The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 13, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1895
Page 2
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«turt lihe *m«3b iie .tstotrtlher it«> jpitesptttte ifar ifihe .sum fto «>vMcnce. ey <on .every Itttufl, «.nfl i«n *b:is iiu ibonds, ; «ma these :8tea;ls, Scfflowofl 'il>y <o«hers ;a«a -of .extriwagnnce ibefoite *he '(Occmtrl-y lbe£iun tto ibe ,p«pulatea, ;gn-ve iit in tt»fif' was 'Tihorc had (boon ;litign.tion «waffljp«, ibwt ihw»as, ,-tona Hurt rtlhey w*ute refunflefl. 'Then fl <jfttdBeus tbqgttn a imi'd sttght. "i'hey ' UJhe -Measurer .enljoinett from jinying Stfterest, "itlhe.ouse -went 'through itihe -courts ,uufl tthe bonds were .fle- «iflaKea wnia. '.Xhcn *he a.cmtlhaUlers jfitonbefl lexdts jto.eo'lloot 4hem. rumdiitihus U>eeaidn£eaerna«e<»»ae, going >u:p ^amtthe, district ito «he:BUj.weine 'Court. tLtMStweek;iitwns;ar;|i,nued in Murilunjr- fton, .and -diuaU-y .mvbnittitiid tto tUhe -.court, :onft tno.w rtflie mews atiby* ttie *ote— 4 *o A^nflie a'wSta'intifl iUhe<oourtibeslo.\v., \vMeh ] itflie )bonfls woia. 'The TpiUntilpal .on itrtie iboncls ; ainoiurtoa Vitt» 'M'ageu ,& McMillan, fla»e.artitaraieysifor rthe'. See ^ EXBOUiTiEB. .. IK.'Cuui , sintirderer, wots Ihangod iin «be .penitentiary liere .at •ttft-o'idlotik yestei'day, Mis -w. 40 ttJbe twspy last. Hie finally., lUo.wever, ind .uojifessea iWis ..crime. *he f . J.auies ^and .aa^per iBcibinaon. well iana .-ate :a toearty ibiteak- Me ibecjueatlhefl liis ibocly Ito this fsiator, Mra. ,*iai;a'li OBoomar <oi Ebexiingvtcm, 'Mo. "J^e :siginat»re was ,-albpW, jBa-uiihaud, wj.'tib sno rvOM&uess. JH ttihe last ibefone ileaving: lii idhaplaln ;a stub lead JUis.only ipautlily ipossessio.u, toibe ;gi,vcii tfco 'his ilitWe :{rM, -.wihowlUi 'lus'.wjlt; : a.iKl ! »iatca:,:an i! i.v,ea-aB libe -oity UUmraduy.. '.desired rto iiave Jiiswiife od Ao itbe spriaau, bwt ieai-iiig iit Mttnwv.e ;Biud .cause Mm to ;taea:k .aecliuod At) 3.<it stiheui :S«« .duop.ped into itstej-.nity vwiCb- <oui Uioftiing Ibeen igaauted peraaisaioja lLo jloolc iOU«e ;agalu :aud ittoaugli .nil ifcxvne into Iier 3R«.vottuo .Colloutw 'I't.- mtoneasrta, 3ffcjbcaslta, tlihe < 8t. SKatfl fbe,reeom- ito ffilie scfettiil atnftc ftul«es fast ttihessterniinaljian <ej sthe rSian *liiaffle. J[. <C. SBalser,, 'tiS Ibtttg, ^Jtvlll0<«rasffche jpqptiliflt : wi«*ic<ettnaiaate for (Congress flaat Saill iin «he ICeafih .RitiWict, ^vas inilso onafle :a ;Uiiombor .erf tlihe .. -way iirito tbe iptimps atithe water jpenver ] station. It ibas ibeen mocessary ito j .stop rtheni jaboitt icstery ihour lor rfilie ] piu-poae of (CleamnK -out rtibe lirib,;anai :«ystwn so Ibaflly ithat iit was Sound j •naoesaary ;U>ituMi cnttiall tbe iliphts in; Ube .tiity. HB.very .street ii^'m tcitnil ' ilOW.A'.S SOLDIERS. Pel). H.—iLn :a cioimmi-' ;nication se.nt to the tbouHe <of ytttpresen- j iturtivus iby the .aeowstarjv vof war, the '.military force ( of tlu •at is stated the Iowa militia-is composed j •of ttwo .generals, itoilty .e'igCht lofiiaern >on : the generals utaffll, ilLfty-taeven aoiaiers; /of infantry .uiufl .eight aneinbers >of the ' signal coups. ! ; State :Se.nator !Balld,\v;in idled ;at MBJ lliouie in (Gaacatle ion itibe itlth. Hn *be ledera 1 ! .o.ourt, :at Kedlaik, Mike "3/Poiney, .of 'Mit. 'Pluasant, .was fined 82.