The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1954
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 1, 19U BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER WEWS PAGE FTV1 Rain Makers— Cloud Seeding in Future May Become \ Potent Weapon of War, Flood, Drought (3rd of a Series) By FRANK CARET AP Science Reporter WASHINGTON (AP) — It may someday be possible to cause torrents of rain over Russia by seeding clouds moving toward the Soviet Union. Or it may be possible — if an opposite effect is desired—to cause torrents' of rain over Russia by seeding clouds moving toward the Soviet Union. Or it may be possible — if an opposite effect is desired — to cause destructive droughts which would dry up food crops by "over- seeding" those same clouds. And fortunately for the United States, Russia could do little to retaliate because most weather moves from west to east. in some future total war "should The possibility such a spectacular device as this might be used in some future total war "should Desegregation Ccf; Be Carried TooFar-Bunche NEW YORK (IP) — The director of the United Nations Division of Trusteeship, Dr. Ralph Bunche, is a Negro. He is strongly in favor of desegregation. But, he told the 92d annual convention of the National Education Ass. last night, he thinks it can sometimes be carried too far. He said he had accepted an invitation at the University of Arkansas after receiving assurances that the Fayetteville audience would not be segregated. Afterwards, he said, th man in charge saw him to his train and sheepishly confessed: "You know, when you wrote and asked about segregation we were in a spot. We had no intention of segregating the meeting, but the fact it that there are only about 15 Negroes in this whole county, and they, are mostly sharecroppers who wouldn't turn out to hear Booker T. Washington himself. "So, just to make sure' you wouldn't think we were cheating you, .we sent runners all the way to Little Rock and Pine Bluff to drum up enough Negroes to make a showing-" "I think that's carrying desegregation too far," „Bunche told his audience, "and I think some of those Negroes who traveled 250 miles to hear me speak thought so too." not be discounted," according to the man who heads a group set up by Congress to advise it on the chances for success cf plans to control the weather, Weather Control Seen Capt. Howard Orville, USN, Ret., who charted the weather for Doolittle's raid on Tokyo and helped prepare the forecasts for the North African and Normandy invasions, is chairman of an 11-member advisory committee charged by Congress with seeing that current efforts at rain making and rain suppression don't get out of hand. It is Orville's personal view that if the United- States would devote the same effort and money to weather experiments that it does to atomic development it could, in about 40 years, "increase precipitation over any area almost at will, using favorable situations." However, he emphasizes that the advisory committee does not take it 'for granted weather. control will or will not work. In the law setting up the advisory group, Congress said application of scientific advances to the problem of weather "appears to be practical." Primarily, Congress wants the committee to determine whether experiments, public and private, strengthen' possibilities of large- scale weather control. Adams Appliance Co. Inc. CHICAGO (£>)—The nation's traffic deaths decreased in May, the fifth consecutive month which has shown a reduction from the corresponding month in 1953. The May death toll was 2,960, the National Safety Council reported, a reduction of 3 per cent over May 1953. In the first five months this year, 13,470 persons were killed in traffic mishaps,-.- a decrease of 5 per cent over the 14,150 reported in the corresponding period last year. Model 2IX« RCA VICTOR "Globe Trotter' • Like to roam—or stay at home? • Either way-, here'* the portable for you! • Works on AC, DC or bmtteriei ... and ha» the famous "Golden Throat" tone •ystem for best Hitenraf. • Cabinet it finished in hand- •ome dove-gray. Tb« price H jast Less Battery Adams Appliance Co. 206-08 W. Main Ph. 2-2071 But the committee has a corollary job: to determine whether federal legislation is necessary to be sure that attempts at weather modification don't result in disaster, such as "catastrophic droughts, storms, floods and other phenomena. . . .' ' And finally, Congress wants the committee to recommend to what extent the government should experiment with or engage in weather control activities. Work Underway Some federal worv already is under way. Army, Navy, Air Force and Weather Bureau have research projects. The Weather Bureau has been conducting extensive cloud-seeding tests in the Seattle area. Meteorologist Ferguson Hall, the man in charge, says results still are being evaluated. He adds, however, that as of now he does not think weather control on any kind of worthwhile scale will be worked out. This opinion is echoed by one of the top scientists in the bureau, Dr. Harry Wexler, who maintains that if rainfall increases claimed by commercial rain-making firms were real "they would stand out like a sore thumb — and. such has hot been revealed, at least in the cases we have studied." Orville sums up the wojrk. of his investigators this way: "If the advisory committee finds that weather modification projects cannot produce important results, it will so report — and thus deter farmers and ranchers from spending their money unwisely .... "If the committee finds out it can confirm the results claimed by reputable and scientifically competent operators — claims of rain-' fall increases of from 7 to 50 per. You can fill this trigger-controlled beauty with one hand! Unique cap whistles when the water boilt . . . pistol-grip Bakelite handle stays c-o-o-l to the touch. Glowinj copper bottom for quick, even heat . . . gleaming stainless steel for dent-resistant beauty. 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Inc. cent and more — then, the dollar benefits to agriculture, industry and government will be so great as to be incalculable." Oppenheimer Is Considering Appeal to Ike PRINCETON, N. J. (£>)—Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer said yesterday "I don't dismiss" the possibility of appealing to President Eisenhower the Atomic Energy Commission's decision barring him access to secret atomic data. The atomic pioneer said he was surprised by the President's statement that he would be listened to if he decided to appeal, and added that the idea "never occurred to me." In a telephone interview, Oppenheimer said his present plans are to continue research in fundamental physics although it will be "a nuisance" not having clearance to many laboratories. There are many private institutions, Oppenheimer said, at which experiments are being conducted for the government and where he is "not welcome" any longer. The AEC declared that Oppenheimer, once one of its most trusted advisers, is unfit to handle America's atomic secrets because of "defects of character . . . and dangerous associations." Its majority report said the question of FLOATING THE POINT—This perlon life jacket manufactured in Hamburg, Germany, could keep many hot card players cooL Two girls and their escorts calmly pursue their game while wearing the special outfit. When not inflated, the iiiesavisg vests are carried in a purse or small bag. Just a Precaution SHELBY, N. C. W — A woman asked the sheriff's office here to issue & warrant charging her husband with nonsuppon. "When did he stop supporting you?" th« dMk •ergeant atked. "He haan't y»t," was tht reply, "but I have just bought some new furniture and I don't thick h* H going to help pay lor it." The warrant was denied. In Scandinavian countries at Christmas, special holiday fare is given the cattle because of their presence in the Bethlehem stable, according- to the Encyclopedia Britannica. his loyalty was not at issue. Oppenheimer said he has no intention of resigning as director of the Institiue for Advanced Study here. TAKE IT HOME! One Pint BAKED BEANS . Raiorback Drive-in &m\ Nagging backache, loss of pep andenergy, headaches and dizziness may be due to slowdown of kidney function. Doctors say good kidney function is very important to good health. When some everyday condition.such as stress and strain, causes this important function to slow down.niany folks suflernag- ging backache—feel miserable. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wrong diet may cause setting up nights or f requentpassages. Don't neglect your kidneys if these conditions bother you. Try Doan's Pills—a mild diuretic. Used successfully by, millions for over 50 years. 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