The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 6, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1895
Page 7
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'was ones & i onif thing tKatf can really hnrb faatioil is 1 sin, htfve fco claws, hiit ihev I Matty people to death. ' febttie pfeopie had mbneV eftftiigtt J frottld ve* themselves t6 death. A.genius is a marl who does softie" • thittg that others Say cannot be dofle>. Pr Irhfe ttiaa who builds a hbuse tells (*tH«L' Whole aeighborhotfd somethifag Kftbbtit himself, , are made fichybot'by ,whnt ST<lhV world can give, but' ty what it •"•''*', takd away. Jrovi waut ta find a pleasure 1 greater than making money, try giv* 'ifig some of it away. , , when it turtis black 'everywhere • else, you can find plenty of light by ^'looking straight tip. ''' l', talking about charity bspinning at l.iiAMj^ fa one O f,the' Ways by which we let people know that we ; none. iliirt ns a. llultot. ' :/ Hospital Physician—This miin seems to be half dead, and yet I cannot find anything 1 ,tho matter'with him.' Where is he fi-omP -'.. ; '•' " ., : , , Ambulance Driver-*-1 got him at the jdbor of tho St. Fashion Assembly hall. There is a ball going on there. Physieian—Ah, I see. He probably stepped on a lady's dross and she said, "SirP" ' ; ' •• The • I'loture ToloRraph. . • It is reported that. M. Bertilloh, the inventor of the anthropoirAetrical system of identification adopted by the Paris police, is endeavoring to revive tho use of 'the picture telegraph. He believes that in; rapidly transmitting and disseminating the portraits of suspected criminals,, it"would /be found of very great service. . A Terrible Visitant. . > '' Pain is always a terrible visitant, and often domiciles ifeelf with one for life.: This infliction is preventable, in cases of rheumatism/by & timely resort to Hostetters's Stomach Bitters, •which checks tho encroachments of this obstinate and dangerous malady at the outset: The term "dangerous" is used advisedly, for rheumatism is always liable to attack the vital organs and terminate life. .No' testimony is more conclusive aud concurrent than that of physicians who testify to tho excellent effect of the Bitters in this disease. Persons .incur .a wetttag in rainy or snowy weather, and who are exposed to draughts, should uso the Bitters as a preventive of ill effects. Malaria, .dyspepsia, liver and Iddney trouble, nervousness and debility are also among tho ailments to which this popular medicine is adapted. For the Jn- flrmities, soreness and stiffness of the aged it is highly beneficial. / .. ' Bettor Than a String. ' ' , Mother— Johnny! On your way hpnae from school stop at the store and got me a , stick of candy and a bar ot soap. ••••'••.'•''' Father—What do you want of a stick of candy J • • •: ' Mother—That's so he'll iremember. the soap. •;.; ••'.•• '..,'. ' ; .. ' . 11 the Baby/18 liurang 'i-eeth. pe sure and uso that old and'well-tried, remedy, MBS. \ 's SOOTHING SYRUP (tor'Children Toothing- Ohe^fiftri of tire Woofs'" Afficafl<i etfft is deseft, tne Tfcfla being Issii* t&ated by Mf. Savefistihe afc over 2.£60jOOO sqtiare intles, of which all bttt a sitoalt frau'tifitt ig contained lit ths tract of land pttpulariy-khowti ft§ this Sahara, says MeClure'i Magazifid.*. f • fcxcept for soind School children who know better* aad schoolteacher9 who are instrutnehtal in that being" so» tne misconception ol the Sahara', which is widespread, would bo practically ,uni- vdrsal. The average inah pictures the Sahara as a vast sea of sand, for the most-part below 4 thd saa level, across which the 1 camel speeds before the poison blast of the simoon from oasis to oasis. Schemes of flooding the Sahara have 'come before the pub* lie occasionally, and we have read ac* counts of tho vast inlaad sea which might bs forj&ned, rivaling the M^diter- raneaa in'*size, giving a southern coast to "Morocco and Algeria, and admitting steamers directly to the wealthy state of the Soudaa. The Sahara, as known to the geographer, corresponds badly, with this conception, for, in fact, there is no risk of tfio ''ship of the desert" over being supplanted by the