The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 23, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1895
Page 7
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?fwg , -I Af^j fcf Btfsitiess, but thf* &l all fgfg .,lhtt& 1ft ffifc Would Be 1 &9 folfotvs * virtue MJ4 hAtJplnesseV'afid Dfle, — tills Without a smiting fafce „„ a .shop." Instead t(f saying you cafifiot Engage in business T »««u,j1it capital) their tnotto is, "»¥oU -, ittfist hafe ft coiipie of. grains 6f rice , » catch a foWl,"-^Outlook. ,<<* ' Jrb to« If ate. *** 1 fetn&fk&ble successful I ?'^?'J?ft V *. Jb !l tt *e«iM*able succei to-day," Said, the pliblte'sttirlted ftfth. -M i". g«l 6ev6aty-flve new meinbers for our good ; ;f&adg association," ,- 6 •- "Hdwt" ' . "1 stood outside the grounds just as t" , men Were starting hotne from therices.',' Wfeftt tWfe Cteici tot J as? M, Matldey lift* A Full Hetxtt of steam Is tfather'ed by that tremetiflotisly destructive Jehgine, malaria, nut on the brakes with Hos• tetterXStomach Bitters, -which Will check Us jprogress and avert disaster. Chills and fever, - bilious remittent, dumlj ague and ague cake , . ate promptly relieved and ultimately cured by this goninl specific, which is ' alsp n compre- , hensive fnmilv medicine, speedily useful iu \eases of dyspepsia, biliousness, constipation,' 1 sick headache, nervousness, rheumatism and neuralgia, Against tho hurtful effects of sudden changes of temperature, exposure in wot Weather, close application to -laborious mental .pursuits, and other influences prejudicial to *'. J 6 ,*?' ltr is lv tnost trustworthy safeguard It :;'fortifies tho System against disease, promotes appetite and.'sleep.'and hastens convalescence after debilitating and flesh wasting diseases. ,. P-The French p xper called La Practician , says tjwti 4,847,500,000 people die during , each c&ntury. S300 FOR A NAMJ$ ' /' This is the sum we hear. the Salzer Seed Co. offer foi 1 a suitable name lor I . their wonderful now oats,/ The United I", States department of agriculture says i 'Salzer's oats is tho best of 300 varieties tested. _ A gr'eat many farmers report ~~a test yield,of 200 bush,els per acre last year, and are' sure this can be grown , and even more during" 1895. One thing •we know.and'that is. that Salzer is the latest Farm Seed grower in the world an'd sells potatoes at $2.50 per barrel. Just the kind that do well in Texas and , the great , .South. Thirty-five packages, earliest vegetables, 3fl post paid. ". . DIf,You Will Cut This Out and Send It with lOc posta'ge to the John A. Salzer Seed Co., LaQrosse, Wis., you get free his mammoth catalogue and a package of aboVO S300 I'rlzo Oats. W.I?. U. Renewing a pledge is like renewing a note. It requires hustling all the time. How's This I We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward "Cor any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Curet F. J. pHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo. Ohio. we, the undersigned, have known F, J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. WEST & TnuAX, Wholesale Druggists. Toleao, Ohio. WARDING, KINNAK & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price Toe per ' bottle. Bold by all Druggists. Testimonials free. • Hall's Family Pills, 85c. -f. i n nearly all the arid land regions artesian •wells can be obtained at a depth oif from 800 to 000 feet. I» Olden Times People overlooked the importance ,of 'permanently beneficial effects and were -satis- , fled with transient action; but mow that it is generally known that Syrup of Wgs w.ill permanently cure habitual constipation, •well-informed people will not tony other laxatives, which act for a time, ibirt (finally injure the system. , Age begins on the«!»