^000 ru.nd laentenced to itflie i iperi'denliiary lor itwo -yvears for iboot- ! ggdug. "il!oomey IB ;a inotoiiious rao- '; Qa.fcor<of rtilve licjuor fl.a.wa, lhayang- tbeen j ooovietea itwel^e tiinea iin tbe :Btate : icourta :an3 itwlioe iin Ab.e loderal. ; iOwing ;to rtibe tfunds running 1 :sbort itbe j iiuii of loourt Bias <oouie to lan^end. -witih ; auuob nxudiispoaed .of. (During st/be tmun 10S indiobmeutarweiteretunnea, .'GSicaaeB i .disposed .of ;aiid lOfi.oontiniiedj-.ofwliiub ; :,7,7 -weJTe i.eontiuued lor .arrest. "j?be ,ag- = iRaiegate .of ijciil :Hentences ^\va» :H,'07l) I idaya; ipenitenfiai-y, 10 y.earti; fines imposed, $lMttU. A £e.\v idayB iag.o .ff.. C. Y-etaer., j p.neaidwnt; Isaac jDidlceraori, wiioe-jmes- \ Meat, :*iaid iDr. K. iBanlk, -.were re-.ari'etitecl ion on- i idiutments r.etuii-uecl iby the .guiaaacl $ pacb <guwe ibond for ^1,-OOC). A r.nmor us ! h«!t indictments for ,-acy :to .(Hefraud have .been axtacle fby the 'jury ^against ;ailil .of the .officials ( of itlie OUan'k, (but aiutbin ;UibQutibhe aaatter :a.t pnesent. ;asking tKba-t ifihe icovuit tlix -the .of (tibe Ktoeltholders as snow being :»ictiau •wall .decide -ti aniul'tiitHC'le of ;attatdi:oient icases .on property <of iistock- liolders cattti.eb.ei3 'iby luneditors -of the ;haulf who f eared <otiher idisposition ,<ft jproperty toy .stockholders tpeniiing :a \WKffi. 'ttShaitmp, 'CMneae Jhas .arrived fliore. *he ittiiBSion Ijy tthe lOBhieae ito -- SFtesnoe, rtS-etmauy. Jtostiiia -ana •to imefliate Sor (peaoe (britwecn 'OMna . Titieii :at»a ffiing were sttiik Iby itorjpeaoes ifihttt -WCPC <Qis- ] atroyea. :, 3Wb. '.{),—A icable <difi- ribowing ifihe jpwrjnose .on 4b.e ipart /of (Great SBritain, IFitranae tanfl iRuHsia its iinierfei'e ;Bt rBhe jpi'qper 'Stage <of ihcmtJl- iities betwoon .H apL'/u uufl iCblina. iis :ttt- itraOtiingjnHidhjnittention an /oirciles 3ieue, ,anfl incquireB sipnilicainse m^hon itaiken iin (con'jnnciiion with stive Decent speech SroiEvthe ttiteone .0f'Quoen ViotorJa. IBlie lurfcter., an :a imanner, iliiutnfl Ahart -w^bcn tlihe , ithe a'elUitionK iticlnveen rthe would ibe Sound tmf- iiiiiontly (httiuncm'iouK rU> ii.uaui'e ithe reBloration <of ipeaoe ibetwaen .iTupam ;imiil 'Ohina. tBjy -"the 1ior,mB id ttil\e .vinder- 8tanfting;aK ireportefl, ,flu/piiii w'aU mot the ipoiimitted fto ;ucc[riire <one inch f«rf ftorritory-on ithe anuiin land, but St lie Hieliev.ed ihereithat*he Btuitement^ua!i'ieK rKhe (distinct : intiniation ithat .(Tapumimuy •uluiim the jgj'enit iitiland >of Otormomi, •wihicb -is ;a iinost aHiporitan't :BfcL'Uitegic ipouHuHsion. Hit dms Tbeen -confidently se, -oJ! iBmliag-ton, was :«w!b- ; ;as :a \vitiu«ss in lihe idiskrict «opnrt.«t Mt. Aya--agaiust .J,, "JU. JVLerrJii, -of aaakiujr illegal :aales -of r. ''ilUie .ocfliocstor -W.M.S masked to J' Ms .oftiue ttesstiwowj AvJaetiUer StosiuU i ;{?o.v>WiOiinfeB,l tax, .saieli .flaay- eanjr ^auftiKieiit ^yidejaoe to «sr \vio;la;,tio4i .of it-lie .state law wiber* l\acl not ibeeo itij) Mtt. AjjM 1 tot .did Jiwt tes- 8ie -dtuiliSt-eii idjst iWj.e federal to tolte Ms lie g'i'VdJ tesiluaoBy JB but '%®fog from courl to jiw.B|>pja.6e to KU'Jjp.oejjas to tee; to Jaiag« 'i'»df«rd, of ML Ayr, w&o eomeided with ihsia and from NEARLY FATAL of < «-®»t 5nto fl- — A faraujr by -fvKidwg uear iLe drug j»tores the preserip- 