ships of the sea. Fetf parts are below sea level,, and they are small'and scattered. In the interior the desert is a plain high above sea leVel, covered with vast dunes of red sand in many parts; in others it is an elevated plateau with lofty mountain ranges of bare rocks intersected by stony valleys. It is arid) save, when a spring bubbles up and'gives"rise to a small oasis of grass and palm trees. The Sahara proper is unknown except for a few trade routes regularly traversed by Arabs and Occasionally by adventurous Europeans. These utilize the oases a6 resting places,' 1 stepping stones, 'as it were, and : keep up communication between the wealthy Mohammedan states . round Lake Chad in the south and Tripoli, Tunis, Algiers^or Morocco on the Mediterranean. Between the trade routes all is a bank of sand or barren rock. Exploration is only possible when water, as well as food, 1 can bo carried, and this condition has practically,stopped all attempts at discovery for tho present, on account of the great expense and the purely scientific nature of the. possible return. A railway running from the French possessions on tho Mediterranean across the desert to Timbuctoo, the scarcely known trade center near the Niger, is talked, of. Such a : line may be constructed in the future, but the dim- culties are enormous; much greatev than those overcome by the llussians in. the Transcaspian lino through the deserts of Central Asia. . - Men, like books, .have at each- end a blank leaf— childhood, and old age, •' Coe'H CougU Balaam ' Is tho oldest ami best/ It will break up n, Cold quick- cr than (nothing else. In Is always reliable. Urylt. A man has , to blow himself, as a rule, before he oan wet his whistle. "A. Cup of Parks'. Ten atnightmove the bowels in the morning." Never begin a journey until breakfast Basi been eaten. '-"'.• ' Canada is an Indian word meaning "collection of huts." C f ,i ; '^ ON THE ROAD _to recovery, the •yottngj woman who is taking D6ctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription. In maidenhood, womanhood, wifehood and motherhood the "Prescription"" is, a supporting tonic and nervine that's peculiarly adapted to her needs, regulating-, strengthening and^ J ing t)ie derangements / of the sex. Why. is it SQ.ttiariy women owe their beauty to 'Pr. Pjerce's Favorite Prescription ? Becnns'e beauty of foim and face radiate from the common centei—health, 1'he best bodily condition results frqm good food, fresh air and exercise coupled with tUe judicious use of the " Prescription," If there be headache, paiu in the back, beanng'down sensations, or general debility, or if there be nervous? disturbance; jjprvousprostjfltion', $.i\A sleeplessness, the ^Prescription" reaches the origin of .the trouble a.«d corrects it, It dispels aches and pains, corrects displacements and cures > <$tarrhal inflammation of the lining menii- Cranes, falling of the woijib, ulceration, ir- jegularities and kindred majadies, OF WOMB." MRS, PRANK CAM-, • p* / (f( 4 t fffff'rfr**' V-««j •* t ( J' v writes s " I deeni it; • duty to express, my >p, Jjpart-ftjt gravi- --, letoyou for having \been the means, under> Prpvidence, pf'restor» + jng me p Uealth, for I , J&ye been by spells un- i agid t^p w^l-lsf ^ty 'trau,btes, were -of the ' inflaimnatory . an4 tU? doctor^ \ said,, they cpvild, u,Qt wonderful Javprite' Prescription g from Her Experience, Aftfef years of Jjraetleal use and a trial of many brands of baking f>6^« def (sottia df whidn she fecomtiteftded before beboffling acquainted- \^ith the great qualities of the Royal), Marion HaHand ^hdg thd_ Royal Baking Powder to be greatly superior to all similar prefsara*" • tions, and states that she uses it exclusively, and deems it an act of justice atid a pleasure to recommend it unqualifiedly to American Housewives, The testimony of this gifted authority upon Household' KcotlOmy coincides with that of millions of housekeepers, many of whom speak from knowledge obtained from a continuous use - of Royal Baking Powder for a third 6'f a century. ' • t i ROYAL BAKlN/S POWDfeR CO., 106 WALL ST., N6W-YORK. _ Government Cold. It is contrary to law for a private individual