The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 30, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 8
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K ?!&££?% 5 - Tn -T ' * ?'"*» : ;• ?'5 ! f r> "'''ff •-*'"• '- " '"^ /-'""' ' "^' '»>*•? '','•' , .10*1, W33PKE8DAY, tfAKPABY 30.1^5 -. /-* f- , ^ THE ONLY •,\ '•'" < Sarsaparilla At JEHUS * SFat GET The Best. FINANCIAL, ,,_^_,^,^ -- _ _ _ _ _ Kossuth County State Bank . CAPITAL .............................. I50.00C , ' Incorporated under general laws of Iowa, • ' Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Colleo Uons made promptly, and a general banking business transacted, Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. H. INUHAM ................... President &B. JONES .................... Vice President LEWIS H. SMITH ...................... Cashier Directors— Wm. R. Ingham, John G. Smith, J.B. Jones, T. Ohrischilles, Lewis H. Smith, J ,Wi Wadsworth, Barnet Devine. The First National Bank ' &'* |. ? , f i- /: O3P CAPITAL «60,000 r Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL President D. H. HUTCHINS Vice President WH. K. FERGUSON Cashier (£ D. SMITH Asst. Cahhier .Directors—D. H. Hntchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. Call, R, H, Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. 'Money always on hand to loan at reasonable .rates to parties furnishing first-class security. CASH CAPITAL, $50,000. ' . ,' A.LQONA, IOWA. I Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, O. C. Ohubb; Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Geo. li. Galbralth, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETr DEPOSIT VAULTS. UB^Interest paid on time deposits. PROFESSIONAL. ^i''*kX>rf»V^hX^*»Xvi' 1 'hrf' B ^<'*W^X > SX'h^"W%. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E, H.* CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. •V ff- Q r . 1 F«V,$•>', S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections, Money to loan on chattel security. Over ChrlBchilleB'utore. 3^ <c* to. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND, Collections a specialty, Office in Gardner Cowlea' new building. SULLIVAN 4 McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxie-Fercuson bl jck. GEO. R. CLOUD, [Successor to W. B, Quartern,] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, ALOONA, IOWA. Office over Koesuth County State Bank, E, V. SWETTWG, ATTONEY AT LAW, IQWR, flilt'S Of E8A BOtBE, , K. QARFIBLP, AND hiBTOWnv,,one door east of Cordingley, Residence, McGregor st, east of the public school building, , pePtal attention to Pity practice. ?}W' * ' . ''AWWfc law*,' m^Mf*'- ,^< ;,.,_., -A .>».'..,,,, lS5^?i;i> B^E£iNaS?i..MX,n'':,V Vyl-y F/" * /* /, "^ CHAs. fJs6fiMA*f'9 COMPANY IN. The Girl © I Left Behind Me. J Thrilling , . , Military braind; Which ran 500 nights in fcfew York and if 50 nights In Chicago. AT DMdtttf'S. r»i» l«M2£«-\ SAIliWAt TIME OAEBS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A St, PAtli, lOOAt tKAlNS WKS*. No. 1 departs at,.... 9:10 ahi No. 9 departs at..... 4:24 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at Il:o5am No. 71 departs at 8:40pm TUAIN8 BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:22 am No.4 departs at 6!00pm Freights that carry passengers- No. T^departsat 8:40pm NO.94 departs at i:45pm K. F. HEDIUCK, Agent CHICAGO * NORTH WKSTEHN. North- Mixed........ 8:18am Pass 3:3Spm Freight 9:30 a in South- Pass.. 3:13pm Mixed 6!07pm Freight.... 2:62pm Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Dee Molnes at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT, M^'tel tort »«..-,- . , . isUkSftillhft FrdhfMft frfft.fS ftt the hfftd 0! its elttss, 6fld the eoftfmny is the largest that has yet visited Algbna, b&ving 14 ftfopls. TtjS ofrer* hbtise should be CfdWded fof (Bis play, f be fiepubllciifi vefy, modestly left but the narne of Mfs. Miltofl Stafr; tb giving ofedit !o»- the chrtdty ball. Mrs, Staff Was one of the active tiroffldtefs of that successful social event and has been ohe of the inost active aftting Al* gotta'e ladies in assisting in Pellet wOfk for the unfortunate, It is reported that owing to sotne differences J, flote had had With the Lutheran society in Fentbfi, that burial of his feffiftins was refused in his lot Dr. Murphy, oculist, Tuesday, Feb. 19. Doxsoe & Shaw are getting up a blue print map of Algona.' The Congregational