'Oprl«tor ami twit luci3iJ*jg-, took 4owo » Sioux 'City idispatcli: ll'jje.oouttty ;ai- torjaey ;and tbe legai .r.epr.eseutii'lu^jeB .of tlxe ilHaauiiea's' Loan :a-nd 'T bawie Jailed 'ito ,on ilie for ,tb.e idiBtoasaal .oi £he .oounty w.arr.ant :suits, ;aoid it "is posBJJble tbe .effitire wall fee reopened. Tbe ;anfl tjxe .ottlcers .of ike ^igr.eed, a.s Uxey .supposed, »n .all! ttibe .de^aMis ,of *i wtapnla- ition for a ..dasm'issal ,of tllbe sMits. Tbe itr.ust .uowpaoj" .agraed to aielease tbe •oOHMiy fco.ui liability .of f MMJOO .of tbe w.arranits »t ixdlJ in «onsideration of tibe payjaeja!k .of itite «eet. In preparing lib* ^tapwlaitapn,, i!be trwist mnapany iy* sup t-be rijg'iUt to ;sue tlie ioflieers who w«r# rssKponsible Cor istiuang tte iliegial warrants. Tiie wbole Jit%atioB may Star® to ibe reopened aad *jjjt» Sbrougbl on l3ie warrants at great ex-pense to tbe A raeent official report .on line condition of tbe jtowa. utepasat and Company of Pes Moines, by p TfieaJiur^r lieesou ,aad ejc-Bauik Examiner Mclliugb., wbo were appointed by tbe state esceeullye eo»n«il to tbe ajfairs ot such lustitutloni*, iJie secretory aad jaa.nag«r, JJr. EL C. Spinney, to be sliort glfi,WSa.30 5» bis ac<xj3mtt». Mr, Kplnuey exhibits a contract with tbp directory, jaasie in 1691. wbi#a «ntUto Mm to all the pro- fitt> of the coneerp after t?ie expenbeb are j^id, and uadej- the tenjiB «?f Ibe eontra«t he U> apparcuily aolbebiiid in hfa aecojjntSu Tbo «0ajjuHt»e declared the extract invalid, asked for tbe wtt- relary'*. re*lg-aatiou, asd in its report reeoujuiendti Jeg-'i^lalion io pruieet «tockbo}der« in tucb afetociatifins, A p»rt <?# tbe fchortoge is $4,5ftO. paid to legislative influent** to defeat !eg-5sla- tU»iJ for pr<«U»ctM>B of jstockliclder* in \vjll iinter.vnne'.wj^ene'veriit.rihall iap,pear rtibatiObinawiasu'.eaaly tvanguisbad ;and was :siiing iin -vM'iin for tpeace .on aieaaoua'ble rterrns. IBut :so Sar :as rt/be .disjiatcb atefcrr-ed 4o iindica'teB -.any JIOB- aib'ility.of ^action iin .that Oine Tby *he HIin ; ited:Statesiin<oQnou'neiJion with (tbe tother jpowera, iit as .clearly 'enroneous, tor it .can (be jposit'iyely ^^!tated ttbat tunder no:ConditioBS<can *be jpresident ibe iuduoed ito .depart from .our .estab- liabed 'policy >of axou-interwentiian. It is mo ..Hunpraoe (here ftbat iGermanj',, too, will a'ei rain jfrom jjoining iin a/n inter- jrentiiau -jvvMch -would One stirely idas- tasteful ito.J.apan, lor tbe latest sports fa'om tube latter iQo.itntiy ;sbow ^tibat tbe fGrewnan traders WR snaking extaaor- idiinary jwogr.eaB iin supplanting :alll lOtber loreiigners, ,e;v,en Aitnerauan, in aeum-ang .control <of itbe .yaliuaMe .Japanese foreign ttrade. Tbe 'CMnese legation Hiere Hias no inf ormaition in regard io tbe oniasion of (Qtaiig 'Tecb 'Tbaung, the -;CbJinese .encr.oy .dinary, w<bo iis reported ,as jiust rarr'iwed iin Marseilles. "illie ...officials know Moiling .of .suftb .en^qy., and ibirilr that 'some anistalte is made. OJO.NOJOJS-,, iFeti. •«.— Tbe :Stundar.d'!s Berlin .dispatch .-says: 'Tbe .support ^accorded to <OMna by .oei'taiin powers 'has giv.en tbe .emperor rtlie idea tbat lie wM .sejid iio jinone .eny.Dys to .Japan, but •will ;addi!eas ;a aiote to tbe powers iprotestiing ;aga;kist ra'ny .J.apanese .annexation .of Chinese territory and leaving tbe iLnitiatiLng .of peace negotiations to the powers interested,, *v-eD" at tbe risk ot tb-e Japanese eaptering Fekin. .