The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York on October 9, 1973 · 34
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The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York · 34

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1973
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34 — Section V ArtsDrama Buffalo Evening News Special Reduced Prices at these DRIVE-INS gMAN CALLED NOON (R) 7 Richard Crenna-Stephen Boyd AMILY NIGHT Wednesday Nov 7 IQ CAM I 100 Off 4nv Adult TiMJi Price for Children I1A ft iinrletrl I OR CHOICE SEATS ORDER BY MAIL NOW I or NAME PHONE STREET CITY STATE be 0 world wide pictures presents ran AT THESE SELECTED THEATRES TOMORROW —"JEREMY" THE OUTSIDE MAN “THE STONE KILLER” STARTS TOMORROW! — i '”1 n in ( m U chip cut thick W inch) the Xr ff KAREN BLACK IN M H “THE PYX” (R) IS BEN T w CINEMETTE THEATRES EXCLUSIVE SHOWING! 7 SWESTTWIN WALDENS DICKRDNT3-B445 Offer Expires Thun Oct 1 1 10 PM with This Coupon SHOWPLACE STARTS TOMORROW! H Buffalo Evening News She’s looking for a ride! ty r OPENING OCTOBER 19th 684-0700 HOLIDAY! JIOI UNION RD WE H RLE lURSlT AT WtHRl£ — ? B33C75 632-IOM CINEMA I ! NILU It’s about r the first time you fall in love i 826-3413 CINEMA HttlCA MAU :3U(UV3J 13 s-ro 7:20 9:30 Jeff built a fence around himself With no gate REE ADMISSION To You And Your Gal 7 If Your Name Is JEREMY WED ONLY Our Preview i Audience ' Agrees "A BIG Little Movie Very i Very unny" - 141SS1 7 t PLAZA NORTH SKYWAY r Rt 75 at CIRCLE v 824-8414 8232816 TOWNE ABBOTT AT RIDGE SPECIAL BARGAIN MATINEE 5 RM 1t-Run Showing! t mashes it siashci it rips you apirt! TRIPLE IRONS (R) zz ouraocs rvung ru M Second Exciting eature: in Color — 2nd EATURE! — i w i w I 4 I NEWS WANT ADS Just Pick Up Your Phone and piAL 8565555 YOUNG COUPLER PARK 1 ORCHARD PK at RIDGE 674-6353 Rosanna Schraff ino Under 17 must be accompanied by parent or adult guardian In Color 1st Show at Dusk CT AD Lake Ave O I Mil Blasdell WEHRLE TS:S T A MATE ROM - ’ E INTRODUCTION SERVICE L 883-4898 ES IB TO 70 — t 1 — Mail to: Buffalo Evening News amily Night Ice Capades PO Box 56 Niagara Square Station Buffalo NY 14201 Enclosed is check or money order payable to ICE CAP ADES in the amount of for Wed Nov 7 performance or adult tickets at $450 $350 n $250 n $200 youths tickets at $275 O$225 $175 $150 (14 yn and younger) ZIP Enclose elt-addressed atamped envelope for return of tickets Please print all information hmm THEATRESTONITEoiDtlSK tarring ed nelsonrandall carverbarbara sigel joinwinmill3ordonrigsbyrakil'cK'ci’s:i:'" billy graham Three Big eatures! To satisfy her desire she dialed many numbers! DIARY O A TELEPHONE OPERATOR (R) with Claudia Cardinale and John Philip Law Second Big eature: BOOBY TRAP(R) with Angela Ceman Third Big eature: DIRTY MILLIE (R) In Color 1st Show at Dusk Return Engagement by Popular Demand I The movie that aays It alt "PORTNOYS COMPLAINT" Starring Richard Benjamin and Karen Black (R) Also "CLOCKWORK ORANGE" Starring Malcolm McDowell (X) Both In color Show starts at dusk Exclusive Drive In Showing ROBERT BLAKE in “ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE” 2nd eature Woody Allen'S "BANANAS’ 1ST SHOW 7:30 PM Dorothy's lea Market Every Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM Don't Miss These 2 Thrillers! DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT (R) Alio "SLAUGHTER HOTEL” Both in color Show start at dusk star ' " THRUWAY EXIT 56 825-0065 Two Big Adult eatures! A SCREAM IN THE STREETS (X-rated) Second Big eature: MOTHERS O AMERICA (R) No minor admitted In Color Cartoons at Dusk SHERIDAN 1 SHERIDAN nrGR ISBRIDGE TR 5-5301 Adult Entertainment I They're All Looking or a Master DIARY O A TELEPHONE OPERATOR Also "EMALE BUNCH" (R) Both in color Show itarti at dusk DOWNTOWN‘ (aneina '645 MAIN St: o 853-8805" ’194 And you get the our secret batter £T-T3Q K She dialed many numbers before she found the right one! DIARY O A TELEPHONE OPERATOR (R) with Caudia Cardinale and John Philip Law 2nd Big eature: ’f Toys Are Not or Children (R) 3rd Big eature: ANIMALS(R) Under 17 must be accompanied by parent or adult guardian In Color ' Cartoons at Dusk cotaw wcmiiibI TONIGHT thru Tuesday! Bruce tee John Saxon “ENTER THE DRAGON” (R) at 7:30 and 10:40 PM Co-Hit! — Peter Seller - Jo Ann Pflug “WHERE DOES IT HURT?” (R) At 9:10 PM All In Color! Open at 7:00 PM REE ELECTRIC HEATERS 833-8216 KENSINGTON BAILEY AT KENSINGTON 100 Off Any Adult Ticket—Vi Price for Children (16 & under By spe’eial arrangement tickets to The Buffalo Evening News amily Night at the opening performance of the Ice Capades will be sold at reduced rates providing great savings for WNY 1 families or best seats send for tickets today! Prices shown below are at the reduced rates X STARTS TOM' W BARG MAT $1 7m — — 1— Elliott Kastner presents "Jeremy" ’-- Written and Directed by Arthur Barron Starring Robby Benson introducing Glynnis O'Connor Music by Lee Holdridge ' ' 1 'reduced by George Pappas A Kcnasset ilm prodpclioh - lORh-jhal tunriAM au-vnr 1 1 L ‘ 1 vm Junr wi mvr or mt Illi 5ir( pg ESEASTTWIN WALDENDICKRD HT3-8445 JABLj t BALIOOW AVAILABLE 0 IMTr'o ARTbTVRtJQUDS T umwoArwa TRANSIT TRUHSIT a at-MILLERSPORT S25 S535 Now 2 Orders '’ You save 64c on your order of fish and chips eriatnal Narfh Abljinti whiia 6ih fillets 21 with way Tne tngnsn iov rnem ARTHUR TREACHER'S M THE ORIGINAL & (Sljqis y 5175 TRANSIT RD 3382 MAIN ST BUALO 2369 NIAGARA ALLS BLVD 2245 WALDEN AVE AT UNION 5197 BROADWAY AVE LANCASTER 380 BUALO ST HAMBURG N Y i K W 834-7655 ’I UNIVERSITY PLAZA ’ 1 iBft9ADWAXi fcroadway East of Harlem 8941-881 f Arthur Treacher's WITH THIS COUPON 1 PRICE Z4 OER ISH & CHIPS 1-4 Order of $1 9Q lol fkm i mips '“ 2nd Order DO— I DO!” DELIGHTUL AMILY MU'ICAI A Live Broadway Show At Your Dinner Table! uinriKK smiwv vai aari 1 VtX$10 1250 THE DINNER THEATRE AT b Anthony’s Transit at Sheridan RESERVATIONS A MUST 632-0400 65 O s M 1 A A A tiB -I IE MM&aaoatecV “I f I Z L I ml I ' v? I a X i Anae m n m 9 SI ©7 as47ss ? X" AMHERST COLVIN UKIVERUTT PLAZA KINA4ORE AT COLVIN —1 r-- TJ IR® M I (R W fli b' "'''wwkb'tf Wa''vSm s w ?? xxw B I n tefrw Wffliijiy Tuesday October 9 1973 x ® Roller Coaster sequence courtesy ol Rockaways’ Playtand NYC this 111 lit DIA MfH l Eli twlfl fl CINERAMARELEASING EXCLUSIVE SHOWING STARTS TOMORROW A Lowell Themaa and Merlin C Cooper Presentation rom ilm Meets of JtollywjwJ Printa by Technicolor GrttNtUUUDIDiCtS I GROUP STUDENT RATES CALL 684-0700 Life Is Moments EMB Moments that arc unforgettable One such moment was 20 years ago when Lowell Thomas stunned the entertainment world with this announcement: ' Ladies and Gentlemen this is Cinerama!” r J “This Is Cinerama”revolutionized -motion pic-"" lures and went on to set long-run records inini every city ' : is to entertain a whole new generation a I II L 684-0700 I HOLIDAY 