assessor Ail Mis Mon eys and credits, la the Vbgfel Doctot feills^jtiwtt ts Chairs Hereafter—atfaftr County Matters. •pedal Bargains at Shawls. r to rent. Eight rooms. Centrally located, will rent for ofie or more years. C. L. LuBd.-46t2. " ROOMS torefat. jr.'j. LABSABEE'g gQBStJTfi file Two sides of tits Speculation as Illustrating the Henry George Dodge Messenger: The papers have been telling ah interesting story about Gov. Larrabee's land speculation in Kossuth county. He bought about 12,000 acres there a few years ago at $4 per acre, and now refuses to make any sales at $20 yer acre. This shows a great speculation and of course suggests the single tax doctrine and the Henry George theory that all such increase of wealth being created by the public without any effort by the owner should belong to the public and not be absorbed by any speculator. Mr. George has written a very fascinating book called "Progress and Poverty," in which he elaborates this doctrine, and it has made a profound impression upon the world. We are free to admit that it made a profound impression upon the writer of this. The doctrine gets its strength, of course, from just such illustrations as the Larrabee investment. It is easy to say that there is something wrong about a speculator's making such a fortune out of something necessary to life and without any exertion. But like all social problems it is not so simple as it appears at fi rst to be. The Algona UPPER DES MOINES now comes forward with another chapter in these lands. It says: " Some of the state papers have been discussing Gov. Larrabee's Kossuth county land purchase, and commenting on the unearned increase from $4 to $20 an acre. As usual there is another side to the story. Away back in 1867, Col. J. L. D. Morrison of St. Louis, cousin of Horizontal Bill Morrison, and an old friend of Abraham Lincoln, entered this land with scrip. He held, it until 1887, just 20 years, and then sold it at $4 an acre. He probably paid in taxes during the 20 years more than he got for the land, and as those were years of scarcity for Kossuth, his tax money came in to benefit the community which afterwards beuefitted the lands. We note that in one year, 1875, Col. Morrison's taxes were $1,265.75. The lucky end of the speculation came to Gov. Larrabee, who bought just at the right time. But in discussing it as a question in social economy the unlucky end which belonged to Col. Morrison must be considered. Land speculation, like everything else, has two phases. It has broken plenty of men in the northwest." The point offered is pertinent. The public is not concerned about any division of the proceeds of these lands be- The county board had & Curious case before it at the adjourned session last Week. Itev, G. E. Kleinle of Bun had $300 loaned out in Dakota at six per c6nt interest and in reporting to the assessor gave the whole amount for taxation, so that his taxes about covered hie income. He Wrote a letter in which he gave it as his opinion that others were not paying as high Ott personal property as he.was and asked to have his assessment cut down. The board decided that $150 was enough for his assessable value and so divided it. THE VOQEL DOCTOR BtLtS. The Whittemore 4 doctor bills for the Vogel family came up again. The town council have certified to them, but they are not yet in legal form as they must be If we get them out of Palo Alto county. 'Squire Raymond will get them fixed up for the next meeting, and then the board will be called on to put up some $700 or make a fight. It is dead cock sure that the board can never collect any such bill from Palo Alto, whether the Vogels came from there Or not. EASING UP ON THE JURORS. Auditor Calkins was instructed to buy 12 new jury chairs to cost not to exceed $30. Ho can't get a spring back chair for that money, and it is an outrage to ask the jury to sit on hard stiff back chairs. The county ought to put enough into chairs to get good ones and give the jurors some consolation. The jurors are usually men not accustomed Mae Beavers at... .$3,60 Worth $4.60 Extra Beavers , 4.60 Worth 6.00 Very flhe Beavers.. 6.60 Worth ?.60 Velvet Beavers 8.60 worth 12.00 A I'woo double..... 2.60 worth 8.60 Ali'Wool double Wis* . cottsia 4.00 worth 6.00 All'WOol double Wis* ' consia «'A" grade. 6.00 worth ?.50 All-Wool double Wisconsin Standard.. 6.00 worth 8.60 igfDo not go cold when you can buy good, reliable goods like Wiscottsia Shawls and Davenport Blankets at about one-third Off. to sit still all day and a very tiresome. poor chair is Underwear. One lot all-wool Undershirts at 75o each—cheap at $1.00. Cloaks. We stilt have a few at $10 worth $15 to $25j also at $?.60 wdrth $10 to $13.60. Tweflty Childreh's Cloaks at $1 each and up, Mittens. We have decided to elose out ou mit» tea stock, consisting of Men's and Boys'warm mittens. We have no room for them. Every pair Is a bar* gain. This cold weather you will want them. Shirts and Overalls A big drive in Men's Winter Shirts at $1—real value $1.60—to close out this lot soon. —We also sell the best Overall for 60o sold in the county. Blankets Davenport Eureka Sfattd.', ,**»,; DavenportStafldafd B>afid*>«/8,§0 Taeoititt fieand. ,,*.,»,.,.