&ER:I,0,US CHARCES. Mayor ol C'Julr.ago C'liarged Wit F.eb. W, — .John E. .of tbe republican state .een- teal .committee lias ttoown down the gag'.e.of IbattlLe to Mayor Ji-oplroas at last in the suit t%e jmaj'.or bixongJat aiist before it/he last elee- for idefaraaation of .chaxaeter in .connection wUfa a cir.Qular issued 'by 4ib.e repiitolican .oommattee^ ilie nar.tica- larjs .of tw'jbicb wilil ibe a\eijQembered by raaderia. In a reply filed iby Tanner he set* forth the aefinate charge that .on October 31«t tbe mayor tbrong-h 13ae pollee .collected from *>ne iLizzle Man- aaing |$0, an .ooasideration ©f lib-e payment of wMch sbe wasalloyed to inain- tain a aertaan place which was run in violation .of the statutes of Ulinois and .ordinances of the city «f Chicago. This ideelsiratioii is repeated Biaety-«igjit times, an.4 to eae|i declaration is appended the name of *ome person from whom It is alleged Ibe mayor, through tbe police, received a certain sum of money. .• _ THREE LIVES LOST, Feb. *A—^Three men in tbe lake crib perished in kake Michigan. They few! just returned to tfae erjl» from tbe #bure with a load of provision*, and while thej' were lauding, tbe boat, witlimit oar*, was washed away with one of the men. Two of bis companiouB tore tb« doors from tbe crib and werealso«weptawaj ! on tbeKe, io a heroic effort to save their unfortunate cojnpaoion. Tbe names of the drowoed'are: Gueiave Stoynor, Chicago; Jawes JBrowo, Port tiairon; Thomas Aaderson, Milwaukee. The tug boat Foley, with tbe life boat agd crew, went out but returned wit&out finding tbe men- All hurts of rumors as to greater loss of life were afloat., but it has been definitely aseeriaiaed that only the three above were lost. TURKISH of are -Wt •flues aor tfnfi**cnscm, Srom £H«mdltirn, Sbr'ingSng tttBWB <oS She :arreSt tcff iito the Hate irtfbeTilian. A mnttfber Shave ^ilreafly Iraen <eou*aate9. "One fwiitaeHS >BBifl 'thnit .Rpvi'ttTd, '0fte <o? the <re;vrfLti- ttiionists, itolfl (him "Ghict iihe yuoen liafl ' fhim :a letter fto 8KitT3dl i p'h E. j iwtmlfl fftttriidh tthe I iThere twill ibe iho | iin tconvidting iffill '•'fihe .oners. 'tChe fjneeii thae -wairfitan!hor€!by fEnlly ,-ana mnegufcrocally raaniit :ana rfledlaretfihat tfibesgovennmeat iof .the tnepu'Wic roi iHawati iis rtihe 'only itbttt^efhe dOHie iHttTCaiia-n anonardby SB finailly «aifl Sor.ercer ®naea, ms 010 longor <of .-any legnl for .acttiuil TrailiSity, Sorce tor (eSEtidt wiliatHoe^er,; anfl 0. (SoIbere'by ;aib- 5n ;the 'Hirw.aiian iidlandB <of <dlBeOT!]iene, from,-all or.aliy iinaiiner (of ;aTleg'in/nce (01- -officiall lObiignition .or 'fluty to tthe roomniana of ttny 3ie'irB ranfl suBceBaorB forever: ;Mid 1 'hereby .fteulare tto all :fluch]perHonBiin|tbe Gan/waiian aSlanas "thai 3 iconsifler ithem i\)o-itnfl ; in 'duty ,anfl Ihonor Ibonoeforth ito attpport -and nnstaiin .lilie .government 'of SBnwaiii. 'The 'qtieen -.makes a ?plea for rtihose who took ipart iin rBhe rebellion, ;anfl ^es- ipreBBiiB :» 'flesii'e to li^e in ;aJbBolttte iprirupy 'henoelortlh. 'Tlie 'flocunient iincludes .a >cqpy iof the <of .allegiance to the 3!epubiic token : by iher, ;anfl 'dedares her ,-aot was i\vitbout siig- .gestion ,or iinflvienee SEroin the republic. 