The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 30, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 7
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*w 14 Batifafeki'lsr I1if% atitft 000 ia ^ hetpfot* Baking ftB* ictlem of tttat &tatssta{iai-Bi€nj,k , SaVoaai?ola fa.a; gtass & pwftwt sww ts slit i» the h^att Is* two sattdtbg of an tacte \vkte. It ef these sevens to- and, accofjjtog; to tfee Vf»,?tl> The hafi-sprtag is * stv^ ol fltje- It is the makes, perfect a mJat^ke. by he^sive, b,tiWtt^, >• titan Itj founding- mooti cfci piste. ___. k«f tear treating: Ms nkwati dt pteta^a* toSssed ia 149& f tod, before-it"'-"•"*--~" Wkey- wem established in all <"*«•%&! towas in Italy and had &X 'V s?<" first moat de pJete in France ..tote started »t Arigdon ifl IS??, and. • still exists. Their establishlnei the Netherlands dates. from, the teenth century. A Spanish priest, Don Francisco Piqwer, founded ,tho - inont de piote of Madrid in -1705,start* ing with the modest- capital of & pfiiice, which he found ,Jn tbe offer tar '$ , bok be had placed in the church tO'ra- ' ceivo contributions for the jnstvtutiotK , By the .end of-the seventeenth con % tm\v ,* there were inontsf do ,.pieie, -formed <?moie or'less after the -Italian, otmjjtol, in most countries of Europe. '' <" The.characteristicH of the-original institutions - remain ' Vath, those of v to . day, although they--have lonff'jptneQ ceased to be > managed by the, 'pr'fosts, or, to^bo under two influence 'of the churches. 'The main object, 1 " v \vhlch „• .SaVonardln, und early, founders had in view—the' protection^'ot the * poor from usurer.^" and', tiheirCretloi in ' x>criods of distress—is still maintained, and the monts, do pioto i ,irj all-Latin countries are 'associated wijih charitable in^titntions'.and V ' «-''l< 1 ' • -41 • 4 -' <l I Foor Jiiueeu! The prospect Of roller irom drivstlo erttlitu-tltB lor'persons trouttfed with constitHition Is poor indeed. ''True tlipy'uctupbrt tho,bowol8,lnit this they do with violence,ulul their operation t6nd» to weaken'the intestines, find'is projualoinl'to the stoihdou. Hosteller's Stomach lilttcrs iH MI effectual laxative, but it noiuior gi-lpos nor enfeebles. Furthermore, it jfromotos digestion and u regular' aolipn of thfli.Hvor and kidneys. It is an efficient barrier agiiinHt i-emedy for malarial complaints and rlioumutlsni, and Is ot Breat benefll to the weak, 1 "nervous and rtuocl. As a medical stimulant it'can not bo BurpoBHecl. Physicla'nri cordially recommend, it,, and ilu / professional indorsement is fully borne out. )>y popular experience., Appetite and Bleep arc ' both improved by this agreeable invlgortmt and alterative.- »•.'!', •,-'.' • '• > i: fc.,. if* ~. i'is. *~»i7Bt»v*ji|^, lifjr^olff t , f Mrsi Smartset-^-Fop niercy's sfiko, don't let me hear you talk about books in society again. " . Cultured daughter—Djear me! Why not' Mrs, Smartset—Strangers will tbiulc you have been a cash girl in a book store, How, r lt • May Happen. "Jeininy crickets, she's got the Tickets'," whispered one beautoanothei ( in the company of a very pretty •grirl. ' Truly she was very beautiful, but there was a twitching about the neryes oi the face, which showed suffering 1 , "No," said-;4he other, "it's ', „ and sheXa,martyr''tp