/ that you 'begin to conceal it. A Qentle Corrective is what you need when your liver becomes inactive. It's what you-get when you take Dr. PieivoeV Pleasant Pellets; they're free fiioon the'violence and the 'griping- that come wHh'the ordinary k pill. T.he ibest medical wities 'agree that ^Hinting- tli e bowels mild methods are preferable, JBor, i every de, rangeinent'Of the liver, stomach mid bowels, ttocsetjuy, ouffRr coated pills af^anpst f,fffc(ive, They g 0 ' .aboiit their wade fa .an -easy «ujd iiatw-Qil way, and their good fasts, 'Once tisud, infti- . tmte4 vegetable ex- y' traces, '.tjtey cotjt ' tuflre thsm iqther Jowud .iM'tJie H'arket. yet-fpojufonty ,tq forty- four ,a« put up" iu each .sealed glass 'vial, as druggists, ait ttoe pwoe.of the ' • ills , .f.^nn- Jieadac^e, 4iwne?s, >aoslive. s, 9r< constipation, sow stomach, iloss of """" —-•} tongue, indigestion, wdys., -MKKVJ ««MM/ liejcjuugs, "Jieart-'burn," JP,and jjifetvess after entitle, and kindred eran??mentB of we live»V>tQtnaoU and' Put up. iu Bf alud sfe|$B »vJals, 'there, <*>• w./sys'frgsji »w4 I'SJiWle. WJjetJier i a. te&tive, oy ju4avger doses, aa a gently »*<"<- '"' f . sea,vchi|i(>- eaUwtk, ^hese " •tSfand fiapids (Mich'.) Evening Press,] The Most beautif ill Stjot ih all this city" is inseparably associated with the name of Hackley. Chtts. H* Hnckley has been in the lumber business nere eontinuoualy since 1850 and in that time has amassed a fortune wkich gives him & rating among the wealthy nien of the nation. Butwitlt wealth th'ere did not come--that tightening 61 the purse Strings which is f enerally & marked characteristic of wealthy men, It is no wonder" • then that the name of Charles H. Hackley is kfi&wn at home and abroad, • His munificence to Mti&kegon'alofte f epresents an outlay of nearly half a million. For the past twenty years he has beeti a constant sufferer from neuralgia-and rhe'u- matisrn, also numbness of the lower IJtnbs, so much so that it has seriously interfered 1 with his pleasure ih life. For some time pakt his friends have noticed that he has seemed to groW young again and to have recovered the health which- he had in youth. To a reporter for the News Mr. Hackley 'explained the secret of this transformation: "1 have suffered for over 20 years," he said "with pains in my lowerJimbs soseverelv that the only relief I could get at night was by putting cold water compresses on my limbs. I was bothered more at night than in the day time. The neuralgic and rheumatic pains in my limbs, which had .been growing iu intensity for years, finally became chronic. I made three trips to the Hot Springs with only partial relief and then,fell back to my original state. I couldn't sit otill and my sufferings began to make life look very blue. Two ycavs ago last September I noticed an account of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People and what they had done for others, and some cases so nearly resembled mine that I was interested, so I wrote to one who had given a testimonial, an eminent professor of music in Canada. , The reply I received was' even stronger than the printed testimotiial and it gave me faith in the medicine." '• ' < • "I began taking the pills and, found them to be all that the profess'o'r'had told me they would be. It was two or three'.months he- fore I experienced any perceptibto'-be'tter-' ment of my condition. My disease was of such long standing that I did not expect speedy recovery and was thankful even to be relieved. I progressed, rapidly, howeyer, toward recovery and for the last six months have felt myself a perfectly well man. I have recommended the pills to many people and am only too glad to assist others to health through the medium of this wonderful medicine. I can not say too much for what it has dpne for me." <• Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain all the elements necessary to give new life and- richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are for sale by all druggists, or may be had by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine company, Schenectady, ^. Y., for 50 cents pel* box, or six boxesjfor 12.50. ROBERT.'BURNS. Some of the Terrible Impediments Thai Beset Hlg Pathway Through Life.,, He was born and '.brought up in the midst of poverty and comparative ignorance. When, in 1857, Nathaniel Hawthorne visited the poet's residence at Dumfries and took notice of its filthy surroundings, he wondered tha't Burns could v have preserved his m'ar-' velous geniiis in such.' an