0;t 'in a»ot ODelievea the queen as isincere : in iher .-abdication; that iit iis onerely .a ruse to BBUure 'derneney wihen sbe ^appears Tbef ore ifibe imHdtaiy ttriibtmal mow .•Bitting. A -seaitcb -of iier 'house ;a£ter lher;arrest inert, ion!ly repealed jallarge ;amourt iorf ;ajim8 ;aitid -.amnxnn'ifjion, latrt •aoeuBaentB .fallowing that Bbe ;vvas in leagtue mith the rebels, iand r ao >certain >of (restoration that .sbeihad laotnally ;appo:kitea :a new 'cabinet. iMEXI.00 May l"et Eud Tiroitblt! Botweon ilu 'VTttr. F Macxiao, ileb. 11. — Although the 'government wiM give .out .notihing, it is learned ilhat Onatemala lias not receded, !but;stilJ; .Stands '.by Iber .original .answer to the Mexican ; g,ov,ermuent, .and is jsukhong troaps to the frontier. 'Tibe Mexican .Zaragossa, the ibest .of rtJhe Mexican nary, as awaiting .orders iwattb :ste.ain aip ;at Acapuloo. M.esiioo iis stM sending troops to t<be .front, pfr- fecliing ;a telegraphic lane, ;and ibraying ;arms :an.d anunitions .of wvar .foorn tbe iD.oaited States :amd :a*broad. 'The BritSsih jparliainent .reasseinbled .on the .5th. Another bond istaie has ibeen agreed to by 'Secretary .Carlisle unless «on- gress :aets in ten .days. It avEl amount to $t32,40Q,'OOO v .or 3,,500,,000otinces.of gold. This ;a.m.o.unt, at is thought, will again place the g^old resei'v.e in .excess .of 'The western expr.ess.on itlie Atchison, Topeka .it :Santa lie road, train No. 1. bo.u-nd for '.Colorado and California, -was !held lap .one iinile »v.est of Sylwfa, Keno county, Kansas, by four marked anen, who signalled .danger. 'Two -of the robbers .covered the -engineer and fireman and two want to the express .car. They faEed to 'effect an entrafliee and then want to iihe coaches an.dmade tbe passengers .give rap all their valuables. The train was lield for an hour and ten minutes toy the robbers, who then node eouiib. Conductor MeGrali took the train ibaek to .Sylipia and gave the alarm and in a f-ew xriinrates Sheriff Patton on the trail with Ms posse. The men are o.elieved to be me.mberp of tbe fstaffiord gang 1 .. In tbe British house of lords a few days ago Lord Bosebery. referring' to the .queen's speech, said the government was able to act in the Armenian matter with tbe cordial acquiescence .of France, Russia and Italy. Events would show that these powers were able to watch tbe inquiry of the Turkish commissioB a»,d ascertain the truth. The reductions of crime ia Ireland was certainly due to John Moriey's wise and ifirm administration, aad to hope that Ireland would have a legislatjine for the management of Irish concerns was consistent witb.the maintenance of iiaperial rale. Referring to 'Che complaint of Salisbury that tbe question of the house of lords was not referred to in the queen" 1 * speech, Bese- foery adhered to what be had alreadj' .said, that the relations between tbe two houses were a grave danger for the future of the country, aud that an the opinion of the government the constitutional method of dealing with the situation was by a resolution which it was not neeeswjy or expedient to introduce immediately, as it must atajost neoejsfijirily be followed by the dissolution of parliament, for which he, the speaker, did not seeany immediate necessity. TT. CPdb. 7?.