•.,, , 4 2.26 Melrose Brand...,.,,, ,.«, El Paso, all wool. .»»...,.,.,.•« Dakota, all Wool, scftftet , 2( Comet, all wool, white. ,...•..,* 2.60 A few choice white fine all'Wodfblan- kets Will be closed out in this sale, Wool Dress Goods. Our old 85c all'Wool dress goods, 54 inches wide—we have sold thousands of yards at the above price-^a few to close with others at 6§o a yard. Was Goods. New goods each day in Prints, Ginghams, Lawns, Ducks, Pongees, etc. select and make purchases of .books,' pamphlets, magazines, periodicals, papers, majjs, journals, furniture, fixtures, stationary, and supplies for such library; to make and adopt, amend, modify or repeal by-laws, rules and regulations not inconsistent with law for the care, use, government and management of such library and the' business of such board, fixing and enforcing penalties for the violation thereof; to have, exclusive control of the expenditures of all taxes levied under section 461 of the code of Iowa arid collected for and all moneys belonging to the library fund; also to perform and exercise such other duties and powers as may be conferred by this act or by law, Said board shall keep a record of its proceedings. All moneys received or set apart for the maintenance of sugh library shall be deposited in the treasury to'the credit of tb§Ubrary fund, and shall be feept by the treasurer, Beparate and apart from other moneys of such city or incorporated town and paid o«t upon the orders of the board of library trustees, signed by its president and secretary, and countersigned by the .mayor. The board of library trustees eka.ll, before the first day of .August in each year, determine and fix tne ; am9unt or rate to be appropriated/' for one year unfier section 491 of the code of Iowa for the maintenance pf such library, aiafl ewse the same, so fijte*} to be pertt« fled to the oouneUvand the coupon shall make'such appropriation Wd; levy tne necessary tax for such;- ye^f to raise eiid sum and certify the per ceptage, or rate not exceeding one Jttill on the 4ol* lar of suen tax- to the county auditor, iy}th other taxes levied by the city or incorpprated town for said year under ieetlon 495 of the code of Iowa, provided, " 'j jnoities,onliefirst class the city loij ra&y ftttfl shall }evy»nd certify , furtlw s«m of ta* as it may deem to, create a sinking fund and pay interest wn<Jer the provision? of chapter 18, acts pf the 2§nd general jesem\jiy, and acts amendatory thereof, m *-! board of library trustee* sb&U ._. „. year- wake $Q the ww$ & rt fop the yea? §Ming JJMK jfctb, ining a statement of %e matt! tween Morrison and Larrabee, but only in knowing whether any adequate consideration has in the aggregate been given for this $20 per acre now said to be in them.' We find that the $1.25 per acre, at the legal rate of interest compounded annually from 1867 to now, would amount to about $20 per acre, and annual taxes have been paid by the owners, upon which interest should be computed to reach the actual cost of these la.nds to the owners. •„ If the purchaser from the government had kept those lands until now he would not have been so well off as a man who kept the same amount of money at interest for the same time. This proves that in this instance the first buyer was actually at a disadvantage as compared with the man who buys today. .When we consider what the state would have gained or lost if under the George plan • it had never sold the lands there are many other things to count upon. It would not only have lost the use of the purchase money and taxes, but all the stimulus which private ownership has given to the development of this country. On the whole, whatever may be said for the Henry George doctrine, we do not think it can build any arguments on the Larrabee lands, All there is in that story is the lesson contained in most speculations, viz: that where one speculator wins another loses. The public sees a lucky strike in lands, in mines, or on 'change, and many conclude that here. is some short-cut way to get rjpb. There follows a cry that this should be stopped' by law, But even though-there be evil in it, all evil cannot be reached by legislation, Meanwhile a crowd of fellows who try getting rich ,by the new short'out are effectually taught that there are laws more effective tjian legislatures can make to regulate speculation. ' .: • Money, I have unlimited money 4 , to loan on long or short time, •.-,<,•' , ..•:.. B..