The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 30, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1B6S, ALGOtf A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 189B, Canned Goods as our theme and our leader THIS WEEK. =See our line of choice California fruits at 10 cents per can. •Nice, fresh goods. Special Prices -on 1 • : Blankets, Quilts, and Cloaks, •i This Week, at Galbraith .& Co.'s. If you want A White Pearl, Q . lon :.. PATTERSON &SON. that we aim to carry a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed, Crockery, Giassware, Lamps, etc. Also that we will not be undersold by any firm in the city, For gpo4 and fresh Butter call on Patterson & Son, Window Shades. Picture Frames, if; WE mil &§p§dal attention to our new Book I i? Rapfeg and Wall Selves, Just the thing tail ! " ' r_'_*_i L u_- i_ j * w aMw^.il^^m^ NEWS Of THE NORTHWEST Edna fit-own Mas ft Scheme that Baffles Mathematiclaiia-Who Cati Name the Numeral? Tubereultfsis Near Charles City roads Built oil Paper—Ida Grove's Saloons-Other Items. A curious scheme has beet) reported the past Week. A woman at Knnes- ville, III., Edna Brown, some time ago wrote three letters asking for cancelled stamps to send a crippled sister-in-law to an asylum. In these letters she asked her correspondents to each writo three letters, and so on until 60 letters had been written in the chain. The chain Is but half completed but with astonishing results. The daily average of letters at Kanesvtlle is from 8,000 to 16,000 besides express 'packages of old stamps. Kanesvllle is only a crossroads office, and the mail Is token by stage. After this letter business began it took a bushel basket to bring the letters to Edna Brown and now takes several. The Cedar Rapids Republican says: " By an attenuated mathematical calculation Mr. Lon Bryant, chief clerk in the general freight office of the B., C.,R. & N., yesterday computed the number of staraps Miss Brown would receive it the chain of 50 letters was not broken. The first letter would bring her 10, the tenth letter 195,830, the twentieth 11,622,614,670, the thirtieth 632,003,773,648,830, or a grand total of 10,316,503,571,056,897,121,891,730, figures absolutely beyond the comprehension of the human mind." Many of our neighboring towns, Spirit Lake and Storm Lake among them, report local letter writers in this chain. If Algona has them they have not reported. Charles City's Tuberculosis Cases. Great interest has been excited among Kossuth county dairymen in the examination for tuberculosis made last week by Drs. Bayers and Niles on the Ingham farm. While here Dr. Niles reported a like examination at Charles City, which was not so satisfactory to the cattle owner. The Rookford Register reports it in full. Two paragraphs are of interest: A short time ago, Mr. Brackett, who keeps a dairy of 25 cows, and supplies a large part of the .milk used in Charles City, decided to have his herd of cows tested by the newly invented, tuberculin test for tuberculosis; not that he had the least reason, from the general health and appearance of the herd, to suspect its existence, but rather that he might absolutely know and prove to his patrons the absolute purity of the product furnished them, [n response to Mr. Brackett's request State Veterinarian Stalker of Ames, assisted by Dr. Irving W. Smith, on Monday last visited the herd and applied the tuberculin test. After 12 hours the cows were examined, and 12 animals were found to be affected. They were ordered to be killed and seven were slaughtered Tuesday and five.on Wednesday. An autopsy revealed in each case the presence of the disease in various stages, from that of recent infection to that of advanced tubercular affection, Paper Railroad Prospects. Garner is not on any of the proposed lines of railway being built in the newspapers this winter and that moves H. H, Bush to observe: , Bro. Bailey of the Tribune, Bro. Ingham of THK UPPER DES MOINES, and Bro, Platt of the Summit have commenced their annual building of paper railroads. • Bro. Ingham will take the extension of the Belmond branch of the Iowa Central for Algona, Bro. Platt is after the extension of the B., C. R, & N. from Blockford for Forest City, while Ed. Bailey is roing to have a bright new railroad rom Alden to Britt and on up to the north pole. It takes but very little to build paper railroads and we are pleased to see the boys put in their mite. We are neither a prophet nor a SOD of a prophet, but we will wager our shooting-stick, against a lead pencil that not a mile of iron will be laid on either of these proposed railroads in the next five years, Jcln ©rove's New Style Saloon, The Gothenburg saloon at Ida Prove has now been running two weeks and it is claimed by its advocates that comparison with the shipments and sales of the bootleggers for a Jike time be* fore they began business shows the sa- loqn to pe, selling one'third Jess beer and flinertenths Jess whiskey than was sold by the bQQMeggere, TJje Fort Podge Messenger is watching this experiment closely and gays; So far the sales have yielded profit? to pay all the expenses of operating the business, an<J the directors are much v encouraged. The attendants have been severely tried by minors and Keeley gradates, but SQ far have been successful } n re' fusing most, if not all ewb, .prohibited persons, Some who were sKeptica! at are now, seeing (hat the company we,ftn what they eay »n4 will give Jt their mpval support so long aj. they continue in well floiUie, Others are very bjtter and aye «rat§bing for m "-- to scalp tfcft he opened the door, shot the tnothef as she came up, And then