—-A Htfttsr buB ihore to>m :a 'Bpeciffil d , „„„ ot-the ABRoriiBtea T'reHS^erit^o Armenia fto .mvedtigaie the Teportefl A*meriten 'rttrocitieB anfl -w'ho JB art | an Arnrenia. Among .other | b .. «B Bays: "ArrmanianR in Athene : „„„ .'Gotiritaritinople BSfiert thnt forty tifflages -v/ort destroyed and nearly lOiOOO iperaonB .massacrea, fbnt more umpai'tiiail atitl 'equally wall 'informed ^rersonB split the mttnfber ;at tweiiVy"^ 1 ^ 6 ^illttges ;aiia Srom 1^0110 to 'R/OfJO .persons tkollea. *T;he 'esraot .ttunfbBr TvlH .mever ibellcnowa. The sultan was -BO .pleased twltb the twor^k «£ the sdlfliers thtft be .•sent thanks ;anfl jaBcortttions to the | ;ana aorvvardtia tflags to Ibe jpreBeUtea*otbeirQg.imBn1iS'OngBgea in tbe.'H^nlSbtttdhery:. 'The ilags :are not -yeit Thanflea to the *eg"imentB. It iie ^bought tbe presentation -will be la^ferred runtH the :excitement -over tbe affiair OIUB Bubsiflea. The English ^delegate <on the Turkish uommiBsion <of enquiry imigbt sue these flags if he went at it in the right way. AB for the Turkish RommiBsion, it ;is Bucb a Sramfl that it iiti.-a ^uiste -of breath to talk :a)bout it. What the European residents .of 'Constantinople .ai-e really ioolting f orwan-a to -with confidence 'is .an investigation <of tbe >wfbole affair by ;tiD European .commiBsion. 'They believe ttihe Turkish 'Comm-isBion will bring itn rBtieh .an unsatisfactory report that the iOhristian na-fiions will appoint a 'Commission ;and .make an ; investig'a- tion whethei-the Turks like it or not. 'ThiB is wfcat it mnBt -conae to in tibe end, for no matter what reforms the sultan anay promise, tbe Armenian .agitation will .continue until the ientire vexed 'C[!«estion is-passod oipon iby the •rest ;of ibhe "woria.'" STATE L . TENNESSEE. 3NASHTI1.1.E, Tenn., feb. .6.—The houses .of the .general .assembly in jjoint^ session, after a protest from H. Clay Evans, republican claimant for the governorship, proceeded to open the returns from counties. Objections were .-filed by Exians and Turney, democratic (claimant, to the reception of tvotes .of ^arioais vcounties. .'NABHVlua:, 'Tenn., Feb. 7.—The legislature in joint assembly .concluded reading tbe returns ior governor. At the concliision Evans, republican, took the loath-of .office. i After Evans had taken the oath of office he requested tbe secretary of :sta.i.e to file it. The secretary de- .clined. Evans will apply ioraman- Ito compel the secretary of state to file Ms *iatb .of office. K.OBTH BAEOTA. IBisMAECK, 'K. D.. Feb. 10.— Tbe state senate has passed the bill to resubmit the constitutional prohibition amendment to tbe people. MIBSOtlHI. .TIFFEKSOST \CiTy, Ma, Feb. 11.—The senate has "passed a bill imposing-a .state license tax»of $1,000 annually on dealers in .cigarette paper, and empowering 1 the levy of a .similar cax;. Tbe "house adopted a 1)331 prohibiting all pool selling- and book-making. HAWAIIAN REVOLUTION. Leaders of tbe Insurgents Condemned. WASHIKGIOST, Feb. 9. — Under date of Honolulu, January M, Minister Willis telegraphed to Gresham, saying that •GMlick, former minister, Seward, minister and major-general • in the army, both Americans, and^Biekard., anEng-' liBbtnan, -were sentenced to death by the court .martial for participation in the rebellion, and T. B, Walker, formerly' .of the United States army, imprisonment far lii'e-" ; tand :S5,,*0.00 fine. Other .sentences "were mat (disclosed, but w.ere probably -.death. i(3r.eBlham sent a dispatch in reply ilhati'f the sentences 'were mot for ;a£5tnal participation in tbea',evolxvtiQu,ib\itiucunp]lcity only, <or if the .condemnations tW.ere not after ;an .ppen :and ia'ir ittna 5 ! '.withian .opportunity for.deiense, to .demand .delay of the execution. Bade JBldli Last spi'ing Avennadeaiutiee in these .columns Ihai Mr, 'Jileoww A. .Baleer -of t-be John A. 