-W, BAGQARP, of CHANCE FOB GRADERS. Auditor Calkins will advertise for grading and ditching again, the plan of letting the work being the same as last year. The county got a lot of work in 1894 at a very small cost. A few years is going to see some first class highways in Kossuth. IN GENERAL. Link Singleton got 60 cents back dog tax. Link pleaded not guilty to having the dog., Ora Sheldon, who left the constable at Bancroft some time ago, has not returned to Kossuth, although it has long been thought that there was no occasion for his going. The board awarded Mrs. Sheldon $10 a month to help her along. ' The taxes on the property of Mrs. Erick Anderson, whose husband was killed while watching the digging of a tree near the ice house, were abated. Mr. Kramer gets $8 for hogs killed by dogs. Tax refunded for 1893 on northeast 34-98, 29. WE have a lot of shirting flannels to close out cheap at Galbraith & Co.'s. SEE that line of canned goods at the Opera House Grocery this week. TAKE Yankee Pancake for breakfast. Walker Bros, have it. , SYRUP, syrup, syrup—25c a gallon at Langdon & Hudson's.-47t2 A NEW line of White goods just received at Galbraith & Co.'s. Home-made Baking. -The W. H. M. S. will sell fresh homemade baking at Brownell's shoe store, Saturday afternoon and evening.-45t4 HAVE you tried Caramel coffee? only 15c a pound at Langdon & Hudson's. "\Vest Plains Land Company, West Plains, Mo, Lands bought and sold or exchanged. Correspondence so- 'lioited, Reference: The West Plains Bank,—45t3 MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Call,-tf make a specialty Cloud & Haggard, CHASE & SANBORN'S famous coffees a^nd seal brand tea, Walker pros,, ex- plueive agents, LOST— A large overcoat, of astrican fur, lost between town »»d the Mtlwaw k<?e dpot. Iave §t> GAZE on that 10 cent table of canned goods at Walkw Bros.' J3AV1 youeeen. it? kieantt, TRY Club House maple syrup; none surpasses it. Langdon & Hudson, -47t2 TO DANOE OB NOT TO DANQE. Tliat Is tlie Question Before tho >f»n- agerB of the Washington Olrtlidaf Celebration, The following resolution is banded jp.with ft request for publication; Resolved , By James C. Taylor "post; in regular session, that we disapprove of the programme outlined by conference com mittee for Washington's birthday, and that we still f avpr a bean supper. By order of commander, D, p. POPOE, A. W, PATTERSON, Acting Adjt, This following the announcement that the programme this year would consist of speeches at the opera bouse and & colonial dance at the court house leaves matters in a muddle that is not yet cleared up. A.S we get the facts the committees of the post and relief corps agreed on, the new programme, The post decides that they exceeded tfceir authority, as they were appointed to geV up a bean, supper. But some members pf the committee have the cpurt room rented and propose, tp go on with as much of their plan as they cap. arrange- At least THE UPPER PES MOINES is informed that a pro- gramme wjii be furnished it n§*t week in, agcprdance with their plan. The post me robers object strongly to any change, from the annual bean supper, and, hf re the ma^er stands. We bave no doubt that a settlement ' will he reipbed and that whatever is dona will b§ ujlted IB by all QOBo.ern.ed, TB| PJSCQ VERY |4p|) WESLEY IS STILL ON DEOK. Our Correspondent's Voice Is Still Heard In the JLiattd of the Living— Fresh News as Usual. WESLEY, Feb. 11.—J. J. Budlong has sold his lumber yard and coal business to the Jenkins Lumber company of St. Paul. We are sorry to have Mr. Budlong go'out of the lumber and coal business here. He has been in business here about two years, and by his honest and fair dealings with the public, and his gentlemanly way of doing business has made many lasting friends. He is yet undecided as to^ what he will do, but we hope he will decide to go into some kind of business here. Wesley can ill afford to lose so good a citizen and business man. The trade between George Schnider and Studer & Mathias which we reported last week was closed up last Thursday, and Mr. Schnider took possession and is now a full fledged merchant. Studer & Mathias had a good busirless and were making money. We hope Mr. Schnider will have the same success. Mr. Mathias will remain with him for a couple of months to assist him in the store and also collect in the outstanding accounts of the old firm. Wm. ShrofeofPlover, oneof Wesley's old timers and successful farmers, was here a couple of days last week on business and calling on his many friends. He says he is well pleased with his new location. His farm is located between Plover and Havelock, which is a good farming :country. Charley Shrofe has about decided to quit farming and become a knight of the grip sack. He thinks he could make a success at selling teas and coffees.- For further particulars as to his ability in that line call on Geo. Schnider. > E. F. Bacon of Renwick spent Sunday here with his son, Fred., and daughter, Mrs. S. X. Way.