The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 23, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1895
Page 1
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TO BE COMMTED Htttaboidt iJetabcracy Still Mad Over Cleveland's Sew Postmaster to That Bailiwick, ALQOffA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JASTOABY is our theme and our leader >f, •T.V 'I &', Jjv , •THIS WEEK. =See our line of choice Califor\ • ' =nia fruits at 10 cents per can. •Nice, fresh goods, Special Prices -on Blankets, Quilts, and Cloaks, is This Week, at Galbraith & Co.'s. If you want A White Pearl, Call on .. PATTERSON & SON. that we aim to carry JX a .complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed, Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, etc, Also that we will not be undersold by any firm in the city, For good and fresh Butter call on vi. Patterson & Son, iillr .JlV.^v MsoMw ' " . •*4£K *• - atfyt' • : Wfc:.' -<$ '•* 'iff *ff¥ TT? &<$OW* &*V£™ li ^fm <•„>• it ^f*v" .# $$i&<^ ,*.-. <I&. 4 .T«'"/ * .*'•' Window Shades. ; Picture Frames, JjjuUhe thing 5m» Kbssuth Objects to laying Pale Aite tiourtty's Sills—Misceiianeous Mews of the NdfthWfest. The full measure of grief among the democrats ftt Humboldt over the post office appointment is Voiced by Al. Adams in the Independent. Al, quotes from the Humboldt Republican, which says of the appointment: " No choice could have pleased the people of Humboldt better. Mr. Peck is a wide-awake, died in the wool democrat, favorable to Cleveland and not married to Hill, and will make a No. 1 postmaster, as he has demonstrated in the past. The Republican is pleased to see the post office in such good hands." Al's comment is as follows: When has there ever been an instance of the republican organ in this place speaking good words or giving deserved credit to a square and true democrat ? Never once 1 When the Republican speaks well of a democrat, or one who poses as a democrat, one may be sure that the democracy of that party is questionable. That he "died in the wool" is probably true; the Republican's clique knows best. He has worked in the interest of that small and select coterie ever since he came to Humboldt county, openly when not running for office on a New York ticket, on the sly, always. That "no choice could have pleased the people of Humboldt better," is one of those forms of speech often used by our esteemed contemporary, when exr pressing an untruth, so that it may appear not to be such. We-have an idea that over sixty individual recommendations of Mr. Henry Welst by that many business men of Humboldt, although solicited months after the Republican's candidate had worked the town thoroughly, and half that many more signed to endorsements for Mr. L. D. Hack^ are a better answer to this braggadocia than any other that could be made, A better form of speech and one nearer the truth would be: No choice could have disgusted the democrats more or disappointed and outraged the whole business circle of the town, regardless of politics, to a greater extent than this one if it is a sure enough appointment, and it appears to be. We had not intended that the Independent should be called into this fight, but the baldheaded lying and misrepresentation that has been lodged against democrats who have never bolted a ticket from youth up, and such maudlin back handed slaps at the real democracy of the town and community as quoted, are too aggravating to calmly endure without protest. Don't Like Kossuth Doctor Bills. The supervisors at their meeting last week notified Palo Alto county that the bills in the Vogle case would be charged to it, as the Vogles belong there. The Democrat comments on this and on the bills as follows: At last week's meeting of the board of supervisors of Kossuth county, bills were filed amounting to $700, said to have been incurred in caring for the Chris. Vogel family that had been quarantined for several weeks on account of diptheria. The family lived in this county some time ago and Kossuth olaimsrpalo Alto must pay the claims. The doctor's bill alone was $283, The family left this county a year ago last fall and located in some county southwest of here. It is, said that subsequently he returned to ; Ruthven and during the fall moved to Whittemore, Several of the family were taken with diphtheria and died. The amount claimed is pretty large, The Palo Alto board will doubtless look the matter up closely before paying the amount. 8am Clark on X.arrabee'8 Land, The philospher of the Keokuk Gate City says; Ex-Governor Larrabee has 8,000 acres of land in Kossuth county, Iowa, which be bought at $4 an acre and for which he has since refused $20. That advance between $4 and $20 is what Henry George and the political economists call the * v unearned increment;" it's the increase of values made by all .the community which the individual owner of the property bad nothing to do with making, Henry Qeorge and his adherents hold .that that increment of value made by the entire bod of the people of the community nboulv belong to the entire body of that com- wunity and not to the individual property owner. Much can be said in favor of this view, and in time it is probable that some form of policy will become the established law. the horse doctors who out i» Wesley for a few and withQHt flo.tice departed leaving tills, livery hire, printing bills sundry been bgard to bills unpaid, have Frsni a dispatch t,e T ira^ili they bir^ a tww at Jepmlmt npfc returnn Wb8B they proml ft ej, amrob was p the mm .found at Waterloo. bundle WM f<HH$ ^t shell B, 1 would so lower himself td the 1 level