Jt."' St, Jacobb Oil was suggested* as the world- renowned en re for it. Did shp jtrty it. Yes," and was cured by it and—married "one of the fellows" afterwards. The use of the great remedy for. pain vrili notbring-'abdutanjiarriag''^ bwfc in ib> cure of pain it will .bring- about -con' ditioiis-of -health^ to jnaie life roor<j enjoyable; TSo'mva.'QF w.ojna'n. tq marry . who •ds a, -tiffierer troai chronic painfi' • We should not wed woe to win only Some people consider no resolutioiijto be af ;any aooountranlesBSt.wUl ' ' • '•• r """" " Tickets will , trip ito points in' Tennessee., Misfiissippi, Ixwilieiaaja" ',", "" .' '. . .'-..-' "' >& , ,aaid. &, St.' iLoTiis •raiiroEi.dis, ou Jam; 8, KeT^. tWek It aiul firely tpmperert^ Tlie" UPSP s,prJi\ssi was held aa a by the fe\v foifttttaaxe- ones posr it and even MOW, is not ly known* Th^lr •jnannfnotui'e r«>- ijulwt* great skill tuul oaiv. The atrip Is gauged to twenty ontvtbo\isnuditba pf nn it oh, but n« mo««uvins inatrn- nicnt; has yet boon lU'Vl^eert caiwblQ wf tine enough guuglng to d(-torn>tne' beforehand by the siae of tbo stylp. Avhnt tin; strength of ^lu>, jlno^t \ylll bi» A twenty out' tuon^uUdth of an inch dtlforonco In the of tbo stop makes a (lUTerondo Uv tho inttii'lng of a Avntoh of about- a|x n»lu- XHiiVt nn hour. /(•The \n\\w of th'p*. ftpviuga Svl\oi\ linSshed nnd phieod In wntclii's, ia ;'ent>rmomt In proportion tQ tho tnntPV* Jnl from which they tire miulo, A cojiv, purison will glvo a good Idon, A 'ton { of'stoel mndo \ip into hnlrnprlngH Wli^n' in watches Is worth more th(in t\Volv6' nnd a half tlmoH tho vnlnq.q? thpjnmjw weight In.pnro gold, llntr'sprlng", \y)l'Q, M'clglw vino twentieth' of Irv -gVftln'tQ nn' Jneh, Ong uiilo pf wlro wplsliH Jess tlinn hulf n, 'rionridi' Tho' bntnnco' t glvo8 : llvo vlbrntlonfi ovory HOCOIK], 800 ovory iptmito, JS.QOO every hour, 4! : t^,0(]iO cv- fcry day nnd inj.l^OiOOIjI!'every 'yoivp,,' At, eueli ylbratlon ' It, i'Otiitoa a))»ui one .find "'or^q-qntiVter' tliiios ^Villob' ronkoH 107,100,000 revolutions ovory •your. In order Hint wo mny botlor'iin- floi-Hliuid tlio Ktnpondons, nmonnl of labpi* performed by tlioso tiny AVorKMj let us 'mnke a pnrHhent compni'lson, I'ake. for illiiHlration, a .locomotive with six foot driving wheels', Lot Its Wheels bo 'run until it Una- glvon tljo nJuno ni'inbor {Off i-eyolntlonB 5 tint!' $ watch UoetHn pnq your, rind tJioy'^Vill have covered ' a dlstan'ca equal to twenty-eight comploto cli-cnlts of'the oarlli. All this u wtttd> dooa, wHliQWt ptliw attention than winding tevei-y twenty-f r ouiJ hours, f v IN ' from 4(5 degrees Hut JWsJou Pp^t,, In wiutuc the men enjoy Jt for its' mildness,, but in it seejns far from genial. The ln'i' <l:jjnjwc>s, Joo, must \K> pw*-- 'Judic'lal Ju mujjy cusos. If you touch the heavy <-a»vas screens Mhlch divide the galhu;k'S j'yu.fe<?l .tjiftt you could sqytAejMj quarts, of wa;ler them, u»(J tJte walls, of cowrie wltlj n.oistuj-*?, Yx»it there js oot a a^^i-top «}}jc'i( -<?f<c9l<J »or on* lij-op too jnuc-to of 3j««ji<Jj<y i» tfee ceji J.ars. All tjjis is »eccssury to towe ,the l liigb spirits, of the . TJj« lost? by bcrstjrg is ejiowaous, ,ev,c j u under these) tiowis oi discomfort; for j&o Jlor wiue, ^ Therf .light i» Hie cellars, but Jls luster