'Baliier:8ead iCo..., ILaOrosse, Wis., Amei - ioa"s leacUftg: seed .growers and iner chants, 'wasan 3Sur.o i pe insearch of rare seads sind noy.eMies lor the American farmer :and scitize^. Judging fj'orn theLr new 'catalogue, Ms trip was an iemlnently .eueeessful •one. It is brltnf ull *>;£ j-.are things. Of especial na-erit w* jnaone tbe Bismarpk apple,, ibearin.g tbe second year; the iSiant Flowering Star Phlox, the German .coffee berry, and lor the farmer, tbe Victoria rape* Oermanica Vetch, the Laithyrus bilvefatrj^, the Giant Spurry and .Giant Incarnate eloper, Baealine, and dozens, of other rare thanga. This wide-awake firm is in <the Tan, and their .catalogue, which is sent for 5e pobtag«, would be cheap at gl.OO per -copy. Abort to Hid Loroouc, Jfeb., F«% 5.— FraaV UiJ- Nebraska state oil inspector, wbo has just retired {pom Jjis o&ee, i« short lie declares fee »viai pay up. Kig Ot*»u LAa/pr Off Gloucester, Maw,, 'Feb. 10-—Tie flsh- ing *CJMw>nw JTolin E. MeiKenEie, wbieb fi««ne in j'eeteMay afiternoon from the outsiije, r«iporis » W^: ocean Mner out In , tee ihay trying to make" land, gyeat it is in ST. Louie, F«fe, &^ fteiee bas laeen ««-arde4 03, t»y the St IflKuis «pwu$y Jury %|ss ihatb 4 ft- CferfB . Mrs. iPi to her home bahrman .0$ t/be ^ourml'ttsB <0B orrBUcy, .opened She ifleSbate. Oo±, Hall, .flem M S*an«», -aem,, fteed, lkef, rep., KmjiwMtt. fiap.^ ntnl top., f oll 'attHTson, flem., fflTored St. r eai'B. Diplomatic and consular iriati an trill came -op .and debate wfictdBena- Btates and Hawaii became Ohicago postofflce buiidiflg ibill fi&esed. ' j&otisa—Utoe curretKij- itffi *a*B* rap and it' TVCB agreed that BubstitiUtBE iby Ocix Beed Bhonld beoonEiderad pending;. 3j'ed a BUbstiJtute wMcb -vras J-ulad 'out <®t order. Ee appealed «ud «h« appeal ending when bouse adjourned. BEN4.M1—Washington, Feb. ?..-- matie and consular appropriation tall mine tip and Hawaiian cable amendment •was furtlier discuBsed. No T-ote -was !aobed, bowerer. ELotisic—^Bill to authorize the Iowa and SebraBka Pontoon Bridge Co. to build a wagon bridge acrosB tbe Missouri at Sioux 'ity passed.* "iTbe bouse ttien -went joiurnilitee >of tbe -wbole on tbe t ion bill for tb« issue-of $DOO.OOO,-000 of lonrts. The pending question -was tbe .ppeal from tlie decision of the chair ruling {land's atoendinent out of order. Tie ;hair was sustained. ynben committee ose, Eeed's -substitute vras lost, MS *o 3S~. Cox's .substitute -wag also lost, SO to 184. ?ne rote oa third reading and engrossment if tbe bill resulted in its defeat, 134 to 161. SKKATB—Washington, Feb. &—Senate iBKsed a bill .appropriating $19^003 for ths elief of the poor of Washington. A menage was read from tbe president regarding be issuance of more bonds. A message was .also presented regarding affairs in Hawaii. After a short debate the senat* adjourned. HOUSE—In the bouse the j>resia*nt"B message in regard to issuing more bonds was read and refeired. Also i>ne on Hawaiian affairs, and soon after tbe .bouse adjourned. SENATE—Washington, Feb. 9.