to buy gold from tho mines of Transvaal. The entire products of the mines must be sold to the Dutch government at ivites fixed by statute and any person found with uncoined gold in his possession is liable to severe 'punishment. This somewhat singular law is boing enforced rigidly, atid'jiuite a number of well-to-do people;- have been sent to prison '~ violating its provisions. for • Janitors Wltli Police 1'owors. , Considerable 'comment has . boon .Cheated .by the action of the school board at Heading, Pa., recommending that all janitors of school buildings bo •given police powers. As a large proportion of 'those who perform this duty are women, this will be one of the first instances on record of women becoming policemen. It is proposed to have them appointed by ^the mayor under ail act of assembly relating to special and private policemen, so as to better enable them to pras erve, order around the building and protect the school property. . When It Shines. Dealer—Here, madam, is a banquet lamp* which will delight you if properly attended. We call it the "After-Dinner- Speaker Lamp." -..' .'" / ' Lady—Why do you give it that queer name! Dealer—It's so brilliant when it's full. There is more Catarrh in this section of the'country than all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to .be incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced it a local disease, au.d proscribed local remedies, and by constantly' failing to cure with, local treatment, pronounced it incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment.. -Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio,:: is tho only constitutional cure on tho market. It is taken internally in closes, from 10 drops to a tenspponful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. USS*" Sold by Druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Fills, 25c. _•. ' Can't Cntch. It Mrs. Parvenoo—And what does your husband do? .Mrs. Heavyplate—He chases silver. Mrs. Parvenoo—So does mine, but _h« never seems to be able to catch it.^'"''~' v ' • >'nt Suited to Oar Cllmnto, . Excellent pianos may ba bought in Europe at perhaps two-thirds the cost of a Hke instrument here, and even individuals can import pianos to an advantage in spite o£ tho. .tariff. But a fact that works' pretty, eil'ectually. to protect tho home manufactur'ar is that either the American climate or the usual steam heat tends to destroy the imported piano, so that oven the temptation of saving from $200 to $500 on the first cost does • not induce many persons to take the risk of an instrument that cannot stand the climate. Dress Ke form in a 51 ill. A new effort at woman's dress re- 'form is being made by the managers of cotton mills at Saco, Me. Because of the accidents that have occurred 'through the hair or dress of .operatives being caught in the machinery, it has been ordered that .the girls shall not wear their hair hanging down, but must coil it close to tho head, and the waists and sleeves of their dresses, be'-close fitting, the latter, of course, being opposed to anything and everything at present stylish, < How uo Won Her, "I will be yours," she whispered. He smoothed the raven hair that lay on the marble brow and murmurecl passionately: «>Wonat last!" ^No, pot one until we ave united in mar* ghe laughed softly to herself, one QJJ me," he sa,id, PJe had forgotten that she was we humoviet of tlje Weekly Bugle. — New York, Press, A Pertinent Paragraph. "Our country if right, should bo kept right; if wrong, should be .put right," is a political maxim which paraphrased applies to other conditions of life; thus: our health if right, should be kept right; if wrong, should be put right, especially in -bodily ailments, such as pains and aches, which St. Jacobs Oil promptly cures. Many out. of work should heed to give it a chance to cure and it will give them a chance to go to work cured. Another adage is: "he best who doeth well." 'Well, of course, you want to be well from all sorts of aches, and the best tiling to do is to use the great remedy. He who does so is doing well indeed.; ; The opal is the only gem which cannot be counterfeited, Its delicate tints cannot be reproduced. ^ _ ,. . .,'_;.