unsavory spot, says the Westminster Eeview. The author of "The Scarlet Letter" was even more horrified at the wretched aspect of Burns' farm at Mossgiol, and could but 'compare tho Habitation in which the Scottish bard passed so many of his days to , a pigsty. "It is sad," wrote Hawthorno, "to think of anybody—not to say a poet, but any human l>eing—sleeping, eating, thinking, praying and spending all his home life iin this miserable hovel.", He praises tbhe "hei-oic merit" of Burns for being mo worse man amid "the squalid hindrances" that beset the poet's nMHial.and intellectual development. Hawthorns was right. v Low asso- .ciations, bad sanitna-y 'conditions, aijd the companionship iof the vile are all but fatal to human Virtue. Burns was never utterly degjtafled,, Jle was always, in spite of his failings', a true man,_ and his passionate love for his fellowmen outlived all his sufferings. His relations with Jean Armour, though they jawed his frailty and hers, were honorable to him, for he left nothing imd«0ne.torepaiv the error of his youth. His intemperance was rather the effect <Eff ihis cqnvivial disposition than pf any vicious tendency, If t he sinned he paid the penalty, one: might say, with fete life. His career terminated at S/, and, having regard to his circumstances and opportunities, his record as a poet is unparalleled, foi' no m£|,tt ever achieved so much as Burns with po llttle.aid from.the world ancVwith such tewible impediments in We path, r - . , '.are niicqualed. MHPi 1 ^- 1 ? ]»'QU«?te »fter . 'T« relieve th^e^ljUle 'i . s "£V''99#fed> flwii-wjJifli /, c l'!} d( veadily lakes flie, w , iibstitute. twst «my be recQin- ''ifltlSt O.K trood."" It lliav ho UStjp.gopd,' l| way; be " ~}»ms ~,9V9 . i» jfot 4i»a Thej-o is actually nothing jn the flesh of the dog that is distasteful or repulsive, Lewis .find (Dlflvk the'ex- plorers, whq learmeii to pat jt through, compulsion, actually babftine fond of ty in time, J-t is jp>t generally knawif that it,, $$ a favorite,.'/article O f diet among certain people, hut a French paper says that the 'ipmnbei' Of flogs slaughtered at the abo.'ttpirs in Munich inoreasp4 Amazingly in the past, said to have been imported by who have recently is AM ttffw The* AM CAfti^d Aetei* tfa« tftntlnShb • It is dasy eaougti 16 "giVe the bro!ef td cafi'y* twelve Siege tabftars of afi aggregate weigtit of l»841,00a pouhds across the continent, and it is sdare'e* ly more 1 difficult to agree" to do so ( but the contriving of the raeans to catfy out the agreement is quite anothef thin*, Tho mere weight was hot s6 much of a problem, but the size ol the pieces made them extremely ufi s handy thitigs to ship. 'JCho ordinary i'ailf oad caf Is abdut ten feet wido. But the birdies on which the mortals revolve are" solid circles of cast iron* fourteen feet in diameter and two feet thick. Naturally they could not lie flat in a car, because they cduldn't go ftlottg without/ Jamming on tutthel walls or knockittg othei* cars off tracks. ,Fiir't>het>more, there is a- rule which forbids cat-s to be loaded higher than fourteen feet from the top of the rail. It was the Pennsylvania railroad that ,had to do the thinking out of the scheme, for that road had the task of carrying the castings to Chicago. This is the way it Was clone: A slot Was cut in the bottom of a gondola car. such as is used for carrying coaK This was made wide enough to let in edgewise the • two circles which belong to each gun. Of course that weakened the car, and long timbers had to be bolted on the floor of tho 6ar, and to tho cross-pieces in order that it .would not collapse under th? strain of tho heavy weight. Tho two great circles which were to go on each car wars hoisted by a big steam derrick arid suspended in .the slot of .the car at just tho right height. To tell the truth, the car was technically loaded seven-inches top^hig'h, but practically there was no violation' of the rule, since the height of fourteen "feet seven inches was reached at only one point in the center of the car, and .no brakeman would be required to stand-there. The lower rim of the axle.had