church and society meet next monday in annual meeting. Algona ought to have a wholesale house. It is as good a point as Mason City. Sheriff Samson made another raid on Germanla Monday and got a new lot of liquor. The thermometer has been hovering about 16 degrees below considerably the past week. Auditor Calkins spent Sunday somewhere up north, but we are not able to go into particulars. The Epworth league will serve an oyster supper at the Rutherford sample room Saturday evening at 6 o'clock. Bancroft is to have another wolf hunt tomorrow. B. W. Haggard intends to attend and promises a wolf this timo. Melzar Haggard caught a bad cold last week and it soon developed into a serious attack of pneumonia. He has been very sick. August Sterzbach hears from his brother at Hot Springs that he has had two surgical operations performed and is getting better. James McClaren writes from Alhambra, Gal., "big rain, 11 inches, California on top." We would like the rain out this way. A. M. Shaw goes to Illinois soon to attend the wedding of his sister. He will carry along a lot of advertising matter for Kossuth county. A new wholesale grocery house is to open at Mason City, which leaves W. F. Carter alone in the fruit business, He had a big trade the past season. The Algona Musical club will meet next Monday evening at the home of Mrs. S, D. Hamilton, at 7:30. All members are requested to be present. Kossuth is getting peaceable, County Attorney Raymond says he has only had one complaint this month—the best record since be. has been in office, Marriage licenses were issued to F, Speloher and Ada Sutherland, John Heidersoheid and Kate Andreas, D, W, Ramm and Lena Klindt, the past week, The relief committee desire those who can to contribute such old clothing and bedding as they may have to spare. Leave at Setohell & Setchell's. The grocery stores have joined the rest and all Algona business houses now close at 8 o'clock, This la a big benefit for the merchants and their clerks, • Carrie Olson, a girl from Bode working at the Thorington, Buffered from a stroke of paralysis last week and died Friday, The remains were taken to Bode for burial, Dr, Sayers had part of the lung of the Louis Nelson cow over in town for examination after she was killed, It showed the tuberculous condition so that no one could mistake it, The assessor's census blanks come in three series. Altogether they provide for 862 queationa to be answered, If every citizen can answer that many truthfully Koasuth wJU show up an intelligent and honest population. The Northwestern baa npt yet put on that roorpfng train from the north, and there is no way fpr people to come to Algona and return the aame day, jt would Peew that Algonft'e business exchange might Mtip swpb an emerg enpy, The Armstrong Jp«rn»l f&ye P. CampbelUs recovering from his ftlytlo gtrpk,e,- Hj 8 ftqn from Salem, Oregon, caste ever to aeg him, bm will Mr^gampb^i'smnny ,to«th. see bin * fe A« v.wtet with Mrs, where his wife lies. He was outside the cemetery grounds, The bigotry of the world is still the most amazing thing in it. E. P, Keith arrived at his father's home id South Dakota two days before his death. His father was 78 years of age and had suffered from & chronic kidney trouble. His mother remains with a brother hear the old home. Mr, Keith says that the country looks pretty barren there, the crops this year being poor, The Burt Monitor snys: The Kate Smith concert was repeated on Tuesday evening to a good house in the Presbyterian church. There was a change of programme, and the concert In every respect whs up to all expectations. Miss Smith's musical entertainments in our city will be pleasantly remembered. ' The memorial service In honor of Lincoln, a week from Sunday, will be held at the Congregational church Instead of at the opera house, and Rev. Stevens will deliver the address, which is a sufficient guarantee that it will be well worthy of a crowded house. The service will be a union one, and the post and relief corps will attend In a body. That big United Workmen banquet was held at Clarke's hall Friday even- Ing and some 125 participated. Toasts were responded to by Dr. Sheetz, M. Starr, C. Byson and others, and a most enjoyable evening was spent. We have not learned which side had the supper to pay for. In any event both sides have added a big list of members to the order. It seems that THE • UPPER DES