—Amendment to diplomatic and consular appropriation bill providing for a cable to tbe lawaiian islands was agreed to and later be bill passed. HOUSE—Legislative appropriation bill was considered in committee of tbe whole. A joint resolution was passed to extend tbe ime for making tbe income tax returns to April 15. FINANCES. ortiBE — Hcmse -went fatto ic oratdc insjioiaty to 1fl»e senM/e -was teatefl ito-a&r wiioii Clarenoe B. Otetik, iew Benator from Wyoraing, bail-man Springer Blames the Republican Members. TVASHIXOTOX, Feb. S. — Chairman ipring-er, of the banking and currency Committee, was not prepared to say •whether any further action -would l>e taken or what would now be done. He was much disappointed at the result and blamed the republicans, say- ng- that if they had stood by tne bill t would have passed. If anything was .o be done a ne\y bill would have to be wrought in, as the bill voted upon is beyond recal 1. All the other demo- Tats who wer j>. for the bill, said this was the end of anything in the way of financial legislation. The general impression prevailed that there would be another bond issue without delay. STAGE ROBBERJT ' '• One Killed and the Other Placed In Jail. KKWKIKK, O..T., Feb. 10.— The Blackwell overland mail coach was held up and robbed by two outlaws named lohnson and Stratton near her. A posse rave chase, coming up w jth t ae robbers in an hour. Johnson was killed and Stratton surrendered ' and was ailed. It is not known how much sooty/was secured. • ~ — TT^ - - — OWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT.' DES MOINES, Feb: 5, "1895. -—The A. C. Mount Broom Co., of Des Moines,, ms registered its trade mark, consisting' of two copcentric spaces of different colors, pursuant to the Iowa law approved March 26, 1892, Their certificate is No. 7-1. Patents have been allowed as follows: To Dr. J. W.' Haughawaut, of Fort Dodge, fo\ au! upright boiler composed of a series ofi concentric boiler sections, having an-" nular spaces between them, thereby, providing very large heat radiating- surfaces. Scrapers in the annular, chambers can be readily operated ta remove soot deposits. To W, W. Reb»^ 4 sehatis and J. T. Collins, of Des- Moines, for a printers galley having a* side Stick that may be qiueklv an^i easily moved to lock tyoe taereis, 4 , To J. T. Owens for a mop wringer j Tills Is a simple, strong and durable* device adapted to be attached to s& bucket. The mop cloth is inserted! between two rollers normally heldj together by yielding pressure devices,: .Eotating' the rollers, by means of n" crank, wrings water from the cloth, into tbe bucket and liberates tlie cloth. Five United States patents issued to Iowa inventors last Printed copies of the drawings specifications pf any one patent sent to- any address for §5 cents. Valuable information for inventors free. THOMAS ti. 4sp J. ^.UJPJJ Os,ma, Solicitors of Patents, j- Physicians declrj-a that toe most nutri* tiougjartici* o| diet is butter, and that bsicwn comes next- ** w — **»»„ Ut*r»ry Noise, % M«?aure'fi wagraziae for Febru^y contains "Napoleog the Ring twenty £ne portraits, Mask of its A. K MeCiur*: J.

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