sufficient clearance at the bottom/ Half an inch above the track level would have boan enough, but about four inches was taken. These big iron circles were suspended at just the right height, while the structure that was to hold them wag built of pine timbers, six by eigh t inches. These were bolted with tie bolts as securely as possible, for if those circles in the wrenching they got going around curves should, come loose, there would be a fine wreck, since it would be quite a job to stop a ring weighing-22,000 pounds when it smarted to roll. • 'Six cars' were so arranged, and six mortars.each weighing 82,600 pounds, •with their other gear, wore loaded on ten other gondolas , which wore not specially treated. .AFTER DIVES HAS DINED. This French Woman Collects End'ngli to Furnish Her Boarding-Hotme 'able. An illustration of koen French thrift, beside which yankee methods resemble almost oi'iental extravagance, is the catering, clone by a little .French ,boarding-house keeper, says the New York' .Evening Sun. She supplies small rooms and two meals a' day to lodgers of modest means, who boast of her table. , It is, indeed, quite royally spread, and literally from the kitchen of millionaires. A year ago it occurred to her, as she went to the .market in. the early morning, that the garbage cans sent "out from the areaways of fine houses betrayed a lamentable wastage of good 'food. She was j visited by a great idea and acted upom I it by having interviews with the cooks of several uptown residences The_ result was that for a small ponsideration these cooks consented to permit her the privilege of making what selections she wished from tthe plates and dishes • returned to 1ihe kitchen from the mistress' talfole, after the «ook had mode certain reservations. Here was a wealth! of material beyond the 4 dreams" of a boarding-house gourmand. The little French woman rarely goes to the regular market, but once a day makes her rounds to the kitchens, She carries a basket lined with zinc and divided into compartments, and a fork. Her selections from the plates and dishe^ 'are made ,with utmost discretion, and in her' otyn kitchen every 'Sora'p'iS'tUrned" to' the" most tempting and wonderful account, "Her exr penses haye' .been^'greatly reduced, and hep. boarders took'forward to her meals with'great anticipation. The Ifleat is «se4 npt only as m Baulter^qt tor sausages, Dut i8 eaten openly, u.nd<^> its »own naia'e, prepared, in various ways,— JTe\v Others, <} There aw farmers in the northern and eastern states who work fop their •neighbors » good deal mpre than for themselves. Their own hojdings are small, but it&ey have patent reapers, binders, a#d threshers that they rent, together with their own services .and thQ use <if their horses,, if necessary, tjhe.i.'efpF >a flxecl sum <?r a percentage, of the prodjicjt. The JnqHJr4ng Boy—J$0\y lQng a, time is a jiffy, father? The J?ersp»o- a.<4ons parent—It 4epea<Je en. wbwP it is, ray .spn. \VJjen, a woman je ou of ice in her Conventional Eicilge The notification committee remained standing. "Madain6 i ''Sftidthe chaiftottfi, low, "we have thtS honor to inform your nomination to the highest oi the gift of the people." The etnfltifcipated woman cleared throat. "Gentlemen," she replied, spekkfttg e* tetnporaneously, "I regret the necessity which compels toe to decline the hdnor you offer me. I haven't A thing to wear." Not That Sort. Johnny—What did yon have for dinner at your house? Tommy— Had a goose. Johnny—Wns it nice eating? Tommy—It wasn't the kind of a goose that you can eat. It was that young nnipsey that keeps running to our house thinking sister Jmn is in Tovo with him, whan she ain't. , Probttbly a Fake, "What's tho matter with Freddy Bowls?" Teddy—He says he's got the toothache, but I don't believe him. "Why don't you?" Toddy—'Cause he's standin' right in front of tt c'entist's oflipe. ,Tlie Nicaragua Cntiiil. The project of the Nicaragua canal has been debated in 1 the U. S. senate very vigorously. One thing should bo remembered about that climate, it is death to almost ever^r foreigner *who goes there, and laborers especially