* Elder Black will hold his second quarterly meeting here next Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Dr, Hill was doing business in Britt Saturday. John Longbottom has been on the sick list for several days, ftut was able to be down town Saturday. •A. V. Knoll has been moving his household goods and farm machinery to town the past week. He expects to be ready to ship thenzin a few days to central Missouri, where he has purchased a farm with the intention of making it his future home. H. J. Edens of Sioux City was here for a couple of days last week in the interests of the Algona Deposit and Loan association, G. S, McPherson and Geo. Page shipped a carload of fat hogs last Saturday night to Chicago, all of their own feeding. Mr. Goldstein of Burt was a Wesley caller one day last week. Mrs. Setohel of Algona was the guest of Mrs. W, M. Colby for a few days last week, Rev. Pluromer preached one of the most able sermons last Sunday morning ever heard in Wesley, selecting for his. text Luke 24-49, The elder for a young man is getting to the front fast, and the day is not far distant when we will hear of him filling some high official position in the church, PON CONSUMER Not is the Time To buy your Fence Posts and Drain Tile, While the roads are good and before the spring rush begins. We handle the LEHIGH TILE, the best drain tile made. We will make special prices on car lots. Do not wait until you are ready to lay them, but secure them at r T-T ^ A c ni- , o, once> We hav e our usual large stock of Hardwood of all kinds, Slat Roofing, Felt Roofing, Sewer Pipe, Jonck, btone, etc., etc. „ ' Wholesale and Retail. J. -K. Hamilton & Co. MAYOR'S PROCLAMATION. ELECTION NOTICE. Notice Is hereby Riven that the annual municipal election of the city of Algona will be hem on Monday, March 4, 1895, In the different wards of said city, for the purpose of elect- Ing the following officers: OneM-ayor; One City Treasurer; One City Solicitor; One City Assessor; One Alderman In the First ward to succeed J. W. Wadsworth; T One Alderman m the Second ward to succeed LI. K. uarneld; One Alderman In the Third ward to succeed Wm. Cordlngley; One Alderman in the Fourth ward to succeed D. H. Hutchins. Also there will be submitted to be voted upon a proposition to levy a tax of one mill on the dollar .for library purposes, as provided by law. AMBfiOstf A. CALL, Mayor. Attest: CHAS. A. COHKNOUB, City Clerk. M. P. HAGGARD. O. F. PEEK City Council Doings, , ALGONA, Feb. 9,— The city council met in special session upon call of the mayor, to consider the question of sub* mitting f>t the coming annual election a prpposition, to levy i* tax for library purposes, M^yo p p C»ll in the chair, Present-^Aldqrmen Vesper, Garfleld, Pettibone, Cordingley, Mflgnuegon and Etutohins, Absent— A Wermen Wads* worth and Nicoulin. A petition ol the citizens ol Algona was presented and read asking that the council submit to the vote of the people at the coming municipal election a proposition for the city to, avail Hsell ol the provisions of the code relative to the establishment of publjo libraries. The following resolutiga wag offered: Besolved, That the que»tton of levying a t8* of one mill o» the flollar for library purposes, under thg provisions of the code , e submitted to the voters of Algous ft t the l4 Carried u»aoiisQug}y, Moves and that the council adjourn. Car* Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.] Abstracts, Real Estate, AN ?^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. Slagle's Harness Shop. Manufacturers and dealers In Harness, Saddles, Whips, Doxsee & Shaw, Abstracts of Title, Estate, and Ins-viraaace. } ALGONA, IOWA. Office over Algona State Bank. A New Harness Shop. S. P. CHBISTENSEN Has opened a harness shop In the front room of his livery barn, and keeps on hand Harness, Blankets, Robes, and everything In the line of horse cloth- iS?. Go and see him for goods In his line. Will exchange harness for fresh cows and those soon to be fresh. Does repairing of all kinds. ° 'ana all Harness goods,. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing; Deatly ana promptly done. All work first-; class. Give us a call and we guarantee satisfaction, SLAGLE & SON. MEATS THAT ABE FRESH AND CLEAN. O IDO3DO-E, • At the former stand pf Thos, Bennett, will be pleased to see you at MB market, and ' promises to use yon right. M OHEY ESTATE. QN HOXIE & BRUNSON. WATER OR NO PAY. SOOTT & BAILEY, Bradley & Nicoulin are now prepared to do all kinds of Repairing Wagons, • Buggies/ AND- Farm Machinery. Also do Painting and operate a general repair shop, AT THE OLD STAND, ALGONA, L. A, Drugs and Medicines, Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- clnes, and pure liquprs for medicinal

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