followed his wife 16 her toofn and shot titJF. He theti wefitto a neighboring house and went to bed. A posse from the cotittti-y about gathered, and as he Was armed and refused to be taken, they riddled the upper part of the house with bullets, tttmily killing him, Liqiiof Ah Eagle Grove drug store is in hard luck, Smalipage Bros, were sued at Clarion last week by Mrs, Lottie Eteik tnan. It was a suit for damage claimed to have been sustained by reason of de* fondants selling liquor to plaintiff's husband as a beverage thereby causing him to lose a lucrative position as a railroad employe and consequent fall* ure to properly provide for his family. Judge Weaver's instructions to the jury were explicit and fair, and after due consideration a verdict of $600 wus rendered for the plaintiff. A Curious. Controversy. Geo. K. Pearsons bought the adjoin* ingland and has drained Owl lake, Now squatters have located on the lake bed and intend to contest for the land. Pearsons says he will close the outlet and drown them out if he can't get rid of them any other way. West Bend Creamery Report, The Journal says that the West Bend creamery, has handled 2,618,960 pounds of milk in 1894, made 111,028 pounds of butter, and received $22,905.92 for it. Butter has averaged 20} cents a pound. Money. Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. CALIFORNIA canned goods at lOo per can at the Opera House Grocery. IT MAY DO AS MUCH FOR YOU. Fred Miller of Irving, 111., writes that he had a severe kidney trouble for many years with severe pains in his back, and also that his bladder was affected. He tried many so-called kidney cures, but without any good result. About a year ago he began the use of Electric Bitters and found relief at once. Electric Bitters is especially adapted to the cure of all kidney and liver troubles, and often gives almost instant relief. One trial will prove our statement. Price only SOofor large bottle at Dr. Sheetz' drug store.• ' 6 , KNIGHTS OF THE MACCABEES. The State Commander writes us from Lincoln, Neb., as follows: "After trying other medicines for what seemed to be a very obstinate cough in our two children we tried Dr. King's New Discovery and at the end of two days the cough entirely left them. We will not be without it hereafter, as our. experience proves that it cures where all other remedies fail."—Signed F. W. Stevens.State Com.—Why not give this great medicine a trial, as it is guaranteed and trial bottles are free at L, A. Sheetz' drug store. Regular size 50c. and $1. 6 A GOOD Beatty organ for sale or to trade for a bicycle. Inquire at this office.—17tf A DIME buys lots at the Opera House Grocery this week. THE Des Moiries Twice-a-week News has cut its price in two and is sent Ho any address for 50 cents a year. The News is a first-class Iowa journal, published every Monday and Thursday evening, and gives much fresher news and markets than the weeklies. The Daily News is $4 a year or $1 for three months. This paper will receive subscriptions for either edition, or they can be sent at the 'above rate directly to the Des Moines News Co., Publishers, Des Molnes, Iowa. BY special arrangement we are able to offer the Council Bluffs Weekly Nonpareil and THE UPPER DES MOINES one year for $1.85. The Nonpareil is the oldest daily and weekly in Iowa, and is metropolitan in every respect. Sample copies may be seen at tbis office, and no paper in the state gives such a large volume of interesting Iowa news as the Nonpareil does. LS&AL, ORIGINAL NOTICE, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, IN , , , ce Vicary and August M. Vioary, J?«okuU, Iowa j Clemen.* Westgate and Emily \Ve8t . Cassias Westeate and Ma Westgate, Crawford ana A. Herbert Crawford, Alberto Des Molnes, Jowa; Randolph Fairbanks Elizabeth Warren, Perry, Iowa-, Wallace Fairbanks, Lutber Fairbanks, Purt, Iowa: Amelja Renjg, pes Motnes, Iowa; Qrunt Fairbanks, Burt, Iowa, and Nellie Cooper, Burt, Ipwft, defendants. * ' You are hereby nqtifled that there is now on flie, In the office of the clerk of the district court ofKqssuth county, Iowa, n ^petition of Tb» southeast quarter of "-Wp Nl .. . nety-seven, Ipwa,to.wU! ,„., tlon Twenty-seven, north of RaogeTwe,, ,.,„, ,. — P. MM andI asSing; for a confirmation of the re speptive shares of the parties to said petition |B ana to said real estate, and asking lop an at torney's fee, all of which will at large appear from a» taspectlon of saja petition. Now r m- less yew appear thereto ana defesd p 0 9r te- forenoon'of the second o»y of the next term of s»ia.eovirt^ to be begun a»a hel4 at the court house in Algoaa, is said county, Iowa, and commencingo»the4thd»y 9 j •Jjarcb, A, p. J8fl6, aefawlt will be eirt&ed agalnstyo«a»4 ju.agm.ent ao4 fleew efttered »sl»raed. * Good Things FOE . .. TO EAT Are found at our store, We keep \ The Best Goods—- that we can buy. Come and see us. That will convince you of what we say. Langdon & Hudson. If You Need Flannels : or Underwear,; ^ Now is the f me to Buy. Prices fere leTer So Lew. Blankets, Yarns, Wool Hosiery, Mittens,,in fact everything containing any quantity of wool, is Away Down You get your money's worth if you buy now. +j +/ fc/ . - , u The Grange Store, Hustle to. S. Store, Ask for Snowatilla. Only 25a- Cowles Block/ and be convinced. W ^^?fW*lilWw?^P FARM LOANS. * Advantages gained by trading : here, I mention a few of them, A Large Stock, Choice Assortment Reliable Goods, Reasonable Prices, Prompt Delivery of Goods, i ^£"1^ W™'??'*' f &",&^^&M*, j!;' v ' r ^ •i < iv^v^w,''<j^ I anr»>BaiJfenrenarfid;tfi rnalfft farm ilnflna^Ari

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