succumb. It is said that the Panama railroad cost a life for every tie. What an idea of fains and aches is in this sentence. It is mostly due to carelessness. Every laborer provided with.St. Jacobs Oil would be armed against these troubles. Men's muscles there are cramped with rheumatic pain and they_ache all over. That's just the condition where this sovereign remedy can do its best work. The fearful malady is^ very much like the break-bone fever in certain parts of America. Tho Atlantic ocean takes its name from Mount Atlas. • ' • »»«•« CougU IlRlsum Is tho oldest anil best. It will break up a Cold quicker thau anything else. :'.i Is always reliable. Try it. A civil tongue will revolver wouldn't. protect us when a Pise's Cure cured me of a Throat and Lung trouble of three years' stauding.—E. C/r>r, Huntington, Ind., Nov. IS, 1894. Home is a groat health resort for a fast ypunp; man. If tlie Baby is cussing Teeth. Be aura unduso that old and well-tried remedy', Mils, WlKStow's SOOTHING Svnup for Children Teething. Some people want to go to heaven just to avoid their dead enemies. "A. Oup of Parks' Ten atniKhtciova the bowels m the morning." The great trouble in life seems to be that we can't keep our ambitions pinned down to our salaries. We need more preaching that will keep sinners crom going to sleep in church. France grows and consumes more wheat than any other country in Europe. Mo Knew , Thefa is & fftfet differ-encd between A learned inatt and aft ignoramus, For" instance, When fdgg asked Dun* dahead how it was that birds could fly, Duttdaliead could bttiy reply! "'Cause they can." But when; Rutehitts was asked the same question, he Settled his head in his collar, pursed up his lips, and de* livered hlttself thtisi "The secret of the bird's flight Is due entirely to the fact that the bird possesses the power to sustain itself in and to propel itself through the air," Fogg vory truely remarks that the solution seems easy enough after it is found, but none but a wise man Would have discovet-od it."—Boston Transcript. He Knew itU l.luilt. Tho tramp had applied at the kitchen door of a house in Now England, and a slim maid had appeared. Maid, curtly—What do you want? Tramp, in h'd politest manner— Something to oat, please. Maid—I'll havo to see the landlady. Tramp, interrupting—Excuse me; but is this a boarding house? Maid-^-Of course it is. Tramp—Then I doslro to withdraw my request. I ain't very strong, and a feed of hashed beef would about kill me. Extend my 1 compliments arid re- grots to tho landlady (then he bowed himsolf out)—Truth. Antiseptic. "Why," he demanded, desperately, "are you so chilly P" "I must needs," rejoined the princess, some what argumontatlvely, "preserve my composure." Tho knight laughed in a harsh, crepitant laugh "The cold storage process," he murmured, "will preserve Anything. Summoning her slaves she bado thorn put him out—Detroit Tribune Cnndvlsablc. "Papa," said tho earnest young woman, "I fool that I ought to learn some useful occupation. I'm tired of being a useless expense to you." "Not much you won't,"' responded the parent. "My, creditors would think I was almost broke.nnd be clown on mo all at once." ., .Domestic Infelicity. Husband—Darling, is there anything I can do for you? Wife—Yes, lovo; give me a one-cent stamp. I want to send one of your photographs to a Mend—"second class mail matter,"youknow,—Truth. W. IV. U—D.M—11VO Wo. 4 advertisements kinaly When answering mention this paper. -•••«•-«- ^ -v -^ -v w v w v W V Other remedies may ST. J.ICOB8 OIJL WMcwr^wains, Bruises, ana a Backache FOR A WHOLE YEAR. NewYorkTribune AND The Weekly Bee A special contract enables us to offer THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, the loading family weekly of the United States,Vith the OMAHA WEEKLY'BEE for only 9O Cents, less money than is charged for any other single weekly paper in the country, . TUB, OJIAHA WEBKXV BEE ,is the leading paper in the western country and is too well lcnow» to need a special description. ' THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE isa National Family Paper and gives the