MoiNES has lately been robbed. The Fort Dodge Times says: The Stoux City Journal copies an article under the caption " Solving the Hard Times Problem," giving credit to the Rad- cllffe, Iowa, Signal. If the Journal found this article in the Signal without credit to the Algona UPPER DES MOINES, the Signal editor committed a theft. - The editors met In small numbers Monday and arranged for a meeting to be held in Algona Monday, June 10. Ike Finnell Is president, W. F. Laldley secretary and treasurer. Messrs. Laid: ley and Hallock were appointed pro- gramme committee and Messrs. Finnell, Starr, and Ingham committee on arrangements. It is expected now to have a banquet and a good time and to listen to some good papers. All the editors and their wives are expected to attend. The Algona State bank had a new experience last week, F. Speicher had come to town to get a marriage license, and had evidently fortified his nerves and screwed up his courage with liberal doses of fruit of the vine. He couldn't discriminate clearly his surroundings and stumbled Into the bank to get his license of C. T. Chubb. He insisted for awhile that a license ba issued and didn't want to take no for an answer, but finally he was persuaded to go to the clerk. Hon. Henry Watterson, the famous editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal, is announced to lecture at the music hall, in Emmetsburg, Feb. 14, on " Money and Morals," his most noted lecture. This affords a rare oportun- ity for the people of this city to hear the celebrated orator. Parties desiring to attend can leave here on the afternoon train and after the lecture leave Erametsburg at 11:05, thus returning the same nlgjtit. We urgently advise our people to embrace this opportunity, , The tuberculin used by Drs. Sayers and Niles In their test of the Ingham dairy herd cost $20. It is as yet very expensive to make. But it is a sure test. The state has an appopriation to cover the costs of examining tuberculosis and this examination like the others thus far made was at state expense, Dairymen Who suspect their cattle should consult Dr, Sayers and have the teat applied while the state appropriation lasts, As a dairy county Kossuth should stamp out consumption at the very outset. A good subject for a kicking machine is the Northwestern rallwny nerentat Bancroft, He is about the most unaccommodating, unobliging, and all around inconsiderate gentle* man, not a millionaire, that the west affords, Without trying to flnd out the facts be told the Bancroft people-that there would be no special train after the opera house company had specially advertised It, which Is a sample 9f his efficiency, How Bancroft ,«!»n get along with him and maintain the out- wgrd semblance of a religious community would puz?le a casuist. Maypr Call la preparipr 900 acres of ripe land |«r sowing In March, It is neyeesary to btvvts'B supply of water at the highest point of the*fields which can be, let out over the growing rice, This is seuwred by dikes an4 is pumped up by pgwerfu! pumps, Tberloe roust becayer§<j with water wh.lle young " top and Read. Here is an assortment from which to select something to eat Our list of Canned Goods consists of: Extra Oakland Peaches, Bartlett Pears, 0-reen Gtoges, Aprioots, White Cherries, Strawberries, Baspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Shredded Pineapple, Kalamazoo Celery. Also— Corn, Peas, and Tomatoes In abundance. •I Try our imported goods in bottles : • Aspereges Pickled, Champignons Blancs, Petits Pois, Haricots Verts, Marsaquin Cherries, French Capers, Russian Caviar, Russian Marmalade, Rogede Norske Sardiner: Olie, Anchois A' k Huile Sans Aretes, Also our— Olives, Pickles, Mustards, Tamarinds, Marmalades, Jellies, Etc., Etc. Besides this 30 pounds of Sugar for $1, and all other staples in proportion. Yours, Walker Bros. )l8tftct Court, - "~ ' -*• ORIGINAL KOSStfTii COtWfY, S§. tarfefc term, A. 0, 1895.