of brutes seems doubly deplorable. Was It the effects of John Barleycorn bf Was it a natural degradation? Aittona Gets a Queer Cftlietti Humboldt Independent: Mrs, Mtr- Ham has pulled out and gone to AlgOtta. She was the go-betweeh that carried letters from the big male masher to his mashee. She is a poor. weftk»mittded woman Who knows no better, but the fact remains that she assisted a big brute to break up a weak-minded man's family and send the poor matt to the insane hospital. ^ A Slander on Alicona, The Webster City Tribune says: Ah Algona paper advertises the loss of a pair of No. 9i dancing pumps, and offers a reward for the same. Well, well, we knew the Algona girls had reasonably large feet, but hud no idea of the exact size. It is really astonishing what northwestern Iowa can produce-^-ewen in feet—and the drouth mado no difference. Still After the Pensioners. John H. Foster of LuVerne received word from the pension department to report at Algona for examination. The News says they probably think he has recovered from the injuries received during the war and doesn't need any pension In his old age. BUMOBS OF &AMBLIN&. Wesley Will Follow DCS Molnes' Example and Clean Out the Gamblers —Stolen Goods Found. WESLEY, Jan. 21.—It is the rumor that there are. several places here where card playing is Indulged in, not just for the fun of playing, but for what can be made out of it, and it is also rumored that some of our. young men are being enticed into these places of vice, and that the bottle is passed to them until their condition is such that they are not fit to be on the streets. If such be the case; the sooner the law against card playing, raffling and other games of chance is enforced, the better, and rid our town of them. Someof our good citizens who think there is no harm comes from a social game of cards may ; have an object lesson taught them to their sorrow. Klinefelter & Martinet moved their harness shop Monday into the east room of the Alliance store building. They say they are having a good trade. They are hard.workers and in time will have one of the best businesses in town. Some of our citizens were no little surprised when they read of the appointment of C. J. Pettibone to be postmaster at Bancroft. "To the victors belong the spoils." What's the matter with Samuel coming to Wesley and set up a law office where he will have something to do these dull times? G. A. Tryon has rented his farm and moved his family to town, and has started a restaurant in the building formerly occupied by the I. X. L. restaurant. Mr. Tryon will be a good man at the business, one that the public in general will like, and we wish him success in his new enterprise. Mrs. Prank Sanders of Illinois has been here for several days of the past week visiting her old friends and neighbors. There were seven civil suits brought before 'Squire Robinson one day last week and it was not a very good day for law suits either. • Wesley Js to have a lawyer who will locate here in the near future. Mr. Fellows of Algona is the man. He will not find it clear sailing if he should ever look horns with some of our legal talent here, they 'will tell.','him law he never read of. Rev. Plummer has been receiving supplies for the Nebraska sufferers the past week, There has been considerable clothing and other articles brought to him to be forwarded, Any one that can contribute grain'can do so any time and the same will be forwarded by Rev. Plummer. It seems that grain for seed and feed is most needed now. Mrs. Fred. French has been very ill for the past week but is now reported better. The Baptist friends organized a Sunday school here last Sunday. W, T. Pressnall, superintendent, and John .Amesbury, secretary, The hour will be 2 o'clock every Sunday afternoon, in the school house, Dr. Backer of LuVerne was here Monday on business, There was a certain man in our town returned a pair of pants to H. Me* Cutohen Monday, which he said he found secreted about his premises, supposed to have been put there by Joe tylosrison who jle now in the Algona jajl,' If somebody would, return the cq,a,l and corn that has beensidped lately Jt would be thankfully-received this cold weather. rn i mi » Good Thin FOB TWO WYES SAVED. Mrs, Phoebe Thomas pf Junction Qity, PI,, ww told byher doctors she had COB' gumption and that there was no, hope fop bey, byt two bottles of Pr, Ring's New Bis* poveryoomple.tely cured b,ep and she says it saved her }ffe, Thos. Aggers, 189 Florida t, dful , . Sap Franqiacp, trU4. without result everything else; then bought one bottle Dr. King's New Diecov m K)A in two weefes wMrbiuned* Nstarajt- Jyhe is ihwWBl. It is ?»Pb multe, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful effipapy of ibis, mejjIeiBe in colds awTceugbs, Fw trial bottl fief WljW gi»»jSPg9U<||l. ,QJ$ PftQfl&g, ipapple yrfe9 pjutra w4ioiae i9;iyrif and. W?P wij.1 •^taffllttdKBfttBir 1 ,^™ wt atoulftte an <J i,™ &J' BO-P Pther indicant, bjf 1 n T an n a 1 tanatf wA Tt A nto m o TO EAT Are found at our store, We keep The Best Goods-^- that we can buy. Come and see us. That will convince you of what we say. Langdon & Hudson. If You Need Flannels or Underwear^ ^ • '.•."•" j Now is the Tiie to BE r • • • ' - ••• .Prices Were Never So LBI Blankets, Yarns, Wool Hosiery, Mitt^np, in fact everything containing any quantity of wool, is Away Down : l You get your money's worth if you buy now. The Grange Store; Hustle to. S Drug Stom Ask for Snowatilla, Only 25c.- Cowles Block/ A Large Stock, Choice Reliable Goods, Reasonable Prompt Delivery of Goods, Call an$ be

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