general news of the United States. It gives the events of foreign lands in a, nutshell. Jts "Agricultural " department has no i nor. Its Market Reports" are recognized au Jty, Sepfirate departments for *«' — v*v. , . H °m® and Society" command the admiration of wives and daughters,' ^-w era! political news, editorials .and discussions '«»•<=» eonjpre, hensive, briUjpnt and exhaustive, ' 90 Cents for both papers to THE OMAHA WEEKLY BEE, BOOKS FREE In order to introduce our line of, Standard Noye|§ to the public we will, for a short time, send q,ne or all pf the fpllpwiog fcapk§ FREE on receipt of 12c (stamp? accepted) fpr e^gh |?Qok twcpyer postage, pacing, etc. Act fete, entering his past "t-irr'TJ T*- *>««]• n, f m^ftwrMp <J ,jtatd) ft'B#w&praA pM iolnnal fn'aif.'QoK InnbT /3a'l Welity-fivS, t$ intireftgg IW theUS to s!oreS fo tt oMe? efs W( CSfttS B46H.' "FoTMairS I. 4 The jpsttems aw an 6t Irerhfifoies.ftnaa're liter raiifr «J fit, 8«nf>Hclty 'and „, fduf yffarS thesB itfttttittUt U»YO, iwo cSuflt^ ever, Full deBBfJptiSflS affd •-as the ntttnfce? Of yards of fflatettft.,.„,!„..,„,, tn@ tuiinbef and hnmefl of the dfitefent Weties itt the Dattferii, how te» CM aM fit and (lit the. Pf* Blent tdgethef^-afe 66nt jlWh"BttCti-iSime»i,r, Witll fiiictute 6f the gSfffleilt 18 ge W* ' r TheSl* i 4*M,4.i.M.Etf^ l*ji-i ii_i»-i.»_iS Jit &&iax.*- t,i.*ii*u..i j iiit-i **f>Mfci fees, & itta. : a . Ord€r fatterhd W ntimbef nhd give Size ' , ftf tete tMJO . *o get get fiUST and BftBAST ffleaau the tape measure AbJj bf the wajr ai'otin body, over the dress Close Under the arms, trios of each jfl&ttetti, 10 cents, whoa ordered oft colijaoh ptintcd helow. Postage ond cent extra on EACH *«•* • * 1 ^ .* i GIRL'S DnBSS. Pattern No. 0200 is cut in thrett , , .sizes, viz.: 8,10 and IS years. < * Marine blue velvet and fancy French plaia sorgo Is here stylishly'combined. A Bimulntoa yoke of velvet covers the upper portions of tho > fitted body, back and front. The full front nnA back is shirred and placed on in pointed outline. Stylish bretelles are graduated to points, v and fall gmcefuly from the shoulders to thd/ 1 center-Duclir" Double puffs are stylishly ar^ ranRed over fitted sleeves faced to the elbow.' with velvet. '.PheTull round shirt is gathered i at the top and sewed to tho lower odijeof ivalst... > The mode Is desirable for dresses either of slllc • or woolen fabric and can be suitably developed •In various combinations of colors or material. One material alone can be uSed, variety bolnp ' given by decoration of braid, gimp, ribbon, vofc .vet. insertion or lace. , , i t ,, ' The retail price of pattern Is 25 cents. " ' M' .„«...»„ NOHFOI.K BASQUE. Pattern 1 No. 8283? Is cut In five sizes, viz.: 32, 94, 36, 38 and 40- inches bust measure. The Norfolk jacket is as popular, today as it way in its first .season; IV.. has the merits of being very generally' becoming, easily adjusted, comfortable' antll stylish looking, besides being available for nearly all sorts of fabric, As here represented made of vicuna in a sort of heather mixture, it forms part of a dressy toilet for general, wear, shopping of visiting, etc. .The box plaits, uro formed in the fronts and back, the under; Hides being stitched together to a few- inohea* below the waist line. Under arm gores llttha Hides smoothly and the basque can be made over the body lining fitted with double darts, or, thut portion 'can bo omitted if so-preferred. , Tho closing ^'invisible Uv center- front-* wider*- 1 tho middle plait, but buttons uncT button holes, •;' can bo used ifflesired. T>.o fashionable turn.-?. ' . over collar Is in latest mode and tho'bolti.oT) ,'•, ' ofoth fastens with a dul} gilt buckle,. Aiiyvolj; ^ *, UI' lUlApl.l< VUJT4UUUM, JiUUiV»XJU» JUUlVQUlVbU, UC" line flannel, A plain finish is oil thati*wnoea,-. ... pary, •«•.„< ' ^~ l ' The retailiprlce of this pattern Js S9 cents." "*• In ordering, give No,...'., of p^ttoras wanted Bust,,,,., and Waist mead- . ure, Either of these patterns will be sent ' with your adflyegu, WINE OF CARjDltJI,:; • : --A '-tvAtt

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