*J aukee & St. Paul Railwa? t ts. W. L. Gfeeh, George YY . jrciioo, uuu Horace Steele, defendants. To said w. l» oreen, George w. Pe&8& sad Horace Bteele, defendants: Yoil .af8, hereby notified that a Petition 'of the ftl&thtiff m the ftbore entitled cause 18 now on file in the office of the cletti ot said court, claiming thftt thef hare heretofore been the absolute and unquai- ifled owners of th« following- des< ribed feat estate, situated in Kossuth county, Iowa, ,towit: The north half of the northwest quartet, the southwest quarter of the northwest, atiaf- ter, the southwest quarter, the northeast qUaf- ter, the north halt of the southeast quarter, and the southeast quarter of the southeast quftrtef, all in section No. Thirteen, Township No. Ninety-eight, north of Range No. Twenty- eight west of the 5th P. M., Iowa; the east half of the northeast quarter, the north half of the southwest quarter, and the southwest quarterof the south west quarter,, all In Bec- tion NO, one (i Township No. Kinety-eigfit, north of Range NO, Twenty-seven west of we 5th P, M. ( Iowa; the north half of the southeast quarter, and the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Section No. Three, in Township No. Ninety-eight, north of Range No, Twenty seven West o7 the 6th P. M,, loWaj the northwest quarter and the west half of the southeast quarter of Section No. Fifteen, Township No, NiH6tr-e.ght, north of Range No, Twenty-seven west of the 5th P, M., Iowa! the noftheaet quarter of the southwest quarter, the south half of the southwest quarter, and the west half of the southeast quarter, ali in Section No. Thirty-three, in Township No. Ninety-eight, north of Range No. Twenty-seven west of the 5th P. M., fo wa; the West half of the southwest quarter of Section No. Eleven, in Township No. Ninety-nine, north of Range No. Twenty-elght west of the 5th P. M., lowaj the north fractional half, the north half of the southwest quarter, and the north half of the southeast quarter, all in Section No. One, in Township No. Ninety-seven, north of Range No. Twenty-seven west of the 5th P. M., lowai the north fractional half of Section No. Three, In Township No. Ninety-seven, north of Range No, Twenty-seven west of the 5th P. M., Iowa! the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter, and the south half of the southwest quarter, all in Section No. Seven, in Township No. Ninety-seven, north ot: Range No. Twenty*' seven, west of the 5th P. M., Iowa i the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter, the the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter, and the east half of the southwest quarter, all in Section No. Nine, In Townsfiip No. Ninety-seven, north of Range No. Twenty seven, west of .the 5th P. M., jowa; and the south half of the northeast quarter of Section J 10 ,; Thirteen, in Township No. Ninety-nine, n ?hD°lr Ban8eNOlTwent y- nllle ! west of the .jv M., Jowa—and that it has conveyed saia lands to various grantees by warranty deeds, and. that the defendants Claim some right or title in or to said adverse ^fijalntlff's said title, but that the same is without force or effect, and constitute clouds u .P°n plaintiff's said title, and that, to protect " B "aft covenants of warranty plaintiff asks that the title to said lands be quieted in its various grantees, and that said clouds be cancelled and removed of record, and the defendants and each of them be forever barred and estopped from asserting any title or claim, right or Interest in or to any of said real estate adverse to the title conveyed by plaintiff; and unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next March term of said district court, to be begun and holden at the court house in Algona, l in s.iid county, on the 4th day'of March, 1805; de- rendered thereon, GEO. E. CLARKE. * 4t4 . Attorney for Plaintiff. BOOTS AND SHOES. WORTH OF BOOTS AND SHOES -:- At 25 per cent, Discount, Shoes for men, women, and children. Arctics and Rubbers of all kinds. Felt Boots and German Socks. PrfltOPtnr Nicest thing you ever saw to keep nUlGlllUI vniir nanfs out nf the mnrl your pants out of the mud. WE GIVE A PAIR of these with every $3 cash sale of goods. A fine lot of CHRISTMAS SLIPPERS. Call and: get prices before buying. Yours for business, B. H. ANDERSON. STATE STREET. Irvington, Iowa, is the place to buy your goods; Our expenses are as low as any place in the northwest, consequently we will not be undersold. l Granulated Sugar, per hundred, . . $4,35 22 pounds Granulated Sugar for . . 1,00 23pounds^C"Sugarfor . , . . 1,00 » •••'.• Anything not in stock we will be pleased to order for any customer. COME AND SEE US. J. B. & O. J. BUTTON. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— District Court, March Term, 1805.