• ' 1,000 BUS. 1'OTATOES PEB ACKE. Wonderful yields in potatoes, oats, corn, farm and vegetable seeds. Cut this out and send 5c postage to the John A, Salzer Seed Co,, Ui Ci'osse, Wis., for their great seed book and sample of Giant Spurry. __ wnu Australia means "south," and the land now known by that name was formerly called New HpilanJ. Bioptithlo Physicians , . Cure ai\y acute disease in ope treatment (cure or no pay), chronic in a few, Write for free advice. DB. Joim SiiBi^BV, Sheeley Block, Omaba, Neb, This advertisement will be changed monthly, . _ _____ We know a man who is not in straightened cir umstauces and who wants to be. He's a hunchback. _ Sugar Ueot Culture in Nebraska. If you ' want to know "all about it. the price of suitable land, the cos,t pf production and the . refit there is 3n it, write to P, S. JSustis, General P^ssen- ger Agent, C, J3. & Q, B, 'B,, Chicago, 111. _ _ In eastern Bengal n wjll cannot bo made In favor of a .map, and the property descends through the wom^o, CHOICE NONSENSE. Quericus—How did. such a place over get tho repttiatlon of boing a great 1 health resort? Cynicus—Two or throe prominent men died there. "Did Blickons give you a tip on the rac«j?" "Yes." "Did you come out ahead?" "I did." ."How much?" "What I would havo bdtif I had paid any attention to it." ,' First Man—That woman used toibe my ...wife. Second Man—She's mine now, .sir. First Man — Well, you needn't get huffy.''about it. You'll have a chance to get back at some other'fellow. "Good morning, -.;Unclo Charles. Did you sleep well? I'm afraid your bed was rather hard and uneven, but—" "Oh, it was all, right, thank you. I got up now and then during the night and rested a bit,youknow." Patron, pushing his cup away— You've made a mistake, waiter. I didn't order tea; I ordered coffee. Waiter, examining tho beverage— That is coffee, sir. Patron—Well, if that's coffoe, bring me a cup of tea. Wife—Tho price of the clock was $10, but I got a discount, so it only cost me $8. Husband—-Yes, but you could have got the same thing at Beezle's for $5. Wife—That may be, but then Beezle wouldn't have taken off anything. A mean man invited • the village preacher to dino with him, but placed before tho preacher only a dish of "•i-eens and corn Bread. "Will you gay grace, parson?' 1 asked the host. • •'I will," replied the parson. "Lord, make us thankful for greens and corn 'bread and put it into tho heart of our brother to raise hogs next year!" Ilio Rise of Xos Angeles. The San Franciscans are apprehen> sive that the commercial supremacy of their city will ere long be challenged by the city of' Los Angeles, which is growing rapidly. In the first nine months of last year over 900 buildings were put up there, or more than have been put up in San Francisco in any recent year. Los Angeles has also taken away a good deal of the trade of San Francisco. PER SQUARE Wo arc Belting riftln Galvanized Iron noonng front World's Fair Buildings nt above price, anil 82.5O for Oori'ugiitod Oalvatilzoil Iron, (food na now. W8 ImVe on hand 60,000 snuaics, also all kinds ot Lumber and other DulldltiR Material. CmOAGIO JiOttSXl WKKCItlHO CO., soofi.B. Hnlatod St. (0 blooltii north Union Stock Yanlni. IOWA LANDS 00,0110 Here* of choice western Iowa lands for sale In Monona county two to five miles* f rdm vallroacl. 1'rlco J20 to $35 per acre, ticcortUnft to location mm Improvements. Write at onco. Vowel- & AVil- soy, 419 N. Y. Life Uldg. Oniitba, Neb. , McELREES* „ IWINB OR CARDUll For Female Diseases.:;. 90 Cei)ts S FOR A WHOLE YEAR. NewYorkTribune AND The Weekly Bee <•>' A i A New York agency reports that 'hotels In the United States during the past year have been swindled out of $32,419.01 by bill junipers. •-• •• •• 0\ic of my children hud n vei-y bad discharge from the nose,, Plnjsi- cietns prescribed, with-, out benefit. 