abatwd by ,tiie pi.oyalent gloom and There is a vast difference n learnqd nj^n and. »»\ igw Fpr instance, whert FDgg'aa^ed <l ahead \\o\v it was that birds could fly, Dundahead could only reply: But vlion. Ku.tffcins was asked aamo que^iori, he settled h,ls , _ hja pqllfrr, unrated i\Jj his lips, and de- llyerod li 1 i'Th»'fi6oreVc»fifl^e hjrd'p (light is d^e^nt^r^^ihQj faot that the b\vd 'pdpae'saea tho pa\\'ef to snatai^ itaelf in ?6pel<'it>aau!through ^he air." ?evy tvwp)»Y,' »'emw'Us thfttj ihe beoma'biiBi* enoiigb aftec it is ,bl>tft ' • *••"•" , in to>vn.. "Tl\at"'s, what. an 1 \vvitiu, 1 till s \vitb bi away. He t '\, To'Cj»)lifi|i'iUl> ^Pithotlt algwftpantrfll Jiallwny ia pn every -J-— running B j'^Ummi tourist ' Angeles are six ' , ^Igeptnfi dp re (|«,!jt)nrhri» "points novph" of n, «nrt,nve dpllari fifty cents MtfrBnftllttJffii nnd points spnt)i therepf. Tins is f)eq|dedly the be^t route tp OHliforniB points, and AS tlje PRr »s HPpgninnnlefl; §y -4 j'opvasjeittiHMXP 9f llje 1 linen, eVery attention is pajrl to tlje comfort ( Bnd convianlenpe qf 1/1)8,rja^eH|Br,Si I'or " " nnii Qtliur Inform(ttjo)) oa\\ pn HBBDts Centrpj UailwRJ 1 , op HdfJreis TpiW- P. General PabKenger Agent, ~, lowu, >, i, f , A new tajagrftplilo Inyenlfqi? will ppnyey 0,000 words a minute over the wires. A pamphlet pgntainfng vp,li?n-J?le pf (,J)»fc country, '\viU l/o, J,OQO UU^, POTATOES >>B» ACPJS. Wonderful yjejjjls in pQfrft^es, pats, P0V8, farw ^nd yegietable seeds, OJit u»d se»d 5c postajrc itp ]th» niiy e >Yr '«d bayo dqno, tito WVWP •, ^ij¥ei>ed fln trigger- of his . n h.P 1'he dpenitftnt. ' ' PVi»- cpM 8t.nv«ge nrpppss, 1 ' "wlU pvosprvo ,4 HIM) ''Wpll, sir, Hip nopplp IiR4 Delilpi! l OR k flyp years, frpm now.' 1 , , yeor )l|()9 4 gonff tP he n bad yaf»r : " ''a ae f tlmti't ' wage* yq it ^yjjl l |)e QOLEN DISCOVERY ; * *' — Many years ftfsfj J)f : ^- V, ?jerpe, chjef 4 Surejpaf J»blj>jjM5, BufAfJff, S/y.j P»HV «j t,\ v* j;*' M JJLT ', irrr * vf."v * * ,1 t % 11 ± \, . IM *- > "i , is<, s^?}i3-pj> w. ];v(er rgmns wfi.efeaiw P Uea/thf w j jwtjvjty ds wpll a^ pufjfyftjjff an< eijrfcJijDg J.he bjqpd- Py ^'jclj j^jeans thi ft deaf pja» • goes wjo * justice. , , , cejjs ,oy ,tlje /p r'W-Ser.oW fe ?$}}$$ il>ut Airi, 1 4Jj»Jy visible. Attd ivJUat . ilou j. aMiJjmsutos work &o«ie of jt Is 1 ! w iustance, UaPttles u itiijrw pr ; tWa, (top/ In .alb'selute a slip ,Pi' a n jintUu .a HERALD *• fftss'w^Kw Tyawrosw ' >voloes in (the . the ope&j,u.!<. Kp i5oubt swilli autio of iCPUseiouoe «,ud «QPW- ' this iiaxiwiim^s sw>v,es in -^iWi it jflw ithd *\A!«u.ty itp" ,90(000 !bpj> fl«y> r . it ils one . "Mar .peqple .get ;WMi , WU' ,PHBWi .MBPllWwOy ftiu;. tMi' i^isve ^is ji ™jnj> ^lettf ,,«f , , 'Jiitcim \\vb\«h jfljinajait i£8W Vft«ti S**-n"nt w »'^.Ti* tlffAlP^r' vrjIlfT* .'"jTi'wT* »^»1», ihas ihoeu .qpflXf\d . B\U jit (does <uqt' anit ,wU Jpar witb .oaiitftin «pf ttlie 4in\plQjH«oixt tthe unftP -aoeuis ftp ibwe fhe- tine Mfi-amul jjiaa sin 10 -cUsnav ; flRliy ^iu it'lie 40 wine, ike siias mot anno]) ( to in xvaoHflnsfl flgp tf ar mini it» ,«<!t«iH. ^ilMllin^apjfetoj HS^^Sffi oi in rviii/^ ^/M.I^FE (^'^B' BUILDING 60NT1ST t Pitee-A Wieder 10 Priz§s*TQtBl Value, r f]\s atoy f; 9F fftfffl ^y^ ff * B H

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