The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 23, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1895
Page 5
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<„ , . I • _ > "',>?! «' L, - ffjj|&flfoljNIMg' -ly^Q^IO^ *" ' ! t'&'y^'-fsf 5f I'j*^* '" "/•-"•# ^Sl^"! 1 ! r£:i' TV *'< 1v - K\\;^:;; ;^?£^f?£V : '" We will offer and plush, at Cloaks in seal worth Your choice—no reserve— $10 take your pick. We have a few Children's long cloaks, misses' jackets, ladies' jackets, at less than cost to close the lot out at once, Jas. Taylor. IIA HABM1 C. M. DOXSEE HAS A STRANGE EXPERIENCE IN STORE AFTER CLOSING TIME. HIS As C. M. Doxsee was leaving his store last Saturday evening he met a man at the postoffice who had come in from the country to get a RIVERSIDE RANGE. As he insisted upon taking the stove home with him he returned to his store (Winkie's old stand) and upon entering was surprised to hear voices in the direction of his shelves. He listened and heard •the door locks talking in a high key. Just then the guns shot out of the case on to the floor. This turned the tin pail and made the slop jar. The axe cried out in hunger, "I want a chop" The wedge nearly split laughing to said told see the oil run. he wasn't afraid The augur a bit, .and the stock to brace up. The bucksaw the broom sweep up and ' down the store and called to the screw-eyes to see. The ice tongs ' has just caught on when the ket- tles cast iron at the heating stoves, who got down below cost to get out of the way. The powder said " I'll be blowed if I can stand so much noise." The paint looked up at the farm bell and remarked, " I don't peal like yon do." Yes, said the glue, " You're a sticker" The range then spoke out, which silenced all others, and said, " Take me or I'll get stove up." Just then they heard' another stove pipe out, " Please take me ;" but the purchaser was an old fisherman and a cowboy and was partial to the RIVERSIDE RANGE, so it was quickly loaded and he started for home. To prevent another outbreak of this kind Mr. Doxsee has rein forced his lines, so you may fee safe in coming to the store. You need have no fears whatever, for the lines are all so well assortec that you will even find a .match safe. Made ftiiBsetf &t Meft City is Nabbed Crime Elsewhere, Seftft Up to His Old tricks in dift eouniSM-Seid a finis Store that Never Existed. ALUMNI WILL BANQUET. ;Thelr. Meeting .Tomorrow Night at Clarke'8 Hall—President Sclmefler to He In Attendance. About 80 people will be seated at the • banquet tables in Clarice's hall tomor- .• row evening at 8 o'clock in honor of the •' State University of Iowa. The number will include the 82 resident stu- •-• dents and graduates in the county and their families, the school board, Profs, Dixon, Johnson and Lilly. Those en•, titled to give the college yell by virtue of having tuned their voices at head. quarters are classified and catalogued as follows: f Collegiate graduates—E, B, Butler, J. T. Chrischtlles, Jessamine Jones, C. .. ,B. Matson, J. L. Bonar and Harvey ! /Ingham. Collegiate undergraduates,— ' 0, B, Hutchins, J. W, Hinchon, Mrs, : O.,M, Doxsee, B. W, Haggard, Walter ', L, Ray, and Prank Miller of Germania. '.„%'-Law graduates—B,'F. Reed, Geo, R, ;^0}ow4i Judge Quarton, J. W. Sullivan, V;K. H. Fellows and J. L. Bonar, Algona; if., Samuel Mayne and 0. 0, Thompson, j' Bancroft; T..E, McEnroe, Whittemore. Medical graduates—J, M. Pride and T,\L; Tribon, Algona; A. A, "JBeane, , B'urt; J, W, Ktnpoy. Wesley, Under- raduatos—W. J, Keneflok, Algona; , L, Peters, Burt; E, T, Dunlap, Ledyard',,C, B. Paul, Whittemore. All of 'these, have diplomas from other schools. 'Dental, graduates-r-A. L. Rist and p. AJgona; 0, H. Bemis, Ban- Mrs. Susie L. Raymond, Algona, Iowa Box67.-33m3 ^'President'Scbaeffer "will be here, as the'following letter sufficiently attests; • JowA''Cn% Iowa,'Jan, 19, 1895.—My •™~—,M\& Jones: I believe Professor -- 1 — - 1 —"-written you'thatlwill 'tmjwtey, put I want to Bft next cY^iy sincerely yours, , _„ -,,-,,,., r wal Invited tQ be pres» .§ntAn4'wPnld"'bave'cpme but for his fV» I l-li« fv • ' ^ . i * A. 1 irt -— 1 to Miss Jones I%1 ;T& fe t; _,g' JQJ_ pf Janyavy IQtbiTer My >»• Money. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W, HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. DR. MURPHY, Mason City, oculist, will be at Dr. Rist's office again, to treat all diseases of the eye and adjust glasses, on Tuesday, Jan. 29. JUBOBB FOB 1895. A Curious Situation In Iowa Over the Failure of the Ne\v Jury Law to Connect. The county officers selected jurors for the new year yesterday, and did what they are compelled to do all over the state, selected them under the old law, although the new law was to begin Jan. 1, 1895, - Following is the grand jury; Cas. Wilson, Ledyard; B. W. Van Dorstan, Seneca; C, A. Ericksen, Swea; Geo, B, Hall, Wesley; P, T. Reimers, Germania; J, O. Paxson, Irvingtom C, H. Blossom, Algona; G, L, Wright, West Bend. Following is the petit jury: Ed, Gramenz, LuVerne; Leonard Falk, Wesley; John Longbottom, Wesley; P, J, Byrne, Bancroft; N, E. Sheridan, Bancroft; John, Bancroft; J, B, Cook, Burt; R. ,E, Fairbank.Burt; Ed, Qhaffee, Burt; Frank Pow, Whittemore; John Newnan, Whittemore; R, W, Hatch, Whittemore; Ed, Blaokford, Algonas T, H, Conper, Algeria; T. H, Cruse, Buffalo Center; W, S, Wjokam, Germaniaj W, W, Qleysent, Germania; Mike Winter, Germau.ift; Wnv Gray, Seneca; Chtis, fteingpks, Rabrp; Frank Andorfer, Bahm; A, W, Montgomery, Ledyard; J, W, Mtfpfcell, •'CovwUh,! E. T. Dodge, Irvjngton./ The new Jaw was to gqi i^to effect Jan, J, but it oannoti go Jn,to, effect un* tU the reports of the assessors as to the men q uali^ed to &ot 'as jurors are, and tnjs cannot be' u»tu June, SQ that in feet Iowa is without any jury law. Probably |n every oa^e tfl ee ti-ie^ at the coming term, of court the jijry panel will be challenged aofl tb,e matter tak , tQ the supreme ppurt, But all the ri can 4o is to select tbe jurors as haye ana if there is any trouble, egislature amijit shoulder theblam.e. 9,' WAm gucpessep to 0. the totter businegs, for baeiae^ at the nww miueted tofe butter; m«ateaiwef«{Tpd, ifpy the top mce i» P o| table butts? wJiU A Aft uhcohfecionable rascal seems likely to get his dues, how that fir, P, #« Hefliti, late of Sweft City, is arrested at Mdorai He will Hot be punished fof all his dffetises or he would ornament states prison the remainder o! his life, Me first became generally known in Kossutfa when he ran for coroner on the democratic ticket two years ago. The burning of the di'ug store belonging to him and his partner Ryan, un' doubtedly set on fire, occasioned a removal of the firm from Swea City. It is suspected that Heflin put fecal matter of typhoid patients in the wells, and it is also suspected that a big insurance policy on Eyan's wife was attempted, with a view of performing a serious operation for tumor, from which she would not likely recover. An amusing rascality here was Heflih's bill before the board of supervisors for drugs.for a county patient. It included all the drugs in his store, as large quantities of many of them as all the Algona stores would sell in a year. Chairman hubb thought the bill was a big one and in looking It overcame tonux vom- ica, which he had used some himself. He discovered that Heflin's patient had taken apparently enough nux vomica to do a man five years.. This ,was the beginning of the iuspection,of bills for county doctoring. The Eldora Herald gives a full ac-. count of his'~arrest and crime: Tuesday Sheriff Boylan ran down -Dr. P. F. Eeflin at Charles City! and Wednesday anded him in jail in this city,where-he is likely to remain .for some time to come. The .story back of the arrest is an interesting! and somewhat unusual one, for Dr. Heflin is a smooth scoundrel and he has been traveling at such a rapid gait lately that it would take two men to see him—one pair of Optics wouldn't get a focus on him. The crime for which he is now in jail was perpetrated at the expense of a drug- fist at Aurora, Ills., whose name is J. SVMannlion. Heflin wrote to Mannion and finally induced him.; to buy a lalf interest in a drug store which he said he had purchased in Eldora and )roposed to move to Aldon. Thellli- iols man planked down $350 for a half nterest in the concern. He had faith n Hefiin. That: must have been the same