2 r 3801 UNION RO t STARTS TOMORROW —AREA PREMIERE— IWie STONE K1LBJER DINO DE LAURENPIS Pwno CHARLES BRONSON in a MICHAEL WINNER ILM is a gut-slamming SI The STONE cops and —is robbers flick and the best entertainment around! Bil ' We isw" plays dirty SSt£ torubout Yi'iAL-bd ’rk itt— !8La IMMLc WT ‘ML -B v B ' iSv t k f4 JhSbI J W” r tMfmI co-starnng “ MARTIN RAI SAM-IHW! ‘S? — Columbia 1 11 I I II N LJ L—k7l V I -Gerald Wilson johnGardner ' Michael Winner Pictures WED ONtt - $1 'til 5 PM I 833-8216 ’ ' KENSINGTON I rBAILEY AT KENSINGTON AIR CONDITIONED I Other 2nd Week BrtiM ! i “Enter ths DMton” and'rlv lnvara Ahytimi°f Death” (R) Korin Block ' Christopher Plummet "THE PYX" (R) Mon-rl 8 410 PM Set Sun 2 4 6 B 10 PM Sa Mat all i $100 III 2:3U 01 M O RTINftTHEATRES In mnPLCORcsT n J 1’60 N-fO°ESL:'PH63B-S7 7- M Ryan O'neal and Tatum O'Neal in “Paper Morn” monun rss 9 v:zo A Sun 2 3:50 5:40 :jv rsu Mat all seats $100 tu 2:30 ATI SEATS $1 TILL 2:30 Dally Except 8an-Ho DUr of A Telephone pperaior ALL SEATS Si Till 2:30 Daily Except Bun-Hol Don’t took In Ths Bapemcnt I I a y I'’ ’ I I M ' I GMSaf I' I M Sat VS fis I i EsaEMjl M w I ’ I Hn leH M Born Black M M I AS - arf ’ 8 nd lSr“Ka S B One on Top of Th M H In EteI HU 1'1 tsl 892-8 5 0 3 Bailey at Genesee "LADY SINGS THE BLUES" ' ‘ 6:30 PM (R) BIG BARGAIN PHOGRAM ( Entertainment at 20c ver hr) 'GODATHER' ' 8:50 PM (R) ALL SEAT5 ANY TIME B A di E Y Theatre DAILY $1 ’til 2:30 PM 632-1080 1 EASTERN HILLS CINEMA II ‘A " DAILY EXC- St 2 uwu-' SUN SHOWS ' 684-0700 HOLIDAYS 3801 UNION RD HIT ! I H GENESEE INEARTS Adult T X RATED NEW POLICY NEW SHOW EVERY MONDAY 'S S io aS STARRING LINDA LOVELACE 9 AM to 12 PM MIDNITE SHOW RIDAY & SATURDAY i H N ALLENDALE ' 20 3 ALLEN ST? 8869140 ' 2nd BIG ADULT HIT SOMETHING SPECIAL OR X-RATED MOVIE GOERS BBrnaeMMOBaaH air conditioned 896-8943 ’ 1600 GENESEE ST 4 BLOCKS WEST O BAILEY NEW SHOW EVERY THURSDAY 2 BIG X-RATEDVADULT HITS (Color) i Dally 7 to 12 - SAT-SUN 2 to 12 GRANADA nshMAiNJT'Bis-uoq I a ' -1 Rlfi SMNIS i DUE mS 1st big fariwftl AniiiT I UIT 3 6 Continuous Dally from 11:30 AM gj Last Complete Show 9:30 PM J Sunday from 1 :00 PM H RATED X YOU MUST BE 21 SINGLE-WIDOW Divorced— Single for the moif important message of your life call 24 Hrs 339-1318 ‘BOSS OICE” — AND — “BUSY BUSY” TMMTj T I — k 1 A r — A - e A 3 X-Rated Picture 3 of Ail Times!’ mM THE INEST IN ADULTEDUCATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT ABSOLUTELY THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN H NOT ONE - BUT TWO BIO EATURES fyvijflffeek ' Midnite Owl Jamboree £Ky5Ar '£'m Village CINEMA central park plaza REE PARKING 834-4700 NEW SHOW I EVERY RIDAY ?l 2 ULL LENGTH I f ADULT EATURES I CONTINUOUS DAILY 12-10 PM I SUN CONTINUOUS ROM 1 PM I LATE SHOW RI NITE 11 PM I EVERY THURS ESCORTED LADIES ADMITTED REE 1 — ENDS TONIGHT— 1 HARDLY MARRIED" g "SKY PILOT" S Bl SHERIDAN! SHERIDAN nrGR ISBRIDGE'TR 5-5301 SWESTTWIN WALDENS DICKRD NT3-0445 ' 6840700 ' HOLIDAY 2 r 3801 UNION RO t V N STARTS TOMORROW — AREA PREMIERE — starts THRUWAY EXIT 56 825-0665 PARK 1 1 ORCHARD PK at RIDGE 674-6353 ' 134765$ AMHERST UH1VERHTT PLAZA 8334216 KENSINGTON BAIItr AT KENSINGTON EXCLUSIVE SHOWING! GENESEE INE ARTS Adult! REE ADMISSION To You And Your Gal 7 If Your Name Is JEREMY WED ONLY s Our Preview i Audience - Aqrces "A BIG Little Movie Very i Very unny" - E h 4 H Xr ED

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