—J. H. Grover, plaintiff, against Mary Fairbanks et al., defendants. To Cash S. Westgate, Mrs. Marcus Coughnet, Lucy Westgate, Joie Barnes, Clement C. Westgate, Mrs. A. H. Crawford, Randolph Fairbanks, and Wallace Fairbanks, defendants: You are hereby notified that a petition of the plaintiff in the above-entitled action is now filed in the office of the clerk of said court, claiming of you the sum of One Hundred and Seventy-five dollars, with interest thereon at the rate of ten per cent, per annum from the first day of October, A. D. 1804, as money justly due on the promissory note of Luther Fairbanks, and the sum of Twenty-five dollars as attorney's fees herein, and that the mortgage given to secure th& same on the south half pf the southeast quarter of Section Twenty-seven In Township Ninety-seven, Range Twenty- eight, west of the 5th P. M., Iowa, be foreclosed: also the answer and cross-petition in equity of Mary Fairbanks, widow of Luther Fairbanks, asking that one-third of the southeast quarter of said section be admeasured, partitioned, and set off to her as dower, and that she have a lien on the other two-thirds of said real estate for taxes paid thereon and' in- by her; also the answer and cross-petition in gauity of Grant Fairbanks, Luther Fairbanks, Nellie Cooper, and Amelia Fairbanks, as heirs atlaw of said Luther Fairbanks, asking that their interest in said real estate be fixed, established, and confirmed in severalty, and that their said shares be partitioned and set ofl to them; and unless you appear thereto, and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next March term of said district court, to be begun and holden at the court house i in Algona, in said county, on the 4th day of March, 1895, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon. •' CLARKE & COHENOUR, *5t4 Plaintiff's Attorneys. 0. JU. LUND. J. J, BYAN ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss, • ^District Court, March Term, 1835,—The Chicago, Milwaukee &,St. Paul Railway Company, plaintiff, TS. Burns W, Wlnterana Frank W. Winter. To Rufus W. Winter and Frank W. Winter, defendants: You we hereby notified thai there is now on file in the office of the clerlt of the district court a petition of said plajntiff claiming that it was the unqualified owner ot the following described premises, situated in Kossuth county, Iowa, to-wit: The southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section JNo; Five, in Township No.Wnety-seven north ?' «ang» Np, Twenty-eight west of the 6th P. M,, Iowa, and that it has conveyed said premises to one George H. Brickner by warranty deed, and tojwqteot its said covenants of -warranty asks that the title to said real estate be quieted in its said grantep, ftnd that the defendants and each ot them be .forever barred and estopped from asserting title to said real estate, and for such-other relief as maybe equitable in the premises; nnd,unless you appear thereto ana defend on or before noon of the second day of the next March term of »aid court, to be begun and holden' at the court house in Algona, in said county, on the ""day of March, 1805, default will*--' [Successors to 0. L. Lund—Established 1880,] REAL ESTATE DEALERS - w *.T!i? h IP an ?o un «? *» t h « refers of TBS UWKB »»s Mon?its (hat we have - ary faclim«s for the selling of fanns and ualmproyed lands in northern Iowa, and we invite m who wishto dispose of their property to can on us, at our office in AJgona. or to cprrespond with us. HTAs soon BS spring opens we bare a large number of customers from the eastern states who-Ire ready to come put and secure a pieoe'oi low^v soil »t reasonable rfttea, Woe. ttfyetntair dealing, ftndjf ypu want to sell your property <Um't waste any'tlme in listing it * , YPHrgmpepttuiry, * w B Awarded Honors-World'* fair, inn.t J| " *VW<B >/>vsfiaE W, p, BA9QABP, Haggard & Peek, Tffff ™SB Sm»h.) R^al Estate,jsgw Dated January 15,4895. OBP, B, CLARKE. Attorney for Plaintiff. NOTICE OF ADMINI9TfiATOB'8 SAU ,* OF lANP?, iV? In pursuance of an order of the flistriot court ,} ^ SLSS^Il^ tySSSty coun j v ' ^ wa . made a* the ' f' Pecembkr, 18P4, term of paw court, the HB* • ' '' rf deratfirned AR n.^mlTi1fitrn.i^w r\t ^.I,A Aotufar>»« i NuX • Peoewbkr, ISM, ^rw pfWW couW, the m< • ' "il dersignea as administrator of the pstato of ' , }*; UeDryHausermann.iato of said pQu^tyt fls* ceased, wju sell at public auoMon, OR Saturday, feb, 8^8^^ ojclock p^ .m,M.I^' Hvnn IP Ms

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