'After using Ely's Cream Halm a short time ihe disease was cured. — A.O, Gary, Corning, N, Y. A special contract enables us to offer THE NEW YORK ', WEEKLY TRIBUNE, the leading family weekly of ' "' the United Stales, with the OMAHA WEEKLY BEE ' for only QQ Cents, less money than is charged for any other single weekly paper in the country. THE OMAHA WEEKLY BEE is the leading paper in the western country and is too well known to need a special description. THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE is a National Family Paper and gives the general news of the United States. It'gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural " department has no superior. Its " Market Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," *'Our Young Folks," and "Science and Mechanics." its "Home and Society" columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorials, and discussions aro compre- • hensive, brilliant and exhaustive. Send 9O CentS f° r both papers to THE OMAHA WEEKLY BEE, KTE5B. CATARRH opens and clPanst-a Uio It is -reported that M. Bevtillon, the inventor of the anthropoiuetvioal system, of identification Adopted by the Pi-tris police, jls e.nde^vpring to revive the use pf the picture telegraph, Be. believes fyty ip rapidly transmitting aa4 disgemiftftting 'toe popyi-ai^ o{ s«s.pecte^ , criminals, it would be of very great s.e? noe, si??'} lie but test night fte a,sked joy them, especially tb,e oute by tba way little Wtlbasji ]px«nrsiQn to Arkiuisus am i Teias. OB February 1!} tfte Waba,sb Line w}U sell excursion tickets to all points in Arkansas and Texas and Lake Charles, La., at one |ai'e for the round trip plus two dollars, poo4 returning with fu twenty dftys from date of sale. J?or further information call on Horace EieeJy, Cptn'l Agent, Pes-Moines, Jowa. _ • • If there be any truer measure pf a .map than by what he does, it wu?)t be byj what b^ 'gives. •*; -^ Cough, P} S Q'« Owe i* For. Y-, P. Pi»«B«, 6? Tbroop > quart ,pf "wheat cpn^aina moye qulifUly absorbeil and gives rellet at onco, A particle la (ippllpd Into encU nostril ami Is aifi'oe. able. Trice 60 uonisat Prugglbts or by mail, EL7 BEOTSEBS, 56 Warren St., New York, WALTER BAKER & GOT Tho Largest Manufacturers of PURE, HIGH GRAPE .COCOAS 'AND CHOCOLATES On thla Continent, h»vo j-occlTC* HIGHEST AWARDS from tUo great Industrial and F EXPOSITIONS 1st Prize— A Kimball Piano, VAI.^ 350. 00 2d Prize— A Bridgeport Organ, 100.00 3d Prize— A Fine Bicycle, - 4th Prize— A Diamond Pin or Ring,. - - - 5tbi Prize— A Wiieeler & Wilson , ,, Sewing Machine, 6th Prize A&. £ rip Ticket, Omaha to Denver AND 75.00. 60.00 50,00 SthPrize-r-Oash, 9th Prize— Gash, 10th Prize— Cash, 35.00 10.00 7.00 5,00 3,00 10 Prizes-Total Value, - $685,00 '"•• The above prizes aro offered to those who construct or form tho largest number of words out of the letters found in the prize v/orcl . ^_— Xlnlikp tho Dutch I'rocces, no Alku. llca or otlvfir Ohcmlcolaor JJycsnw wti, In any ot their nroparotlpnii. Their a«Uqlo«s SRKAKrAB'l 1 COCOA it nbsol pure w4 soluble, and f»" l( f """» mtecnta qup, SOLO pY QROQcng gygRYWHeBg. WALTER BAM OP. DORCHESTER, MA88- MONEY To loan, no delay, on improved, city or farm property, on easy payment plan.. §end, fpy particulars, Interstate Savings and Uoan Association, Mf? KuflOinVf MINN, UCATION UNDER First—Tho flrtit prize will bo won by the largest li&t, the second pi'ixo by the next largest list and so on to the tenth. Second—KftcJi norspn must send }n his ov her list before tho end of February, ISijs, Third—Th'o list of words must Pe^, wrlttea in ink pluijily, and mCiat be sinned by the contestant and witnessed by two . Fourth— Apy Englis o use ed if it Is conip' aed of ained Jn the word e t there inusi bo no ftupjlojvtes, 5n the a rd ward found dictionary can bo used if it I Jettors that are contained Jn catjon, bjjt there inusi bo no , tH'ovltukms, (Jxclaiuutlous not' nuwos pf pe^ pie or places, Tba same latter pust wt he u,se<J twice in one word, but of course may in other words.. (Sixth—Kach contestant must he or come a suuscriUqr to the Omaha }fv.^ A\orld»Hernldfor- one yew. and must8,o hVsdolliur to pay tpr h)s suhsorlpHQu wHU itls l}st of words. ^ . " t Seventh—JRvery contestant whp^,e Usf- contains us many as ten correct WPrcU \u\\ t receive a portfolio contjUning I)0,j.v4 oma photo engraved copies of $,i*tooflt finai ;' !<<$ kffii

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