kind removes mountains, for it is impossible to believe that in this age there is a business man of-so confiding a disposition that he will pay a stranger $350 for something he has never seen or investigated. ;• Heflin must be a hypnotist. Anyhow the Illinois man heard no more from the doctor and came out to investigate. Then he found that no such, drug store existed in Alden or ever had existed and Heflin was unknown to the people there, Sheriff Boylan vyas appealed to and went to work with his usual shrewdness and persistence. Heflin was a hard man to locate, but he finally found him atEudd and wired Sheriff W, A. Fail-banks of Floyd county, who arrested and landed him in jail at Charles City. Sheriff Boylan brought him .down Wednesday morning and jailed him. Dr. Heflin is about 38 'years of age and has something of a record. He figured in an alleged "white cap outrage" in Kossuth county last November: He was then running a drug store at Swea City in partnership wich a man named E. F. Eyan. The' people did not like the men or the way they ran their business and warned Heflin to leave town. He regarded the invitation as a pressing, one and went. A short time afterward the building was looted' and burned and a mob gathered and ran Eyan and a friend named Hill out of town after threatening to lynch them, Money, I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B. W. HAGGARD. WE make a specialty of collections. & Haggard, Toifeke Room for New one week, commencing Monday morning, Jan^S, and ©Ming Saturday evening, Feb. 0, we will offer Great Bargains in ftfete and Shoes, JUST THINK OF IT :• OO O GO qqiq^qq CO CO W »H (X) O S 03 & . rt N M OOOOO q>oqqiq * co co" CQ co* Ladies' Fine $6,00 Shoes, only Ladies' Fine 4,00 Shoes, only 3 50 Shoes, only 3.00 Shoes, only 2.50 Shoes, only 2.00 Shoes, only Ladies' Fine Ladies' Fine Ladies' Fine Ladies' Fine Ladies' Fine 1.50 Shoes, only And Ladies' Fine Shoes for fifty cts., 75 cts., and $3,08 3,00 3,60 2.50 1.50 1,25 These are bargains that you will not find every day,' and • we are making this sale just to make room for our new spring stock. Come early and often, and take advantage , 01 the bargains we are offering. Everything must be sold for SPOT CASH; positively no credit given. We will be pleased to see you and show yon goods whether you buy or not ' , . BROWNELL &, ALLRED, Cash Shoe House, Algona, Iowa., ', '* i Real Estate, Insurance, Loans: We desire to announce that we are now located in our new office in Rooms 5 and 6 in the State Bank building, and that.we are in shape to take care of any work which may be intrusted to us. DOXSEE & SHAW. Drop in and get acquainted, whether you have any business for us or not. .* ' • TRY a box of those London layer raisenp at Walker Bros.' "Never so cheap." TWELVE and one-half cent corn at 10 cents for ten days only, at James Pat- ;erson's-42t2 ABOTIOS of all kinds and at all prices at Galbraith & Co.'s. Slagle's Harness Shop, We Have Removed= AIAE.N is doing horse shoeing at Bradley & Nicoulin's shop. CHASE & SANBORN'S famous coffees and seal brand tea, Walker Bros,, exclusive agents,' w for sale, Inquire of A, L. Eist,-42 * BW&WSN'S ARNICA SALTS. The best salve iu the world for bruises, outs, gores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever epres, "" ' — - ...... T sitiij»Qtibn pr' money Spld by L, A, Sheet?, ,68 we The charity ball 'peajmitte? submit .be following statenieot tQ tbps? who, by their helpfulness mftd§ the our stock of Harness, Whips, Saddles, Blankets, Robes, and other harness goods to our State-.street shop, ,ancl now have a full line, Repairing a specialty, All goods and work warranted, Stough's old stand, •SLAGLE & SON!; Misses Mame Favrel and, Lylu Clarke were in MRSQ.O City last week. Mrs, P, B, Warren came h?me frow h,?r Whitewater visit last week, Mrs, Qarfln§p Qpwleg has gone tQ Ees for a twQ weeks.' visit with 989.95, Tp a who th§ hall, and the about to begin house-keeping who'n his 4eath occurred, Mrs, P, S, Ford received news last week of the su44en death Pf the bus*. banaof her youngest sister, Olejn Gouja, wbo,;with his wife veiled ago, N The Mew "

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